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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 23, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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those who feel you should stand for the national flag and american anthem. >> lou: one definition of tree into a breaking news this morning. maria bartiromo said down with. the dow with the fifth straight record close in a row. financials leading on hopes for tax reform. features doing very well. the dow up, s&p 500 down. nasdaq up as well as we come into the trading day. in europe come the spanish government to end their bid for independence is a strong start to european markets. in a shack in the japanese
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stocks after prime minister abe received a strong mandate from voters to pursue his goals. japan's nikkei up 1%. only the hang seng down. cheryl: we will speak with mitchell garage. jesus on catalonia, spain and e.u. >> tessa cuts a deal with china to build a plant to. "fbn:am" starts right now. i'll cheryl: 5:01 a.m. in new york. it is monday, october 23rd and cheryl casone. >> good morning. i'm gerri willis and for cheryl casone. trained to do to have you come especially as they talk about health care. your bread and butter.
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president trump to the prove the presidentbudget bill one in the gop at a steep price to pay in to pay an issues midterm elections of tax reform doesn't pass. the president speaking exclusively with maria bartiromo >> i think we have the votes. i think rand paul will vote for the tax cuts. i think other people, we had tremendous enthusiasm this time. i want to get it by the end of the year but i'd be very disappointed if it took that long. it could be substantially less than that. they will send it back and if people go and make 200 suggestions as opposed to maybe no suggestions. >> why are you so afraid to cut taxes on the top earners? >> you know, i am very happy with the way i've done prior to this in my civilian life.
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it's about me representing rich people. we have so many things in this plan that are going to be for growth. your next question is going to be deficits and i fully understand that and we all understand it and growth. if we pick up one point on gdp, $2.5 trillion. it more than pays for everything. cheryl: after the interview, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was on "fox news sunday." he also pitched the tax plan. >> the overall goal is middle-class tax relief come to stop in a job exportation because of our horrible business tax structure in this country to get the country growing again. that coupled with the regulatory changes give us a chance with at least 3% growth. gerri: sharad is suggesting his party will work with the president on a bipartisan tax
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reform bill. >> i know what he said in that meeting i heard him say he likes the corporation that in the idea of a real working family tax relief act. if he chooses that path, democrats will work with them. >> house republicans signaling last week they would simply accept the budget plan to avoid any potential delay on tax reform. cheryl: and then there is health care. on "sunday morning futures" the president discussed the issue of obamacare. >> speaking of health care, we'll get that all settled in the form of walk grants to the different states and will it would be a wonderful health care, tremendous help care managed properly in smaller doses where you can do it much more individually. in a little bit later probably three or four months from now, but i do believe we will have that long before the election and 18. trade to senate minority leader chuck schumer is pushing for omar alexander and patty murray.
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the bill would restore federal subsidies to insurance companies for two years. >> this is a good compromise. it took months to work out. if 60 senators supporting it. with all it. with all 48 democrats, told republicans. i would urge senator mcconnell to put it on the floor immediately this week. it will pass by a large number of votes. cheryl: majority leader mitch mcconnell of bring legislation to the floor only if president trump supports it. >> if there's a need for some kind of interim steps are to stabilize the market, we need to build the president will actually sign and i'm not certain yet what the president is looking for here but i'll be happy to bring a bill to the floor if i know president trump would sign it. gerri: the president will meet with prime minister singapore today. fox news will carry trade statements by about 1:30 p.m.
