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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 19, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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lou: mercedes thanks so much. joe, thank you. we appreciate it. thank you for being with us. we'll be back tomorrow night. please be with us. kennedy: u.s. troops dying in hotpots across the globe. but why are they here and should they come home? bryan suits breaks i it down. will political correctness cancel halloween? it just did in one elementary school, and wait until you shear why. grab some candy. what happened in niger. that's become the inconvenient question for our president. his botched phone call with a sole determines widow opened a can of worms. the president's feud with a
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florida congresswoman and we are wondering what on earth were our soldiers doing in an african hell hole. why should these four brave men paid with their lives for a war operation that overstayed its welcome and overstepped its bounds. it's not just freaky libertarians calling for new boundaries. even hawkish john mccain, the chairman of the senate armed services committee wants answers that hopefully stretch beyond the particulars of this tragedy. it does nothing to keep us safer and compromises the lives and liberty of those charged with protecting ours.
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gum flappers are calling this trump's benghazi. we hardly have the facts to make that gross assessment. but this administration has to be held accountable for not overextending a war fought in the shadows with virtually no oversight. let's get into the show. i'm kennedy. defense secretary mattis today said the troop deaths are under investigation. the pentagon is sending a team to niger to figure out what happened. but why were we there in the first place. do we need boots on the ground in places like niger and mali? joining me, bryan suits. suits, welcome back. i know you worked as a defense sub contractor in africa. i know you can't talk
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specifically about that work, but you can shed some light on why we are there and make sense of a very confuse ago situation. >> there is a significant foreign internal defense mission in africa, peru, the philippines, this is a classic special forces mission. the deal in africa, they began planting seeds in algeria and tunisia. they took advantage of the libyan disarray and literally overran mali. al qaeda basically overran a country that's french oriented. your government invited us to bring special forces to train up
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our guys so we can do this mission for competently. the militaries in mali and chad immediately respond to american training. that training is morphing into as you see a direct combat role. i understand your concern about this. the original authorization for use of military force for post 9/11, it didn't spay niger and mali it's a fuzzy definition of terror as a concept. i agree these have morphed into a second phase on the war on terror. but preventing mali from becoming terror istan. they want to move to any zip code where there is disarray. kennedy: the specific terror
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group that attacked this convoy on this mission, in armored vehicles. they morphed from al qaeda to an isis-inspired component. i understand that. but if that's the mission and there is a mission, i don't think everything needs to be kept secret from the american public. i think we are capable of having these conversations and you don't have to divulge anything that would put people's lives at risk. but there is no congressional oversight and there are troops in that part of trick than syria right now. >> this is no secret. the american sphangs of the airport in the area, in mali. the drone base that we have in niger. you can see them on google maps. they are no secret.
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you look at djibouti. it's not that it's secret it's that no one in the american media except a "washington post" article five years ago cared. when i came back as a private contractor, and i told my friends where i was, they had never heard of djibouti or any of the places i mentioned. this was an expansion the obama administration overtook because they saw the ability to undermine in plus slim countries and replicate what they had in afghanistan but in a less hilly topography. kennedy: where do we go from here? >> eventually we turn it over to them. kennedy: when do we declare
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victory? when does it end? it seems like the is never going to ends. we'll have more dead soldiers and that's unacceptable. >> it's managing expectations. president w bush should not have implied that war has a cleaned and you have a victory. it's not like that. we fight until they fight. it's more like i made this analogy? 2001. we have entered a new indian war. this is the arap show then the crow -- the arapahoe, and the -e sioux, inch we'll continue this conflict until islam stops producing young men who think life in heaven is better.
