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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 31, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> president donald trump is correct. there is no evidence paul manafort colluded with the russian government. >> former chung campaign chief paul manafort speaking out against the former aide. >> house lawmakers that you are the other tack i know some push to keep the state and local tax deduction affects raiders face in the tax rate cut over five years time. train to the dow down 85 points on monday. train to investors watching
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corporate earnings rolling their and hope that catalonia may back off its bid for independence from spain. trade you reach a having flat leading policies on change in south korea. the cost be easing tensions with china. and then there is this. >> i will march forward even if i have to do so alone. lauren: may be going it alone. misconduct. "fbn:am" starts right now. cheryl: tuesday october 31st. happy halloween. good morning. i'm cheryl casone.
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lauren: good morning. i'm cheryl casone. a dressing of today. cheryl: you're looking at a. this is the outfit. lawmakers and people in washington spook this morning. breaking news. paul manafort under house arrest this morning after being indicted along with business associate case. calling the charges ridiculous. >> today you see in a statement by the the office of special counsel using a theory. six times since 1966 only resulted in one conviction. trying to white house chief of staff john kelly waited on ingram last night. >> everyone did anything to -- resumed in the cinema to see where it goes.
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lauren: morneau and robert morrison payment from blake burman. >> a federal judge said a bond that 5 million for ray k. spitzer 31 page indictment spells out 12 different counts and accuses manafort of tax fraud, money-laundering to the the tune of $18 million in the line to the department of justice and not -- the indictment does not mention president trump has business dealings largely predate manafort's involvement in the chung campaign. this is years ago before paul manafort was part of the trunk campaign. where crooked dealer and the dems the focus? the president goes on to write there is no collusion. why are they trying to distance from times? >> is nothing to do with the
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president come at the campaigner campaign activity. the real collusion scandal has everything to do with the clinton campaign come infusion gps in russia. reporter: big-game painting the person made for the council to do so independently. chuck schumer saying these reported indictment show the special counsel probe is ongoing in a special way. the rule of the rule was paramount in america in the investigation must be allowed to proceed unimpeded and special counsel counsel's office announced church acidophilus, campaign adviser to president trump admitted to lying to federal investigators about its contracts with the russian national. back to you in new york. lauren: will the indictments affect tax reform. paul ryan that the radio station? >> we are working on people's problems in one of the big problems is the potential and people deserve tax breaks,
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businesses globally. nothing derails us from focusing on not. >> lawmakers trying to negotiate at the very last minute. voicing concerns over potential loss of the state and local tax deduction in a conference call last night with white house officials. >> for i'm not from around nine and shapiro. >> good morning. roughly 24 hours from the moment where we look at the details of tax reform when kevin brady, chairman of the house ways and means committee traps the bill and among the details we expect to get his wealth will be the repeal of deductions look like? democrats like senator chuck schumer calling this a big giveaway to the rich. he says that the repeal of the deductions will attack the middle class. this is what she will expect for the democrats but these deductions are also causing alarm among republicans who
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spoke with the white house last night. nine republican representatives from new york don't want that repeal, yet republican leadership is getting ready to deliver the tax reform bill. >> the economics of repealing the reduction is very sound and is not the case that everybody in new york is a lot worse off because they will also see lower marginal rates. if you look at the two come very often people come out ahead in many states that come out way ahead. >> something else being talked about, negotiations over 401(k) scabbing pretax contributions of $2400 but raising the limit on how much you can contribute overall budget had to pay your taxes immediately on those contributions and not before then. back to you. cheryl: as for corporate tax cuts cost republicans considering a five-year phase than that with the corporate rate down to 20% by 2022. that would be in stages though, piece by piece over several
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years. that is weighing on stocks yesterday. i spun off in the dow. lauren: you want the benefits of the corporate tax cuts to affect the economy right away. through social media companies returning to capitol hill today in the wake of new developments in the russian election interference story. cheryl: tracee carrasco joins us with that story. liz: >> as many as 126 million people, one third of the u.s. population means the material posted by populations under facebook identities between 2015 and 2017. previously facebook save 10 million people saw a russian link advertising. the new number is kind if they had to capitol hill today and tomorrow for hearings on the way racially is social media to influence the 26th election. it identified and removed russia