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eastern. one of the maria will have more of the exclusive interview at the president at 6:00 a.m. eastern. don't miss that. tree into japanese prime minister sharon so abe cruises to the array. retain a two thirds majority in the lower house. the prime minister has signaled he would not seek to rewrite a country's constitution which would require approval by two thirds of both houses of parliament and a public referendum. abe ran on his handling of the economy and the threats from north korea which has fired two missiles over japan. gerri: main outcome of crisis continues to grow. mariano malloy with the power to end catalogs bid for independence by removing the reach for political leaders in temporarily controlling the region from madrid. i'm presidency is article clv in the constitution is the government's boldest step so far to stop catalonia's plan to
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breakaway. the parliament calling on the president to formally declare independence from spain this week. we'll discuss this with nigel farage at the bottom of the hour. cheryl: amazon under more criticism as a major gender imbalance at the top. tracee carrasco joins us with more on that another headlines. >> good morning ladies. amazon and 18 most powerful powerful executives commit 17 and then. the only woman in the group is the senior vice president of human resources for the technology industry is under fire for being dominated by men and a few design deals with the aftermath of a sexual harassment scandal involving some employees questioned why there are so few women in top leadership positions. this is according to a report in "the new york times." the article revealed jeff bezos
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was asked about the lack of gender and racial diversity among amazon majors at a recent on hands meeting. his response was improvements to take time because that's how infrequently top executives leave. tree three that is so interesting. i know we will be watching now. tesla is moving to china. tell us about that. tracee: tesla has reached an agreement to set up it going -- the deal will allow tesla to build a wholly-owned factory in the city of shanghai's free trade zone at a free trade arrangement cover the first of its automaker. it could enable tesla to slash production cost for what likely her 25% import tariff. cheryl: expansion nonetheless. a new winner at the box office and i think we've kind of predicted this would happen on friday, didn't we tracee. transfer kind of a slow sluggish
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weekend. a medea halloween debuted to an estimated $21.7 million. a bit of a drop from the debut of the original so much open to almost $30 million this time last year. coming in second, disaster movie with 13.3 million. not great considering the film cost $120 million to make. horror film happy day came in third place with $9.5 million in rounding out the top five, blade runner 2049 and only the brave is supposed to be very good. true to it's like hollywood has run out of ways to destroy the planet. gerri: i think the medea franchise is unbelievable. what a juggernaut. cheryl: he's laughing all the
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way to the bank. we've got a lot more coming up in the show. terror in florida. a community on edge this morning. gerri: manhunt underway in tampa, florida for a possible serial killer. we will tell you what he had to say. you're watching "fbn:am." the ♪ can i kick it?
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with gocentral from godaddy. gerri: welcome back prolific at jakarta but it's happening now. at tampa, florida neighborhood on alert after three killings in 10 days within a half a mile of each other. residents of the seminole heights neighborhood are warned not to walk outside alone. police released surveillance video of a man walking in the air when the first was shot to death october 9th. new fallout from claims of sexual harassment and bullying that fidelity investment. "the wall street journal" reports fidelity push long-term portfolio managers the proper child to resign amid allegations that he made inappropriate comments to colleagues. complaints about abusive workplace conduct led to the ouster of some high profile employees. mark cuban said if he runs for
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president he will do it and challenge president trump it explains why a fox news object to five. >> i think there is a place for somebody who is socially centrist, but have very fiscally conservative. gerri: on a scale one to 10 the likely hood of him running is headed for and that is what is happening now. trade to always send mark cuban. pay the prices are president trump is telling us house republicans when it comes to tax reform. the conference call yesterday. the president moving full steam ahead on his tax plan. his daughter have long caught on the road to push the plan to the people. former congresswoman jan hayworth will do at the first totter today moderating the white house tax reform town hall in bucks county, pennsylvania.
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the spurt and rewrite it those gop strategists amy checking in. let's bring rain right now. you are going to be talking about tax reform with ivanka today. what is the strategy with the first totter out the to try and push through tax reform you care for people on board with the president's plan? >> cheryl, as we all know, ivanka trump is a very successful businesswoman and also the mother of three young children. she is an articulate and eloquent speaker for the importance of respecting families and understanding families in america today are having a lot of trouble making ends meet because of course there's a lot that the president has to do to grow the economy and one of the key components of that is in fact tax reform that will put dollars back into the pockets of hard-working americans, especially the middle class. an expanded child tax credit is a great way to help working
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families, middle-class families to be able to afford to in fact have two parents who may have careers go to work, to afford to educate, clothe and feed him do all the things we want to do for families. this is a proposal, by the way, to expand the child tax credit. gerri: honestly out later today. but while the president on this conference call yesterday putting pressure on house republicans seem to take that from the senate, passé. seems like paul ryan is on board with it. this paves the way to get something done on tax reform. can they get it done? can they finally come together on this? >> i sure hope so when i just loved everything she just had to share about the child tax credit being expanded. i am the mother. i'm married to a hard-working middle class has been who
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basically nickels and dimes everything to the point where we can make sure that our family of four is able to get what we need. this would help pay towards education committee towards health care. i love all of this. i see of this is difficult for republicans to pass. we need tax reform badly. there's a major problem when you of hard-working americans pay more for taxes and therefore food, housing and clothing combined. trade through the politics is that i'm trying to get at here. this is washington. all the points you're making about 10 responses to this would be good, at the good, at the end of the day comes down to the politics. you are in congress. you know what i'm talking about. what happens if you at the dark horse congressman come in the dark or senator. you that is coming. who are they going to be and what is the point going to be?
