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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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i would have sung with them. thanks connell. risk and reward starts now. ever in the history of this country. we have tremendous enthusiasm i would be really disappointed if it took that long. if we pick up one point on gdp that's $2.5 trillion. one point two and half trillion and millions of jobs now on a fast track.
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that's less than three weeks away. maybe before thanksgiving. as a democrat they continue to hold up. as proof that tax cuts fail. we debunk that theory because it will show you all of that space the space where they have succeeded. the special prosecutor now investigating the democrats in the clintons and more on the left. trying to turn it into ben ghazi benghazi in order to attack president trump. now they're getting credit for criticizing them. the fan attendance is not so great. an all-star lineup of gas. benghazi survivor state that the jeer is trumps benghazi.
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welcome to risk and reward. the index and it snapped its fifth date winning streak. about 700 points away. the president and the tax cut push could be set for a full vote. they are urging house republicans for quick vote on the budget. dc talk is now at immigrants. people making a million dollars or more in income. 39.6% rate. they would pay at the lower 30 5 rate. president trump though is saying he will not touch or attack 4o1k accounts.
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cnn running a poll they actually want tax increases. look at kansas and look at what tax cuts fail. it's how tax cuts went terribly wrong. these stories do not show how kansas could cut government spending. it only first mentions of the problem. thirty-four paragraphs deep into that article. also ignored. they acknowledge the successful states. and how they have actually been growing strong. washington, new hampshire in utah. they continue to fail statistics show that those states would do that to do more growth over time.
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this is according to economist. businesses actually lee. they open a new plan through south carolina. they represented the union back in february. forty years and four decades of calling connecticut home ge moved its headquarters to boston to get away from attacks spent. let's get to the market. the sprawling campus now empty and upper sale. they have no income tax. aggressively pursued progrowth policy. look at this in 2007 and 2013 more jobs are created in texas than in all of the other 49 states combined.
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look who is here. join me there. what do you think of the democrats. and they used it against president trump tax-cut. tax-cut did not fail they did what they are supposed to do. but if you keep spending money at the same rate or even raise the rate you will raise the deficit and that will be your very own problem. to what extent i am famous. i am famous for being opposed to tax cuts i'm not opposed to tax cuts if they can also cut spending. if they can get those in the same time don't ever cut defense spending. but north carolina has have the most incredibly great results from cutting taxes.
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you cannot cut taxes and raise expenditures and expect to come out smelling like a rose. if you have a lot of labor union policies if to get the businesses there to pay for those things. companies make business decisions there is a huge number of those what we do know if you make something out of nothing and you cut taxes and don't cut spending you'll wind up with an even bigger deficit. you'll wind up with the government spending is not there. otherwise they are going to
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eat you out of house and home. we have to cut spending at the same time. we are bribing people to not work. we are bribing people to stay home and out of the labor force that has got to stop. look at texas. 256,000 jobs in the past 12 months added. is a healthy average. texas is an amazing place. it is a astounding diamond of hard work. it's sort of america's america. they should be altogether. we all could look at that and learn something. thomas with texas we should all learn that. let's learn from it to not go wild african a cut taxes. plus they meet every other
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year or something. is an idea president jimmy carter emerged as an unlikely ally. saying that the media is harder on the current commander in chief than any other president he has known of. here is president carter saying i think they feel free. reminder president carter backed bernie sanders in the last election. considered one of the most liberal presidents in the modern time. >> am very impressed with carter. but i think he was a brave man this time around and i think for telling the truth he is even more kudos than he does for driving at those nails. i think the media is insanely hard on trump.
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everything you can say about port mister trump they said over and over again. i don't know how this man has the strength to get out of bed in the morning. the news coverage has been more negative. the stories about president obama up through generate. they were positive. just 5% for president trump. what do you think of that. i think the media as a separate special superclass. even when there is no factual basis. the media has had giant.
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it's a shameful how they are allowed to get away with it. you can rely on a free press and society. i think they should be aware that they are not getting the straight scoop on trump. he is not the thug and criminal that the media make him out to be. >> when the new york times columnist she is really tough journalist. did they prolong it. the election away from hillary clinton. i don't think there is any evidence that what the russians did changed votes or any boats. what he think of carter saying that? to make they have never been able to make that. and the fact that trump won the election. it is just a shooting in the dark.
