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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 25, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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optimistic. i think strong balance sheets mat ear great deal. you look for stocks with the strong balance sheet. [closing bell rings]. they will win over whatever environment next six months. liz: is a pal of this network since day one. of a the close starts right now. >> the dow off its lows. it is sending down 112 points. about it had been down 190 points. it could have been a lot worse. hello, everybody, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis this. is "after the bell." here is what else we're covering in this very busy hour ahead. the tables are turned what the president calls the russia hoax, slamming hillary clinton and the dnc as lawmakers turn their attention to multiple scandals focusing on the obama administration and the clintons
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for that matter. and former fbi director james comey as well. we'll have more on the president's response and speak to the chair of the house intelligence committee coming up, devin nunez. members of the house ways and means committee are hunkering down on capitol hill working on tax reform, ahead of a self-imposed deadline for the bill. that is next week. what's in, what's out? we'll speak to a member of that committee as well. texas still struggling to recover from the devastating effects of hurricane harvey. president trump is expected to land in dallas at any moment, where he will be briefed on the recovery efforts. we'll bring that to you as well. david: lots going on. get back to the markets. the dow reversing course after yesterday's rally. the dow seeing the biggest drop since beginning of september. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. nicole, it recovered. i thought it would go into double digits instead of triple digits. it didn't do that but it recovered nicely.
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>> we're down 112 points. you know we've been hitting one record after another. yesterday we had a great day. we're looking at seven straight months of gains for the dow jones industrial average, for month of october we're up 4%. there has been profit-taking on technology and some of the winners. taking a look at the dow names that came under pressure. we did watch general electric and boeing. really general electric has been a big story. it is down 10% this week, new lows, multiyear lows. morgan stanley pulled it out of their unit for dividend-paying stocks, for their wealth management unit. that was not good news there. it hit a new low. closed at 21.50. boeing came under pressure. they are still taking a charge on the tanker program and quarterly earnings fell. that was under pressure. another group of movers was the airline stocks in the transportation index. look at some of these, alaska airlines is one that dragged the
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whole thing down, down 13%. it was on the quarter, just not doing as well in quarterly revenue, unit revenue for passengers. took down the whole group. big picture. record territory, a little bit of a breather. traders say that is all right. david: a little bit of a breather. thank you, nicole. melissa. melissa: funded by the clinton camp, president trump slamming hillary clinton and the dnc following the bombshell revelation that it was actually her campaign that funded the salacious anti-trump dossier. who knew. blake burman live at the white house with the latest. break it down, blake. reporter: president trump saying latest revelation that the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic national committee funded fusion gps dossier and quote, president trump said it was a disgrace. that was a word he used twice at the white house earlier this afternoon as he sat down with lou dobbs. many members of the clinton campaign said there was no absolutely no connection between
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themselves and this dossier. that was before this "washington post" report. the president saying today, in his interview with lou dobbs, he thinks the clinton team, what is left of it, is now trying to backtrack. >> you know it is very interesting. she denied it. her own people denied it. everybody denied it. they're sort of scooting around what to say. so they spent, if you think of it, almost $6 million on something like that, and i think, honestly i just think it is a disgrace. reporter: however last night the top spokesperson for the clinton campaign, brian fallon tweeted out this as his initial reaction and i quote. i regret i didn't know about christopher steele's hiring pre-election. if i had i would have volunteered to go to europe to try to help him. money for this dossier actually started flowing during the republican primary. it is believed quite possibly a republican started this whole thing. president trump as he left the
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white house on the south lawn today was asked, who he thinks that might been? >> i think i would know, but let's find out who it is. i'm sure that will come out. reporter: do you have any idea? >> i think i would have, if i were to guess, i have one name in mind. it will probably be revealed. reporter: being a bit coy after that, when the clinton campaign and dnc jumped in. trey gowdy, congressman on capitol hill, he wants to see whether or not the doj or the fbi relied on this dossier to launch the russia investigation. david, melissa, back to you. melissa: boy, that raises a lot of questions, blake, thank you so much. here to help through some of them, devin nunez, house intelligence committee chairman. let's start with the idea why did it take "the washington post" for to us figure this out? there were folks along the way
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said as we continue down the trail and looking at dossier and russian interference we'll find connections to the clinton camp. why did it take "the washington post" for that to come out? >> i think it is clear fusion gps or the democrats leaked it to the "washington post" because they knew this would come out eventually. we have subpoenas waiting. they're continuing to enforced. they invoked their fifth amendment rights the week before. my guess is they leaked it. there is still a lot more to come. i'm sure, these are favorable reporters that they leak this to. these are the go-to people for the obama administration, for the clinton campaign people. this is probably the most favorable line that they will get from any reporters. melissa: yeah. >> but we'll see. we'll see what happens because we're continuing to fight here in the house of representatives to get all of the information as to who paid for this dossier and also, who used the dossier. did the fbi or the doj use this
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dossier for anything in terms of any types of investigations? that would be a major problem with that happened. melissa: fusion gps is a company that we know russian president vladmir putin has used to dig up dirt, whether true or false, or smear or maligned his own enemies. i mean that includes sergey magnitsky. does this prove collusion between the clintons or the dnc and russia? by proxy or just a coincidence they all used the same smear firm? >> those are some of the questions we want answered. we don't know yet, whether or not russians paid fusion gps, obviously we would like to know that? very much an important part of our investigation, to get to the bottom of that. so look, we're continuing to ask these questions, and we're continuing to get stonewalled, not just by fusion gps.
