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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 31, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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kennedy: a federal grand jury issuing the first federal indictments in the russia probe. a powerful republican senator calling for an investigation into hillary clinton and the infamous trump dossier. is this a major setback for the gop tax plan. can republicans unite behind it or will it go down in flames? grab a pencil. i have a pen. one-time trump campaign manager and scummy opportunist, paul manafort, has been indicted. he was snared with his partner
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boy rick gates. they bounced around eastern europe collecting fat paychecks and living what the indictment calls a lavish lifestyle, tax-free. the trumps were new to politics. so suspected connecticutmen like gates and manafort for drawn like maggots toed a wounds. manafort apparently met ivanka and jared and offered his services for free. who can turn down that kind of offer. the d.c. set produced self-interested people like manafort and his sidekick who
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weighsled their way inwith empty promises. they should have better vetted its operative. but here we are. who's on board next? it will be no surprise:manafort turn on each other then turn on everyone else. here we are. i'm kennedy. along the charges of tax fraud and money laundering and his aide gates was conspiracy against the united states. trump was dismissive of the home whole thing. sorry, this was years ago before man for the was part of the trump campaign.
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but why aren't crooked hillary and the dems being investigated. there was no collusion. james rosen, what happened? reporter: we saw the unsealing this morning of the indictments against paul manafort, the president's former campaign chairman and his business associate rick gates on 12 counts of alleged financial crimes from failing to report lobbying activities. these crimes allegedly took place between 2006 and up through 2017. but they have nothing to do really with the trump am kane pain or allegations of collusion between the trump campaign or collusion. manafort and gates appeared in federal court and they pled not guilty. they agreed to home detention.
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we saw unsealed a document describing a guilty plea entered earlier this month by a man named george papadopoulos who pled guilty to lying to fbi agents when he was questioned by them one week after the inauguration about this contacts with foreign nationals mr. papadopoulos believed were well plugged into the kremlin. these peements would probably never have gotten him into trouble. they were promising dirt on hillary clinton, and thousands of her emails. they were trying to seek a meeting with the candidate himself. but he did get in trouble when he lied to the fbi when he said the contacts occurred before he joined the campaign. the leniency will be conditioned
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on the special counsel's probe cooperation. kennedy: you see them squeezing manafort and gates like lemons. what do you think their motivation is with manafort and gates. they will go to some of that money in the offshore accounts. guys like that love money. once you start touching that, that's when they start talking. >> robert mueller has great leeway to investigate just about whatever he wants. it started with alleged collusion between the trump campaign and the kremlin. but the entirety of the indictment. manafort and gates is focused on lobbying work they did for ukrainian interests. again with no reference to the trump campaign. so clearly mr. mueller may be
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intending to use his leeway to investigate related areas. in order to compel their testimony on the central matter of alleged russian collusion in the trump campaign it's interesting mr. mueller chose this day to sun seal the guilty plea from mr. papadopoulos. he chose to do it today because i think he wanted to convey to the american public i'm not just rooting around in old tank returns -- old tax returns. kennedy: it also takes the news cycle off the fusion gps russia stories that eclipsed so much. it was a bad week for hillary clinton and by association a bad week for robert mueller since he was head of the fbi during some