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kennedy: i don't think that this is it. i appreciate your perspective more than you would ever know because you go deeper into the subject. should president trump visit one of the most of dangerous places on the entire planet? we are told the debate is raging inside the white house we'll they decide if it's a good idea for the president to visit the dmz. it's reportedly filled with land mines. the president said he wants to economic the plays out on his trip to asia next month but there is worry for his personal safety and there are fears it could light the spark for nuclear war. the tensions with the communist
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regime are much higher. should the president make the trip or is it an unnecessary danger. joining me, katie pavlich, along with the host of the anthony cumia show, and the host of the richard fowler show, a fox news contributor. welcome back to the show. richard, i'll start with you. we talked about this on "outnumbered." i think it's a good idea for the president to go. i don't think, over it might make kim jong-un mad is reason to keep him from going. >> now more than ever we should sit down to the table and have a conversation with north korea. if the reason why nobody has ever engaged in nuclear war is because of mutually assured
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destruction. i think it should stair japan and china. kennedy: with this particular actor in regards to mad. he doesn't care if this country is destroyed. that's the difference between iran, russia and north korea. kim jong-un doesn't care. if this government is decimated, it will in his minds bring about the reunification of the peninsula. is the time for talk over? that's a serious step when we say that the diplomacy that richard so optimistically wants. and it's a rational desire. once we get past that points, i think we are in a bad place. >> i don't think talking with
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kim jong-un is a bad thing. i think talking with china, north korea is the skin tag of china. china is much more willing now than they were during the korean war to keep things a little more -- they have an interest in the world these days. it's great for trump to made down there and do everything to say look we are constantly keeping an eye on you. kennedy: south korea is right there, and the new president doesn't what our president going over to the dmz because of those escalation fears. what's our administration to do? >> they are going to do what they always do and look at what the u.s. interests is. if the president thinks it will be good for u.s. interests and
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this ongoing situation, then he's going to do it. in terms of is the time for talk over? it's hard to tell. it's hard to tell for 20 years when the right time is. i think we aren't privy to that information. but we'll get to a point where a zietion has to be made, and it will be a tough decision and people probably will die if it goes to a military option. kennedy: i hope it doesn't get to that point. i wish diplomacy would work. i don't think he's not guy. hurricane maria pummeled puerto rico and the u.s. territory. puerto rico's governor visited the white house and had high praise for the president. >> i want to thank you on behalf of the people of puerto rico for
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your leadership, and for having a commitment to stay with the people of puerto rico. the u.s. citizens of puerto rico are here for the long-haul to not just put things back together again, but build them as it should be. kennedy: it came amid president trump's hard line assessment of puerto rico's staggering debt. >> i have given my blessing to congress and congress is working with you and your representatives coming up with a payment plan and how it will be funded because you are talking about substantial numbers. and i guess you knew that. kennedy: the president gave his administration a 10 for their work on the island. but with most of of the island still without power and a potential massive health crisis still looming. katie, my worry is, i understand
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that they have not been good economic stewards. you can't do anything about that when a category 5 storm is about to level your island. at this point going forward, i don't know if a lecture necessarily helps. but how do we guarantee the billions of dollars in aid goes to the right places? katie: the first thing in terms of the lecture, we don't have to lecture about puerto rico's economic situation beforehand. the fact that they were spending so much money on welfare instead of infrastructure. this a lot of the corruption in pr rsh of local government officials holding aid that is provided by fema, american taxpayers are paying for it, forcing people who have nothing,
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who lost everything, they can't get to work, their houses have been destroyed. they are forcing bribes and god knows what else they are asking for for those basic necessities to be handed out. kennedy: when you have at systemic kripghts, the opposite of what saw in houston after hurricane harvey. it's not to say the people in puerto rico aren't empathetic and helping each other. but the corruption is so deeply built in, there is stuff there, there is a floating hospital. but people can't get to it. what do you do? >> when you have people comparing houston and other areas with hurricanes with puerto rico they are not taking into consideration the horrid infrastructure that was there in the first place. you can't just say why is it so much worse in puerto rico. it must be because of trump, fema.
