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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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captive party to ideological religious and commercial interests. it is at the mercy of its financial backers and a cabal of leaders. >> financial backer, i was thinking of the clinton foundation. >> who is she talking about now? >> "risk & reward" starts now. >> deny this. >> hillary herself. hillary who has been touring the world, complaining that the russians colluded with trump to steal the election away with her, and she's colluding with the russians. >> the profoundly vindicating day. >> almost $6 million that they paid. >> the clinton campaign was doing what it accused of trump campaign of doing. wittingly or unwittingly working with russians to undermine the 2016 election or affect the 2016 election. >> totally discredited. total phony, like all the fake news, disgraceful. >> it's a stunning turn of events and we'll soon learn how serious people were about the
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need to hold people accountable for any collusion with russia. liz: former dnc share debbie wasserman schultz and hillary clinton staffers weighing in on what they knew and when on the clinton campaign and the dnc funding anti-trump research back in 2016. the infamous information file that contains unverified scandalous accusations about president trump and his connections to russia. that could have led to possibly spying on trump and his team at trump tower. we are getting to bottom of the story tonight and the updates on the growing scandal continue to come in. waiting, the u.s. government is about to release a trove of previously classified government records on the assassination of president john f. kennedy. we'll bring that to you as soon as we get it. the dow hurting for highs, the house narrowly approving the budget, setting the table for tax cuts maybe by thanksgiving. will lawmakers who enjoy rich, cushy pensions for life, will
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they tax your 401(k) to pay for it. a slew of tech earnings and megamerger moving the markets. we're watching that for you, watching the money. amazon reporting massive growth after the bell. amazon trading up 7% after hours. we bring you an all-star guest lineup. fox news' steve hilton, economist ben stein, historian doug wead and sheriff jones. let's get to the news breaking and the clinton campaign and the dnc paid for the file of unverified scandalous information about trump that came from the likes of former british spy christopher steele. that sets the stage for the russia accusations and possibly federal elections commissions records show the clinton campaign paid a middle man law firm, $5.6 million from june 2015 to december 2019. the dnc paid that same law firm
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3.6 million bucks since november 2015 onwards. some of that money apparently went to the political hitmen and dirt diggers at fusion gps. we do not know how much money they got from the dnc and the clinton campaign, but this culminated in the infamous file alleging donald trump's connections to russia including attempts to take down hillary clinton and the team. this even as the fbi warned the democratic national committee months earlier in september 2015 that russia was hacking into dnc computers and stealing information but the dnc's former chair wasserman schultz did not know about democrats paying for dirt on trump. as the dnc new leadership says adamantly its new team did not know about it either. >> when did you learn the dnc and the clinton campaign were behind the dossier? >> i wasn't aware of the dossier at all. >> how could you have led the dnc and be in the dark about the dossier?
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>> i wasn't aware. reporter: what do you think about the new leadership statement kicking the pan to old leaders, to your leadership saying the new leadership didn't know about the dossier? [inaudible]. liz: former hillary spokesperson brian fallon is unsure if hillary knew of the anti-trump files saying hillary may have known. >> just to be clear, brian, you said previously in the last 24 hours, you don't believe hillary clinton knew about this either, is that right? >> i don't know. i haven't spoken to her. >> okay, okay, thank you for clarifying. >> yeah. reporter: shouldn't she know, shouldn't you, someone so high up in the campaign be informed of this? >> well, she may have known, but the degree of exactly what she knew is beyond my knowledge. liz: okay, this team at fusion, staffed by former "wall street journal" reporters, they're the ones that did the anti-trump research. they are currently pleading the fifth and using the judicial system, the courts to block
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information or any findings about operations and funding. it appears that democrats pay for unverified allegations about a u.s. presidential candidate working allegedly with russia to bring down hillary clinton, among other things, when again the fbi as early as september 2015 told the dnc russia was hacking into it. representative devin nunes points out to tucker carlson that political hit jobs and spying on political opponents what you see in third-world countries. >> that's the challenge here. if you had an unverified dossier paid for by political opponents, in this case, the democratic party and the fbi is taking and using to open up investigations into a campaign, or into other americans, we are on a slippery slope. i think this is what you see in third-world countries, where the party in power uses the intelligence services for their political gain. you don't see that in the united states of america.