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we're also having problems, speaker of the house this morning called on doj and fbi to get us the information that we've been asking for that we subpoenaed for over two months regarding this dossier. and so look, this is starting to eventually, the truth will get its boots on. we're hoping that it happens sooner rather than later. melissa: if the clinton camp and dnc did in fact pay for at least a portion of this, and then this information, which ended up being debunked, was used to get surveillance and wire approval, what does that mean to you? >> this is lot of concerns my colleagues and i have had for many years. melissa: what would that mean? what were repercussions mean? at what level? >> if it was primary evidence, that would be a big problem for a lot of americans. this should send shivers up people's spine if this was used,
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if this dossier was used for anything period. because look, if this is, this is what happens in banana republics. melissa: right. >> people use, they use the intelligence services to go get information be, or they give information to the intelligence services to start investigation into the opposition party. you can only imagine if the shoe was on the other foot what would have happened. melissa: it is stuff that ended up not being true. that is one of the most important things about this. there is opo research, then there is smear campaigns. if this is american money and or russian money working together to create a smear campaign, that's horrible, but in that smear campaign was used to spy on an opponent during the campaign this is a huge problem for our democracy, is it not? >> absolutely. as i said, last week in california, there is more
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evidence today of democrats colluding with russians than there are with trump colluding with russians. i said it last week. every week that goes by we have more and more information that leads that way, leads in that direction. that is why it is important that all of these investigations get to the bottom of what actually happened but at this point, we don't see any evidence of collusion with the trump campaign. melissa: if what i described is what happened, we're not saying that, we're saying that this is what needs to be investigated because there's evidence pointing in the direction that at least needs to be investigated, does anyone go to jail for that? >> we're in a uncharted territory then. so we can't jump to conclusions. that is why we need all the facts. we need all the information from fusion gps. we need all the information from the fbi and doj. once we have all the documents, all of that evidence, we can start to analyze, did something, did someone break the law? was it an abuse of power?
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do laws need to be changed. remember, i want to make sure viewers know, this is information that the house intelligence committee asked for in march, in march. we're now almost to november. so this is, i think the longer the intelligence agencies wait to give congress the information, the worse it is going to get for them if in fact this dossier was used as a tool to do surveillance and spy on opposing political campaigns. melissa: sir, that is what is next. you're demanding the documents, you need to see them. then you bring people in order to question them. that is what we should look for next, those of us interested in this story? >> that would be logical place to go, yes. melissa: congressman, i hope you will come back as things develop, because obviously there is a lot of very concerning things here that americans want to know about. >> yeah. also tax reform. i know you will talk about later on your show. melissa: that is our favorite
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thing on the show. we're 100% focused on tax reform. what were you saying? >> this is important about i can making the economy boom. we're glad you're covering it. it is mundane topic but -- melissa: not to us. not to us. it is not mundane. it is very important. thank for coming on. >> i appreciate it. melissa: catch the full interview with president trump and lou dobbs. they will cover all of these topics, coming up tonight at 7:00 p.m. on fox business. david: wow. melissa: can you believe it, to your credit you said a long time ago they need to find out to pay for the dossier. that is really important. you've been saying that forever. david: follow the money, one of the starting points in journalism. melissa: and for our network. david: fusion gps, the people came out with this false document on trump never registered as a foreign agent. if in fact they were paid by the russians somehow, somebody is going to have to go to jail for that because you're not allowed to do that. can not work for a foreign
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government and not register as foreign agent. this is very critical. you made the main point, the overlap of opposition research from a democratic party working with a federal age sixer the fbi, working then with the media, all three of whom worked together to get trump is a scary thing to happen in democracy like ours. a lot of people thought we got away from that in water gate but we're back into it. melissa: god forbid they used that information to obtain wiretaps or look for information. that should terrify everyone of you out there listening to this. that crosses intohat very scary territory david:e've beenhere befor ironicallyith a republica administtion. this is demrat. it can hapn either way. it is bipartisan. we have to track it down. thank god for nunez doing his work. getting you the tax cut by end of the year.
