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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 26, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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an attorney general i have been pretty hard on. that's jeff sessions. thank you, mr. attorney general. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. >> they spent almost $6 million if you think of it or something like that. i think it's a disgrace. lauren: breaking news this morning. president trump. president trump often ill-equipped to do the democrats behind the scandal in the antitrust dossier in an exclusive interview with lou dobbs. train to the house today said the path for the senate budget with paved the way for tax cuts. lauren: the dow falling 110 points on disappointing earnings. today we hear from amazon, also by an microsoft. dow futures down nine points ahead of all of that.
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drink to europe considered the most important central bank meeting. while the ecb back away from economic stimulus coming european markets pointing higher. image of the shanghai composite at the third of 1%. drink to amazon and failing a new delivery plan. are you willing to give them the keys to your house. and there is this. burger king's creepy halloween on seems to go after the competition. "fbn:am" starts now. cheryl: 5:01 a.m. here in new york. good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: thanks for joining us. i'm lauren simonetti.
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all because of the movie, it. everybody's creeped out. clowns are one of the most popular halloween costume. trade to more of the ad on the show. president trump slamming hillary clinton and the democratic national committee over the russian dossier they built against them. the president on lou dobbs tonight on an exclusive interview. >> don't forget, hillary clinton totally denied this. she didn't know this but she did nothing. i was amazed that almost $6 million they paid in is totally discredited cover a total phony, i call it fake news. it's disgraceful. cheryl: the clinton campaign and the dnc hired to produce the infamous dossier between president trump in russia appeared in the group is now filing a complaint accusing them of breaking campaign finance laws by failing to disclose the money that they spend to obtain
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the dossier. lauren: house republicans to vote in the senate version today to be used as a vehicle to vote on tax reform. the president highlighted the benefits of lowering corporate tax rates. >> i would be surprised if there were close to $4 trillion paid that money is coming back. nobody would bring it back now because the tax. train to a fox news poll finding 89% of voters are frustrated with the way the government spends their tax dollars. 85% don't like corporations and the middle class is paying too much paid 70% say people are paying too little. lauren: that they pay the bulk of taxes. 401(k) back on the bargaining table with president trump and republicans divided over possible changes to the program to help pay for tax cuts pay representative kevin brady
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chairs the house ways and means committee is not ruling out reforms that could cut the amount of money americans contribute tax-free. president trump with a 401(k) salon earlier this week said this. >> 401(k) to me is very important because that's one of the great benefits to the middle class. i didn't want that to go too far. there are certain elements in toc don't want to negotiate with. 401(k), kevin knows that and i think kevin brady is fantastic, but he knows how important 401(k) czar. cheryl: is not a red line? kevin brady said discussions with the president continue with the goal of saving more and saving sooner. will we cut the 401(k)? cheryl: such a hot button issue. reaching thousands of down to 1400. are you kidding me? lauren: 80% 90% decrease. cheryl: could make folks really
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angry. president trump sharing thoughts and who could be the next head of the federal reserve. lou dobbs at the current chair janet yellen did not get a second term. >> you like to make your mark which is maybe one of the thing she's got a little bit against her but i think she's terrific. we had a great talk and were obviously doing very well together if you look at the markets. cheryl: yellen had to meeting together. stanford economist john taylor kamakura fed governor jerome powell. also former fed governor trumka denounced the decision as soon as this week. we are going to have many more highlights throughout the show this morning. lauren: peerless i'm testing a new delivery service that is you can say raising some eyebrows. cheryl: tracee carrasco joins us with more on that and some other
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headlines. train for first was the lockers. now amazon is introducing a service that will allow couriers to open your front door and put your package safely inside your home. the services and assign key and it relies on the new cloud can and compatible smart lock. the driver knocks first before knocking your door which triggers the camera to turn on and record the delivery. users have the option to watch it live or after the delivery is complete. when your doors locked again you get a notification on your phone. it's available starting november 1837 cities in the states on the screen. amazon doesn't recommend this for people who have pets. cheryl: obviously. what happens if your dog -- >> my dog would run straight for the door. cheryl: they've got earnings coming out today. we also hear united is rolling out something pretty innovative on it that.
