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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 27, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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neil: tech stocks are soaring right now. if you're jeff bezos you run amazon. you are now the world's richest man. pick up of north of $10 billion. $91.3 billion ahead of bill gates. trish regan right now. trish: thanks, neil. stocks on all-time highs on strong earnings reports. gangbuster gdp report, measure of overall economy. we grew 3% despite suffering two major hurricanes. welcome he, everyone to "the intelligence report." nasdaq on pace for biggest bain gain of the year with tech earnings. much better than expected economic growth of 3%. imagine what kind of growth we could get if republicans pass tax reform this year. we're on it. three obama era scandals in the spotlight, the russian dossier,
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russian uranium deal, now the irs. not a good week for president obama and hillary clinton. "wall street journal's" kimberly strassel will tell us about more bombshells on the way. she joins us straight ahead. plus the national archives refusing to publish 300 records about the jfk assassination. what are they hiding? historian doug wead has a theory. that is coming up. back to our top story, gdp at 3%. we have keith fitz-gerald. our own nicole petallides down at new york stock exchange. keith, pretty good, especially if you have a couple of hurricanes. >> this knocks leather off the ball. big tech is the story, the story, for a long time. it will continue to change the world we live in. >> i love it. nicole, down on the floor, are
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they surprised? i mean expectations have been tempered somewhat knowing that we clearly had gone through a lot in the past quarter, with all the hurricanes. yet, pretty stellar report. >> really is for gdp. 3% gain. that was more than expected. you nighted hurricane harvey and irma. we thought that could cut into it. but it didn't. big picture here, earnings and employment have continued to boost optimism going forward. now with these tech earnings today, blowout. trish: hey, looking pretty good. nasdaq on pace to hit a record. joining me kingsview asset management as well cio, scott martin. scott how much is is attributable to just the sort of secular shift if you would, or cyclical shift in the economy? how much is attributable to the
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president? >> you guys were talking about the gdp numbers. a lot of pick up in past quarter, was businesses right? consumers got hit with the hurricanes. businesses picked up the slack, as i like to say, gone is you didn't build that message just delivered to the business community over and over again by president obama. how can we help you, mr. and mrs. businessman and woman, from d.c.? that is why businesses are going out there confident, spending, hiring workers, driving prices higher, because businesses are back in this country. trish: that is good stuff. i like the sound of that, keith. you can't underestimate, keith, how much psychology and sentiment plays, what kind of role it plays, when you're out there repealing regulations one after another. promising lower taxes for business owners, for corporations and for individuals, what does that do to overall confidence levels?
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>> it brings into play the most important word in the investment vocabulary, certainly, because ceos want and need certainty to spend, gain customers. customers need certainty, that they know customers will buy from are dependable, and markets need certainty, because it means there is stability. to me this a win-win, win, all the way across the board. it is important political nonsense aside, because ceos are ones that have to navigate on behalf of shareholders. trish: scott, assuming tax reform happens, we're looking market, 23,434 right now. where do we go? >> easy 25,000, trish. probably maybe by the end of the year or maybe in 2018 which is okay, that going forward the market wants to see. i think you will easily see the dow pop end of the year, given as you guys talked about, amazingly strong he earnings
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report we're seeing seeing from googles and amazons of the world. apple next week. another lift was coming in matter of days too. trish: is that what you're hearing nicole? >> in washington you see the ball rolling. talking about tax reform, budgets, that really is still well on its way. everybody bet on that. you couple that with great earnings this season we've seen, fundamentals. things have improved. i know it feels crazy, run-up we've seen, all-time highs, one record after another. sure, everybody is always cautious and watching, but the feeling is still optimistic big picture, for longer term. what a day today, tech earnings, blowout numbers. trish: indeed. thank you so much. good to see you all, keith, scott, nicole. doj lifting gag order on fbi informant who could potential lid off entire uranium one scandal. he will be speaking to at least three congressional committees
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who only now want to get to the bottom of why this deal was ever allowed in the first place. let's go to break burman. live at the white house with latest. blake, could be interesting stuff in his testimony. reporter: trish, here is what we could tell you. president trump at white house, last week, during a meeting made it clear he thought it was appropriate for the department of justice to go forward to lift this gag order on this confidential informant. this informant was speaking with the fbi when it was looking several years back with possible bribery and extortion among energy officials. that that informant will be able to talk to congressional investigators. that informant's attorney said today her client might be able to draw a link between the clintons and the uranium one deal. >> we have the clinton foundation getting tens of millions of dollars from the same people involved in the deal. so you have got it, right there, the quid pro quo. my client can put some meat on
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those bones and tell you what the russians were saying during that time. reporter: the white house is now forced to defend the president's involvement in this high-level decision. here is kellyanne conway earlier today. >> there are some reports that the president interfered, the president weighed in. not unusual for a president to weigh in on any number of topics, but remember chairman grassley got the party started when he asked the department of justice to allow the fbi informant to speak. reporter: trish, bottom line here, after months of this russian investigation being put on president trump and those within his orbit, the president and white house very clearly feel they are now able to turn this headline around on to the other side. for example the president tweeted out earlier today, and i quote here, it is commonly agreed of many months of costly looking no collusion between russia and trump. was collusion with hc.
