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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 31, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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keep it here, fox business. lou: good evening, breaking news special counsel robert mueller announcing the first charges in the russia collusion investigation by special counsel, two people indicted and arraigned last week, inmates -- in a leak to cnn, paul mana fort, and rick gates pleading not guilty in federal court to money laundering attacks charges re-- tax charges relet'sed to ro activities years before man forth joined trump can pain. >> u.s. deployed nuclear capable
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b-2 stealth bombers to the region, we discuss trump administration's effort to end north korean provocations with app amazon bolton. -- with ambassador john bolton. nfl players once again insulting the u.s. taking a knee during the national anthem, gutless commissioner rodger goodell risking ratings, sponsorships and merchandise sales by letting the leftist madness conditions -- continues, our top story, special coi counsel announcing t indictments sept the investigation began. paul manafort and rick gates with 12 counts, including money
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laundering, conspiracy, related to their work for a foreign company. and separate case, former trump foreign policy advisory or 30-year old george po -- papadopoulos pleading guilty. >> any react? >> a few hours after former trump campaign chair paul manafort surrendered to fbi, he and rick gates appeared before magistrate judge robinson in federal district court when they pleaded not guilty to 12 counts of financial crimes, the indictment alleged that while lobbies for ukrain ukrainian ins from 2006-2016 they laundered 78 million dollars from offshore companies and back accounts.
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>> president donald trump was correct. there is no evidence that mr. manafort or trump campaign colluded with the russian government. the second thing about this indictment, i find ridiculous, is claim that maintaining offshore accounts to bring all your funds into the united states as a scheme to conceal, from united states government is ridiculous. reporter: manafort was released on $10 million bond, and gates $5 million. analyst noted that charges are unrelated to russian collusion anel thaangle. >> what special prosecutor is likely putting pressure on someone he feels like was at center of this relationship with russia. and used criminal charges as a
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way to get cooperation from manafort. reporter: mueller unsealed a guilty plea entered 3 weeks ago by george papadopoulos. questioning by fbi agents one week after inauguration, papadopoulos lied about timing and circumstances under when he made contact with various foreign nationals last year. >> a junior official, how much closer that bring its to white house department depends on wha. reporter: papadopoulos signed a summary of events stating that russians have dirt on her, of hillary clinton ee-mails on clinton, documentings indicate trump campaign rebuffed this effort working through papadopoulos to set up a meeting with the candidate himself, unnamed senior campaign official of the quoted in summary as
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having e-mailed a su summary. >> president is in his best interest, my view to ensure mueller can wrap this investigation up quickly. more this gets dragged out, more you see people connected to campaign, being brought in for questioning under oath. reporter: source who spoke with manafort twice saturday said, as late as saturday evening he still did not believe he was going to be indicted. and his associate rick gates, he appeared at arraignment with a public defender because mr. gates are not given enough advance warning of his own indictment to appear with his own attorney. fox news. lou: joining with us reaction to the manafort indictment, ed rollins, chairman of great america pack. and ed, your reacted first to manafort and gates charges. >> you know, my sense is, i have known paul for a long time, he worked for me in 1984, a very
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effective type delicate county, i did that for jic bake jim bake has played big time politics. representing a lot of foreign clients, i don't think this has anything to do with collusion or with donald trump dealing unfair. i am not shocked by it i heard these stories for a long time. at the end of the day, i don't think he will make a case against donald trump. lou: it seems like a very easy case to either dismiss or befound guilty, that is, if he paid taxes on 75 million, there is no effort to launder money. >> this is a case that could have been handled by u.s. attorney in different river of columbia. -- district of columbia, at the end of the day it certainly will
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be a big distractiontion. and told a different way, a big week for president, his tax plan and end of week nation a new federal reserve, my argument would be, if he is lies ending listening go on with our business, this is about manafort not you. lou: president has been subjected to so much antagonism attacks and out right since he took the oabl oldsmobile -- oatf office. there it is, to george papa dop- papadopoulos. he has a masters from london school of economics, he was a volunteer to trump campaign. >> before that carson campaign,
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and no one knew who he was. i think that sometimes in a campaign, people come in try to become more important than they are. lou: not in politics. >> no one knows this person in foreign policy community. i think to a certain extent he was being bra va bravado to fbis so they got him on perjury. lou: you have to ask yourself, why would a young person any person, but why would a your yog person even think of lying, i would think they would be scared stiff. >> they should be. lou: to the fbi are you kidding me. >> that is what you have to worry about with these investigations, a perjury charge, i think he is now being used, i don't think he was a big player. lou: part of the deal. ed rollins thank you, ed will be back looking over surveying all
