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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 19, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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a big target for them. they are absolutely desperate. charles: it's a big day for the u.s. military and america and a reminder once again that freedom isn't free. thank you both have much for your intellect and your time tonight. thank you at home for watching. we are doing extremely well, but it's all about you. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, president trump addressing what may turn out to be the biggest scandal in american history. shocking allegations implicating the obama administration and the clintons in a multi million dollar corruption scheme that gave moscow control of a fifth of america's uranium. >> uranium is a big subject. if the mainstream media would
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cover the use rain yum scandal and russia has 20% of our uranium, for whatever reason, and a lot of people understand what those reasons may be. that's the real russia story. not a story about collusion where there was none. it was a hoax. lou: x learned obama's justice department blocked an fbi infoamant from testifying. the denial of access to the informant is in itself illegal and unconstitutional. the unidentified american businessman turned informant is said to have direct knowledge of how the russian nuclear industry sought to pay off bill and hillary clinton. he allegedly documents bribes,
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extortion and money laundering by russian entities that secured u.s. government approval of the purchase of uranium one. chuck grassley demanded the strum justice department remove the non-disclosure agreement that blocked the informant from testifying before congress and reveal what he knows. grassley also demanding answers concerning the highly secretive committee on foreign investment in the united states that cleared the uranium one deal, it includes hillary clinton's state department, attorney general eric holder and treasury second scary timothy geithner among others. grassley are this. the fact that rosatom
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subsidiaries were under investigation around the time cfius approved the deal raises question about whether that information factored into the decision to approve the transaction. i can assure you we think not. the uranium one deal all part of vladimir putin focus to ch expand russiar russia's share in the nuclear industry. today owns 60% of the global market in nuclear power plants and the united states must import 90% of its nuclear fuel. how could such a deal ever been approved. joining us tonight, gregg jarrett. this is extraordinary, the
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develop 89s we are with it -- the developments we are witnessing here. and there is no order from attorney general jeff sessions to lift the non-date -- to lifte non-disclosure and have that informant get over to the senate judiciary committee. gregg: sessions should have said i will tear up the order gagging the investigation. but sessions is way over his head and he's being manipulated by people in the justice department that are holdovers from the obama administration. rosenstein amonday them. lou: rosenstein's name has been revealed on reporting on the
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deal itself. the bribery and racketeering charges this informant made possible. how is it rosenstein and james comey, and the list goes on, are in a position -- and robert mueller, the special counsel, they have been in absolute conflict it seems throughout. gregg: it appears mueller, rosenstein, and comey who were all in on this fbi probe and all the evidence uncovered, covered it up. they had a legal duty to tell congress. if they had told congress, congress would have surely stopped the sale of uranium to the russians. there is one other name i discovered. andrew wiseman. guess where he is now? he's on robert mueller's special
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counsel team investigating trump russian collusion when in fact it appears he along with the others were covering uphill are you russia collusion. lou: with all of this in front of congress now, there is i would guess 100% awareness of what we are reporting and discussing tonight. how can there be any hesitation? to the nonsense, have the judiciary and intelligence committees in both houses turn to this issue and get to work. because clinton corruption is not the figment of a political presidential campaign's imagination. this is reality staring the entire country in the face. corruption that is beyond any expectation. gregg: now it's clear jeff sessions needs to get off his duff and appoint a second special counsel to investigate
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hillary clinton over this uranium one deal and the use of her foundation and the funneling by russia allegedly of $145 million to clinton. you can't hide that confidential informant from congress so says the united states supreme court. the it says congress has unfettered right to interview anybody and oversee the department of justice. they cannot hide this confidential informant. lou: obviously rod rosenstein who is the deputy attorney general. and jeff sessions as a result are saying they are not going to lift it to this point. what can the president do? can he directly say to attorney general jeff sessions, i don't care what your problem is. i don't care whether you are