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liz: let's bring in, steve hilton, host of fox news "the next revolution" and former uk prime minister david cameron's senior adviser, good to see you, steve. >> great to be with you, what a day. liz: yes. the kremlin plays both sides against each other, a classic destabilization tactic, russia long employed that in the ukraine, and contacts between the trump team members including michael flynn and carter page with russia. but the broader theory here, steve, is this about criminalizing policy differences and spying on political opponents? >> i think it is. and it's also something that goes, i think really deep to what happened in the election last year. the whole of the establishment, the political establishment, the national security establishment and the media establishment, they all viewed the prospect of donald trump winning the presidential election as basically unthinkable and have to be stopped in whatever way was
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possible, and i think that's the interesting story here because quite apart from the cover-up that we're seeing in the political sense with everyone running away from the dossier even though there is evidence it was commissioned by the democrats. the deep point here is was it the dossier that led to the whole russia investigation and the fbi's role in that, i think, is incredibly important to understand fully, and the really interesting move forward on this story today was actually from the "wall street journal" itself. the "wall street journal" is no sean hannity, but if you look at what it wrote today about the story, it called for robert mueller to resign because we need to get to the bottom of the fbi's role in all of this, and he can't possibly do that given that he once ran the fbi. this is turning into a really big scandal for the establishment in general. liz: "new york times" reporter commented saying folks involved in funding this lied about it
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and with sanctimony for a year. another "times" "times" reporter said quote -- what do you think? >> well, this is just how they behave. it's really useful for the public to see the way that the elite just basically have the attitude of the ends justifying the means. it's absolutely at the heart of the way the clintons specifically and generally operate. their view, is look, we've got to stop trump, it's quite obvious that a trump presidency is unthinkable and dangerous and damaging, basically anything we do to stop that is perfectly fine, whether it's ethical or not, legal or not, it doesn't matter. liz: we've got to move to the next subject. steve, you do support, you know, any investigation or probe into exactly how russia meddles in the election, right?
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>> completely. that is a separate question which is a foreign hostile power trying to undermine our democracy. it's going on to this day, the russians are doing that right now because they found this new and effective and cost effective way of projecting their foreign policy. liz: yeah, through social media as well. let's get to this story. fbi informant under a gag order cleared by the justice department to tell lawmakers what he knows about the uranium one deal. now called a russian bribery scandal. congress can ask him about any russian efforts to win favor with numerous groups, including the clintons via the clinton foundation while trying to get approval from the obama administration for uranium deal that turned over a fifth of america's uranium to russian control. listen. >> i do know the lawyer well and i do know what the lawyer said, that this person is willing to testify, and he might know something about the
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involvement in the uranium one of money laundering, fraudulent activity and bribery, and we ought to know about that because transparency brings accountability. >> the fact that they were working with a foreign government, taking in millions of dollars through the clinton foundation, and giving over such a large percentage of that uranium while she was secretary of state, there's a lot of things that need to be looked at here. liz: okay, let's slow this down, break it down, steve. 131 million reportedly came into the clinton foundation from frank who backed uranium one. he's also in the clinton foundation board. he ran a separate clinton charity. he sold his stake in 2007, three years before a russian firm bought it. what do you think this informant will reveal? >> well, i think that he'll reveal what's been hinted out, without evidence, which is that this is a major strategic play by the russian government, by putin, using all different
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kinds of means to try and get his hands on a bigger share of the uranium market, remember russia is an energy-dependent state, energy resources are crucial to the economy and the national security. this is a really serious operation, and i think that some of the direct contacts with people around the clintons is what we haven't really seen evidence of yet, and i think that's what we're going to learn. liz: russia is basically a third world economy. and the u.s. does need atomic resources, i'm curious why this guy had a non-disclosure agreement when everybody in government is leaking around this subject, right? >> exactly! it's crazy. it's about time that was lifted, and frankly, i think we are hearing from congress even if it hadn't been lifted, they would have subpoenaed him anyway. we would have gotten there in the end. there is a bad patent, paul ryan critical of it today. the justice department, the fbi not giving the information that congress is asking for, even
