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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 25, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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spent in texas to make the state right after that horrific storm. it is a campaign event late they're night. he will be a busy guy. trish regan to take you through the next hour. indeed. trish: thank you, neil. president trump blasting hillary clinton and the dnc following the bombshell revelation it was actually her campaign and the dnc that helped to fund the salacious trump dossier. you know the documents which claimed donald trump was colluding with the russians. here we are, a year later, still no evidence of collusion that dossier has been largely discredited. now we're learning who was behind the funding of it. i'm trish regan, welcome, everyone to "the intelligence report." the president telling our own lou dobbs a short time ago what hillary clinton did is quote, a disgrace. >> so they spent, if you think of it, almost $6 million on something like that, and i think, honestly i just think it's a disgrace.
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trish: we're going to get to all of that. but the president is telling mr. lou dobbs, that we'll have the biggest tax cuts ever in our country's history. and two new probes into the 2010 russian uranium deal. a shady deal that went through while hillary clinton was secretary of state, and while president obama was in office. why did they allow a foreign country to control 20% of our uranium supply? president trump saying just a short time ago, this is a modern-age watergate. wow. and house majority leader kevin mccarthy is here to talk tax reform, the russian deal and a whole lot more. but first, let's bo to blake burman, he is outside the white house with the latest on the dossier. the president giving rather impromptu press conference, mentioning the dossier. reporter: impromptu, what we're getting used to, trish, the president speaking while leaves
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the white house. of the his first react to the revelation that it was hillary clinton campaign and democratic national committee that had funded this dossier from fusion gps, that tries to connect the president to russian collusion, is a disgrace. that is a word he used twice earlier here today at the white house. including his sit-down interview with lou dobbs. the president also telling lou, it is the hillary clinton folks, remember they said they had no connection to this whatsoever, but the president saying, the clinton team is now trying to backtrack. >> you know it is very interesting, she denied it. her own people denied it. everybody denied it, they're now cooting around figuring out what to say -- scooting around. they spend almost $6 million on that. honestly i think it's a disgrace. reporter: tax reform remains the big issue here, trish, on
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capitol hill and across the country. there is a bit of ambiguity what might happen to the structure of 401(k)s. the president earlier this week said there would be no change. but kevin brady said how 401(k)s might be taxed is on the negotiating table. as he left the white house and that i impromptu press conferen, he said that 401(k)s might not be changed at all but he backtracked on that as well. listen to the exchange on the south lawn. >> 401(k)s to me, very important, because they are important that is one of the great benefits of middle class. i didn't want it to go too far. why i ended it quickly. reporter: kevin brady head of house ways and means committee it may be on the table. >> maybe it is. maybe we'll use it as negotiating. reporter: seems most everything here, speeds middle class tax
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cuts and corporate rate sunday negotiation at this point. potentially including 401(k)s. president trump says he does not think bob corker and jeff flake will block his agenda. he thinks they will be on his side for tax reform. trish? trish: all right. thank you so much, blake burman. let's turn back to the bombshell report, showing the clinton campaign and dnc helped fund that damaging trump dossier last year. we have american university executive in residence and good to see you both. there is opposition research, there is opposition research winds up in the hand of the fbi and suddenly people are wiretapped because believed to be colluding with the russians. where do we begin? where does this start to get out of hand? >> it your point, it is very common, every campaign, pays for opposition research on their opponents. that is very standard. trish: okay. >> but what is different about this case is that we know that they contracted with mr. steele to produce this dossier compiled
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of facts that are fake or produced by russian intelligence or totally fabricated by someone yet undetermined. they used this research to coordinate with the fbi during the obama administration and leveraged that to get a fisa warrant to start spying on the leader of opposition party, candidate through trump. this is unprecedented. i'm not mellow dramatic. this is something you expect to see in a banana republic. trish: why the president is right to call it a modern-day water feat. this is biz stuff. -- watergate. the dossier was floating out there in the media. no media organization would publish it, capri, it had been discredited. it was sleazy. it read like a piece of
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opposition research. no media organization except buzzfeed, that is whole another conversation. nobody would publish it, yet the fbi finds it credible enough to run with it? >> you know it is concerning. anytime, this is the reason why, i mean outside of all the things that harlan has said, democrat or republican, regardless who in power, regardless who the candidate is, anytime you are exploiting the government and tax dollars for the, an end political gain, that is incredibly concerning, and something that is obviously prohibited. you can't use tax dollars and government resources for the purposes of a political campaign. so, you know, so, certainly in that context, i say this again, if it was democrat or republican. doesn't matter. it does not matter. i say that as someone who served eight of my 10 years in the ohio senate on the ethics committee in ohio. obviously our rules are a little bit different. some things are very basic.
