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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  October 29, 2017 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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passport in the world where you can go with limited visa interruption good for the singapore stock market, shares up 20% not bad for a country who does caning. >> dagen: help john. >> john: i'm shocked that jonas admitted to skateboarding. >> dagen: neil now. >> neil: with the release of a tax cut bill now just days away is it time for d.c. to stop the dysfunction and deliver the goods? listen to what two big newsmaker s just told us. >> i've never seen washington as disfunctional as it is. today it's awfully partisan, both sides attack each other, it's difficult to get people to sit down and really try to resolve issues and find consensus and that just means that washington is failing to deal with a lot of the issues facing the american people. >> there is no way this tax reform will have everything i want okay? it's not but the question is does it make things better or does it make things worse and if it makes things better i'm for
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it. >> neil: on to that dysfunction and is it problem hi, everyone very happy to have you i'm neil cavuto, we've got kennedy, adam and look who is in the house, ben stein. >> [applause] >> neil: thank you very men. >> he was passing out hundred dollar bills in the green room. he's great. >> neil: he's got them to burn. >> only problem is they weren't real. >> neil: he doesn't quite tell you that until after the fact. charles what do you make of this bottom line is we will function we will still get the job done. >> charles: a lot of dysfunction and i tell you what's interesting this week there was a report of 152-page report on politics and he broke the republican party into four different groups. i'm calling them tribes. it's interesting that you have marco rubio saying yeah, we're all going to take a little pain as long as it's not bad and this is just it. is there a common thread with these four tribes? it used to be lower taxes. it used to be fewer regulations those are low hanging fruit.
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obamacare repeal so i can't say that tax reform is a slam dunk. >> neil: what do you think? >> i don't think it's a slam dunk. i think it's a good chance it will happen because the republican leadership is back against the wall. i think the biggest sort of problem i think with tax reform is not coming from flake, jeff flake or corker. i think it comes from john mccain and if he gets susan collins involved he leads a sort of back door effort to basically kill this thing, i will say this though. >> neil: you're still confident it will happen? >> i think it will because here is the thing. i could say mccain saying screw it, i'm not voting for this and i think trump deserves whatever he has but that said i think others will look at this and say okay, i've got to be here for a while. i'm a republican. if i kill tax these tax cuts-- >> neil: i kill it for my buddy still. >> i kill it for everybody and
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maybe myself. i mean it's a bitter pill to swallow helping donald trump sometimes. >> neil: some might actually like it. >> who? >> neil: the republicans. >> if you listen to the president. >> neil: dan what do you think of that? >> ben: i think they get something passed and i disagree with the idea that there is new radically different dysfunction. washington has always been a very partisan town that's what it's all about. >> neil: you don't agree with corker? >> ben: i think we have a functioning democracy and we do need a corporate tax cut and we do need to have this around the edges and i admire mr. trump for sticking with it and focusing. people say he has the attention span of a gnat. not true. >> neil: some gnats are brilliant. >> ben: gnats for their size are incredibly brilliant. >> [laughter] >> i'll be interested to see what kevin brady releases this
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week, we're supposed to get that out of the house. i know he's spoken with you several times on your shows on the fox business network and fox news channel. >> neil: i take no honor there i think he's spoken with the cartoon channel. >> frankly, i think it's a little bit weird but having said that the devil's really going to be in the details of course republicans want tax reform of course they want tax cuts and the economy to grow and want all of this great stuff. they just can't agree how to do it and the problem is you're just shifting burdens from one side to the other saying you know, we have to bring in money by getting rid of the state and local deductions. >> neil: your problem is this a view that you don't have to pay for tax cuts or explain that. >> i don't agree with the idea of revenue neutrality. i don't agree that if you cut something here you have to raise it over here because i think ultimately the middle class is going to pay because even if we have these great person and corporate tax cuts, it's not going to be tax reform. you're still going to see something like a gas tax where the middle and lower classes are