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under this administration to get to the bottom of all this. liz: this is a heck of a story. we're staying on it. we're one step closer to tax cuts by possibly thanksgiving. the house narrowly passing budget, setting up the final tax push. it's down to the wire right now. this as democratic senator ben carden saying democrats adamantly oppose tax cuts. act like the tax hiking walter mondale party. the answer is it's going to answer the deficit. again, this is a far cry from the democrats like ted kennedy who voted for the reagan cuts 30 years ago. >> i don't think it's very likely we'll get it done this year, we need to have democrats and republicans working together. democrats made it clear we will not support a program that's going to blow a hole in the deficit. their plan is scheduled to be a $1.5 trillion additional debt, probably much larger than that. as you pointed out, we support
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a tax proposal that helps the middle class, the overwhelming majority of the aid goes to the highest income people. liz: so the democrats not buying the facts and that is in the high-income brackets, the small businesses, the little guys who pay at that income level. 90% of business income comes at the income tax level. republicans are acting like democrats when it comes to using our 401(k)s as bargaining chips to pay for tax cuts. when congress enjoys rich really cushy pensions for life. what do you think of that? >> it's so hypocritical. i can't believe that the republicans are having such problems uniting around this. i think we'll get there in the end. simple story is the country needs more than anything else is massively accelerated economic growth. the way you do that is by encouraging investment by businesses in the private sector, large, medium and small, and the key points here, particularly the corporate rate cut and the repatriation of overseas income are vital to
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get the economy moving. surely agree on that. liz: steve, terrific to see you. thank you for coming on. tune into steve hilton's show, "the next revolution" airing on fox news sundays at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. good to see you. >> thank you. liz: drugstore chain cvs acquires aetna, possibly $66 billion deal and alphabet announcing earnings after the bell and sales surging 24% to 27.7 billion bucks, profit paired ahead by 33% to more than $6.7 billion. look at stock moving up nearly 3% after hours. the markets added 5.3 trillion to wealth in stock value since president trump was elected to. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with more. nicole? reporter: stocks on wall street finished mixed, the dow higher to close at 23,400. the s&p 500 gained slightly. the nasdaq pulled back a little
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bit. aetna right there going into the closing bell, briefly halted on the volatility but in the end finished higher by more than 11% as sources said cvs health was in talks to buy aetna and. and twitter up 18.5%, beating the street and adding users and then ford, up 2%, doing so well with the ford f-series pickup trucks, and the movers that we saw. the facebook, amazon, netflix, google, we follow these quickly. they were relatively flat into the closing bell. amazon slightly lower as netflix gained slightly. by the end we did get the tech earnings after the bell. that was microsoft, google, amazon and intel, all of which beat after the bell. those are certainly ones to watch at the opening bell tomorrow, friday. liz: good to see you, thank you so much. tech titan amazon announcing massive earnings after the bell. the stock moving bigtime. next we're going to tell you
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how much. and a guest who on last night's show says he was targeted by the fusion gps outfit, the anti-trump research firm. that interview is going viral and economist ben stein is here to react. that's next. we all depend on trucks.
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. liz: tech titan amazon announcing massive earnings growth after the bell. revenue jumping 34% versus last year. amazon's all important cloud computing unit booked $4.6 billion of revenue up from 3.2 billion last year. take a look at amazon after hours, popping 7%. we now know that the contested trump file was paid for partly by the dnc and the clinton campaign. but hillary clinton says she didn't know about it. the ceo of the human rights
5:20 pm
foundation appeared on this show last night. he says he too was smeared by this outfit behind the anti-trump file. >> calling them a research firm, i think, is a little bit of a stretch. these are smear artists. fusion gps earns the bulk of their money, their largest payments come from criminal entities that are under criminal investigation in the united states by prosecutors or law enforcement, and what they've learned is if you want to kill an investigation, if you want to destroy law enforcement investigation, go after the witnesses, go after the whistle-blowers. fusion gps isn't just doing research, they're paying journalists when it comes to those sorts of things. liz: how do you know? >> i have the evidence ken silverstein received funds from peter fritsch. liz: joining us is the author of a book the capitalist code. ben stein. >> honored to be here. liz: so excited you are here.
