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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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david: governor, we have to leave it at that. governor george pataki. thanks for joining. six people dead. at least nine people injured in what appears now to be a terrorist incident in lower manhattan. melissa: the suspect is alive and being question here is risk and reward. liz: fbi calling it a deliberate terrorist attack. six people killed, anywhere from nine to 15 injured after a man with a rented home depot pickup truck, drove the wrong way down a bicycle path in lower manhattan. this is a rented home depot truck that he was using. he then exited the pickup truck with what appeared to be weapons, possibly false weapons. he, this is a fast-moving situation. he may have been shot. we do not know. he is now in custody. you're seeing the actual footage right now, of the man being apprehended by manhattan police.
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bernard kerik is on the ground, running police department for new york city after 9/11. the suspect yelled "allahu akbar!" after he exited the vehicle avraming a school bus. bernard, what is your reaction on what is going on in lower manhattan? >> liz, unfortunate -- [inaudible] that these things are happening. they happen in europe. they're escalating this is -- [inaudible]. right out of the al qaeda and isis training manuals. that is the world we live in. liz: again the suspect yelled out "allahu akbar!" when he exited the vehicle. this also happened near a school, stuyvesant high school in downtown manhattan. the scene we're looking at, live shots what is going on in hower manhattan in new york city. this is near the world trade center this is
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halloween. this is a day when people and families getting together. we have the halloween parade. the city is in lockdown in lower manhattan. bernard, what will happen tonight as we move into the evening hours? >> well, as as a result of this, the naturally the nypd and fbi will escalate their alert status. they will make sure soft targets are covered the best they can. they will have extra resources in the streets, which they already do for halloween anyway. you know, as bad as it is as tragic as it is, keep in mind it could have been worse. if this guy pulled a stunt like this at rockefeller center, ran into 50 or 60 people, instead of a couple of groups here or there, the casualty list would be of bigger. this is terrible and sad, something we have to deal with. i think it would be much worse if he was in a different area of the city. liz: bernard, let's back up. this is being treated as a
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terrorist incident. and the, the thinking among intelligence officials is, this is, could be called a form of micro terrorism where you get these lone wolves with limited access to explosives or training, they don't need a lot of training. they're seth ising with anger -- seething with anger and easy to get into a car and plow into innocent civilians. go ahead. >> this we talk about all the time this comes out of training manuals for al qaeda and isis, weapons if you can't get firearms or explosives, use knives. if you can't get knives, use a vehicle. the bigger vehicle, more damage, the heavier vehicle more damage. this stuff is actually in their books. and people that are radicalized, whether through the internet, social media, this is what they're reading. so, that's probably where a lot of this comes from. and came from in this case.
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liz: you know, we're 12 minutes away from a new york city press conference on this terror attack. that is what the fbi now is calling it, treating it as deliberate terror attack. sir, we are looking at vehicle attacks, and we just checked it since the early '80s. there were 40 vehicle attacks. 80% of terrorist vehicle-ramming attacks happened within the last 10 years. they are ratcheting it up dramatically. what is going on? >> what is going on especially in the states and europe, they don't have access to weapons. they don't have access to explosives. not like they have access to this stuff in afghanistan or iraq or syria. here they have to look for different types of weapons, and vehicle, the vehicle-born weapon is one they can use. so you're going to see stuff like this continue. you will see the numbers increase you have to be naive to
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think these people are not here. that they're not out here surveilling certain locations to do things like this. the key to stopping this in the future is going to be intelligence. making sure we know who they are or where they are, where they're from, what they're up to. the more intel we can get the better. liz: from a citigroup official on the ground, sir, we're getting eyewitness reports steeling into the studio right now. quote, it is really bad down here, 9/11 all over again. police and bomb units. downtown manhattan is shut down with ambulances, choppers, in the air. it is 9/11 mode all over again. that is embeaded deep into the psyche of new yorkers, this area of manhattan. what are your thoughts, sir? >> especially in that location. keep in mind, there is some long, hard, feelings what happened down there and especially the new yorkers that live there, work there, go to school there. they remember that, and know it
