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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 23, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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ago. they are deployed to as sis in the hurricane harvey disaster relief operations. we're glad to be of some help to our very gracious husband host. we have a close partnership too on security cooperation including transnational security an terrorism and cybersecurity. singapore has lent early consistent support to the defeat isis coalition. we were one of the first countries to participate and are still the only asian country who have contributed both military assets and personnel. as i told president trump when we went, singapore will extend the existing deployment of the operation into 2018 for an additional year. president trump and i naturally discussed the situation on the korean peninsula. we strongly oppose the nuclearization of the korean peninsula as it affects the peace and stability of the region. and like the u.s., we condemn the dprk's dangerous
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provocations. these pose a serious threat to regional and international peace and stability. i shared with president trump what singapore has done to pressure and isolate the dprk, going beyond u.n. security council resolutions. but there is no quick and easy solution. pressure is necessary, but so is dialogue. the u.s. will need to work with others including china, south korea and japan and russia. , to resolve the issue. president trump will be visiting china a few weeks time as part of his first visit to asia. singapore, like many other countries watched the relations with china very closely. there is most important bilateral relationship in the world. china is u.s.'s third largest export market for goods and services. for agricultural exports is second largest. they buy soybeans, grains and cotton as well as farming machinery. i'm quite sure as incomes go up,
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they will buy more and more american beef. i express my hope the u.s. will maintain stable and constructive relationship with china. engaging each other at the highest levels, building trust, establishing institutional mechanisms. good u.s.-china relations will benefit the region and the world. they will enable countries in the asia-pacific, including america and china themselves to enjoy regional stability, peace and prosperity. finally i look forward to seeing president trump again in vietnam and the philippines next month to attend the apec and asean summit meetings. his presence will mean a lot to america's many friend and allies in the region. it will develop exports and markets for u.s. exporters and i have invited him to visit singapore the earliest opportunity. i'm very glad he has accepted.
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singapore will be the asean chair next year. we hope to strengthen our ties, asean's ties with the united states and further asean u.s. cooperation. thank you very. >> thank you very. [applause] [shouting questions] trish: all right. we just heard president trump addressing the media with the prime minister of singapore not taking any questions there. this all coming as the president vows to deliver biggest tax cuts ever and it will happen this year. i'm trish regan, welcome to the teleagainst -- "the intelligence report." americans need tax relief now and they better get a bill to his desk. the house oversight committee looking into possible criminal misconduct in the 2010
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iranian deal. the deal struck while hillary clinton was secretary of state. how on earth does a deal like that ever happen where you are allowing the russians to buy a strategic asset, uranium in the united states of america. florida congresswoman, congressman, ron desantis who is heading the probe sounding off on that. first to our top story. new report, house republicans thinking about not giving a tax cut to people that earn more than a million dollars. grover norquist doesn't like that. he is here and says one of the top 20 dumbest things he ever heard. americans for tax reform, grover norquist. i'm not surprised you think it is pretty dumb. it is pretty dumb. explain why to the viewer its one the dumbest things you heard in your life. >> the democrats and criticizing president trump and republicans
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tax proposals, saying it is for rich people. this doubles the standard deduction for everybody, $12,000 not being taxed, to $24,000 for a married couple. this cuts taxes for 30 million small businesses. cuts tax rates for everybody. takes the 10% rate down to zero. this is designed to help all americans. however, the democrats in their playbook, when somebody says how about cutting taxes whether in tennessee or massachusetts or the national government, they yell just for the rich. some republicans are going, evidently if we don't drop the top rate, and cut all the other rates, see, look, oh, democrats you're right. yes, it is political and it won't work because the democrats know all of the middle class tax cuts in the bill, they're just lying. so it is not like if you said well look at this, oh, good point, i haven't read that they