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of course that being hillary clinton. trish? trish: we want to talk about this a little bit more. blake burman, thank you very much. joining us with his take, former deputy secretary of policy at the department of homeland security, paul rosenzweig. given your background. given your background at homeland security? are you surprised that a deal like this went through? >> not really. it was approved or rather it was not blocked by committee on foreign investment in the united states, which has nine cabinet agencies sitting in it, as well as director of national intelligence. in this case the nuclear regulatory commission as well and approved it. as far as one can tell looking from historical record, there is really no dispute about it. that is pretty unsurprising given that, yeah, in many ways -- trish: trying to understand what you're saying, sir. it is a little surprising there is no dispute. there was some dispute, not from
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members of cfius, nine people sitting on cfius, state department and treasury, et cetera, but there was concern, chuck grassley sending a note to loretta lynch at the time. we know there was an fbi investigation going into, delving into whether or not put pout was trying to gain undue influence in our atomic energy sector. by the way you have the russian state energy company trying to purchase uranium ore, one, in the united states of america, i would just think that would send off some red flags? >> well, apparently not. the nuclear -- let's start with that. the nuclear regulatory commission approved this because the ore they purchased doesn't get experted. uranium one didn't have an export license. trish: okay. >> also amounted no more -- trish: it was exported? >> no, it wasn't ma'am, the nuclear regulatory commission approved the deal on the grounds that uranium one --
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trish: they approved it under assumption would not be exported? >> they are the ones who issues licenses. >> we have the quote "new york times," 2015, april, they were talking about how there was one particular individual there who was saying that -- >> saw some of the yellowcake on his report going on. didn't say whether it was owned by uranium one. whether or not it was returned after processing right? trish: sir, if you let me finish. i will tell you exactly what the "new york times" reported. asked about the commission, confirmed that uranium one has in fact shipped yellowcake to canada. the commission confirmed that uranium one in fact shipped yellowcake to canada. even though they did not have export license. if you try to tell me none of this left the country, that is wrong. >> no, here is a good question for you. how much uranium does the united states consume every year? trish: i don't know. >> 50 million-pound, roughly. how much do we make
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domestically? trish: i don't know. tell me. >> 10%. five million. what is the production from uranium one? trish: 20% of the u.s. supply. so 20%, you're saying somehow this was okay the deal happened. that you do not allow this supply of uranium to go to the russians. >> not to go to the russians. not to go to the russians. the mining contracts went, were owned by the russian rosetom. you have not told me anything -- trish: we talked how the uranium went to canada, paul. we talked about that. uranium one confirmed that. once it goes to canada, i don't know where it goes from there. uranium is strategic resource, why is it nobody at cfius, including hillary clinton who runs state department doesn't care? by the way, paul, bush ad min strikes we were concerned about
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russia. i cite ad foreign affairs article the other day from the cfr, where they were talking about the threat of vladmir putin. it was the cover article back in 2007. i remember the lobster summit in kennebunkport, which i covered in maine. a lot of concerns about putin back then. then hillary clinton becomes department of state and president obama is there and suddenly we're approving deals like this while simultaneously, $146 million is going to the clinton foundation? >> i don't know anything about the deals with the clinton foundation except that most of the money went two years before this deal was, went down. so, i really don't have any information about that. what i do know is that cfius committee is charged with examine whether or not there is a national security concern and they determined that there was not. the reason there's not is because 2% of the u.s.'s uranium production is not a material concern to the united states.