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ill, reluctant or have become earn ideological mutation here. we want you to lift that non-disclosure 367 and the right of the -- and the right of the public to know what's going on here has been obliterated. gregg: if i were the president i would have my white house counsel contact jeff sessions and say here is the supreme court decision that says you can't stop this confidential continue formant from talking to congress. if jeff sessions can read and come prebehind simultaneously he will immediately tear up the gag order. lou: surely there will be -- i think the president may have been successful? persuading the national wing nut media to have actually taken a
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peek at the story gregg: they arr.gregg: they are not reportig it. think about nixon and watergate, a third-rate burglary. this is russia take over control of u.s. uranium assets. lou: think what it means for cfisus. and the second tear yet is of state and treasury. they approved a sale of assets to uranium one that resulted in the united states now importing 90% of its uranium for the 99 reactors we have in this country it's insane. gregg: people in the obama
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administration who thought it was a good idea are deaf, dumb and blinds. lou: and kroorkd. i'm voted crooked. we live in a society where judicial watch has to wait 15 months to force the department of justice to reveal it has documents on southern general loretta lynch's secret meeting with former president bill clinton. and it will be a full year and a half before judicial watch is likely to physically have those documents in its poe special which may very well be fully redacted documents when they do get them. this is becoming a pattern and it's becoming a suffocating pattern of the suppression of the documents of obvious criminal conduct is all too kroalsive to the -- corrosive to the very idea of this great country.
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nearly a half century of the assassination of jfk is still keeping secret the -- archives is still keeping the the documents regarding the sea assassination secret. president trump will soon decide whether those documents will remain secret. the stakes are getting higher for those who want this republic to survive and prosper. that's one of the public's issues of our time, the public's right to know. a powerful moment at the white house press briefing today. the president's chief of staff stood up for the president in his sincere attempt to console
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the widow of a fallen' soldier. >> there is no perfect way to make that phone call. it's not a phone call parents of fall shall soldiers are looking into. louinto.lou former attorney genl eric holder telling gold star families they shouldn't be offended by the anthem protest. why would the only cabinet member in history to be held in contempt of congress think he has the right to lecture gold star families. as general kelly put it, is there nothing sacred? we take up the left next. a sinkhole opened up under our museum. eight priceless corvettes had plunged into it.
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lou: a powerful statement by president trump's chief of staff general john kelly. kelly, a gold star father took the podium and put an end to the comments about the presidential phone calls to the families of fallen soldiers. >> when he died he was surrounds
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by his best friends on earth. that's what the president was trying to say to the family. i was stunned when i came to working yesterday morning and saw and shared what a member of congress was doing. a member of congress to listened in on a phone cull from the president of the united states to a young wife, and in his way tried to express that opinion, that he's a brave man, a fallen hero. he knew what he was getting himself into. there is no reason to enlist. he enlisted. he was where he wanted to be, exactly where he wanted to be, exactly with the people he wanted to be with when his life was taken. that was the message that was transmitted. it stuns me that a member of congress would have listened in on the conversation. absolutely stuns me. i thought at least that was
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sacred. the dig any of life was sacred. that's gone. religion, that seems to be gone as well. gold star families. i think that left at the convention over the summer. i thought the selfless devotion that brings it a man or woman to die on the battlefield, i just thought that may be sacred. i still hope as you write you're stories and i appeal to america, let's not let this last thing that's maybe held sacred in our society. a young man,ing a young woman going out and giving his or her life for our country. let's try to somehow keep that sacred. but it eroded a great deal yesterday by the selfish behavior of a member much congress. lou: how did the white house
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press corp respond? how did they trite? with the respect he deserved and asked for? hardly. >> i do appreciate your time. lou: joining us now, deputy assistant to president trump now chief strategist for the make america great again coalition. dr. sebastian gorka. great to have you with us. a remarkable moment in the white house press briefing. as you listened to the baying of the white house press corp it
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seems the message wasn't taken. >> no it wasn't and it wasn't taken by this clown of a congresswoman with a nonsensical statement trying to undermine this four star general gold star general. i was going to write a piece on this today. i didn't have to because of this incredible press conference. i didn't listen in on that call, which know exactly what the president said because i have heard him say it a dozen times. i have heard it say it to 18 green berets i personally brought into the office to meet the commander-in-chief. he always says the same thing. your commitment to this nation. your decision to put on the cloth of the rough is all the more amazing and to be recognized because you do so willingly.
