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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 31, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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is absolutely keeping his foot on the gas on this in light of persistently very, very weak inflation. lauren: riva gold, thank you for your time. cheryl: trying to get over what happened in spain. you've got a lot of european politics. you think they've got it going on right here in the united states right now. they get serious over there. lauren: they will call for a new election couple days for christmas. thank you for joining us on ms. holloway in addition of "fbn:am." good morning to you, maria bartiromo. maria: happy tuesday. it is tuesday, october 31st. following day. 6:00 a.m. on the first day. arraigned yesterday along with his former business associate, rate gates in the first charges stemming from the special
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counsel robert mueller's investigation. the pair pleaded not guilty to a dozen charges including money laundering, conspiracy against the united states. white house chief of staff john kelly said he was not worried following the indictment. >> everyone is presumed innocent and staff is very comfortable. the vast majority of the staff would have nothing to do with this kind of thing, so there is no worry about it. >> we been saying since day one there is no evidence of trump russia coalition and nothing in the indictment today changes this at all. maria: technology takes executives from google, facebook and twitter set to testify over the thoughtful impact russia had on the election. the latest as they spoke once than 120 million people may have been exposed to content backed by russia. earnings of mostert among the top names. aetna and pfizer earnings-per-share top expert patients. take a look at those stocks over
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the last three up 11% as the deal was announced the cvs as well. in the u.s., looking at a rally at the opening of trading. dow industrials opened up 40 points. nasdaq s&p 500 positive territory. st 100 at the third of a percent. cac nda accept fractionally better this session. aetna revenue missed expectations up on the screen is a look at markets overnight in asia. nikkei average exactly where it opens. the other average close to the breakeven line as well. apple planning for a future without qualcomm. the technology giant looking to end its relationship after a decade. qualcomm shares led the nominees done 5% right now. netflix house of cards crumbling. the company says the series will end following the next season in the wake of the sexual assault
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controversy surrounding star kevin spacey. details on a possible spinoff coming out. a big win at arrowhead as the kansas city chiefs strong defense played tough to division rival denver broncos. all the highlights from the game last night. president trump and first lady melania trump welcome guests and goblins alike as they celebrate halloween and style at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. all those stories coming up. fox business network dagen mcdowell. house oversight committee chairman, fax news contributor jason chaffetz and mitch rochelle. thank you. >> i've got the orange tie up for halloween. >> the candy corn, too. >> the biggest secret of the morning is maria bartiromo loves halloween. maria: she gave me a gift.
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maria: at jury duty and right next to jury duty was the halloween shop. lots to talk about this morning. serious stuff on the docket. dagen: if you try to find one article about the tax reform bill, it's almost impossible. if you google it, go through every newspaper, every publication. it's just buried. maria: is incredible. once again this is when the news happens when they are about to release the tax plan this wednesday. incredible. taking all the oxygen out of the room. we want to go to washington where he kicked off the hour. robert mueller revealing the first charges in his investigation into russian meddling in the 2015 election with a 12 county debut yesterday could president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort. along with longtime business associate case. charges include money laundering and tax fraud. under house arrest after pleading not guilty.
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separately, former policy advisor george papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators about his contacts with russians. at the white house, press secretary sarah huckabee sanders denied any charges had anything to do with the president. >> today's announcement had nothing to do with the president and the president's campaign for campaign act committee. the real collision scandalized his head several times before has everything to do with the clinton campaign confusion gps and russia. we've been saying since day one there is no evidence of trump russia coalition and nothing in the indictment changes that at all. maria: national spokesperson for america first action by the donald trump presidential campaign, katrina pearson. thanks for weighing in. you're somebody who worked closely on the campaign. what did you make of these charges? tell us what your experience could educate us about this. >> i think we been saying all
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along there is no russia collision with the trump campaign. these charges are something that came from things that happened years ago prior to the president may be manafort for the campaign. this is indicative of where the investigation is going. they are not looking at russia hacking anymore. they are not for those looking for collision anymore. now they are just trying to make it more broad. what is interesting about this is this investigation ironically is leading everyone to the democrats. i think that is what is going to get interesting moving forward. maria: jason, how do you see this? these charges of money laundering tax fraud due date forward for the president. >> serious charges in wrongdoing should be prosecuted. no problem with that. the news about the dossier and funding of the dossier come fbi has told speaker via they would get the banking documents this week. those are due to come to the committee tomorrow. i will tell a lot about who is
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sending what and how. that will be a pivotal point in all of this. one of the biggest pieces of news yesterday was tony podesta stepping out. that is a seismic shift in washington d.c. knowing what a power player he is in d.c. maria: all of this about paul manafort and gates is taking the oxygen out of the room for the other issues as well. you think any of this is going to push the department of justice to do it job? >> i hope so. i find it interesting you have all of these scandals from the clinton obama era, benghazi, fast and furious. they were handing out immunity like candy and here they are doing indictments. that is fine, but there doesn't seem to be, is very different set of rules for clinton care. maria: of course there is good we see that over and over again.
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transfer you saw the movie yesterday that tony podesta, who read hillary clinton's campaign. the podesta group disclosed work that was linked to the pro-russia party in ukraine. now it's in the spotlight. in the indictment of manafort indicates it was two companies that the manafort and gates allegedly solicited with the pro-russia party, one of those being the podesta group according to the published reports out there. so i think it's a special counsel focuses on everything to do with russia trying to manipulate our election in this century, it should include the link between the russian fusion gps firm and the democrat in the hillary clinton campaign. if it does include that, the american people can rest assured. so far, this is an investigation that is largely focused on
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alleged collusion by the trump campaign, which again, doesn't anybody know the rules? george papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to investigators. don't say anything. it's the same thing with manafort. at least one of the charges is related to lying to an investigator. >> i go back to what you started with, which is the timing is not convenient and it's going to a lot of the oxygen out. we've got to get a tax plan through by something by thanksgiving and this is going to distract everybody. maria: all of this, katrina come you have to wonder a lot of it is going back to a situation when moeller was running the fbi. while the department of justice do its job? can they be effective with all of the conflict surrounding mueller? >> at this point they really don't have a choice.
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when i came to d.c., friend of mine told me you don't go to d.c. to change it. you go to expose it and the people will change it. there's one thing president trump has been very successful in doing along with candidate trump is exposing a number of things happening in the swamp, which is exact the way people have wanted to drain it and now that it has the next those who see all the slimy politics involved, how the podesta group recently filed its legislation. people see what's going on. they don't like it. they don't have a choice but to investigate and now when we get to the podesta group as jason said, this is huge because they brought in manafort to help a foreign government lobby congress. they can't just blow past it and now it looks like the swamp is about to drain itself. maria: podesta's main job was to lobby against sanctions, against
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russia in ukraine. no discussion whatsoever and yet we are still talking about collusion with trump. it is extraordinary. >> donald trump junior on the cover of "time" magazine red-handed and we can to find out the dnc, hillary clinton's campaign and now we find out that the white house, president obama's obama for america put money into the dossier and everybody's walking around saying i don't remember this. you authorize that. trade to trey gowdy can't get answers either. >> they went to president-elect donald trump, the president of the united states barack obama, they went before the senate committee and they all talked about this dossier and how important it was coming but they failed to mention it was funded by the democrats. if they said hillary clinton was behind the funding of it, do you think anyone would've taken it
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seriously? maria: it was all largely written off. dagen: this is my personal take away. now i know why you don't work in washington anymore. it is just oozing. everybody. maria: how could you work there when you don't see an honest broker looking at situations happening. >> congress has been asking for basic documents, banking documents. how much does the fbi from blind on this? maria: so there's a real question, which is the question we were asking yesterday. how much evidence from the dossier the fabricated report, how much did they base that on the idea to wire trap trump tower? >> how much vetting did you do? did you go out and actually question and replicate?
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we pay billions of dollars out of the best agencies on the planet and you've got some person in europe is being paid coming up with stuff or people are looking around saying we don't know if it's true or not? dagen: one thing i want to pay out in "the wall street journal" editorial page today when they discussed the manafort indictment is that they call out the trump campaign for hiring what they described as a swamp lake the first place. donald trump is poor judgment for hiring the choice but why operator. i think that his caution to the trump administration now to not make any worse eggs and fire the prosecutor would fall into that category. >> there hasn't been any intention of firing miller. this is someone you already mention that was actually the fbi direct your went all the
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notorious things hillary clinton was doing with her pay to play action while she was secretary of state. besides this investigation with donors putting them on right after themselves. maria: katrina, thank you very much. qualcomm dies after making products will no longer use the components after a decade-long relationship. already taken a financial hit in the premarket. stock sound better than 5% on the news. house of cards is ending. details about the popular netflix shows future. kevin spacey tangled and misconduct in enough were rounded. back in a minute. we all depend on trucks.