5:21 pm
hillary clinton says she didn't know about the work by fusion. what do you think? do you believe her? >> of course i don't believe her, she was the boss, the head of the campaign, of course i don't believe her. she knew they were paying for, it knew it was a hatchet job, they knew in some way or another come back to haunt trump and managed to do this incredible jiu-jitsu thing they got the moron mueller, i shouldn't say that, that nice person mr. mueller to act as if the russians were manipulating trump and trump manipulating the russians when all the while the democrats doing every bit of it to make it look like trump was a russian stooge. they managed to muddy the waters on this completely and the media bought it hook, line and sinker. like this alliance between leading democrats, leading law enforcement officials and the media all to smear trump anyone anyway. liz: and the kremlin has been known to split the difference
5:22 pm
and play both sides of the political aisle to destabilize, what they've done in the ukraine and other countries for decades. here's from kallstrom last night. >> the whole story is dirtier, murkier, filthier, the swamp deeper and the animals uglier. the question is what is in that affidavit? if that affidavit is the basis is that salacious, you know, crap that was put together by that gps firm and if that's the probable cause, the nuggets of probable cause, you know, that's something the intelligence committee has to get a look at. liz: what do you think, ben? >> i think that you're being too generous to say the russians are splitting the difference. i think the russians knew they didn't want to have any problems with the american administration no matter what, so they would get everything all screwed up and make it look
5:23 pm
as if american politics didn't work, maybe that is splitting it. maybe it looks as if american politics didn't work. maybe look as if the whole system was a hodgepodge, and nothing good came out of it for the united states whatsoever, and the amazing thing is that mueller and the fbi and all these people, comey, bought every single bit of it, and the media bought every single bit of it. the mainstream media said trump, russian agent, trump russian agent, trump, russian agent, when it was the democrats manipulating the whole thing. why aren't they saying the democrats are russian agents. why are they holding back on that? liz: could have led to the spying at trump tower, who knows? >> trump said a long time ago they're listening to me at trump towers, everyone laughed at him, said he was a paranoid maniac, he was completely right. liz: we want to switch gears, i wonder if universities across the country are going to buy
5:24 pm
ben stein's book and make it a must read. basically bernie sanders and liberal college professors hate capitalism. >> they say they hate it. liz: you say it's not the rigged system young people are led to believe, right? >> not at all. a system any person, any mexican, any salvadorian can buy stock, attach himself or herself to the mighty engine capitalist power and province and become a business owner. it would be nice if you or i. liz: you're saying any person from any country, is that what you meant? >> you can buy stock in the united states of america or most other capitalist countries. you can become essentially the owner of a business like owning a cadillac dealership or a chrysler dealership or owning an oil well. you can do it in buying in increments and the stock gradually becomes the equivalent of owning your own business and becoming my sister calls pre-dad, you're not
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pre-med or pre-law, you inherited a business, only you create the inheritance yourself by creating a business, and that business consists of the stock ownership. no fuss no muss, no liability if it fails, no tenants flooding the apartment with water beds that don't work. a clean easy way to be a business owner. liz: have you heard from any university or colleges that want to teach from the book or have you speak? >> no, though i am supposed to speak at youngstown, ohio, we'll see how it goes. liz: we'll try to cover that and maybe get you on to talk about it. >> i'm going to be here. honored to be here. liz: author of the book the capitalist code, great read. microsoft reporting better-than-expected earnings after the market closed. another tech titan, exceeding self-imposed goals, breaking $20 billion in yearly revenue. the stock is rising only slightly after hours and stay on the story for you.