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linked accounts significantly more than the 201 accounts it identified in an initial review last month. google said it discovered 1108 videos uploaded to youtube which reviewed a total of 309,000 times in the u.s. by account linked to russian operatives. cheryl: technology companies dealing with the bandwagon so that's good. sprint and t-mobile halted again been the reason pretty interesting. for the second time in three years, sprint has decided to pull back from merger talks with t-mobile after months of negotiation. the deal would combine the number three in four cell carriers allowing them to compete with market leaders at&t and verizon. directors at the parent company softbank decided to call it off now for concerns about giving up too much control. the two sides have been unable
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to agree on a valuation for sprint shares pictures of both stocks fell yesterday by 9% your t-mobile by 5.4%. lauren: what is going on with house of cards? tracee: the house of cards is crumbling. netflix pulling the plug on house of cards after the end of season six which is currently in production. >> there will be nothing. no plan. no future. we will only be half pence. tracee: the decision was made before reports about alleged misconduct by kevin spacey. netflix, the studio that makes the show are deeply troubled that the claims he made advances towards a 14-year-old in 1986. main outcome of the international academy of television arts and sciences
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tweeted last night that it will not honor kevin spacey with the international emmy founders award in light of these allegations. lauren: in the wake of harvey weinstein and the sexual abuse scandal, this story is happening really fast. cheryl: netflix timing, they are trying to distance himself. the guy has made a lot of money for not fix. i think it's interest being. the timing i find it a little bit harsh. we knew the show was sending. thank you very much. claire for president. coming out. will the indictment of paul manafort affect the trump agenda? or tax cuts going to still be on track? a political panel to respond to those questions? remember the las vegas attorney? he's going to have to testify.
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lauren: happy halloween. let's get you caught up on
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what's happening now pitch another court defeat for president trump. federal judge has temporarily blocked the serve in the military. u.s. district judge in washington d.c. said the ban is likely unconstitutional granting the injunction for now while legal proceedings continue. a woman who was shot three times during the las vegas massacre has now filed a civil suit and is asking the mandalay bay security guard to testify on the disputed timeline surrounding the attack. reporting that the attorney will v. mgm international of mandalay bay life nation of bump stock maker and gun man this day. prominent washington lobbyists tony podesta stepping down from the firm he cofounded acid is sought up in the investigation by special counselor robert mueller. the group has come under scrutiny for his work leading to
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a pro-russia party in ukraine. cheryl appeared cheryl: especially today, paul manafort under house arrest this morning along with briefcase after pleading not guilty to conspiracy and money laundering charges. word is the case: what does this mean for the agenda? former prosecutor doug burns and commentator eric dreamer. good morning. i want to start with you on the legal side of this. if you look at these 12 counts, all of these allegations, charges go back to a time before paul manafort was with the trump campaign. we are talking to is very see, money laundering. they did report they were working for a foreign foreign government i.d. may $2 million in profits. charges are pretty intent. at the same time, can they link this legally to his time working for president donald trump.
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the left-wing media right now is putting the connection together. >> yeah, no you have to be very careful and not try to gloss it over. look at this indictment, and therefore this inclusion. that's unbelievably reckless. i will give you a and you a nba. he is you a nba. he is the indictment as everyone has said is virtually nothing to do with the campaign for the relevant time periods of the campaign. that is crystal clear. many of us are seen based in a long years of experience of federal criminal law in investigations that they were going to extensively target him, try to put pressure to somehow cooperate. i'm not so sure i don't think he will end up cooperating with them, but that seems to be the game they are doing. again come or broken record the indictment does not involve the campaign. cheryl: what they are doing and i see this all over mainstream
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media. because of churchy annapolis, he was a 30-year-old kid on the campaign staff at one point and that he did have contact with a russian person that he believed had dirt on hillary clinton turned out not to be the case but that he lied about it. this is yesterday. i think this is what the media is making the connection between the current campaign collusion russia, but is it really fair? doug seems to say not really. >> i don't think so really. anyone following the bowler russia investigation is not surprised. i think the fact that the manafort indictment as was mentioned does not include anything regarding manafort said to the days the trump campaign, has no smoking gun linking president trump to collusion.