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this has been an attack on him ever since day one of his presidency. to say that somehow is not the legitimate president and not my president. yes he is your president and you better learn to like him. thank you ben stein. great to see you. let's take a check of your money after last week's record run. it was seeking a bit of a tumble today. with the very latest. we have intraday record highs and all three he did did finish for the downside. take a look at the closing numbers. as a it is a loss of one quarter of 1%. and some of the other names intel weighed on the dow jones
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industrial average. and today a couple of downgrades and pushed it down about 6%. they dropped them with 2% energy. don't forget oil has been hovering near high. and then halliburton came out with this number. and part of the report was amiss. and i also weighed there. it was a eight half percent. tesla is working on a new manufacturing facility in shanghai. they are laying off about 18 employees and hasbro said that toys arrest collapse and it will weigh on the sales for the holidays. >> the special counsel robert mueller's investigation into the 2016 election. he is a brother in hillary clinton's campaign chair.
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he has the details after this. who knew that phones would start doing everything?
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they are finalizing a 15.8 whopper of a deal with boeing. thirty-nine new airplanes. boeing closed down on the news about 1%. it's good too special counsel. in now includes tony podesta. a brother of hillary clinton campaign chair. his team is concluding that. they violated the foreign
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agents restoration act. the shop that is digging into the stuff. what do you think of this. the justice department by the way human all of this. before this controversial deal. involving uranium one. it goes on and on. can you spell this out for the viewer. what is going on with the breccia and the democrats. the gag order on them goes back to loretta lynch. they said they were threatened if they talk to congress they would be prosecuted. a lot of people know that keyword now. the deal that was authorized in large part by other
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people. from a russian backed terminal organization. at the same time 500 grand for one speech. finally it was stopped when it got too close under the fbi in its own words. all of that was happening at the same time. even the talk of donald trump running for president of the united states. deep ties with the ukraine. tony podesta did work with one of russia's banks. i think his brother was there. when the information came out. he was also in the board of
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the energy company. you have those two brothers both getting it from different ways in that case in the podesta group which is a bipartisan lobbying firm the bigger story for me is what is happening with mueller. it was not so obscure in washington dc. it is a top bipartisan firm. what we are we're hearing right now is that it involves registration. you are bringing a very important point. and by the way the entities were funneling money to the clinton foundation. this is a lot of layers here. she was using an unsecured
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device rather. that people could break into. there was worries that they were breaking into their devices. in going into the organization when she was secretary of state. they were trying to get access. and in one instance a female russian spy is a false identity. in order to get intelligence on the state department. time and again we need to jump on this. it was vulnerable traveling the world. and now we have a russia of course try to get close to hillary clinton as secretary of state. we do not know who hacked into her device but we do know that from old gym coming -- and james james comey that they were improperly handled. who was able to access it.
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some incidences what appeared to be bidding. everyone on the left likes to blame russia on the other hand they were benefiting from russia. if they were just being fair, open and honest about this. we may have been doing this kind of work. like it or not. and as one thing. but while approving the back russian deals. while she is secretary of state she has the unsecure devices. this is a bit frustrating. what if she won the presidency. would there be russian collusion stories in the media about that. they would never had been this open.
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i think president trump has been open about. there is people associated with me. we want you to definitely come back on. we had been reporting on this from day one. we had been doing this for very long time for over a year. we are staying on the story. blocking the trump growth up do. they are trying to save benghazi. a survivor of the terror attack. she thought it was a fire. it was worse. a sinkhole opened up under our museum. eight priceless corvettes had plunged into it.
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they want to be the home of the second headquarter. they want to get in on this 5 billion-dollar plan. take a check of that. rodrigo wilson called general kelly a liar. he can just go on tv and lie on me. i was not even in congress in 2009. that is a lie. however, i name to the building. his point was he did not get the facts right on the was that empty barrels make the most noise and he was using that and he was likening that to you. basically that you're making a lot of noise.
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i have never heard of an empty barrel. frederica wilson spoke at an event for the fbi field office. they spent nearly half of these remarks in the beginning of the talk talking about herself and taking credit for getting the naming of the building done. governing bodies in congress had to approve the name. and they are calling the ambush trumps benghazi. they need to concentrate on what is happening and what is happening.