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. liz: welcome back, still staying on your money and what's moving the markets. intel raising full year utlook and reporting quarterly earnings that easily topped wall street expectations. overall revenue came in at over $16 billion. this stock has been on a tear this year, up 14%. it's trading up more than 1% after-hours. back to this story, the jfk files set to be released at any moment now. conspiracy theories have been out there for years about the assassination of john f. kennedy. joining me presidential historian and author of game of thorns doug wead. >> good to see you, liz. liz: tell me, are you excited about the jfk files? what do you think we're going
5:30 pm
to find out? anything new? >> very excited. yes, i think we're going to find out a lot of new things. maybe not what we want, instead of the end, thing is a new beginning, tens of thousands of armchair sleuths coming up with new conspiracies. i'm convinced we'll eventually know, but i don't know if it's going to happen in my lifetime. >> the question is what was lee harvey oswald doing in mexico city two months before the assassination the soviet union embassy officials and cuban embassy officials. we're going to stay on the story. switch gears, the justice department listed a gag order on a former fbi informant involved in the high-profile russian bribery case involving atomic energy here in the united states in uranium one, apparently news breaking he is going to speak in closed-door hearings. president trump weighing in about this last night. >> well, i think the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done so underhanded with
5:31 pm
tremendous amounts of money being passed. i actually think that's watergate modern age. liz: watergate might be going a little overboard, but what do you think? >> i think it's worse than watergate. watergate was wiretapping, let's wiretap more of our political enemies. nixon said million dollars, that's no problem, he said, to take care of the plumbers who were a little overenthusiastic and spying on political opponents. this is putting the united states at risk. this is our national security. this is outrageous. it would be treason at any other time. it's just stunning news to me. i watched the opening of your telecast, i hope i dvr'd it, i want to see it again, it's amazing to me. liz: we're staying on the story. good to have you, doug. we have this for you, cnn's jake tapper comparing president
5:32 pm
trump to mccarthy. >> indecency, smears and lies, president trump and joe mccarthy are different historical figures, they say history doesn't repeat itself but it rhymes. liz: you're an historian, jake tapper along with many in d.c. does think the president is misleading people and lying, what do you think? >> well, there's a big difference so much of what donald trump has said has turned out to come true. he thought someone was bugging him. we said you're crazy, turns out he's right, and big difference from joe mccarthy, if there is any joe mccarthy, the news media who will not give up on the idea that they didn't win the election, that we misbehaved. we didn't vote the way they told us to vote. they're still outraged by it, and it's disconcerting to see. liz: they don't like the attacks on fake news, thing the president is trying to do censorship, and you say what? >> well, television has gone the pretty big.
5:33 pm
i think sarnoff and pele and the guys would turn over in their graves, they promised eisenhowerer he could speak at any time. the time has changed. liz: good to see you, thanks for coming on. >> thanks, liz. liz: mattel plummeting after-hours, just reporting, toys "r" us bankruptcy eating into sales. mattel sales dropping 22%, mattel sinking 20% after-hours. we'll stay on the story for you. next up, remember when the media jumped on this story about donald trump, jr. trying to get opposition research against hillary clinton sitting down with russians. we're going to play thatmontage for you and break it down what is going on today. don't go away.
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. liz: amazon sales surging, that whole foods acquisition helping it. busy prime day as well. take a look at the stock after-hours, trading up more than 7%. now, remember when the media jumped all over donald trump, jr.'s meeting with the russian attorney prior to the election to obtain opposition research about hillary clinton? roll tape. >> we're beyond obstruction of justice in terms of what's being investigated. this is moving into perjury, false statements, and even potentially treason. >> donald trump, jr., what he did was a threat to democracy and borderline treason. >> this is evidence of
5:38 pm
willingness to commit collusion. >> donald trump, jr. gave us the dots, all we have do is connect them to see where this is going. [laughter] [cheers] >> yeah, he's going to jail. liz: with me now is tim graham with the media research center. good to see you, tim. >> thank you. liz: you heard all the people talking in the media today acting like the accusations were tantamount to a conviction, and now have the democrats funding that anti-trump research file. what do you think? >> we have just come out with a new study that shows that from january 20 to october 20 we have 1,000 minutes of network evening news on trump and russia. 1,000 minutes. here's where we are so far on hillary and russia. 20 seconds. liz: 20 seconds?
