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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 23, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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cheryl: dtf indexes out of the fee structures. people are smart these days. "the wall street journal" people should read. thank you. gerri: now it is time for "mornings with maria." we are going to talk to dagen this morning. >> good morning, everybody. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. the biggest tax cuts in history. president trump laying out his ambitious plan to spur economic growth in his exclusive interview with sarah or a part of normal. >> i think we had the votes. rand paul will welcome the tax cuts. i think other people, we have tremendous enthusiasm. dagen: blew up more with the president's interview with maria has a look at whether congress can get this done. earnings season kicking into high gear this week with 177
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companies in the s&p 500 sector report as well as 12 dow stocks. future showing gains for the dow, s&p and nasdaq was all-time highs on friday. europeans across the board as well. biggest winners so far this day starts this week. asia overnight, the nikkei, the biggest winner of more than 1% better. accurate home, justice for kate, opening statements were the illegal immigrant accused of killing case finally understand the cisco. in 2015. fully expected the trial gets underway today. fidelity fallout. financial services company with the claims of sexual harassment and rolling. the company's response to the scandal ahead. the electric carmaker reportedly setting up shop in shanghai. with the move could mean for the electric car industry is old.
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protests at any given sunday. dozens of nfl players taken in need during the national anthem. the nfl is bringing back for the super bowl. justin timberlake for the first time since his controversial performance with janet jackson. can you bring back football fans who are now protesting the nfl? i'll been so much more this morning here at national reporter for real clear politics katelyn hughley birds could be chief investment officer scott martin and economic ties are to president obama. 32 advisers founder robert wolf. i know you're watching a concert for the hurricane victims over the weekend. >> as coming doing a lot of work in all the hurricanes make you do stuff with fox obviously. between puerto rico and texas and florida is just unbelievable. nice to see all five former living president together doing some good work for the country.
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dagen: speaking of presidents, the one still in the oval office, maria talk to president trump. we will have all of the interview coming up in the next three hours and that is our top story this hour. a passport and tax reform. president trump urging lawmakers to adopt the budget this week in order to get that tax bill moving ahead and pass before the end of the year. the president addressing during a conference call with lawmakers that they refer to the effort his tax cut rather than tax refund coming message the president discussed during an interview with maria bartiromo. >> i collect tax cuts created his tax reform also, but i call it tax cut. the biggest tax cuts ever in the history and i think this tremendous appetite, such that he will have the votes for taxes than i will say the fact that health care is so difficult i
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think makes the taxes easier. republicans want to get it done. >> they can't get this tax bill done this year. should they forego thanksgiving and christmas? should they be here? >> i think they showed then i think they will. a lot of things are happening. i don't even like them leaving. i will say this. i want to get it by the end of the year but i'd be very disappointed if it took that long. it could be substantially less than that depending that have been good to send the bill back to the house. people will go and make 200 suggestions as opposed to maybe no suggestion because it's a great bill. >> holroyd did an interview that said are insisting they have a fourth bracket. i know that you are very focused on the middle class. you want to raise taxes on the rich? >> he said that on the basis that i wanted or were thinking about it in now way yes. but actually we do have more
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brackets because we have a zero bracket and people including i said i would make it a fifth bracket. we may not have that, but i would rather do that they do anything to hurt the middle class. dagen: i want your reaction wrist and were most of the i'd you that there could be a higher bracket or i'm just going to say millionaires like a wild surtax at the time when the president's talking about. >> outside of controversy on the fourth bracket, which was soon, probably wouldn't totally the least completely change the scope of everything. the timeline, gosh, christmas or thanksgiving is probably out. christmas, which is really crazy is considered were talking about august when steve mnuchin talk to our very own neil cavuto. the president gave his first address in february that this could be done in march. to me if they get it done by the end of the year, that's going to
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be a miracle. i still believe there's a lot of work left to be done. the fact that so far he talks about rand paul, to me i don't feel like we have them all yet. trying to rand paul didn't vote for the senate. >> issues one of those things that there is a lot of work to be done. it's great to shoot for thanksgiving or christmas but in reality it's probably a 2018 deal. dagen: when you listen to president trump because one of the big talking point on capitol hill in washington is about this as a handout for the very wealthy. that's not the wing which you get from president trump. he seems to be out interpret okay with even higher bracket above 35% for his rich friends. he keeps talking about middle talking about middle class, middle class, middle class. >> here's what i would say. i know about what they i'm surprised i said i like that. i like that he was admitting
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that tax cut that is not tax reform. we've been saying this for months. there is no tax reform happening if the budget continues with a continuing resolution will be $1.5 trillion tax cut. to scott's point, allow larger than 1.5 trillion based on whatever the current framework you on the lookout. so to get from whatever it is, to .5 trillion to 5 trillion back to 1.5 trillion there has to be incredible negotiations going on. also come you still have fiscal hawks on the republican side asking for either petco or revenue neutrality and luscious say there's a lot to do between now and whenever it gets passed. >> i agree with you. the president was talking about how tax reform would be easier, it's been over my lifetime they have a dead tax reform. what's really interesting is i
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think they learned a lot of lessons from the health care battle knowing how hard this is. there are so many stakeholders here in the tax reform tax cuts debate that that will make us more complicated. i think republican in congress are certainly feeling the pressure. they cannot deliver on this signature id. that it's become because they were unable to get health care done. this puts all the more pressure on them to the president this kind of thing you'd that they will be the ones to be playing next year on the ballot. >> i also think that they were using the words of john f. kennedy and ronald reagan often. look what they both did. john f. kennedy did it when it was 90% rate. trade do so few people pay that for you. >> on record with a 70%. we are at that .5%. that being said, it is a lot different today.
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trade do i will argue why it is similar on the corporate side. we always focus on the individual tax cuts and maybe that's where you don't get this giant tax reform. >> stephen moore who talks -- he works for you said before the inauguration this year to get tax reform done because you see the 35% rate for corporations. >> baker passes business tax reform before year-end. trade do something douglas holtz akin said on friday that the court to remind people have for business income is taxed at individual returns. that is either. that aside the pastor ray passed to come below what individuals pay. one thing i will talk about later in the show, there's a discussion about revenue about basically dramatically cutting
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the amount of money you could contribute to a 401(k) plan. $18,000 to $2400. talk about the markets going up in someone's face, that's exactly what will happen. >> the creation of the ira and 401(k). >> in the meantime, president trump spoke at length about her social media habit, most notably his use of twitter which he credits as his key to his white house that to read. watch this. >> i think to say don't use social media. i don't collect weeds. we didn't think a typewriter. when i put it out, you put it immediately on the show. i put something out, two seconds later you put it on your show. they are well crafted. i was always a good student. unlike a person who does well with that kind of thing. i doubt i would be here. i get treated very unfairly by
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the media and i have a tremendous platform. a 125 million people between twitter and instagram and all of them in facebook. i have a tremendous platform. so when someone says something about me unable to go big, big, big and take care of it. true to your reaction. >> as reporter, we love that he is sending to read because they are statements from the president, the white house. we have to take that for what it is. going around the media, these are kind of directed towards the media. he knows that they will get a lot of coverage. most people are not on twitter. most people are going about their daily lives not engaging on twitter. twitter is a big platform, but it's really geared towards media. he complains a lot about media coverage, which i think is not entirely warranted, but it's also part of his strategy,
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tapping to the sentiment among his supporters. such >> i started with the show by saying what i like. let me tell you what i don't like. i think his use of twitter and totally against it. by the way he has 40 million followers. the link of media in his piece that follows it. it's not what the president should be using as his way to communicate. that being said -- dagen: i say keep out of it. give us something to talk about. another billionaire may be running for the presidency. owner of the dallas mavericks, mark cuban seen if he runs for the white house in 202002 as a republican. watch this. >> i'm confused very democrat or republican? >> and fiercely independent. they make you out iran as one or the other. >> may be. >> if you had to choose one or the other.
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>> republican. >> of the huge mark cuban fan. >> i'm glad he's running as republican. i think it would be very fascinating. i'd be incredibly surprised if he would run for president. each dagen: again, he's got like parties to go to. >> he has an incredible life right now. >> does he realize that the responsibility is in the commitment? you know what i mean come you can't do that anymore. >> it takes an incredible narcissist to want to be president and not as everyone, not just the current president. that night the plight of mark cuban. we will bring you maria's entire exclusive one-on-one interview with the president throughout this morning.
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stay right here on fox business. just as for kate stanley, an immigrant accused of shooting and killing in 2015. the details on that. recovery busy earnings week ahead for you. right here, mornings with berea. it's whoooo.
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immune therapy to unleash his immune system against the cancer. i'm back to working hard. i've honestly have never felt this great. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. dagen: the murder trial of an illegal immigrant who set off the national debate is set to begin today they would disco. cheryl casone has the details. dagen: good
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gerri: good morning. sheesh -- he acknowledges shooting kate steinle. becoming an immigration issue during the presidential campaign. sexual harassment and bullying and fidelity investment. "the wall street journal" reports they forced the resignation of longtime portfolio manager robert chau amid allegations he made two colleagues. the work is conduct prompted an emergency meeting at the stocks in the net would be asked to approve higher profile employees there. just over one third of the company and the s&p 500 reporting. we will hear from halliburton this morning. the company expected to post solid quarterly results driven by another strong performance in north america.