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you can't use tax dollars for the purposes of political outcome. trish: she denied it. she denied it. members of the democratic party are insulted that anybody could possibly suggest they have anything to do with fusion gps and christopher steele and the dossier, harlan? >> capri touched on something very important. money was transferred to steele by two parties, by the clinton campaign and dnc and by the fbi. after the election, buried in that "washington post" article last night the fbi continued to transfer money to steele to produce intelligence on the president-elect. to capri's point, they used taxpayer money, they leveraged the power and purse of the federal government to undermine the president-elect of the united states. you couldn't write this in a movie. people would say this is unbelievable. this is unfathomable. trish: who was running the fbi
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at the time? >> comey. trish: think of who was in the justice department at the time. think of all the conflicts of interest, and we haven't even gotten to uranium one, which is coming up by the way, everyone. >> oh, boy. trish: capri you say it is knowing right from wrong. maybe having served some time in the state senate on the ethics committee in ohio, maybe she would have benefited from that. this is something not just her by the way. this is the party itself, again politics aside. >> right. trish: what is your sense of where this goes from now? is the president right to call this a modern-day watergate? >> well, i mean i think that you know, without knowing all of the facts, maybe it's a little too forceful to call it a modern-day watergate. however there is parallel in the sense that richard nixon was spying on his opponents and, you know, then there is obviously cover-ups amongst the government and all the rest of it. so there may be some loose
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parallels here. regardless democrat or republican, if there is misappropriation of tax dollars, that is something that warrants an investigation. no different than, you know, then there is obviously issues of collusion, quote, unquote collusion. issues surrounding russia that, you know consistently under investigation. you know, and -- trish: harlan, here they are saying collusion, collusion, collusion, oh, there may have been collusion. it may not have been with the trump campaign and russia. may have been actually with the hillary campaign and russia, harlan hill. >> i agree with everything capri said today, except for the fact that this is as bad as water gate. this is worse. when you're talking about potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in the case of uranium one. use of federal dollars, campaign dollars to undermined the president of the united states, that is uncharted territory.
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>> if this is modern day watergate, that means "the washington post" strikes twice. >> that is true. that is a great point. >> you never know, only point i'm making when you have these very serious allegations out there, be or however you want to frame them, we need to go through the entire process. sy same thing about the russian investigation as well. let people do the investigation. let's stop speculating. i made the comparison the other day, google, webmd waiting for the diagnosis to come back. wait for the diagnosis. trish: the only thing this wouldn't fet attention perhaps it it deserves, if we hadn't gotten in drips and drabs, if we hadn't learned that the hillary campaign and the dnc was funding this research. i mean that's -- you can't, as a member of the media really shy away from that. >> fair enough. trish: i hear what you're saying, we want more details.
