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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 27, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching. and remember -- you can't take it with you. for watching. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening. breaking news tonight. after months and months of empty, baseless, democratic-inspired investigation of collusion between the russians and allegedly the trump campaign, the president tonight stands vindicated. there is clear evidence now against the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign. evidence they paid for the creation of a false dossier fabricated by the washington smear machine fusion gps. all of the lies by the dnc, the clinton campaign. their paid character assassins
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suddenly boom aranged. and now growing calls for a new special counsel and an old one, robert mueller toned his russia witch hunt with gop lawmakers angry it's an open-ended waste of taxpayer dollars after more than a year and a half. the "wall street journal" editorial board calling for mule tore step down from his role in investigating alleged russian meddling in the 2016 election. they say he lacks what they call the critical distance to analyze recent revelations about the fbi role in all of the controversies. it's also clear the clintons have become the focus of congressional investigators. the clinton campaign and the dnc paid $9 million for that discredited dossier about donald trump and russia. but no one at the top of the
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democratic party will admit they knew anything about it. hillary clinton is silent on these latest revelations. her campaign chairman, john podesta, and former democratic national committee chairwoman, debbie wasserman-schultz, both denying any knowledge of the dossier and who paid for it. we'll take up reports for a special count to investigate the clintons. we'll talk with dr. sebastian gorka,. wikileaks is offering a reward for the withheld documents on the jfk assassination. 2,800 documents were released. but the intelligence community argued protecting their sources was more important than the
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public's right to know. the deep state demonstrating the d.c. swamp as of now has undiminished power. attorney general jeff sessions making it clear president trump is not happy with the intelligence community's efforts to hide those file s from the american people. >> we are working this weekend. we are going to be working every way possible to expedite production of these documents as completely as possible and they will be virtually completely revealed from the fbi files. lou: among the biggest revelations from the files that have been released. there was an anonymous call to a british reporter warning of big news 25 minutes before president kennedy was assassinated. we also learned lee harvey oswald met with a senior kgb agent two months before the
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assassination and the fbi was aware of the meeting. fbi director j. edgar hoover wrote in a memo the agency must convict the public that oswald acted alone, end quote. our next guest says the deep state's withholding of its files on the jfk assassination stinks to high heaven. now the chief strategist for the make america great begin coalition. dr. sebastian gorka. let's pick up with this. we learn from the attorney general, jeff sessions tonight that the president has obviously made it very clear that he is unhappy with the response to both law, the congress, and then of course his own orders. >> absolutely. that was a very, very
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interesting interview. you can see a.g. sections is clearly given his marching orders from the president. and it's one more instance of when the president knows he has that gut instinct, the supernatural gut instinct that served him so well. he's pushing against the swamp and pushing against the bureaucracy. what excuse can there be half a century later? none. you heard the a.g., he practically said we are going to give it to you all. he's been told what to do. lou: i did get the sense from the attorney general, obviously more engaged in terms of any other interview within the justice department, but at the same time, i sense a lot of of distance between him and the day-to-day work there, whether it be following the president's
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orders or pursuing the need to investigate the clintons from the department of justice perspective, not only congress. >> when i want to get my blood pressure pumping and rising, i read the comments on conservative websites about the department of justice. there are a lot of unhappy people out there who voted for president trump who want the see action. if you look at federal government, there are three institutions that are corrupted beyond all measure understood the obama years it was the irs, the fbi, and the doj. and as a result, right now it's clear there is one man who is not happy, and it's his boss. lou: a lot of other people are unhappy that have been on the
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sidelines for a while. the "wall street journal" editorial board saying point blank mueller needs to step down because of his conflicts of interest with the fbi in particular and his history with the fbi including the, if you will, the so-called investigation of uranium one. >> absolutely. there is no way that robert mueller can investigate anything related to hillary clinton, to james comey, to russian collusion or uranium one. he's in a position where he was involved in those events, either as the director investigating them, or he's friends with the people he's investigating, like james comey. rod rosenstein was possibly the worst possible candidate unless he chose hillary clinton