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go on, try something fresh. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. maria: welcome back. a manhunt underway this morning for a suspect who shot and killed one person near the university of utah. cheryl casone at the details and headlines. >> that's right, maria. police are searching for austin pâté to say he is armed and dangerous. he shot a person during a carjacking. they are advising students to take shelter. >> at a occurred right at the gate. the victim was in view. we are still actively searching. they are declaring another building on the campus. we are keeping track of those, but the suspect is not in custody. >> she reported her husband had
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assaulted her while they were camping in the canyon. there is your suspect. sprint dropping efforts to merge with t-mobile u.s. to deal with the third-largest cell carriers directed at the parent company softbank decided to call it off because they were concerned about too much control. discussing the power of technology on "mornings with maria." the same. >> going to technology revolutionized to speak for food delivery to insurance, to selling used cars, to use homes, to getting a mortgage, sophia, getting a student loan, every aspect of life. >> sprint by 9%, t-mobile by five points for%. halfway through earnings season and we're just going to get quarterly results from insurer
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aetna. coming in better than expected. the revenue goodness guide. aetna has been in the news recently in whatever proposed merger with cbs help. the stocks of 39% in 2017. hospital operator hca health care is due to report today. the stock of more than 3% so far this year will bring you those numbers advisor with a dow component to release their latest numbers. investors will hear about their latest plan to auction off the consumer health care business and impact of generic competition and of course on it drugs pfizer is a dow component up 9% so far this year. president trump and first lady melania trump god to the hollowing unit when they hosted a trick-or-treat event at the white house. the first couple shook hands and gave candy to a lot as kids including one little kid dressed
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up as melania. the kids are super cute. maria: i love the decorations. coming up with a new debate on capitol hill over the president's power to use military force over the globe. the wake of the merger -- i'm sorry, and the that killed four soldiers. qualcomm after apple that would drop the component than a decade relations. we will be back in a moment's time. anything worth pursuing requires knowledge, hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom,
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no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit or go to maria: tomorrow's open enrollment. the health care system is mired in a certain key on the eve of all marketers open enrollment. president trump stole the agenda on tax reform pushing health care back to next year.
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premiums still soaring. estimate show obamacare enrollment has dropped from 800,000 to one points 6 million during the sign-up season. the ceo of the mayo clinic, vice president, dr. john reiko kenichi. good to see you. thanks for joining us. we are here in this. out of open enrollment. characterize the situation for us. >> well, we are in a period of great uncertainty. we are still not quite certain where things will go. we've taken a step back and said what do we know. we know that patients want access to high-quality health care and they want to be able to get what they need. you have to really start planning on the next generation of health care and that requires you to introduce into the system and fund as you take what is
6:25 am
funded for 23 years that i can tell you firsthand how important it is to keep getting funded so we can take those discoveries and work with private companies. regulatory reform on the other hand, primary care physician is spending only 27% of her or his time with patients. 46% of the time is spent on paperwork. it is estimated 15% to 20% of the spend on health care goes to compliance and billing. we've got to be able to reduce those if we want to remain a global leader in health care. we've got no choice. >> what would you like to see happen in the prescription drug area? there's a lot in washington d.c. on the benefit managers. do they really add value and what do we need to see with nih and health and human services to streamline the approach on prescription drugs?
6:26 am
>> that question has many levels to it. the first is that in the pipeline. invest in areas like precision medicine is important. it allows you to get the right drug, the right person at the right time. so that kind of investment is essential. then we have to look at the pathway towards bringing a drug to become available for patients in the pathway goes to the fda. there is no doubt we need safety. on the other hand there were other regulations that get in the way and those are the ones we have to focus on. that is a very important thing for patients. the focus on the other hurdles. >> dr., when you look at cvs, are we changing the model as a result of obamacare or is it just the way population blocs health care and is changing the model? >> there is a component of obamacare, but as you know,
6:27 am
retail has an even greater role than health care. maria: at the amazon story. >> it is a blue way story is not way that you've got to do something about it, but also the fact that cbs seems to have people locked to their stores. this is one way of doing it. we do know that a company like cbs has many different ways attaching the consumer and the company like atlantis to touch the consumer when they try and reduce health care costs. so it is really that another consultation continues and this is another example. that is the pathway mail has not taken that many companies. >> more retail in terms of how they touch their customers. >> you can flip it and say consumers and patients want to have a more retail experience and experience health care. maria: are interesting. dr. gianrico farrugia, thank you for coming in.
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pulling the plug, netflix canceling house of cards after misconduct allegations of kevin spacey. the slump last night with a win against denver broncos. details for you right after the short rate. stay with us. ♪ at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. (honking) (beeping) we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. . .
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maria: welcome back, good tuesday morning. thank you so much for joining us. it is tuesday october 31st, happy halloween. top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. america's longest war 16 years ago this month troops headed to afghanistan following 9/11 and ball against extremism is raging on still. some calling war authorization in a hearing yesterday but rex tillerson says it's unnecessary, could send the wrong message to our enemies. >> the uncertainty could only signal toward enemies and our fleandz we are backing away from this fight, war is unpredictable, we cannot put a firm timeline on conflict against enemy as long as necessary. maria: we are taking a closer look at the war on terror coming up. bowe bergdahl apologized for
6:32 am
endangering come rats who try today rescue him after desertion. earn negotiation focus, aetna reporting mixed quarter results. raised full-year guidance. no word yesterday on 66 billion-dollar deal with cvs. we are waiting pfizer and under armour. 44 points up, up 14 in the nasdaq. ftse fractionally this morning. overnight in asia, take a look. mixed performances at the close with japan ending exactly where it began. apple planning a future after decade. we will tell you why. shares are down 7%, that's the low of the morning right here. trading off significantly on this news. and then there's this, netflix,
6:33 am
house of cards come crashing down. canceling the hit series after sexual misconduct allegations against actor kevin spacey. we will tell you about a spin-off being talked about. highlights coming up right now. first reigniting debate over war powers, reauthorization of use of military force in the wake of the niger attack that claimed the lives of four american soldiers, combat the taliban and al-qaeda in places like afghanistan and iraq, critics are saying that it gives presidents too much reach and too much power to fight terrorism around the world. tillerson along with jim mattis defended the law yesterday and they're pushing for a more permanent solution. >> the 2001aumf authorizes
6:34 am
necessary and appropriate force to defend u.s. coalition and partner forces engaged in the campaign to defeat isis in iraq and syria. >> war is fundamentally unpredictable. we cannot put a firm timeline on conflict against adaptive enemy who would hope that we haven't -- we are more likely to end this fight sooner if we don't tell adversary the day we intend to stop fighting. maria: joining me right now general jack keane, good to see you this morning. thanks so much for being here. >> good morning, maria. maria: your thoughts on this debate? jack: first of all, we should be having a debate, the operation was designed for afghanistan and also for iraq, 2001 and 2002
6:35 am
respect i -- respectively. the current authorization gives the president wide latitude to use forces as necessary. i think that actually is good guidance. others, want to restrict it in terms of the scope, in terms of numbers of forces, where they should operate geographically and put a sunset clause or time constraint, that's the basic disagreement. others think it's too limiting and others think that the current authorization is not restrictive enough. i don't think they are going to get agreement this time either. maria: did the niger attack tell us anything in this regard? jack: i think we get things sometimes confused. giving the president authorities to provide operations against radical islamic organizations that are spreading worldwide is one thing and you control operations with oversight committees because you're funding the operations, you are also checking on the strategy to make sure that's right.
6:36 am
john mccain has challenged the strategy in afghanistan and middle east at large as being chairman of a major committee providing oversight to the military, so to try to do all of that and put that in an authorization for the use of force i think is the wrong direction that some senators wanting to. niger did spark this debate, i totally agree with you because committees were surprised about how extensive operations were in the country. the way to make sure is overnight not authorization document. maria: i think you make a lot of sense actually. at this moment in time, though, the terrorism threat is as bad as it's ever been. jack: yeah, absolutely. to think we can control by saying we will authorize it for five years, restrict it to geographical area. we have to go where the enemy goes that's threatening the american people and those of our
6:37 am
allies, it doesn't organize as an army. it operates in the shadows and we've got to be adaptive and flexible to deal with it. maria: makes a lot of sense. let me ask you about bowe bergdahl, army sergeant took a stand and apologized to service members wounded while looking for him. they walked off post, he walked off post in afghanistan, you know, in 2009 and his comrades went looking, he said, quote, it was never my intention for anyone to be hurt and i never expected that to happen, i grieve for those who suffered and their families, bergdahl is now facing up to life in prison after pleading guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. general keane, what are your thoughts on this apology yesterday? >> well, i think that remorse is only appropriate and i academy cet it as being face of
6:38 am
the enemy and wound up joining the enemy. he should receive dishonorable discharge and should receive jail even though he was prisoner for five years and tortured. the judge will take into consideration as mitigation the five-year imprisonment and the torture and decide whether impose further confinement or release him. but the fact is, bergdahl is being held accountable for that behavior and that is justice in my judgment. maria: right, that's appropriate. meanwhile then benghazi, american special forces have captured a militant wanted for his alleged role in the benghazi attack back in 2012 that killed four americans including our
6:39 am
ambassador cries stevens as you know, will be brought back to the united states and faces charges in the federal court and your thoughts on this. huge kudos to special forces for capturing this guy. >> yeah, and the fbi are involved in this one. intel agencies, operators that went in there with the fbi, we have a lot of evened, this is really a great story but i am still frustrated because we knew they conducted the attack that night, we identified it as such and while everybody talks about how the administration try today mislead us as to what the cause of the attack is, the other sin the administration committed we never went after and should have targeted them, the president issued a finding to military and cia and said destroy this organization just like we did post 9/11 with al-qaeda, we did not do that, we began criminal investigations, not a military operation. they hunkered down, they thought we were coming for them and we
6:40 am
never really did. second one we picked up. trump said, yes, obama had said no to this particular operation a number of times, so we did -- we did the right thing here and we are bringing this horrible person who was responsible for the death of our people in benghazi to justice, finally. maria: all right, we will leave it there, general, a pleasure to talk with you, general jack keane joining us there. sour case from apple, qualcomm falling down 1%, around the louse of the morning, apple is reportedly making a big change, product that is no longer use the qualcomm components. qualcomm selling than news. reporting earnings after the bell tonight, virtual reality games, popular titles madden and fifa, big boost this quarters, we will bring you the stock back in a minute six in the morning.
