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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 25, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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in the end, when we see the success of the tax cuts and when obamacare does in fact get overturned, we're going to see the benefit. >> charles: ladies thank you both very much now we've got a very special lou dobbs for you. lou dobbs and the commander-in-chief keep it right here, fox business. >> good evening everybody. we're coming to you from the swamp, washington d.c. and i can tell you, we come here rarely and only for the most important of reasons, and that is to speak today with president trump. president trump promised voters to drain the swamp but he's also finding the swamp filled with creatures who are more ill lieus ever and more dangerous than even he expected when he was campaigning for the job he now holds. washington d.c. is driven by a number of economic dynamics. corruption of all kinds is high on that list.
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the president wants to end that corruption but first he has to limit it and that means the trump presidency is now focused on transformative legislation to cut taxes, to grow both our middle class, and the economy itself. the president's tax reform proposal is at the center of the storm that is sweeping capitol hill, k street and yes the white house itself, but if the president can pull it all off, he will have delivered a brilliant political stroke that will boost and bolster big business and small and reverse what has been a two decade long shrinkage of our middle class and president trump intends to revive and restore the fate and fortunes of not only our middle class but all americans who aspire to it. >> in nine months in office you've already accomplished more in the way of job creation, the move and the equities markets has been extraordinary and record-setting, all of the indexes at or near record levels
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you have accomplished so much in that nine months and yet, as you say, we need tax reform, you're meeting resistance from within your own party and resistance from the democrats. how do you move from here? >> president trump: well, i think we're going to get it. i think the senators are going to come together. i think the house is looking really good. you know, they're passing this bill along very rapidly in fact that happens hopefully today and i did make a couple of calls and i said please, no changes. just pass it along. we have to get tax cuts, and just pass it along and normally they want to make their 15 points or 20 points and then it has to go back and has to be re voted and everything else. i said just pass it along and they said i think we're going to do that and let's see what happens but i think they're going to do that so look, we have actually in the republican party in a true sense we have great unity. look at the democrats with been
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it sanders who got absolutely taken advantage of by the dnc and now you see that all of this stuff coming out you see what's happening but you look at hillary and bernie, that's big league stuff. we have very very minor, we have great unity. i was with the senate yesterday, the entire republican senate and other than two people i tell you there wasn't a lot of love in that room. >> liz: a lot of love and a lot to get done. >> president trump: a lot to get done. >> lou: and tax reform is critical because what you've established as the standard now for economic growth under the trump presidency, tax reform is going to be absolutely critical to driving that growth, job creation, and bringing capital back which you've been talking about for two years before you were elected. >> president trump: for many years before. >> lou: so where do we go in terms of capital repatriation, for corporate america, how do you incentivize corporations to
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get back to america with all of that money for investment in jobs, plant equipment, research and development? >> president trump: so we have many things. number one we're bringing the corporate rate down to 20% from 35% that's massive. this is the biggest tax cut in history and the history of our country and that's great and we need it because right now our countries about the highest tax or certainly one of the highest taxed in the world and we can't have that, so we're going to have a country that's toward the lower end. i can't say it's the lowest. ireland is going lower and others are going lower they played the game a lot better than our people played the game i can tell you that but we're going to have a country that's going to have tax incentive now and we are going to bring back i've been talking and i even heard you say it not so long ago , 2.5 trillion but you and i both have been using that number for years. that number is much higher now because it's built up over the years and i would be surprised if it weren't close to
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$4 trillion. that moneys coming back and nobody would bring it back now because the tax is so astronomical they would have to be desperate to bring it back. any company that would bring it back and pay the tax they have to pay which probably ends up being close to 40% whose going to pay that to bring money back in so they leave the money in these other places in other countries and they spend it there and they create a lot of additional wealth there. we want the money coming back here but it could be $4 trillion and what we're doing is substantially lowering the tax and we're also getting rid of all of the bureaucratic hurdles. it wasn't just the tax. i have friends that want to bring money back. the amount of work they have to do to get the approval to bring the money back is absolutely ridiculous so that's going away also. >> lou: and the middle class say this is for the middle class and small business passthrough rates are all very attractive. what do you expect the impact to be for working men and women, the middle class, those who
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aspire to be in the middle class >> president trump: you know, we've done so well pretty much record setting certainly record setting for nine months in so many different ways nine months of a presidency but you look at the market how well it's doing, so you'd say well why do you have to do anything. we can actually do better and i think we will do better. we are going to have so many jobs created by what we're doing and you know we're going to have companies that aren't leaving our country any more. you look at what's happened over the last 25 years you go down and take a look at mexico and see how many car companies have built these massive factories in mexico, not here. we want them built in michigan and ohio and our places and they just leave and they fire everybody and they go and open plants. that's not going to be happening any more plus they are penalized in many different ways. >> lou: you're the first president to talk openly and honestly about offshoring of production, the outsourcing of jobs, millions of jobs.