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and know it well. the good thing for us, liz, we have resources no other municipality in the country has. they will make sure every resource goes into this investigation. at this point, they probably have it all, you know, solidified but they also want to make sure that there is nobody else out there, that there are not any other vehicles. they will be tied up for a while yet. liz: let's recap with viewers. this happened 3:00 to 3:is15. a truck entered the west street vehicle bike path, near the world trade center freedom tower the vehicle took off at high speed, continued south, striking people on bicycles and other individuals before colliding with a school bus it appears. it appears he exited that vehicle. police gave chase. it is unclear whether he was
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holding weapons or imitation weapons. so, sir, again, we talk about the ease with which terrorists can get into vans and vehicles and do vehicular ramming attacks because to your point, it doesn't need a lot to do that you don't need training for things like bombs. you just need seething anger and internet which applies to the ideology and the technique. go ahead. >> the one thing that is critical here people have to realize, the job of the everyday police officer has changed. police officers are responding, a local cop on the beat, just doing local community policing is now put in a position where he is dealing with, what could be a national or international incident. those times have changed. cops have to be trained differently. they have to be educated differently. they have to be taught about international terrorism and how to respond to these events.
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luckily the cops were down there. they did a great job stopping the guy or getting him in custody but this is the world we live in and the way police will have to be trained in future. liz: let's bring in fox business senior correspondent, charlie gasparino. a horrific attack happening in lower manhattan. charlie. >> i covered 9/11 back in the day. it is all too, still pretty fresh in my mind. i remember the evacuation of lower manhattan after the twin towers were struck. while this isn't exactly that type of attack it is tragic but not in the scale, there is a massive evacuation going on in downtown manhattan right now from the businesses down there. the wall street firms and other businesses. what, i am talking to people on the ground who said downtown manhattan right now is in 9/11 mode. there is cops all over the place. there is s.w.a.t. teams all over the place. they are guarding the subways, the, they're on the roads.
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it is massive traffic and bedlam. it really is in crisis mode down there. and i'll tell you, what is scary about this, is, you know, the impact on a human toll is obvious. but there is a psychological toll that terrorists try to impose. you're seeing it right now, where downtown manhattan is not a place you want to be right now. it is crazy. and yes, there is a massive evacuation. i remember the evacuation during 9/11. it was made even more difficult by the fact that the twin towers imploded. people were covered with dust. it was really a horrific scene. this is not quite that, but you know, people are talking about this being downtown manhattan in terms of a massive evacuation being in 9/11 mode. what i understand it is not a pretty picture. this is part of what terrorists want. they want to sow confusion and downtown manhattan is very confusing place. liz: charlie makes a good point,
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bernard, mr. care rick, reaction from around the world. france and uk have suffered through vehicular terrorist attacks. so sympathies coming into the united states right now. speak to the victim's families, mr. kerik. what do you want to say to them? >> i mean it's tragic. liz: it is a disgrace, a horrific disgrace. >> it is just tragic and horrible. these are innocent people went around their business. a lot of them exercising, just going about their business, living in a free world, their lives are taken by some maniac. you know, to charlie's point one thing he mentioned about the response, keep in mind this is the world we live in, whether departments or new york city, look, new york city has done tremendous job, always does when it comes to disaster response and crisis management. but, i can't urge enough to
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stress to outside agencies, in other cities and in other states. this is the world we live in. and your law enforcement capabilities have to be prepared. they have to have the training. they have to have the disaster response training. crisis management training. the police officers, local and state police, how to deal with terrorist acts. how do i identify suspicious activity. all of these things have come out of 9/11. it is growing just about daily in this country. something we to be prepared for. they are prepared in new york but we have to make sure the rest of the country is -- liz: charlie, the 21st century is seen a rise in vehicle ramming attacks carried out by individuals committed to jihadist ideology. it is easy to do it. it took off in 2001 and really,