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also going to hear from hasbro before the opening bell. management warning for challenging macroeconomic issues that affect consumers and retailers in the united kingdom and brazil. and of course it's all about the amazon effect when you get a company like hasbro reporting. dagen: yesterdays. facing his state sentencing begins today for bergdahl who pleaded guilty to leaving his post in afghanistan that had been captured by the taliban. as the president gets closer to getting his tax cut plan, the markets continued to surge. we are talking about all-time highs. washington continues to lead wall street. straightahead. the >> the we all depend on trucks.
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>> or do you want to see running the thread? the mac and you know, i've been seeing a number of people and most people say it's down to two, mr. taylor, mr. powell. i also met with janet yellen who i like a lot. i really like her a lot. so i have three people in lucky not in a couple of others. i will make my decision very shortly, pretty shortly. trade to dallas president trent kelly maria bartiromo and are exclusive one-on-one interview with the president that he plans to make his choice for the next federal reserve chair very shortly.
6:23 am
taking a look at futures this morning. there is no blip in the markets move up. the dow, s&p and nasdaq closing at all-time highs on friday. the dow earlier in the week closing it 23,000 mark for the first time. managing partner and adviser tad oakley. i wonder if the market is not in any potential change at the top of the federal reserve given to just take and monetary policy. >> it could be. i think what happened is they won't make a lot of difference with another economic professor for the last 25 years. i don't see that making a lot of change in the long run. trade to the fact you say that in the market to be feeling that way because one person that
6:24 am
president trump didn't mention was kevin wash. "the wall street journal" wrote on friday in an editorial that john taylor who's teaching at stanford would be a change agent at the federal reserve. do you have somebody come in on the market doesn't know how they might handle this tightening of monetary policy. that's an awful lot of uncertainty for investors. >> one of things that happens is the fed is not in tune and they haven't been in tune with main street. they raise their rates on the short end. but if you look at the 25, 30 year paper, basically still the same. actually it's lower for the year. the market is doing one thing in the fed can control it but they really can't. très duo point out there has been a backup of the tenure yet which closed on friday. that's not even close to the high for this year so far which
6:25 am
was close to to put it. you've seen it a market rally a move. >> which is the reaction you want to see because typically stocks rise, interest rate should go. your point about the long-term interest rate curve, what does that tell you? we are on this hiking path the fed is now on. what is that tell you about the behavior of long-term rates with respect to economic growth going forward? >> it tells me growth won't be what they expect it will be. if you look at consumer prices, everything, we are not getting the move we thought they would get. what that means is the growth numbers probably won't be what this group expects that they put a lot of emphasis on tax reform, that sort of thing. it won't pan out as well as they think it will. >> are you concerned that if tax
6:26 am
reform or tax cuts as the president referred to it over the weekend with berea is delayed at is delayed in all of that would have an effect on the marketplace since you are less concerned with the fed? >> i am not. as >> resisted selling and doing some other things to be a lower capital gains rate. i'm not quite as worried about it as i was. then you look at it this way. 65% of the jobs in this country come from individual businesses and i'm not certain he's doing enough for now. the corporations allow for money is great but they're not spending what they have now. i'm not certain they will create what they expect and they probably could have a negative impact on the market because the average pay your sensei and paying too much already. trade be just in terms of the market the one thing i would raise is the president has spent a lot of time on twitter and
6:27 am
verbally crowing about the stock market. the more he talks about it and tries to take credit for it that he will own and a decline whether it's mild, short run or long-term decline in the market. >> exactly. taking credit for the last several months. trade to a seems like more so. >> this is a white house that means the good news because they don't have legislative accomplishments in congress. things like this are helpful. republicans want to continue talking about this. you have to take the blame for what there's a downturn. dagen: will see what happens on friday when you get the gdp for the most recent quarter and again the economy growing north of 3% for the second quarter, the first reading such on the third quarter expected to come in a 2.7%. if it's worse than expected.
6:28 am
tad, thank you for being here. tad oakley joining us this morning. tesla's new deal to build a fact or in china. what this means for production costs for the electric car maker. despite national outcry and the canadiens last week, protester in the national anthem continuing in the nfl over the weekend. bush you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. hold over $6 trillion homeownin home equity?d above, yet, not enough seniors are taking advantage of this fully insured product to tap into their wealth. it's called a reverse mortgage. if you have at least 50% home equity, and you're 62 or older, you should be on the phone by the end of this commercial to find out how much you could get for your home.
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it's monday october 23rd, 6:30 a.m. eastern. tough talk to north korea. strong warning to kim jong un regime during exclusive one-on-one interview with maria. >> china is really helping us with respect to north korea. with that being said, we are prepared for everything. we are so prepared like you wouldn't believe. dagen: so much more from maria's interview with the president on north korea's strategy straight ahead. bergdahl defense returning to u.s. was tough as five-year held in captivity. powerful typhoon slamming into japan killing at least four people on election day. the devastation ahead. a jolt for the electric car industry, tesla reporting
6:32 am
expanding into china. nfl not scoring points with fans, national anthem protests wear on through another sunday, the latest trouble in the empty seats for the league ahead. plus, nfl's suit and tie, justin timberlake headlining super bowl for the first time since controversial performance, well, that happened, we can't show it to you but we can talk about it. whether the big name is enough to win over football fans, tired of protests. 177 companies in the s&p 500 set to report 12,000 stocks, futures are showing gains across the board. same story in europe with gains in engine language, france and germany, biggest winner cac quarante in france and in asia overnight, nikkei a major winner, only loser was hang seng and hong kong.
6:33 am
nikkei up more than 1%. bowe bergdahl will be sentenced today in fort bragg for endangering fellow soldiers by walking off his post. he faces life sentence after admitting guilt of desertion and misbehavior. taliban treated him better than the army. here is this quote, at least the taliban were honest enough to say i'm the guy who is going to cut your throat. here it could be the guy i pass in the corridor who is going to sign the paper that sends me away for life. joining me now former florida congressman fox news contributor lieutenant colonel allen west. your take on this? >> it is absolutely a disgusting to hear what bowe bergdahl just said. we operate in code of conduct in the united states military. i served in several combat
6:34 am
zones, desertions is punishable by death in the military justice, i don't think that's going to happen with bowe bergdahl, he should receive a life imprisonment sentence because he did desert in a combat zone and he put other lives at risk who were doing search and rescue and several of them did lose their lives. i would like to remind your audience that we have an army first lieutenant by the name of clint who ordered firing upon enemy of taliban scouts who were probing his position in afghanistan and he's sitting in prison with 20-year sentence because they said he ordered the firing upon unarmed individuals, so let's talk about what justice really needs to be done here today. dagen: why is bergdahl allowed to even communicate with the prez or the outside? that's why -- he's doing -- it's kind of disgraceful to those whose lives he put at risk by doing this and now he's talking
6:35 am
about the united states. i think that the large reaction on twitter to reading about this was like, well, then send them back. >> yeah, i guess this is part of the kind her gentler army military that we have now. the old-school military that i grew up would probably not have allowed him to do that, he would be sequestered from having these type of interviews, he hurt his own case, if you want to say something like this before you get sentencing, i don't think it's going to go bode well for you. dagen: i want to turn back to capitol hill, there's remarks by senator john mccain in an interview on sunday criticizing american who is avoided the vietnam draft. echoed questions arose during president trump's 2016 campaign. listen to this. >> we drafted the lowest income level of america and the highest-income level found a doctor that would say that they
6:36 am
had a bone spur, that is wrong. that is wrong. if we are going to ask every american to serve, every american should serve. dagen: colonel, your reaction to that? it seems like senator mccain is taking quite glee in taking shots, continued shots at president trump and trying to provoke him time and again. >> well, in full disclosure, my older brother was a marine who served in vietnam and wounded and my father-in-law who we just layed to rest this summer in arlington cemetery did two tours of vietnam so i have a personal experience with this. i think that you are seeing a running, a continuing feud between the president of the united states and john mccain. i do not agree with the comments as candidate trump when he directed them to mccain. mccain needs to have a high ground and be above this. a lot of people never thought
6:37 am
that we would sustain all volunteer military and we have done quite well. it's important to have young men and women who wanting to out and raise right hand to serve and protect the great nation and unfortunately we had some things that happened in vietnam and we have learned from that and moved on. dagen: that was one of the reason that is i found john kelly's comments last week so moving is because he talked about the greatest percent in the country. i view john kelly's comments very differently than some people on the left. >> that's funny, i was going to ask the colonel about john kelly because it's obviously been incredible debate over the weekend, the first half when he was talking as former general as well as the father of a son currently in the army as well as gold star family member and then the second part where he spoke as really chief of staff and
6:38 am
political -- in a political appointee from the president, what did you think about sarah huckabee's comments that we should not be able to debate with a four star general? >> well, i think that everyone has free speech and freedom of expression and we have a free press in the united states of america but i think that, you know, much the same as general kelly was trying to get people towns, there have to be things that are sacred in the united states of america, we should not be politicizing the loss of a service member, you know, that's someone's spouse, someone's son and to use that as some type of political football, i think that that's what he was getting towards. when i look at somebody like general kelly, incredible service that he's had in the country as enlisted an officer in the marine corps, his son who lost his life and another one that serves in the army, this is what makes america. those are the threw
6:39 am
1 percenters. >> when you use politicizing, rudies appointing in the president using twitter to continue this argument with the congresswoman? >> yeah, i don't think that the president of the united states should be punching down. i said that a lot of times. dagen: you said that a long time, colonel. >> i also think that when you look at federica wilson who observed in congress from south florida, i think she's completely out of line in what she's doing. dagen: thank you for being reasonable and rational and coming on this program time and again, colonel, good to see you, allen west. can we stop picking fights with each other? can we start printing maps for the high road in this country because i think people have lost their way? can google maps put that out so to give people some direction on how to, like, take your higher ground, i think you'd agree with that, colonel? >> i absolutely do. like i said, it starts with the person at the top sending
6:40 am
example for us to all trying to emulate, let's focus on what's happening out there. we have an enemy in northern africa and all through nigeria and also in east africa that we need to confront with. because we reduced the territorial integrity of isis does not mean that the global islamic threat has diminished. dagen: let me ask you about this, u.s. nuclear bombers in 24-hour standby, president trump addressing tensions with north korea in exclusive interview with maria bartiromo. i want your reaction to this. >> china is really helping us and we will see with respect to north korea. with that being said, we are prepared for anything. we are so prepared like you wouldn't believe. dagen: colonel, your take on that? >> well, i like to use the metaphor because i'm a simple old-boy from down in georgia, china is the crack house and north korea is the pit bull and you have to deal with the crack house if you want to get to that pit bull. fact that we are seeing the missile systems that
6:41 am
are north korea's using, those are chinese made, i don't think china is helping to the full extent that they could with kim jong un and the situation there in north korea, neither is china reducing military footprint in the south china sea. there are more things that we could be doing. they are looking at military options that could be implemented in korean pe nip -- peninsula. dagen: colonel allen west, take care, we will see you soon. we will bring you maria's interview with president trump. typhoon went through the country and tens of thousands still in harm's way. slowing down but not stopping, protesting during national anthem continue in week 7 in the nfl "volatile markets."
