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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 30, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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event. softbank which controls sprint may pull the plug on a proposed merger with t-mobile. both these stocks ending the day in the red. thank you for watching. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: stocks closing lower on reports that corporate taxes actually could be phased in. we have to start with the breaking news out of d.c. charges unveiled against three former aides to donald trump. former trump campaign chairman and his associate brad gates charged with conspiracy against the united states, conspiracy to
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land per money and acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign principal. and aide george papadopoulos pled guilty to lying to the fbi. randy zellen, ford o'connell, political can list and caylee mac. there are a lot of ways we can go with this. but the headlines should be no collusion. you have got someone charged with settle up phoney accounts, not a single mention of president trump over the presidential campaign. >> i think there are two things that stood out to me about it. one is there was not any
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allegation of collusion in the indictment. but the second thing that stood out is paul manafort is in a lot of trouble. that means robert mueller has a lot of leverage over him. if nonman for the does know something that is harmful to the campaign, he will be highly incentivized to share that information. no allegation of collusion. but mueller has a lot of power over man for the. charles: sarah huckabee-sanders during the daily briefing echoing the most of obvious point. this is an investigation into russian collusion and the media made it about russia and donald trump. >> today's announcement has nothing to do with the president, the president's campaign or campaign activity. the real collusion scandal as we have said several times before has everything to do with the
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clinton campaign, fusion gps and russia. charles: we are probably not going to see the headlines read that. but that has to be the main thing that stands out here. man for the is a big name. these are big dollar denominations they are talking about. but connecting it to the election we haven't seen anything on that. >> there has been none of that. we have had hours than hours of congressional investigation and 10 months of this. and it's couple with nothing. no collusion was the headline today and it's interesting to see some networks go wall to wall coverage with this when last week when hillary clinton's iranian deal was allegedly exposed. and rosatom who bought uranium one. no one seemed to care. there wasn't the same
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wall-to-wall coverage. that the frustration for sarah huckabee-sanders that russia only seems to matter when it's not. george papadopoulos, a wannabe in all of this. but where there is smoke there will be is fire. >> it has everything to do with it. there is a saying on my refrigerator. when nothing makes sense, it all makes up. the story is papadopoulos. how is it we didn't even know mr. papadopoulos had been arrested let alone cooperating. when the government doesn't want you to know because they are going somewhere, you are ain't
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going to know. charles: mueller leaks there is going to be an arrest today. but they arrest somebody and he pleads guilty and they hold that back from the public. don't you find something wrong that mueller's committee is leaking information they want to leak to sway public opinion. but no one in the campaign hardly remembers him. >> the hallmark of cooperation is building up and up. papadopoulos may have been real low. he already pled guilty. we know he's been cooperating. now mr. man for the knows more. what is relevant is who is next above man for the, above and above it's halloween and the haunted house is 1600 pennsylvania avenue. you have fbi agents jumping out from behind the walls.
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charles: i hear where he's coming from, but i'm not afraid and i don't think donald trump is either. popapadopoulos is an insignifict figure. and for paul moan fo paul manafa decade before the election. ford: nowhere on the 31-page indictment on manafort does it allege anything about donald trump. but this is what we call legal flip bait. they are try fog squeeze to both of them to get to donald trump. but what they don't understand is there is no there there. papadopoulos is a small fish no one can remember. he pled down to lying to a federal agent. particularly when we should be
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talking about tony podesta and the democrats. charles: we'll be talking about that later in the show. sarah huckabee-sanders saying it's her sense this is winding down. you talked about the amount of money, the amount of time, the amount of pressure on mueller the last couple weeks. i always felt this was low-hanging fruit. in case of emergency break glass and it says manafort. where do they go from here? >> mr. manafort's guidelines are about 10 years. about 120 months. and they are going to go higher than that. maybe six months? city wouldn't want to spend six months in a jail. it's the other people that haven't been charged yet. every time a ford crown victoria drives by their house, they are having heart failure. ford: you are basically wholely
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squeezing someone else for another crime just to get something that may not actually be there. charles: john, where do you see it going from here? >> i think the big question is what does paul manafort know and what can he give robert mule per and his team. there is certainly going to be more indictments. we don't know who. i think there is more to come. the names we are seeing today are people in one case with papadopoulos already cooperating and manafort and gates may be cooperating. there may be more charges. charles: i need your thoughts on another developing story. stock market was on its way, then it took a hit. the reports that the house tax writers from considering a gradual reduction in corporate