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the character assassination that he went through to call me out of my name an empty barrel in all of this in the work that i've done he owes an apology to the american people because when he lied on me he lied to them and i don't think that's fair. i think it's wrong. he does owe an american -- the american people an apology. the dizzy mark. thank you so much for having me on. what do you think is the comparison here to benghazi. they occurred on the same continent. that's about as close as you can come. you have an ambassador. who aren't truly trained
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professional warriors give a trouble me that's where it starts from there. and the separation it just continues it's also about politicizing terrible events they speak to cnn. >> congresswoman wilson has called what happened in niger, this ambush, president trump's benghazi. >> i don't see it as a benghazi situation. yeah, that was very different where americans were denied support by americans, and it was highly controversial, and that was not war. that was a diplomat and his staff. to make that step is a bit far, in my opinion. elizabeth: the pentagon is saying, yes, reporters should ask questions. they're trying to get to the bottom of what happened in niger, but even this grieving man says his brother's death is not the same as benghazi. what are your thoughts? >> well, it's not. i mean, you know, it's just like
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me and all the other veterans and active duty service members. you know, we put our feet on those yellow footsteps, we raise our hand and swear to protect the constitution of the united states against enemies, foreign and domestic. and that's what they're doing. and if you choose to go into the special operations community, you know what you're doing. i mean, i knew exactly what i was going to do, i knew what i expected to do and what was expected of me. and at any time i could have been called into combat and called to sacrifice my life. and if i have the opportunity to do that with the guys that i worked with, trained with, you know, we're willing to make that sacrifice. that's why you're in the special operations community. and to take that and try to turn it into a politics thing just to get, you know, ten minutes of air time, i mean, from where i come we call that all hat and no cattle. elizabeth: mark, that's a good point you make. let's get back to what the pentagon said today. general dunford did a press conference on niger just moments
5:31 pm
ago trying to bring some clarity to the timeline of events. roll tape. >> approximately one hour after taking fire, the team requested support. and within minutes, the remotely-piloted aircraft arrived overhead. within an hour french mirage jets arrived on station, and then later that afternoon french attack helicopters arrived on station and the nigerian quick reaction troops arrived. elizabeth: again, general dunford says reporters should ask questions, it's okay to ask questions, they're investigating. how does this compare to the way the last administration handled the news? >> well, as we all know, you know, within -- by that weekend after the attack on benghazi, susan rice was in front of every news station that would take her telling about how it was perpetrated because of a protest and about some video. and that's just the start of all the lies.
5:32 pm
and then the account in niger, they had plenty of support. we're looking, you know, they had mirage jets, french fighter attacks, a local qrf able to come and assist. in benghazi there was plenty of assets in the area, just none of them were sent. elizabeth: mark geist, we love having you on the show. come back soon, and thank you for your service to our country, sir. >> thank you very much. god bless. elizabeth: rachel maddow spending 25 minutes last thursday on a new conspiracy theory, and now the liberal web site huffington post debunking that. katrina pierson is here to react after this. ♪ ♪
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elizabeth: welcome back. we have the christmas shopping season coming up, but u.s. toymaker hasbro now saying they expect weaker holiday sales this year due to the bankruptcy of its key retailer, toys r us. closing in the red today down nearly, look at that, 9% at the close. it's continuing to move downward after hours. going to watch that stock for you. msnbc host rachel maddow spent 25 minutes last thursday on a new conspiracy theory, trying connect the dots claiming
5:37 pm
president trump's temporary pavel ban prompted chad to embolden extremist groups which somehow led to the deadly ambush in niger that killed four u.s. soldiers. roll tape. >> they just blanket banned people from chad. nobody from chad can get a a vis a visa to come here anymore. on friday of last week, the government of chad announced they had completed the withdrawal of all chadian troops from their neighboring country, niger. where, for years, they have been fighting isis-linked islamic militants. right after that, that's when four u.s. army soldiers got attacked by a large contingent of isis fighters in niger. elizabeth: media outlets on the left saying rachel maddow's reporting was incorrect, pointing out chad has been
5:38 pm
ballot boko bow coe that -- batg boko haram. and that chad has been looking to cut back its troop presence in niger for some time now. nothing to do with the travel ban. huffington post ran a story headlined what the hell was this rachel maddow segment? saying, quote, the theory was so flimsy, it could be debunked by a quick glimpse at a map, let alone a phone call with an expert. nbc's parent company comcast closed the day in the red. with me now, former trump campaign spokesperson katrina pierson. good to see you, katrina. >> great to be here, liz. thank you. elizabeth: rachel maddow's saying chad's pullout from niger had an immediate effect in emboldening isis attacks, but an expert telling huff-po that rachel maddow got it wrong, what are your thoughts? >> it's obvious she got it wrong. i'm really shocked that it's taken this long for rachel maddow to go completely after the rails after her epic
5:39 pm
meltdown election night. this is someone who was very giddy and on her show had several segments on how trump -- the candidate trump could win every single swing state and still lose. and, again, she was sorely saddened. then she had the big tax revelation that turned out to be a bust. she's one that has latched onto the russia collusion. anything that continues this derangement that the left has against this president somehow always seems to fall flat. honestly, i'm shocked that it's taken this long. not only was she wrong, but like the article said, all you had to do was make a phone call. chad was added to the list because they ran out of passport paper. therefore, we couldn't verify who was coming in from that one country, and i think most americans would say, hey, that's probably a good idea. elizabeth: you want a strong media, an independent, strong free press to ask questions and dig to the bottom. all administrations should support that. you know what? back off about the fake news stuff, we get it.