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>> amy understands that very well in the state of nevada. there are folks at the margins of these issues in the senate and in the house, folks who are very, very fiscally conservative who may say about, we have to have a balance when we propose these tax credit. we have to have a balance that we have enough tax revenues coming into fund the federal government. other folks say look, if we gave, i would fall into this category. americans need tax relief. they desperately needed the federal government places too many burdens and we need to have a dynamic approach to our tax policy and we need to anticipate when we put more dollars into the hands of american consumers can american moms and dads, and that is to grow our economy.
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in fact, art laffer said it for years and is raised. all kinds of tax revenues will flow in. that's the case the president is making and ivanka trump is making that when we empower american families, whether that keep their hard-earned dollars through tax credits, through tax relief, then the economy will grow and we will have to tax revenues we need to fund the federal government. that's the argument the president will be making. trade commission playmaker has been dan is running for u.s. senate part of nevada. want to make that clear connection to our viewers. he's actually running for office as well. appreciate it, ladies. >> thanks, cheryl. gerri: depressed spanish government forces to give up its bid for independence. >> whether it was legal nationally the people in catalonia to have a vote, surely people are allowed to express
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the opinion. we saw women being dragged out of polling stations by their hair. old ladies with cashes and therefore had. gerri: that is the man will have on the show. nigel farage coming up next to talk about the future of spain come in the latest in the u.k. talk with the e.u. to leave the european union. what do you say that the $40 billion that the e.u. wants in a dramatic sentencing hearing pushing some five desertion case. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ "volatile markets." something we all think about as we head into retirement. it's why brighthouse financial
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gerri: the figure disgraced army said five is set to appear for sentencing today. kelly ray today. kelly ray jones is at the latest on the situation. >> good morning. sergeant bell bergdahl speaking for the first time after pleading guilty for desertion. in an interview, the british sunday times, subsidized by the taliban captors were more honest with him than the u.s. army has been since his release from the taliban. bergdahl seen at least the taliban were honest enough to say i'm the guy who's going to cut your throat. here it could be the guy passed in the corridor is going to sign the paper that sends me away for life. bergdahl is laughing his base and 2009. the freedom in 2014 as part of a controversial prisoner exchange with five taliban fighters being
5:25 am
detained at the carmel bay detention center. three soldiers suffered life changing injuries. their statements are strong evidence against him. retired green beret commander michael watts led the special forces team that conducted the search. >> soldiers were injured, soldiers were killed directly in the search and was more difficult to prove was indirectly. how many were harmed because they didn't get the medevac as fast as they should have because it was dedicated to look for him. >> something else about the court-martial sentencing. they may argue concerned about comments the president are made as cabinet trump repeatedly calling him a traitor. >> we are tired of sergeant bergdahl who is a traitor. he is a traitor, a no good traitor, who should have been
5:26 am
executed. >> comments like that that defense attorneys concerned. bergdahl to enter what is known a plea, no deal for lesser punishment. he is hoping for leniency from the judge into this and the hearing. gerri: kelly, i've got to ask you, he's complaining about his treatment at the hands of the government, but what about the hands of the taliban? he was in the cage for a long, long time. it's astonishing to me. >> it's astonishing to hear. i'm a veteran of the united states army and it's astounding to hear that. when you hear someone say what their captors did send and of course some people are questioning if that ever happened to bergdahl. you like and remember president obama had lifted him up as being a man who needed to be rescued and many people argued with the way he conducted that prisoner exchange. gerri: kelly wright, thank you for that report.
