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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 25, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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both have much. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening. breaking news tonight, and it's big news. reports that it is the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic national committee who paid for research to smear then presidential candidate donald trump. let me repeat. the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee helped fund research that resulted in the discredited dossier against donald trump. the washington post reporting that an attorney who represents the clinton campaign and the dnc retained fusion gps to conduct the opposition research that
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resulted in the trump file. the now infamous dossier contained false allegations that russian government collected compromising information about mr. trump. and that the kremlin was engaged in an active effort to assist his campaign for president. if "the washington post" reporting is fully ground, it was paid for by clinton and the dnc. the shocking new development comes as three house republican committees are finally moving forward with investigations into the clinton web of corruption probing deeper into the money machine that was the clinton foundation, the clinton's collusion with russia and hillary's ever expanding email scandal. the house intelligence committee announcing it's joining the oversight committee investigating why the obama administration approved the sale
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of uranium one to russia, giving moscow control of 20% of america's uranium supply without a whisper of opposition from the president of the united states. chairman devin nunes telling reporters he wants to know whether the obama justice department was investigating russian bribery and corruption before putting the uranium assets in the hands of the russians. >> wear here to announce an inquiry into russia's involvement in the uranium deal that was done several years ago. this is just the beginning of this probe. we are -- we are not going to jump to any conclusion at this time. but one of the things as you know that we are concerned about is whether there was fbi
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investigation. was there a doj investigation? and if so, why was congress not informed of this matter. so that would be the start of the probe. lou: an oversight committee member congressman ron desantis called on the justice department to immediately lift the gag order on the fbi informant who helped uncover the bribery scheme by russian officials. >> we do have a witness who was a confidential informant who wants to talk about his role in this, and we are in contact with the justice department to release him from a non-disclosure agreement. if that doesn't work out we would be able to subpoena him. on the overnight committee they will be focusing on how the agency process worked. we don't think it worked out very well. so we have jurisdiction over the
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national security agencies and we want to get as much information as we can so we can see what happened. lou: victoria tun sin tunsing oe broadcast last night says they are waiting foreign for an appeal to the attorney general for the immediate lifting of that order. hillary clinton responded to the increased scrutiny and renewed concern about that scandal. she dismissed it as she does sometimes as simply a partisan attack. >> it's the same baloney they have been peddling for years, and there has been no credible evidence by anyone. it has den debunked repeatedly. president obama, we are the ones they like to put into the cross-hairs. lou: but it's not just clinton
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collusion being investigated. the oversight and judiciary committees are investigating how the justice department handled the issue of clinton's private server when she was secretary of state. the chief strategist for the make america great again coalition, dr. sebastian gorka. this is stunning news. it's what many of us suspected. but it's broad, and it is a powerful statement on the level of corruption in the d.c. swamp. >> weren't we just complains last time we spoke about the news cycle is too much news out there? but this reminiscent of my favorite movie, "the hunt for red october." in the end of the evil soviet
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submarine commander launches a torpedo to strike down sean conry's submarine and it circles back and kills him. this was fabricated by the left to explain the disaster that was hillary's campaign, and it has come back to blast a hole through the heart of the dnc. lou: it's taken an extraordinary order of magnitude leap. with three committees now, beginning their investigations, as we have talked about from the very incipient point of this, the dnc is at the center of so much. we knew of it to be hack bid russians, we knew that the dnc
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had sufficient power to telled the fbi to go away, you are not going to investigate that hacking or the presence of the russian hackers within the dnc processes. this is an amazing story already and we don't ebb have the details. >> it goes on and on, whether it's debbie wasserman-schultz telling the police they are not allowed to look at her computers. or the way the fbi allows one of the suspects in clinton's server scandal to serve as her counsel. all the blackberries and laptops destroyed by federal order. our the then attorney general meeting with the suspects, the person that investigated hillary clinton meeting with her husband on a tarmac private meeting. if you read this in a fictional
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tom clancy book, you would say clancy pushed the envelope, this is unbelievable. this is the dnc today. this is the level of corruption that we have to deal with in which the president has to cope. lou: this is tom clancy night for you with "red october." >> but it's all true. lou: we are watching the politics of this. we'll have much, much more on the revelations about the dnc, the hillary clinton campaign. the infamous trump dossier. and the role that senator mccain, senator john mccain played in turning it over to the fbi when we do not know conclusively whether or not the fbi had a role in the creation of that dossier.