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maria: welcome back, markets are going higher, futures indicating a gain on the dow jones industrial average at trading this morning. we are looking at earnings driving the story, of course, this is a big week. we have the job's number out on friday. a couple of names we are looking at, look at square, payment company, full cash register, 10 cents per transaction. shares are up better than 215% over the last year. we are watching shares of electronic arts, fiscal second quarter earnings tonight. analysts look for earnings at 54 cents a share. stock up nearly 50% this year. netflix announcing hit show
6:45 am
house of cards will be ending after a sixth and final season. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: news coming days after revelation that the political drama star kevin spacey made sexual advances at a teenage boy in a manhattan party. >> i will march forward even if i have to do so alone. cheryl: he may be going it alone. talks that netflix is considering a spin-off series for the near future, netflix is strong in the market, stock is up 60% from last year, year to date 60% jump for netflix. well, apple facing an intensifying legal battle with qualcomm, the journal reporting that apple is designing iphones and ipads for next year that might use modem chips, apple and qualcomm have worked together for ten years, qualcomm pretty
6:46 am
sharply lower. apple stock up more than a quarter percent right now. okay, you're ready for some monday night football? kansas city chiefs were carrying two-winning streak coming in. the chiefs scored a touchdown, only difference charles is with broncos after nine cities with the chiefs, he fumbled the ball and peters returned it for opening score, chief win 29-19. chicago bears miller remains in new orleans hospital, fighting to keep his leg. suffered a gruesome injury, caused serious artery damage, they might have amputated the leg, he's stable but he's not
6:47 am
out of the woods. his leg is warm, that's the best they can hope for him right now. maria: thank you, cheryl, that looks terrible. dagen: horrible, horrible injury. a tough sport as much as we love it. you know, you to think about the players and they put themselves at risk whether it's leg injury or cte. >> on the positive note we have a great baseball game tonight. get the candy corn, get ready, we have a really good world series. we are coming up -- [laughter] maria: it's halloween. >> candy corn for too long. >> good luck opening that bag. [laughter] maria: all right. dagen: that's why i'm not allowed to open it, you know what happens, a candy corn explosion all over the floor. maria: happy halloween, tireless
6:48 am
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maria: welcome back, leaders in the middle east looking to the future saying iran extremist regime will not stand in the way. i recently spoke to prime minister benjamin netanyahu and prince salman and saying they will not be tolerated. they are aligned in this issue. >> iran is former state of our time, hangs gays, formments terrorism throughout the world, you immense leverage and not only because israel and the key arab states in the region
6:52 am
support what the president has done, you said israel supports the president, absolutely, but so does saudi arabia and so does the emirates. >> we want to live a normal life, a life that translates our moderate religion, good customs, we coexist and live with the world. i believe that we will eradicate the rest of extremism very soon, so i don't think this is a real challenge because we represent the moderate teachings and principles of islam. maria: joining us right now chairman of the paris center for peace and innovation and son of former israeli president peres. >> good to see you, maria. maria: i thought that was stunning benjamin netanyahu and prince salman about iran. >> absolutely. word of science and technology. in the old days, in the old
6:53 am
worlds, greatness came from territories from natural resources and enslaving people. you had to build militaries and go fight others and you would become great at the expense of others and in the new world that my father spoke about, greatness will come from science, technology and innovation and entrepreneurship. today we can create food, and automation and robotics we don't need slaves anymore. for the first time in human history, nations can become great without others lose. and i think this is the language today that saudi arabia and described completely to the region and we would like to take the concept of start-up nation into the region and make it a start-up region. let's move into the new world, let's move into future and how we can fight global threats as oppose to fighting each other.
6:54 am
maria: great way to put it and you're finding that technology and a lot of the innovations are driving the economy of israel, start-up nation and the world. is that where you're investing right now? >> exactly, i'm focusing on a trance frición the physical world to the digital world and when things become more digital, you start to bring intelligence into these companies or into the devices and you can connect the human network and internet of things together. i believe that as we move forward into the future, innovation will continue to accelerate and we will be able to enter the new age in a much safer and better way. >> you mentioned one of the things you're interested in is artificial intelligence, because that was a big growth area, what specifically do you see and applied and it scares a lot of people what that really does mean? >> for example, maybe if you look at a company in israel that's helping create autonomous
6:55 am
driving, if we allow the cars to drive by themselves safely without artificial intelligence, we would be able to have transportation free of accidents and casualties. so i believe that this is a great trend where you have to communicate with machines and humans and you need to make the machines more intelligent and make human more intelligent in a way that they can understand what the machine are seeing and doing and tell them what to do. >> a lot what we are talking during the break, cyber, block chain, robotics, artificial intelligence -- maria: the areas you want to invest? >> yes. >> they are taking jobs potentially and one of the problems in the country is we are not training our youth for the jobs of the future b and in israel is there a different model where there's more training of youth so they can prepare for the workforce of the future? >> one of the things in paris center of peace and innovation, we are trying to educate
6:56 am
innovation to travel into the future. my father spoke about traveling to the future and he had key ideas on how to do it safely. first of all, more value that is you comply and secondly, you to embrace science, technology and innovation as a tool to travel into the future. not everyone is an engineer, not everyone is a technologist but innovation touches everybody in our lives. we cannot stop it or change it, one way to deal with that issue, how to innovate, adopt themselves to a new age and how to become more entrepreneurial and how to shape their future and create a better future for the whole world. i believe that the same needs to be done across the world and for us, the paris center for peace and innovation, we need to collaborate across borders and we need to bring those ideas also into the middle east. maria: these ideas are in your father's new book, no room for
6:57 am
small dreams, courage, imagination and the making of modern israel written by your father shimon peres, now, hemi you finished the book just weeks before he died. >> actually he finished the book. he wrote the book and together with my family and his team, we made sure to publish it and the book went out in september and the book talks about six major events in his life, things that he actually served, dreams that he had and tough decisions that he made and the conclusion when you read this book is actually to look into the future, town future, transition yourself into tomorrow. maria: beautiful thought, we will be right back. >> thank you so much. did you know american homeowners, aged 62 and above,
6:58 am
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to fully fha regulated lenders for your reverse mortgage. just go to, or call now to find out how much you could receive for retirement. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win. maria: welcome back, good tuesday morning, thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, happy tuesday to you, it is tuesday october 31st, happy halloween, your top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. tax reform still on track, speaker of the house paul ryan says the indictment of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort will not derail the highly-anticipated legislation set to be out tomorrow. lawmakers are set to unveil that plan on wednesday. big news republicans are reportedly considering fazing in a corporate tax rate cut, something president trump has opposed. >> the president layed out his principles and it doesn't include the fazing -- i'm not
7:01 am
drawing a red line, i'm just saying those are the principals we haven't -- maria: potential impact of not doing something right away coming up. we are talking about all of the conversations happening around the tax package. meanwhile paul manafort not the only main targeted by mueller. podesta, brother of john podesta, anownlsed he's stepping down from lobbying firm he founded amid the investigation. earnings blitz on wall street, earnings for share topped and under armour talking about the future trading down almost 10% on under armour even earnings were above expectation, the company is talking about the rest of the year and it is under pressure and the revenue is also a miss. down 11 and a half percent on under armour.
7:02 am
broader markets looking good, take a look at future, dow industrials set to be up. nasdaq s&p 500 also in plus column. in europe this morning, indices look like this, firmer tone as well. ftse, the cac quarante, dax index up fractionally this morning. in asia overnight also fractional moves but the markets were mixed as you see there. netflix is house of cards falling, the company will end series following the next season in the wake of sexual assault controversy surrounding star kevin spacey, details of possible spin-off coming up this morning. forget the space suits from minions, board international space station and took halloween to another level, literally. fox business dagen mcdowell, utah republican congressman and oversight committee chairman, jason chaffetz and pwc partner mitch roschelle. >> good morning.