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you made this choice. you are not a hero by accident or circumstance. you sound up to be a soldier, marine, airman, coast guard. that's what the president said. i dearly hope the general put this to rest today. but beating in press has done to this president the last 8 months. i don't know, lou. lou: it was an eloquent and entirely compelling statement about the dignity that should be reserved for our military families. it's astonishing to think it could possibly be otherwise *. let as many as turn to the russian cover-up in which an fbi informant has been gagged by the justice department for more than
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four years now. and we have not seen attorney general jeff sessions and the strum justice department lift that gag order so the judiciary committee can hear what he has to say. >> this is an amazing story. we can forget the russian concussion. this is clinton collusion. sarah carter has done an amazing job. we have the evidence. we have this informant who documented not just amounts going from russian interests to bill clinton personally, half a million dollars. but also to the clinton foundation and the bribes and kickbacks paid to companies in the u.s. involved in the uranium deal. this will make watergate look small. lou: why has jeff sessions the attorney general appointed by this president, or why hasn't president trump himself told the
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attorney general to lift the gag order and get this congress, the republican leadership of the senate and the house. the senate intelligence and house intelligence focused on getting this scandal absolutely vest gate? >> i'm not here to make excuses for a.g. sessions. after we took over the white house, after the trump campaign moved in, i can tell you there is one agency that stink to high heaven more than all the others, and it, the department of justice it was filled with ideologues at all slestles, especially the civil rights department. a.g. sessions has a very, very difficult hand to play. lou: for the first time a sitting president has two
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presidents attacking him simultaneously. former president obama and president george w. bush. my god, coming out in new york and making -- didn't name president trump certainly, but he made it very clear show was talking about. a president who preside over the biggest economic collapse in this country's history since the great depression is talking about we need policies of economic growth. president bush didn't even realize there have been two consecutive quarters of 3% growth. and i don't remember president bush cite sizes even indirectly, president obama. >> i don't. you are the business maven and
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economic expert. maybe if president bush had been and little less of an interventionist we would have had a less disastrous foreign policy than we did under his knee so conservative establishment. i think he's in a race with senator mccain to see who can be the most of irrelevant and the most of wrong about president obama. lou: it looks as though the contest between the two will continue for some time. dr. sebastian gorka, great to have you with us. do you believe the national media should join all americans? treating our troops and their families with great courtesy and respect? we would like to hear from you. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. up next here we have come a long way from black monday.
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lou: 30 years since black monday in the stock market. i talked to stuart varney what it was like. 30 years ago today, i was covering the stock market's chronic fall. that's me on the left. the man on the left was lou dobbs. he reported a crash it was only
7:31 pm
lou dobbs who did that. he was the only one in a position to do it, and he was right. it's true, though. you were the one who said this is a crash. we have to be careful about the language we use. you were right. lou: we were right. it's kind of you to say that. the reality is there was so much pressure not to call it a crash even though the indexes had blown through 10% which is the classic definition. many people don't realize on the evening show a week earlier. elaine called a crash. and i mean it was -- it was an extraordinary call by any analyst. she was a quantitative analyst.