5:39 pm
>> 20 seconds is what we have so far. and so what you have here is a news media that's really, really devoted to ruining trump. you can hear they thought what this was going to lead to was impeachment and removal, and that's been their agenda, everything they've reported is organized around that campaign, they all sound like tom steyer's crazy ads where he said you have to impeach him now because that's what we need to do, and again, you have a news media that is so heavily wrapped around a democratic party agenda, then when you have a story that comes out and says wait, by the way, seems like the democrats were paying a british intelligence official with russian connections to get dirt on donald trump. well, if it was somehow treason for donald jr. to get dirt on hillary clinton, what on earth is this? it shows you something. the news media cannot accept
5:40 pm
that hillary lost for a reason, and the reason was people rejected the democrats and their agenda. liz: here's the thing, and the media has been criticized acting like they embody the first amendment, but it required journalistic practices to fact check what was in that file. the media screams when the president talks about fake news, but people in the media hit the send button on the anti-trump file with the salacious accusations without verifying it. we didn't touch it. we reported it existed, but you don't hit the send button and show the world something that is unverified, right? >> this is -- this is really the media's arrogance on parade. that is the idea they embody the first amendment and somehow the conservatives in this country, the trump voters of this country do not somehow have freedom or speech or speak against them, that's not freedom of speech? freedom of speech means we are allowed to get up and exercise first amendment rights and say
5:41 pm
you are not journalists, you are democratic stooges, that's what you sound like to us. liz: and i tell you something, let me back up. that file, that anti-trump file from fusion, it was packaged like it was government intelligence documents, and so you know, you got to say to yourself, how many people in the media saw it as government intelligence documents or reported it as such, and others who said it's unverified. we have nicolle wallace on msnbc say it doesn't matter who pays for it, it matters what's in it. what matters is what's in it, right, tim? >> it is true, what's important here is you have somebody like nicolle wallace and steve schmidt sitting around msnbc saying why do we care democrats are to blame? these two are people who couldn't organize a parade for obama in 2008. they've gone from losers of 08 to defending the losers of 2016, and, if a journalist
5:42 pm
wants to know why, not only if the democrats paid, which they did, and want to ask why and what they were trying do here? liz: tim graham, good to see you, come back, we love having you on. >> thanks. >> toy maker fisher-price issuing a recall. also makes baby seats, it's recalling 63,000 baby seats. the consumer product safety commission saying it's received three dozen reports about these seats, called the smoothing motion seats that they overheat. one report is about a fire from its motor. no injuries reported yet but watch out, the recall is on. next up, jfk assassination files from the government, they've been secret, now they're about to be released. that's according to the white house. president trump authorized this. we'll bring you the details when they're out. kellogg's latest cereal box accused of racism by people on twitter and social media followers. we've got the blaze's lawrence jones to react next. don't go away.
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. liz: in a rare move the naacp issues two travel advisories. one warning african-americans against travel to the state of missouri and urging african-american travelers to exercise caution when flying american airlines citing disturbing incidents. the naacp is under new leadership, newly appointed president derek johnson defending the advisory saying it's not a boycott of the airline saying we're giving people information based on what we have found that may be cause for concern. american airlines stock closing the day in the red, down almost 5%. with me now host of the blaze lawrence jones, good to see you, lawrence. >> hey, emac. liz: what's your reaction to the naacp move here? >> it's kind of comical considering i feel like the airlines today pretty much all suck. i don't think there's any discrimination going on now.