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>> president trump: terrible. >> lou: that have begun under your administration to come back to the country. the idea that made in america by an american, hire an america, how likely is it that that can actually be realized with a business community that has fought those on the wrong side of those issues for a very long time? >> president trump: well you're right and it's surprising to me for instance nafta is one of the worst trade deals it's just the worst so tpp got signed before it got finished some day hopefully people think that would have been one of the grated disasters and a lot of people understand that but i lot don't but i was very honored to have just terminated that and we'll do bilateral deals with all those countries and we'll do it great and if they don't treatise properly we'll do a termination or we'll do whatever we want to do. these deals once you get into them. >> lou: how likely is it there will be a resolution on nafta in
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these current negotiations? >> president trump: okay so i would say this. in order to have a resolution because right now, mexico and canada have such a great deal, it's so good that it's very hard for them to get used to the fact that it can't be that way any more, and as you know, mexico has an election coming up and they have a number of people that are running and they're very pro mexico which in fact they wear a green hat that says make mexico great again. they call them the donald trump of politics and they have a couple of them actually and it's very hard. i tell my people, i say right now it's going to be very hard and in my opinion in order to make a fair deal with nafta you have to terminate the deal and see where you'll come and we'll come out but i think you have to give them to make a fair deal and a great deal and you see what's going on we're being very tough and very fair but we have to get back a lot what's happened to this country with nafta is unbelievable, the jobs that have been taken and the factories moving out of michigan
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, out of ohio, out of pennsylvania, out of our states is incredible, so what are the chances? i think the chances ultimately are good but right now, i think my people are going to have to get tougher. and i told them that. >> lou: so as you look at an agreement that has the most conservative estimates, cost the united states a trillion dollars over the course of the past 23 years since its inception-- >> president trump: well look at it a different way. we have the trade deficit with mexico. mexico is wonderful, but we have a trade deficit with mexico of $71 billion a year. this is mexico. we're not talking about china which is much worse. we have a trade deficit right now with mexico of 71 billion. people can't believe it. we have trade deficits with almost everybody, but we're changing that. >> lou: when you focus first on
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free-trade people oh, my gosh he's talking about isolation-- >> president trump: unbelievable >> lou: then they started looking at the numbers to see that we are among all of our trading partners that this country is the only one who said please take what you want. we don't have to have a mature intelligent relationship with you. we don't have to have balanced trade. every other major partner does precisely that. >> president trump: the wto, world trade organization was setup for the benefit of everybody but us. >> lou: right. >> president trump: they have taken advantage of this country like you wouldn't believe and i say to my people you tell them like as an example we lose all the lawsuits almost all of the lawsuits in the wto, within the wto, because we have fewer judges than other countries. it's setup you can't win. in other words the panels are setup so you don't have majorit ies. it was setup for the benefit of taking advantage of the united
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states. nafta and i tell people, and i tell good people to hear me i'm going to be very tough with nafta but they say oh, please don't touch it. i say listen i'm going to make the deal better. oh, don't touch it. i said supposing i don't terminate it but i make it better, oh, don't touch it and i say why would they not want me to make it better even assuming you leave it the way it is whether we may or may not it depends on how the negotiation turns out, but they don't even want you to touch it even if you tell them we're going to make it better and then you say to yourself what's going on and then you say well they must be on the other side of the deal too and they are. they have companies that have factories in mexico. but i'm not interested that, i'm interested here. >> lou: here, america first. so, how does president trump feel about the bomb shell revelations that the democratic national committee and the democratic nominees campaign are the ones who funded the smear
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campaign against presidential candidate donald trump. the man who would go on to win the presidency. >> president trump: don't forget hillary clinton totally denied this and she didn't know anything. all of a sudden they found out what i was amazed at it's almost $6 million they paid and it's totally discredited a total i call it fake news. it's disgraceful. >> lou: we'll be right back with a man who almost single handedly is changing the direction of this country and changing it for the better. we continue live from washington d.c., stay with us.