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train for a yes, know this will be really helpful because juggling different wording passes for different makes of your trip is not always so easy. united airlines will let travelers save their boarding passes for flight and partner airlines including air canada, air new zealand and travel to about 1300 destinations around the world. united says it's the first carrier for partner airlines to their phones. they've got about 19 partners. train for adults in america in her next because they have those, too. burger king has a new ad just in time for halloween and it's crazy. tracee: i am not a fan. i like watching it this morning. if you don't like pond you want to avoid clicking next week. take a look at this commercial and you decide. >> i want my whopper.
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and that is ronald mc donald. the main point of the adage that burger king will be offering free whoppers to the first 500 people who come dressed as clowns on halloween night. the commercial is encouraging customers to come as a clown, eat a king. the offer will be a participating restaurants from 7:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. that was the part that caught my eye. cheryl: a lot of a lot of adult crowds around midnight around the country. truth or you'll be at work already. stop for a whopper on my way to work. cheryl: welcome is certainly a hollywood thriller for game two of the world series. houston astros were three away from falling behind the dodgers at several area stepped up in
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the astros outlasted the dodgers setting-6 in 11 innings. it was a night of dramatic swings in the world series that eight home runs, five of which were extra innings. we are going to have more later on in the show. more from lou dobbs exclusive interview from president trump including a stop on the controversial border while the north american free trade agreement. >> in my opinion in order to make a fair deal you have to terminate the deal. cheryl: one journalist any deal for himself covering the trump campaign. >> that is one of a story. lauren: will tell you why he's in the news and in hot water when we come back. you are watching "fbn:am."
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train to welcome back to the pitcher part the pitcher carl is happening now. president trump declared war in the hope here at epidemic. the president telling lou dobbs the border while listening to for several reasons.
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>> the opioid is a tremendous emergency. what is going on there, the drugs pouring into the country and i tell you what, we've made a big impact. but still, we need a wall. part of the reason we need the laws for drugs. / cheryl: trump trout trade with dogs and renegotiating nafta. a number of women having queued political reporter mark halperin a sexual harassment. they talked to cnn about the alleged behavior to co-author the book came change also starred in the hit show series circuit. he pursued relationships with younger women don't apologize for any inappropriate behavior. more than 3000 top-secret files reported to the jfk assassinations will be released today. the national archive plans to release them. the documents previously withheld with a law passed in 1880 in 1882 ordered them
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declassified for this year, 2017. not expected to answer the major question of whether anyone other than lee harvey oswald was involved in the assassination. that is what's happening now. lauren: fascinating show. if it went for president trump to store text or form. the house to vote today on the senate budget resolution. telling lou dobbs he is confident the house will pass the budget as is. >> i think the senators will come together. i think the house is looking really good. they are passing this bill along rapidly. in fact it will happen hopefully today i did make a couple calls. i said fellows, no changes. just pass it along. we have to get tax cuts. i think they will do that. in the republican party is a true since have great unity.
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>> enough unity. here to weigh in is the senior policy analyst and former white house senior policy analyst oliver mcgee. good morning. thank you for joining us. oliver, welcome to the show. what you think? great unity to get tax reform passed? >> yes, i agree in a statement that i believe the house is going to pass the bill really quickly so we can get this into the process of committee and reconciliation. really the difference is trying to control the increased deficit at 1.5 trillion over the next 10 years and that is really what they are talking about reconciliation process. both houses want to get straight to tax reform and now i'll be also the discussion in the committee as well trying to get individual corporate income tax in good control.
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which we've got about $4 trillion attached to we've attached to we've got to put some type of incentive in the international banking transactions to get back cash to get jobs, jobs, jobs. trade through a oliver, you brought up the deficit. a lot of republicans don't want to see the deficit in greece. patrice can do so people are can during the recent feud with senators flake and corker that they could erode the tax bill, but is mccain or murkowski the real maverick here and maverick here at d.c. dems helping out? >> i don't believe they'll really take it on board. we've seen some democrats who are pro-tax reform, pro-sent a fine bureaucratic tax code is come to backtrack against it. when it comes to mccain in murkowski, we've seen none be the maverick on repeal and replace. even before we get to those folks, we've seen some republicans on the house side
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beat really salty. they are trying to derail today's budget vote because they want their tax giveaway caps save and this is part of the delicate dance of tax reporting. lauren: a lot of house members are from the west end without. there was a meeting that was canceled for last night about many of these high tax state members. if the state and local tax deduction were taken away, then put it beyond what the data. listening to the soundbites from senator chuck schumer and will respond on the other side. it gets pretty dramatic again. take a listen. >> they say well, let's just take away deduction for people above 100,000, 200,000, 400,000.