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there are loading indictments going around including they suppose that trump foreign policy advisor and also more interesting as well, didn't i'll amend that tony podesta and consequently whatever links that might have to john podesta as well. i think there's a lot of moving parts on this indictment and there is no clear smoking gun so to say for anybody. i think we have to let the wheels of justice turn in the meantime there's a lot that needs to get done by the administration. >> the question of course question of course the authority for nasa paul ryan in particular. what is this thing for the agenda? we don't know yet. what we do know, this plea agreement with him, that is one side of this, that the other side is these charges against manafort and against the gate. they obviously went through manafort over the summer.
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they look for documents and seemed to have it. $18 million they laundered allegedly. 12 million spend that cash that he laundered. home improvement for half a million dollars in clothing, rugs, luxury cars, they have all this evidence. this doesn't look good for metaphors. >> it's a situation. you can get into a discussion about perimeter said the investigation originally cast with collusion during the election cycle and then on the other side go here screaming. other independent counsels have similarly broaden their scope is the one. i want to make this clear because that's a classic example of something that could be mistranslated a little bit. he was not charged with any underlying crime. he was charged with 1001 line into fbi interviews about the chronology. he said he wasn't at the campaign when he met these
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people. 10 times were critically is that the meeting never took place. cheryl: obviously we talked about this yesterday. you take the little fish, try and get them turn on the bigger fish. now i've got the name of the little fish and this could blow up in really get worse amounts the question about the agenda. doug, eric, thank you for being here. lauren: coming up, should be big whether across the country for hollowing trick-or-treaters. fox meteorologist janice dean house that could be a spooky forecast for sun. plus, a hollowing trick for this dear. he's got a plastic pumpkin on his head. he seems okay, though.
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do not have to wait a few more days before they can collect. wet windy weather suit in an
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area. people have to avoid. several towns have delayed their halloween parties until conditions improve. look at the video. the tree and a car. train to a lot of distraction. a better day today for trick-or-treating. janice dean who is dressed as something. you look cute, janice. reporter: a witches hat, how do you like my pumpkins? it's the one time of year i don't have to get dressed up, ladies. a current windshield. it feels like 27 in chicago. 20, minneapolis. that is not a trick and not a treat come either. across the upper midwest on the backside of the storm system
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that brought delays across the northeast and power outages. we have snow across the great lakes region and another system moving in for the rockies. good news we are not dealing with big storm systems. new seeing snow for the rockies in a central news and the northeast is dragging out from the deluge we have. the future radar not a whole lot to tell you about. potential for showers across the gulf coast and there is your forecast today. real quick we will get to your spooky hollowing trick spooky hollowing trick-or-treat forecast. the costumes to side wearing snowsuits underneath. they are probably used to that. something to do with mine craft a ninja.
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send us pictures as well. we want to see her hollowing costumes. cheryl: i want to see everybody. thank you, janice. if you haven't ordered your iphone 10 yet, guess what, orders off the chart. we've got numbers coming out. trick-or-treaters can get a lot more than free candy this halloween, by the way. a lot of good free cheap deals, males coming out. you are watching "fbn:am." use back did your senator or congressman get elected
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by talking tough on the national debt? will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing-only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. it's time to tell congress-don't borrow more money from china. and leave more debt to our kids. keep your word. tax cuts shouldn't add to the national debt.
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>> president donald trump is
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correct. no effort and paul manafort collude with the russian government. lauren: vowing to fight trump campaign is paul manafort's speaking on the 12 count indictment against manafort in the former rate. cheryl: the 21st countdown is set to reveal their tax plan tomorrow. a pushy phase in the tax rate over five years. train to the dow falling 85 points this morning at 37. cheryl: catalonia may back off its bid, market slightly higher. lauren: japanese stocks ended flat after the central bank in south korea kospi up over 1% on easing tensions with china. and then there's this. train to get ready for sticker shock. enrollment obama cares starting tomorrow. premiums about to story.