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>> lou: we're coming to you tonight as you can well see here in washington d.c. where the president and i sat down in the cabinet room of the white house to hear his thoughts about tax reform and an economy that he has spurred to better than 3% growth over the past six months. markets that have added more than $5 trillion in market caps since he was elected president,
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and the president today showed no sign of either slowing down or being overmatched in any way by any politician or opposing institution that would deny him his vision for our country's future. now, the president's thoughts on hillary clinton, the democratic ally funded and discredited dossier paid for by the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign. the role of business in this country critical and fundamental to the country's well being and its future to the creation of jobs, but business has taken such a voice in this town, in this swamp that you are the only countervailing influence to that dominance of u.s. multi-nationals in this country and the country owes you a great debt on so much but on that in particular.
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>> president trump: that's very interesting. it's well put. it's true. >> lou: and you have focused from june 16 of 2015 on the relationship of our borders, our sovereignty, our economy of whether you're looking at the opioid crisis in this country or the import of drugs that all crosses that border. you're being pushed back against buying the leadership of the house and the senate on the issue of funding a wall and its entirety. you have been pushed back again talking about changing all of those trade agreements, again all of the external issues that are so critical to the country's future, your vision for this country. how in the world are we going to be able to deal with all of these issues if you can not bring the republican party together? >> president trump: i really think they're coming along. i really do i think they are
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coming along. one thing you didn't mention which you will mention and i know you talk about it is the power of the pharmaceutical companies. >> lou: oh, yes. >> president trump: we pay so much more for the same pill prescription drugs than other countries. you go to canada people go to canada to buy prescriptions. we pay for the exact same pill made from the same plant, the same company, we pay in many cases many many times more than they're paying in other countries, so we're subsidizing the world in terms of prescription drugs and it's going to stop. the problem i have is these companies give so much, the contributions are massive, just massive the amount, but we do have, there are a lot of good people that are seeing what's going on and i think we'll be successful in that next week i'm declaring an emergency a national emergency on drugs, the opioid is a tremendous emergency , what's going on there the drugs pouring into the country have gotten and i'll
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tell you what we've made a big impact but still, we need the wall. part of the reason we need the wall is for drugs. >> lou: drugs? >> president trump: we need a wall for drugs and the wall is coming along. we're building right now prototypes we have six prototype s i'm looking at them over the next three weeks. >> lou: do you have a favorite yet? >> president trump: well you know it's funny. it's very interesting. i'm almost glad you asked because it's actually pretty easy to understand. you think of a wallace a wall, but honestly you do need some see through ability because you don't know if you do pure concrete which is a wall, then you can't see whose on the other side. you have a wall that's this thick and you can't see whose on the other side, so we'll need some see through abilities so i'll be going down we actually have six prototypes that are all top of the line, done with homeland security, we have some incredible people if you look at the border patrol if you look at the ice agents and i've had the people at that level. those are the people they know so much. they know more than anybody, and
7:21 pm
they also know the wall and the wall systems and we're going to take a look at the wall and we're going to get it built and it's going to be quite the wall. it's going to be very effective. >> lou: you're obvious le enthoused about what you're going to get done. you've got to be immensely gratified at what you've been able to do. going forward there's another wall and there's a wall that's just fallen between the american public, the democratic national committee and hillary clinton's campaign. >> president trump: right. >> lou: they funded something called the trump dossier which they valued for some time. we now know who paid for it. the dnc and hillary clinton and one as yet unnamed remember can. >> president trump: wonder who that might be. >> lou: do you have a sense? >> president trump: i think i know but i'll let them find out. they will find out don't forget hillary clinton totally denied this.