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of those investigations into the russian operatives trying to get as much of the u.s. uranium market as they possibly could. does this investigation as far as anything you have read, heard or said, does it extend to potential russia collusion with uranium one and fusion gps and the dossier? reporter: you could work as a prosecutor for bob mueller. i love the way you framed that's question. according to anything i have read, heard or understood. that covers the waterfront. according to all that i have read or heard or understood, the uranium one sale from 2010 when secretary clinton was in office is not part of mr. muellerments probe. but we have seen he has placed under investigation tony podesta, the democratic powerhouse lobbyist who announces he's leaving his own
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firm, the podesta group which bears his name. it seems democrats, too, will have something to fear from the mueller juggernaut. but mr. podesta has not been charged with anything. kennedy: his brother got vased shown at his head on election night and he had to come out and give that speech because hillary clinton refused co-to concede. reporter: there you go covering the waterfront again. kennedy: they call me an emotional lands skypeer, james. now we go to my uranium party panel. guy benson is here web's joined by comedian joe devito, and tom
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shillue. welcome, everyone. so much to get into. i will let you take first crack. ben: the big questions are about papadopoulos, manafort and gates what they have to offer the prosecutors and mueller. if they information that points to collusion, now is the time to get it off their chest and get the best deal for themselves. so that's the concern inside the white house. kennedy: manafort and gates pled not guilty. ben: they are going to fight fit which may suggest they don't have much to give mueller. the guy manafort hired to represent him is a specialist in tax law. that might and relief to people
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inside the white house. stepping back for a moment, the fact that tony podesta, the brother of john podesta, chief of staff to president bill clinton, and campaign manager for hillary clinton, the fact that he's stepped down from his firm and there may be some more indictments coming down. this suggests the net has been cast wide what attacks against mueller as a hack or someone interested in a witch hunt, i think those are unfair and sounds desperate to me. let this man do his work. kennedy: we don't know what mueller has yet. we have seen some curious leaks. but let the facts speak for themselves. as we talk about paul manafort and some of it is intriguing. so far it hasn't touched the white house. it's not about president obama.
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>> according to anything i have read, heard, understood, or seen in on a tattoo or puppet show. i think i'm only person who hasn't been offered money by the russians. i'll take money from uranium three at this point. if this is suppose to be the big bombshell, so far it hasn't looked like a lot. if you look at what papadopoulos got pad for piptd' the martha stewart way of being guilty. it's not so much as what you have done but the fact that you lied about it. kennedy: go ahead. >> this is all confusing. i don't understand it, so i don't think president trump understands it, so i don't think he's in any danger.
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kennedy: apparently what you say can be used against you in a court of law. therefore, if i were one of his lawyers, i would say don't say so much. talk about the economy and taxes. people love when he talks about 401ks. they eat it up like a buffet full of brownies and bacon. >> his tweets he can get in trouble for? he's not under oath. kennedy: you can influence the markets and policy. democrats reportedly pushing a bill that would prevent president trump from firing robert mueller. the president says he has no plans to do so, but what if he were to par done those involved? >> i don't think the president's power is all that absolute as people have been suggesting.
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the president cannot pardon people if it's an effort to obstructed justice and prevent bob mueller from learning about the president's own conduct. there are limitation. kennedy: what would happen if the president tried or if he fired robert mueller? i think he will pardon everyone. ben: he may want to pardon mueller but it would be disastrous for him to do so. optically it would look terrible. and a lot of people who haven't been freaking at this point would start to freak out. if the president's power is pretty absolute when it comes to pardoning discretion on federal crimes, the question is maybe there will be state indictments that would be beyond trump's jurisdiction when it comes to pardoning. so maybe that would be the direction prosecutors might go.