7:03 am
>> good morning. dagen: i need to lay my head down because i'm stunned of the fumbling and bubbling of the gop in the house in putting together a tax bill and i said this in the break. this is not tax reform. they are complicating the tax code. you are going to take a hatchet to 401(k) plans, you can't make pretax contributions to $18,000, raw-style investment but you will end up with more money at the end and the phase -- fazing on the corporate tax is mindbogglingly. maria: lower corporate tax rate which the president said red line was at 20%, they would faze it and not see 20% corporate rate until 2022. dagen: no company is going to make decisions based on that, hiring and investment decisions. >> it is embarrassing. for more than a year they gave
7:04 am
members house of cards, 70% of americans will do taxes -- we are gravitating real quickly away from tax reform to maybe a tax cut in the future. maria: you're right. let talk about the individual rates for a second because the idea that week was that, okay, we will leave the top rate at 39.6%, that's another idea that they are talking about, so what happened to trickle-down economics, jason? what happened? >> leadership went to us, they had the plan ready to go last year and so here it is halloween and we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. >> and you keep rate the same you have raised taxes. maria: you cannot call it the lowest tax rate in american history if you're raising taxes on several states. dagen: republican have taken a page from the democrats play book. maria: you got bullied again,
7:05 am
bullied by the talking points. how to pay for it, that's the top story, president trump will meet with industry leaders to talk taxes this morning before sitting down with house speaker paul ryan. ahead of big reveal of republican tax plan. now indictments of manafort and gates looming in washington. speaker ryan said it's not going to derail tax cuts. >> we are working on solving people's problems and one of the big problems is our economy hitting potential and people deserve a tax break specially middle-class taxpayers, nothing derails us from focusing on that and that's where a lot of time and attention is focused on right now. maria: joining us center of prosperity cofounder dan mitchell. the president of the committee for irresponsible federal budget, two of my favorite people on these issues, good to see you both.
7:06 am
>> good to be with you. maria: let's talk about what you're hearing so far, dan. i have been reading your notes and reading your research and i know that you have a major issue in terms of expensing and how to pay for it, dan, how do republicans keep spotlight on tax reform? tomorrow's unveiling of this bill, what do you expect to be fact and what's fiction? >> the problem that republicans have is they're trying to squeeze an nfl linemen's body into piwie herman's pantsuit because they are not controlling budget spending and the rules on capitol hill and there's deficit hawks like maya out there it makes it hard for the numbers to add up. that's why you're thinking about going after 401(k)'s and these are things that if you talk to them privately they know they aren't good ideas but they're trying to salvage getting down to 20% for corporate rate because that really is the
7:07 am
flagship of the whole program. maria: maya, how do we get? we are half a trillion dollars in overspending in the 19 budget that's being talked about right now and yet the president wants to cut taxes to move the needle on economic growth. how tax writers now allegedly talking about this gradual faze-in on a schedule that would put the rate at 20%, not until 2022, is that faze-in proposal really going move the needle, would it reduce corporate rate 35%, three percentage points a year beginning in '18, is that going to do anything for economic growth story and how do you accomplish all of the above? >> great question, the point is to make sure smart tax reform that will grow the economy and enhance competitiveness, tax reform isn't as easy as plain-ole tax cuts but does more for growth. i know a lot of people think
7:08 am
that tax cuts pay for themselves, the reality is they don't. they can grow the economy but it's tax reform that actually can grow the economy the most. that means not adding for the debt, figuring out how to pay for it and that's the hard part. some of the options are broadening the tax base and that's a lot of people don't like, you discuss them as some things that are less popular getting rid of state and local tax deductions or limiting how much you can put into tax free accounts or tax deferred accounts, getting rid of a bunch of tax breaks is one way to offset costs, another way to offset cuts is to cut spending, as you mentioned, nobody seems to want to do that anymore. the house and the senate just adopted a budget out of $47 trillion saves 1 billion in spending, no spending cuts to be found anywhere. so the risk here is that tax reform turns into tax cuts that blow a hole in the deficit thanked actually won't promote the growth we are looking for and finally to the point you all were talking about, we need
7:09 am
things that are permanent, business leaders, investors and households can count on and if they are expiring and fazed in that doesn't create business environment. maria: i think you make such important points, maya, jason chaffetz was talking about this as well, you know, 47 trillion-dollar budget over ten years and you want to cut a billion dollars. >> that's not anything serious in terms of fiscal responsibility which republicans have been talking about for so long. jason knows that from when he was in the house. that's not how you make improvements on national fiscal challenges. maria: right now the priority, dan, is growth, that's what you are going to hear from steven mnuchin and get to growth and get our hands around the debt and we know that that has to include the entitlements. in terms of this plan, dan, and get to go growth, does it accomplish that?
7:10 am
>> my only two choices are do nothing or have a semiprogrowth tax plan, i will take the tax plan that they are working on but i agree fully with maya that it would be much, much better if we combine tax reform and tack cuts with spending restraints. i calculated the numbers earlier this year, if you simply held federal spending to it only grew 1.96% a year, not only could you cut taxes by $3 trillion, balance the budget after ten years but republicans just aren't willing to do that anymore. what happened to these paul ryan budget that is the house passed six years in a row? i actually blame the white house more than congress on this because i don't think trump is very serious about spending restraint, he's too much of a populist. maria: they're not serious about spending restraints because they are focused on growth but what about this key issue of the state and local tax deduction? maya says we need tax reform, that means getting rid of that
7:11 am
deduction, house ways means committee kevin brady seems to be caving to some of those concerns by the high-taxed states. they will keep for property tax, good move or bad move? >> look, it would be great to get rid of all of the itemized deductions, rip up entire code, pure and simple tax plan. if i have a choice keeping current system, again, what i said before, at least getting rid of state and local income tax deduction, well, that's not as good as getting rid of entire deduction but at least something. so for someone like me who wants dramatic sweeping reform, it's very unsatisfying to watch this sausage-making process on capitol hill, to watch republicans kick the can down the road on the government spending problem, to watch them not do full tax reform, but i do want some progress, so if we can get that corporate rate down some and do a few other things, i will be semihappy.
7:12 am
maria: maya, final word from you, do you think they can get this done, the tax plan through reconciliation to get to growth and then reasonably look at entitlements or reasonably look at cutting back spending after you see a 4% growth number if we ever see that? >> so, i think they'll probable be able to pass tax cuts, who doesn't want tax cuts? what i'm concerned about is that will be a huge missed opportunity because i don't think it will create the growth, tax cut that is explode the debt are shown to actually be as likely to undermine growth as to create it. what we really need is a progrowth plan which means it doesn't add to the debt and does include hard things, the whole approach let's have dessert and promise to eat spinach later, i don't think it's credible. what we need is real stability in budget and economic system that's focused on growth, exploding the debt is not the way to do that. we have to make real budget choices and congress is running
7:13 am
away from all the tough choices right now. that won't bowel in the long-term. maria: give me one thing to cut back? social security reform? >> nothing is easy. what we need to do is get rid of tax cuts, let's put a cap on them or get rid of a lot of them and time to reform entitlements, we can't pretend that ignoring social security and medicare makes them stronger, it weakens them. let's tackle those real issues and make the budget one that will last and be consistent with growth and allow us to have permanent and understand what's going to be there in those programs so we can count on them. maria: dan, go ahead, dan. >> take that ole paul ryan off the shelf and into entitlement reform, cap the growth to discretionary spending, we know what the answer is, it's just that the special interest in washington, they don't like
7:14 am
spending restraint and they don't like getting rid of tax loopholes and that makes it hard to do progrowth tax cuts. maria: special interest ramped it audiotape ahead of tomorrow that's for sure. always a great conversation with the both of you, thank you very much, we will be right back. thank you. you won't see these folks at the post office.
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maria: welcome back militant accused of benghazi attack is on the way to u.s. jail, cheryl casone with the story now, cheryl. cheryl: u.s. special operation forces captured mustafa sunday in high-stake operation in unknown location in libya, he was taken to u.s. navy ship to transport by military plane to washington. he's expected to arrive within the next two days. benghazi attack on september 11th, 2012 killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. samsung making sweeping changes to leadership. the south korean giant replacing the heads of three major divisions components, consumer electronics and mobile. samsung dividing the roles of ceo and board chairman into separate positions, will remain three coceo structure. aetna out with mixed quarterly report, beating estimate and raised full-year guidance but revenue missed expectation.