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of the day's evens here. >> joining me now, former u.s. ambassador to united nations, fox news contributor, john bolton. >> good to be with you. lou: these three indictments, two were expected, one of them, paul manafort, and his associate rick gates. >> like ed, i have known paul for many years. going back before the reagan administration, it was my impression he represented foreign clients trying to dot hisi's and cross his t'ses, there are a lots of charges, a number of allegations, that he had bank account x and did not file required foreign bank acoin report, and did not indicate on his income tax return. those are things that did or did not happen, they are not questions of interpretation,
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we'll see how his attorneys handle it, you put that together, there is nothing in the indictment i can see about representing ukrainian political interests that anyone didn't know about in 2016, when we came on to trump campaign, did they get manafort on what i think is looks like a unrelated change, it may be yes or no, but the question is, can it force manafort to flip against trump, that would require that manafort know anything about illicit trump campaign activity with the russians ashes to, which as of this point, there not a sensitiv -- sense til sense scintilla of. >> there is no crime in collusion. >> we are brought to mr. papadopoulos, i don't wish
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anyone ill, really, but i remember when the trump kanl paicampaignrolled out list of pn policy advise oar advisers, he d by press, he list z being in a modeled united nations program. now you cannot have it both ways, either, he was essentially just somebody they found on a street corner, which is their view then. or he is a central adviser in trump camp pai campaign. which is their view today, they cannot be view. lou: no way was i mocking him pointing out his lack of experience, and a volunteer, only once been in the same room with the presidential candidate. this is a sad showing. to the part of special counsel.
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there does not appear to be anything new. in case of manafort and gates, appear to be any connection to russia collusion and president trump. this is stunning stuff. they have this minnow they brought up in a very big expensive net that of special counsel who it is unimagineble he would know anything at all. >> there is press reporting that pappapadopoulos wore a wire fori for months, we'll see. let me say, since i worked for eed meese at justice department, i have been appalled at concept of independent counsel then post watergate statute now done by justice department regulation, these are extra constitutional offices, they are not restrained, nobody is super advising them for fear of being
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accused of political interference, they can do anything they want. that in itself is an abuse of justice, whether the target is donald trump or hillary clinton. lou: think of this. all of this could have been stopped. by the senate majority leader, the speaker of the house, heads of those two intelligence committees in jurisdiction judiciary committee, here we are with a attorney general recused and justice department overwhelmed by a fellow who was a mere fbi director, where are we headed? >> i think a lot of this could have been avoided if james comb he been fired on january 20, of this year, that is what should have happened. i do believe that the russians tried to interfere in the campaign, they have been doing it for 70 years or more. so, i am not embarrassed or ashamed at wanting to find out what the truth is there.
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and -- >> that is why we have intelligence agentses to tell us what is going on. why we have oversight committees in house and senate, instead, all blocked up. you know with the pursuing investigation. -- i think those committees are laughingstocks, i do. and the agencies ineffective. if they did not have wit, knowledge, and understanding. they mean to understand what we're doing in our elections would not find discomforting us anyway possible. it is a is a the stupidity is.s
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>> those who are happy me is going after donald trump today better watch what they say. the next itration o reitration a independent counsel will be going after one of their friends. lou: this that boomeranged, and head forward democratic party, democratic national committee, obama administration, clinton campaign, on the list goes, today. tony podesta leaving firm of his own name. we'll see how far this goes, it has begun to reach into the swamp. ambassador john bolton. >> thank you, lou. lou: we're coming right back, much more ahead, and nearly every iota that will be fascinating. stay with us. >> white house spent much of the day setting record state on
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special counsel indictment of paul mana mort. manafort. >> today announcement has nothing to do with president, president's campaign or campaign activities, everything to do with clinton campaign, and gps and russia. lou: we take that up with tony shaffer here next. >> nfl players continue to insult our anthem, flag and country. their awful bema behavior has we all depend on trucks. chevy, chevy, chevy trucks. we think it's because chevrolets are the most dependable dependable dependable trucks. built to last a long long time. with durable durability and rugged ruggedness. i like the extra power hauling power maxi power!!! and quality. seems they make them strong extra strong
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lou: high power lobbiest tony podesta stepping down from the firm that has his name, announcing the resignation. one of several company paid to do work for a ukrainian organization, tied to paul manafort as well. he is brother of john podesta, brother of the campaign manager of clinton campaign, it is still
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a swamp. trump fabricated dossier, payments began in spring 2016 around same time democratic national committee and clinton campaign ordered that very same law firm to retain fusion gps. a coincidence? possibly. fusion gps has been linked to russia and target of a number of congressional investigations. joining me now, retired army lieutenant colonel tony shaffer, now senior fellow at london center for policy research. we go to the payment fusion gps roll of obama, clinton and dnc . >> this is not like a swamp this is more like a 1970s porno film hot tub, that how is bad this is. i am sorry it true.