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it's because they had an agenda game before the hurricane anyway. we need to make sure the corruption is dealt with and the aid and money is getting to where it should be. if that means having to boot some of these people out who are using this money for their own devices. kennedy: it reminds me of the african famine. mr. there was blendive aid getting to the government, but the government was suffering them to death. that's not to say the puerto ricoian government is that corrupt. >> we saw bad leadership? new orleans? katrina. but what we saw from george w. bush is we understand we made mistakes in the beginning, but i'll stay -- until his last day
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in office he stayed with new orleans. what we saw from trump was a neglect in leadership. i get it, you have debt. i don't care about that. i care about my american citizens down there suffering. saying he has a 10 of 10 whenner knows he doesn't deserve a 10 of 10. saying your debt doesn't matter, what i'm going to do is make sure the people of puerto rico survive. and the people of puerto rico get water and food. this is a test of president trump's leadership. where it is now. we are a month out from the storm and it's a failure. kennedy: president trump asked for a bipartisan victory in obamacare. now he's pulling his bill.
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where does that leave us?
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kennedy: just when it looked like there was going to be a break through on the healthcare battle. it looks like it's starting to
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unravel. lamar alexander and patty murray introduced a bipartisan healthcare proposal on the senate floor. unfortunately president trump changed his stance from yes a to nay. he tweeted i'm supportive of lamar as a person, but i can't support bailing out insurance companies who have made a fortune with obamacare. trump's decision to end subsidy payments to understand companies has led a number of insurers to hike premiums. will the bipartisan senate plan survive? hadley heat is the director of policy at the independent
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women's forum. let's talk about this. patty murray and lamar alexander couple with a bipartisan government solution which is another form of corporate welfare that gives billions to the insurance companies that they will pocket with glee. why should we expect a different outcome from them? >> like any legislative compromise the devil is in the details. it's clear what the democrats are getting. they are getting cost-sharing reductions. they are getting those legitimately. they are getting the congressional appropriations. it's less clear what republicans are getting out of this deal. kennedy: does that mean i'll be able to buy an understand policy from a state where it's less expensive and we'll see free
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markets flourishing and competitive pricing? it drives me crazy. as you point out. it's one of those vague phrases that can have no meaning attached to it. >> during the summer we saw state flexibility as a major theme. but in those cases wait meant was that states could get waivers from the essential health benefits. that's the package of required features that increased the choices that consumers have and decreases costs we have to talk about the essential benefits that made the aca plans so expensive. kennedy: it made it more expensive by forcing people to buy insurance they don't need. they are forcing healthy people to biens they don't need to prop
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up the system for less healthy people. and when the government engages in this kind of price fixing, it turns into a socialist system that cannibalizes and implodes on itself. that's what we are seeing. so where do we go from here. where do lamar alexander and patty murray go from here. >> it has changed the game for insurance companies. instead of looking how to serve the consumers best. they are looking for how to get more milk from the cow. they knew president trump could stop the subjects does. maybe they were paying attention when a federal court ruled them unconstitutional. but the insurers who were counting on the illegal subsidies are going to pay the
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price. kennedy: even with those illegal subsidies there is no guarantee the understand companies would pass the savings on to low-income americans. they are boosting their own bottom lines and it's unfortunate. until we get government out of healthcare you will see more and more messes like this that are impossible to clean up. thank you for your insight. i always appreciate. coming up. ask school kids what their fast it day of the year is. i'll bet halloween is at the top of the list. now school districts are canceling halloween. good lord. the party panel has reaction. i feel your outrage. stay with me.
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when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. ♪ . kennedy: what? hashtag fake news! according to politifact, president trump used that term 153 times this year alone and isn't going away any time soon. the president railed against the media in a radio interview earlier this week, take a listen. >> actually dishonesty in the media surprised me the most. i thought after i won the media would become much more stable and honest.