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she didn't know anything. she knew nothing all of a sudden they found out what i was amazed at it's almost $6 million that they paid and it's totally discredited. it's a total fake news i call it it's disgraceful and-- >> lou: her word she likes to use is so serviceable about that dossier debunked. >> president trump: and then i understand recently she said well opposition research is very standard, so you know, it's very interesting. she denied it. her own people denied it. everybody denied it and now there's sort of scooting around trying to figure out what to say , so they spent if you think of it almost $6 million on something like that and i think honestly i just think it's a disgrace. >> lou: and contemporaneously suddenly they house intelligence committee, the house oversight committee are turning to the democratic party. >> president trump: true. >> lou: talking about, not
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talking about but beginning the investigation of something called collusion with the russians. >> president trump: that's the real collusion believe me. >> lou: your thoughts. >> president trump: there was no collusion on my side i can tell you that. everybody knew it. you knew it because you were saying it when it was not in vogue and i always said and i had no idea how right i was because i didn't realize it would be to this extent but it was an excuse for losing the election put up by the democrats and that's what it was but then when you hear the kind of money they spent and when you see all of the things about pedesta, and all of the relationships they actually have with russia and you see one thing that is interesting and i have to say even the democrats they walk out of those meetings and they say no, there is no collusion and we haven't found any yet but we'll keep going. >> lou: right. >> president trump: a wonderful man came to my office a week ago , a very highly respected man and he sat down and said its been very unfair from the day you have been president, you've been under this little vail of
7:24 pm
russia russia russia and with all of this being said i want to say this. i think it would be great if we got along with russia. i don't think there's anything wrong, you know they are a nuclear power and i think we could have a good relationship and the north korean situation would be easier settled. i just spoke to the president of china. i congratulated him on his big victory but it would be wonderful if we could speak to china and russia because china is helping us and maybe russia is going through the other way and hurting what we're getting. when i say maybe i think i know exactly what i'm talking about. if we had a relationship with russia, that would be a good thing, not a bad thing. >> lou: a relationships, you were criticized for even trying to court if you will the president of china. everyone so-called intelligence of this country as foreign policy establishment said you're wasting your time. it just can't be done and
7:25 pm
obviously, you've made significant progress with him and-- >> president trump: just spoke to him a few minutes ago before i walked into the room. you know, something has been given to him that's never been virtually never happened in china. he's been given powers that nobody has-- >> lou: and written into the constitution. >> president trump: he's a powerful man. i happen to think he's a very good person. now with that being said he represents china. i represent the usa, so you know , there's always conflict, but we have a very good relationship. people say we have the best relationship of any president's president because he's called president also and now some people might call him the king of china, but he's called president but we have a very good relationship and that's a positive thing and it would be good to have that relationship with russia and other countries too. >> lou: hopefully the whole world. anything to report to america on your conversation with the president? >> president trump: no, but i'll be going there in two weeks and
7:26 pm
we're going to beijing and other places wherever he would like to take me and we'll be spending two days there and we're going also to japan and south korea and it will be i think hopefully it's historic and positive and we have to solve the north korea problem. it's a very big problem that should have never been given to me. this should have been solved long before i came to office when it would have been easier to solve but it was given to me and i'll get it solved i solve problems. i'm very happy with the way the markets are going i'm very happy with all of the regulation cuts and all of the things we've done and that's what's driving the markets. >> lou: and up next as we continue our conversation with the president, he talks about taking on the gop establishment democrats, the left wing media, the deep state and of course all of them at the same time just to make it fair. >> president trump: i came in and said i'm going to fight like hell i didn't realize it's even
7:27 pm
more, more so than i thought but that's the way it is and that's good. >> lou: also a very big hint from the president about who he will choose to lead the fed when we come back, live tonight from washington d.c.