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rates. this consideration this stark contrast with comments made by the trump administration. he said 20%, dot bottom line, line in the sand. no one knew his fluent sand could go to 2022. it defeats the purpose of the tax cuts in the first place. >> i think this fluent sand remains a line in the stands for the trump administration. sarah huckabee-sanders said the president has not changed his position. he wants growth and he wants it now. it's something being discussed. nothing is finalized. but the president remains in his main operating position. we need growth. charles: we know ronald ray gain phased in his tax cuts. but a lot of people think even his position could have been strong. this reflects to me the fact that representative brady is
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gramming. he has no idea where to get a trillion dollars from. every time they reach, i cringe. ford: i think this is a terrible idea because of the if way the corporate tax code works. we need to boost jobs and wages right away. this is washington trying to couple with a was washingtonian solution. charles: another key flip-flop. i think the state and local deductions are going to go or be massively reduced. i think that's the biggest area of compromise. >> we'll see. a bunch of ideas are being discussed. we don't want to be in a scenario where it's obamacare repeal and replace. right now is the idea time. house ways and means committee sitting behind closed doors
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bouncing back and forth ideas. charles: when president obama was putting together this healthcare plan, and lot of democrats fell on their political swords. they a kri fietds their careers for obama. are there any of them particularly in these blue states. ford: they understand the stakes and understand they have to get it done. it's about what's doing right for the american people and they are not supposed to be there for life. otherwise we wouldn't be having elections at all. charles: they are not? ford: but they forget that sometimes. charles: right now it feels like a coin toss. there is any chance president trump may have to step in here and start to make some phone calls? >> i think he's fully prepared
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to pick up the phone and make phone calls. he's really the key behind this. the tail wind behind this. congress can grag drag their feet. he has to be that tail wind that pushes everyone together and brings our party together. he's been doing it every step of the way so far. facebook, they plan to tell congressional investigators tomorrow that 126 million people may have seen content posted by russian-barked accounts in a 2-year period. obviously they sought to disrupt american society. the white house calls out the mainstream media for failing to cover the quote real collusion. we won't fail. we'll cover it next. i need to get back on track with my plan."
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charles: reuters and the "wall street journal" reporting facebook plans to tell congress 123 million people may have seen russian-backed accounts. facebook says it disabled 1.5 million fake accounts in the u.s. in 2016. the obama era scandal such as uranium one and the russia dossier. joining me now to discuss, fox
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news contributors, jehmu greene and today mean borelli. tony podesta, one of the biggest lobbyists in d.c. resigns from his firm and the same date we get this manafort news. a lot of folks are connecting dots. what do you see with respect to the hillary clinton campaign and maybe even president obama may have known something with respect to the dossier. >> today the former campaign chairman for the campaign of the president of the united states was arrested for lying to the fbi. charles: no, no, no. paul manafort was indicted for 12 counts, but lot of it had to do with money laundering and tax
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evasion. >> all the time while he was work as the chair of the campaign. charles: not a single word that mentioned donald trump or the campaign. >> our president is so good at head fake. charles: is it a head fake when bill clinton gets $500,000 for a speech? >> now we understand why it was such a big deal for them last week it was a head fake. real conversation is paul manafort and rick gates arrested today. >> the real head fake is jehmu not want to go talk about what the facts are. who needs to be investigated, hillary clinton, bill clinton, the dnc, the podesta brothers, this is what need to be investigated. their collusion with russia. americans have been lied to for over a year and a half. there is no evidence there of
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trump or trump associates colluding with russians. the left would rather talk about the weather than what the facts are. >> i'm not talking about the weather. maybe you agree with this. nancy pelosi has called for this. we still need an independent investigation. if tony podesta is caught up tonight, i'm fine with it. let's investigate it all. we cannot be talking about this when we have another presidential election. don't just say investigate one side. investigate it all. an independent commission focused on getting to the bottom. >> get rid of robert mueller as well. he's part of the problem. >> 126 million americans reached by russian ads. charles: you think $150,000 in russian ads swayed the election? charles: it's one thing to your
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point, we don't want anyone to sway or meddle in our elections. but when you start to say we lost because of this rather than that. or say look at other way because we did see influence peddling by secretary of state hillary clinton. that's something that's unnerving, and the evidence is mounting. we are starting to detective those dots as well. >> there are a lot of dots getting connected. all this started with the left want to go associate president trump and his associates. now that script has been flipped. look at the evidence and information that we are seeing in the news now. >> you take any commentary that's been done today and replace the name with paul manafort with john podesta, you ask a conservative reporter to think about that and see if they
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cannot choke on their hypocrisy. charles: trey gowdy talked about hillary clinton's campaign maybe laundering through this law firm, trying to avoid transparency laws with fusion gps dossier and how it ended up from the dnc coffers to their coffers. >> another great head fake. what gowdy needs to be doing is investigating the four american heroes that died. but the most of recent one, we had 11 committee hearings on bengazi. let's have at least one. charles: i'm pretty confident we'll get to the bottom of what happened in niger and maybe in benghazi. steve bannon has the best of
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intentions when it comes to the president. he made a phone call friday saying it's time to go to war with a gop fundraiser. we'll talk about it next.