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we're starting to get them. one week from today the congress unveils long-awaited bill that provides to promise tax relief for the middle class. the president tweeted this morning, quote, working hard on the biggest tax cut in u.s. history. support from so many sides and big winners are businesses, jobs and republican leaders are confident they can pass a tax bill despite ongoing feuds with senator jeff flake and bob corker. will they have enough votes? harlan what will happen with corker what will happen with flake, what will happen for that matter, senator mccain, senator murkowski, senator collins, will they be roadblocks? >> i don't think so. based on what we saw with president flake, to his credit, that coming out of luncheon with the president he is ready to work on tax reform. to his credit they will work for the constituents and put ahead
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of their personal politics. this is not about trump. this isn't about them. it is about giving relief to the american people so we can maintain 3% growth. trish: are they capable? there is a lot of still fiscal hawks on the hill, feel like okay, we can't spend this. i argue you have to spend a little to make a little in this case. >> absolutely. trish: you want to cut taxes so you incentivize growth. there are two schools of economic thought if you're someone really obsessed with debt and deficits, you may not be as willing to cut taxes now, capri. >> sure. you will always have the balance for those that absolutely want to make sure all tax cuts are going to be paid for and offset in order not to increase, the debt and deficit. as you mentioned, i think other school of thought is that, if there is economic growth. then obviously the revenues coming in as a result of that economic growth are going to offset those costs. i think so much contingent upon where the tax cuts are coming from and whether or not the democrats come to the table in that regard. even my senator, her rod brown,
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democrat from ohio, known as progressive but he said if president trump and some of his statements regarding really investing in middle class tax cuts are true, he is willing to come to the table. i agree with harlan, with the republican members, this is different than repeal and replace obamacare where there were very specific state issues in alaska regarding medicaid. this is very different. i think this is one place where with the exception of the issues, surrounding the debt and deficit, that regardless of personalities i think most republicans will come on board. one final thought -- trish: they better, right? >> here is the thing, they can do it now because in the senate, in the senate version of the budget that passed they did change some of the rules to insure they didn't have to worry about a filibuster and didn't have to get to 60. they can do it on their own if they really want to. trish: harlan, they will have to. otherwise i think they will be sent packing. >> it will be a disaster in 2018
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if we don't get tax reform this year. actually we'll not get tax reform this year. we've thrown that to the side. if we don't get a tax cut this year, we are not asking for that much. if you're a republican can't get tax cut controlling all the federal government, what can you do? trish: we're actually going to hear more about this tax reform from house majority leader kevin mccarthy. he will join us in a few moments stocks retreating from yesterday's highs, not off too much. down 111 points. he is telling lou dobbs, who he thought would be food for the job. watch. >> do you have a preference out of curiosity? >> i do. >> tell me who your preference is? i only want from that people i respect. >> i personally believe janet yellen might be worth keeping. >> tell you what. she was in my office three days ago. she was very impressive.
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i like her a lot. in one way i like to say you like to make your own mark. you understand that. >> absolutely. >> you like to make your own mark, maybe one of the things she has a little bit against her but i think she is terrific. trish: yeah, but hey, if it ain't broke, why fix it? down at new york stock exchange, our own nicole petallides is hearing a lot of traders probably say that exact same thing. in other words, you have a market that is just moving higher daily. janet yellen has a tough job ahead of herself in that she has to unwind this giant balance sheet. so far so good. >> so far so good. one day of records after another. as you know, trish, we're looking at the seventh month straight of records of at least moving higher with up arrows. we had our milestones, 21, 22, 23. many people think we're going to 24 and 25, that you will not stop the market because of earnings and employment and tax reform that will come in.
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taking a look, the dow is down 107 points. we have a couple movers, the first is general electric, worst name in the dow for this year. it is down 2% today. it is down over 10% this week. they have cut their forecast. they're trying to revamp it. another leg down, morgan stanley basically took it out of portfolio dividend stocks maintained by their wealth management unit. ge out. uh-oh. it is down 2%. a new low, lowest close in four 1/2 years is likely. here is another mover, that is apple. apple is off the earlier lows of the day. this morning we wake up, we started to hear that apple may have somehow compromised its facial recognition to get the 10 out and produced. turns out apple is denying that. the quality and accuracy have not been compromised in any way, shape or form. it is one in a million that a random person, trish, can pick
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up your phone and open it up with their face. we'll see. but they are sticking by their guns on this one. trish: thanks so much, nicole. there are a lot of questions today on this whole 2010 russian uranium deal. i keep asking, how is it that a russian company is able to control 20% of a strategic resource of ours? our country's uranium supply? you know what you can do with uranium. how on earth did hillary clinton's state department and the obama administration sign off on this deal? we are going to tackle that question, a whole lot more when house majority leader kevin mccarthy, joins us me in a just a few moments. stay with me. i'm back after this.