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lou: we are tonight in the capital of the country, washington, d.c., variously known as the swamp. day talked with the president about all he achieved in the first nine months of his presidency. attacks from those against him. his thoughts on who will be the
7:32 pm
next chief of the federal reserve. you are nearing a decision on who will chair the fed. >> i am. lou: any hints? president trump: i have it down to two or three people. i think over the next very short period of time i'll be announcing it. it won't be a big shock. you have been talking about the various people that it watch absolutely all the time even if it's tvo. lou: we appreciate it. president trump: your show is fantastic. while be announcing in a short period of time. do you have a preference? lou: may i constrain myself? as ad hoc advisor to the president -- president trump: i would love to hear you.
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lou: i personally believe janet yellen might be worth keeping. president trump: she was in my office a few days ago. she is very impressive. i like her a lot. i would certainly think about it. louit.i would like to say you wd like to make your own mark which is maybe one of the things she has a little bit against her. but i think she is terrific. we had a great talk. and we are obviously doing very well together, looking at the markets. lou: not being a fan of interest rates by the fed. i have to ask you in conclusion and i appreciate your time. as does our audience, you came into this job fighting like hell, and you are fighting like hell every day.
7:34 pm
president trump: more than i thought. i said i was going to fight like hell. i didn't realize. even more so than i thought. but that's the way it is, and that's good. lou: you are one of the most of, i would say by the left particularly reviled even hated men to ever hold your post. you are also one of the most of loved and respected. president trump: i would say that also. lou: in history. how does that feel. where is donald trump today as you are just now beginning your presidency? president trump: the one thing i really thought -- i thought it was treated unfairly by the press during the campaign. i thought the good news is now they will start treating me well. but they got much worse. they put on stories on cnn and nbc and cbs and abc, and the
7:35 pm
msnbc which is ridiculous. they put on stories that are so false, they have so-called sources that in my opinion don't exist. they will say sources have said. they make it up. it is so dishonest and so fake. and you know i have come up with some pretty good names. one of the best names, they turned it around and now they are calling stories put out by facebook fake and they are fake. what could be more fake than cbs and nbc and abc and cnn when you look at some of these stories and look at the amount of negative. i know a good story from the bad story. but when you have a good story and they make it bad. i'll say to my wife, tonight i'm going to enjoy watching television because i did great. then they put it on and it's like oh, that's not so good.
7:36 pm
they are fake news. and the good thing about social media is i have so many millions of people, 128 million if you add up all the different platforms. massive social media. at least i can put out -- it's not that it want to do it. i would love to not do it at all. but at least i can put out the truth and put out the real word. and people agree. if you look at the level much approval of general media, if you look at it from the day i started running until now, i'm so proud i have been able to convince people how fake it is, baits has taken a nosedive. except for your show and sean and a few of them. fox has treated me fairly. and i don't mean good. but they treated me fairly. i just want to be treated
7:37 pm
fairly. lou: you are everything as advertised when you ran for president and appreciate everything you are doing. thanks so much. president trump: we are getting it done, and a lot has already happened. i promise you that. thank you. lou: president trump. joining me now chris farrell, the director of investigations at judicial watch. your reaction. this president has been fighting through hatch of his presidential campaign against some of the most of salaciousing with ignorant, contrived nonsense spiewfed by smear machines, and here is the man as you saw there. he is ebullient. he's not just simply up. he's strong. he's being savaged every day in every possible outlet in this
7:38 pm
country, it seems. your reaction. >> i think it's interesting to look at him as you interviewed him and take him in as just talking to you and bounce it against the fusion gps make believe world where they would have you believe he's a maniac or unstable or whatever. and this is an opposition research by the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign and these fusion operatives. this is opposition manufacturing. they are making things up. there is a difference between let's look at this guy's backgrounds and hey, let's make stuff up, and that's what we are seeing. lou: it goes well beyond that. here is a group of people at gps fusion. the democratic party, the democratic national committee, we know they conspired to defraud bernie sanders and give
7:39 pm
the nomination to hillary. they are not just making things up, they are defrauding the american people. they are a vicious smear machine and we are appealing to the democratic party to protect them from subpoena and ignore all that they are and let's pretend they have first amendment protections. >> we moved into the world of crimes. this is no longer a disagreement on policy or politics or points of view or left-right. crimes have been committed. in this case unlike in mueller where there is no criminal predicate. i can tell you what the crimes are with respect to fusion gps. want to talk about hillary clinton's emails? i can tell you the crime that was committed. you want to talk about people colluding and manufacturing