8:31 pm
they've gone crazy, cnn is a joke, nbc is a joke, you watch what they report, it bears no relationship to what i'm doing, but the media is absolutely dishonest, and i have never seen -- frankly, never seen anything like it. kennedy: voters might agree. 46% of respondents actually believe the media fabricates stories about the president and his administration. is donald trump winning his war against the media? my very real and reputable party panel is back to weigh in. katie, richard. the attacks seem to be working, the hashtag fake news gained purchase with voters and much more dubious of the coverage, certainly of the white house. >> i think that the president has worked on this but also the media put themselves in this position because of the number of stories that have been wrong on very big issues, russia was
8:32 pm
one of them, retractions on. that and the thing is because they've made everything 100 on the richter scale, everyone thinks nothing matters and if there is a serious story where the white house has done something wrong, people aren't going to believe it. they cried wolf on this to their own detriment. kennedy: so what is it? the president is so good at getting out of the things and nothing can stick to him, and the press is so bad at embellishing certain facts and overblowing things, when they don't turn out to be true, they've cried wolf? >> we've seen this happen in the old days. i mean media wasn't a trusted for quite awhile but the cover is off now. there's no plausible deniability anymore, we look, see the stories, and go wait a minute, i can check the story, if i do fact checking i can see. they are completely offbase on this one. and i think what we just recently saw with trump's phone call to the gold star mom, or
8:33 pm
gold star wife, it was completely taken out of context, thrown out there on the news and social media picks it up and it becomes the new truth. so you could argue with these people and say what was the context of what he said? who said it? is it hearsay, and no, it becomes the new truth and you have no ability to debate anybody because they honestly do believe it. kennedy: so is everything so subjective now there is no such thing as the truth, you seek information from people you agree with? if that's the case, i hope you agree with me. ha-ha. >> or agree with me. kennedy: an uphill battle. >> with this audience, maybe, i think there is a little bit of both. this is the first time we've had a president where you have to literally fact check everything he says. kennedy: ah! >> barack obama? >> listen, think about the readout today, this is the first time i've seen a category 5 hurricane, on "outnumbered,"
8:34 pm
no, hurricane andrew, there were more category 5 hurricanes that hit the country. kennedy: i don't think he's trying to. >> this is not the first time the president said factual inaccuracies. the reason we're talking about the gold star family is because of the press conference. obama is the only one to call fallen soldier -- >> it's not true. kennedy: that doesn't give the media license to -- >> i was getting ready to say that the media is not always right and the media gets it wrong. kennedy: what's more important than media accuracy is halloween. if you hate costumes, candy and irreverent fun, halloween is canceled in massachusetts. boyden elementary school will be replacing halloween with black and orange spirit day! in a press release the school superintendent wrote we and the staff have provide alternative activities. the costume parade is out of
8:35 pm
our ordarea routine and can be difficult for many students. why on earth would they do this? and what is the next step for overly sensitive pc culture. it's insane, they're doing it because it's not inclusive of more students. there is no more inclusive holiday than halloween. even satanists. >> somebody thought some of the students can't perhaps afford a costume. other ones because of religion can't participate. kennedy: come on. then go religious schools. your choice. >> allowing them to participate or not participate, everyone now has to not participate. we bring everything down to the lowest level. kennedy: exactly right. >> like letting other people enjoy themselves with something, everybody has to do without so we don't offend one or two people. kennedy: katie? >> about the school trying to avoid cultural appropriation
8:36 pm
and offensive halloween costumes. they should take all the skeleton decorations and have a funeral. i don't think it's fair that orange and black be the colors of the day. why can't it be blue and green? very noninclusive of all the other colors. kennedy: quite sensible. >> i think they should celebrate halloween, i don't understand it. i agree with anthony. i think this is an issue where there's a lot of people. i grew up in a household that halloween is the devil's birthday and as christians we shouldn't celebrate it. i was never allowed to dress up for halloween. i dress up now but i grew up like that. kennedy: deep inside you are really a conservative. >> no, not at all. kennedy: richard, anthony, katie, thank you so much. what a day. moments ago we talked about peoplets mistrust of the media. maybe because of cnn's exclusive unmining in alaska