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charles: more breaking news on twitter. it sound 752 accounts linked to russia. it has suspended all the accounts and have given congressional investigators the account names. this a report that says former trump strategist steve bannon has declared war on mega donor paul singer. he said he plans to go off the chain to destroy singer since
6:26 pm
he's a major backer and played an intricate role in first hiring fusion gps to discredit trump. jennifer, let me start with you. this battle brewing, if you will. paul singer was a never trumper initially. he freely speaks his minds and tosses his money out there. the idea that he funded fusion gps and got ball rolling. should bannon be this offended or is it part of opposition research. >> many people finds it unconscionable that they would have hired an oh-research firm for this. it does bring into questions the
6:27 pm
"free beacon's" journalistic standards. there are people that were early up against him and don't care for him. now they are saying we may help with you your tax preform effort. i think president trump won't look that gift horse in the mouth. but when steve bannon says he's going off the chain, he's going off the chain against many people in the mid-terms and i think it will be quite successful. charles: we saw that in alabama. steve bannon is on a roll. he's trying to protect the trump idea. somebody like paul singer could put millions behind tax cuts and the president would lay off but bannon won't. >> it's like it's the same issue
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and same problem that evolved, only with different people. representative leadership, smaller government. it's an internal struggle between the assistant and anti-establishment. charles: countless questions surrounding the gop tax plan ahead of its big unveil. would they really phase in tax cuts? next. i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma . it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure,
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charles: well the stock market taking a hit on report that house tax writers considering a
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gradual reduction of corporate tax rate. this considering is in contrast with previous comments made by president trump and his administration, 20% tax rate, nonnegotiable. >> stock market ask moving downward on move possibly corporate rating be phased in. i was not sure you were trying to make the point president is for a phase in or against. >> i said president laid out his principles, that does not include the phasing in, we're still committed to that moving forward. >> so the red line of 20% corporate. >> i'm not drawing a red line, just those are principles that we've laid out, we've not ajust ajumped or -- adjusted or
6:33 pm
changed principles since we started. charles: my guests are back with us, gail, i hope it is a red line, i think that wall street hopes it is a red line, anyone by the way who likes to see corporate america bring money home and build factories would like to see a red line, highwayd this come up? >> you might think that watching this that republicans like to shoot themselves in their own foot. you think of promise and the way that market reacting, the relief would bring should be an immediate relief. if you think that phasing in idea is a valuable idea, it is not, that delays the benefits, it is easier for congresses in future to avoid following through on corporate tax rate
6:34 pm
reduction. charles: i know that leadership and republican side are wednesdayed to th -- wedded to , they are grappling for something. they have come up with crazy ideas. this is another crazy idea. >> we have seen gdp growth of 3% or more in last few quarters, 6.7% business investment growth, and 3.9% in third quarter, with hurricanes, those numbers indicate a pro robust market. as this tax plan goes on, one thing that we see in congress, they are trying to reach compromise this is not going to get better. i think they need to jump on it. the phase in, is a compromise. the same way a millionaire a tax would be. charles: all things you talk about in part predicated on least 20% tax rate would happen
6:35 pm
soon, businesses are already making the investment. i don't think that any business is making an investment thinking that 20% could be achieved 5 years from now. >> we need to keep an eye on the ball, low taxes, encourages investment. >> job creation. >> i think that any compromise, in particular with democrats, on this rhetoric is is not hopeful. charles: kaley, i call you the ambassador, you talk to everyone, you try to help make it work. bottom line, there is going to have to be compromise within the republican party, i'm telling you right now, i predict this assault will happen, i know that new york, new jersey, and congress were able to twist arms over the weekend, i see that as one area they have to go because, the other gimmicks will hurt the progress we're making in the country. >> and the presidentments t wano see this happen now, not phased
6:36 pm