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we'll obviously try to move towards the answers to that. but no doubt there is a primary role for james comey, the primary director of the fbi. i want to turn to two developments. senator corker reigniting a contest of twitter ferocity. and also, senator jeff flake who they say he can't stand being in the arena anymore. knows his fate is assures, and 25 points down in the polls decided he won't run for reelection. your thoughts? >> it's a great day for the make america great again agenda that propelled the range outside of donald trump to the most of powerful position in the world it's disgraceful, these people who are political cowards, that they won't be resnrectd their
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own constituencies. what have they done? they attacked the president. i don't think i can recall in modern history a sitting president being attacked so vociferously by a member of his own party. questioning his mental capacity. senator corker didn't do any of this when there was a democrat from the white house. he facilitated the iran deal. with the corker amendment he eviscerated the treaty requirements of the u.s. constitution. who is this man batting for, whose side is he on? when he runs to cnn first, that tells you everything you need to know. lou: when gutless wonders blame the president for what is their own doomed fate, they blame the president rather than the
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voters. they fear even in deciding not to run, they fear insulting their true views. sebastian gorka, always glad to have you here. the tide seems to be turning. there is a change in the wind. let us say it's a satisfying inflection point in american presidential history. >> the winds of change, lou, the winds of change. lou: much more on our breaking news that hillary clinton and the dnc were the ones paying for the dossier, and the special counsel who now has far less to do, it would seem. we are coming back with much much more. we have some new targets for the special counsel, if he would like to enter taken a few suggestions, we'll have them. stay with us. we are coming right back. president trump promises his historic tax reform will benefit the hard-working men and women
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of america. >> if we get this passed which i believe we'll, it will bring back $4 trillion. lou: we take up the president's battle to pass his america first agenda with ed rollins. another one bites the dust and there are a lot of dry eyes in the senate. anti-trumper, jeff flake, not running for reelection. the lesson? take on trump, you may lose your job and likely lose all perspective o o o o o ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone ♪ can i kick it? ♪ to all the people who can quest like a tribe does... ♪
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lou: another swamp weasel is high tailing it out of washington. senator jeff flake announcing he won't seek reelection. he's polling well behind challenger dr. kelli ward shows how out of touch he is with his constituents by attacking president trump on the floor of the u.s. senate. >> we must never regard as
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normal the regular and casual under mining of our democratic norms and ideas. the personal attacks, the threats against principles, freedoms and institution. the flagrant disregard for truth and decency. lou: president trump taking on obstructionist senator bob corker who also decided he will leave at 1w5u67leave the swamp t sat bob corker will now fight tax cuts plus. sarah huckabee-sanders addressed the war of words in the white house briefing. >> you have got an individual in the president web's a fighter. the people of this country didn't elect somebody to be weak. they elected somebody to be strong. and when he gets hit, he's going to hit back. i think senator corker knows that.
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he will be trying to get a headline or two on his way out the door. lou: joining us, fox news political analyst, great american head, ed rollins. let's start with to me that seems like some of the sorriest language i have heard from two senators who are obviously running from a defeat they would experience at the polls in their home states attacking the president of the united states. ed: the president just didn't get this hands to him. he beat most of significant field i have seen in long time and went on to beat a candidate people didn't think was beatable, an beat her effectively. the agenda he ran on is the agenda these republicans ran on. to stand up and attack him is the unique pettiness of sometimes the house.