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have read it. trish: it may not work but they're doing it for political gain and unfortunately sounds as though there is real interest. here is the president. watch. >> so when paul mentions maybe one more category, which i would rather not have, it may not happen but the only reason i would have, he does say this, plain what he said, if for any reason i feel the middle class is not being properly taken care of. that is big factor. trish: all right. so he wants to take care of the middle class. he is looking at doing this. grover, seems to me, if you want to tax people for being successful, you're trying to discourage success effectively, and that is the last thing that we ought to be doing at a time like this, when we need people to be aspirational, to try to be successful as we can, as a nation. >> yeah. look, higher marginal tax rates on labor discourage people from working. on capital, discourage people
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from investing. why in the world would you want to discourage more work, more investment in the united states at any level? trish: because you want to placate bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. >> okay. but i think we should be more concerned about the millions of americans who couldn't get a job during the obama administration. this tax bill is a jobs bill, getting jobs for people and pay increases who haven't been able to get a job or working at low pay to improve their situation. we have photo-op over here makes me look good. your brother will not get a job for a year or two but photo-op. trish: we can say, we're taxing the rich. we're sticking it to the wealthy. that is politically savvy. hopefully it doesn't go anywhere, grover. because i think it is pretty anti-american, the more successful you are the more we'll tax you. i have to leave it there, grover
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norquist. thank you so much. >> good. trish: one of the top 20, maybe one of the top 10 dumbest things he ever heard. let's go to make burman at the white house with more on tax reform. hi, there, blake. reporter: trish, president trump will go to the hill to talk to senate republicans. he held a phone call, essentially described to me by one source as pep talk to his colleagues up on the hill. in his interview, just a couple days ago here at the white house with maria bartiromo, it was very apparent that the president feels confident that when if gets time for a vote, that republicans will indeed have the numbers. >> i think we have the votes. i think that rand paul actually will vote for the tax cuts. i think that other people, you know, we had tremendous enthusiasm this time. health care i was told was tougher but, it was close. i mean so far i would say it is not even a contest. reporter: first though the house and the senate will have to
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reconcile their differences on the budget and it is possible that the house takes up the senate budget this week. if that indeed happens, the budget direct to, mick mulvaney saying that would be a plus for timing. >> we're hearing now the house may go ahead and either take the senate amendments or move quickly to accept the senate amendments. we may save as many as 10 or 12 legislative days which is a big deal. reporter: i was running over from the rose garden after the ceremony with the president, i heard you talking about the possibility that millionaires might be taxed more. there is this report out there that those making a million dolls lars or more could stay at same 39.6 rate. here is what i can tell you with senior administration official earlier today, it was described the million dollar figure is not a set number at this point. certain levers could be pulled here, could be pulled there. it is very clear there is a lot of tweaking to go before this final version of a bill is put
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forth. the bottom line is the senior administration put it toward to me, trish, is that, no matter what happens here, the focus still remains on a middle class tax cut. trish? trish: thanks so much. blake burman. joining me with more analysis, republican congresswoman from tennessee, member of the house ways and means committee, representative diane black. good to see you, congresswoman. tell us what you're cooking up. >> my role and responsibility as budget chair to make sure that the budget matches what's in the senate and to make sure that our members understand what is in the budget from the senate and that this is important because it is the golden key to tax reform. so, i've been speaking a lot with the president and the vice president and making sure that we're all on the same page, same line of thinking. i think we're making real progress. trish: so when you say real progress, what is that timetable look like? >> what we're hoping, is that we'll be able to take up the senate's budget this coming week.