7:32 pm
did a brilliant job. stuart: you had members of the federal reserve asking you what's going on. lou: it was a remarkable time in history. cnn was the only globally distributed network. so we have the folks calling in who normally we would be calling to say what in the hell is going on. lou: we covered black monday. the show i corresponded at the time is called "money line." we continue that "money line" tradition. stuart varney, neil cavuto. we'll show you some
7:33 pm
embarrassingly pictures of him. do we have money line anywhere in the graphic? the nasdaq down 19 points now. volume on the big board stuck at 2.9 billion shares. since election of president donald j. trump, the dow jones industrials up 2%. since black monday 30 years ago today, all three those major indexes gained more than 1,000%. moral of the story, don't short president trump and don't short this amazing economy. up next, president trump blasting the left wing fake news
7:34 pm
media for ignoring for what is in my opinion possibly the greatest scandal in american political history. >> the big story is uranium and how russia got 20% of our uranium. frankly it's a disgrace. it's a disgrace. it's a disgrace that the fake news won't cover it. lou: we take up the clinton's russiane collusion and the vast clinton-obama cover-up. lieutenant colonel tony shaffer joins us next. that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. having someone coach you through it is really the value of a financial advisor. by listening to an thiaudiobook on audible.ame
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lou: joining me now lieutenant colonel tony safer. let's start with these revelations that keep coming as a result of what is some terrific reporting on the part of sarah carter and john sullivan and peter schweizer. the idea that the trump administration will not lift the gag order it's the trump justice department now. why can't they lift the gag order and let this informant speak to the intelligence committees? >> there is nothing legally holding this guy back except this so-called agreement.
7:39 pm
victoria has made the point i think repeatedly, this guy has the goods, he has critical information for both congress to do its appropriate oversight role. and what the department justice is afraid of and the fbi, they are going to be shown to have taken a side and acted politically behind the scenes when the evidence was clear certain members of the barack obama administration only in the abetted the russians taking control of a critical national resource. lou: i understand why the obama administration wouldn't want this informant speaking, and they have gone to the extent of constructing a non-disclose our which has criminal penalties to the knowledge as i understand it has never been done before. usually it's civil penalties. i don't understand why jeff sessions, the attorney general of the trump justice department
7:40 pm
isn't lifting that non-disclose our right now and freeing this informant to tell the jiewf dish airive committee and the american people everything he those about what appears to be one of the or the most of extraordinary cover-ups in this country's history. >> it's a cover-up. and in this case mr. sessions can actually remove the restriction with literally the stroke of a pen, vai kaights that non-disclose our agreement. you probably have career members at justice and the fbi fully involved in this. we are talk about comey, mccabe and rosenstein, probably -- all these guise are part of the cover-up.
7:41 pm
i think sessions is -- lou: you are talking about a special counsel whose members have been involved in it who are decidedly acting against the interests of this government. >> the guy investigating the russian collusion, the guy mueller, is probably the one colluding. that's what's insane about this. president trump has to find a way into joke his authority and override jeff sessions,
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lou: it's the 30 thts anniversary of black monday. it wasn't just stuart varney, that's the fella on the screen along with me. i'm good looking one.
7:46 pm
neil cavuto was also in the racket. he looks quite young and what's the word. dapper. i look like i have gained a little weight. i don't know what that was. it couldn't possibly have been me. joining us is ed rollins he served in the white houses of three presidents. a great american as always. two former presidents come after president trump today. your reaction? ed: president trump is doing something right. obama who made his first reappearance in deep water in politics trying to get somebody elected not to be heard from
7:47 pm
again. his toirkally presidents don't attack former presidents, and these two men should say thank you very much and go write their memoirs and never heard from again. lou: it looks like they are look for depositions and testimony over what transpired in his administration. ed: this is a very big deal. the president needs to bring sessions over here and the fbi director and say get this thing done. i want to know what it is. i want it out in the open. the obligation to the public to make this out in the open. lou: these extraordinary conflicts of interest we hear about adding wiseman to the names of rosenstein, mccain, mueller himself. this is preposterous that no one
7:48 pm
in congress is dealing with this and finding out what's going on, traps removing mueller, period. ed: when you say we gave 20% of our uranium to the russians, that's enough. lou: the clinton foundation which is an obvious pay-for-play architecture, they received $145 million for the privilege. somebody thinks that's kosher? ed: the only way it will happen is for the president to slam his fist on the decks and say want it done and done now. if you can't do it, get out. lou: chris farrell on this broadcast this week, 30 pages the justice department denied it
7:49 pm
possessed for over a year now suddenly they have got them. they found them over there sat justice. and they all pertain to the secret meeting between the former attorney general loretta lynch, and form i shall president bill children -- and former president, bill clinton. now they have another 60 days in which to review those 30 pages to see if they can turn it over to judicial watch. if it weren't for judicial watch -- ed: this is the obstruction of justice. people should be charged. the only way it's going to happen is the president has to make it happen. lou: one of the other things the president has to make happen is the papers and the archives that have been kept secret since the assassination the president.