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each word they say choose between state and local deduction for mortgage election. that one is like taxpayer who will chop your right hand or your left hand off, we will give you a choice. lauren: there be a dramatic here this is all part of the negotiation. >> absolutely. this is part of the sauce has made it takes part of the budget process. make no bones about it. this is getting to tax reform. gop has about 50 boats -- votes. a small window of votes on the gop side. i don't think we will be getting democratic votes on this will probably prayed vice president attempts to close the deal. this is part of the sausage making a close the budget. this is about trying to get to individual and corporate tax relief because this is what is
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going to drive this economy. $5 trillion of wealth that has been built since president trump, but also definitely said this morning that we have 4 trillion that needs to come back and get repatriated. each that requires tax rebates requires tax rebates take the cash and bring it back here. we need to create jobs in those states in the rust belt states that the president trump into office. jobs, jobs, reducing the deficit, deficit deficit and at the same time some subtext of the reagan years. lauren: if oliver kahn of the trees, thank you. the music world has lost a legend that known for the hits on blueberry hill and also this. ♪ cheryl: will tell you how the music industry is remembering
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that down. temperature is dropping down. temperatures dropping in the northeast. janice dean geiger forecasts. you are watching transcended -- transcended. ♪
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classic. dan's remembering the godfather of rock 'n roll fats dominoe. god bless you after seeing mel jackson saying i found my hill country and rail on blueberry hill. rip, fats domino. fats domino inspired generations. his legacy will live on forever. domino died of natural causes at his home in orland on tuesday. they say they thought it was blueberry hill, in hill, a bit ashamed and i'm walking. fats domino with 89-year-old. lauren: only elvis presley outsold him in the 1950s. another cool day today as tabs are dropping across the country. cheryl: janice dean, they are dropping big time.
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trade do this one is for real. much cooler temperatures across much of the country. cold front moving through 30th in chicago. 43 in atlanta appeared then we've got an excellent system across the rockies which is going to get those temperatures even further into the weekend. say goodbye to the system that brought severe weather across the northeast. our next weather maker moving across the northern rockies. going to dive across the midwest and the potential for severe weather over the mississippi river valley. it is their parent while bringing rain and the first real significant snow of the season across the upper midwest. trailing cold front with potential for severe storms as we head into friday in the weekend. hold their diving southward into st. louis and kansas city and saturday moving into the plane stayed and eventually the northeast. the freeze advisories already in
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effect where we can see potential for below freezing temperatures near dubai to protect those plants, bring them inside. you know what comes next. the w. word. lauren: goes from 73 degrees to 50 and you get sick. reporter: a little bit of a seesaw. lauren: thank you, jms this weekend the closet is going to get changed out. lauren: that's true. add that to the to-do list. find out how you can become a flight attendant on delta's new reality show. >> part of our eight week training program. >> we are going to get started together. the first day of college he don't know anybody. lauren: position i wrote then. why's you have to allow more time to get through customs. you are watching "fbn:am"
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tree and do this then did he think of it almost $6 million are sent them like that and i think honestly i just think it's a disgrace. trade to breaking news this morning president trump blasting hillary clinton and democrats behind this democrats behind a democrats behind this scandal is anti-trump dossier. an exclusive interview with lou dobbs. lauren: the house today set to pass the senate budget plan which would pave the way for historic tax cuts. cheryl: the dow falling 112 points yesterday disappointed earnings. amazon, also that microsoft futures pointing to a slightly lower open. lauren: europe considered the most important central bank
5:31 am
meeting this year. will the ecb back away from the economic stimulus features up in the meantime. cheryl: stocks flat ahead of the ecb meeting. lauren: do you have what it takes to become a flight attendant? "fbn:am" continues right now. cheryl: 5:31 a.m. in new york. thursday, october 26. i'm sure personae. >> you have the right set to be a flight attendant. cheryl: i did. at least they don't have weight checks anymore. we were weighed every week when we were training. lauren: like cheerleading camp. hillary clinton of the democratic national committee over the dossier against him. an exclusive interview.