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tomorrow we'll be in rules and on wednesday, we'll be in, bringing it out to the committees and thursday, should be the vote. so, we're hoping this week that will be done. we could move into releasing tax plan. trish: i know you want the middle class tax cut. you heard us to talk to grover norquist. concerned that all americans will not get a tax cut. there will be a surcharge on anyone making over a million dollars. he said it is one of the 20 dumbest things he ever heard. walk us through what you think is right and what you're hearing there on capitol hill when it comes to hitting the wealthy? >> yes. look, first of all, i'm on the ways and means committee. i can tell you we spent a lot of time, there are a lot of dials, when you dial one way. it affects something else on the other side. you have to dial the other way. there are no firm decisions yet about what that top number will be, but i want to emphasize this really is a plan to make sure middle income tax pay remembers
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really helped because we want them to get jobs. we want small businesses to be able to produce more jobs. and so, at the end of the day we'll -- trish: how would, you know, socking it to the rich help you with the middle class? >> well i don't know that you would socking it to the rich if there wasn't a decrease in the marginal rate because there are some other things that will help those who are at higher income level. i'm always careful about calling people rich because, what is rich is one million dollars rich? is $10 million rich? is a billion dollars rich? so i want to be careful about that but we, really want to be sure that, let me go back to, there are some pieces in there besides just the marginal rate, such as getting rid of the amt. there are other pieces that do help those at upper income. trish: what about the salt issue, state and local taxes? >> yeah. trish: are people still going to have the ability to deduct their
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state and local tax in the version you're drafting up? >> that still hasn't been determined for sure either. that is something that is a bigger issue for the state has have very high taxes at local level and state level but there is also a argument if you have a low-taxed state and they are not getting that same benefit, is that fair and equitable across the line. trish: i think it's a fair question for sure. otherwise you run the risk of texas, they're paying their federal income tax and new york, you kind of are getting a bit of a subsidy, right? >> that's right. trish: i mean, i would hate to lose it, but i think when you're talking about fairness, you have to look at all these things. >> when you take a state like mine in tennessee, where we have very low property taxes, we keep them that way, it doesn't benefit us. trish: congresswoman, we wish you luck. >> thank you. trish: i hope you get the timetable you so desire. maybe we'll see something this
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year. thank you, congresswoman black. >> thank you for having me. trish: both the dow and nasdaq hit record highs earlier in the day, retreated to session lows. but not that bad. basically at the flat line here as the president vows to get tax reform done here. plus attendance at number of nfl games down this week after nearly two dozen players refused to stand for the national anthem some think the protest is hitting the league's bottom line. will they ever change things? we're on it. see you here. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult? armless bowling. ahhhhhhhh! you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy.
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trish: stocks flat right now after hitting all-time highs early in the session. this all happening as the president cut as $13.8 billion deal between boeing and singapore airlines which he says will create 70,000 new jobs here in the united states of america. shares of boeing at 263. joining me here, steve cortes. we need more jobs, better paying jobs, the middle class is being squeezed, we're seeing better paying jobs, some indications that on the horizon. you see today's event with singapore. walk me through the balance you think we need when it comes to outside investment, creating
2:19 pm
more jobs while simultaneously doing what we need to do is protect workers at home? >> trish, i'm so glad you asked about boeing in particular, i often said on air, i think boeing is in many ways the trump stock. it is combination of infrastructure and defense. also it is up 80% since the election, which is unbelievable move for a company that size. you usually don't see those kinds of moves in under a year. but to get to your question about, you know, the balance, look, america first, economically, has never meant america alone. we're not isolationists when it comes to the economy. donald trump by the way has never been. he is an international businessman. so america, when we can compete on fair terms with the world, america thrives. so does the rest of the world quite frankly. when we make bad trade deals, one-sided trade deals which we make again and again. neil: particulary with china, the american workers suffers and
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suffers badly and that which only benefits the global elite and hurts american workers is one of the mandates that donald trump has been elected to remedy. trish: well, i think he is on to something on the china front, i got to tell you, steve, because the china situation has worked well for them. yeah, we get cheap goods, but that is nice for us, but there are many aspects, we don't have time to talk here today, many aspects of deals that don't make sense. let me get to another story. that is one i know you like, the nfl. >> right. trish: the players continue to kneel during the national anthem despite criticism from the president, from people all over the country getting sick and tired of it. >> right. >> in fact the president tweeted out, two dozen nfl players continued to kneel during the national anthem. showing disrespect to our country. no leadership in the nfl. is he right, is roger goodell punting on this one again?