5:27 am
cheryl: coming outcome of the crisis in spain heating up over the weekend as the spanish government to force it to give up its bid for independence. >> never, ever, the criticisms here did i think we would see the police of a member state of the union injuring 900 people in an attempt to stop them going out to vote. cheryl: nigel farage expects to talk about future of spain with the e.u. to lift the european union. while the u.k. pay 40 billion? you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ you two had been through everything together.
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cheryl: breaking news this morning. maria bartiromo sitting in the president in the president turned to talk tax reform, health care and other things. i like coming out. drink your records on friday. the dow with his fifth straight record close in a row. financials leading on hopes for tax reform. u.s. stock market futures in the green. dow jones, s&p and nasdaq. cheryl: in europe, always on spain as the spanish government moves to remove cobbling leadership to win their bid for independence. gerri: and asia, japanese stocks after prime minister abe received a mandate for voters to receive the goals. cheryl: will speak with european member of parliament nigel farage. he's the one catalonia's bid for independence as well as the latest on the british exec talks. gerri: a big week for tech earnings. amazon, google is turned off that and microsoft. we will tell you what to expect.
5:32 am
"fbn:am" starts right now. cheryl: 5:31 a.m. in new york. monday, october 23rd. gerri: and gerri willis in for lauren simonetti. cheryl: great to have you here. gerri: good morning. future coffee going. train to get ready for great interview in a few moments. but the president was up to over the weekend. pressuring house republicans to approve the senate budget bill. pushing hard for tax reform. on a conference call come president trump warning the gop of the steep price to pay mixtures midterm if the doesn't pass. speaking exclusively with maria bartiromo. >> i think we have the votes. rand paul is going to vote for the tax cuts. i think other people, we have
5:33 am
tremendous enthusiasm. i'd be very disappointed if it took that long. it could be substantially less than that depending what happens when we send the bill back to the house. they send it back in people go in may 200 suggestions as opposed to maybe no suggestions. >> top earners pay 80%. why are so afraid to cut taxes on the top earners. >> look at this. i'm very happy with the would have done prior to this in my civilian life. >> of course. >> it's about me representing rich people. we have so many things in this plan that are going to be for growth. your next question is going to be deficits and a fully understand that and we all understand it. and growth. if we pick up one point on growth which is to $.5 billion. and more than pays for everything. true to senate majority leader
5:34 am
mitch mcconnell was on "fox news sunday." he was also talking taxes. >> i can tell you what the overall goal is. middle-class tax relief, the stopping of job exportation because of our horrible business tax structure in our country to get the country growing again at that public with regulatory changes the countries are to implement to give us a chance to achieve at least 3% growth. gerri: democratic senator sherrod brown suggesting they will work with the bipartisan tax reform bill. >> i know what he said in that meeting and i heard him say he likes the corporation act and the idea of a real working family tax relief act. again, if he chooses that path, democrats will work with them. gerri: house republicans already signaling they would accept the budget plan to avoid any potential delay on the tax measure. train to the crisis in spain over catalonia's bid for independence getting pretty
5:35 am
heated that the government moving to remove the catalan leaders who want to be independent. tremendous delicacy as i'm not in the uk's negotiations to exit the e.u., nigel farage, former leader of the party to push for the british accent. great to see you here. we should also mention you're a fox news contributor. good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: nigel, let's start with spain. they want to pull the leaders come remove him from power. this is an extreme measure the spanish government is taking. they're sure to be more progress. you agree that they should get rid of the catalan politicians for good and keep catalonia as a part of spain. >> book, of course they do. i've spent my career fighting for the concept of nation states. however, the principle of self-determination is an important one. there's been a catalan
5:36 am
separatist movement around for many, many years. would have been three weeks ago was they wanted a referendum to test public opinion. the spanish government said it was illegal because it hadn't been great for spanish parliament and they then tried to stop people from going out in expressing an opinion. 900 people were injured by the barbarism of space -- police. and what that is meant is that now many of them say wow, perhaps we ought to be independent. so this friday the senate and madrid will vote on removing autonomy from catalonia and government troops and officials will move in, take over, controlled the administration in the parliament and president of catalonia will lose his position. it is even rumored that he could be arrested for treason. now if this is the way spain
5:37 am