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>> i think the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done, so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money being passed, i actually think that's watergate modern age. trish: is it? here with his take, former foreign policy advisor for the obama administration, david tefori. all right, david, you heard what
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the president had to say. modern-age watergate. is he right? >> first of all, so as foreign policy advisor to the obama campaign, not in the administration. president trump is not right about that and he is using this now to distract from the case that is much more similar to watergate which is the potential involvement of his campaign with russia and influencing our election. let me tell you why. trish: no, no, no. i do not understand how a deal like this happened. i said this from the beginning. i'm a business journalist. i know how tough it is to get a cross-border transaction done. i know what goes in from a legal standpoint, and a business standpoint and a regulatory standpoint. how is it all of these agencies, including hillary clinton's state department, david, signed off on a deal that would allow the russians to have control of 20% of our uranium supply? >> you hit the key point. it wasn't just hillary clinton's
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state department. there were nine agencies, all of which cleared on this, and agency heads, voted approval of it. trish: what does that tell you? no, what does that tell you how those agency heads were viewing russia at the time? >> well, russia, they viewed russia different think than most people view russia now. trish: why did they not view russia as a threat? >> because russia was a threat then, but much more of a threat now. trish: hmmm. >> in 2010, that is before russia had invaded ukraine. it is before it annexed crimea. it is before it went to syria and started fighting with this on the ground in syria. trish: everybody, knew, everybody knew what was russia was up to. everyone knew what russia wanted to do. everyone knew russia was a potential threat? >> well, i agree with you everyone knew russia was a potential threat but it wasn't as much of a threat at that time. trish: really? i was looking at article, david,
2:24 pm
cover of foreign affairs journal, put out by cfr, everyone in foreign policy reads this. back in 2007, a very good piece on the threat of russia, many believe the principles behind putin's policy of containment, see a new cold war this time against vladmir putin's resurgent russia in the offing. she said russia's imperial ambitions have not vanished. she goes on to talk about all the challenges russia will present in wanting to take over ukraine, et cetera. condoleeza rice, a russian scholar, who was there in the white house, seems to me, david, that it wasn't until mr. obama became president, that suddenly russia was no longer such a big deal, no longer a threat, why? >> well, again, trish i think we agree that russia was a threat then. it is just much more of a threat now because of actions that putin has taken. we thought, maybe he would take these actions but -- trish: you don't think it had anything to do with $146 million? >> he actually invade ad
2:25 pm
sovereign country in ukraine. he actually went into syria and s.t.a.r.t.ed supporting a -- trish: because nobody stood in his way. the obama administration allowed russia to flourish. this is what she was warning everyone way back against in 2007. i remember the 2008 lobster summit in kenebunkport, maine. putin was there with bush, there was a lot of concern at the time that putin did have expansionist tendencies. condoleeza rice, just seems to me, david, everyone knew, yet the president, eventual president obama was laughing this off, telling mitt romney, take your 1980s foreign policy back. people did know, the obama administration did know and hillary clinton and as his secretary of state chose to ignore it, i just wonder does that have anything to do with the $146 million being awarded to the clinton foundation by the russians? >> well, we have to draw our own
2:26 pm
conclusions about that. we agree russia was a threat then. trish: your own conclusions about that? >> i also, i also agree with you, that it was a bad policy decision for the cfius committee to pass on this deal and say that this deal was okay, in which we provided a russian company the authority to take over a company in canada, that had access to our uranium reserves. that was a mistake and mistake approved -- trish: nobody cared? loretta lynch knew about it. chuck grassley sent her the a letter. we have the letter. we shared excerpt with the viewers yesterday. in other words there were plenty of alarm bells going off. now the guy with the nda agreement. he is not allowed to talk, he is trying to change that. he was sounding alarm bells, saying this isn't right. david, i question, why the sudden change in our policy? we were worried about russia and
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maybe we weren't? hillary clinton i'm secretary of state, why would i be worried about russia when they are giving my husband $500,000 for a speech or $146 million to our charitable foundation? >> those things need to be looked into. so far there is no evidence that any of those things influencedded hillary clinton. even if it influenced hillary clinton, hillary clinton would have to influence eight other heads of agencies who also agreed to this. trish: but we're learning that this guy, this guy was out there -- dirty money going back and forth between people in russia associated with the atomic energy business and people on the other side. i mean the other thing i would only point out, david, in all of this, is that we also had an fbi investigation going on that was looking into whether or not vladmir putin wanted to expand his reach in our atomic energy industry of the so if you have got an investigation like that
2:28 pm
going on, how on earth is cfius or anybody else saying go ahead with the deal? >> you're right. that is the new news. that is why this old deal is back in the news, because we now know there was criminal investigation going on. that criminal investigation was not into anything related to hillary clinton or bill clinton or the administration t was related to a trucking firm, the trucking firm was engaging in bribery, in cahoots with russia. now we know that fbi investigation was going on before the cfius approval but what we don't know yet is if the fbi communicated to anyone on the cfius committee that it was investigating this. if it was, then i agree with you, but let me finish. trish: what about one hand -- >> i agree with you, if they failed to communicate that that should be taken into account by the cfius committee and cfius committee should have been more reluctant to provide approval and we should find out. trish: it does not pass the smell test.