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we told the congressman how important it is. the house is preparing to vote on the senate budget tomorrow. that will pave the way for meaningful tax reform. fox business's connell mcshane is on capitol hill. reporter: the big vote is tomorrow and should speed up the process. talking to republicans or devin nunez or anybody else, they keep insisting to us they can get this thing passed, by this thing we mean tax reform, entire bill before thanksgiving. that being said, very interesting comments from the powerful house ways and means committee, at an event here in washington, d.c. talking about details that need to be worked out. talked about 401(k) plans. the president tweeted there would be no change in the amount of money that americans can contribute tax-free to their 401(k) retirement plans. chairman brady at the event said, i'm quoting now, we think in tax reform, we can create incentives for americans to save
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more and save sooner. here is the key part. we are exploring a number of ideas in those areas. that led to this response from the president. >> 401(k)s to mean are very important. they're important because that is one of the great benefits of the middle class. i didn't want that to go too far because i ended it very quickly. there are certain elements of deals you don't want to negotiate it. 401(k)s, kevin knows it, i think kevin brady is fantastic, he knows how important 401(k)s are. >> it wasn't just 401(k)s brady talked about, he is talking about the state and local deduction but there are no details there. a lot of details need to be worked out. tax writing committees are sticking to this timeline we put up on the screen. you mentioned the budget. next week, wednesday the 1st, we should see a bill introduced to the house. following week, ways and means marks it up.
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well week after that, well ahead of thanks giving. that is ambitious timeline. they think they can get it done before thanksgiving by end of the year. david: sounds good to melissa and me. of the thanks, connell. left's bring in steve cortes, spokesman for the trump campaign and robert wolf, advisor to president obama. both are fox news contributors. steve, simple question, will for owe one ks be left alone? >> yes and they should be crystal clear on that. david: he said he will not bargain on the white house lawn. everything is open for negotiation but i didn't sense that crystal clarity that you did? >> well look, to me it was crystal clear, but fine. regardless, should they be left alone? of course they should. this is one of the few gifts, i
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shouldn't say exists, one of the few allowances for middle class taxpayers. david: that's right. >> people who don't necessarily want to rely on social security, we all know long term social security is not viable. they want to provide for their own retirement this is a way to do it without the government interfering, with government taxing their savings. david: yeah. >> this has to be maintained. this is foundational principle. david: robert, we don't have much time. by the way the president's plane air force one, arriving in dallas. if he comes out and says something we'll take it live. steve said it is not a gift, but our money, $18,000 a year for under 50. 23,000 for those over 50, how much you can put in tax-free. this is very big one for the middle class. do you think it will remain? robert? >> i don't think it will remain. i don't think this is tax reform. this is a tax cut. i think they will keep savings. i wasn't sure which way you
4:18 pm
asked me the question. i don't think they will touch retirement savings. david: they're not going to touch foreowe-- 401(k)s. >> they will not touch state tax deduction. they will decide what based on gdp and models show every next 10 years. i don't think the house bill has a shot passing the senate. at end. day they have to work on what amount of deficit they can accept. david: they should be working that's for damn sure. robert, steve, we have all the breaking news. we have to leave it at that thanks for coming in. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: hillary clinton is not only one with email scandal. a new smoking gun revealed from eric holder. texas attorney general ken paxton sounds off on a new revelation. david: airlines warning passengers traveling to the u.s. to get to the airport early. you will want to hear why. melissa: mainstream media caught trumpeting a nasty anti-trump story that turned out to be pure
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election propaganda, bought and paid for by hillary clinton's election campaign. can the media ever live this one down? howard kurtz on this coming up ♪ great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar.