behaves him it's very difficult to call it a modern-day democracy. they are behaving -- this is like almost the old days of fascism. i think what is going to happen is you're going to see possibly violence on the street this time next week. and i feel that the campaign now with the catalan separation only grows. gerri: gerri willis here. this has been amazing to watch over the weekend that the spanish european parliament member said if you come here's what he said, the best thing about bragg said they've never seen the nigel farage never again. i want to get back to the spanish story with you for just a second. what you said is so interesting is an e.u. crackdown is e.u. political depression. what do you mean by that? >> isn't it interesting? it wasn't a break away from
5:38 am
yugoslavia. they recognize croatia because croatia was pro-european project. the catalans of course are not pro-european union and said the e.u. effect are we turning a blind eye to violence being used to express their view. i believe my concern is this. this political union deep into political union deep into thin era. they've got their own police force, building their own army. i think we can see given their attitude towards catalan separatist but it's not very long before the european union itself starts to crack down on member states possibly who want to leave the union. all i can say is thank goodness we voted for exist. we should be out just in time. >> let's move over to what's happening with the u.k. planning to leave the e.u. coming down to money. britain wants to pay maybe 20 billion. a little different there. this has become a very expensive
5:39 am
divorce. do these figures so far off of a prolonged brexit if you will. >> the figures are ridiculous. absolutely nonsense. but here's the problem. the british prime minister, theresa may, is presiding over a cabinet for display. most of them are still remain theirs. voted leave. what she did a few weeks ago in florence with that florence with speeches made made some concessions to the european union. they then came back and asked for more. you cannot appease bullies and if you do that, the demands always get higher. it is high time the high time the british prime minister say look what we are leaving the union, these are the terms. by all means, we want to be reasonable. if you're going to go on behaving as badly as this will simply leave and not pay you a penny. that is very distinct to get to.
5:40 am
gerri: as an e.u.'s best interest to have theresa may empower because she is so weak? >> yes, and that is why the summit in brussels on thursday, the width for the first time being nice to her. she went to this dinner 27 meters and basically begged them for help which i think is pretty humiliating. the next morning they were effectively padding the british prime minister seem very fair, it will all be okay in the end. frankly someone who not only believes in brexit, but the dignity of the united kingdom humiliated. cheryl: nigel farage, nice to have your vote as all things europe. thank you, sarah. gerri: coming up, escalating tensions. the airport policing its nuclear b-52 bombers on 24 hour alert.
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a big week for tech earnings. amazon, google. off of that and microsoft all set to report. jonathan homestake what to expect. you are watching "fbn:am." be
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tranter welcome back to her murder trial of an illegal immigrant from mexico who set up a national immigration debate to begin today and severed cisco. 10 years ago kate stanley was shot to death lock it with her father on the downtown pier. an undocumented immigrant acknowledges shooting her because it was an accident had issued in becoming a hot button immigration issue during the presidential campaign. u.s. air force has ordered a nuclear bomb to be on 24 hour alert. raising tensions with north korea. air force chief of staff general david go find with the 24 hour alert in the last day since the
5:45 am
cold war. president trump will award the medal of honor today to a vietnam vet to credit him with saving dozens of lies. retired army captain michael rose will receive the medals for his secret mission back in 1970. that is what is happening now. gerri: running decisions in high gear with just over 100 companies in the s&p 500. also you're in for big tech names including amazon, google current alphabet and microsoft. jonathan hoenig joining us right now to help us figure out the tech earnings. the stakes are really high here because tech has led the market for so long it's been a real leader. question is can they have it? >> it's been the engine of this tremendous bull market. half of this year's gains in the s&p 500 are from the company
5:46 am
does mention. amazon, google, facebook. they've been the engine and how they react is going to be very instruct the two what happens. eight or nine years into a bull market. what's it's going to be a big week this week. gerri: tallis, are we going to get any surprises to the upside or downside for these big companies which so many of our viewers don't. >> this prize will be one the reaction of the stock rather than the earnings of the stock. these docs are disappointing earnings at the market continues growing higher because the expectations continue to be high. what worries me would be good earnings that beat expectations but the stocks begin to trade down. so far we haven't seen that. i don't think we are there just
5:47 am
yet but the stocks continue higher once that starts to reverse. that's when it's time to get nervous. until then the bull market continues. gerri: third quarter profit margin is close to a record. are you expecting close to record from these tech companies? in the big numbers of all investors respond by buying the stock? >> it's interesting. many are straight up unicorns. amazon is an example of that. they continue to go whenever he appeared that's probably the biggest barometer. the innovative companies pushing the economy forward. almost unrecognizable almost four or five years ago. businesses from the cloud. as long as the innovation keeps up, stock prices will keep out. the lessee of life. gerri: are stocks too expensive now?