2:21 pm
i would point out he punted on did he domestic violence and punted on concussions. he is failing to lead the league forward. give us your thoughts. >> oh, gosh, punted, even worse than that tell you, trish, if i can pay the nfl a compliment, which is hard for me to do, for some degree they have given my sunday back to my family. church and family time. i am not watching football i used, maybe good thing for me and my family. i'm a football fanatic. played and coached the game. i still love the sport. i watch "friday night lights," high school football and love college football on saturday. i will not watch the game until disrespectful players and disrespectful league become gracious to thank the country that awarded them unbelievable opportunities. it is height of hypocrisy,
2:22 pm
condescension to turn this into first amendment issue. you and i both work for employers. we don't have unfettered rights at work. i can't show up with a banner saying save the whales in front of customers. they can protest all they want on their own time. when they are at work, the football field is their office and fans are their customers, they should respect the country which has given them every opportunity in the world. >> i think your sentiment is felt by many, shall we say. you have only to look at the ratings to see that. steve cortes, good to see you, thank you. >> thank you, trish. trish: billionaire mark cuban says he might run for president in 2020, as a republican, against president trump. we have some details. plus the house oversight committee looking into possible criminal misconduct in the 2010 russia uranium deal. you know that deal, that hillary clinton was secretary of state when it was struck. we have got real questions, i have some real questions. congressman desantis has a lot
2:23 pm
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trish: billionaire mark cuban, may know him from "shark tank," says he might throw his hat in the ring for a presidential run in 2020, and he would like to do it as a republican. here he is. >> i'm fiercely independent. >> but if you run you will have to run one or the other. >> maybe. >> well if you had to choose was, would you choose? >> republican probably. >> how come? >> i think there's a place for somebody who is socially a centrist, but i'm very fiscally conservative but i think there are better ways to make government smaller than the old traditional republican ways. trish: all right. does he have a shot? joining us charlie gasparino. charlie, is this a little bit of an ego play here? one reality star says hey, i can
2:28 pm
do that because the other guy was reality star? what is motivating mark cuban? >> they're rivals and frenemies. donald trump and mark cuban known each other a long time. sometimes friends, sometimes not friends. i think frenemies is the best way to put it. i will say this, donald trump was never the nationalist conservative he is today. he was brought that theory to be that way, but brought that political persuasion by combination of sam nunberg, a political consultant, roger stone, another political consultant and steve bannon who runs "breitbart." here is part of the republican coalition that the establishment isn't really playing to. it is up for grabs if you want to go there. that's what he did. trish: and i amazing playbook. >> and it worked. >> nobody thought it would work. >> right. trish: a lot of people thought if you go up against the establishment, forget it, game over. showed them. >> right -- trish: but my question what is
2:29 pm
the playbook? >> that is what i'm trying to get to. that is donald's playbook. what i don't understand, what part of republican electorate a liberal like mark cuban, because he is really is, sort of extrapolate, pick at where he get as foothold and be competitive against donald trump? trish: the establishment will not like him, right, mark cuban? >> i don't know. donald trump is not a nationalist, by any stretch of the imagination. he used it as a way to win, is my belief, based on what i know about the man politically for many years. i could see, i can see mark cuban becoming a mainstream republican to get that part of republican electorate, if he morphs himself. let me be clear, by the way, i don't know if that part of the republican establishment is winnable these days and here is why. grassroots republicans, you need to grassroots base to vote out
2:30 pm
for you, that is strongest part of the base. typical republican establishment types don't generate a lot of enthusiasm. look what happened to jeb bush. trish: maybe mark has this going for him. he would not be typical establishment type. i think a lot of people would be tuning in to see, maybe watch the fireworks that might ensue, but i hear you, charlie. i don't know what the platform is going to be because i think donald trump carved out the base pretty successfully. >> i just don't know if that is a thing you can carve out establishment republicans like you carve out nationalists. i will say this. he is a smart guy. extremely attractive speaker and he is business guy. trish: i thought you were going somewhere else. >> okay, stop, stop. don't get me in trouble here. what i'm trying to say he is extremely formidable man and a billionaire. so he can replicate that sort of
2:31 pm
business playbook that trump did. i just don't know if he can replicate the coalition trump was able to put together and clearly -- trish: at a moment in time. >> clearly he doesn't have a steve bannon, roger stone, sam nunberg, brilliant guys, some say off the wall, but they're brilliant guys, in his corner. >> sorry for teasing you. house oversight committee is looking into possible criminal misconduct in the 2010 russian uranium deal. you know the deal was struck back when hillary clinton was secretary of state and president obama was in office. i don't understand how this deal was ever struck, really, truly, especially at the time the fbi was investigating vladmir putin for concerns he was trying to have undo influence in the atomic energy industry here in the u.s. how did they ever allow russia to buy uranium one? florida congressman ron desantis is here.