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dagen: welcome back, futures pointing to higher open with all three market gauges starting today at all-time highs. we are looking at a few stocks on the move, delivering a double beat, the toy giant posting earnings of 209 per share on expectations of 1.95. the company beat on revenue, shares are up more than 26% so far this year. and cisco looking to expand into communication software, network hardware giant is reportedly
6:46 am
nearing a deal to buy broadsoft for $2 billion, would give a leg up in the cloud industry. cisco shares up more than 14% in the past year. a man arrested for allegedly plot to go blow up a florida shopping mall set to appear in court today. cheryl casone has the details on that right now, cheryl. cheryl: yeah, so, dagen, federal agents arrested the man in a sting operation friday undercover fbi agents supplied him with a hoax bomb which he allegedly plan today detonate at mall, near miami international airport, isis sympathizer. heading out to sea sparing the capital of tokyo at japan not before killing four people on election day there. the rapidly weakening storm made landfall today, flooding there, 80,000 people had to evacuate, hundreds of flights canceled and
6:47 am
train service was disrupted. the wall street journal reporting that tesla reached an agreement to set up own manufacturing facility in shanghai, now this deal, the first of its kind for foreign automaker and could enable tesla to slash production costs although it'll face china's 25% import tariff, shares of tesla in premarket we should say almost 2% right now. stock to watch today. speaking of watching stuff, new winner at box office this weekend. tyler perry boo 2 madea halloween spooked out the competition, $27 million, coming in second, the disaster of
6:48 am
storm, that's not really great. the film $23 million to make, by the way. the horror film happy death day dropped to third place rounding up the top 5, blade runner and only the brave. you know what, dagen, i have to say tyler perry, he's laughing all the way to the bank. [laughter] cheryl: people love him. >> i've never seen a madea movie. dagen: you never bought anything on amazon. i don't know what century you're living in. you need to get with the program. >> i said i bought books. dagen: that doesn't count. >> i have to try on the clothes when i buy them. dagen: i bought a pair of running shoes on zappos and he said what's zappos? >> i'm not a big consumer. dagen: i think you consume golf
6:49 am
duds and things like that. more ahead justin timber lake return 14 years after malfunction with janet jackson, that's coming up. ♪
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6:53 am
after saying she deserved to be suspended. tracee carrasco on that story and more, good morning, tracee. tracee: will go back to work, the anchor coming off two week-suspension where she called president trump a white supremacist and telling fans to boycott dallas cowboys advertisers. >> i dye served the suspension. i deserved it. i violated the policy. i deserved that suspension. tracee: now although she told tmz she deserved the suspension, she won't take back what she said. days after the nfl declined to change rule on national anthem about two dozen players protested around the league on sunday, the protesting players took a knee, sat on the bench, stayed in the tunnel or raised a fist, now that number is significantly down from september 25th when 200 players protested after president trump said players should be fired for protesting during the national
6:54 am
anthem. and justin timberlake is going to be headlining super 52 the half time show, timberlake's second time more than a decade after infamous wardrobe malfunction with janet sack jon -- jackson in 2004. last night's game looking like a rematch, tom brady, brady pump-fakes and connects for the 2-yard touchdown, patriots up 17-0, you could have shut it off, patriots go onto win 23-7.
6:55 am
dagen: speaking of fists in the air. you were doing fists in the air. [laughter] >> i watched the whole game, by the way, they gave brady on the pitch, they said that was a td pass and not a run. it was like a 6-inch pas. >> the worst thing i heard of. >> unbelievable. this is a vikings kind of what area. >> i would love to see that in the super bowl. that would be a great thing. >> you could give us if you don't mind. dagen: redskins plays the eagles. we like being in the division with the giants this season because, well, they've won, 1-6. >> tough weekend for new york fans. tough weekend. giants, knicks, yankees, being in boston guy i'm not going to say where my heart was but it was a tough weekend for my family away from me.
6:56 am
>> i bet. >> tough with the yankees. dagen: do you think the nfl protest dies down? >> i think when there's a good game on tv like last night, the world is watching, i think it dies down and i think people get reengaged. i mean -- >> depends on how it's handled. goodell came out, we prefer how -- that they stand but they don't have to. that's the problem here. >> as you said, one of the cowboys raised his fist and i didn't hear jerry jones say anything. it'll be interesting to see if there's any -- anything happens. dagen: that goes back to '68 olympic and athletes standing on the podium, two of our athletes raising the fist in the air. that's a little bit of a different gesture that people aren't as quick to attack. >> i don't think trump needs to
6:57 am
-- president trump, excuse me, i don't think he needs to spend his time on nfl. dagen:ly make a -- i will make a bet, 20 bucks, president trump will tweet about it. still ahead, speaking of president trump, maria's exclusive one-on-one interview with the president. talking taxes, tech, twitter, next hour, mornings with maria alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. you know win control? be this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy!
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good morning. there is a lot of maria coming up. stay right here. it's monday october 23. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. paving await for tax reform. present trump laying out the economic plan. in his exclusive interview with maria bartiromo. it is tax reform also but i call it tax cuts. it will be the biggest cuts ever in the history of this country. we will have the president full one-on-one interview straight ahead. earnings season kicking into high gear this week. 177 companies in the s&p 500 such report with the s&p and
7:01 am
nasdaq starting the stay at all-time highs. in europe, same story. gaines galore. only one market in asia was down overnight ek up more than 1%. the dark side of the limelight. the new allegations rocking hollywood. they are reporting new issues with google smart phone. we will let you know what to watch out for. plus streamlining checkout. beefing up for a public debut. we will talk with the ceo is the fast casual change ahead of the ipo on the nasdaq today. tiny houses are big business.
7:02 am
how even amazon is cashing in on the growing trend by delivering a roof over your head. curate me to break it all down this morning. the former economic advisor. i want to get right to present trump in the mario bartiromo. she is sitting down for an exclusive interview on tax reform overhaul health counter and rolling back regulations. let's watch. >> mister president thank you so much for sitting down with me today. the dow jones industrial average just hit 23,000 and largely because of this into as a patient and hope that your policies will get implemented. tell us where we stand on the
7:03 am
tax plan right now. we are doing very well. the budget is indirectly past. it will end up again doing very well and i think we're can get our taxes. hopefully before the end of the year. it may be much sooner than that. there is a great spirit for. it is tax reform also. it will be the biggest cuts ever in the history of this country. i think this tremendous appetite and spirit for it. not only by the people we are dealing with in congress. the people out there that want to see something. almost $5,000 average per individual per group. i'm really looking forward to it. let's see what happens. do you think you have the boats. -- the votes. i think rand paul will vote for the tax cuts. other people we have
7:04 am
tremendous enthusiasm this time. healthcare i was told was tougher but it was close. so far i would say it's not even a contest and i will tell you speaking of healthcare i believe we will get that also. it will be in the form of black grants to different states. ministry properly in smaller doses where you can really do it much more individually. i think will get that also. in a little bit later probably in three to four months from now. well had that long before the election as far as taxes are concerned you can see what's happening. it's really doing well. great enthusiasm. i have looked at it very strongly and pretty much we could do almost what they are getting i think he is a tremendous person i don't know senator murray i hear very good things. i know that lamar alexander is a fine man and he is there to do good for the people.