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"fbn:am" continues right now. lauren: having fun this morning. 5:32 this morning and tuesday from the 31st of october. happy following. good morning and lauren simonetti. trade two good morning. i'm cheryl simonetti -- cheryl casone. lauren: former trump campaign chairman paul manafort under house arrest after being indicted along with his business associate rik gates. the manafort's attorney is calling these charges ridiculous. >> today you see an indictment brought by office of special counsel that is using a very novel theory to prosecute mr. manafort regarding a file. the united states government has only use that defense times
5:33 am
since 1966 and only resulted in one conviction. lauren: there you have it. white house chief of staff john kelly bateman on fox news anchor mangled. >> i think the reaction of the administration is that the legal justice system work. everyone is resumed in is resumed innocent and we then we will see what goes. true to more now on robert mueller's indictment from's indictment for marlon blake burman. >> paul manafort's bond at $10 million, 5 million for business associate rate is. the 31 page indictment spells out 12 different counts and accuses manafort tax fraud, money laundering to the tune of $18 million can align to the department of justice is not registering the foreign lobbyists. metaphor pleading not guilty to all charges. the indictment does not mention president chavez the business dealing largely predate manafort's involvement in the trump campaign.
5:34 am
president trump treated up monday morning, sorry, but this was years ago before paul manafort was part of the trump campaign. why are "crooked hillary" and the dems to focus? on the right, there is no collusion. sara sanders trying to distance the trump campaign for manafort business ties. >> today's announcement has nothing to do with the president and the president's campaign for campaign activities. the real collusion scandal as hn campaign cannot fusion gps and russia. >> been then impersonate for the council to continue to do so independently. chuck schumer say in these reported indictments show the special counsel probe is ongoing in a very serious way. the rule of law is paramount in america in the investigation must be allowed to proceed unimpeded. the special counsel's office announced george papadopoulos, campaign adviser to president trump had admitted to lying to
5:35 am
federal investigators as to his conduct at the russian nationals. back to you in new york. cheryl: are these indictments going to affect tax reform in the timeline? he told wisconsin radio station note. >> nothing is going to derail what were doing in congress because we are working on solving people's problems and one of the problems desired economy's potential in people deserve tax breaks and businesses showing globally. nothing derails us from focusing on night and that's basically where all our time and attention is focused right now. lauren: will get the details tomorrow. trying to negotiate at the very last minute. new york is a high-tech state as his new jersey, california and pennsylvania. they voiced concerns over the possible loss of the state and local tax deductions in a conference call last night with white house officials. more now from i'm shapiro.
5:36 am
>> good morning. roughly 24 hours when we look at the details of tax reform when kevin brady, chairman of the house ways and means committee finally dropped the bill. among the details we expect to get finally is what will be repeal a deductions from state and local taxes look like. democrats like it senator chuck schumer calling this a big giveaway for the rich. the repeal of the deductions will attack them in the class. this is what you are going to expect from the democrats. these deductions are also causing alarm among republicans who spoke with the white house last night. nine republican from new york, one of the high tax states don't want that repeal you republican leadership is getting ready to deliver the tax reform bill. >> the economics and it's not the case that everybody in new york is going to be a lot worse off because they will also see lower marginal rates. if you look at the two, it's very often people come ahead in
5:37 am
many cases way ahead. >> something else will still talked about, 401(k)s tapping pretax contributions at $2400 for raising the limit on how much you can contribute overall but she have to pay your taxes immediately on those contributions are not further. back to you. lauren: has for the corporate tax cuts come house republicans considering a five-year phasing that would bring a 35% corporate tax rate down to 20% that by the year 2022. the phase-in news sent the stock market down yesterday. train to the "washington post" obviously is the health care sector. it's not just following. the eve of open enrollment and we are learning obamacare premiums are going to make a huge jump in the coming year. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with that and the other headline stand, your premiums be going up?