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trish: market pretty much flat ahead of several tech companies reporting earnings. walmart sell holding off on selling christmas related items. in november, it will keep thanksgiving signs and displays in store entrances and keep the marketing focused on thanksgiving shopping. holiday gifts priced under $15 and wrapping up weekend holiday deals. let's talk about this story. i have a lot of questions about this story. the house oversight committee is set to probe an obama administration deal, a deal in which a russian-backed company invested in a uranium ore firm that had mines in the u.s., effectively gaining control over 20% of all the uranium in the united states of america. now this deal, it happened back
2:37 pm
in 2010, it did require the approval of nine u.s. agencies, including hillary clinton's state department. so why did they allow it? i mean uranium is a strategic asset. you know what you can do with uranium. i wouldn't say even back in 2010 russia was necessarily any kind of friend. so why would we allow a foreign entity like that to gain control over such a strategic asset? mind you, it was all happening at a time when we have learned the fbi was investigating whether or not vladmir putin was trying to have undue influence in the atomic energy market here in the u.s. so you put that together with the russians doing this deal, and i think it raises a lot of questions. you know who else thinks it raises a lot of questions, florida congressman, house oversight committee member ron desantis. he is is spearheading this
2:38 pm
investigation. good to see you, congressman. tell us what you're looking for. what you are up to. and what kind of answers you need, what your questions are and answers you would like to see? >> we've known for a long time that there were a number of payments made both personally to bill clinton and to the clinton foundation from uranium one-connected individuals or entities all foreign sources. as you mentioned this uranium one deal had to be improved by the committee for foreign investment in the united states, members which included then secretary of state hillary clinton. i think what we can find out now, there is a confidential informant that the fbi used, starting in 2009, who was basically in the thick of a major racketeering scheme with russian elements in the uranium deal. i think he can put meat on the bones. trish: have you spoken with him?
2:39 pm
>> i have spoken at length with the individual's attorney. i believe there is a lot of very credible evidence here. the problem though, the individual being a confidential informant, signed a non-disclosure agreement with the eric holder justice department. he wanted to come forward and litigate some claims in 2016. the lynch justice department threatened him with reprisal if he goes public on this stuff. i'm appealing to the attorney general to release him from the nda. trish: non-disclosure. >> i think congress need as copy of the nda -- these things may be used sometimes but odd used in this case given all the other facts and circumstances. trish: what was the informant, basically investigating money trail between some russians and uranium one? >> so the main guy at the center of this, the russian national, knew they needed somebody on the inside of the american political system. so the confidential informant
2:40 pm
was an american lobbiest who got recruited to do this the lobbiest realized quickly, this is not on the up and up. he immediately went to the fbi. the government was getting information from almost day one in 2009, 2010, and on until the conviction in 2014. here is the problem. none of the information gleaned from the investigation in 2009 and 2010 were provided to congress before the uranium one deal was approved. and none of it was provided, we don't think to any members of cfius board that approved it and the question is, why was that information not produced? and why has that information not been produced since then? >> i think it even more simple than that i don't think you ion need the informant. it is quite obvious you do not want a foreign player investing in uranium in the united states of america. not as though russia was our best friend back then in 2010.