7:18 am
aetna didn't provide any hints about whether they are going to agree on takeover by cvs. up 39% year to date. stock to watch again today and then pfizer third-quarter profit more than doubling while revenue was flat from just one year ago, pfizer, a down component raising outlook for earnings per share for the full year. the stock getting boost in the premarket up 1 and a half percent right now. and just in time for halloween, nasa is releasing a sound track of spooky sounds from space, scientists created a play list, it's got converted sound files that shows off basically the music of a cosmos, listen. ♪ ♪ cheryl: now you know what space sounds like. includes sounds from several
7:19 am
missions across the solar system that nasa has done and even astronauts on the international space station like to dress up for halloween, italian, tweeted photo clinging to the ceiling like spider-man because you can do that when you're in space. [laughter] cheryl: isn't that crazy. >> you're going to space, did i pack my spider-man uniform? who brings that to space. >> they knew how long they were going to be there and maybe a christmas there too. maria: democratic lobbyist tony podesta stepping down amid special counsel robert mueller's investigation, while he's departing straight ahead. hardly working and how millennials are managing finances, we've got it next back in a minute
7:20 am
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7:23 am
maria: welcome back, big news for baby boomers everywhere. millennials are better with their money between posting pictures of avocado toasts and selfies on instagram, 16% of 18 to 20-year-olds reeled in spending to save. financial expert chris hogan. chris, good to see you, we have to get millennials in washington to talk about saving. why are millennials saving more than previous generations? >> well, i think, maria, as they look at it, they've been the product of seeing sop baby boomers go through struggles and
7:24 am
hard times. so i think hopefully the information you and i are putting out there is starting to get their attention and they are really starting to begin to take notice. >> chris, mitch roschelle here, happy birthday by the way, i think. is that correct? maria: happy birthday. >> thank you. >> we are celebrating here with candy corn. the thing i focus on is the housing market and if they are saving, do you they they will save enough to be greater participants in housing? >> well, i think with millennials what we have seen over the last few years is that they are not in a rush to hurry up and buy a home which is a smart play specially if they are dragging along credit card debt or student loans. eventually they will take part in the housing market. they are slowing down understanding their options and also understanding that renting is not necessarily against the law, renting allows you to save time and money so you can buy home the right way. dagen: chris, it's dagen mcdowell, i want to keep hammering the idiocy of proposal
7:25 am
to take a hatchet to 401(k) tax plans as part of tax reform and republicans are trying to argue that it's going to be able because you'll save more money and shift it into a raw-style account, maybe, but related to the segment, $2,400 is the limit that the republicans have talked about down from 18,000 for your 401(k), well, 43% of workers between 25 and 30 year's of age make 401(k) contribution above 2,400-dollar mark, there's a lot of saving and this proposal by these republicans assuming it's in the tax bill would hurt younger people too. >> oh, dagen, it would hurt everyone. any time -- we already have a retirement epidemic going on in the united states right now. people are not having enough. they found themselves stressed, living off social security and average of 16,000 per year, so any time you talk about reducing what people can put away it's
7:26 am
dangerous. it doesn't make any sense and so really looking at this i hope people step out and reach out to elected officials and let them know this is not something that's in the best interest of americans at all. maria: let's just point out what we reported yesterday, dagen, u.s. savings dropped to ten-year low in september down to 3.1% down from 6.3%. what a drop in the savings rate. there you go. underlying the need for 401(k)'s and savings, jason. >> chris, again, happy birthday, jason chaffetz here. where should they put the savings, where should they invest the money? >> i would tell them, first and foremost let's attack debt and get yourself out of the situation. people are spending 24% of income on consumer debt, credit cards, car loans an student loans, so once they get themselves out of debt, i would love for them to save and have emergency fund, three to six months of expenses tucked away
7:27 am
so if a job loss or illness, you have a cushion between you and life happening. once they have savings, move to investing 15% of household income to raw 401(k)'s or 401(k)'s or ira's to start to prepare for the future. maria: great advice as always. chris, great to see you. chris hogan. >> thank you. maria: paul manafort and rick gates pleading not guilty in first charges stiming from robert mueller investigation. how white house sarah huckabee sanders responded next. netflix considering a spin-off, could move forward without kevin spacey following sexual harassment claims against him. back in a moment. we cut the prio give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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>> welcome back happy tuesday everybody. it is tuesday october 31. happy halloween. paul manafort pleads not guilty. he faces several charges. stemming from robert mueller's investigation. president donald trump was correct there is no additive that he colluded with the rest of government. it has nothing to do with the activities of the campaign has
7:31 am
a with a campaign or campaign's activities. tony podesta stepping down from his firm. beating profit expectations. they are up one and a quarter percent. but under armour is having a tough day syncing this sinking this morning. down 16%. they missed revenue expectations. blaming the weak demand in north america the broader markets not really seen and impacted there. we've a rally underway. it set to open up about 30 points. the major indices look like this. even just fractionally. in asia overnight a similar story.
7:32 am
the housing sector in focus of this morning. rents are going up. a closer look at the health of housing. and then netflix house of cards coming crashing down. consent of the hit series after a sexual misconduct. for some of the shows favorite characters. the former top campaign chairman pleaded not guilty get a. after being indicted by a federal grand jury that is part of special counsel investigation of alleged russian interference the press secretary defended the president's actions and during the campaign. manafort's lawyer looked at the charges.
7:33 am
today's announcement has nothing to do with the president and nothing to do with the president's campaign or campaign activity. the realist kindle as we've said several times have everything to do with the clinton campaign. today you see an indictment by the office of special counsel. that is using a very novel theory to prosecute mr. manafort. regarding a filing. the nights its united states government has only used that offense six times since 1966 and only resulted in one conviction. another trump campaign aide pleaded guilty yesterday to lying too federal investigators. during this right now the harvard law professor. how criminalization of political differences endangers democracy. alan, great to see you.
7:34 am
let's parse through. just after we learned who paid for this. the timing is probably coincidental in the sense that he has been working on this for a long time. the president and the spokeswoman was right. this is nothing to do with the president but everything to do with why they went after him if he were not someone who have been the campaign advisor and nobody would've looked at his tax returns they were just trying to get him. the problem is sometimes they not only sing the compose. they know the better the evidence the sweeter the deal.
7:35 am
there is great danger in this tactic being used. today you only go after a tactic if you're going after your friends. whether they use it to go after hillary clinton or donald trump should be concerned about it. if you can commit a crime always commit it was someone more important than you. the funding of the dossier obama for president that seems to be a factor and then his team has more than a dozen
7:36 am
people. how damaging our those two components or with a play any role in the government's case. it is not a crime. it's not a crime to accept negative research. things that might be political ascends and political conduct. the george poppel optus pleaded guilty to lying to investigators.
7:37 am
if they're going after the small stuff. we want to get to the bottom of whether there was an attempt. the worst way of getting it to the truth is by a special prosecutor. john podesta sat there with his lawyer when ask where this dossier came from and he said i don't know.
7:38 am
what the effect is. they are probing what actually happened whether there was collusion. in general terms they are taking it bipartisan look. they founded the take on that. i think we should get to the problem and find exactly what happened. and only prosecute people for serious crime.
7:39 am
it should not be a crime to lie to an fbi agent. it generally be a crime to lie when you put your hand on the bible and take an oath. we are furious at that. we should be neutral and objective. not make it like an accordion. i hundred and $45 million. the stockpile of uranium. to look into that agreement.
7:40 am
as a layman looking at this kind of thing we need to find some very objective who can get to the bottom of this accusations. once again the news is off of the front page because the prosecutor has in his power his timing. we learned that theirs can be an indictment. it's very possible that manafort's lawyer may have linked it. everybody should be presumed innocent.
7:41 am
and they are leaking the grant jury -- the grand jury. what he have to say about the oversight committee. gift of all of the money. therefore different committees asking for this information. the thing i worry about in this question to you. we get the banking records and its law firms that paid for it. then who actually was behind this. not at the lawyers help to perpetrate a fraud. that breaks the lower -- lawyer client privilege. they have to watch out for themselves as well. if we we keep hearing this over and over again. you were getting stonewalled. you're asking for big records to find out who funded this dossier for months.
7:42 am
if congress is truly going to do oversight on the department of justice and i as the chairman of the oversight committee issue a subpoena to the department of justice the only way to enforce that subpoena is the department of justice. they need to be an expedited way. and if those two branches are sane they provide those documents it should happen. there had been efforts to do that. that is that congress appoints their own lawyer to go in front of a judge and the judge orders the production of documents. it is possible to do that and there is some precedents. he was the have of the fbi. you really expecting him to go back in and investigate his former colleagues. >> i do think he is conflicted and has to think about this. i once went to see more about a case in with my colleague.
7:43 am
don't criticize the fbi don't criticize prosecutors that is a nonstarter when it comes to me. and that is his attitude. his attitude is the fbi can do no wrong. it's only criminal defendants can do wrong. when it comes to this kind of approach. and that's his approach. i think he would acknowledge that to you. when it comes to protecting the fbi and protecting prosecutors and protected the system. he ran at the fbi was also very close friends with james comey. his conduct when he was running the fbi. how are you gonna do it. they shamed him.
7:44 am
we've a terrible problem in this country that started with the founding fathers. we created a justice department that is both a political branch of the government. they have a separate director outside of politics that makes those decisions. i wish we could have that divided the system.