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lou: these are not what you would call big men. they are small and petty. they have been beaten by this president, and they are being rolled up and sent out of town. ed: in a short period of time they will be totally irrelevant. i hope they do the right thing and move with the president's programs. lou: they seem to be in bad places distant from doing the right thing. they are not showering glory upon themselves. ed: it comes down to the pressure their fellow republicans need to put on them. lou: you may say it's not trump's agenda, i will say it's his agenda. because you know why? there is no five people or 10 people in the city of washington, d.c. work as hard as
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this president. ed: he advocated his policies and he pushed the policies and he's make it happen. at the end of the day they should be comfortable voting for him. lou: let's turn to this latest news break from the "washington post." the dnc and the hillary campaign paid for that smear job, the dossier, the trump dossier they con koctd, which is -- concocted. that dossier utterly discredited was the basis for fisa warrants being down. the basis of the special counsel. this changes everything in the mathematics, the algorithm and calculus of the special counsel and these investigation. >> i think because of the circumstances of this and the facts it did trigger all of this
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stuff. opposition research is always part of the campaign. ing this was secur -- this was s stuff. lou: the dnc is paying for the doesier. the prima facie evidence of collusion resting with the democrats. ed: there is a whole bunch of people of in the justice department who should have known. and if they didn't know, they should have been thrown out of the agency. this is the ultimate cover-up. maybe it's time to call a halt to the mueller report or shift the attention back to the clinton campaign. lou: mueller seems to be part of
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the issue of. comey, the fired fbi director seems to be part of the issue. rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general seems to be parts of what's going on here. there is a nexus at which all of these folks meet and that happens to be at the fbi and the justice department and their rolls in the current probe and special counsel of russian collusion with the trump campaign. this turns that all on its head. ed: it has been a terrible distraction to this president who is trying to move an agenda forward. at the beginning of the clinton's presidency she went on tv and lied about jennifer flowers. in my sense there were a lot of
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people who got fooled by her for many years. but now they are trying to say we didn't know this stuff was going on, and i say to that, that's a bunch of b.s. lou: hopefully the attorney general right this moment is lifting that gag order on the fbi informant who can bring us up to date on the bribery conclusion between the clintons and russia. ed rollins, good to see you. be sure to vote in our poll. the question is, are you encouraged that congress is finally beginning to investigate clinton and obama corruption? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. the dow up 168 points. the s & p gained 4. the nasdaq up 12. record highs. caterpillar shares leaving the
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dow higher. boosting its outlook following the earnings beat. sears announcing it will no longer sell whirlpool products after a surprising dispute. a reminder to listen to my reports coast to coast on the salem radio network. president trump wants historic tax cuts to help working men and women and our middle class. >> reforming our tax coat to produce new investment it's time to take care of our country and fight for our families. lou: a full report on the prospect of passage. a lot more straight ahead. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult? armless bowling. you got this, jimmy!
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lou: republicans in the house are preparing to roll out their tax reform bill. mike emanuel brings us up to date. >> after the senate republican luncheon majority leader mitch mcconnell said the gop tax plan could bring them all together. >> if there is anything that unifies republicans, it's tax reform. we have a president who will seen it, who believe in what we are trying to do. we are going to concentrate on what our agenda is and not these distractions you may all be interested in. >> money that wants to come back into the united states cannot come back. but under our plan that money will flow back in. it will be very quick and very
4:30 am
easy, and it's a lot of money. reporter: senator chuck schumer is attack can the tax proposal before it's released saying the math doesn't work. >> this plan is a disaster for america. it's not surprising our republican colleagues wants to rush it through in the dark of night. the moisture's exposed to sunlight the more it smells. reporter: speaker paul ryan says a critical first step comes thursday with a budget vote. >> that's one big step closer towards historic tax reform. we are one big step closer towards a pay raise for middle income families. reporter: top house leaders are focusing on the next fight. >> this is about a tax cut. reporter: some conservatives are
4:31 am
grumbling about the leaders not releasing the details of the tax plan yet. some of the secrecy is due to concerns lobbyists and special interests will start attacking the plan. we should get a better sense of in once the house approvals the budget later this week. lou: mike emanuel from capitol hill. stay with us. crooked hillary clinton shroud in scandal. her strategy the same as it's always been. deny, deny, deny. >> it's been debungd repeatedly and will continue to be debunked. we take up clinton corruption and real investigation of that corruption and the cover-up with sarah carter. we'll be back with her. more news. nothing want to miss. believe me. we'll be right back.
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lou: john roberts reporting from the white house that gag order on the fbi informant regarding
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the clinton collusion could be lifted as early as tomorrow. john roberts telling us there is a desire at the justice department to get senator grassley all the information on this corruption case that he has asked for and will require. the same source telling our john roberts that rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general may not be as exposed as some are reporting or would have you believe. he did have a role in part of that case, but apparently was not in a position to know all about it nor about the gag order that had been put into effect against the informant. joining us tonight. circa news investigative reporter sarah carter who has been reporting on this case and broader corruption in the swamp for some time now.