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trish: incompetent or something else is going on. >> i think they're exercising their best judgment, you're second-guessing. trish: giving to a russian state-controlled company. >> i think hillary clinton is liar in most instances. i spent most of my life with the whitewater investigation. i'm not one to give her any credit at all. when a committee of united states mostly run by career bureaucrats says there is no problem, to try to hang that on her without least bit of evidence she had any knowledge is kind of frivolous. trish: it wasn't just hillary clinton. these were all clintonites, actually, if you look at list. eric holder, janet napolitano. whole bunch much people, steven chu. close to clinton. close to obama. i would only point out when you talk about the money that is changing hands. you said this money came in two years before this deal. 500,000 went to bill clinton in
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the weeks after her first speaking event in russia. i would once again ask, does nobody think that is inappropriate? does nobody think that is bizarre? 146 million to the clinton foundation while she is secretary of state from russia and 500 g speaking gig to bill clinton at the russians? >> nobody says the clinton foundation should have been taking this money. they shouldn't have been taking money from any foreign source as long as she was secretary of state but to suggest the uranium one deal is outside the bounds of normal procedure is just to be indulging in respect to conspiracy theories. trish: you're wrong on that. we had a lot of concerns about russia. we still have a lot of concerns about russia. i really question -- >> i agree with you. i have lots of concerns about russia. i worry about the president's decision to try to lift sanctions. that is type of concern that i have. trish: so it tells me either incompetence on the part of our
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government or there is something else at play. paul, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. great pleasure. trish: taking a make juror step forward passing tax reform but a battle brewing between republicans from high-taxed states and those from low-taxed states. are we heading for a showdown? irs admitting it targeted conservative and tea party groups and the doj is paying out big time. stay with me. i'm back in two. i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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trish: here we are days away from seeing the first text of the republican tax form bill. are you excited? the big question, will it get rid of state and local tax deductions? look, i said this many times on this show, i like getting a state and local tax deduction. heck, i live in new york city, right? the reality, those deductions i'm allowed to take they are not entirely fair. while they benefit new york or california or new jersey, they don't do much good for texas or new hampshire or florida. because you don't have any state income tax there that you can deduct. so you see what is happening. essentially, part of the country is helping to subsidize spending in the blue states. president calling that out. republican lawmakers from those blue states, there are a few republicans in the blue states, they will not pass a bill that
2:20 pm
gets rid of these deductions. so is this turning into a massive showdown? connell mcshane with the latest. reporter: trish, they may need votes from the republican lawmakers you allowed to. they are working on a compromise for that, the deduction issue and there is a lot of interesting talk in washington about 401(k) contributions. i will get to that in a second. since you brought up the deductions, start with that. we had 20 no votes on the budget in the house. 11 of the 20 were new york and new jersey representatives on the republican side. that tells how important this issue is. leadership is talking to those members trying to work something out that maybe softens the blow. listen. >> we know as we're working with these lawmakers, that if you couple lower taxes, a bigger child tax credit and we work with, to find a compromise on state and local, we can help americans in every bracket keep more of what they earn. reporter: well the other
2:21 pm
possibility is you have deductions going away for some people but not for others. maybe there is upper income limit put on it, a lot talked about there. the 401(k) issue, the president brought that up in a tweet, that got interesting very well. i was speaking to him about this earlier in the day. he made a suggestion. he told us he talked to the president about this, where the limit on contributions to your 401(k) plan, they might actually increase 18,000 now, up to 20,000 plus. plus there is a big catch. all the money wouldn't be tax-free as part of the compromise. tax-free savings might go to the backs end, not to the front end. that might go to the effort. here is the rational. >> 401(k)s most people are saving $200 a less per month. that won't do it in retirement. they will be in trouble. we're asking experts how we can help the families save more.