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trump's epa administrator scott pruitt? >> yes. kennedy: according to our next guest, the answer is yes, john stossel, a remote alaskan mine and bay about 100 miles west of that little part on the map that you see right there. but it turns out when it comes to the fact, cnn did so much omitting, they're sick of omitting! joining me from the fox business network, and this legend john stossel. john, when you first reported on the story, the obama administration, some of the epa regulations killed the mining project, what did you find when you first reported? >> the reason we first reported on it because they killed it before the company was even allowed to submit an environmental impact statement. that was unheard of. usually you submit that and they say yes or no, but the environmental groups have gotten sophisticated enough that they collude with their old friends often now working
8:42 pm
in the obama epa, don't give them a shot. i did a story on this until i see on cnn exclusive, they're new approving this mine and these salmon are going to die. it was just ridiculous! >> let's take a look at some of that bad cnn reporting mixed in with some of the video that you originally shot about the story. roll it, boys! >> epa staffers were shocked to receive this e-mail obtained exclusively by cnn. which says -- he made that decision without a briefing from any of epa's scientists or experts. >> what? shocking! without consulting scientists, prewitt's going to let a company massacre these fish. he hasn't given the mine a green light, he's allowing them
8:43 pm
to submit an official proposal. obama's epa rejected the mine before it looked at environmental impact statement. that's unheard of. kennedy: so what is cnn trying to do here? >> i don't think there is particularly biased against pruitt. they're biased against the trump administration and business. most reporters don't like business, they certainly don't like a mine, when you want to check it out, who do you talk to? the environmental groups. unbelievably rich lawyer-run groups that are in d.c. and portray themselves as the heroes. i confronted their spokesman, are there any mines you think should be allowed? yes, yes. you can name one? i have to get back to you on that. they would never come up with any name. they are against any pipelines. new oil drilling lines anywhere. kennedy: there is so much energy in alaska, also a place where there are very beautiful
8:44 pm
sites and habitats for glorious animals and you want the water twice remain pristine, i understand that. but has to be a way of extracting the energy and protecting the environment but seems like it is so dug in, what do they want us to rely on saudi arabia forever? >> no, magical wind power and solar power may eventually come, but isn't here now. also, alaska is a big place, this mine is 100 miles from the salmon. baltimore to philadelphia. and cnn never mentioned that. it's just a mine will destroy this bay. but it's 100 miles away. kennedy: yeah, it takes longer than something you could possibly walk in a day? i'm sorry, you no longer have domain over the area. it is dishonest reporting and glad you bring it up again. interesting story when you first reported on it, and we're seeing some of this unfold, hopefully to our benefits so we can live like gluttons forever.
8:45 pm
>> i don't want to be glutton, i want to live forever. kennedy: ebony and ivory. is it possible to fat shame a bear? >> no. kennedy: yes, we'll discuss it in "topical storm" next. [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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. kennedy: the new york yankees are one win away from playing in the world series. however, that is not a valid defense for public intoxication, from what i'm told. whatever. in fact if you didn't like my behavior, stay out of fountain, and fyi, i wasn't skinny dipping, i was rinsing my clothes. do you know how hard it is to get fireball out of silk? that's the truth. and this is "topical storm." topic number one -- we begin tonight in the victoria region of australia. we're scientists have uncovered proof the kangaroos watch the "real housewives of new jersey." watch this. they're amazing, i think he killed him in his little kangaroo nards. they are re-enacting kangaroo scenes and the punches are painful because both are
8:50 pm
wearing presson nails. were it not for the infrared video, you would see the spray tans and smashed wineglasses they throw at each other. some of you are saying hey, kennedy, why are you making this stupid real housewives analogy when you could be talking about kangaroo fight club. you don't talk about kangaroo fight club, you get kicked in the nards! dummies! topic number dos, head out to kings beach california, where a bear has been walking the streets all by himself late at night. not because he couldn't get a date, he's not that kind of bear. grrr. he's a big brown bear and looking into a clothing star but then he ran off because there was nothing in his size. >> hey, big boy. kennedy: hey, big boy, don't be breaking into any of them businesses. kennedy: don't be breaking into any of them businesses. i'm translating.