7:05 am
we can do pretty much what we have to do with that. the secretary has tremendously way under the obama plans. it was so messed up. they have no choice but to give the secretary leeway. here she would have to be changing all the time. we can pretty much do everything we have to do just the way it is. we are going to repeal and replace obama care. and we actually have the votes. i think we actually have the votes for that. we were one short and i i think we can have the votes for that also. even your supporters say he has fantastic policies we want to see this through but the bickering and the feuding x-ray actually gets in the way. i see the feuding with senator corker. i think there's a personal thing going on between you and senator mccain.
7:06 am
and sometimes it helps to be honest with you. we will see what happens at the end. sometimes it helps. sometimes it gets people to get and do what they're supposed to be doing. that's the way it is. for the most part they want what is right also. we will see what happens but i do believe we have the votes for healthcare at the appropriate time. i think well have well have the votes for taxes. the fact that healthcare is so difficult i think it makes it easier. the republicans want to get it done. it is a tremendous tax cut especially for the middle class and especially for business. we are losing our companies. i have to say since i've been elected that's really stopped and it's really slow down. there is a tremendous enthusiasm for business in this country. a lot of things have changed. if they can't get the tax bill done this year should they
7:07 am
forgo thanksgiving and christmas. i think they should and i think they well. as can be right after that. i want to get it by the end of the year but i'd be very disappointed if it took that long. it could be substantially less than that opinion of what happens when we send the bill back to the house. as opposed to maybe no suggestions. it is going to be a great bill. we are adjusting so that there is no way that the middle class does not greatly benefit. there is a method under which it could be that some people in the middle metaclass won't benefit as much as we want. i think we are can have it sooner rather than later. paul ryan has been interviewed and said that you were insistent that you're the fourth bracket.
7:08 am
do you want to raise taxes on the rich with the fourth bracket. in that way yes. actually we do have those four brackets. that would actually make it a fifth bracket as opposed to an eight bracket on the other side. i call it our competition which is the competition of the past. when paul said that. and we may not had that. but i would rather do that than do anything to hurt the middle class. i followed your policies really closely. the state and local income tax deduction and elimination you elimination you take that away and then you go to a fifth bracket or a fourth bracket. can you get a higher rate for the top earners. if they pay 80% of taxes why are you so afraid to cut taxes on those top earners. i'm very happy with the way i have done business in my
7:09 am
personal life. is about me representing rich people. and being representative of those. it was very interesting and bob kraft was down. he owns the patriots. he gave me a super bowl ring a month ago. it was very nice. a beautiful ring. i immediately give it to the white house and they put it someplace. he said to me you have to do is all a favor give the tax decrease to the middle class. we don't need it. we don't want it. give it to the middle class. i've had many people tell me the same thing. very few say i want more i want more. the middle class has really not done very well over the last long. of time so when paul mentions maybe one more were category i would rather not had.
7:10 am
the only reason i do have this. if i feel like the middle class is not being properly taken care of. that is a big factor. bringing the corporate tax down as is maybe the most important. bringing it down from 35 down to 20% that is massive. it's a big deal on the corporate rate for sure. i think one of the other ones is expensive. when you write something off in one year as opposed to over many years i think that's can be tremendous. we have so many things in this plan that will be for growth and the next question is can be deficits at all. i fully understand that. we all understand it. and if we pick up one point on gdp that's $2.5 trillion. more than pays for everything. and i think we pick up much more than one point. morgan hit three sooner than
7:11 am
later. we hit 3.2. we haven't been there in a long time. it's been a long time. as you know. the previous administration did not hit it for the year for eight years. here we have it in an early quarter. before that it was down in the one. i became friendly with leaders of other large countries and i would say how you're doing. were not doing well. gdp is at 7%. we are not happy. and i'm saying we head at 1%. so i really think that we can do much more than that. but one point is to an half a a half trillion dollars and millions of jobs let me ask about the recording of the democrats recently.
7:12 am
i feel like the republicans get bullied by the left. by the whole talking point of it's always tax cuts for the rich. >> that's an automatic talking point. does it seem doesn't seem like it. schumer i like him. but before he knows the plans he says this is for the rich. he doesn't know what the plan is. he did it with healthcare two. this is for the rich. your neck and get your coverage. everybody is going to go into hospitals and this can be terrible. the world is coming to an end. did not even know what the plan was. he said that. i saw him two days ago. before he really knew what was happening. he said no it's for the rich. is an automatic statement. you go back and forth. i've always gotten along with him.
7:13 am
is it helpful in terms of negotiation. but i met with the senate finance committee. i met with publicans and democrats together right across the hallway. two days ago we have a great meeting we have fantastic meeting. there is a lot of similarity. they want tax cuts also. and they want him to as fast as possible. they don't want to say and they are saying the middle class i called the working people because they are really the working people the middle class doesn't benefit. as a standard that they know it. they are the big beneficiaries. the other big beneficiary is jobs. it's been my priority. if you look at what i've done between regulations. than any president has cut during the entire term that they are in. the federal pages are down 30% under that. i've just begun.
7:14 am
there's really a lot more. i think i can double it before it's over. a lot of it is statutory rehab to give a 90 day notice. then had to give a hundred 20 day. we are going to be doing a lot more. but if you look at keystone pipeline. they were all dead projects. stay tuned for more of the exclusive interview with president trump throughout the morning including what he says on g janet yellen and the federal reserve. thirty-eight women reportedly accusing him of sexual harassment. trouble for google's pixel phone. why they are reporting issues, problems with their screens. that straight ahead. my name is jeff sheldon,
7:15 am
7:16 am
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>> democratic congresswoman saying that the ambush in niger that left for u.s. soldiers dead is trump's ben trumps ben ghazi and demand depending an apology. the story this never ending. so florida congresswoman referring to john kelly as puppet of the president and she is demanding an apology listen to this. the character assassination that he went through to call me out of my name and all of the work that i've done in
7:18 am
this community not only does heal me an apology but he owes an apology to the american people. this will be trumps ben ghazi. and they need to concentrate on what happened the white house slamming the democratic senator for his comments when he asked if he agreed with here is his response. i agree that steve be in and is a white supremacist. i know that studies have shown that they have their allies sprinkled around the white house. when it comes to president trump and his relationship to kelly. he defended kelly. >> he does it for the country. he's a very unusual man.
7:19 am
disturbing allegations against james toback. more than 30 women accused him of sexual harassment that spanned over decades. the women's say that the incidence occurred in meetings. google's new smart phone off to a bad start. the company's investigative report that the display on the pixel is experiencing screen burn. it was first reported on twitter. today is launch date. this is the app that promises to streamline all of your buying in one click.
7:20 am
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>> taking a bite out of the iconic burger king. listing it shares under the ticker. as it plans to raise $24 million in ipo. andy tell us about the ipo and why now. we are a global franchising company. we have those in 32 countries around the world. we have fab brew.
7:25 am
it allows us to raise capital by more brands. that is apparent of those two companies. those are old-school brands. customers around the world love american branch. not all food types work around the world. they love american brands. we will take this as an american steakhouse chain and it will be very popular. do you also own a bunch and own and operate them yourselves. and going public is really the a global franchise company.
7:26 am
we want them to own and those brands in restaurants and not operate them. to build a restaurant could be for a 500 dollars. that's part of the overall costs. it's mainly rest coast -- west west coast right now. the total number of restaurants between fat burger and buffalo are open. this is a very crowded space in terms of that hamburger chain. the higher end i always point to shake shack. even smaller change. and some do well in some regions and some don't. i can even point to some shake shacks that are not as popular.
7:27 am
we are up over 11%. we have just gone to town with delivery. it's really been a game changer for us. instead having to go to the restaurant. is that same store sales. or number of franchise increases. we have sold another franchises. you can be expanding here on the east coast we want to be in many markets. we love the east coast market we just need the right franchise market. when you get into these more rural areas in the midwest and even the east along the eastern seaboard it's a very different sport. it will spread into casual dining.
7:28 am
just as much as a like fast food. that game has changed for everything. you will see the casual dining chain. i do want two-point out really quickly. you do have a vegan option. people ask act like you are political statement. is up hundred% plant -based burger. just ten seconds. the nasdaq is just a global partner like no one else came. they had been a great partner for us. and as we grow around the world it's the right place for us to be. andy, it was a great to see.