5:32 am
>> hillary clinton totally denied this issue didn't know anything. what i was amazed out, almost $6 million they paid and is totally discredited, total phony. it is disgraceful. lauren: they hired research firm fusion gps to produce the infamous dossier alleging ties between president trump in russia. a watchdog group filing a complaint accusing him of breaking campaign finance laws by failing to disclose the money spent on the dossier. cheryl: this story has certainly changed and continues. today house republicans are scheduled to vote on the senate version of the budget used as a vehicle to pass tax reform. in the interview with lou dobbs, the president explain how the tax overhaul will help the middle class. >> we are going to have so many jobs created by what we are
5:33 am
doing. we are going to have companies leaving our country to war. look what happened over the last 25 years. look at mexico and see how many car companies have built these car companies. we want to build in michigan and ohio and they just leave and fire everybody and nato would open the plans. that isn't happening anymore. cheryl: 89% of voters are frustrated with the way the government spends our tax dollars. 85% don't like corporations using loopholes to avoid paying taxes. paying too much saying wealthy people are paying too little. cheryl: your 401(k) is back in the bargaining table with president trump when republicans divided over possible changes to the program to help pay for tax cuts. representative kevin brady now rolling out reforms that can cut
5:34 am
the amount of money americans are able to contribute. president trump on the silly 401(k)s alone this week said this yesterday. >> 401(k)s to me are very important because that's one of the great benefits of the middle class. i didn't want that to go too far. there are certain elements and deals you don't want to negotiate with. 401(k)s, and kevin knows it and kevin brady is fantastic. he knows how important they are. cheryl: kevin brady says discussions continue with the goal of saving more and saving sooner. rating not exactly responding to president trump's criticism. cheryl: if you are insured under obamacare, you may face significant premium hikes this year. tracee carrasco has been in some other headlines this morning. trade for a good morning. people who get insurance changes next year will see big premium
5:35 am
increases and have fewer insurer option even though federal premium subsidies mean that others will be able to get coverage. according to the consulting firm, premiums on middle tier silver level plans are set to rise an average of 34% and 39 states reduce health the average increase for bronze planes is 18% and for code coverage it is 16%. the rate increases were partly driven by the trump administration decision to an car sharing reduction payments and reimburse recovering low income employees health costs. open enrollment starts november 1st. cheryl: the bipartisan bill from patty murray, must that goes through, which it doesn't look so good, this is the way it's going to be. security getting a lot tighter at u.s. airports.
5:36 am
>> airlines warning passengers to the screening process to get into the country is tougher now because of continued terrorism concerns. united airlines told customers that the department of homeland security now requires additional security measures for international flights to the u.s. which could include questioning an electronic device is larger than a standard smartphone. also subject to checks and the united urged passengers to arrive at the airport three hours before their flight. also telling passengers to plan for extra time for the increased security. lauren: i'm curious about the interview. we packed her bags? delta has a new reality show. trade for a yes. as we saw in the promo, surely you have what it takes. if you've ever wondered what it's like to become a flight attendant, now you can get a behind-the-scenes look big
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through delta's new miniseries. follows five delta flight attendants in training as a complete in a week program. tell the jury not to 1000 new employees in the company wants to show what it's like to become a flight attendant, a job awarded to 1% of the more than 100,000 applicants. the first episode available online in delta plans to release a new episode every monday in thursday for the next 10 weeks. cheryl: i'm looking forward to watching it in how things are different now. >> i'm curious to get your take. cheryl: i know they've got rid of the weight checks but it's pretty brutal. you're away from home, a lot of us were yelled. i remember one day out of four weeks was drink service. the rest was all your faa exams. you have to really respect what flight attendants go through. lauren: and what i see the drama in life-and-death situations. or turbulence training.