8:51 pm
somebody needs to stop selling picnic basqueets. you are never going to fit into the moo-moo. i'm not fat shaming a bear, he didn't try on clothes. he went into one store and left because two customers were fighting over a sweater. there they are. that's my cardigan. this is the animal kingdom version of black friday. the devil got punched. topic number three -- the oscars aren't until march but i think we already know who is going to win best picture. ♪. >> there is a snake terrorizing compton! >> snake out of compton, a massive snake with an endless appetite of b-list actors. we had a massive snake that
8:52 pm
drank 40s and ate rappers. brilliant! topic number four -- speaking of g-list actors, blac chyna suing the entire kardashian family and you can watch the entire proceeding on the next episode of the stupid people's court. the suit accuses the family of killing chyna's reality show as part of her breakup with portly rob kardashian. i am fat shaming rob. sounds plausible until you realize it's hard to do a show called rob and chyna if there is no more rob and chyna, almost as if she learned law from the same person who taught her how to spell. suit is undisclosed amount of damages. she's asking to be paid in singles. that sounds about right. one, two, 15.
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. kennedy: history buffs will tell you the california gold rush reshaped america in the mid 19th century. the real gold explosion occurred long before, that according to a new study. two stars crashed together 130 million light-years away, and the impact was so large, sent
8:58 pm
gold and platinum flying through the universe! here to explain, the radical physicist, welcome back. >> glad to be on the show. kennedy: this is where we got gold? >> the cosmic mystery where, did gold come from? gold at fort knox, in your wedding band. we are made of stardust. higher elements like platinum, gold, the sun is not hot enough to create the higher elements. that is a mystery. where does gold come from? not from the stars. we know that it comes from the collision of two neutron stars. kennedy: yes, and these are small dead stars, right? >> like black hole wanna-bes, if they were bigger, they would turn into a black hole. they're too small. that provides the necessary to cook the higher elements like platinum and gold. kennedy: and flung throughout the universe right into my gold-backed ira? >> that's right. the amount of gold that came
8:59 pm
out of it was equivalent to ten earths, that's how much energy came out of there. kennedy: where can we find more of it? >> find more california gold rushes in order to find more gold. kennedy: are there other planets with big gold and platinum supplies? >> it's conceivable, right? this is one of the first big discoveries from gravity wave telescope, remember the nobel prize given last month to three physicists who created a new telescope, a gravity wave telescope. this is one of the first discoveries from that telescope. now we have light telescopes given us to by galileo, radio telescopes that can see galaxies, with gravity wave telescopes we can see black holes, the stars, maybe the origin of the universe itself. >> the ultimate question and now we know where gold came from. it wasn't a jewelry store on 47th street.
9:00 pm
glad to have you here. >> good to be here. kennedy: you are always in my golden eye. follow me on kennedy nation. i'll see you on cavuto on business this weekend. bye. >> when everybody else told him he was crazy, he just said, "no, i'm gonna build dinosaurs." >> his creation? a land before time. >> he was almost an engineer when it came to dinosaurs. >> can it survive without him? >> a lot of attractions that were the vision of a single person, all of a sudden they're gone, demolished. >> depends on his daughter... >> when you have an absolute passion, you think that other people feel the same way you do. >> his granddaughter... >> are you living on the edge, kiki, to make this all happen? >> a little bit. >> and his great-granddaughter. >> has your mom ever said, "we need to talk about the future of the park"? >> never. [ door creaks ]


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