7:40 pm
things. how about a civil rights claim of actual malice. talk about a first amendment lawsuit? the president can bring the privacy act that an actual malice claims personally because he knows the people are manufacturing nonsense and published it recklessley as thought it were real. i encourage people to look up some definitions. lou: mueller, wiseman, rosenstein. as the list builds around the special counsel and the top of the fbi and is connected to the fbi informant who has been under a gag order for some considerable time denied the opportunities to speak to the united states congress. the representatives of the people. ways your reaction? at some point the democratic national committee has to be held accountable for conspiring, quliewghtd russians.
7:41 pm
look at the plethora of absolute ignorant approach towards the american people. >> there are grave considerations attached to the dnc. lou: why would the fbi -- >> why would they roll over? lou: allow themselves to be told, go home? >> the other half of that with respect to let's walk back 7 years and look at the cast of characters looking at the uranium story. then you are talking about mueller and comey. it becomes a cover-up, let's just call it what it is. you didn't hear that until now. because the people actively involved in it 7 years ago put a cap on it. lou: the fbi has much to answer for its leadership. and it appears to me there is no
7:42 pm
way this fbi can be allowed to exist in its current form with this leadership. >> i know it sounds radical, but it should probably be disestablished and rechartered as another agency with a complete house cleaning. the operating environment, the climate there, it can't go on this way. lou: chris farrell, thanks for being here, we appreciate. thanks for all you and judicial watch do to help the people find out what little we know. thanks, chris. president obama telling me today he believes the republicans are united on tax reform. we'll have reaction to my interview when we come back. live here in washington, d.c. the swamp so far is staying away. they are living me a lot of room.
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lou: coming to you live tonight from washington, d.c. earlier day talked to the
7:47 pm
president at the white house. joining me to react to what was said in that wide-ranging interview, mollie hemingway and charlie hurt. both fox business contributors. mollie, your thoughts about the president. he continues to have immense energy. he's absolutely in a forward profile going against all of his enemies. he doesn't rage against his enemies, he is simply offering peace and warmth to their existence. mollie: on the energy alone i'm impressed by it and i'm decades younger than him. and i have far less energy. i would like to know the secret. lou are's an incredible warrior. charlie: he does not care what
7:48 pm
anybody thinks. he likes -- he picks the fights he gets into. usually he picks them for a pick reason. we saw that with the nfl. he taps into things. everybody's first reaction, this is insane, crazy and unpresidential. then 24 hours later he hits a nerve that does matter to people. lou: an alert to all of the broadcasters, apparently there are discussions in the nfl, they have been so hard hit that thursday night football is in jeopardy. mollie: he has his finger on the pulse of what americans are expression. last week he had a tweet about wondering the clintons and the dnc and the fbi and the russians all paid for the dossier. and everybody acted like the was the craziest thing you could
7:49 pm
say, and it turns out once again we are having reports about the fbi trying to pay for it. clintons and dnc admitting they paid for it. it's funny to watch the difference in the way people react to these tweets. charlie: no matter how much they have hate him, the guy sets the agenda week after week. lou: do you think it would not occur to the deep state and the left and the gop establishment to acknowledge his intelligence, knowledge and his vision of this country's future and its values. >> you don't have to agree with him. so many people in the establishment continue to be confused about his appeal to or what his vision is. that's why not having a good run of things trying to present their own message because they don't understand trump's appeal or how he was able to run this
7:50 pm
election. lou: in the midst of all this, the jfk files that have been buried in the archives for 55 years, he's an american populist and he says open you have the file. charlie: he may not be able toll recite the federalist papers, and things like that, but he understands them at a fundamental level. knowing what's in those files is the right of the american people. that's why he sticks by so many of these things. and mollie is right in terms of the gop establishment has failed to understand the genius of the guy. they give him no credit whatsoever. a lot of it has to do with the fact that he's such a threat to
7:51 pm
them. lou: and these people all want to judge him by who they are, the way they dress, the way they think, which has contribute to what a mess we are in, and he's the man who fixes it. charlie: it's so much about style. they don't like his style. lou: the president calling it a $6 million piece. fake news. congressman ron desantis talking about the discredited trump dossier and the rest of my exclusive interview with the president. we'll be back live from washington, d.c. ♪ can i kick it?