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but you get like oprah. he can do that. again, how would that look? kennedy: you might as well take that russian money now if you are going to get a pardon for it. >> this sounds like something that will take a long time to resolve. he needs to wait until it gets boring. when it gets bore together american public he won't have to do anything. kennedy: he has blanket pardon. he will have a pardon party. >> i think schiff knows he's not going to pardon mueller. kennedy: you mean fire mueller. kennedy: maybe he will fire mueller then pardon him. tom: that's why he's tweeting because he knows he didn't
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collude. kennedy: i read if you are pardoned you give up your fifth amendment privileges and can be compelled to testify later. you can't get charged again because of double jeopardy. ben: the incentive could be there for someone to say i don't have to tell the whole truth. i will button up, clawm. they can't do anything to me. and thanks to president trump. we shouldn't go down this route. kennedy: at some point we'll drink a bought of something then return it to earth. first up, as republicans prepare to unveil their tax plan on wednesday, a powerful corporate group has comeeeee
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kennedy: republicans are set to unveil their tax reform bill wednesday. the powerful pro business national association of home builders are coming out against the plan after learning the
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mortgage taxes would not be included. details of the plan remain scarce on whether it will include the contribution to the 401k. chris, welcome to the show. i read about this and obviously there are so many powerful lobbying forces in d.c., and every single one of them will want to have a say. how important is this nahb declaration? >> i don't think it's that important. i assumed they would be against it. and i think it's short-sighted. these folks are small businesses. republicans are going to be slashing tax rates and small
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businesses. there is often a difference on what the lobby groups are saying in washington and what middle america believes. if you own a homebuilding business, republicans are cutting your taxes. i don't think these lobbies are that important. kennedy: you sayloring that corporate tax rate to probably 20%, probably higher, that's the most of critical thing they need to do when discussing taxes? >> absolutely. about half all businesses in america and half all gdp is corporate gdp. republicans are cutting tax rates for corporate businesses and homebuilding businesses. republicans are cutting your taxes. so that in itself create a powerful voice for tax reform. kennedy: let's talk about
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401ks. this is a hot potato. and we are getting so many different answers depending on who you ask. the pretax contribution cap is $15eu9,000. -- 18,000. but kevin brady wants to lower that to $2,400. >> at first blush was struck by this. 50 million americans depend on their 401ks to save for retirement. but republicans may be adding new roth-style accounts on to 401ks. so they would be expanding savings ability for americans. so they would be change the tax treatment of 401ks but
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creating an opportunity for americans to save. i'll have to see the details on that one. kennedy: social security isn't going to be there. that's a reality of the people in neighbor 40s, 50s are facing. you can't expect the government to save for you, and you can't expect for tolerate the government forcing you to do anything. so isn't the universal health savings account the best case scenario? >> absolutely. we want americans to save more more retirement, for healthcare, for education, for all their family needs. that way they become less dependent on the government. this idea of universal savings accounts which i talked to brady and ryan about. i hope it's in the plan they introduce wednesday.
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kennedy: it looks like the white house is trying to scare kim jong-un. we are told the pentagon has sent b2 stealth bombers and the u.s.s. nimitz to the north korean region this weekend. north korea preparing by holding evacuation drizzle. they say they are not worried about president obama's threats to destroy them. will kim jong-un conduct one of his famous missile tests while the president is in town? let me discuss with the former cia officer and the president of diligence, mike baker. welcome back to the show. let's discuss. what do you think the chances
12:29 am
are kim jong-un pops off and sends one of his missiles into the sky? >> personally, i'm hoping it doesn't happen. obviously millions of others are. my wives over in tokyo the next couple of weeks. i hope he doesn't do something to personally piss me off. but it's more than a possibility. the regime in the past have either fired off a missile or conducted a new test around an event, around an activity. whether that's because they are feeling disrespect or something is going on globally. kennedy: we saw that when the president of china visited the united states. when the united states and south korea conducted joint military exercises, and with the president potentially visiting the dmz and being in the region.