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going to be hit. >> but this is not tax reform. >> no this isn't tax reform. >> on the individual side they're not changing much. think about what they're doing keeping all the rates the same almost. >> neil: well we don't know for sure. adam, is it your sense then that a lot of democrats have appeared on this show, other shows all been saying, you know, don't skew this to the wealthy if you don't we might not be inclined to reject it right out the gate, but i still can't imagine democratic votes for this regardless even if they were to double the taxes on people like ben. what do you think? >> adam: i think you're right and charles set the tone from the very beginning there's a lot of good policy being discussed on this program and in congress and i think that will be, that will end up being beside the point. they have so many things working against them. >> neil: i don't think what we discuss on this show is ever beside the point. >> [laughter] >> adam: i heard some very interesting things being
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discussed here, including from kennedy, but they have to get everything right. >> neil: wow. >> adam: not at all. >> [laughter] >> adam: they have to get everything right and it's very, it's very complicated and they aren't very good at getting everything right and this president is not very good at get egg everything right. give you an example. the way he gums things up with tweeting about the 401 (k). it's not funny like this is a serious part of the proposal. >> neil: adam you don't like him , so-- >> adam: i don't like the way i'm a corker fan. i take that as-- >> kennedy: he said he's a cork er-ite. >> what does that even mean? >> neil: he likes corker. >> adam: i agree with his criticism of the president's behavior in situations like this all i'm saying is that this makes it difficult to get a very
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complicated thing. >> neil: he did mention a very good point that the president might be deleveraging committees that could sort out how you pay for these taxes, if that's what you have to do and by ruling out a 401 (k), by ruling out let's say a deduction for state and local tax he didn't do the latter. he's open to all of that but he then makes it more difficult to get these tax cuts. >> i think he makes it easier. let's take some of these things off the table the gop is negotiating among the gop. let's take these things off the table. >> neil: on that party very big on the deficit. >> charles: some of them are and here is the thing. narrow down the argument and make votes that way. i honestly believe when this is said and done i'm putting my finger in there and feel the pulse of people particularly those who voted for president trump and they will end up getting rid of the state and local deductions or changing them dramatically. what are your alternatives mess around with a 401 (k)? nobody wants that. >> kennedy: you have to encourage people to save money because social security won't be there for people in their 30s,
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40s and 50s. >> neil: ben stein you could take that benefit away for the upper income right? >> ben: you could take it away for the upper income and i don't object to that particularly although i guess it would be quite a loss, but-- >> adam: i agree. >> ben: it will hurt me. >> neil: finish ben's thoughts. >> ben: i'm not going to like it but look we've got to have some offsets. we can't just cut taxes without offsets otherwise we have blowing up the deficit to get so large it will blow up. kennedy: how about cutting spending though? >> ben: kennedy they never can do it. they never can do it. >> the problem with getting rid of the deductions is you're supposed to do that in the context of the tax reform taking down all the rates, and then you get rid of that. that's not what they're doing. base on the framework of the individual side and the corporate side they are doing that. >> condition eddie: that's ultimate justification in places like california as ben knows in
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places like california they're so justified having high state and local taxes because they know they're going to be deduct the and that's why they're spending and cropping up unions across the state to help write local laws. >> on the individual side this is not tax reform and what you're doing is essentially raising taxes by not really reforming the rates that's one thing. the other thing i'll say-- >> ben: that's crucial. it's just a tax increase. not a tax cut on you. on some people. >> but what's good about what trump is doing and what's bad. i'll say where it comes down to margin stuff and politics not just using about the 401 (k), i don't think it's a big problem but i think being personal about this and making john mccain angry and getting corker on his bad side and sticking it to people. >> ben: if he gets this through , it will be a miracle. who cares? >> i don't care. >> neil: but i think you raise such an important point with all due respect it's not tax reform.