2:29 pm
you heard of capri cafaro talk about basic ethics. one basic tenet of ethics maybe my husband should not get a pay day of 500 grand a week after that closes. it didn't look like if nothing else. in many cases perception is reality. david, i appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> thank you. trish: new reports that a top american diplomat to north korea is urging president trump and his administration to use diplomatic options as tensions continue to rise on the korean peninsula but we said it many times on the show, talking doesn't work with kim jong-un? what do you do? what are our options really? we'll ask retired four-star general jack keane. he has some answers next. his advisor ran the numbers and showed that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets-
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trish: house is suspected to pass the senate approved budget tomorrow paving the way for tax reform, and news today that the top republican writing the tax bill in the house, kevin brady
2:34 pm
says the bill could force changes to 401(k) plan. what is going on. house majority leader kevin mccarthy. good to see you sir. >> thank you for having me. trish: tell us any previous views if you can, what will be in this thing? >> for the tax bill, we ask how do we help the individual, that hard-working american? the first thing you need to do is double the standard deduction. what that means is, if you're a couple, instead of the first $12,000 tax-free, make it 24. then lower the rate. instead of having seven, make them three. for small business, which creates the most jobs of anything in america, lower that rate to 25, the lowest it has been in more than 80 years. and let's make sure we bring trillions of dollars sitting overseas back to america to invest in american businesses. and that -- trish: those are all good ideas. >> and then lowering the
2:35 pm
corporate rate to 20% because right now we're the highest in the world. you know what the latest economic study says? by lowering that rate to 20%, actually increases household income by 4,000. trish: so in other words, lower taxes, you start to unleash some of this prosperity pent up in this economy. but let me ask you this. talk about the economic brackets. can you give us any insight who these people who the tax cuts would really affect. when you talk about the middle class, what are the parameters, congressman? >> we're talking about hard-working americans, those directly across america that need help. trish: everybody says hard-working. hard-working in different places means different things. if you're making a couple hundred grand in new york city, hey, you know that is a lot different than making a couple hundred grand in kansas. i guess that is why people are very interested in the details,
2:36 pm
where the income brackets will come out? >> doesn't matter where you are in the income bracket, you will actually pay less. one principle i -- trish: really. >> really, because watch this. when you look what we do, when we eliminate the amt, which was created created decades ago to go after 30 americans that now affects millions of americans we eliminate that. trish: what about the very wealthy? >> the very wealthy? trish: the biggest income earners in the united states of america, will they get a tax cut? >> people will still pay tax. what they will get benefit of, think of this, instead of spend weeks on the tax bill, you will spend minutes because you fill it out on a postcard. fewer people will itemize. people will pay tax, rightfully so. you live in the nation. it will be fair across the country. no longer when you close the
2:37 pm
loopholes, that somebody get as benefit and somebody doesn't. if you're making the same amount as somebody else in america, you know what? it will be fair. you pay the same amount. that is what is right and that is a real process how tax code should be written. trish: three brackets. no extra brackets in there. >> there is discussion of another bracket. something the president talked about and others this is not done yet. we're continuing to work on it. but one thing you want to look at is the framework we're working on today. is it fair? does it create greater growth? does it make america more competitive around the world? all three of those are checked off and yes. instead of having seven brackets, we'll narrow that further. trish: let me ask you about 401(k) plan? >> i think 401(k)s are, whatever we do in process, from an american principle we don't want to rely on government but why can't people invest their own money, have their own nest
2:38 pm
egg as they go forward? i love doing that tax-free. i love that with no money, pretax, investing. trish: sounds like you guys want to keep it. but as the president said it may turn into a negotiation tool. let me ask you this, congressman, in terms of future of the party right now, how dependent are republicans getting this done, especially at a time when increasingly you're seeing fellow members of your party say okay, we'll take, we'll take a rain check on running again because they feel, they feel many ways perhaps they can't? steve bannon exercising his influence across the country. the president exercising his influence in many cases across the country, with some lawmakers there on capitol hill, how does that affect all of what you're doing? >> well, first of all we will put people before politics. if you ask me, this is what we said. this is why we ran. to bring growth back into the country. if you want to solve almost any issue in the country you have to get growth up.