12:30 am
kim jong-un is a waddling can trump. i would say walking. but he's gouty and slow. >> he's a toddler and a despot put together. he's a todpot. but here is the problem. secretary mattis has been up to the dmz which shows the importance of it for this administration. secretary mattis is basically laying out the facts. there has been some pushback saying he may be inflaming this issue. but the reality is he's saying these are the facts on the ground. we are at this point now because of north korea'ser on doing. because of -- north korea's own doing. of paying no attention to common sense, continuing to build their nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities with the help of the iranians, the chinese on the
12:31 am
russians. this is where we are now. accept the idea of. >> nuclear armed north korea. kennedy: will they accept that reality? >> so far no. secretary mattis said he can see no conditions under which the u.s. would accept that. anybody in their right mind would not want kim jong-un to have a closet full of nuclear weapons sitting on top of ballistic missiles capable of reaching the u.s. what are our options. we have had two plus decades of failed diplomatic effort and half-hearted sanctions. keep a great deal of pressure on the chinese and others to adhere to those sanctions and possibly our only other options are we
12:32 am
have to think through and prepare for and hope we never have to use it a military response or we work with the chinese. maybe the chinese realize now is the time to enact some type of regime change. if anyone can do it, the chinese can. kennedy: kevin spacey is accused of making a sexual advance on a 14-year-old during a hollywood party. he said if i did behave as he describes, i owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior and i'm sorry for the feeling he describes as having carried with him all these years. but the timing of his coming out
12:33 am
drew swift condemnation from several of his peers. so, guy, i have done things while intoxicated including making snow angels, singing karaoke and hugging homeless people. i have never while fox kateed become a child molester or anti-semite. ben: rest assures i am no longer homeless. i usually don't go down the road of as a gay man. as a gay man this is infuriating bull [bleep]. a lot of people heard baste spacey was gay for years. fine, who cares. jim mcgreevey, the former governor new jersey. i'm being charged with corruption, but p.s., i'm gay it's a clear deflection from the
12:34 am
serious allegation it's not like the person involved was 17. this was a high school freshman aged person and spacey was 26 at the time this supposedly went down. that's not a mistake that you make and to drag the gay community into this story where there are already so many pernicious lies and stereo types about gay men and under aged boys. it's so selfish it made me want to scream when i read the statement from spacey it's gutless. it made me so angry. kennedy: i read that and thought how dare you try to use that as a shield. what today sykes said no, no, no, no, no. you don't get to choose to hide under the rainbow. i found this to be disingenuous. and his statement is clumsy and gross. obviously this actor has gone
12:35 am
through so much trauma and held it in for so many years. it's an interesting thing about the harvey weinstein case specifically. there are many people who have been subjected to sexual a -- abuse. >abuse. >> the entertainment business not a safe place more woarnl, children, and potted plants. it's gross. this plays right into the hands of people who have a lot of homophobia. this has nothing to do with his sexual orientation any more than roman polanski has to do with heather oheatheterosexuality.
12:36 am
>> it doesn't work anymore. when i was a kid, i remember the first gay congressman elected. he had a relationship with a 17-year-old. and it was seen as a relationship. at the time he grand standed. he said how dare you question my private business. he was re-elected five times. that worked. mcgreevey. it worked. and the press basically they announced proudly that he was announcing that he was a gay man. it doesn't work anymore so that's good news, right? ben: mcgreevey, i remember the statement very well. oh, my god, the governor comes out as gay. it almost worked with kevin spacey. the headline started with the ap and people started calng him
12:37 am
out. kennedy:ou can't hurt ildren. >> i remember mcgreevey sing he was a gay american like the was an immigration issue. ben: this happened allegedly 30 years ago. you are 26, you are an adult. you are out of college by four or five years. if usual pinning a high school student to a bed against their consent or even with their consent, not allowed. kennedy: thanks so much for being here. coming up, debbie wasserman-schultz and john podesta claim they didn't know their party paid for the trump-russia dossier. are the democrats hiding this is what it's all about, jamie -- helping small businesses. damage your vehicle? we got you covered. [ glass shatters ] property damage?