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let's look at how this is unraveling. and -- lou: can we just leave it with swamp. >> all right, we're talking about, not to put too 5 fine a point is espionage. by clintons opening this pandora's box looking to encourage finding of dirt they allow a foreign intelligence service, the russians to do what they do, fed fall, misleading and made up information about the president to this channel. channel. >> it appears that fbi, among the agents, may have played a role in nationaly funding the dossier. >> precisely. lou: we have a situation in which agencies it should be aware of meddling or whatever expression, interfering with,
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our election should have been aware and taken acted. >> right. lou: we know that president of united states, at that time, one barack obama, did absolutely nothing when he was informed that the russians were meddling in our election. >>y ho -- he knew, lou, think at it he knew, why el would he not act when h when he knew there ws something going on. lou: this is he did not want to interfere with those meddling. >> precisely. lou: what does that draw to in way of conclusion. >> to fact that i believe he was aware as well as other members of intelligence community and fbi, that something is going on, my theory is that thise dossier with everything el regarding russia collusion was meant to be
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heart in a defeated donald trump, they were counting on trump being beaten, they wanted him to be dead. we had not known this if hillary clinton had not come in put her people in department of justice. >> hard enough to get them to awaken and find a level of commitment to actually getting something done in the way of an investigation of all of this. >> where do the facts lead them? not to president -- >> to the need to investigate the clinton. >> right. lou: pay for play foundation, clinton foundation, and all of the activities of secretary of state and results of what looks to be quid pro quo whether uain'tiuu-- uranium one, the list goes on. >> yes, sir. lou: to manafort charges there
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is aing is tha suggestion that manafort may have been wearing a wire. the likelihood is that he was being at least surveilled -- excuse me papadopoulos was being surveilled and wore a wire. where does this go? if they had something from it, you would have expected them to have had an indictment. >> it would have been -- first if it was geesy i juicy it woule leaked out before now. >> like friday. >> friday, that -- that is my point. what does it say about justice if man in charge of investigation is actually doing thins to break the law in a way to shape public opinion breyer tprior to the fact, that leak of grand jury information justifies removal of mueller, whether he knew it or not, he is captain of
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the ship. he needs to be mov moved out, bi don't think that there is anything there, they seem so desperate to get it out. lou: we'll see, tony shaver. >> thank you, sir. lou: vote in our poll, do you believe that obama, clinton and dnc payments to fusion gps make special counsel look especially silly as he avoids obvious. cast your vote on twitter, and follow he on twitter, and like my on facebook and instagram. wall street stocks closer lower, dow down 85. volume 3.6 billion shares, consumer spending with big of gain in 8 years. as americans replace cars, and trucks, durable goods, destroyed by the hurricanes. a reminder to listen to my reports 3 times a day
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lou: nfl ratings continue to fall pass player protests stretch into the 8th week of the season. at play, players from six teams demonstrating during "the national anthem" including the majority of the houston texans who linked arms and took a knee. william lajeunesse has our report. reporter: "the national anthem" controversy isn't over. sunday houston texans players knelt not to protest racial injustice, but the team owner robert mcnair. >> we wanted to send a message
4:32 am
and that's what we decided to do. reporter: previously the texans were not a team that knelt during the anthem. that changed after the team owner bob mcnair said we can't have the inmates running the prison. players assumed he was referring them. but the 79-year-old owner who spoke earlier this year at super bowl apologized saturday saying this figure of speech was not meant to be taken literally, and saying i was referring to the relationship between the league office and team owners, and how they have been making significant strategic decisions affecting our fleeing without fad squat input from ownership over the fast few years. >> mr. mctheir you have to do