2:39 pm
the last eight years under barack obama, were some of the lowest growth years in eight-year time frame. we always averaged at least 3% growth from the creation of this country until the 2008. even if you look at bill clinton's years, the worst growth year under bill clinton is higher than the highest growth year under barack obama. this is the fundamental, why the middle class is losing last eight years. this is why we're doing what we promised we would do. bring growth back up. create more jobs, make it fair, not somebody to have advantage over another american. make us competitive. most importantly, too, let americans keep more of what they earn. we want to talk about all americans, every american gets the first 24,000 tax-free if you're a couple. trish: it sounds good. i think you run into trouble trying to create an extra bracket. you don't want to penalize anyone. that is not who we are as americans. we want to reward success. you ought to keep as much as you earn. i do also think, congressman,
2:40 pm
income is different from wealth. >> absolutely. trish: if someone has a good year, you don't want them to discourage having another one. i could spend almost all hour but i do have to let you go at some point. you have work to do. let me ask you about what the president said in terms of the uranium one deal, looking to be the watergate effectively of this generation, what are your thoughts on that, and what needs to be done to get to the bottom of just exactly what transpired? >> i think we need, we need all the information. this is just been bubbling up in the last little bit. there is more than just this. what about the first part that i just woke up this morning, when you have our own fbi, our department of justice, not providing all information here to congress, when it came to the dnc and hillary, paying to create something fake, a dossier against president obama? i mean president trump? who was involved in that and why didn't congress get that
2:41 pm
information? and then the whole part of what is going on with the president talking about, well the safety of america, what's happened within russia? there is a lot of answers here that we need an investigation to know exactly what happened, who knew it, and when did it take place. trish: bothers you that $146 million went to the clinton foundation at a time when you start to see a policy shift, we started to welcome russia in a way we previously hadn't? >> well, there is a lot of concerns there. remember back when president obama medvedev, he could be more flexible after the next election. money going through the clinton foundation came through canada and other reporting. i have always had concerns about the clinton foundation and reporting as they move forward. there are many more questions than there has been answers. every time something dwells further into this, seems like there are more questions we need to have answered. >> i hope you get them answered, congressman, and good luck with taxes. thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me. trish: we'll be right back.
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trish: a certain naval warship deployed to the western pacific as tensions between the u.s. and north korea escalate. here with more, fox news military analyst general jack keane. general, good to see you. what message in your view is this sending kim jong-un? >> well, certainly we have all along put the military option back on the table. we want a credible military threat so it becomes the fuel that, to help this diplomatic effort that we're making, which is the main effort to cut off all trade with north korea to include chinese trade. so, but i think what is happening here, listen, three aircraft carrier strike groups in the pacific is at the same time, that is really quite the exception. i mean one it could be, as, director pompeo said last week, that we're getting closer to war with north korea because they're getting closer to a nuclearized icbm. it could be we don't want him
2:47 pm
testing an icbm while the president is in the far east. or, it is just a demonstration to him that we do have a serious military option on the terrible, and this is a demonstration of that. trish: when we talk about the military option, and it being on the table, is it really, and are we prepared for the consequences of that? >> i think this administration and the national security team certainly doesn't want to execute that option but they have gone out of their way to demonstrate to our allies in the region and certainly to china and to north korea, this option is on the table, and they will execute it if they have to. i'm absolutely convinced that is where they are. trish: general, very quickly, the uranium one deal, as a four-star army general, how disturbed are you that that deal went through, that gave russia access to such a strategic resource? >> yeah, it is pretty shocking that we would do something like
2:48 pm
that, given it is russia. why are we ever doing anything to give them advantage where i would come down on that. makes no sense. highly suspicious, given the criminal probe taken place. give the obviously the donations to the clinton foundation, et cetera. it needs to be investigated and investigated and investigated. i'm not certain that just by the congress grand jury power. they can't force somebody to talk. u.s. attorneys and departments of justice and put people around them, go after the -- trish: there are a lot of unanswered questions. if you investigate russia, good talking to you. >> good talking as always, trish. trish: thanks. will we finally see the classified government documents detailing everything that happens in jfk's assassination?