2:22 pm
we're working to reach a good solution there. if not, we'll leave them as they are. reporter: as they are. basically, trish, where we are right now. there is still a very ambitious timeline up here. chairman brady talked about this a number of times. they want the bill introduced by next week. talking about getting it passed by thanksgiving. two issues, deductions in 401(k), still to work something out. trish: thanks so much, connell. the irs finally admitted targeting conservatives and tea party groups. the doj is paying out big time. will any heads roll over the blatant abuse of power? by the way, what does this tell but the obama administration? they passed a deal to allow the russians to buy 20% of our uranium assets. that is very skeptical. now we're learning what they did, targeting, deliberately targeting conservatives and tea party activists. we're on it. plus "wall street journal"
2:23 pm
kimberly strassel is here. talking about the so-called dirty dossier about president trump, and she is warning that there are many russian bombshells to come, if and when the bank records who paid for this thing are actually uncovered. she has a lot of intel for you. do not miss it. stay with me.
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trish: we got another scandal to talk about today from the obama era. the trump justice department is forced to settle two lawsuits that date back to the obama administration. the irs admitting in court documents that it intentionally delayed tax-exempt status for tea party and conservative groups. attorney general jeff sessions says there is no excuse for this conduct. president trump, this abuse of power, will not be tolerated. joining me with more, american majority ceo, ned ryun. abuse of power, is that what it is? >> yeah.
2:28 pm
absolutely. trish, we were not dealing dealh dozens of tea party and conservative groups, almost 500. by the time you add everything up. the question for those watching, do you really think the irs of its own volition just decided to target tea party groups and conservatives? acting of their own volition? i think this went higher and it is a microcosm what they were concerned about with the obama administration t was weaponizing the government, the state, those who opposed it. when you look at the irs scandal, just one of many things that concerned us during the obama administration. people in d.c. and new york, still don't understand why 2016 happened, this is a microcosm of why it happened. people are losing trust, in their institutions. trish: it leads you of course down the path looking what happened with that, now infamous dossier. >> that's right. trish: was the fbi using that in order to wiretap.
2:29 pm
save that i want to talk to you about something else. kimberly strassel will be here, i know you want to dig into the uranium one story quite extensively. >> that's right. trish: we heard from a guest on from homeland security this, is no big deal, absolutely no big deal at all. all these people at cfius signed off on it. he also tried to say, ned, none of this uranium left the country, when in fact we know it went to canada. we know that in part because uranium one confirmed it in april 2015, that this iranian crumb went to canada. who knows what happens to the iranian july, once it is out of the country. -- uranium. >> to say this is no big deal, nine people, cfius members, hillary clinton, eric holder, geithner, look on my twitter feed to see all the names, these people in expedited fashion,
2:30 pm
usually these things, trish, 75 to 90 days. first part of august 2010, and it was approved by october 22nd, 2010. it was expedited process. dealing with something of national security implications, usually 120 days. trish: i want to point out saying national security implications. no, no, no national security. i would just say, reading the name of this company that bought 51% stake in uranium one, it is armz uranium holds, it is from russia, right? >> right. trish: not enough to red flag uranium holdings, guess who owns, armz holdings it is russian state energy corporation. no one case? >> they were also helping iran build nuclear facility is and training iranian nuclear scientists. >> we knew that back in 2007. >> and the thing about it is, it
2:31 pm
wasn't as though republicans weren't raising red flags. on october 5th, 2010, republicans sent a letter to timothy geithner said, we have real issues with this deal. you know what they did? they went ahead signed off on it basically two weeks later, said this deal is fine to go forward. there are a lot of questions, and only way to get to bottom of this, trish, all nine cfius voting members, brought to the hill, put under oath in a public setting, asked, why did you approve this deal? why did you do it in expedited fashion? and we get answers. because i think we deserve answers. was this to help russia come in on a terrible iranian deal, or even worse, trish, was this some sort of a payback to clinton and foundation donors? trish: you hit on something very interesting because as i have been telling the viewer, i remember covering russia, the
2:32 pm
ukraine elections, i covered the lobster summit in kennebunkport. >> right. trish: during the uranium elections it was very clear the ukraines were definitely warning about russia as a real threat. i've been citing the cover article in 2007 in the foreign affairs journal from the cfr where she basically outlined exactly what putin was up to and his imperialistic tendencies. he talked his support of those had in iran doing bad stuff. she warned us about everything. she knew about this. condoleeza rice was there. she was a russian scholar. she knew exactly what was at stake. there was a lot of concern, yet, ned, everything shifted, when president obama came into office, hillary clinton was secretary of state, the last guest said, that money went into the clinton foundation that happened two years before that deal was approved. but if you follow your logic, perhaps that was money well-spent as far as russians go. i'm not saying anything.