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herself. lou: rod rosenstein has conflicts of his own. it's an extraordinary boomerang for the democrats who peddled the nonsense of the collusion narrative for months and months now. and suddenly they are the focus of the inquiry and their actions as well their inspiration of narratives that were harmful to this president. they are out in the clear, out in the open. what do you make of it? >> the president can now hold his head up high. he has done so for more than a year. but now we we know the trump-russia collusion story is dead. now we have multiple russia conspiracy racketeering, pay-for-play, a scandals that are out there that go back to hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. go back to the clinton
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foundation and her husband as well. so here we have -- it's not opposition research. there are so many things we have to separate uranium one from the dossier. but opposition research is standard it's felty, we know that. but this is russian propaganda. we know christopher steele was hired because of his russian connections and he inserted russian propaganda into this file which was paid for by the clintons, by the campaign, by the fbi which is mind boggling, and then briefed to the president and leaked so that mueller could be hired. it's fantasmic. lou: the wiretap that the fbi with the knowledge of its fired
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director, james comey, was prepared to reimburse gps fusion for some of the expense because it was using that file were that dossier, that bucket of sleaze analyze and deceit to attack the president of the united states at the time the fbi quote-unquote was investigating collusion with the russians. it was the agency and the democratic party was the political party colluding with the russians. it's inconceivable that anyone could have anticipated that. >> the idea that falsified propaganda material from an adversary nation like the russian federation was used to secretly to denude u.s. citizens of their right so they could be
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surveilled by the the public authority. that's a banana republic. a new special prosecutionor has to get to the bottom of this no matter how high it goes. because this has to be a country of rule of law. lou: jeff sessions has to now put together grand juriys and ratchet up the investigative energy in that department. sebastian gorka, as always, great to have you with us. we are coming right back with much, much more. stay with us. in the view of many, the intelligence community undercut president trump by refusing to follow his orders or follow the law passed by congress. we'll have the full report on why the jfk papers weren't released in their entirety as required by law.
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the economy is booming, thanks to president trump's america first policies. >> you know, we have done so well, pretty much record setting for nine months. lou: we'll take up the booming trump economy and the push for tax cuts. the biggest in american history, ed rollins joins us next. ed rollins joins us next. stay with us. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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lou: breaking news. it's quite a breaking story. reports from the "washington post" that the "new york times" that conservative website the washington freebie con has been identified as initially retaining the firm that conducted opposition research on donald j. trump includinged the fake dossier. washington freebie con is a conservative website funded by a major republican donor by the name of paul sanger. the "new york times" reporting according to people briefed on the conversation, the website hired the firm fusion gps in october of 2015 to unearth damaging information about a number of republican
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presidential candidates, including perhaps especially mr. donald trump. but the "freebie con" told the firm to stop doing research on mr. trump in may of 2016 as the candidate was clinching the republican nomination. the freebie con funded in large part by republican billionaire, paul singer. and he was not aware the fake dossier or mr. steele's involvement in it. he learned by the when "buzzfeed" published that dossier. joining me none other than ed rollins. and first your reaction.
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ed: . i know paul singer well. he's not a trump person, but he's always been an active contributor to republicans across the country. i think what bothers me about this, everybody says i can't know anything about this. no one spends $12 million in legal fees without knowing what they are getting. there has never been opposition research in the history of the country that cost that kinds of money. this is outrageous. for a solid year now this president and his presidency has been distracted beginning before the administration started and burg the administration by this crap. someone should have found where the sources was and stopped this thing. lou: you have to know that james comey, the fired former
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director, is effectively a dirty cop. he's associated with the dossier. we are learning that the agency built cases for fisa warrants based on that dossier. but this is a town, washington, d.c., from which i just returned -- and i have to tell you, it's a terrible thing when you are delighted, thrilled and relieved to escape the nation's capital. ed: i spent 25 years of my life living in that town. i visit it rarely today and feel the same way you do. comey took this report, an went into the president and he said, i have this information. now, if you are the fbi director and you have this information and you go to the president. you better darn well know it's factual information. and it wasn't factual
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information. lou: that seems like the least of the affronts here. the reason i say that is that the "freebie con" paying for this. paul singer. it wants that he wasn't for trump. he was a never trumper. his ultimate candidate, i believe is marco rubio. rubio is denying any knowledge of this. and he may not have known. but shame on them all for behaving this way because they know what they are paying for. when you write a check for off significance research, you are not going to the russian government and source. it's appalling. ed: our justice department and the fbi that used this to build this fake case against the president, and the democrats now basically, oh, i knew nothing by the.