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david: the media caught again, when this bc ununiversal website buzzfeed came out with a trump dossier, the media ate it up, just before the president's inauguration in january. turns out the media fell for a fallacious bit of propaganda largely paid for by the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic national committee. how do they recover? here is now howie kurtz, "mediabuzz" host and fox news
4:23 pm
analyst. they have a lot of their egg on their face. >> look how this broke, cnn broke the story, this is unsubstaniated do i sy a. we'll not substantiate it. buzzfeed published it, had salacious allegations, got a lot of criticism over the organizations who were shopped this things but over time it seeped into the media discourse. david: the author of this, authored part of it a lot of it is glen simpson's fusion gps about which congressman nunez was talking about, finding out whether it was paid by the russians for some of this material. clearly wherever he went, our own producer pamela brown saw him in aspen this summer, the media was in love with the guy. he became sort of a regular source for the media. there is a picture of him when he was in aspen. he is essentially a smear merchant. he has done it to people like
4:24 pm
thor halverson from venezuela. he did it with sergey magnitsky after he was killed in a russian prison, he tried to smear this guy even when he was dead. so the press knew where this guy was coming from. >> well, glen simpson obviously has a lot of contacts in the media, he is a former "wall street journal" reporter. i will say opposition research isn't pretty. a lost campaigns do it. that is why he got paid a lot of money to have that firm. fusion gps has not answer ad lot of questions about this. david: the media, howie, the media never answered the key question who paid for this dossier? by the way looking at donald trump. live pictures. he just arrived in dallas. he will survey some of damage in hurricanes this summer. he will make a speech we'll cover later. kimberly strassel of "the wall street journal," howie, saw this coming. she realize in fact the media was not doing due diligence finding out who paid for the trump dossier. here is what she said back in
4:25 pm
july. what if it was the democratic national committee or hillary clinton campaign? what if that money flowed from a political entity on the left to private law firm, to fusion, to a british speaking and to russian sources. that turns out pretty much the way it happened. >> right there is difference between speculating about the possibility and nailing it down. it may well be there was not much journalistic effort to find this out because so much media firepower was aimed at donald trump and allegations of collusion. i have to credit "the washington post" reporting the story. it has gotten a lot of coverage. it raise as new set of questions who leaked this? who were sources. were russians acted as sources. david: howie, i hate to do this. this is president of the united states. i wonder if there is any sound we have. i saw microphones. see if we listen in what the president is saying. [shouting] >> thank you, everybody.
4:26 pm
[cheering] david: we're expecting to hear more from the president later on his trip to texas, surveying damage from the hurricane. we'll be right back. think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at
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david: we have breaking news. president trump is in dallas, texas. he there to receive update on the hurricane damage and he is there also for a fund-raiser. he right there now just schmoozing with the crowd. we'll keep an eye on the story. melissa: moving a third aircraft carrier group if the western pacific as tensions continue to rise with north korea, and a key american ally japan sounding alarm bells saying that the threat from the rogue regime is unprecedented, critical and imminent. as president trump gets ready for the first trip to the region next month. here is ralph peters, retired
4:30 pm
lieutenant colonel, fox news strategic analyst. sir, thank you so much for joining us. >> always great to be with you, melissa. melissa: what do you think of those words? i don't know which of them is most frightening imminent threat, japan saying that? >> japan is certainly a lot closer to the problem than we are. you already had two missile launch muchs over japan which is, it's a gray area whether or not that constitutes an act of war. the japanese are so worried, that, since 1947 they have clung to their mcarthur era conestution which is a pacifist constitution. japan would never again buy offensive arms and wage wars of aggression. now prime minister abe, just reelected handily wants to change the constitution to be better able to defend japan. he wants to buy offensive weapons, because the best defense is a good offense. the japanese are definitely worried.