2:33 pm
i say it looks awfully suspicious we changed our policy tone towards russia shortly after, in the years after all this money had been pouring into the clinton foundation. why are you going not to be getting along with someone giving you so much money? >> that's right. there are a lot of questions, trish, there are a lot of questions still need to be answered. you make a good point. we knew who russia was at this point. we knew, these sieve just board members, voting board members knew there was bribery case taking case. that the fbi uncovered with regards to uranium deal. they knew exactly what russia was doing. trying to annex georgia. it was threatening ukraine. trish: it was threatening latvia and lithuania and estonia with small nuclear weapons. we knew exactly what was going on and we still approved the deal in expedited fashion. bring the nine cfius voting members to the hill. put them under oath on the house intelligence committee or senate
2:34 pm
judiciary committee to get answers. trish: they long needed to be answered. we know in fact the fbi was investigating vladmir putin for trying to have outsized reach in our atomic energy. lots of questions. ned ryun. thanks so much. "wall street journal" kimberly strassel writing about so-called dirty dossier on president trump, come talking about bombshells when bank records of those who paid for these things are uncovered. she is here to explain what those bank record might reveal. kimberly is here. she's next. e earned and ensure it lasts. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial
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trish: controversial, unverified, largely discredited anti-trump dossier. top democrats are passing the buck here, claiming they had no idea the dirty document was ever being compiled, let alone having anything to do with paying for it. now which have learned that the dnc and hillary clinton campaign were funneling money through a law firm in order to dig up all
2:39 pm
this disgusting stuff. joining me right now with more, "wall street journal" writer, kimberly strassel. she says even more russia-linked bombshells are on the way. good to see you, kimberly. what do you mean by that? >> hi, trish. i think people need to ask themselves why it is fusion, this opo research firm, finally came out and said who had hired it, the dnc and clinton campaign. they have resisted doing that for almost an entire year. they had democrats in congress helping them. suddenly boom, they give the names. it is because there is something they want to hide even more than those names and that is their bank records, and i think they thought, or hoped by putting these names out there, maybe the house investigators would drop their subpoena is for the bank records. house investigators are not doing that. but it is very clear fusion, which has taken them to court, does not want them to see what is in those bank records. trish: so the bank records would tell us basically, who all their
2:40 pm
clients were, who was paying them? >> i think house investigators will probably be careful not to drag any of fusion's clients out into the open that have nothing to do with this investigation but let's just say we know, for instance, that fusion in the past had contacts, contracts with russians. one of those russians, natalia natalia, that worked for a company called prevazon. she recently ended up in donald trump, jr.'s office meeting with him. is she linked up with fusion? is there money coming from russia simultaneous to the fact working on this dossier, it brings up questions whether or not the russians didn't know this dossier project was on going and sought to influence it. trish: so in other words, this was a disinformation campaign that fusion gps was putting together and your thinking on this the russians had a direct hand in this?