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give me a break. lou: it worked under obama, it won't work under president trump. ed: the tragedy is it distracted the president for a period of time. the president needs -- he needs to get someone like mike mukasey, former attorney general, make him a counselor to the president and say your responsibility is to go over to that justice department and straighten it out. that justice department off rates under my power, not under any statute. all the cabinet officers are delegated power by the president. lou: our audience is smart and engaged. the department doesn't need an organizational restructuring. you are talking about going in and getting the president's interests represented in that department, his values
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inculcated in that organization. and the attorney general whether it's jeff sessions or someone else, and i would love to see mike mew casey in any role in this administration, and it would be immense benefit to this president. but somebody has to say this is -- president trump, this is his agenda, his administration, and be sure you say president before you have say trump every time you mention the man who leads this nation. i'm so sick of hearing reporters talk about -- not giving him the honor and respect of his title. ed: i couldn't agree with you more. i hope it's done and done quickly. the president says he's watching your show every night. hopefully he's watching tonight. lou: i have got to say, we are out of time, but i have to tell
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you, there are millions of people in this country who could only dream that there is such a universal force at work, maybe god, who decided to bring justice to the democrats and to the left who would sink to this low -- ed: mrs. clinton said this stuff has been debunked it's not debunked. you have better get your house in order. you and your democrat friends. lou: i think it's far too late for them. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the gop leadership should order the house and senate intelligence committees to put out their final reports on the russian probe and turn their full attention to the our rainup one scandal, the clinton collusion and corruption scandals? we would like to hear from you
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on this. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on twitter @loudobbs. upon wall street, stocks closing the week higher. the s & p up 21. the nasdaq surged 144 points closing at all time highs. volume on the big board. for the week, the dow and s & f posting fractional gains. president trump delivering on his economic promises. the economy expanding 3% in the third quarter. marking three months of 3% or better economic growth. up next, shock revelations found in the newly released jfk assassination records. we'll have the full report straight ahead and much, much more.
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lou: let's turn quickly to the jfk files sealed for 54 years. the president saying quote he hopes to release quote just about everything from those previously sealed jfk files after being pressure -- pressured in the final hours of the final day that by law required those files to be released. the fbi and the cia only released 2,800 of those documents. and at that point he honored the request of those two agencies. but those records offering new revelations about the jfk
11:30 pm
assassination and the events surrounding the assassination. reporter: if they were hoping to prove the conspiracy theories surrounding jfk's death, they will be disappointed. because the files only fuel the conspiracy theories more. the deputy director was asked is there any information that shows lee harvey some walled was in some way a cia agent? but we don't get and answer because that's where the answer ends. a phone call was made to a london newspaper 25 minutes before the jfk assassination. , the carol said they should call the american embassy in
11:31 pm
london for some big news annen hung up. >> this is a treasure trove for students of history. this blows my mind. i'm like a kid at christmas. i have papers scattered all over my living room trying to sort through very interesting, compelling things. >> last night president trump said i have no choice but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our nation's security. the fbi and the cia has six more months to make their case that rest of the documents should be kept secret forever, or else the president says they will be made public by april. we are coming right back. a lot of news to cover tonight. it turns out the dems were right about russian collusion after all. the only problem was, the dems
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are the ones who collude with the russians. we'll have the mounting evidence that the clintons and the democratic national committee were the ones leading the way in collusion with russia. >> we are seeing now if there was any collusion with russia, it was again the dnc and the children tons and not our cam -- and the clintons, and not our campaign. lou: these snorkelers are on the hunt for big fish off the coast ♪ mr. wise man... you wish to know how to protect your sterling credit score. my credit is off to a good start, but i worry my information was hacked, which kinda freaks me out. well, unfreak yourself out and download the free creditwise app from capital one. creditwise gives you a credit score, and alerts you to changes.