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kennedy: republicans are demanding answers following last week's revelations that the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign had a hand in the trump russia dossier. john podesta told senate investigators they didn't know a thing about their party's multi million dollar legal payments to the firm that brokered the deal. kellyanne conway was asked if they were lying. >> it strains credulity that
12:42 am
they don't know what happened to $9 million. she lit up the fire to lose a second time. but somebody has to be responsible for this. kennedy: susan collins has called for both to be recalled before the senate house intelligence committee for questioning. come on, john dickerson from cbs tweeted out, john podesta when he sat before the committee, do you know who was sitting next to? mark elias who worked at the law firm who was paid millions of dollars from his campaign for information in the dossier. that's who was sitting next to. it's hard to believe mark elias who was taking the money didn't
12:43 am
tell him at some point, by the way, you know that money you have been giving us, we have been putting together this great dossier that's going to sing your oh own end. >> here is my larger point on this. if there is criminal wrongdoing here which i think is the argument that some are trying to make. i don't know, i wasn't in the room, i didn't spends money sow i don't know. let's not have another congressional hearing like we had with benghazi. we learned new things in the benghazi hearing. but at the ends of the benghazi hearing none of our embassies are safer in the world because they passed no new laws. let's not have more congressional hearings. kennedy: i love transparency. but on sensitive issues like this, that's not a public hearing. you have people who goinld oath before the senate intelligence
12:44 am
committee, and they can't perjure themselves. let me just make this point. if you knew, that's okay. just say it. we know politics is disgusting on both sides. we know people go to professional muck rakers like fusion gps to get most of disgusting details on people so they can pin them on them and sink their political careers. >> fusion gps was also hired fit "free beacon" to do that type of work. if there is wrongdoing, instead of leaving it up to politicians who are judged by their two or six-year term of office. there is know need to have a special counsel. let's have career professional lawyers at the justice
12:45 am
department under the thumb of jeff sessions look over all the facts of this case and say was there political wrongdoing here? kennedy: you are talking about a special counsel. >> no, there are prosecutors who can look at this. there are prosecutors in washington, d.c. kennedy: then investigate everything. and don't be selective about it. if you are taking millions of dollars from the filthy russians to do political damage in this country, don't you think that's worse and sitting in a hotel room with jared kushner and paul manafort? >> here is what we learned from benghazi, having a year-long witch hunt. >> it's not a witch hunt when when family members die. >> the point i made earlier is this.
12:46 am
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kennedy: the nypd is always telling us to be on the lookout for anything strange. the new york knicks won two games in a row. if that doesn't raise suspicion, i don't know what does. we begin in the city of cleveland where if i had to guess, i would say a 10-year-old boy is probably going to get grounded. the kid is 10 years old. stole his sister's car and led police on a chase topping 100 miles per hour. cleveland police say there is no defense for his actions. let's face it. if anybody knows about there being no defense, a bunch of browns fans. crime stoppers offered a $1,000 reward for the elf who tipped
12:51 am
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why i bought them for my entire staff. there is ben, there is paul. they are such good helpers. topic number three. president obama is headed to court, and it has nothing to do with the shady uranium deal his administration signed off on. he has been called in for jury duty. he told friends if chosen he plans on serving, because if you like your juror you can keep your juror. any howe. sources say he's hoping to get called because with no michelle around, it's going to be smoking cigarettes and -- and eating desserts. if he's stuck in a jury box he won't have to field the drunken
12:53 am
calls from hillary. what happened? why don't you call me? i don't think so. topic number four. first george clooney starred in oceans 11. now he's starring in chapter 11. clooney's new film took in $2.8 million at box office. making it the worst opening in the history of paramount studios. the film which also stars matt damon tells the tory of two actors who claim they had no idea their producer fan was harassing women. we reached out to george, but a spokesperson told us he had been unwiding in his pod pod. topic number five. if you have been watching the news you know there is a major controversy enveloping the
12:54 am
nation. i'm talking about google's cheeseburger emoji. who puts the cheese under the meat. several users pointed out the cheese was placed under the burger. google's ceos promise to drop everything and address it. it may sound silly to you, but a cheeseburger emoji is what most of hollywood actresses and ballerinas have for lunch. coming up, should there be an age limit for dressing up for halloween? i will take a and for millennials in the "nightcap." we all depend on trucks.
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kennedy: self-loathing fuss budget kirk anderson whines in his new book, fantasy. that americans no longer value adulthood. and millennials started dressing up for halloween. i wish we had five halloweens a
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year. guys like curt anderson, the boring fun police, they are on the list. politicians are corrupt. north korea is going to force a nuclear war upon us. iran is building a bomb and funding terrorists who are going to kill us. if we are all going to die, we might as well drips and eat candy. it presence you for having children. just because someone forgot to have fun, it doesn't mean you are hastening the end of the empire. you are saving the world. go forth and party like it's our last halloween. because it probably is. thank you for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and instagram.
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