2:41 pm
they somehow wanted to be involved in this disinformation? >> well what we do know from the dossier's author, he writes it in the dossier, the allegation, which have been almost entirely disproven were based off of tips and knowledge from anonymous russian sources. so i think the question we have to ask ourselves, was the kremlin aware this dossier was being put together? they deliberately, yes, feed false information to this british intelligence officer to inject that into our political system. trish: well then, how on earth does the fbi fall for that, kimberly? how is it that -- by the way, i would just point out most journalist organizations, this thing had been floating out there, and they found it discredited, so they never published it. except buzzfeed, that is whole debate whether they're a journalist organization. no one published it, yes the
2:42 pm
fbi, kimberly, took this to heart, okay, now we have to look into all these campaign folks and wiretapping, et cetera, et cetera? >> yeah. this is the other huge unanswered question here. i keep trying to remind people just to contemplate this one sentence. we had law enforcement agencies, working for budget opposition from one now. a presidential election campaign, which is pretty astonishing thought when you think about it. now add in the possibility it was relying or justifying that investigation on the basis of a democratic commissioned opposition research document that was sourced from anonymous russians. you just have to wonder who was in charge there? we still don't know the answers to that question. the dossier file in the fbi is supposed to go to congress this next week and then we may have a
2:43 pm
better sentence how much it was used. trish: kimberly, thanks so much. we appreciate your intel on this we'll keep talking to you. >> thanks. trish: people are in spain are taking to the streets there after the catalon parliament voted in favor of independence from spain. they want to break apart from the rest of spain, taking the country's deepening political crisis into uncharted territory. spain is europe's fifth largest economy. whatever happens there could have major financial implications. the u.s. is not wild about this, but tell you having spent a lot of time in barcelona, they have always had this separatist strain in their population and it is really coming to a head right now. so we'll go to spain right after this, with more pictures. it really scared him out of the markets. his advisor ran the numbers and showed
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trish: breaking news right now. can you imagine if texas said, you know what? see ya, united states of america, we want to break off on our own? that is effectively what is happening in barcelona, spain. you see people celebrating in the speech. the prime minister of spain dissolveed their -- the people in bars loan i can't and catalonia have said, see ya to
2:48 pm
spain, see ya to the eu but will that fly? ashley webster joins me with the latest. >> absolutely not. here they are celebrating in barcelona. huge dark cloud, the no one recognizes catalonia, as a independent state, not spain, the eu, the u.s., we do not recognize you. we do not recognize you as independent state. catalonia says we'd be happy it to be in the eu. well the eu says you are because you're part of spain this is game of building of chicken. here we are, what happens next? does this descend into civil disobedience. what happens when madrid tries to dissolve the parliament and arrest the catalonia leaders that held the vote in the first place? what do the catalonia police do? are they loyal to madrid or catalonia? trish: this is live from
2:49 pm
barcelona, in spain. i shared with you, ashley, the story when i was a young student over there in spain studying spanish. i got to spain. i was all excited. and they started speaking catalan to me. so much for all my spanish. >> excuse me? trish: you get into a taxicab and they speak catalan, that it was ingrained to them they were catalonian first before they were spanish. >> yes. trish: back in the years of franco, for example, they were not allowed to speak spanish, catalan. he made them speak spanish. this is something brewing for some time. now thinks a lot of economic components to it as well. >> huge. trish: given how successful they are. >> we're in uncharted territory. what happens? at least 1500 companies moved out of catalonia. major banks moved their headquarters out of catalonia, very worried what happens next. this is big economic hit this is very rich region of spain. 25% of the gdp comes out of this one region. trish: a little like greece and
2:50 pm
germany? >> pretty much. catalonia believes it pays way too much in taxes gets way too little back compared to the rest of the country. we have the basks in spain and corsicans in france and waloons in belgium. the eu don't want cracks to form where there are cracks. trish: "brexit." >> scotland. when i was covering the scottish independence, covered that vote, there were large group of catalonians in edinburgh egging them on to vote for independence. that is how strong they are for their statehood. trish: so ultimately? we don't know? >> we don't know. it will be a uphill battle for catalonia to get their own statehood. put it that way. trish: ashley, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. trish: we'll be right back.