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it's really on the individual side it's a tax increase. >> it's a tax increase. >> a lot of people will pay higher taxes than they thought they would in november but i will say too, where president obama had going for him was that a lot of people a lot of democrats fell on their political careers they gave them up pushing through his agenda particularly the healthcare bill and knew they were giving it up and they did it voluntarily and i think we've got a lot of republicans, it's like me first, party then. >> but it's hard to get behind donald trump on some of these things. >> ben: it is. it's hard to vote for a tax cut. >> the guy calls you names don't you not want to vote for him? >> kennedy but see that's the problem is bob corker made the mistake of falling into that personal trap and he's not going to win and-- >> ben: all right all right well you sound like a loser kennedy. >> neil: meanwhile we've got new files on jfk's assassination all released and then we find out they're not all released and then find out it's a long time
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if ever before they are released so what does this mean? your tax dollars not at work? after this. o
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cavuto on business. >> neil: all right, decades after the so-called investigation was closed now the jfk assassination files are open but not all of them and that is even more conspiracy theories kennedy is worried this is wasting even more time and taxpayer money. where we going here? >> kennedy: we're not going anywhere that's the problem. in 1991 i got on the oliver stone train and stalled at the station ever since so in 1992 they were inspired by okay guys in 25 years we'll put everything out there and the president is a natural conspiracy theory. >> neil: this is born for him. >> kennedy: so excited to get 2800 pages of nonsense and 300 pages completely withheld because the deep state-- >> neil: we have 2800 documents, hundreds of thousands. >> kennedy: hundreds of thousands of words and pages and
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all because the cia pinned them down and said that we have an extra secret dossier and we will release it if we release these files. >> neil: adam they've had 25 years to get this together and out there and send the warnings and they didn't do it. i mean man oh, man what do you think? >> adam: i confess. i wonder what secrets they're protecting that are relevant after so many years. that said i'm not a conspiracy theorist. i trust that they have good reason and we'll see it eventually. >> neil: oh, really okay, ben? >> ben: to me the lines are absolutely clear cut. lee harvey oswald psychopath, communist, hates america goes to russia, gets a russian handler named marina to be his kgb handler goes to castro, the world's leading hater of kennedy and next thing appears with a gun and shoots and kills kennedy the line is as clear cut as could be. he was alone guy, maybe had a bad day, had a fight with his wife and he kills the president
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of the united states. it's nonsense and the communist lines are clear as a bell. why the cia backs off from making that clear connection i do not know. >> neil: well it is what it is what i'm wondering though it's going to affect all of this stuff so someone into making conspiracies can make more money here. >> this probably created more conspiracy theory. >> charles: a lot more questions and ultimately people will cherry pick whatever they want from the report and they will try to bolster that argument. >> and throwing the weirdness of jack ruby, the guy that ran a strip club i think connected with the chicago mob and the chicago mob had it out for kennedy in so many ways, and you throw that into the mix with whatever oswald had, that's where these conspiracy, bottom line is-- >> neil: that guy was a communist and he was trained by the russians and trained by them
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>> kennedy: and he went to mexico. >> ben: we don't know all of the connections but that's the biggest trouble we have despite the presidents that have been shot and killed in office is that we cannot fathom that alone nut can put it off. >> well he did it in las vegas recently. we're still looking for that. >> neil: that doesn't mean there aren't these communist connections and everything else but in the end. >> how about ted cruz's old man. someone should have asked trump about that. >> kennedy: they've all been redacted. wouldn't it be lovely if we could get the truth? absolutely right here americans we can handle it its been 25 years since they authorized the release. this happened in 1963, neil? you weren't even born yet by 20 years. >> neil: but 25 years ago is when we authorized we would release that. now we're not doing that. and there's a reason for that. what do you think? >> well i'm wondering too but what i'm thinking is here is why
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because despite all these interesting things that ben says and kennedy said good people spend a lot of time on this subject and didn't come up with any evidence. >> neil: that's not true. >> kennedy: ask people on the warn en commission. >> adam, you haven't watched all of that. >> ben: i agree. that's the communist connections of oswald is absolutely breath takingly convincing and mountains of data. >> how about the mob stuff? >> ben: a lot of documents. >> neil: we should say all right guys in the meantime forget about taking over the world amazon wants the keys to your home, after this. >> today on forbes on fox russian collusion now calls to investigate a deal made under the obama administration while hillary clinton was secretary of state. that gave russia control of a lot of the u.s.' uranium supply. well some now calling it a russian bribery scheme. could an investigation reveal why we need to end capitalism