4:37 am
sarah, good to have you with us. congratulations on yourr your terrific reporting. john roberts saying the gag order as the informant's attorney said last night, all she wanted was for that gag order to be lifted. the informant ready to tell congress and anyone who will listen on what is five years of corruption in which the clintons are implicated allegedly. >> i have had the opportunity to meet through his attorney the informant myself. he is -- he's bound by a non-disclosure agreement which he desperately wants lifted so he can talk about his time as he spent as a confidential informant for the fbi for four years during which time the fbi was investigating both the
4:38 am
russian nuclear arm and people associated with it that were committing bribery and kickbacks. money laundering. international money laundering and affecting businesses in the u.s. as well as their attempt by vladimir putin to expand his uranium global reach. so this is huge news, lou, this is incredible news. so at this point in time there has never been an actual eyewitness into the uranium one deal. also developing was the announcement made by the house intelligence committee and oversight committee that is right behind senator grassley and the judiciary committee are now conduct their own investigation into this. credit to congressman ron desantis and congressman jim jordan as well.
4:39 am
but at the same time, it's not movement on the part of the justice department led by attorney general jeff sessions. without the grand juries and justice department engagement -- we may learn far more and i expect we'll. but we can't bring to justice the russians, the conspirators in this country and the dirty cops and dirty politicians, all of whom were engaged in conspiring against the u.s. national interests. >> according to sources i have spoken with. attorney general jeff sessions is have much involved in this right now. i don't want to make any assumptions he won't follow through. i want to sit back and wait, see what develops tomorrow as far as lifting that non-disclosure agreement. the justice department also has
4:40 am
to work with the fbi. this criminal case we exposed started out as a counter intelligence operation. that's considered highly classified. lou: no longer do i believe that many of the people in washington who represent us, that is congress and the senate are buying the bull that it's a counter intelligence operation on the part of an also law enforcement agency, namely the fbi within the justice department in which the usual result is just to shroud the truth and shroud those who are guilty whether it's benghazi or fast and furious, the irs case. whatever it may be. the fbi ends up being a cloak rather than a ray of sunshine and bright light on corruption. >> you know, i couldn't agree with you more on a lot of the points you just made. but i can tell you this, the
4:41 am
informant's attorney is insisting that the full nda be lifted. lou: i understand. >> i think this will be a push, a complete lift so he can tell everyone his story, and particularly lawmakers who are asking these questions and who are now conducting the first major investigation into uranium one. lou: i just want the justice department to change what has been their culture for so long, which is to get out of the shroud business and get into the search light business, if you will. it's time -- this is the united states of america, folks. this is not the soviet union, and we are being treated by this government over the past particularly 8 years, being treated as if it were a soviet government rather than an american one. we have got to change this, including the jfk files that
4:42 am
come up on the 26th. the president announcing he will open those up. think about this. 54 years later. >> it's incredible. there are so many reporters and so many americans and people all over the world that are finally going to get a chance to see what happened with john f. kennedy. this is an incredible time it's one step at a time. one layer of onion, one peel back. lou: i say rip it to pieces. i'm so sick of this crap, i can't stand it. it's just time to quit treating us like mushrooms. sarah, thanks so much. sarah carter. keep up the great work. sarah carter. circa news. watch as these day devils -- as these daredevils fly 100 feet
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above lake tahoe. they built a rope swing to go airborne. that looks like so much fun. except i'm afraid that landing would not suit me. plunging into the water from such heights. look at that. that's terrific. i'm just trying to calculate the odds of me landing feet first rather than belly first. not good. up next. revelations that the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee paid for the dossier that was the basis of the fisa warrant. we'll take you have the latest developments on fusion gps. gregg jarrett joins us next.