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i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. having someone coach you through it is really the value of a financial advisor. lou: the breaking news tonight. we just received word from the justice department. they have lifted the gag order on the fbi informennant. they just -- informant. they just authorized the informant to disclose to the house and senate committees as well as one member of each of their staffs any information or documents he has concerning alleged corruption, bribery in transactions notice uranium market and anything related to
7:56 pm
uranium one or are you ready in the clinton foundation. i'm joined now by a man who has been instrumental in congress turning its attention and focus to the corruption that has been running ram pants through washington for some time. we can turn to the children tons for much of the information. congressman ron desantis is a member of several house committees. house judiciary and oversight and the freedom caucus. what is your reaction to that news? >> with you being in washington i can feel the swamp draining a little bit. this is huge news. i have been in touch with the doj and the informant's attorney. we were prefired subpoena him anyway. now that this is lifted he will provide testimony. he has documents he will provide
7:57 pm
as well. we'll go through all of that. this is stuff the american people have had due to them for an awful long time. lou: we learn about the depth of the corruption under the obama administration. it looks as though it was orchestrated within that administration. not just by the clintons by others, including the fbi and senior officials there. bob mueller who is the special counsel. there are huge questions about the very people we have in positions of power to protect the public interest. >> the main russian protagonist was prosecuted in baltimore in federal court. some say it was a curious relatively slight deal. who was the u.s. attorney? rod rosenstein, who is the deputy attorney general and the man hop appointed bob mueller as special counsel. this all comes full circle. you have been on this from day
7:58 pm
one. we have been talking about trump-russia collusion for months, no evidence of that. but the evidence of democrat collusion with russia is significant. you have fusion gps. give me a break. lou: give the country a break as well. the american people know there is much we have to learn here. to see the fbi run by people who dishonor the agents who make up that great institution, to watch political candidates who have just defiled public trust, it's stunning. and to see the opportunity now to at least begin to learned the truth. and i have got to ask you this. are you confident we are going to learn the truth now? >> i'm more confident than i have ever been. i have been coming on your show for months and years saying we needed to do the foundation. we are doing it now, we are
7:59 pm
fully engaged tonight. and i think this informant has a lot of information to offer. what he has i think will be significant. there is a lot for the congress to do because there is a lot of potential corruption. but we may need another special counsel in the justice department if there are additional criminal acts uncovered. lou: we need grand juries and prosecutors and we need to make sure people pay for what they have done to this country. >> the fbi and justice department operated at the highest level for years is not what the people expect. this is the beginning of draining the bureaucratic swamp. lou: we thank you for your contributions to making that a reality. congressman ron desantis. we have a lot of people to thank. but i want to start by thanking
8:00 pm
an attorney general i have been pretty hard on. that's jeff sessions. thank you, mr. attorney general. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. commerce secretary wilbur ross and chairman kevin brady our guests tomorrow. kennedy: the president weighs in on the fake dossier. are you ready for more delays at airports? a new plan to ask the passengers questions before they fly. grab your passports. time to stamp it. hillary clinton is gross and damaged and we are learning she and the dnc paid christopher steel for


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