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♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone lou: the washington freebie con admitting it hired fusion gps to dig up dirt on republican presidential candidates, including then candidate donald trump. but the freebie con says in a statement that we have just received, quote, all of the work that fusion gps provided to the freebie con was based upon public sources and none of the work product the freebie con received appears in the steele dossier. the freebie con had no knowledge -- the free beacon never provided payment for work
11:37 pm
performed by christopher steele. to put all of this in perspective, the free beacon did pay for the dossier. there is a denial by the free paste beacon. -- by the free beacon. this is quite a report by "the washington post." the particulars of it -- the "new york times." i don't know why i confused those two news outlets. the "new york times" reporting. and as we are look at this, this is such a pack of lies and
11:38 pm
slime, and by a smear machine which is gps fusion. you wonder why the free beacon turned to them for we search. >> this was worse than fiction because it was slime. the washington free beacon should have been smarter. but we are talking about pure and concise h heand con and con. so that's the first mistake. i am a retired spy. if i'm the russians and i see these guys look for information,
11:39 pm
bar the door. this is a home run for a foreign intelligence service. russians saw the democrats coming. they set this up. they knew this would be a poison pill. they set up trip wires on both sides. no matter who got the information, how it was used, they come out on top. and the democrats were too stupid to understand it's illegal and too stupid to understand the third and fourth order of effect the damage it would cause. lou: one of the most of fascinating things is the reality as you are suggesting, that russia has won in this very important covert battle of disinformation and propaganda that it created, that it began more than two years ago. and deeply disturbing is the
11:40 pm
complicity of the top officials of the fbi and the dossier and having the lack of knowledge and sophistication and methods to discern it was a fraud. then to perpetrate a further fraud and engagement against a candidate for president of the united states, and then a sitting president of the united states. >> i don't necessarily think -- during the cold war they had the free rocket over ground. that's what i see here. i don't think they were aiming with precision. i think they were aiming to cause chaos. lou: i o chaos where? it looks like it's targeted directly against the clintons. agents have been working to insinuate themselves into the clinton organization, into a
11:41 pm
personal relationship with her for years. one of them came very, very close. secondarily we are looking at a russian operation that is continuing to this day i am sure to the amusement and the joy and satisfaction of vladimir putin, who some say personally authorized the operation. >> that's what i'm saying. either way they would win. if clinton would have won they would have been able to set up a poison pill for her to use against donald trump. they didn't think donald trump would win. the intent of the russians was a cause chaos. they helpinged their bets both -- they ledged their -- they hedged their bets both
11:42 pm
ways. lou: the president of the united states has apparently ordered the fbi and the cia to get moving and deliver those sealed document straightaway. jeff sessions says, to meet their obligations. they defied law. they defied the president. this administration has to resolve a lot of problems with those two agencies, apparently. in your view on what would motivate them to do so? >> kudos to you and your pressure on them. without you putting the pressure on i don't think we would be here right now. i have talked to two sources today that says the content they are most of afraid of has to do with embarrassment. not anything classified. there are a few theories about oswald and his contact with the cia. there are inconvenient facts
11:43 pm
which makes the cia look stupid. i think that on top of the fact there are probably people still alive today who were involved in the investigation who made mistakes. i think it's more about not want to go have people embarrassed. not want to go have the deep state look bad. there is something here they need to protect? no, not after 53 years. lou: the idea that this president appointed two leaders of those two important agencies and they have the temerity to wait until the final hour of the final day? that is beyond arrogant. it is beyond disloyal. >> this needs to be a final warning for them to get their act together, lou. lou: we are coming right back with much, much more. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products,
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lou: joining us tonight is general jack keane, former four star general. general, great to see you. we are approaching the beginning of president trump's trip, very important trip to asia. and china has to be seen as the
11:48 pm
fulcrum of everything he's going to be talking about, whether it's trade or our national security and north korea. do you agree? and what do you anticipate will be the focus and the policy result that he seeks from this critically important trip? >> it is an important trip. and obviously just the fact the secretary of defense is there, secretary of state is on his way. we have three aircraft carriers in the pacific. they haven't done that in over 10 years. this an all-in. what hangs over this meeting which i think would be different if we did not have the north korean crisis. but clearly the central issue will be the north korean crisis and the commitment president xi made to our president going back to the mar-a-lago visit the day after we retaliated against the
11:49 pm