in i don't have to tell you this, but reiterate what counsel of economy advisers told president trump, if you lower this corporate tax rate, you will see gdp go up by 5%, translate to 4,000 dollars in pockets of american workers in a 10 year period and grow beyond, that he sees the tie. he wants the growth now, i would point out too chairman of house, ways and means committee, brady, also would like growth happening now. we hope we can find agreement outside of this. charles: the clock is ticking, gail, wednesday will come around quickly, give us an idea what you think package will look like. >> it is important to point out, that president has already compromised with congressional republicans, he wanted to go out with a 15% corporate tax rate reduction, that would make us
6:37 pm
competitive globally with jurisdiction like ireland, they have approximately 12% corporate tax rate. so i think he already has compromised on the 20% corporate tax rate. and i think he should draw the line, maybe not a red line, but draw a line, push for the benefits to the american worker. charles: scuttlebutt today. atributeed to journal, they are talking about a hire tax rate, 42-44% tax rate, you talk about blowing my mine is that out there? >> that is out there, that is what we're hearing, i think, democrats, we saw with obamacare are playing up this, a tax break for millionaires and wealthy. well, republicans don't win by corm myselfing on this -- compromising we win by creating jobs and spurs economic growth, we saw this with obamacare, that tactic they are using, we need to stand up to it,. charles: yeah, 40% tax rate,
6:38 pm
over are that is nuts. that is mind boggling, thank you very much. and major average did end day in red, investigators showing concern over a possible corporate tax rate. i will break down what that would mean for and you your money, next.
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charles: reports that soft bank, breaking talks with t-mobile, unable to agree on value and regulatory issues, issues. business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name.
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it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground. charles: it was a lackluster session from the start, but initial weakness allowed buyers to make their move, then word came out that g.o.p. may phase in corporate tax cuts, that news
6:42 pm
flipped script. we started to drift into the close. it did heighten anxiety. we have two big things happening this week attacks plan on wednesday. -- the tax plan on wednesday, and the jobs respect friday. even though major indices down fractionally, you had 2000 losers on nasdaq versus less than a thousand winners, investors are determined to ride the winners, they include facebook and apple, which report wednesday and thursday. technology results in general have been nothing short of magnificent, convincingly crushing wall street. 74 are -- let's talk about state of american consumer, today we got personal income, spending data.
6:43 pm
when income climbs. and spending is unders 1% that is a huge. right. you remember "cash for clunkers." that wide gulf spending and income suggests that consumers must be digging in piggy banks or maxing out credit cards or both. in this case it was savings taking a hit. now to double en edge sword. we don't want consumers hoarding money, we push tax cut so hard we want people to line their pocket with more hard earned money and put that money to work. just put it into society, many worry that saving dipping this much, to low levels could be dangerous, we're never going to be a nation of double digit savers again. but, that is another reason for congress not to mess with or 401(k) plans.
6:44 pm
paul manafort indicted, tony podesta resigning. political fallout from the mueller probe. we'll discuss that next, when we come back. is this a phone?
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charles: breaking news now on twitter and facebook, reuters reports that twitter told congress it found 2752 accounts linked to russia operatives, up from original tally of 2001 in september, they have suspended all of the accounts and given investigators the name.
6:48 pm
and to facebook, reporting they plan to tell congressional investigator tomorrow about 126 million people may have seen contend posted by russian backed accounts, facebook said they are unaccept imand theable and deteo address this. attorneys for facebook, twitter and going to e testify tomorrow. >> to former trump campaign manager paul manafort, and his associate rick gates, pleading not guilty on accounts linked to mueller russia probe. this as podesta, has resigned from his lobbying company, he and his firm are subjects of a federal investigation lead by mueller, here to discuss it. and political implications,
6:49 pm
doll daily caller director, start with you. just amazing news, as news is coming this morning, breaking with respect to mueller and manafort, you look at timeline, and look at dates and say this, does not feel like russia vis-a-vis 2016, this is some sort of laundering operation, perhaps influence, back to 2016. >> -- 2006 rather. >> it suggests what a lot of people thought, mueller never had narrow rails, it was never nearly confined to anyone inlving the campaign it may suggest in some sense mueller feels he has to justify the value of his investigation. and going back a decade, and i have to agree maybe it over hangerreovercharged.