5:38 am
for dealing with unruly passengers. is this cheryl: that is the viral video. thank you very much. cheryl: i didn't have to evacuate a plane once. i'll tell you after the show. three veterans wounded in the search for disgraced army sergeant bergdahl offering testimony on day two of the hearing. those details for us. >> they heard about the human toll when the army sergeant laptop army sergeant laptop is posed in afghanistan in 2009 at a search party endured days of hard, grueling unsanitary positions and took gunfire. a navy seal who sustained injuries carefully described ramco, a service dog who was fatally shot during the mission. when first given the mission, james hatch predicted someone is going to get killed trying to
5:39 am
rescue him. his entire team was well aware the soldier had walked out the post but decided to rescue him anyway because bergdahl was an american i had a mom. platoon leader captain john billings explained the mission was to bring go home. we leave no man behind. he is still considering defense arguments that president trump when he briefly referred to comments made during the presidential campaign. back then he described bergdahl is a dirty rotten traitor. mr. trump may have had what is called an unlawful command influence on the military court. >> basically the idea that if someone higher in the chain of command sends some kind of message, signaling to direct or indirect to decision-makers that would be a violation of due process and can be used as a defense. >> the judges also likely to weigh the suffering captured by the taliban.
5:40 am
the threat and tortured until he was released and negotiated by the obama administration. that led to the release of five taliban detainees from guantánamo bay another item the military judge is likely to consider the sentencing hearing continues. jonathan serrie, fox news. lauren: president trump talks to lou dobbs about his choice to run the federal reserve. >> your preference out of curiosity? lauren: who do you think should be the next fed chief? we will tell you what it is in a bad. twitter this morning, amazon this afternoon. our next guests are to avoid those too. we will tell you why. you are watching "fbn:am."
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welcome back. let's get you caught up on what's happening out there to what's happening now. officials at a roadblock in the las vegas shooting investigation. reporting the laptop found in stephen paddock hotel room was missing a hard drive. why he unleashes deadly attack. he removed the hard drive before you commit suicide. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. to keeley safe today after being
5:44 am
evacuated in south sudan because of violent protest there. shortly after he left the homeless camp, u.n. security guard fired tear gas into crowds of 100 people. some city and plunge into civil war and may 23rd teen. more than 2 million people have since left the country. check out the video. nine people nursing injuries after a car plowed into a busy maryland restaurant back on tuesday. upper marlboro with about 30 diners inside your two people were taking in the hospital with serious injuries. the driver was not hurt, but it's unclear how exactly she lost control on her car. that is what is happening now. cheryl: you never know. president trump sitting down with our own lou dobbs in an exclusive interview to discuss his pick to lead the federal reserve. the current chair janet yellen won't be reappointed. >> you like to make your own
5:45 am
mark, which is maybe one of the thing she's got a little bit against her. but i think she's terrific. we have a great talking obviously doing very well together. cheryl: that is all true. managing direct cross mark global investments is here. good morning. >> good morning. how are you this morning? cheryl: good. he wants to make his own mark, the two names we hear the most about right now are fed governor jerome powell at stanford university economics professor john taylor. but you make make of those two topics? >> yeah, when you look at who is coming in, we never know. one day it's one person, the next day someone else. i don't think it's going to make a huge difference in the path of the fed going forward. previously, when we had chairs like volcker and mayor or
5:46 am
greenspan, the chair really had a much more a leadership role the sense of how their opinions lead the rest of the committee. receiver nikki, yelling. the other members of the committee seemed to be more vocal. they really seem to collaborate much more on what's going on with their policies. we may have a knee-jerk reaction if we have one of these from especially if we have the taylor rule, they assume we will be a very rules-based fed if he comes in. really come if you look at what the formula says now, it would be about a 375 and that really makes investors nervous, which you have to go in and look and see him say change the inflation expectation, change the unemployment noninflationary rate in the number comes down closer to 2.5, which is closer to the neutral rate it to that we are seeing.