4:31 pm
this is seismic shift in east asia and all the parts interlock. melissa: the president is heading to the region now. he was asked today, what he might do when he gets there, if he would go to the dmz. listen to this. reporter: dmz, are you going, yes or no. >> i would rather not say but you will be surprised. you will be surprised. melissa: this is the demilitarized zone of course for our viewers out there don't know, which is border between north and south korea. >> very heavily demilitarized zone. melissa: very ironic, like jumbo shrimp. do you think he should go? do you think he will go? >> obviously his decision but i think it would be a very powerful symbol for him to stand, looking into and across the demilitarized zone into north korea. if i had to bet he probably will unless the military vetos the idea on security grounds. right now we're trying to send signals. that is why you have three
4:32 pm
carrier battle groups, thee carriers converging in east asia. actually, slightly manipulated transit where one was on its way to the persian gulf, another on its way home. getting three of them in theater, you present a visual message. we're sending air force f-35s to augment marine f-35s in japan, our latest multirole aircraft. we're practicing or analyzing evacuation of u.s. civilians in time of crisis from south korea. all of these things have two purposes. one is to be prepared, generally prepared for any eventuality. that is long, slow build up, and a lot more meat and potatoes than we have in the theater. the other reason, let north korea know we're serious. i think jim mattis is doing a very good job balancing those. melissa: yeah. lieutenant colonel ralph peters, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. david: are you missing home deliveries? amazon thinks they found a
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solution. amazon, require as lot of trust on your part frankly. it will allow couriers to drop off packages inside of your home. paired with the company's cloud cam. customers view the delivery when complete. notifications when the door is locked. apparently letting somebody in. the service becomes available november 8th in 37 cities. it comes with a price tag of 250 bucks. i don't know if i trust the delivery service that much. far be it from me to second guess amazon. they have done just about everything right. melissa: uber said, would you jump into a car of a stranger that offered you a ride? who knows? smoking gun email. the obama justice department has long been accused steering settlement funds away from conservatives. congress says they can prove it. texas attorney general ken paxton sounds off next. david: pushing forward to the tax reform ahead of the crucial
4:34 pm
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david: a smoking gun email discovered by the house judiciary committee showing that the obama justice department actively tried to prevent settlement payouts from going to conservative groups, steering those settlements instead to
4:38 pm
liberal groups. one person who is upset with all this, texas attorney general ken paxton. he joins us now. general paxton, good to see you. you don't often find a smoking gun in these investigations but you did this time. i want to read an email from an obama justice department email from an acting senior counselor for access to justice this was from july 2014. it says, concerns include not allowing city and i, assume that is citibank, to pick a statewide intermediary like pacific legal foundation which does conservative property-rights legal services. so when a company was fined by the obama justice department, they would tack on to the fine, payments to liberal groups but steered them away from conservative groups. what are you going to do about that? >> that is pretty outrageous. you will see congress pass legislation to stop this going forward in the future. attorney general sessions already stopped this at the at
4:39 pm
the justice department in june or july. hopefully congress with legislation pushed by representative goodlatte will stop this from happening again. david: another example, gibson guitars had to pay a big fine to the government for stuff that was disputed by a lot of people to the obama administration. 50,000 they paid out went to national wildlife foundation. had nothing to do with what they were fined for. bank of america had to pay millions of fines in the financial crisis. they were forced to give hundred of thousands to la raza, urban league and other liberal groups. this is campaign by the obama administration to feed into the liberal non-profits. >> absolutely. you're talking apparently billions of dollars. i have seen up to $6 billion. not only are they steering it to liberal groups, and not conservative groups, they are taking money from victims. they were incentivizing paying out sums of money to liberal groups, versus paying victims of these settlements. david: wow.