7:29 am
coming up. who well lead the federal reserve. the president revealing some of his plans in our exclusive interview. more coming. and now a flint michigan is named the fifth worst city in the nation. millions of you are online right now,
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it is monday october 23. your top stories. shedding light on the future. revealing the thoughts on that fed chair during the exclusive one-on-one sitdown with our own maria bartiromo. >> i doubt i would be here if i did not had social media. i get treated very unfairly by the media. the ones that don't want me to our the enemies. more from the presidents full interview from the president straight ahead. 177 companies in the s&p 500 set to report. twelve of those dow stocks. and they are showing gains across the board. we get the first reading on third-quarter economic growth in this country and asked beck
7:33 am
petitions there for less than 3%. moving on to europe gains across the board there. the biggest winner being the french stock market. in asia overnight one loser to report. it's down 610th of 1%. they are getting more than a%. americans turning away from the gateway to the west st. louis ranked one of the worst cities. which towns keep in even lower on the list. the surprising link between a happy marriage and healthy heart. get a home delivered to your doorstep. amazon as caching and on the house trained. they scare up a good time at the most adorable halloween parade ever top stories this half-hour. they are sitting down with our
7:34 am
very own maria birch aroma for an exclusive interview to discuss regulations. the plans for the next federal reserve chair and also why he should find social media so helpful for his agenda. let's watch. >> there are some industries that are not that regulated. you have these companies that are more powerful than ever before. they are selling the data should the tech companies be more regulated. some people talk about freedom and other people talk about we want to know who is taking ads or whatever. i imagine something will come down like were doing right now for regular. that's an argument that is happening right now. it could be very interesting to see what happens. i can go either way on it. as you know i haven't seen a
7:35 am
number of people and most people are saying it's down to two mister taylor mr. foul i also met with janet yellen who i like a lot. so three people that i'm looking at. i will make my decision very shortly. you can exit put them both in there. have a couple of other things on my thinking. it's a hard decision. very important decision. must vote no idea how important that position is. it is a very important position so important psychologically. at the right person is in there. i think i'm doing a good job for business in that way. going to wisconsin and you see what's happening with apple
7:36 am
and i said to tim cook. i want some of the big beautiful plants that open in china. it's all happening. they are coming back into our country. coming up to michigan again. we are not going to be taken advantage of. i went to the company so much by other countries. we were so badly taken advantage of. we are negotiation with nafta. they have an election right now and a lot of things at some point either nafta will be re- negotiated so it's fair to the united states or it will be terminated it's very simple. people think it is a very tough statement. if it's not successfully renegotiated so that it's fair for the united states it will be terminated. a very good victory in terms of the senate vote. new money in that that people
7:37 am
were not expecting. then you have a defense. you want to build up the military. they underfunded defense. where is this coming from and how are you going to get control longer term. when is a conversation in a pick up. i think the growth can be staggering. i think we have a lot of waste in this country. we will be doing welfare reform. that's coming up. whether people like it or not. and having somebody nearby where they are living better than the person with the three jobs. it's not fair. it's can be out there very soon. we are we're doing a big infrastructure bill. i could tie it together.
7:38 am
you lose a few votes. and i want to take any chances because i feel like we have him right now the way it is. the infrastructure will come up. i have an economic development plan that would like to propose it would be very good for our country. i think the growth in this country is can be tremendous. it's been going for a long time. the trade deals that we have that are so bad the money you're talking about is peanuts compared to the trade deals. we lose almost 70 in terms of trade deficits almost $70 billion per year we lose with china hundreds of billions of dollars per year. almost every country. if you look there is hardly a country and its tiny surpluses. with almost every country we have massive deficits and
7:39 am
that's gonna change. are you going to remove the budget caps in terms of defense spending. the one thing we have to do is spend in defense. i was left a mess. we can say in different ways. whether it was north korea or the middle east where we have made more progress against isis and the last nine months then in the last eight years as you know. you've have a tough time with everybody. we've also produced. the middle east as a is a whole different ballgame right now as far as isis is concerned. we are in a world. a lot of hatred in this world. we need a strong military. stronger than ever before. i do want to get rid of the caps at least in some point.
7:40 am
do you feel like some of the unscripted tweets and comments get in the way of the larger message. i've spoken with a lot of supporters of years they love the policies they say we are always a defending something that he said that he didn't mean to say that way. do you think that's getting in the way of your agenda and your overall message. i friends it's a don't use social media. when i put it out you put it immediately on your show i put something out and two seconds later were watching at the twitter feed. a person that does what what that can of thing. i doubt i would be here if it weren't for social media. i get treated very unfairly by the media. i have a tremendous platform.
7:41 am
i hundred 25 million people between twitter and instagram and all of them. i have a tremendous platform. when someone says something about me i'm able to go bang bang bang and i take care of it. i have a big rally we were in texas for something and i went back for the hurricanes unfortunately. a woman stood there and said keep tweeting it matters. i really believe i call it social media. it's just tweeting about other subjects other than the ones you are focusing on. social media without social media i'm not sure that i would be here talking. i probably not be here talking.
7:42 am
the ones that don't want me to our the enemies. the ones that don't really like what happened with me. those are the ones to say that. i remember i was in a faraway land and i was tweeting i said very little. i'm in italy right now for the summits. and the weather is wonderful. and one of the dishonest networks said donald trump is on a twitter storm again. president trump is on a twitter again. without social media i would not be here today. and i want to take any chances. we get tremendous points. i can express my views when someone expresses a view.
7:43 am
it is a little unconventional. stay tune for more of the exclusive interview with president trump throughout the rest of this morning. including his thoughts on the border wall and north korea. the ups and downs of marriage. the surprising link between saying i do in the health of your heart. halloween goes to the dogs. hey, how's it going? um... who are you? i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. see? we're putting away acorns to show the importance of being organized. that's smart. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? oh you know, gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket.
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breaking news this tweet from president trump there will be no change to your 4o1k. this has always been a great and popular middle-class tax break that works in its days. we know that president trump
7:47 am
listens and watches this program. i hope he was listening this morning because i have lost my mind over the weekend based on the story that was in the wall street journal that the gop tax bill could squeeze your 4o1k contribution. reducing the annual maximum had contributions. to $2,400. 18,000. that would have caused the market to crash. guess what president trump said it's not happening. i'm excited about that. turning to a massive recall cheryl casone has the details. so this recall affects vegetables sold at major companies. listeria was found in a sample of one of the products more than 20 products had been pulled in the united states and canada.
7:48 am
no report of anybody getting sick from a recalled vegetables so far. the motor city tops the list of least livable cities. crime, the job market and affordability. my birmingham alabama. amazon already can tell you everything that you need for your home. now they just want to say in the home as well. they're selling actual homes on amazon. they are not sold by knots international. about a quarter of a%. they have a new day to show
7:49 am
off their brand-new halloween costumes. it's right here in new york city. many of the pups dressed up like superheroes the red sightseeing buses. let's just play the video. i had been known to dress up my dog not in costume. they had sweaters and stuff like that. is not exactly a rough life is it. happy spouse happy life. new evidence linking your emotional and physical well-being. dr. mike is here for the details.
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an increasingly happy marriage is good for the heart emotionally and physically according to a new study. the journal of epidemiology and community health find a marriage that gets better over the years will result in lower cholesterol and better blood
7:54 am
pressure. joining us now dr. michael briscoe ski. a marriage gets better over time. they have a large sample size. that's probably why they were able to do that. i think it was about 2000 people in the study. what they found was that people who became happier in their marriages with healthy ones. if you are happy to start off with and then continued being happy your health wasn't that much better than someone who was very unhappy. happily married 25 years it's can be cardio's good and now i'm can have a fat burger. how do you actually judge.
7:55 am
the variables and that they that they look for. what they did it uniquely is that they did over the course of 16 years. they didn't just pick out a group of people that were married. they followed the same group of people 16 years. you get a better point of view. they tested the resting heart rate. and they found that the risk factors and get worse if your marriage as worse. but the major thing that changed is that blood the blood pressure. if you have a bad marriage it was significantly higher. of course it does. not to have that on paper. it is nice to have that validity from a study. you are doing more things together's. whether you are in a bad marriage for a lousy job to be
7:56 am
not motivated to go to the gym. ironically when women initially are in a healthy, happy relationships when they start dating. i know people i know gain weight those who were consistently happy and did not get happier were actually getting unhealthy because of that comfort factor. since nothing was getting better or worse they became comfortable and they were eating a little unhealthier. i predicted this. i bet $20 that he would tweet about the nfl and i gone if got if you did it before 8:00 a.m. they show total disrespect to our flag and country. no leadership in the nfl.