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
house of cards folding. it is now saying it's hit show will conclude. what a story. house of cards season six that the last one. they are now exploring a potential spinoff. and that is significant all of
7:48 am
this might have been in the works but it was made official in the immediate aftermath. they made alleged sexual advances towards the then 14 years old to which spacey responded i do not remember the encounter but if i did behave then i'll him the sincerest apology. spacey used this incident have a coming-out party. i choose not to live as a gay man. this is just the first shoe to drop. a former news anchor tweeting this. the dominoes are falling. i relative highly highly inappropriate encounter with spacey and they also admitted that they knew about his reputation all this time. what strikes me is the way he
7:49 am
said i don't remember but hey i'm sorry. it just suggested like he's done it before. and how horrible to even think that this pedophilia goes on in hollywood. if i did i'm sorry. how do you not remember and just brush it out like that. you try to get sympathy from coming out. that he first put out when the accusations emerged was a dog whistle to liberal say i'm one of you. he was trying to do that with lg bt q community. and it didn't work. it's people like the weather outraged. many people were outraged.
7:50 am
the mainstream media wasn't. they did stories right away. i think they have the best tweet on this. the distinction is not significant. it's a fact that you are an adult and that was a 14-year-old. coming up paying more in rent you are not alone. they are heating up the record share. stay with us. e dependable dependable trucks. built to last a long long time. with durable durability and rugged ruggedness. i like the extra power hauling power maxi power!!! and quality. seems they make them strong extra strong mile after mile after mile. ♪chevrolet!
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you rent or own. you have experience a rent hike lately. the percentage been swallowed
7:54 am
up has hit a record level. rents had been going up even as the prices for homes had gone up. the form household when children move out of their parents house we are forming them we more quickly. they are not keeping pace with the formation of households. i understand home prices going up on that. even though we are creating supply there is still way more demand our daughter a new son-in-law finding an
7:55 am
apartment was so difficult when you do do they make that transition actually buy home. it's never too early to buy your first home. you can create equity in the home it's hard to do in the first several years. you now have a debt free asset. there is good financial reasons to bring a home. there are markets that are really hot right now. the survey we just did all of
7:56 am
which had one thing in common. the rent there is lower relative to household income. even in raleigh you have to eat live so far out of the city if you want to give a recently priced home. even down in austin. there are cranes in the skyline. the new department -- apartments are better than the older ones. how do they get impacted. i know in the lobby is one of the most powerful. they feel like the hormone -- the home mortgage deduction is not going away. if you increase the size of the standard deduction for
7:57 am
most people you've kind of swept the deduction into it. people will feel like they don't have it. the deductibility of state income taxes and property taxes going away is something that going to hurt homebuyers from a tax advantage. if this tax plan passes do we see a slowdown in real estate. i don't think prices come down because of the supply and demand factor. i think this could temper it a little bit. it will let the people who can't afford get in. there is a silver lining everywhere. lebron james getting into the halloween spirit. lear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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just go to, or call now to find out how much you could receive for retirement. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win. welcome back to tuesday morning everybody. it is tuesday october 31. happy halloween. your top stories right now. the former campaign chairman was arraigned along with the former business associate in the first charges demonstrating the first council. the pair pleaded not guilty to a dozen charges including money laundering and conspiracy against united states. john kelly said he was not worried about the administration following the indictment. as technology takes capitol hill today. they are set to testify this week over the possible impact
8:01 am
that russia have on their site during the election. what do they have to say about how to protect our data. facebook now is knows as much about me if not more than my wife does. and it sells that data. the very latest as they worn more than 120 million people have been exposed to the content backed by russia. under armor in the stock is getting creamed. under armor has some bad news. revenue was amiss. in the company and the company is also taking guidance down. the stack stock is taking a dive after the company issued a profit warning. having a major impact the future indicating an average.
8:02 am
the nasdaq up 20 points. we will expect a firmer tone for u.s. stocks. they are higher across the board. even if just by a fraction. in asia overnight the major averages closed right around break even. they break with hollywood. for those that want president trump to fail. a big win at arrowhead last night. the strong defenses play to top division rival. lebron james goes from scaring defenders to training fans. they deliver a super scare this halloween. that is one big clown. and we are breaking it all down this morning on set.
8:03 am
the fox news contributor. i had been called a big clown but that is a big clown. that thing is scary. does anybody dressing up for halloween. get to know. and i look like morticia adams 365 days per year. it's like the adult women. the intoxicated crying made. people don't wear these. we are waiting on the details on that plane tomorrow from our tax writers. the latest in the russia
8:04 am
probe. they are both under house arrest this morning after pleading not guilty to charges stemming from special counsel investigation. good morning to you. paul manafort on home detention this morning after pleading not guilty to all of the charges against him. the 31 che page indictment includes accusations of tax fraud. money laundering and lying to the department of justice. president trump's sole reaction it was years before they were part of the trump campaign. they went on the right. there is no collusion. the game plan is very clear on this one. they are trying to distance themselves from the business dealings.
8:05 am
here was the chief of staff last night. it was long before they ever met donald trump or have any association with the campaign. i think the reaction of the administration is let their legal justice system work. we will see where it goes. democrats say the indictment shows the need for the special counsel to continue going forward and to operate independent. it's critical that we need to get to the bottom of this. that with a special counsel molars job. they are also announced the arrest saying that it have received that cooperation of george papp a lot this he admitted to that with line
8:06 am
lying about the contacts. one of the implications. putting out a message there it to the others of the target. tell the truth on everything else coming forward. headed to capitol hill today. to testify for the first time publicly about the russia probe. and how they used their platforms during that election. they may have seen content produced by operatives. more than 2500 accounts. the former chairman of the house oversight committee. you had had experience in
8:07 am
these what is your take on what we will hear. they have no interest in the united states are doing well. as it's not a partisan issue. they achieved a lot of discussion. for these tech companies the senator that was shown before is absolutely right. particularly in the republican side of the isle there is aisle there is a feeling that there is a bias if they are going to start plane gatekeeper and they're going to start excluding certain types of dialogue and discussion are they going to push back as they did on congresswoman blackbird.
8:08 am
they are going to be very anxious to get an answer about this tech companies moving forward. in my interview with president trump i ask about is he expecting heavier regulation given what we just heard from the senator in the hallway. they know more about all of us than ever before. should they be regulated because of that power. with my home state of utah. i is going to be a great concern. particularly on the ruling party at the moment. i want to get to speaker banners comments about years. the other issue is when the
8:09 am
government has gone to technology companies asking for help in investigations like in san bernardino they are very reluctant to cooperate with that. they kind of can't have everything. what congress has asked them for that type of information they are getting a stiff arm. they don't usually share this type of material with congress. demonstration is having a hard time doing this particularly when they are doing the investigation. there is a responsibility to basically help the government with the investigation. they are unlocking the phone by itself. they are smart enough to note that they self regulate where they ask washington to get in the middle of their business. there is a lot that goes on that they don't want washington to know about.
8:10 am
by the way facebook still has not gotten its arms or on around people committing suicide on facebook life. got to get to this. the former house speaker john weiner your name came up. reading from the piece. the beef is not personal just that he is a total phony who possess legislative talent. it was worse than this. your reaction. i use some other choice words. i harbor no personal animosity. i would not become the chairman of the oversight committee.
8:11 am
but i think things change because when i became chairman there was an expectation from leadership that you hand over your voting card and you get in line and do everything that they want. that's not who i am. that's how it acted. the sort of like the deep state on the legislative side. and jim jordan. and if he's going to lump me in there i would be happy to go there. you guys are the reason that he hung it up. you are your own person. that's why he is not in dc.
8:12 am
about the dossier and you never have a response. how frustrating was it for you to deal with this deep state. with the leadership nor the current leadership that when we were going into fast and furious the irs investigation of the the hillary clinton e-mail investigation where was the leadership supporting us. i 40 secret service agents. in order to embarrass me. the irs, what the heck. no accountability. it admitted that it did something wrong but there was no prosecution by sticking away someone's first amendment rights is paying the settlement.
8:13 am
i tried to impeach him. but he still has a job running the irs. it goes right to everything we saw in the manafort indictment. we will take a break we come back healthcare earnings and focus. the shares look like this. the cavs superstar. it's terrifying hollowing costume. back in a minute.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> a manhunt underway this morning for suspect that shot and killed one person near the university of utah. the police are searching for
8:17 am
this man who is considered armed and dangerous. they felt like they are advising students to take shelter. it occurred right at the mouth of the bread beef kenyan. we are still actively searching the area. as we clear those we are keeping track of this. but the suspect is still not in custody. nfl players take note. it tightens rules on where and how to sustain the interim. a party or a wedding or funeral this is all part of
8:18 am
his effort to raise the country's patriotic spirit. not a monday night football. the chief trying to trained and a two-game losing streak and they were just the medicine. jamaal charles with the run. only difference is charles is now with the broncos. but he fumbled the ball and they turned it. and then if you think lebron james can be scary on the basketball court he is famous for these and by the way. we are looking at a 6-foot eight 250-pound version of penny wise. the clown from the movie it. when you're he was a basketball zorro. anyway.