strike assad made against his own people when he said i will assist in denuclearizing north korea. that's almost a quote. the 19th communist party congress just conclude it was almost a coronation. he has influence on power that no other leader has had since mao. dominate asia and become the preeminent power in the world. look at the united states as not just a competitor, but an adversary. this is probably the most of important bilateral relationship the united states has in front of itself. lou: one of the things that strikes most of folks who take a look at the challenge we face, and the president must contend with. here is a nation of a billion
11:50 pm
people. but at the same time it's tolerated north korea. and arming it. providing technology to it and maintaining subsistence for 25 million people in north korea. who live in subsistence. and there isn't a world outcry against china for what it is doing to the people of north korea. and not inserting itself. there isn't a discussion of the humanitarian corruption of china that would insist upon a proxy state, a satellite, a puppet state that so threatens itself and the region in fact and suffers its people at the same time. that is as big an insight into this to me to this government of
11:51 pm
the people's republic of china, that is so corrupt, so empty, and cynical. >> you make a very valid point it's a reflection of how they feel about their own people. they have 700,000 military forces separated from the army just for population control. to deal with the 60,000 civil unrest demonstrations they have on an annual basis. this is a repressive society and i think we should call them out on all of this. i do think this. given the significant ambitions president xi has in terms of china's place in the world, as this crisis continues to loom, there is nothing about that crisis that serves those interests. so i believe he has got to step forward and will step forward to leverage north korea. because it's in the way of what he is trying to achieve for the
11:52 pm
greater china. lou: up next, president trump ordering the department of justice to work overtime to deliver the jfk documents to the american people as required by law and ordered by our president. we take that up and more with pastor robert jeffress next. stay with us. six in the morning. she thought it was a fire. it was worse. a sinkhole opened up under our museum. eight priceless corvettes had plunged into it. chubb was there within hours. they helped make sure it was safe. we had everyone we needed to get our museum back up and running, and we opened the next day.
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lou: joining us tonight is the pastor of the first baptist church in dallas. robert jeffress. good to have you with us, pastor. i want to start with this narrative that the democrats, the left and apparently the russians have been running at this president for almost two years, that he's in some kinds of collusion with the russians. and suddenly we finds out there is collusion, but it's between russia, the clintons and the democratic national committee. it's stunning stuff. >> it is stunning stuff. and it's part of a bigger narrative going on. the president was here in dallas thursday night for a fundraiser. and i was privileged to be with him. he invited me to come on stage and address the group of mega donors.
11:57 pm
i said the economy is booming, the stock market is surging, conservative judges are being added and the russia investigation is backfiring on the democrats. no wonder the left is tanking. and the republican establishment is supporting the president or getting out like corker and flake. that's the big per narrative of what's going on here. lou: it's karma, it's god's will it's intervention it's providence. all of the above. and it is incredible to witness that this, this horrible malignant narrative that they have carried out against this president and his administration has absolutely boom -- book bok
11:58 pm
boomeranged. >> i believe god intervened in our election and put donald trump in the oval office for a purpose. not just god giving america another chance, but perhaps the last chance to be great again. i'm so grateful we have a president like president trump delivering on exactly what he promised to do. lou: he's keeping more promises in the first 9 months of his administration. you have to go back to bill clinton to find a president who has had taken economy that is moving at anything approaching the rate of this economy under president trump. it's been an extraordinary moment in history as you suggest, and it has the feel of something that is going to get only better. the jfk documents, he just had two of his agency heads defy
11:59 pm
him, defy the law and not turn over the documents because they insisted at the last hour that there were national security issue ofs which he had to respect and constrain those documents. but we learn from jeff sessions, attorney general sessions, that he's got the justice department working overtime to deliver those documents as quickly as possible. >> i'm sitting here tonight two blocks after he waive from the assassination site. i'm here sat grounds zero. i trust the president to do the right thing, and i believe president trump will have the final say and deliver on this promise just as he delivered on all the others. lou: hopefully the agency heads who have been so recalcitrant will just simply say disloyal in effect to the president will have learned their lesson as well.
12:00 am
the president doesn't give orders for the amusement of it all. pastor, great to have you with us. thanks for joining us.od night . >> announcer: from riyadh, saudi arabia, a special edition of "wall street week." here is maria bartiromo. maria: welcome to "wall street week," the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. an exclusive global financial investment forum featuring the biggest names across the globe and we have them for you today. this is a revolution airive event. the conference aims to bring voices together to lead investment trends that define our future. you will hear from some of the most


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