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>> neil: some types i'm glad you're not here during the commercial breaks but anyway would you give a stranger the keys to your home just so packages are left outside your home? amazon is unveiling a new delivery service this week that means just that it's called key. the kennedy calls it crazy but pretty interesting right? >> kennedy: i think it's intrusive i trusted 22 year old amazon driver to just waltz
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inside my house and not try on my unmentionables not a chance. i know talk about the first problems. >> neil: there's a variety of directions that one caught me off guard. >> could have gone a lot of ways >> neil: ben? >> ben: i think it's a ridiculous idea. i hardly trust anyone to go into my house at all including my own family. i don't want some stranger walking into my house delivering something and potentially steal ing my wife's unbelievable valuable jewelry and unmention ables. please please amazon reconsider this. >> neil: but adam i assume there's a mutual agreement you sign up for this service and some people if it's not dropped off then it's weeks before you'll see it. so do you agree? do you have a code, a time to get into my house and get out what do you think? >> adam: that's right we don't all live in gated communities where there are guardspeople at the desk and that sort of thing.
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>> neil: the whole nine yards. can you imagine? >> adam: this is good for those people who don't have people like that helping, plus they've got cameras involved, so that you can watch. >> neil: do you can see whose stealing stuff in your house, right. >> exactly. it's brilliant. >> charles: well my wife orders so much stuff from amazon they've opened a distribution center by my house so it's a moo t point for me. >> i don't want some guy running around my house looking at my un mentionables. the other half says they have so much stuff on us already so it's so easy. >> neil: they're in your compound. >> they're in our compound anyway from a technology standpoint given how much we transact online. >> neil: kennedy? slippery slope here. >> kennedy: let the market decide if there's a market and people want to spend $250 for the key and camera combo then maybe it works and it will be word of mouth that makes it successful. >> neil: you railed against it in the beginning. >> kennedy: i wouldn't do it. i don't eat butter but that doesn't mean it should be
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illegal. >> neil: you don't eat butter why not? >> ben: it hurts my joints. >> neil: kennedy and charlie, thank you very much. meanwhile did you hear the bad news, fewer bosses plan to dole out holiday bonuses but font get scrooged our guys are here to help you every step of most american homeowners would be shocked if they knew just how rich they were. the average american home value has increased $40,000 over the last 5 years. but many don't know you can access that money without refinancing or selling your home. with a home equity loan, you can pull cash out of your house for anything you need- home improvement, college tuition, even finally getting out of credit card debt. come to to shop and compare home equity loans right now. because at lendingtree, when banks compete, you win.
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starting businesses. acp advisornet can help. acp advisornet is a nonprofit online community where americans can offer career advice to those who have served. now we can serve those who've served us by helping them to find their next career.. visit acp advisornet dot org. >> give yourself a little holiday bonus. charles, what do you have. >> interactive corp., like this stock a lot. neil: adam. >> etf. go for value when the market is high. neil: values have gone up. ben. >> the usual the spdr's. buy the market, you're not going to be there yoo are you worried, ben with the markets up, up, up? >> yes, i am. in the long run my granddaughter will be able to profit. neil: she must have a little cha-ching, your granddaughter. >> she's a sweet girl and i
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hope she has a happy life. neil: you have the same philosophy. >> i have four grandkids and granddaughter and hope they enjoy the happy lives and i think they will with ben's book. >> god bless you. [laughter]. neil: here is dave. >> i think the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done, so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money being passed, i actually think that's watergate modern age. david: a modern age watergate? new calls to investigate an obama era uranium era deal to russia amid new allegations it involves crony capitalism deals when hillary clinton was secretary of state and now there's word that the department of justice has lifted a gag order that will make it possible for a fbi informant to testify about what he witnessed while undercover about the russian nuclear industry's efforts to win favorable decisions during the obama administration. hi, everybody,


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