8:19 am
i want to see him talk. the president just tweeted and we want to bring you that right now. the fake news is working overtime as of the lawyer said there was no collusion of the events mentioned took place long before he came to the campaign. he was already proven to be a liar. he keeps tweeting about that. it's not materializing. and not -- it is not resonating. when i came to work this morning i tried to find one article about the current situation. i cannot find one on any ministry. people don't care. the media doesn't care.
8:20 am
we know what's important for the american people. yesterday was a big news day because newsday because of the story about phase enough the corporate tax cap. we would've thought it would've been news. it was news. let's talk about it for a quick second. if you phase and a 20% corporate rate until 2022 in business not going to get a 20% rate why would they invest tomorrow why would they move the needle on economic growth. there's a whole bunch of things to debate about what corporations do. you don't have the savings. weather goes to the shareholders.
8:21 am
more on this and tax reform right after the short break. stay with us. we all depend on trucks. chevy, chevy, chevy trucks. we think it's because chevrolets are the most dependable dependable dependable trucks. built to last a long long time. with durable durability and rugged ruggedness. i like the extra power hauling power maxi power!!! and quality. seems they make them strong extra strong mile after mile after mile. ♪chevrolet!
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8:24 am
breaking is as if he was listening president trump just tweeted this. i hope people will start to focus on the massive tax cuts for business and jobs. in addition to democratic corruption. the president is talking about tax reform the day before the house is expected to release the details. we will see what that report looks like. this coming as a recent report. they show the number of u.s. companies has decreased nearly 50% from 1986 to 2016.
8:25 am
they are looking at the regulatory environment and there's too much red tape. can a tax overhaul stump at the decrease in what are you excited from this tax package tomorrow. the environment to go public has become harder and harder. with the excess of private equity money there is not the need for the liquidity. if you look at that statistic is incredible. there was 7600 u.s. listed securities. there is a lot more money to invest. we are talking taxes it is an unlevel playing field.
8:26 am
by the way i think the russell 2000 index has index has like 1800 companies in it. it's sort of to that point. if you look at it. as a global phenomenon we talk to companies daily and there's just not the need to go public. they're looking for home to have a lot less places to go as investors. you don't see the big sellers like we've seen we have not had a 5% correction in over a
8:27 am
year and half. we typically had one of those every year. that is what i believe is a lot of it driving the market. there is just more money and economics 101. that is something that the president can do and does not had to work with congress to roll back some of these regulations. talk about the benefit. or entrepreneurs to start the business. the last ten years you would not believe the rhetoric and behind-the-scenes just the antibusiness rhetoric and that's out there. and that's one reason why companies had been sitting on cash not investing in new places to go with money. it's almost a toxic environment.
8:28 am
and since trump is elected you are starting to see the regulations and go ahead. you see them in banking. it has not happened yet. there will be a little less regulation they are. how do you want to approach the market. there are parts of the market that are very expensive. that is a good-looking area. meeting we think the airlines are good. still, and cement companies wallboard companies all trade a very low multiples but yet
8:29 am
you are seeing growth. especially in the high barriers to entry. we are fighting opportunities. we like to see the gogo momentum part of the market slow down slowdown and come into some of these. that's where we see the opportunities out there. craig, great to see you. should he stay or should he go. why is senator lindsey graham is saying that there will be holy hell to pay. after bryan cranston delivers a message. ♪ traders -- they're always looking for advantages. the smart ones look to fidelity to find them.
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risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at maria: welcome back. happy tuesday morning, everybody, thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, and it is tuesday, october 31st. happy halloween. 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. paul manafort pleads not guilty, he faces several charges this morning including money laundering stemming from robert mueller's russia investigation. despite the controversy, some senators are holding firm that mueller should keep his job. >> mr. mueller's doing his job, and that's all i expect is for him to do it professionally. i don't see any evidence of collusion. no politician should be, should be afraid of the american legal system working its will. maria: we're taking a closer look. meanwhile, an earnings blitz on wall street, kellogg and mastercard reporting earlier this hour, shares on the rise
8:33 am
after results beat expectations. kellogg's up almost 5%. futures indicating a gain at the opening of trading, dow set to open up about 30 points, nasdaq 20 points. in europe, a firmer tone as well, take a look. all higher even if just by a fraction. and in asia overnight the major averages finished pretty much close to where they began, korea the best performer. president trump gets support from an unlikely place, hollywood. actor bryan cranston says americans should want the president to succeed. we'll tell you what else he said. then making money from six feet under? "forbes" out with its list of the top earning dead celebrities. arnold palmer at number two. we will tell you who else is on the list, because we know you want that information. first though, topping our news, it has been just over 24 hours since the bombshell news that donald trump's former campaign chairman, paul manafort, and his business associate, rick gates,
8:34 am
were charged as part of the investigation into the russian med untiling the 2016 election. gates and manafort pled not guilty. now some are worried president trump might fire robert mueller as the investigation widens. south carolina senator lindsey graham did not mince words about what would happen should mueller be removed. >> no politician should be ever, should be afraid of the american legal system working its will. i have zero concern that mr. mueller is in jeopardy of losing his job. i see no reason for him to be dismissed, and the only reason you could do it is for cause. if there was some effort to do it without a good reason, there'd be holy hell the pay. maria: joining us right now, town hall political editor guy benson. >> good morning, happy halloween. maria: sarah sanders said the president has, you know, no interest or plans to fire
8:35 am
mueller, but do you really think that he could be removed? >> he could be if that's what the president decides he wants, but i don't think that's going to happen. and we were talking about it off the air. the white house has said over and over again, no, this is not going to happen. you get these leaks that come out every couple of days, "the washington post" loves these stories, oh, the president's privately fuming about this, that or the other, buts that is separate whether the president is actually doing what they say he's doing is a question that we can talk about another day. but that is different from and far away from actually pulling the trigger and firing someone like mueller which i think graham is right, it would blow up washington. it would look desperate, it would look guilty -- maria: yeah. >> i don't think he's going to do it. maria: if you're confused by all of these headlines, you're not alone. people are trying to figure out where this story is. pull out what you think is most important. >> oh, my gosh, do we have an hour? i think, to me, as i look at in
8:36 am
the indictments yesterday for manafort and gates, they were for alleged crimes that happened before either of them joined team trump, right? these were money laundering and violations about registering as a foreign agent starting in '05-'06 and stretching to about 2015. so they are serious allegations, they look like they could be a problem for these guys. what it looks like to me is that mueller's trying to squeeze them to move up the totem pole and get whatever they might have in their back pocket, get that out into the open or at least into his prosecutorial array. so the number one question on my mind today is what do they know, is there something of substance there, is there something to this collusion? same question about this guy george papadopoulos, right? he's a very low-level staffer. seemed like a guy who was showing off for his bosses -- maria: sanders said he was a volunteer. >> right.
8:37 am
that would be the lowest level you can get. does he have anything incriminating seriously of substance. has he been wearing a wire for mueller the last couple weeks? maria: oh, wow. >> but this is all about applying pressure and turning the screws to these individuals to see if there's anyone else that they'll flip on to build a broader case. there's a chance that there's a broader case to be made. i think there's a decent chance there really isn't, there's no substance there, and eventually the outcome of this entire investigation will be contained. >> i think one of the key things here is this investigation go and look at the uranium one deal. because they're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars changing hands,giving up 20% of our uranium stock here in the united states. and as it relates to mueller, i do think the simple question that should be asked by both sides of the aisle -- of course, the democrats won't do it, but both sides should ask is director mueller conflicted. and are are there people on that investigative panel that have a
8:38 am
conflict of interest. if they just ask that objectively, i think they're going to have a very difficult time answering that question. >> well, except just to push back a little bit on that, congressman, when you talk to people about robert mueller, especially when this whole thing began and he was named as special counsel, this is someone who has spent decades in washington really building a very strong reputation as a fierce, independent, follow the facts guy. and admittedly, you look at the democratic tilt of some of the people on his team, you look at his close friendship with james comey, the fact that he ran the fbi, and i think there are some serious questions that need to be asked about how the fbi conducted some of these investigations earlier on in the process vis-a-vis democrats, those are all reasonable things to bring up. but if we just look at the last week of news, maria, one of the things that we learned is that mueller's investigation is targeting the podesta group. it was confirmed by nbc news that the podesta group and another democratic firm are the
8:39 am
unnamed firms are in the indictment. it's not like every single person that might be a target of this investigation is a are republican or a trump loyalist. it looks like some democrats might get caught up in this as well. maria: went debbie wasserman schultz's e-mails were hacked and the dnc e-mails were hacked, instead of giving those laptops to the government to get the might and power of the american cia and the power of investigation on that to see what was on that laptop, they hired a private company, a private technology company to just report back to them. it just, it's a mystery, why? come on. >> well, it's do as i say, not as i do attitude of the democrats. more or there were actually e-mails directly to the department of justice. or there's evidence on the laptop. >> that's the thing. there are -- the congressman just a moment ago sort of alluded to this which is there are serious questions about the
8:40 am
fbi and mueller ask those questions and deliver? i think he can. one of the questions is how the hell did they not get access to the dnc e-mails? that is ground zero of this entire russia meddling thing, and the second one that just came out last week that i cannot wrap my head around was the fbi, according to "the washington post", in the whole dossier side show in all of this which may not be a side show, they were paying christopher steele, the foreign spy, to continue the dnc-funded opposition research into donald trump until that fact became public knowledge. then they stopped paying him. what is that about? that is a very strange thing. maria: these are all really -- >> the troubling thing is that alan dershowitz was on this program talking about his interaction with robert mueller when mueller was running the fbi. maria: this is an incredible story. >> he -- and i'm paraphrasing. he said mueller's attitude was don't come in here and say anything negative or besmirch
8:41 am
the reputation of the fbi. that above and beyond everything else, he was most concerned with protecting that reputation. and that's a problem as special counsel because we've got to ask the questions of did this dossier trigger the trump investigation by the fbi into the campaign? did it trigger fisa warrants to wiewr t.a.r.p.? these are all -- to wiretap? maria: exactly right. >> i think what robert mueller understands and he better understand, right now he's not the chief of the fbi. his job is to find out what russia did. we all have an interest in finding out how the russians meddled and the extent of it. and if that involves some uncomfortable probing into the fbi, so be it. and that is part of his job description right now. maria: uh-huh. >> uranium one, that one really matters. uranium one. it really had an effect on the united states. 20% of our reserves on uranium. and there's hundreds of millions of dollars changing hands. maria: yeah. and then $145 million went the
8:42 am
clinton foundation. >> yeah. maria: guy benson, thank you. >> sure thing. more more still ahead, growing qualms with qualcomm, why apple is considering a plan to drop the chipmaker for the next year's iphone. and then this is no trick, the best places in the u.s. to trick or treat for halloween tonight. you've got to stay with us for that. back in a minute. ♪ ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
maria: welcome back. higher than expected third quarter earnings, the company is remaining quite on reports of a deal with cbs. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. another amazon situation there, nicole. over to you. >> reporter: that's right. that would be a $66 billion deal.