4:40 pm
what i don't understand is, why don't you just use the cash that the government gets from these fines to pay off the debt? very simple. >> well that is the way the settlement agreements are supposed to work. this was a way of end-running congress. if congress would not fund these groups, they would end-run it with bureaucrats in department of justice fund projects congress is supposed to be in charge of funding. david: general paxton, something near and dear to your heart is illegal immigration. it is at a 45-year low, according to acting chief of u.s customs & border protection. i guess messaging by president trump, we don't have the wall yet, the messaging of beefing up security had an effect. >> the messaging has been excellent. it is more than that. it is letting president trump letting border patrol agents and customs officers to do their job. i have spoken to the groups along the border, each time i talk to them they're grateful for the opportunity to do their job. they were not allowed to do that
4:41 pm
over the previous eight years. david: how were they stopped from doing their job? >> they were basically just not allowed to arrest the people coming across the border. there were many people they let through. and, i have just met with them privately. they are grateful. that is why the numbers are down. they're doing their jobs. they're allowed to do their job. they're encouraged to do their jobs. that is why numbers are coming down. david: extraordinary, it wasn't done before. general paxton, thanks for coming in appreciate it. >> have a great day. melissa: the wait is almost over. the jfk assassination files are being released tomorrow. the president weighing in moments ago, tweeting quote, long' anticipated release the jfk files will take place tomorrow. so interesting. we'll cover what captivating information comes out of the documents tomorrow. david: i'm still fascinated. i am still fascinated by this whole thing. keeping america safe. the trump administration announcing new rules for
4:42 pm
refugees coming in the u.s. that is coming up. hello, this is adt,
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open an account today. melissa: president trump rolling out another executive order calling for toughing vetting procedures, when it comes to people trying to enter the united states. this as his four-month ban on refugees comes to a close. rich edson, fox news correspondent is live from the state department with the details. rich? reporter: good afternoon, melissa. these are additional requirements for those applying for refugee status. they will be in place for 90 days think apply to citizens of 11 different countries. investigators will research family members, employment history, social media accounts with a handful of data they collect on the refugee applicants. the 11 affected countries reportedly include north korea, syria and countries across the middle east and africa. officials say the 90-day period
4:46 pm
offers the administration to conduct a in depth threat assessment on the refugees coming from those countries. secretary of state rex tillerson says the trump administration remains committed to a comprehensive and refugee policy and these new measures will insure that the united states will continue to help some of the world's most have otherrable people without compromising the safety and security of the american people. he goes on to say that the trump administration is taking steps to eliminate vulnerabilities in refugee vetting. that those who would bring harm to the u.s. homeland can exploit for destructive purposes. there are open.s to the rules. they say already the united states has very rigorous lengthy process for refugees and vetting this only delays the process even further for those most in need. melissa, back to you. melissa: rich, thank you so much for that. david: talk about vetting, there is a new warning for all passengers flying to the united states. be prepared for more security screening. united continental notifying
4:47 pm
customers on its website that homeland security is stepping up measures that could include interviewing some or all of its passengers, and, looking at their electronic devices larger than cell phones. they may be checked more thoroughly than ever. airlines advising people headed to the u.s., arrive three hours before flights to allow for the new security measures. wow. like el al. now it is for everybody. el al for everybody. melissa: yeah. republicans working to speed up tax reform to get you a tax cut by the end of the year. congressman mike kelly is leaving a meeting with the house ways and means committee. we'll grab him on the way out. we'll join him next from capitol hill. don't go anywhere. "volatile markets."
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ melissa: the house ways and means committee today holding a meeting on tax reform. this is ahead of highly-anticipated vote tomorrow on the senate budget. my next guest is on that committee. here is republican congressman mike kelly, from pennsylvania. there is no show you could go to on the planet that is more invested and more interested in tax reform then "after the bell," my friend. tell us what is the latest? give us the scoop. >> melissas, this is absolutely the greatest moment in our history. when you talk about the greatest tax cuts in american history, how can you not be excited about it? people say it is so much work. melissa: who cares. we need it. >> we want to compete. we'll be able to compete with anybody globally when it comes to our corporations. then for our working people, all those folks, they will get the
4:52 pm
first raise they have had in years. melissa: right. >> more take-home pay. melissa: the government confiscating less of hard-earned dollars. tell me what is new. you walked out of an important meeting. we won't tell anybody. give us the secret. >> i know that you won't tell anyone. the final piece we put out, truly does make everybody's paycheck a little bit bigger. melissa: everybody? everybody, across the board? >> okay, okay, but, what i'm talking about is the biggest tax cut in american history. i said earlier it will make us more competitive globally for individuals who pick up 90% the tan, talking about middle income people and lower income people who have been so, left behind in whole move. they can't pay the rent anymore. can't pay the mortgage. melissa: give me specifics. i love what you're saying but i need details? >> you know what? get details to come. stay tuned. we haven't finished up yet. everybody is excited about it. i am excited about it. at end of the day what are we trying to do?