2:51 pm
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♪ to all the people who can quest like a tribe does... ♪ we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. trish: interesting story, the national archives releasing some, not all, of long-awaited files of the 1963 assassination of president jfk. president trump blocked 300 records on urging of cia, and fbi, those files are under review for another six months. those that were released described how federal agents madly chased after tips and rumors worldwide but the fact some were held back, that is fueling a whole lot more speculation. by the way, they were held back because of national security
2:55 pm
concerns. what does that mean? presidential historian doug wead is back with me. doug, you know, one of the interesting things in all of this, we have learned that oswald went to mexico city for a meeting at the soviet embassy shortly before this all transpired. does that lead you, in any direction towards maybe the soviets, soviets perhaps, cubans combined had a hand in this? >> absolutely. trish: yeah, that was my thought. >> all of the conspiracy theories, all of them are alive, and there is a bunch more after we've seen the documents. it is trulily, truly stunning. trish: is there any one that sticks out more so than others given what we know so far? >> here is what sticks out to me, trish, that the questions the american people were asking, that the taxicab driver, the beau tish shun, asking.
2:56 pm
they were the right questions, and the elite media and the government tried to make us feel like we're idiots and conspiracy theorists, but, they themselves are asking this question. richard helms, the director of the cia, sends out a memo that's in these documents saying, was he one of ours? meaning oswald, was he a cia agent? this isn't some blogger from tulsa. this is a director of the cia asking that question. then there is lbj. lbj is quoted in here, saying the reason john f. kennedy was assassinated was because he himself assassinated the president of our ally, president of south vietnam, who was a fellow catholic. i mean, again, is president of the united states making this allegation in these documents. no wonder they wanted to keep them hidden. trish: so what is your
2:57 pm
suspicion? do you question all of this as well? do you think there is more to this story than was ever presented to the public? >> oh, obviously so here because the principals themselves thought that. johnson thought that. helms thought that you can, we've got to apologize to all the conspiracy theorists. they may not have the right conclusions. we don't know those conclusions. maybe its the lone gunman as many say, but they certainly had the right questions and the questions they were asking should have been asked and no one should have been shamed from talking about it. trish: you know, doug, i guess now the concern is national security, right? i understand that, by the way. i kept saying, well the president surely must know what is in these documents before they get released because i would think the run the risk of anyone maybe being named that was a spy for us, possibly still being a live and put into jeopardy. also he is is citing national
2:58 pm
security concerns, which makes me wonder, if it was another count involved in this assassination, do we run the risk of flaring up a scenario and perhaps is the reason why they want to be more careful? i don't fault them wanting to be more careful. it is all sensitive stuff. you don't want to find yourself in a situation where we're going into some world war iii over something done that many years ago, doug. >> i don't think that is the problem. i think it is political and personal. trish, when i wrote the book, "all the president's children," i had the warren g. harding family not to include the story of his illegitimate story now proven by dna. that tells you pressure that was on. one of the reherevealing moments in this documents that i read, j. edgar hoover tips off bobby kennedy, there is book coming out about you and marilyn monroe. giving them the opportunity to
2:59 pm
dilute that book and get their answers that tells me by the docs are hidden from the public. they would be embarrassed by them. trish: doug, good to see you. >> good to see you, trish. trish: white house briefing is over. blake burman was there. we have the question and answer. here we go. >> is the president considering dropping amount of pretaxed contributions that americans can put in their 401(k)? currently that is $18,000. seems it was up for negotiation, does the president support taking that $18,000 level and potentially lowering that? >> as i said earlier this week the president wants to continue to fight and push for protection of americans retirement. that hasn't changed. i will not negotiate any deals beyond that. that is the president's position and that is the same today as it was earlier this week.
3:00 pm
trish: there is lot of opportunity. market looking at new high. new high on nasdaq. dow up 31 points. as we head into the weekend. i hope you have a wonderful one. there is a. there is more coming with liz claman man. liz: trish, the dow lost gains in final hour of trade. four of tech's goliaths are blazing hot after knocking earnings out of the ballpark. amazon up 13%. google, alphabet. microsoft doing really well too. up nearly 8%. one hour left twice. see if they hold the gains. nasdaq is soaring. up 141 points. it lists most of those stocks, if not all of them. you have


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