7:57 am
we would have to prefer that they stand and face the flight but they don't have to. i wonder if his wife is going to set up another fake twitter account and go after donald trump. we will be right back with more with the exclusive interview with president trump. my name is jeff sheldon,
7:58 am
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fidelity. open an account today. >> i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. it is monday, october 23, your top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern. time to tackle tax reform, president trump outlining his bold vision to spur economic growth, in his exclusive one-on-one interview with our maria bartiromo. >> i think this we are going to have votes for taxes i will say the fact that health care is so difficult, i think makes the process easier the republicans want to get it done and it is a tremendous tax cut i mean especially for the middle class especially for business. >> we will have more from the president's interview with maria as we look whether congress can actual get this done, earnings season kicking off, big time, this week, kicking into high gear rather, 177 companies in the s&p 500 will report this week, 12 dow
8:01 am
stocks futures gains across the board holding steady for the most part dow s&p, nasdaq starting today, at all-time highs, all three of those gages, in europe, we have gains across the board. looks like a bit of a pullback in the buying we still have green across the screen, but -- cac quarante up one-third of 1% asia overnight most gains nikkei being the biggest gainer there, up more than 1%. the desserts, bergdahl claims returning to united states as tough as his five years in taliban captivity more from revealing new interview ahead, on the day of his sentencing, at fort bragg. >> tesla into china the carmaker reportedly setting up shop in shanghai, what the move could mean for the car industry as a whole, billionaire cuban targeting president trump, cuban says he
8:02 am
is considering a presidential bid as a republican. we will take a look at his chances, protests on any given sunday of dozens of nfl players taking a knee. during the national anthem, president trump just weighed in on the controversy, tweeting quote, two dozen nfl players continue to kneel during national anthem showing total disrespect to our flag and current no leadership in the nfl latest trial counsel for the league ahead. >> nfl can't stop feeling, pop sturl star timberlake headlining show since controversial person with janet jackson back in the day can you bring back football fans. >> brings the sexy back, what about football footnotes protesting nfl joining me -- chief investment officer consort martin economic advisory former to president obama 32 advisories for anied,
8:03 am
we are also justin timberlake fans. >> absolutely super town. >> i was at the 04 surl could you see something. >> a great game. >> is that was a great game, patriots, fan, great game -- >> who is bringing -- >> tough week to be -- >> every hour, springs up. >> -- patriots-falcons on my mind. >> thank you also a on your mind even in middle of the summer. patriots. coming up, top story president trump house republicans to move forward to pave the way for tax reform blake burman live at the white house with the very latest. cheryl: good morning to you -- tax reform push continues over this weekend as placed phone call into a meeting of house republicans, imploring them move forward with tax reform fox told one warning from the president was keep
8:04 am
your eye on those 2018 midterm elections in interview at the white house on friday with maria the president sounded confident, that they have the numbers, when it gets to tax reform. >> i think we have a votes, i think that we are rand paul is going to vote for tax cuts i think other people you know we have tremendous enthusiasm this time, health care, i was told was tougher but it was close, i mean so far i would say not even a contest. >> first dagen house and senate need to reconcile differences on budget it is possible that could happen, at some point this week, and if it does take place, the budget director mulvaney said that would be a positive for timing. >> we are hearing now that house may go ahead and either take the senate amendment or move very quickly to accept the senate he amendments may save as many as 10 or 12 legislative days which is a big deal. reporter: back to phone call
8:05 am
between president and house republican i am told amounted to essentially a pep talk from the president telling house republicans to get on to that senate budget and also for the house ways and means committee to start moving forward at least on the tax bill details, by the way, president trump will be headed to capitol hill tomorrow. dagen back to you. dagen: thank you so much blake, blake burman and i hope you lambaste them for thinking about cutting the pretax contribution limit on 401(k) plans he tweeted about earlier saying no way! more president's interview with maria bartiromo at the white house maria walked with president trump fromoff office to rose debarred tone get his take how he changed since becoming president thoughts on tax reform allegations over an obama era uranium deal with russia listen to all. >> mr. president nine months have you changed? have you changed being
8:06 am
president? well i think you see the extent of what we have to do. far greater than anybody would understand whether countries or whether it is war, and peace, and protection, most important thing is protecting our people. and you protect them from lots of different things, elements. we have done a great job with isis a great job with i think our military growth stronger-than-expected stronger. i want to have it to a point strongest by far that it has ever been number one always going to be protection, if you look at the economy, what we have done with is it economy, has been -- great, and regulations, down to a level nobody has ever seen nobody has done anything -- we have had a lot of legislation passed a lot of people say,, gao of you to get taxes health care two very biggies but we have we have passed legislation, that i think more than almost any other
8:07 am
nine-month period morn any other president harry truman now we passed harry truman. >> i looked at federal register you are will you state right. >> you mentioned tax plan, can you give us any sense of the fist bracket if you do a fifth bracket a million dollars two million dollars what is the month. >> i don't think we will use a fifth bracket only if for any reason i feel middle class not getting as much as i thought they would or as much as they are entitled to they are entitled to a lot it is really about middle class and about jobs if i feel that the middle class does not getting what i want them to get, and that is going to be a lot because i want them to get really a lot, then i am going to two a fifth bracket when will give them more. >> there is a report your legal team is saying do an interview with robert mueller that what you are going to do. >> nobody asked me to do that. -- there is no collusion i can tell you that everybody is saying that you have senate meetings senate hearings, and nobody has asked us to do
8:08 am
interviews anywhere they have found no collusion, in fact the other side even admits they come out of hearings whether senate, or whether it is the house, and they are saying, is there collusion each looks like there is no collusion. >> the day i could i am to office maybe i don't know maybe before i came to office which actually is very unfair, actually very bad for the country but zero collusion everybody knows it everybody admits it, so i will say this, the uranium situation with russia getting uranium -- they better look into that that is looking like a very serious situation. >> is he going to look into it. >> i don't know, i don't know it is up to them, but i can tell you, senator grassley wants to look into it others do, but to me that is a very, very serious charge. dagen: robert you are are a former economic advisory to president obama what do you think about president trump's comments on this uranium deal again he brought up last week. >> yeah, i am just not familiar with the details i am
8:09 am
not surprised that president obama has been attacking -- i i mean president trump has been attacking president obama on a slew of issues over past eight years not surprising he may bring something up that can impact president obama, would i be surprised that they will be taking it up in judiciary seems like they have a lot of things in their complete but we will see. dagen: including, the issue which kind of came came up began, jim comey and the letter that was drafted, before hillary clinton was exonerated in -- even trigowdy talking about this timeline doesn't make sense. >> i think more important may be that they actual sign the sanctions against russia that has been approved by congress supposed to be sign october 1, than worrying about uranium deal and russia i think there are other things that are more concerning. >> agenda is obviously one of -- >> but is that was one of the more controversial deals that
8:10 am
was done in last few years the obama administration, you got to admit that that was something that -- on both sides feel a little bit of okay. did we really -- in best interests. dagen: it was during the i am propertiu press conference with mitch mcconnell last week covered incredible amount of ground i listened to it on the radio i thought -- >> what was going through mitch mcconnell's head during that. >> president trump has a gift keeps on giving if you are a reporter stay tuned for more exclusive interview with president trump including thoughts on north korea coming up biobergdahl facing sentencing after pleading guilt to desertion charges why he said the taliban treated him better than army. that is next. will another business man run for president in 2020? why mark cuban says he could run. straight ahead.
8:11 am
♪ ♪ dagen: murder trial of
8:12 am
8:13 am
illegal immigrant set off a debate to begin in san francisco cheryl casone. cheryl: two years ago kat was shot to death walking with
8:14 am
father along a downtown pier in san francisco an undocumented immigrant acknowledges shooting her says an accident, prosecutors say this is intentional, the shooting became a hot bun immigration issue especially presidential campaign two years ago. >> disgraced sergeant bergdahl to appear for sentencing says taliban treated him better than u.s. army since release from taliban, at least the taliban were honest enough to say i am the guy going to cut your throat here it could be the guy i pass in the cord corridor signing the paper to send me attracts way for life. >> chuck schumer pushdz for the blaufrp health care bill from republican lamar alexander democrat patty murphy would restore federal subsidies to insurance companies two years.
8:15 am
>> a good compromise months to work out majority 60 senators supporting it, 12 republicans i would urge senator mcconnell put it on the floor immediately, this week, it will pass, it will pass by a large number of votes. cheryl: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he will bring the alexander bill to the floor only if president trump supports it health advocates ready for open element "the wall street journal" reports consumer groups some state officials launching outreach programs to sign people up for health care under -- shows obamacare remains if place after president trump declared it he had a openl. from november 1 to december 15 cuban says if he runs for president will do it as a republican, and challenge president trump. explained why on fox news's objectified. >> i think, there is a place
8:16 am
for somebody who is socially a centrist that i am very physically conservative says console of one to 10 like heeded of running sitting at four. dagen: four out of 1,000? or -- -- just joking, thank you, so much coming up our own maria bartiromo tax exclusively with president donald trump on tax reform we break down his plan, plus justin timberlake is back gearing up to headlined the sprurl halftime show again, more than 10 years after janet jackson's wardrobe malfunction, can you top lady gaga from earlier this year we can debate it. we all depend on trucks.