2:41 pm
this should have sent off alarm bells, congressman. >> it did, trish. it did. in the congress there was opposition to this. almost all republicans. it is interesting, the media deals with russia now. russians were opposed to it. that was before i was in the congress but what would strengthened the opposition if they would have known there was an ongoing fbi investigation involving bribery and racketeering. that would have blown the lid off this thing. the deal shouldn't have gone through even if there was no criminal activity was involved, the fact there was, had this been produced politically would have been very powerful and i think the deal would have been defeated. >> the deal should have never happened. this is strategic asset. you don't need the russians owning a strategic asset in the united states of america, so somebody dropped ball on this one. we haven't gotten into the conflict of interest between mr. and mrs. clinton and russians. what about all the money that went into the clinton
2:42 pm
foundation, $146 million or the 500,000-dollars speaking fee bill clinton got weeks after this deal was approved. there is a lot of meat on the bones. and a lot of questions that should be addressed and i'm glad to see you guys are looking into it. you hope for the best but in this particular one there seems to be so many conflicts, and we are talking about russia, we need to investigate russia, this is something that needs to be investigated. >> strongest evidence of collusion, trish, is between the clintons and the russians. not trump and russians. trish: congressman desantis. keep us posted. we want to know every last detail on this one? >> we'll do. trish: here with another perspective on whole thing, democratic strategist and contributor to the hill, michael star hopkins. is there there? >> there is not. optics look bad but what he
2:43 pm
didn't say, russia and united states for 20 years exchanging raw uranium for enriched-uranium so russia would not have continued ability to make nuclear weapons. hillary clinton pushed aside from the decision-making process, had assistant deputy secretary of state regarding this. trish: that is convenient. that is really kind ever convenient, right? why dud she push this decision away? was it because she was getting money into her foundation from the russians? was it because of her husband's conflict of interest getting money from these people? >> i won't pretend to get inside of her head. what i will say in 2010, in 2008 when she was running for office she had donations from individuals who did have ties to the original company that was in canada. so when this sale came up in front of her, she recused herself, had the assistant secretary make cases. there were nine secretaries were
2:44 pm
consulted. not like she had veto power. i understand why the optics look bad. i have to say, congressman desantis does everyone a disservice? trish: really? wouldn't you want to know, don't you think it is worth knowing. >> absolutely. >> fbi conducting an investigation, michael, saying they were concerned vladmir putin was trying to grow his influence in the atomic energy market here in the united states of america, why then do we allow -- nobody told anybody else that this fbi investigation was going on. i mean why would you ever allow a deal like this happen in the light of the fbi investigation? >> because the investigation was whether there was actual russian interference in the atomic agency. the enriched-uranium was staying in the u.s. entire time. what congressman desantis did bring politics is actually open discussion we should be having, how we deal with uranium and campaign finance reform. what he did use it as fund-raising tool during the
2:45 pm
2016 election. what he did was be disingenuous when he talks about collusion with russia. there is a conversation about whether there was collusion -- trish: michael, if we want to figure out what russia is trying to do, that's fine. but we need to actually look at all aspects of this. >> absolutely. trish: we're not just talking about supposed collusion with the donald trump campaign as many on the left keep insisting upon. but we should go all the way back and start looking at some of these deals. we've highlighted this over and over again previously but now we learned fbi was also looking into vladmir putin trying to gain more influence. yes, congressman desantis, spoke with that informant's lawyer. that informant doesn't understand why more information was not brought forward to lawmakers. i tell you it was stupid deal to approve. they shouldn't have done so but worth asking a lot of questions now. >> congressman desantis literally sat in front of congress a couple months ago said he wanted transparency when came to hillary clinton but introducing legislation to end the russian investigation.