2:49 pm
we may in fact tomorrow. what could be in there? secret files that might put the conspiracy theories to rest? or get them going again? presidential historian doug wead is on it next. business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name. it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground. you know win control? be this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national.
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trish: the long secret files on jfk's assassination, they are set to be released tomorrow after president trump said he would no longer block release of thousands of classified files. joining me right now, is presidential historian doug wead. humor me a minute, what are the biggest conspiracy theories out there right now? will these files, will they be able to confirm or deny? >> there is a lot, a lot of them. the first one is that it was a lone gunman. there is evidence for that, he murdered someone else the same day. he ran and that he shot a policeman, killed him. there is questions about that too. and then the mafia. the mafia theory, oh, my goodness it is perfect mafia protocol. they took out the link, the man in between, ruby, killed on television. hitman was recruited under a false flag. lee harvey as wall may have thought he was shooting him for the russians or soviets.
2:54 pm
like joseph colombo shot in front of 50,000 people down the street from where you are right now in columbus circle. he was shot by a man recruited by false pretenses. didn't know he was and a assassin for the mafia. he was immediately shot before policemen. that is message to anybody, children, wives, we can get you there. fbi can't help you, cia can't help you, it has mob all over it. trish: you think there is something to that? >> it is very possible, between one and 10 i would give it an eight. we have wiretaps from the fbi saying, overhearing the mafia talking about an assassination. we have clear motive, i mean, old joseph kennedy, i write about him at length in, the raising of a president. he helped, worked with the mafia in west virginia where they took out humphrey and helped kennedy to win in the primary and cook county. had a man planted in fidel castro's kitchen to poison him.
2:55 pm
the mafia thought, hey, we're working with this president. he owes us. they felt very much betrayed. trish: castro, what about cuba, soviets? >> very possible, very possible. the soviets were humiliated. there was a time where heads of state were being murdered. we were murdering them. chile, the president of chile, alinde, that is possible. cubans, definitely possible. we had tried to kill fidel castro. the cia's theory which i don't tend to believe, the cia theory. i don't think they could keep a secret that long. trish: so they have kept this locked up, for years, these files. i mean, i assume someone has seen them. the president has indicated yeah, yeah, i will release these, i suppose unless for some reason he decided that the information was too sensitive? >> i think he is right to release them. i had gerald ford in my home on several occasions, and i asked
2:56 pm
about the warren commission. he felt the warren commission was pulling its punches to be kind to the kennedys, to not embarass the kennedys. time has passed. let the sunshine in. let's go. trish: i guess. you have to come back tomorrow. thanks. ♪ eras. they're defined by accomplishments. by victories. by those with the resourcefulness, the ingenuity, :
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3:00 pm
president. it is an exclusive interview, and can you imagine they're going to get into a lot of things, including this whole dossier, excuse my french, and uranium one, and by the way, who's going to be head of the federal reserve? liz claman over to you. liz: exactly. speaking of, which we have breaking news on that right now. the contest to win the job to be the next federal reserve chair has apparently just lost a contender. which one of these five power players will be the next fed chair? and which one appears to be out of the race right now. charlie gasparino working the phones, he's in the newsroom, he's going to get in the newsroom chair, stand by for that. deeper shade of red for stocks caught in a downtrend, the tornado leaving the green arrows over the rainbow, far off in the distance. turbulence at boeing's third quarter report weighing down the dow jones industrials, lower by


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