5:47 pm
i think a lot of the airlines including american airlines don't know customer service. not so much of them targeting black folks. a lot of americans are displeased with the airline experience today. liz: looks like a year ago, according to reports, lawrence that a north carolina naacp leader was reportedly pulled from one of the airlines flights after confronting alleged discrimination from the passenger. that's what the naacp is citing about african-americans being bumped from flights. what do you think? >> yeah, and other people that were removed from flights from other different reasons as well. people that were assaulted on the flights. i mean the list goes on and on the flight experience today. i think we pressure can all agree, liz, somewhat an epidemic, especially with american airlines displeasure on these flights, and so i think for the naacp to take one situation and say hey, all black folks be aware with being on the airlines, when, in fact,
5:48 pm
it's all americans that are pretty concerned about the experience, i think it's being disingenuous. liz: move onto this, the power of social media like twitter and facebook, kellogg's cereal box artwork is being called racist. changing the way companies do business. here's what's going on. a twitter follower tweeted out hey, kellogg's, why is the only brown corn pop in the cereal box the janitor? this is teaching kids racism. closing in the green. kellogg's responding to the tweet saying kellogg is committed to diversity and inclusion, we did not intend to offend. artwork will be fixed and in stores soon. is this racist? . >> give me a break. these people have way too much time on their hands. took me a magnifying glass to even see the picture on the cereal box! i think liberals today are looking for something to scream at. i was watching another hit on
5:49 pm
fnc talking about the liberals having a day of screening just to scream because donald trump is elected as president. i think they're just finding something to be upset about, i don't think there is anything yong even if it's the latino community being painted as someone that would clean up facilities. at least people have a job. i don't buy this nonsense of they were trying to be racist. this is for kids, they're not trying to teach them anything. liz: love having you on, lawrence jones, come back soon. >> thanks. >> president trump declaring the opioid crisis a public health emergency today. next head to ground zero in the opioid fight. ohio bringing in butler county sheriff richard jones for reaction to his announcement. that's next.
5:50 pm
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. >> my administration is officially declaring the opioid crisis a national public health emergency under federal law, and why i am directing all executive agencies to use every appropriate emergency authority to fight the opioid crisis. liz: president trump declaring the opioid crisis a public health emergency saying it is time to put a stop to drug addiction, the number of opioid related deaths in ohio skyrocketing from under 300 deaths in 2003 to over it's over a 13-year period. this is according to the ohio department of health. take a look at stocks, walgreens, pfizer ending the day in the red. joining me now butler county ohio sheriff richard jones, good to see you, sheriff.
5:54 pm
>> how you doing? liz: good to see you. >> what did you make of the president's speech? >> basically it's a speech. he's made it an emergency, and it's time to do something, but we have a governor here in ohio that doesn't done much. the president is doing everything he can. the republicans are trying to fight it, we do have an epidemic here, people are dying every day. 150 in the united states die every day, every hour, and it's getting out of control. we're trying to get a handle on it but not doing well. our government is so busy fighting over silly things, we can't get help here in the trenches, what we're trying to do here, we've got a state representative who's going to be the next speaker of the house locally in ohio and come up with plans to try to reach out. what we've got is we've got -- we spend 80% of our resources throughout the country on addiction but won't spend bi20% on trying to get educated, the
5:55 pm
kids in the third and fourth grade, we've got the holes coming in larger than the holes going out, and there's no program other than talking points, nothing is getting done as we speak right now. liz: sheriff, ohio's opioid epidemic cost the state 8.8 billion a year, that's the same amount of k-12 education in the state, the cost of the k-12 budget, you say the government isn't doing enough. isn't china involved in border security issues with the flood of opioid coming over the border. it's china. and why do you say the governor is not doing enough? >> he's not doing anything, been there eight years and all of a sudden it's an emergency. he's trying to throw money at. this when you throw money at this and it's unregulated money, what happens is the people that make money are the people that run these programs. there is no cure, make no mistake about it, there is no cure, but we've got to work.
5:56 pm
we've got the kids coming into school and grade school and not doing anything to work with educating the youth like it used to be. nancy reagan said just say no. there's a point to that, but you've got to educate the kids, and on the treatment end of it, we're losing, we're not winning that battle. in butler county, ohio, we're going to lose 200 a year, 200, up almost 75, 80% what it was five years ago and 150 a day, an hour are dying? the government to say they're going to come up with the programs is throwing money at it and not asking us in the fields that are dealing with this every day. liz: okay, sheriff richard jones, thank you so much for coming on the show, and thank you for your service to our country. come back soon. jfk files about to be released according to the white house. we'll bring you the details when they're out. amazon stock up after-hours, you'll see how much next. don't go away.
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liz: big earnings growth, revenue up from 34% a year ago. thank you for having us in your home. thank you for watching. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: the house narrowly approving a senate version of the budget. it will allow them to pass a massive set of tax cuts later this year. a number of republicans opposing the budget bill in the hopes of protecting some of the deductions. there are a number of things that are near and dea


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