5:48 am
should investors think about holding back? >> a stock is never too high to buy, we see over the course to hide continued to go higher. the bull market continues. i worry now people making out all or none decision out of the market now, you have to think about investing over time so now even if stocks do very well to look at two for more buffet. >> they are fearful. that's right. the markets to open much higher. you're right about that bull market. thank you, jonathan. train to welcome another big weekend for the nfl. a crazy night for the new england patriots keeping their super bowl hopes alive with a big win for the atlanta falcons. speaking of super bowl. remember this. the infamous wardrobe
5:49 am
malfunction. gerri: i think everybody knows. you can look it up in webster. cheryl: here it is. more than a decade later, guess who's coming back for the halftime show. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps)
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gerri: that is so silly. justin timberlake having the super bowl halftime show. this would be their time performing on the super bowl stage. remember the awkward moment in 2004? hopefully this year will go a little bit better. incidentally he holds the record for the most appeared to us by an individual performer at the super bowl ever. i can't wait. i think janet jackson should go. cheryl: that's whatever one wants to see if they surprised guest appearance by janet jackson. guess which team is keeping the super bowl alive. last night a rematch of last year's super bowl team. this time without the nailbiting drama. tom brady hosted last year the falcons. second-quarter brady handgun to bring in cocoa widely follows the 11-yard touchdown. feature its collapse has been trending hero in the final seconds of the half.
5:54 am
they connect with james late for the touchdown. patriots had 17-0. that is 23-7. ezequiel eliott schelling 16 suspension yesterday against the 49ers ran for 47 yards. meanwhile, cowboys kicker doing the kicking. there is the celebration. a milestone for the receiver appeared in the fourth quarter he grabs that touchdown to the cowboys all-time touchdown. the cowboys when. >> you're a natural at that. cheryl: it appears that the first firing in the nba already. they have fired their head coach
5:55 am
earl watson after only three games. that would be the second quickest dismissal in nba history. meanwhile, the new york mets reportedly they're pitching coach -- their managers still under contract as the houston astros will work with the team through the series. world series begins tomorrow night. game one in los angeles is so extending the series will air on fox sports. cheryl: letter viewers know, jerry max not here, actually in sunny los angeles. gerri: test cake. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up. especially what's happening in japan. investors welcoming prime minister shinto aid. a live report from london. talk about that in a lot more in your global market.
5:56 am
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cheryl: than he can japan rally in for a session at her prime minister shinto ayub coalition government when the national election. read the gold in "the wall street journal" is joining us
5:59 am
now. we are going to london to talk about japan. the global market news this morning. >> definitely japanese stocks leading all global markets today. effectively people are betting that mr. ayub program will boost the economy can continue really, really a positive monetary policy for a policy for a long time to come. as >> let's talk for a second about whether there's her is about trading volumes. this is so fascinating. we go higher and higher to all the major indexes had the volume is just not there. what does this tell you? >> could be some structural factors. people put more money into past investment vehicles and things like hedge funds. for a lot of people it's as simple as if you're making money don't pull out and it's a bit late to kind of come in. that's shining a lot of people to just sit on their position for a while.
6:00 am
cheryl: dtf indexes out of the fee structures. people are smart these days. "the wall street journal" people should read. thank you. gerri: now it is time for "mornings with maria." we are going to talk to dagen this morning. >> good morning, everybody. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. the biggest tax cuts in history. president trump laying out his ambitious plan to spur economic growth in his exclusive interview with sarah or a part of normal. >> i think we had the votes. rand paul will welcome the tax cuts. i think other people, we have tremendous enthusiasm. dagen: blew up more with the president's interview with maria has a look at whether congress can get this done. earnings season kicking into


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