7:50 pm
he has a week from now -- ed: he has to release it. the fact that they have been kept this long is un-american. we are an off society and we need to know what happened with the assassination of one of our presidents. lou: there is the suggestion that the fbi and the cia may have concerned about implications and consequences. ed: put it out there and let us make our own checklist. lou: colin kaepernick using twitter to target commissioner roger goodell. goodell is having a bad week. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: in our online poll we asked, do you believe attorney general jeff sessions should launch inquiries or step aside. 96% of you said yes. joining us, mercedes colwin, and
7:55 pm
joe concha. let's start with goodell. now he has kaepernick going after him. he can't please anyone. why don't the owners get rid of him. obviously they love him. >> i'm sure a lot of people feel that he has a below the below -d salary. lou: he's trashing the business. >> he keeps adding $1 billion revenue per year. when we are talking about kaepernick goes goodell, it's like rooting for someone in the iran-iraq war. goodell was so horrible during that press conference yesterday, it was like he had a tick, he
7:56 pm
kept saying the same thing over and over again. let's roll the sound quickly, please. >> these issues, these issues, how deeply he felt about these issues in our community. these are issues that are player yous were community issues, issues in the our communities to make our communities bert and get back into our community and make our communities better. lou: this man is making $40 mill a year and he has gone off on a jag and talked about communities and issues. >> that 7 the only word -- that's the only word he could say over and over again. issues and community. there is no definition to issues. >> he's been doing this for several years and he makes $44
7:57 pm
million. >> you would think he would know one word other than issues. lou: some specificity of some kind. let's turn to this moment today at the white house press briefing. that is general kelly who is eloquent, he set straight the entire country on the dignity that's expected for service members, their families and our fallen warriors. and made it very clear, he said he was stunned to see a member of congress listen in on a conversation between the commander-in-chief and the which dote of a fall be warrior. -- of a fallen warrior. >> you would think she would have been humbled by that. we are talk about congresswoman
7:58 pm
wilson. she had audacity to say john kelly is just trying to keep his job. she said she heard the whole conversation. then abc news pressed her, she said maybe i only heard part of it. the fact that she is doubling down. i don't think anyone would take her seriously. lou: it's stunning for her to say others heard the conversation as well. which only compounds the injury. >> a warrior lost his life for this country, for our freedom. have some respect and dignity. don't say things like this publicly. lou: just as soon as general kelly left the briefing room. he was looking eye to eye with members of the press in the briefing room. they were respectful and quite. but as soon as he turned to leave and broke sigh contact
7:59 pm
with him, they started throwing questions, being just as unruly and disrespectful as usual. i think the decorum of the press briefing room is horrible. >> i come from a military family and i have lost members of my family on tours of duty. it's such a hardship for families. you need to respect those families. don't become a political football like the has. >> brian fallon also worked on the kerry-edwards campaign. he tweeted today, he called john kelly odious. he said don't be fooled by the uniform. he's a cnn analyst. cnn should consider not renewing his contract.
8:00 pm
lou: mercedes thanks so much. joe, thank you. we appreciate it. thank you for being with us. we'll be back tomorrow night. please be with us. kennedy: u.s. troops dying in hotpots across the globe. but why are they here and should they come home? bryan suits breaks i it down. will political correctness cancel halloween? it just did in one elementary school, and wait until you shear why. grab some candy. what happened in niger. that's become the inconvenient question for our president. his botched phone call with a sole determines widow opened a can of worms. the president's feud with


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