6:50 pm
and manafort may be able to get out this may be evidence that mueller is looking to wrap this up. charles: a great point, mueller has been under pressure, this morning, i had a chance to interview corey lewindowsky. who brought in points about the fbi. >> if the public reports are true, there was a time where paul manafort was under a fisa wawarrant before coming to trump campaign, why did fbi never reach out to us, and say, you might want to pause for a second. they never did that. before and after his tenure, the fbi never notified the leading presidential candidate for a major republican party race? never notified him with a problem. this is a problem with the fbi if you ask me.
6:51 pm
charles: and fbi dragging their feet with respect to uranium one situation. we saw mueller's big production today, i think the questions that corey brought up were pot on. >> i think it is legitimate, and it caps president trump in a -- casts president trump in a different light, you see a picture of advisers around president trump, and remind folks, paul manafort was not at the campaign a great lij o lengf time, he was there about 3 months in summer of rnc convention. this is someone who had the equivalent of a time segment of a summer intern. i am not suggesting he was the that but he was not with the campaign for a long period of time, it possible manafort was promising things to foreign companies and country, he might have some influence over donald trump on foreign policy. but i think a picture is clear that president trump did not
6:52 pm
know that at the time. charles: 31 pages, nothing on collusion, nothing about president trump. nothing about the trump campaign. none of that mentioned in 31 pages, thank you very much. >> thank you. charles: the development over -- or deployment rather over u.s. bomber or asia or weekend, gave a clear warning that president trump's visit to region is one to be reckoned with. the question is, will north korea pay a tension before it is too late, next. whoooo.
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charles: as president prepares to visit asia this week, signs that regional tensions are surfacing have worsened, the u.s. flew a b-2 bomber overpassive irover --over the p. mattis warrenning thamattmattism
6:56 pm
north korea is. the idea that nuclear ambitions, from north korea accelerating is a given, what has been a mystery is what their capabilities are now. what we should do in terms of preventing that. >> right, i guess it starts with secretary's trip to the peninsula, and with joint operations with south korea. looking at north korea ar till rare positions, that is the deterrents. what does north korea do with its ar til aramazd -- artilleryh korea. charles: provocations from north korea we know, mattis, saying that they are unacceptable.
6:57 pm
world saying they are unacceptable. they have not taken a step back. >> this situation right now is we're trying to get the message across to kim jong-un, this is a different administration. this is not business as usual. they are doing everything they can diplomatically by moving military capabilities around to get that message through to him. he still thinks he will be able to cut a deal, then go back to business the way it always has been. charles: what deal do you think he wants to cut. the other scuttlebutt, he has to save face in his country, the third in a generation of lunative leaders, if you will, appears under more pressure than his father and gan grandfather,e give us his nuclear weapons? >> i don't see him doing, that maybe i'm being too pessimistic.
6:58 pm
maybe some of the missile capability, he has to back off from this line, secretary mattis and president trump won't. charles: clock is ticks, we have a major trip by product, michael, during the trip china has been linchpin in this. the main players, they could economically perhaps bring north korea to their knees, but doing that is a dangerous proposition, we don't know what a desperate north korea looks like. >> right. i would say that north korea wants an iran-like jcpoa, they are hoping to keep their nuclear program, and rely on the i.ea to verify whether they are complying. >> or flying over assortment of currencies. >> this is a new administration.
6:59 pm
this is a new administration, and that is not going to happen. if it does, we'll say it was a wrong decision. charles: steve we know this is say new administration, president trump has done things differently from president obama already in middle east. with moab early on, used weapons and released our armed services officers. commanders to do what they need to win. how do we convince north korea without having to flex a muscle. >> in my opinion it really depends on china, china has to get more engaged than they have been, and understand it is in their interest to get north korea to back off, if that i want to keep a communist regime on their border, not a capitalist one, they have to to something. we're running out of options. >> there is a respect over weekend that -- a report over week that south korea now talking about bringing in tactical nuclear weapons they would control, if that happens
7:00 pm
china would have to face a nuclear armed japan as well, having all 3 nations with nukes might be a deter end, here is lou dobbs. keep it here, fox business. lou: good evening, breaking news special counsel robert mueller announcing the first charges in the russia collusion investigation by special counsel, two people indicted and arraigned last week, inmates -- in a leak to cnn, paul mana fort, and rick gates pleading not guilty in federal court to money laundering attacks charges re-- tax charges relet'sed to ro activities years before man forth joined trump can pain. >>


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