4:33 am
more than apologize. >> i don't think the comments were right. but i think the nfl owners have the constitutional right to protect their business and business interests. reporter: cowboys owner jerry joins also not happy of commissioner roger goodell's handling of the national anthem controversy. lou: william thrawj necessary reporting. i -- william lajeunesse reporting. the owners will be taking a knee, do you suppose, next week? at some point surely the players understand they have become the things of caricature and really need to get over themselves very quickly. nobody even tbhees they are protesting. we do know one thing. more than half of the owners have joined with jerry jones to
4:34 am
seek an ends to goodell's tenure as commissioner of the league. we are coming right back with a lot more. stay with us. new reports the obama campaign, the clinton campaign, and dnc paid millions to a law firm that hired fusion gps, the company behind the fake trump dossier. how involved were the despicable dems in all of that? we take it up with gregg jarrett next. this daring fella doesn't need a crosswalk to get to the other side of the highway. we'll show you have the video next and warn you have it's a
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lou: joining me now, greg gregg jarrett. you have been following this. manafort, gates, and pop d and p papadopoulos. gregg: in a 31-page indictment, donald trump conclusion is not mentioned. this is a tax evasion indictment it has nothing to do with donald trump. the ba pap papadopoulos thing is
4:39 am
different because he allegedly lied to the fbi. it's not a crime to talk to a russian which papadopoulos did. here he is, charged with lying to the fbi of alled the dumb things to do. it's stunning to me that this fellow would lie to the fbi, allegedly. gregg: it's always the cover-up that nails you. and he's right. people have a tendency to evening and deceive and to lie, and they shouldn't do it. lou: we have the leak friday from the special counsel's office to cnn which should be a
4:40 am
high crime. what is the effect of that? gregg: none unless you find the leaker, then you could arguably try to go after them with some sort of a crime. what's also interesting to me is that here is hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc, they are paying millions of dollars through intermediaries to a british spy and russian government agents. now, that is a crime. lou: ostensibly to create the dossier which was under the charge of and as you gps fusio. gregg: it's not a crime to meet with a crime. but it is a crime to pay money to russians during a political
4:41 am
campaign. that's what it appears hillary clinton did. lou: from the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign led by john podesta, his brother tony podesta has just left the firm because he is being investigated now by the special counsel. and as he put it, wants to fight it along. you have such symmetry and circular motion in this that the swamp has a whirlpool in it. gregg: it appears his company was named as company b in the indictment. you don't want to be company b in an indictment. i would expect that mueller will eventually get around to tony podesta in some form or fashion because i didn't file timely as a foreign agent, and the question is what did he do with
4:42 am
all of his money? lou: i would assume this would be a big deal, not filing according to law that you are representing a foreign power. apparently there have only been six prosecution of this type of crime. gregg: generally lobbyists thumb their nose at the law all the time and they get to amended belatedly their filings. lou: the solution is to put people in jail tore life. gregg: it's a law and let's not be lax about it. lou: tonight, you never know, podesta and manafort may be laughing at all of this? gregg: i don't think manafort is
4:43 am
laughing and podesta shouldn't be laughing because it's in legal jeopardy. lou: watch as this courageous daredevil tightropes across a highway in brazil. the dangerous balancing act -- he says he was more scared than he might have been otherwise and he was afraid he might distract the drivers below him. it's nice that he was so concerned and empathetic. house republicans looking to throw poison pills in the upcoming tax reform bill. we'll take up their latest evident to derail the thanks reform initiative. ed rollins here next. we all depend on trucks. chevy, chevy, chevy trucks.