8:17 am
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dagen: president trump urging lawmakers to adopt the senate budget this week in order to get a tax bill passed before the end of the year, this is the president confirms in his exclusive interview with maria bartiromo republicans are considering adding an additional tax break the for the wealth for the rich saying it would provide a bigger benefit to middle class. >> -- interview said you are insistent that they have a fourth bracket on your insistence that they have a fourth bracket i know you are focused on the middle class but do you want to raise taxes on rich with -- fourth. >> he said that on basis i wanted it was thinking about it to make sure middle class is taken care of in that way
8:21 am
yes, we have for you brackets we have a zero bracket people are not including in a that would make it fifth bracket as opposed to th bracket on the other side the other way, i call it a competition, which is the competition to get best, i think when paul says -- we may not have that but i would rather do that than do anything to hurt the middle class. dagen: joining me president of americans for tax reform grover norquist with tax vice chair grover house ways and means committee exploring not cutting taxes on people who earn a million dollars or more a year smart in your opinion? >> the democrats always say any tax cut favors the rich they did that when reagan cut taxes equally crossing for bracket they will do it this time doesn't buy you anything, the democrats will attack any
8:22 am
tax cut with the same rhetoric. so i think it is not a good idea, i hope they don't do it. but the package is extremely pro-growth, and the idea that, once, again, we get growth the stock market does better, and we get more jobs, as happened with the reagan tax cuts, no one is going back and listen to politics envy and greed democrats are pedaling makes noise now much more important jobs for people who didn't have them during the obama administration. dagen: kate do you think that we get because it does seem like the stars are lining up in d.c. to give to basically come up with a surtax do you think that happens. >> i do i think going to be tough to make all the numbers work from a budget specificity, without so-called fifth bracket we are dying to see the legislation that is, you know two steps away. >>. dagen: have you heard anything in terms of what that rate might be because again, it seems like it will be because top rate in the plan
8:23 am
right now 35%, existing rate 39.6 seems like it would be maybe on earnings above a million dollars, tax that maybe 37% 38%, a little bit lower than current tax rate. >> 37, 38 is the common talk out there. dagen: grover i want to move to this when i got when i heard this story in the "the wall street journal" -- excuse me the "the wall street journal," on friday, about this that house republicans were reportedly considering a plan to sharply reduce the amount of money americans can save in 401(k) plans part of effort again to raise revenue in this rewrite of the tax wroed tax cuts, president trump tweeted about it this morning saying there will be no change to your 401(k) this is always been a great popular middle class tax break that works, and it stays. but dwroefr to that point in the report in the journal, the gop was looking at cutting what is an 18,000 dollar
8:24 am
pretax contribution when 401(k) plans this year 18500 next year to 2400 dollars you want to stick to it americans trying to save their money, and have a stock market crash at the same time? that is a genius idea. >> if having higher tax bracket was stupid idea and it is going after savings for people's retirement, is a particularly god awful stupid idea he had aing very, very -- president trump slapped that down we overtax life savings again and again and again, we make it dm for americans to save. and then if you are stupid enough to die we can take 40%, we've got to get away from punishing people's ability to save for their retirement, to take care of themselves, 401 kcht's iras defined contribution pennsylvania all do that in the past we limited the amount you can put in, it
8:25 am
discourages people from getting in because all this do hear in the press nothing is going away that is going away worse than actual numbers. dagen: here is why -- if making a face, kate when i heard when i read this story i thought, these anyone come poopz in cautiously optimistic, social security is going to break, and they can't fix it is to people need to be a little able to rely on savings we're going to punish that as well that is why i found this to be just -- a heaping bearful of idiocy to be blunt! >> we just really the to see the legislation, so we need to budget reconciliation to pass this week, which everyone thinks it will then get to legislation i think that that will be an opportunity to try to hone in, and i don't think this is going to happen, i don't think that this will be a o cutback in -- >>. dagen: what do you i think the revenue raiser is than economic growth a lot of people say grover said this
8:26 am
cut taxes across the board plashl corporations pass-throughs individuals you will get growth i think what, president trump said this, in his interview with maria, that one percentage point increased growth would equal about 2 1/2 trillion dollars. >> yes. dagen: what else do you think they try to cut, to come up with revenue in this if not reducing the contribution limit on 401(k)s a bunch of options we are going to see individual side down to two deductions moratorium interest charitable no state local deduction big especially fifth bracket. >> a trillion 1/2 dollars. >> significant see what happens in debate on the koert side the move to territorial how thminimum tax is going to work a lot of companies watching that as well grover? >> one of the charles tier
8:27 am
forality minute tax continues policy of taxing overseas income, distinguishes us and damages us compared to other countries, so that is a fix that undoes the premise. >> thank you great to see you grover nor quit kate burton much appreciation to both of you, coming up, more of maria bartiromo's exclusive interview with president trump, we will get his take on keeping america safe, and his plans on how to curb north korea's missile program plus tesla heads to china where the reported plans can make cars in shanghai composite could help automakers' bottom line, straight ahead.
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with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. mcdowell for a maria bartiromo monday, october 23 top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern, tough talk on north korea president trump sending a stern warning to the kim jong-un regime, during exclusive interview with maria. >> china is helping us also respect -- now that being said we are prepared for anything. we are so prepared, like you wouldn't believe. dagen: much more from the interview with the president and north korea strategy ahead earnings focus on wall street halliburton shares up almost 1% the moment, premarket trading after delivering solid 4th quarter results the numbers ahead, that is agent you have the the start of
8:31 am
earnings season 177 companies in s&p 500 report this week 12 dow stocks futures gains across the board, with all three major market gages starting today at all-time highs. moving higher in europe as well, the biggest gainer there still, french stokes cac quarante up a third of 1%, and nikkei biggest winner in asia overnight, up more than 1%. tesla shifting into high gear asaid setting up shop in shanghai potential impact of expansion into china, nfl, not scoring points with a lot of fans, the national anthem he protester rolled on throughout another weekend of football president trump weighed in on that, last hour, tweeting this, as i predicted nobody bet me $20 but it happened two dozen nfl players continued to kneel during national anthem showing total disrespect to
8:32 am
our flag and country no leadership in the nfl, the latest trouble for the league. nfl finds -- timberlake will headlined super bowl first time he appeared since jackson's malfunction whether it is enough to win super bowl fans will it change how people feel about nfl who are tired of protests. >> top story this half hour, our own maria bartiromo, sat down with president trump, at the white house, for an exclusive interview the president opened up about chief of staff john kelly kelly's moving speech defending the president's phone call to a soldier's widow spoke about north korea watch this. maria: i have to ask you about that emotional press conference general kelly your chief of staff the way he came out, and talked about his son and defended you getting
8:33 am
criticism from gold star family the media really, weren't expecting that? >> he is a very elegant man, he is a tough strong four star marine four star marine you've got something special to start so of with okay general mattis general did you know kik also very few, he -- he was so offended because he was in the room when i made the call, and so were other people, and the call was a very nice call, he was so offended, that a woman would be somebody would be listening to that call he was -- he actually couldn't believe it actually, he said to me sir, this is not acceptable this is really not -- knew i was lookive called many people, and i would think ever one appreciated it i was very surprised to see this to be honest with you. i spoke of the name of the young man, and i it was a
8:34 am
really -- it is a very tough call those are to have youest calls tougher than dealing with heads of countries, believe me these are very, very hard called they are sad and sometimes you know the grieving so is incredible but he is just an elegant man a wonderful man, and he is doing a fantastic job as chief. >> the congresswoman frederica wilson said oh everything he said because he is just trying to keep his job. >> he doesn't need this job did not want this job so happy a military guy he was doing this incredible job on border elsewhere, you know he ran homeland like nobody has ever run it down 78% border crossings. >> incredible. >> before the wall, he was there is nobody close you can go to original first day there is nobody close to doing the job. and i said, i would like to take you how would you like it? and it is not that he wanted
8:35 am
it actually he would have preferred doing staying where he was. he is a man that felt it would be important for the country, he does it for the country not doing it for what he wants he does it for country he is a very unusual man, so when she made that statement i thought it was sickening actually. >> i want to ask you about the border, and you have said you want a legislative fix for daca what else do you need to see in terms of of the border what do you want overall. >> we are working on daca we will see if we can get something with daca we have to build the wall we have to all you have to do look what is happening in mexico, we have to build a wall, and going to stop drug trafficking to large extent what is happening with drugs in our country by the way, in the world the not like we are signed out but never been like this, a lot of the drugs through that southern border we need a wall we're going to have a wall we have to i would like to do something with daca we are negotiating right now with the democrats see if we can come up with a solution, but i can tell you, i and republicans are very open to it we have to get something, in return.