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lou: joining we fox news legal analyst, gregg jarrett. "washington post" reporting we understand who was behind the fusion gps discredited dossier. it was the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc. you know when i knew they were in trouble when hillary said it's debungd, it's over. she had to make a special point, and it's only now beginning. gregg: it's a vast right-wing conspiracy, right? republicans forced bill clinton to have sex with a white house intern. christopher steel, the british spy who composed the dossier got
4:49 am
a lot of his information from the kremlin. lou: you mean made up a lot of the information. gregg: to borrow hillary's word, it's been debunked. hillary and the dnc are paying for a dossier composed principally by the russians. that strikes me as hillary-russian collusion. and the victim of course is donald trump. lou: the victim is donald trump, and he said so from the outset. still one of the most of infuriating moments in all of this. but to hear senator richard burr of the senate intelligence committee, the chair, say he would like to tell the assembled reporters a couple weeks ago, here are our preliminary findings on collusion. the problem is we don't have any findings. but we are going to wink, nod,
4:50 am
expand the investigation. this is stupidity and the corruption ignorance and incompetence aflame in the swamp gregg: did it strike you that burr is just a tool? lou: it struck me. gregg: what else bothers me about this is there are four individuals who appear to have covered under the uranium one collusion, ron rod reasons stein, andrew wiseman and james comey. these are the guys involved in the strum russian collusion. it's no coincidence. i don't believe in coincidences, especially when it comes to crimes and political corruption. we are supposed to believe it was just a co-understand jones $150 million float to hillary clinton's foundation and half a million to bill clinton?
4:51 am
howe. lou: how is it on its face that united states government under president obama could rationalize in any way selling to russia of all nations, 20% of american uranium? it is a strategic ferrell, and it's insane. no matter the price, no matter what. why would any president do it? gregg: there are two things you don't give to your enemy. you that's our rainup and plutonium because it -- that's our rainuthat'suranium and plut. lou: very quickly as we wrap up. your sense of how large the
4:52 am
development finding out that fusion gps was paid by hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc. gregg: i was tblaitd came from t came from the liberal media "washington post." not you liberal media can no longer ignore this like they have been. lou: we finally got where we bloongd year ago. a big win for the public's right to know. the final set of documents on the kennedy assassination to be released this week. presidential historian doug wead joins us after the break to talk about the president's decision. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it?
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lou: in our online poll we asked do you believe the our rainup one fbi informant should be able toll tell congress and the american people all he knows about the clinton-obama collusion? 99% say absolutely yes. joining us, author and doug wead, former presidential assistant to president george w. bush. the president deciding to let
4:57 am
these documents that have been seated for 54 years, released them to the decision. a great decision? >> let the sunshine in. people are so sick and tired of cover-ups, the benghazi and cover-up for the clinton scandals and coverups for the elitist insiders. it's like they are prinss and lords. how dare the people vote for somebody they haven't approved. george w. bush when he was elected president. one of his first executive orders was to extend the amount of time presidential papers could be withheld from the public. donald trump's first executive orders were about jobs. it's about time to show some renext for the people of and not -- show some respect for the people and not treat them like
4:58 am
children. lou: the question now becomes for all the conspiracy theorists, what will the cia and the fbi do? what will the deep state do with this information and the first question is, was there one assassin or more, doug? >> i try to hang on to the one. the warren commission said the one. but the senate select committee on assassination who had access to some of the ci starks information we'll see thursday said there were two. that's the government. so the warren commission was overruled by the senate years later. lou: the president who put together the warren commission, lyndon johnson sold walter cronkite in an interview at the ranch that was held back for years from the public, that he
4:59 am
wasn't entirely sure there weren't others involved as he put it. >> gerald ford who served on that commission, he had a similar feeling and admitted to me that much pulling their punches on the washen commission had to do with treating the kennedy family with deference. there was great concern all these secrets would come spilling out. lou: 54 years of deference is a lot of deference. even populists get i am patient after a quarter century. >> history is that version events people have decided to agree on. history isn't the truth it's a version of events people decided to agree on. usually it's the aleastists that make that decision. i don't expect it to immediately
5:00 am
and the question. i don't think that will be answer merchandise my lifetime of who did it. lou: we'll have to finds out because it's coming up quick. good cheryl: breaking news this morning. a bombshell says hillary clinton and the democratic national committee were behind the 2008 campaign oppression collision. lauren: stunning news is arizona republican jeff flake says he will not run for reelection since the latest gop infighting with the trump agenda at stake. train to another record high with the dow 167 points yesterday the dow components to shift the win. dow component shifting to a slightly lower open. 20 allies on earning a place the european central bank in london. the ftse down 20


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