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choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to lou: the president's call for tax reform to slash corporate tax rates is proving too complex for some residents of the swawment. republican lawmakers are considering what they consider a five-year phase-in for the corporate tax cut, meaning that
4:48 am
wouldn't hit 20% for five years. a draft of the tax plan is due out wednesday. joining us again, ed rollins, a fox business contributor. you have seen all that happened here tonight on the broadcast. it is to me implausible that any of this could happen. 75 million wasn't reported by manafort? $75 million he didn't may taxes on. he didn't register as a foreign agent. you have a 30-year-old who barely can spell -- i'll bee rephrase that -- who has limited experience in foreign affairs. this is a peculiar bunch to go after. ed: this is what trump was about cleaning the swamp. they were the people who were
4:49 am
always lobbying and representing foreign governments. to a certain extent the frustration the public has is why can't you get the tax bill through? you promised us, the public wants it. why can't you get it through. lou: do you want to give us answers or do you want me to? the chamber of commerce, the business round table. ed: the tax bill that's there today, the multiple thousands of pages was put there by people. special interests. the president is trying to redo this bill to make it work for the middle class and small business and to a certain extent. lou: we go back to tuneo and
4:50 am
fusion gps and other firms. they disappear. they are like snakes slithering back into the high grass. are we ever going to see the banging record of this firm? a judge blocks access to that evidence of what this firm is doing as fit has some first amendment rights? it's a peculiar thing. it's a smear machine. ed: it w for those who know -- it works for those who know how to play it well. they have to get the records from fusion. they have find out who paid money into that. lou: is congress scared to death to get records? ed: yes, it will. some of them will be involved tonight. and other supporters will be involved in it? lou: should we get a declaration
4:51 am
from them? are you pro transparency or a swamp creature. ed: the democrats aren't going to do anything to hurt their party. lou: they sure hurt their party this time. ed: that's right. lou: up next, special counsel mueller unveiling his first indictments. they have nothing to do with president trump or his campaign or russia. i'll take up the empty claims of collusion.
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lou: in our online poll last week we asked you do you believe the republican leadership should order the house and senate intelligence committees to put out their final reports on the russia probe and turn their attention to uranium one and the clinton collusion and corruption scandal? we got 9per -- we got 97% yes on that. i thought it would be higher. your reaction here. your thoughts about what mueller has produced in the way of indictment. >> there is nothing here. there may have been some
4:56 am
financial improprieties by manafort. this papadopoulos was a low-level guy. think of when james comey interviewed hillary clinton. she wasn't under oath. no record was kept. there was no grand jury. and she said i know nothing. what if there was an independent counsel look at the improprieties by the democrats, there would be all kinds of indictments. that's the real injustice here. lou: you are looking at the clinton foundation. the sequence of vast payments, $140 plus million. and an entity is taking charge of 20% of u.s. uranium. that's a significant and obvious quid pro quo that should be understood and investigated in
4:57 am
order to understand it and it looks corrupt on the face of it. >> tucker carlson had a big break through on this. he said the russians were trying to get info from hillary clinton when she was secretary of state and as a potential president. she were trying to influence her decision on uranium one. the russians thought she was going to win the election. most of intelligence agencies did not think russia interest veend to help trump win. lou: they have been intervening for some time. all of those elections were not elections in which donald trump was participating. what is troubling is those agencies did not notify the president of the united states about that intervention. he seemed to be utterly shocked that russians would in any way
4:58 am
want to memo an american society to our detriment. you listen to james clapper lie. you dissen to the -- you listen to the dni. the cia. and not a damn thing was done. this was the obama intelligence community. it just stunk to high heaven. >> i think that's right. during the campaign there were intelligence officers saying off the record they didn't think they wanted to brief candidate trump? the dossier was briefed as part of the daily frlt brief to president trump. either they didn't know the democratic party was behind it or they did know, and they briefed to it trump anyway. lou: the latter seems the more likely course.
4:59 am
despite what anyone thinks of our intelligence agencies, they are not made up of people so dumb they wouldn't know. >> most of intelligence officers are not political. they are loyal. i don't want them all being smeared because of the misdeeds of a few. but those few have done and lot of damage and they have to be removed from the community to restore its reputation. lou: that's it for us. thanks for being with us. congressman jim jordan and dr. sebastian gorka are among our guests tomorrow night. we hope you will strongly consider being with us. let's make it a date. i'll see you tomorrow night. good night from new
5:00 am
>> president donald trump is correct. there is no evidence paul manafort colluded with the russian government. >> former chung campaign chief paul manafort speaking out against the former aide. >> house lawmakers that you are the other tack i know some push to keep the state and local tax deduction affects raiders face in the tax rate cut over five years time. train to the dow down 85 points on monda


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