5:38 am
train for the average monthly premiums for obamacare insurance premium search around 37% in 2018 according to the department of health and human services still fueled by the trump administration suspension of billions of dollars in payments to health insurers. the average monthly premium for the second lowest cost him the silver plan will rise to $411 a month up from 300 a month this year. that is before tax credits are applied. the change in costs will differ by state but iowa will see a 70% increase. federal tax credits that help people buy coverage will rise sharply which means people eligible for tax credits could end up paying once are those who do not qualify will face much higher prices. cheryl: is what they've been warning about for years. the original health care. >> the other thing is used at 12 weeks to enroll in the federal exchanges that now you just have six weeks.
5:39 am
the deadline today until december 15th. speaking of iphone time, and orders. orders for that phone. true for this is what we've been talking about after apple started taking pre-orders for the high-tech smartphone demand is not the chair with as many as 50 million units being sold. a new prediction up from 40 million units per shares of apple to an all-time high of $168.7 on monday. apple telling customers who pre-ordered the vote that there is a five to six week wait. analyst does the iphone can supply catching up to consumer demand until april or may of 28 team. apple said last week that it was working hard to get this revolutionary new product into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible. i know you just ordered one.
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i ordered by 10:00 yesterday. and i knew it. a blank come on. cheryl: honestly i'm not surprised at all. everything has studied about it is incredible. cheryl: will start taking bets. and then i want you to come in the next day how much her life has changed. how you're a better person. tracee: is just a phone. cheryl: it's my life. spooky deals for hollowing today. transfer lots of deals for hollowing to tell you about. costume wearing kids 12 and younger can get her to free kids meals with the purchase of an adult entrée. i hop from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at participating restaurants children 12 and younger get a free scary face pancake is sonic corndogs or 50 cents all day long. pizza hut if he is a promo codes
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carry goods 25 on online orders you will get 25% off denis p. placentia pulled away from 3:00 p.m. until close, go into any store and you'll get a guido, order of tacos for just $3. a lot of good deals. cheryl: i will eat my feelings today and i hop over not getting my phone. lauren: to do that, tracey. happy halloween to you. coming up, too big health care halloween spirit at night and hca reported later this morning. we will find out the impact of obamacare. we might hear more about the merger of aetna in cvs amid threat from amazon. and you might want to check your kid's halloween back today after one family found crystal mass mixed in with the candy. we will be right back.
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train to read custom headlines to bring to you this morning. here's what happening right now.
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the american special operations forces and fbi agents have captured a militant involved in a deadly attack on u.s. diplomatic compound. officials telling fox news all mono is captured sunday at an unknown location libya on september 112012 killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. day five in the case family murder trial over testifying the bullet that killed the girl ricocheted off the ground before hitting her in the back of the prosecution believes he fired towards timely and accidentally discharged. as she walked the san francisco pier with her father. get this. wisconsin police issuing aid urgent warning after a bag filled with mass was found mixed in the decades following cheney. they found the drugs and likely called police. police asking parents to inspect the kids candy carefully this
5:46 am
halloween morning. that is what is happening now. lauren: really troubling. how great your season and we get hospital operator hca health care jonathan hoenig a capitalist joins us now. i'm trying to place the hot. happy halloween. >> either mr. monopoly. we will go with big earnings day. significantly for a health insurance companies. you mentioned at night. at an all-time high a few days ago because of the takeover firm cvs. earnings will matter even more ironically is an island. they put half the retail stores out of business. now they are going after health insurance and health care providers.
5:47 am
that is one to watch as strong stock at amazon and the takeover of moving forward. true isn't it amazing the insurance companies said drugstores are battling amazon at the moment. joe showed the chart today up in many cases 50%. it is not the same for the hospital operators. what do you expect with the changes to obamacare? open enrollment begins tomorrow. would you expect from hca? >> this is completely driven by politics, not so different from the companies during obamacare. it is literally what is going to determine the future for the health care companies with a little bit of a foreboding signal with president trump declining precipitously two weeks ago.