8:46 am
big picture here on the quarterly reports, we did see they raised their profit outlook, it's up 1.4%. and also by next year, like many of the others like unitedhealth and humana, they will be leaving obamacare. those losses are shrinking as these companies are leaving, in this case all of the united states that it was participating in. wanted to take a look at under armour. steph curry's basketball shoe, that did well for under armour, that beat the analyst expectations. but big picture, they did have a revenue mis, also had to slash the forecast for under armour. you're seeing this one down almost 19% this morning. a big move here to the downside. they had a restructuring charge which really hit their numbers. and then i want to take a look at apple. you know that apple and qualcomm have been battling it out in court when apple stopped actually -- qualcomm stopped sharing its software with apple when apple filed a haut -- a lawsuit against qualcomm. now there's talk that apple may
8:47 am
discontinue using their chips. they also integrated intel chips. what's trading down? qualcomm down 3.a 5%. what's trading up? intel. intel is hooking higher this morning. -- looking higher this morning. the analysts focusing on media tech as well, whether or not by next year whether they'll be dumping out qualcomm altogether. maria. maria: thank you so much. nicole's on the floor this morning. air bus, meanwhile, in has water with u.s. regulators. cheryl casone. >> oh, yeah, they've come clean about reporting failures in several deals, widening the european playmaker's global compliance problems. airbus already struggling with regulatory issues in the u.k., france and germany. airbus is cooperating with u.s. authorities. okay, some interesting news on this hallow's eve. ♪ ♪
8:48 am
>> oh, yeah, the king of pop dominated the list of top earnings dead celebrities for the fifth straight year. michael jackson's entertainment empire earned a whopping $75 million this year. arnold palmer came in at number two, he earned $40 million. rounding out the top five, peanuts creator charles schultz along with legendary musicians elvis presley and bob marley. and arizona known for the grand canyon and, well, john mccain, but a report says that gilbert, arizona, is the place to go for trick or treating tonight. gilbert is a suburb of phoenix, they marked up the highest rank for friendliness, and it's a big hit in the community every year. they've got animated props, lights, a cemetery, fog machines, the whole block is foggy, by the way. donations for this one going to the wounded warriors project.
8:49 am
and mtv is sending its jersey shore franchise down south. the floribama shore. they're setting this in the florida panhandle along the beach that stretches all the way up to alabama. it's going to follow eight young adults who spend the summer in panama city beach to party it up and god knows what else, maria. those are your headlines. maria: thank you so much. when we come back, we're talking about house of cards amid new allegations against its star, kevin spacey. that might not mean the end of the hit netflix franchise though. we'll tell you about the possibility of a spin-off. stay with us.
8:50 am
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maria: welcome back, well, there's this, breaking the hollywood tradition of trump bashing, actor bryan cranston
8:53 am
has harsh words for those rooting for president trump to fail. the breaking bad actor said in part this: president trump is not the person who i wanted to be in that office, and i've been very open about that. that being said, he is the president. it would be egotistical for anyone to say i hope he fails. to that person, i would say expletive you, why would you want that? so you can be right? joining us now, donald j. trump for president advisory member joy vila is with us. great to see you. what do you make of this? an unexpected ally in hollywood. >> very unexpected. i was hoping more people would come out this year because the president's doing so well for the economy, small businesses, things are doing well. so for him to be brave enough to say, listen, i didn't want like him, i didn't vote for him, but i want him to do well is really good. because if the president fails, america fails. >> cranston, by the way, earlier said he was moving to canada if trump won., so clearly he's takn
8:54 am
that back. >> he's in big company with that statement. maria: cher said she was going to go to mars. she's still here. >> cher was already on mars. [laughter] >> cranston's a nice man. he's very funny and very nice and friendly, and so that's, that kind of speaks to the kind of person he is. >> what do you think the fallout is to him in that circle for having made that comment? >> oh, they're going to bash him. you can't even be slightly pro-trump in those circles. i know. in hollywood it's you hate trump and you're with the group. the you say, well, let's give him a chance, they shun you. he may lose some jobs even for saying something like that. >> it's like that in new york city though. i was with end from of mine in a gym that i don't normally go to yesterday, and i cursed, and he looked at me, and i said, oh, i'm sorry. he went, it's okay as long as you're not talking politics. >> wow. >> that's what he said to me. it's okay to shout a curse
8:55 am
word -- maria: lecture us on awards shows and then we have to see the disgusting news about harvey weinstein and then some, spacey this morning. okay, last week you announced on fox news channel that you thinking of running for office, joy. >> right. maria: the president even tweeted this: good luck to joy vila on her decision to enter the wonderful world of politics. what about your potential bid? >> no pressure or anything, right? the president tweets about it. i am looking at making a difference for the american people. if i were to run, i'd want to win, and i'd want to do it on a populist message, the same message the president has, and that's sovereignty back to the people. lowering taxes, giving small businesses and families a chance to thrive again because i'm sick of the hollywood elitists running our country. maria: do you have any advice for joy? >> so friends don't let friends run for congress -- [laughter] you know, watch for that. >> i'm glad we just met then. >> but you go out across the
8:56 am
country, what do people really, really care about? >> people care about, you know, they want legal immigration, not illegal immigration. they want to stop the illegals froming in, from bringing drugs, from draining resources, they want to be able to, you know, help their families with good education. sort of down-home values that wiz raised on that i feel like are not here anymore. you know, good education, strong businesses, strong economy. that's what americans want. that's what i see and hear. maria: that's the message that the trump administration had when they were candidate trump, and that's the message that was lacking in hillary clinton's campaign. >> that's right. exactly. >> but it seems like, joy, you might be able to affect change outside washington rather than inside washington on those things that you're talking about. >> that's a good point. you know, i look at that. i'm still going to be an entertainer, still doing music, i have my second album coming out. i want to affect the most change that i and bring that message to
8:57 am
the most people that i and help people and help americans. if it's more on the outside, then that's what i'll do. i feel like congress, it may almost be a calling for me right now. maria: what -- when will you declare? >> november 5th, around november 5th. i'm speaking with steve bannon, he's on my team. so he's helping me strategize. maria: we'll be watching, joy, great to see you. >> thank you. maria: coming up, final thoughts from this all-star panel. back in ay, moment. dependable dependable trucks. built to last a long long time. with durable durability and rugged ruggedness. i like the extra power hauling power maxi power!!! and quality. seems they make them strong extra strong mile after mile after mile. ♪chevrolet!
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>> quick final thoughts. mitch. >> let's get a tax bill. make it quick. >> america cares about tax reform and houston astros taking the pennant today the world series. have a great game. >> because republicans in congress give me a headache. [laughter] >> stuart varney is next over to you "varney & company" take it away. stuart: give me the advil. >> cease the day, stew. >> thank you. >> manafort indicted media frenzy distraction, the big story is the growing economy and yes the continuing trump all rally good morning everyone. let's start right there if you're worried the political turmoil will hurt you well look at this a pull back yesterday bounce back today stocks are going up again today and look where the money is employing again. facebook free market has reached 180 dollars share. even though they'll face congress today after admitting russian backed items were read by 126il


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