5:40 pm
we understand what the president's saying. but what we're talking about now is, you know, this scene that we've been running with, your opinions are not facts, your thoughts are not facts. just because you're connecting the dots and asking questions, that doesn't mean that's journalism. the pullout of troops happened nearly 800 miles where isis-affiliated militants attacked the u.s. and nigerian soldiers. she's still defending her comments despite all this. what are your thoughts? >> that's exactly why this is a conspiracy theory. where these troops were withdrawn was 733 miles away from where this actually happened, and the fact that she somehow knew what the government of chad was doing, what the united states was doing when nobody at the time knew, and she didn't even ask lets you know that her goal wasn't to try and report something that she thought she had as a big story, it was the sole intention was the purpose to try to make this administration look bad, to hurt this president and to mislead her viewers into another weird, crazy, psychotic, deranged
5:41 pm
direction. elizabeth: you know, if we're wrong, we want to say we're wrong. i mean, if we're reporting things that are wrong, tell us, and we'll say, okay, we're wrong. but when you're presented with facts showing that you're wrong and you're still sticking to the story, that's an i'd you, right? >> absolutely. she had an opportunity to come forward and say, you know what in we had this wrong and explain her thought process accordingly, but she didn't. i bet people watching msnbc expect them to have a decent research team to actually know, first of all, why the country was added to the list and not to go on some tangent about one thing leading to another that weren't connected at all or even remotely in the same area. i think this is a huge credibility hit to msnbc, further goes to show the fake news that's out there just to hurt this president. elizabeth: katrina, quickly before we go, election night when rachel maddow and paul krugman were saying it's going to be the apocalypse in the market, citigroup and other
5:42 pm
groups said, yes, we could see rocky action, but people who listened to that and sold stocks, katrina, they would have missed out on a $5.3 trillion runup in the dow, rather, the -- [inaudible] since then. they've lost a lot of money because they listened to people like that election night, right, katrina? final point. >> that's absolutely right. and i think a lot of people are looking at this now. you're going to have those people that just want to hate this president. they're going to continue watching her. and then there are others that are going to realize that for a very long time she's been misleading a lot of the public on a lot of issues that's really going to hurt their pocketbook in the end, because this president has one priority, and that is putting americans first. and people are realizing that even if newsmakers aren't. elizabeth: we love having you on, thank you so much. >> great to be here. elizabeth: cops in miami, not volunteering. now, you can volunteer for nfl security, you know, do the volunteer thing. but dolphins' players continue to protest, but the volunteer force didn't show up. they didn't want to see this.
5:43 pm
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elizabeth: snap overestimating demand for its spectacles. these are video-recording glasses, they also take photos. this is supposed to be targeted to millennials. it now has reportedly hundreds of thousands of unsold spectacles. they're sitting in warehouses. again, that's according to a new report. let's take a check of the stock, dropping down on the news well over 3% today. cops cutting nfl security, the volunteer squad, in protest of national anthem kneeling at miami dolphins games. the number of off-duty officers working volunteering at the event about a third less than usual. dade county police benevolent
5:47 pm
association president john rivera told that to miami herald. this as social media showing photos of empty nfl stadiums are going viral. you're going to see empty seats at the jets/dolphin games, also in the jacksonville jaguars' stadium. all across the board, atlanta falcons stadium. a lot of empty seats. the houston texans games, empty seats at the baltimore ravens' home game. wow, we're watching that story for you. look like the fans not showing up. dallas fallen officer foundation president sergeant penny says he's not surprised. what do you think, sergeant? good to see you. >> right. thank you for having me on. first and foremost, i want to say that this was bound to happen anyway. the nfl just has no accountability whatsoever. and to allow these players to continue to protest and disrespect our flag and the national anthem, it can't be tolerated. so i think that it's a positive thing that the miami police
5:48 pm
department is choosing not to work voluntary overtime at these games, and i think every law enforcement agency across this country should choose to do the same. not to voluntarily work the overtime at these games, let them hire, let them pay the city, pay the overtime for you to come work. and then let the city get that bill. i think eventually everyone will get the message. i think that'll stop all this nonsense. listen, i'm all for, i'm all for the president, president trump's call for fans boycotting the game. i think it should happen because nobody wants to go there and see that disrespect. this is a venue for entertainment. people want to go there to be entertained. elizabeth: let's take the other side of the argument. the players say this is about social justice, that they have the first amendment right to protest any way they see fit, and the other side is saying, the volunteer police officers not showing up, is that now putting the fans at risk? what do you say? >> you know what? i can't see the other side of