5:48 am
the fact that they start letting the market. the bull market right now from amazon, facebook, mcdonald's, but these companies which have led the market after the president election no longer leading the way especially because it is a collection with a record number of days about a 1% prop to take a break. lauren: we get the details tomorrow, jonathan. you think that could lead us in the direction of a pullback or correction but the faith and of the corporate tax cut? >> after the president elected tremendous tribulation, as you said, specifically those tax-cut. now the prospect of a five-year delay, investors might they take the money and run. lauren: mr. monopoly, don't take our money. happy halloween to you. cheryl: i never want a monopoly. always very bad at the game.
5:49 am
coming up, a showdown in missouri. the kansas city chiefs overwhelmed. do they have a quarterback problem? tiger woods announcing he will return to competitive golf. colin kaepernick might want to stay away from china. we will tell you what the penalty is for disrespecting the anthem. you were watching "fbn:am". ♪
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lauren: nfl players take note.
5:53 am
china considering jail terms up to three years for anyone who disrespect the national anthem. china's parliament crafting a new law that tightened laws on where and how to sing the anthem. current law regards people from belting it out at parties, weddings and funerals all part of xi jinping's efforts to raise the picture. cheryl: speaking of football, kansas city chief with a two-day winning streak monday night football. denver broncos needed a return to their days. the game started by cold times. to achieve scores a touchdown. the only difference is now with the broncos. he fumbled the ball and returned it 45 yards in the opening score. the quarterback with two yards and a touchdown. connie t. hine pass with
5:54 am
133 yards and then of course it was time for the touchdown. it was pretty good. anyway, coming in the chiefs in the broncos a pretty good game anyway. ezekiel eliot running out of options out of options. the judge has cleared the way for the nfl to enforce a six-game suspension over domestic violence allegations with the judge denied preliminary injunction to give his legal team 24 hours to appeal. if the suspension holds this time can elliott will not be starting sunday. he will be eligible to return december 2017. cowboys in the second place in their division right now. lauren: nfl trade at 12:00. new england patriots traded quarterback jay major op listed his as cisco 49ers. the 28 second-round draft pick is a risky move for the 49ers because cheraw below to become an unrestricted free agent after this season.
5:55 am
trade do he is back the tiger woods that is plans to make his return to competitive golf at the hero world challenge at the end of november recovering from back surgery. he has not played competitively in nine months. he's only played six competitive rounds the past two years because of chronic back problems. big news this is the best for last. the houston astros looking to clinch their leaving the dodgers three games to two. 8:00 eastern time right here. cheryl: it's in l.a. bellamy could interesting. are the dodgers going to have some home team spirit going on? coming out. catalonia is leader another separatist leaders. we are going to gear up for a live report.
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true to catalonia's present at least about job as government takes criminal charges. riva gold from "the wall street journal." a lot going on in spain that witnessed overnight. >> state prosecutors seeking charges of rebellion and sedition against these former
5:59 am
cattleman leaders of at least 14 people being charged this morning. former leader of the catalytic regional government was spotted in belgium yesterday, though it doesn't appear to be likely that the belgian government is going to grant him asylum there. certainly heating up, although as far as things go on the ground, relatively smooth surrogate hand over control yesterday but definitely one to keep an eye on. lauren: feel like the movie script is in the making. overnight to hold the line on interest rates. >> indeed. the bank of japan is continuing at the stimulus program at full speed in favor of actually expanding it. unlike the bank of england and the european central bank which tear down bond purchases next or the federal reserve which are very slowly moving to exit in a policies commended bank of japan
6:00 am
is absolutely keeping his foot on the gas on this in light of persistently very, very weak inflation. lauren: riva gold, thank you for your time. cheryl: trying to get over what happened in spain. you've got a lot of european politics. you think they've got it going on right here in the united states right now. they get serious over there. lauren: they will call for a new election couple days for christmas. thank you for joining us on ms. holloway in addition of "fbn:am." good morning to you, maria bartiromo. maria: happy tuesday. it is tuesday, october 31st. following day. 6:00 a.m. on the first day. arraigned yesterday along with his former business associate, rate gates in the first charges stemming


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