5:47 am
regardless of who comes in, we may have a knee-jerk reaction because they'll be more hawkish, but the path of the fed will stay pretty much on the same path but it still rates moving higher. cheryl: it's interesting you say that. john taylor could bring in his own guidance. let's talk about some of the fact is that the moves of the markets. when it comes to interest rates, does that affect the house and senate are? that's one of the big sectors you are focusing on. have you guys your client denies kind of higher interest rate environment we are entering into? >> sure. industrials are doing really well. multiyear high manufacturing and nonmanufacturing surveys coming out. consumer sentiment of 13 year highs. the housing sector i think is a really interesting aspect to that, which is near and dear to
5:48 am
our heart in houston. we had home sales reporting this week ever really strong. houston especially strong and existing sales because they find investors come in and really buy up a lot of the homes flooded from the hurricane is in the way right now is about six to 12 months for contract is to come in and do repairs. so you really have some pent-up demand for there to have in the house and senate doing to make make a play with companies they related to that construction and remodeling. cheryl: that is great advice. thank you for being here and getting up so early texas time. really appreciated. >> no problem. a pleasure to be back with you. >> coming up, stunning comeback by the houston astros in game two of the world theories. retired broadcaster, and the legend vince scully sold the pregame show.
5:49 am
>> samarra didn't have in, jackie robinson, roy campanella and killed rogers are laughing their heads off. look who is stirring up the first ball is the world champion. ♪ sheesh is you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy.
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cheryl: the first pitch at a baseball game is a forgettable ceremonial moment. legendary broadcaster vin scully set the bar pretty high. scully teased the crowd by
5:53 am
pretending he was going to do the honors, and then he fakes an injury to his pitching arm and had to call for help. >> i'm going to have to go to the bullpen. i needed left-hander to come out here and help me. [cheers and applause] is very left-hander down here? my gosh, hernando venezuela. cheryl: afterwards, scully uttered his trademark line, it's time for dodgers baseball. scully called dodgers games for 67 years. lauren: is 90 next month. game two between the dodgers and the astros reminds us why they call the world series the fall classic. if you couldn't stand to watch it, let me tell you you've missed a great game.
5:54 am
the team combined for eight long come in the ever in a world series game in each one was dramatic. astros down to their final three. driving one deep to tie the game at three. houston flexes its muscles. next batter, carlos grande one over the wall. back-to-back comments for the astros up 5-3. amazingly, dodgers tied at the bottom of the 10th and the big boss comes in the. >> one right deep to centerfield fernandez looking up at my ball is gone. a two run home run for george springer in the astros are back on top. >> this series is now moving to houston, game three tomorrow night, 8:00 eastern and you can watch all the action on fox. cheryl: cam newton looks to add
5:55 am
drama to his press, does. watch what happened yesterday when a reporter asked him a question. >> troy of new england, do you think you guys have the wherewithal to do that consistently week in and week out? >> next question. cheryl: panthers pr is dead and you didn't mean to be rude. he just thought the press conference is over even though he was just asked a question. earlier this month he was forced to apologize after he was laughing at a female reporter. lauren: dairy days. when they come back, we will talk this major day ahead with the european central bank. thank you for joining us.
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lauren: officials are expected to announce plans to scale back their giant bond buying program. said three gold from "the wall street journal" joins us now to discuss that. they are expected to pull back now, riva.
5:59 am
>> investors are in tender hooks. people are generally expect being an extension for another nine months, but about half the rate of current purchases, which is definitely going to be taking as a hawkish move or a move towards life monetary policy eurozone economy finally appears to be on track so there's an expectation something's really got to shift today at the european central bank. trade you anymore hence if we hear the word tapering or not here tapering from draghi. lauren: recalibration? >> i think is going to do whatever he can to avoid getting the reaction per naki guide in 2013 and is expected to use very, very dovish language that interest rates will stay low for a very long time. he still made i think he'll probably use the term substantial accommodation to
6:00 am
avoid a diverse market reaction that could send the euro climbing. lauren: thank you on the riva. cheryl: lots of talk about pdc be market could be moving meetings abroad. that is set for transcendent. thanks for watching. lauren: "mornings with maria" starts right now. ♪ >> live from riyadh, saudi arabia to future investment initiative, yours initiative, uris maria bartiromo with a special edition of mornings with raf. maria: good thursday morning, everybody. it is thursday, october 26. happy thursday. top stories right now covers 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the top names reporting before the bell, twitter, ford motor, ups and comcast. it does not stop there. a big nightig


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