2:46 pm
i'm not saying one side is correct and other is wrong. trish: i'm telling you investigate the whole darn thing. >> be consistent. trish: we all can feel a little bit better. if you're going to investigate, this is a big giant red flag. people need answers. michael good to see you? amen to that. >> -- reports that hackers are targeting schools to get data. our own hillary vaughn as the latest. let's begin. yes or no?
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trish: reports revealing hackers are targeting nation's schools seeking ransom. some schools received threatening notes from cyber thieves. they have to pay up for risk having all their data destroyed. hillary is on the story. hillary vaughn with the latest. hi, hillary. reporter: trish, this new cyberattack trend is a nightmare scenario for parents because hackers are targeting children. schools are more high-tech today than ever before. weak and outdated security systems are becoming an easy target leaving students vulnerable. the fbi says hackers are siphoning personal information from school databases including students grades, their disciplinary records, sometimes their medical records and threatening to expose this private information to predators
2:51 pm
if schools don't pay up. the fbi says these types of cyber extortion attacks hit schools in the u.s. more frequently. hackers behind them are willing to do more in order to get money they are after. in iowa a school district said a hacker released students names and addresses online. then sent threatening texts to parents. of some included death threats and school was canceled because of that. now the hacker taking responsibility, tweeting this directory was available to predators to identify new victims. so far hackers targeted over 30 schools across the u.s., costing their targets thousands of dollars. schools in atlanta, boston, georgia, had deposit paychecks intercepted and rerouted to unauthorized accounts, forcing schools to shoulder the cost, trish. trish: wow. scary stuff. anyway, thank you, i guess, hillary. it is good to stay informed on this. brave new world, that is for sure when it comes to cyber
2:52 pm
stuff. hillary vaughn. president trump says he will make his pick for the next federal reserve chair within the next two weeks, whomever he chooses will have big impact on our markets and our economy. we have all the intel for you on the leading contenders and what any one of them might mean for you and your pocketbook and markets. that's next. at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. ...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour.
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we want the market. it increasingly hits new highs. the leading contenders they seem to be board member jerome foul. two very different approaches. about the possibility of it all this weekend. it's a very important decision. the speculation on the presidents choice. the decision will be a big
2:57 pm
impact on the economy and the american worker. it is called blue ocean shift. proven steps to inspire confidence. it is somebody that understands the importance of driving our economy to the economy and of creating. that is gonna be the peak key to that. so when you look at what jenny gallant has been able to do. we are off the highs of the session. this earlier. 23,333. i don't know if it ain't broke why fix it.
2:58 pm
i can't answer to janet yellen but what i can tell you is there is a gap between what financial markets are doing and what the reality is. and most organizations today are facing cutthroat markets. rough and tough. and so no matter what their financial markets are doing. at the level of the organization to create new jobs and growth they really need to shift from compete to create. that's what it's all about. my concern is that you can't keep this up. i love competition but the fear right now is that you are looking at all of these places that we compete with all around the world and china as one there is always somebody else that is willing to do it a little bit more cheaply.
2:59 pm
what we start to realize is it's not how cheaply you can do. they have an operation in the midwest and they had one in china. in china they are paying their workers a dollar 50 an hour. and in the u.s. they get union workers. and make while more than $30 per hour. let me ask you this. which company and you don't have to answer. do you think is more profitable. is it the one in china or the united states of america? the one in the u.s. we are more productive. their productivity is off the charts. if we want to compete around the world. the way to do that is to create new markets.
3:00 pm
a company in our books. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. we are waiting on the president. he is set to present the medal of honor for his heroism in vietnam. >> what a story gary rose has. this man was in a secret mission. not only did he risk his own life to shield and save soldiers during that secret mission but he also was involved in a helicopter crash right after he did that. we will take you all along alongside the prime minister of singapore boeing officially assigned a previously announced $13.8 billion deal


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