8:36 am
maria: prime minister benjamin netanyahu commended you congratulated you for decertifying iran do you think you will get support -- >> i told them friends of mine i get along with all of them, whether a nine-year-old or whether it is angela i really lining those people i told them keep making money don't worry about it we don't need you on this you just keep making money. when iran buys things from germany and from france and various you know, billions of dollars, even us, they were going to buy boeing i don't know what is going do happen we will see what happens with the detail when they buy those things it is harder for those countries to do something would they do it if i really was insistent i believe they would i told them keep making money don't worry we don't need you on this one. >> on north korea is our policy with china just about what it does with north korea
8:37 am
or do we have a separate policy with china for something else. >> china has been i developed a very good relationship with president xi going flew congress going to be something very soon, going to happen. maria: right. >> gives them s something few leaders of china ever had i am really good with that. to be honest when i told him this i want to keep things very, very low-key until such time as he gets that i want him to get that i think he deserves it a good man. they have been helping us closing off banking systems, to north korea, they have cut the oil way down now banking systems we can see because comes through here as you know, the oil you can never really see what is going on but the oil is way down, the oil is they are doing a lot of things. maria: for the first time ever. >> for the first time ever. recent article that said i have gravest relationship of any president two of us i think we do i don't want to be foolish, he is china i am for
8:38 am
u.s. we start off with that we have a very good i would say exceptional relationship china is helping us, 93% things going into north korea come through china, china is big stuff, i believe he has got -- he has got -- the power to do something very significant with respect to north korea we will see what happens with that being said we are prepared for anything. we are so prepared like you wouldn't believe, you would be shocked. to see how totally prepared we are. if we need to be. who it be nice not to do that? the answer is yes. will that happen? who knows who knows maria. maria: you can't tell companies what to do right are you sure they are getting that savings in the taxes in terms of bringing three trends back to hire people or apply back stock. >> whatever they do, honestly whatever they do a plus if they buy back give people
8:39 am
money people are going to spend money okay that is okay, too so people of said that supposing they keep money supposing so he if they buy back stock money is going to pay they are going to buy a -- something, i won't say -- i was going to say something i won't say it. we have minimum in my opinion three trillion dollars you know -- overseas or however you define it some cases not necessarily he totally overseas, overseas. we have minimum three trillion could never come back that is interesting that is something that democrats for years democrats and republicans agreed money should come back he who is not going to say money should stay there everybody is i would say never done it was never done because of lack of leadership. because of something. now, it was not only high tax it was very high tax nobody would pay it unless separate to get money you wouldn't pay it a high tax a bureaucratic
8:40 am
boondoggle the amount of work to get that money in aside from tax, okay, all of that is going to be solved, and we're going to have three trillion and i think it could be much more than that we have been saying 2 1/2 trillion for years you have been saying it for ulterior ares 2 1/2 trillion, it is not 2 1/2 trillion anymore i think could be much more than that, it could be up to 5, we will see, we will know fairly soon for the most part coming in soon i think coming in very about quickly but there is at a minimum three trillion dollars coming in to our country. and that money is going to be put to work one way or the other so great thing a great plan there has never been anything like it the biggest the best, and i think you are going to be very happy you will be impressed. dagen: breaking news interest president trump tweeted this i had a very respectful conversation with widow of sgt. la david johnson spoke
8:41 am
his name from beginning without hesitation brought up in interview with maria the why now of this tweet appears to be the fact that sgt. la david johnson's widow appears on good morning america this morning talked about this she said that the president -- that he appeared to forget her husband's name during the call, that was -- one thing she said in the interview. among other comments that the widow made. and so that might explain the tweet this morning, coming up former president jimmy carter speaking out why he reportedly says the mainstream media is tougher on president trump compared to his predecessors that is straight ahead, president trump explains why he -- to supporters 140 characters or less the tweaking, next. ♪ ♪ six in the morning.
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. dagen: welcome back, earnings season continues with halliburton reorganize nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange with more. >> good morning, everybody. dagen we are seeing halliburton to upside, after quarterly numbers now since turned lower had been higher a short time ago, you can see now down 1.3%, it did top estimates, the talk was all about north american demand ultimately helped conditions improved and also that think had more favorable pricing but we are seeing it to the downside, at this time. despite an earnings and revenue beat, and then taking a look here at hasbro hasbro ras note been to downside this morning let's confirm that down 3% this talk is really
8:46 am
about the forecast because we know the toys "r" us filed for bankruptcy said working closely with toys "r" us thehold season expect weaker sales because of what is going on with toys "r" us the latest earnings and revenue did beat the street, and the he projected revenue going forwarded was a little short of expectations. and tesla, tesla has been a winner this year up 60%, and now the talk is about having a factory and deal to have a enroll owned factory in shanghai's free trade zone there are rules there, and they would still have to have import tariffs 25% says this would help production costs, we will know more by the end of the year shanghai has not confirmed this stock up 1.4% tows back to you there was adequate from saudi princess al-waleed saying tesla's valuation is too exuberant.
8:47 am
>> governing 140 characters or less president trump shedding light yes tweets in one-on-one with maria. >> i doubt would i be here if it weren't for social media to be honest with you because there is a fake media out there i get treated very unfairly by immediate i have a tremendous platform, the ones that don't want me to are the enemies. dagen: host of "varney & company" stuart varney. you have something to say about president's tweeting. >> i side about maria's interview absolutely spot-on to bring out that point about the president's use of twitter account makes it then absolutely unique use of technology, in the world i think dead right to get that out there one of the most important things in the interview actually disregarding tax cuts the rest the president's use of twitter is very important to his presidency you tend to think democrats who run technology
8:48 am
and use technology politically very successfully it is true erick smooit goinge guy organized barack obama's technology back room that helped get him reelected, well now along comes a republican total outsider donald trump invepts political use of twitter, i think doing very well, because, he is going over the heads of a very hostile media, communicating directly to we the people, and setting up the day's news cycle done it again this morning with tweet about 401(k)s not going to be touched that putst to rest piece of speculation we got over the weekend, i think the president is on to something here, he is using twitter, better than any other piece of technology been used in the past i think a mainstay of his presidency, go for it mr. president! >> i might not get every tweet he puts out a thumbs-up i give that a thumbs-up as i said earlier the idea to cut
8:49 am
contribution limit 401(k) plans in gop tax bill a heaping barrel full of idiocy. >> the president very concerned about stock market how it performs any -- record-breaking performance you want to kill stock market have a crash cut 401(k) limit from 18,000 to 2400. >> squashed with it that tweet it is not going to be touched! that is a very good use of the presidential twitter account, and i think mainstay of his presidency go for it gave in mr. president. dagen: thank you so much, tweaking because hays how you would say it i don't say it quite so eloquently. >> that is not true i love your accent. dagen: thank you. >> honest. dagen: stuart can imitate it we want do that stuart is coming up in exactly 10 1/2 minutes, a reminder "varney & company" every day, 9:00 a.m. eastern, coming up justin timberlake to headlined super bowl nfl players kneeling
8:50 am
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dagen: john mccain creativing americans who avoided vietnam draft with a bone spur, very, very specific choice of words. cheryl: there is a reason for it the arizona republican saying it was wrong that rich people found a doctor that would say they had a bone
8:54 am
spur. president trump five military deferments four education one bone spurs in heel. >> john mccain spent more than five years as prison of war in vietnam. >> former president defending -- carter saying media has been tougher on president trump than any president in memory he feels the media calls trump mentally deranged without hesitation. well week seven in the nfl, the players previous to continues, the northbound of acting out dropped associated press counted 22 players protesting in some form yesterday, president trump again calling out nfl owners for not stopping it tweeted this morning, two dozen nfl players continue to kneel during the national anthem, showing total disrespect to our flag and country no
8:55 am
leadership, in nfl. and, a major reveal from jimmy fallon justice timberlake. >> excuse me do you have the time. >> as you said do you have the time. >> i do have the time do you halftime. >> do i halftime. >> you do halftime. >> i do halftime. >> you do halftime? i do halftime. >> -- super bowl? you do halftime ♪ ♪ justin timberlake headlining halftime show adventuring super bowl anyonapolis, who would forget this moment of everybody's 2004 hopefully show goes better for justin no malfunctions, most patterns by individual our entire at super bowl ever, the champion patriots and quarterback tom
8:56 am
brady hosting falcons in rematch, this time did not meet a stunning comeback in overtime to win they lost right over -- 23 to 7. oh you know, by the way, should add cowboys won. back to you. dagen: thank you so much chel. cheryl: throwing that out there. dagen: did we put that story in for you? >> you did you did. >> falcons this year put it that way falcons team looks like in a little bit of trouble because -- >> patriots are back. dagen: what do you think about timberlake. >> great choice pepsi made great choice halftime show, and i think, listen irrespective of what is happening the world will be watching super bowl no matter how you -- the world watches the super bowl. and -- the pressure of what is going to happen.
8:57 am
>> that will be -- >> who do you think the patriots obviously. >> i think patriots eagles. >> really, i suspect expect you if they take on eagles "monday night football". >> i am on redskins tonight i think. >>. dagen: then they are going to lose. >> come on. dagen: just joking, they are not i mean not number one in division what eagles are -- first place. more when we come back. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at
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dagen: thank you to caitlin hugh burns and scott martin, i hate the patriots. i love you. >> great job, dagen. dagen: varney & company, stuart, take it right there. stuart: the rally continues, stocks are going up again, new record highs, what about half an hour away, can you believe this. good monday morning, everyone. okay, look at this, stock as cross the board will be at record highs, the record run just keeps on going. big companies, small companies, technologies, industrials, they just keep going and going. the trump rally added $5.3 trillion to the market value and we are what 650 points away from 24k. why another move up today? because the president has mounted


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