4:53 pm
we're doing something that makes sense, and american people say way to go. melissa: do you have enough votes? >> yeah we'll very enough votes. what we have a is leader in the white house who will pull that, first time in 30 some years, we'll be able to do something that every single american will look at and say, great job, guys. great job. melissa: talk about the things on the bubble, the state and local income tax, where do you stand on that? what will happen with that deduction? >> we're debating that right now. in some places that is very important. you know what? this is a piece of legislation that will make some people and it will make other people even more happy. melissa: right. >> can we give everything everybody they want? no. we can't give everything they want. here is where i stand, certain states, you know what that is tough vote for me if that is not included. but where i'm from, if at the end of the day if it makes sense for america, i will vote for that. we'll see where we are. we'll see how it actually ends up. there is great concern with it. there is a lot of concern across the board from every member,
4:54 pm
making sure we get everybody on board with it. think we can do that. melissa: how many brackets will you have? >> right now we have brackets we're at, 12, 25, 35. there is talk about another bracket coming up. i have not seen that in writing yet. here is what i'm concerned about. if everybody, everybody looks at this right way, says this is something is that makes sense. this is something makes us great again, this is something i have a bigger take-home pay, then i'm for it. that is what we're charging for. melissa: you would be okay with another bracket beyond the 35? >> here is what i'm for. i'm so tired of the war on wealthy. no matter what we do, friends on other side you only tyke car of wealthy. when you look at raw numbers. let's be sear us about it. melissa: you're getting bullied into punishing everybody. don't we want across the the board tax cuts for everybody. >> do you think anybody is
4:55 pm
bullying me? melissa: democrats are out there all they like to say the knee-jerk reaction giving rich guy as break. >> i know. melissa: as a result it sounds like republicans are being bullied into the endings interest bracket. if you want pro-growth economics, it is lower taxes for everybody across the board. big, bold, go for it. >> i agree. i'm all in favor of that i don't see how -- melissa: how does it end up. >> if you're asking me for my vote? i'm not worried about that. i'm not getting bullied by anybody. i represent everybody in my district. some are very wealthy. some have not seen a raise in 30 years. they're hurting. >> scale of one to 10, do we see tax reform this year? 10 being blessed certitude. give me a number. >> you will see the house of representatives come forward with something that makes sense for america. melissa: one to 10? >> you will see the white house, one to 10? melissa: give me number, odds scale of one to 10, 10 being blessed certitude. >> 10, 10. melissa: okay. >> we have to go after it,
4:56 pm
melissa. it's time. it's time. melissa: i'm holding you to it, congressman kelly. appreciate you coming on. david: would you buy a car from that guy? that is what he used to do. melissa: really? >> he sold chevys. melissa: i like anybody that had a real job. david: good salesman. a year after it happened they still don't understand what happened. how hillary clinton supporters are planning to scream out in protest. wait until you hear this. wait, what, what happened? i was having a good round, and then my friend, sheila, right as i was stepping into the tee box mentioned a tip a pro gave her. no. yep. did it help? it completely ruined my game. well, the truth is, that advice was never meant for you. i like you. you want to show me your swing? it's too soon. get advice that's right for you. investment management services from td ameritrade.
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>> melissa: two congressional inquiries into hillary clint and her supporters still think she's not sitting in the oval office democrats planning to scream helplessly at the sky on the one year anniversary of president trump's election. >> david. facebook events across the country it are inviting people to gather together and letting out a scream for the current state of democracy on november 8 i thought primal extremes went out in the 60s that's old my
5:00 pm
goodness. >> melissa: i love they will do it on facebook too. it's so appropriate just the perfect forum. >> david: i'm so glad i was with you on election night watching the whole thing on fox studios it was fun. >> melissa: there you go. all right that does it for us here is risk & reward. >> look democrats are saying they did nothing wrong. we've known about this since january, it's almost november now. why are we just learning about the clinton camp the fact that the clinton campaign funded it why did they cover it up for almost a year? why did it take an investigative report by the washington post to come out with this and why did fusion gps officials take the fifth amendment when they were asked to testify about it? maybe the reason is that the clinton campaign didn't want the american people to know that they had hired a kremlin-linked opposition research firm to dig up dirt on donald trump hiring a foreign investigator to dig up the dirt on an american citizen running for president


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