5:49 pm
that argument. but you know what? i think it's incumbent upon the nfl to really make a decision whether it's going to be about your bottom line or about the safety of your fans and the public. i don't think any law enforcement agency would make a decision to allow a place with that many people to just be unsafe, but i think in order for it to be at optimal levels, they would need to hire those private law enforcement officers to be there. and in the same way those groups are saying that they're protesting, i think those law enforcement officers -- i know that they have a right not to work overtime. so i agree with them not to work overtime, but not to volunteer their time to work there. so, no, i completely agree with it, and i think that we need to come together in law enforcement and just show that we're not going to tolerate it. no disrespect for our country, no disrespect for our flag. it cannot be tolerated. elizabeth: jerry jones says it's definitely hitting the bottom
5:50 pm
line. sergeant, thank you so much. and thank you for your service to our country. we love having you on. come back soon. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. elizabeth: you're not going to believe this, cyber hackers now attacking u.s. schools? they're looking for sensitive information about students for profit? they're looking at the nation's school districts, breaking into a bunch of schools. are your children or your kids at risk? we're bringing in a cyber expert, robert siciliano. he's going to talk to you about how you can protect you and your family. that's after this. ♪ ♪ ems a little... strange? na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name. it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground.
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elizabeth: look at this story. the u.s. department of education warning the nation's school districts that, you know what? you're under attack by hackers. goes from kindergartens up through high school. hackers are trying to steal student data and more: the hackers demanding ransom money
5:54 pm
or else they're going to release stolen, private records to shame students, even stealing the students' information to set up phony bank accounts and more. striking more than three dozen school systems from georgia to california so far this year. stealing paycheckses and data, taking over networks to extort money. we've got to bring in one of the best cyber pros around, robert siciliano, he joins me now. now our kids are are at risk, right? >> yeah. the fact that they're targeting school districts means that they are going after childs or children's social security numbers. just like you and i can apply for credit using our social, you know, 18 and above, a bad guy can take the child's social, and they can apply for credit as well, and the parents or the child will not know about it until the kid turns 18 and then is denied credit as a result of the mischief of the identity thieves. elizabeth: robert, a lot of money at stake. look at this, los angeles, valley college in california, they a paid 28 grand in ransom
5:55 pm
to hackers back in january. in south carolina the dorchester school district shelled out nearly $3,000. i mean, a lot of schools are paying out a lot of money, $10,000 in south carolina. what's going on here? why aren't these students protected? why aren't the computer systems protected? >> so you have school districts that have lax security. they simply do not have the infrastructure necessary to protect the information in which they are responsible for. instead they're just paying the ransom which is, you know, totally back ass, right? that being said, they have to make sure that they have the systems properly secured up front, they have to have the i.t. security professionals come in and put necessary hardware and software in place, layers of protection to make sure that that doesn't happen in the future. it's not that complicated. they just have to make simple investments and have the right staff onboard to make it happen. elizabeth: listen, we pay so much money in property taxes, right? and now our students are in danger. i think parents should sit up
5:56 pm
and take notice about this and maybe go to the school district and say, you know what? what are you doing, right? >> very simply they have their priorities backwards. if they were to hire security companies, there's plenty of talented security companies in every part of the country to come in and, you know, lease their technologies to make sure that their networkses and their databases are properly protected, we wouldn't be having this conversation. elizabeth: robert siciliano, one of the best cyber pros around. thanks for coming on, we really want you back. you're with hot shield, i think. >> hot spot shield. thank you so much. elizabeth: good stuff. we've got some big interviews on fox business this week. the details are next. don't go away. ♪ ♪
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...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour. with gocentral from godaddy. liz: we have some big interviews on fox business. lou dobbs has an interview with president trump. and david shulkin right here on
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fox business. thank you for watching. charles payne is here now with making money. take it away. >> i am charles payne. president trump going full throttle trying to push that gop plan forward on all fronts. more of the president's full-corps press. i'll tell you what you should be watching. first to president trump's tax plan push on twitter. the president adamantly denying reports of tax plants that will affect your 401k plans. he says this has always been a great and popular middle class tax break that works, and it


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