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really took off in this decade. your thoughts, charlie. >> i talk to a lot of people in police intelligence and homeland security intelligence and including one not too long ago, they were as towned there were not more lone wolf-style terrorist attacks than has happened. they foil a lot of them. they pick these guys up before they do what they want to do, but this is aside from the grand gesture of al qaeda, 9/11 aspect of that, they are were really bracing for these lone wolf, one-off things put together by one deranged terrorist. and they are surprised it isn't more. now it is in europe. now it is here obviously or apparently. i don't know what the final verdict is on this. either way, if this is not, a terrorist, inspired person directly, obviously someone who
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committed an act of domestic terrorism. you know, the new york city police department, i can tell you, is prepared for this but you can't will be 100 prepared for this, 100% prepared for this. you can talk about it. this is the world we live in. this can happen in a free society. liz: charlie, used to be the model for al qaeda was to train together in groups to carry out attacks. >> i don't think this is al qaeda. liz: i'm not saying that, say with me. hang on a second. that went defunct in 2005, isis said, you individual lone wolves stay in place. we need to you conduct terror attacks on your own. in fact in 2010 you saw them inspired, online english language isis, al qaeda actually magazine, go after pedestrians and achieve maximum carnage with vehicles. go ahead. >> here is the thing. this sort of impact that isis wants to accomplish. and al qaeda obviously wanted to accomplish but isis in individual attacks they want to
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get society so scared not just that it shuts down people, you don't just commit a murder, you start having impact on the society and the economy. when you see a lot of these things, that is where that impact, where people stop going out. where people don't go to work. it does have economic impact. the repetitiveness of such acts. it will be interesting to see, not that i want to reduce every issue to a market event but that is kind of what we do here sometimes, how people sort of translate this into an economic event because remember the economic impact, yes they want to kill people. but they also want to accomplish economic impact. isis did it during 9/11. we remember that we'll see what happens here if this starts getting translated. liz: again, let's get back to isis and the terrorist webzine, called the ultimate mowing machine, a vehicle, a pickup truck, not to mow grass but mow down the enemies of allah.
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connell mcshane fox news correspondent, at the scene in lower manhattan connell. reporter: liz, close to the scene, what took place 3:00, two hours ago. speaking to a witness as you guys were doing moments ago. he said he arrived at chambers street, west street, just as some local schools were getting out. was able to get a bird's-eye view of disaster taking place below him. i daysay bird's-eye view, footbridges people know in the area, they know are there, it is easier to cross these busy streets than lower manhattans particularly over on the west side on west street. he was standing on one of bridges looking down, he saw two bodies covered in white sheets, two people obviously killed by this driver. federal law enforcement sources said to us was herd yelling "allahu akbar!" as he got out of a white pickup truck after running down people in a bike
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lane, driving not only the wrong way but in a bike lane, as opposed to a lane reserved for pedestrian traffic. i can tell you where we are, corner of chambers and greenwich street couple blocks away it's a scene of emergency vehicles. some white nypd vans have blocked the street. the crime scene couple blocks to our west and helicopters hovering above. it is hard to add details. witnesses are congregating west of here, making their way back. we'll get back to you throughout the evening, liz, best we can. liz: thank you, connell mcshane. let's go back to charlie gasparino. we are talking to experts in the muslim world. >> right. liz: they're emailing me now, charlie, queens, brooklyn, parts of new york state have large extremists linked populations. this is what we're hearing from major author who has written
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about no-go zones. has new york city, charlie, to your mind been complacent or high alert over these attacks? >> no, i don't think it is complacent at all. i will say this, before we start pointing fingers saying this is definitely inspired by and isis. liz: they say it's a terrorist attack. >> okay. i see people jump the gun. i don't think new york city is complacent. whatsoever. i was on the phone with somebody, who was down there. it spoke about the rapid response of new york city police even a whiff of terrorism, snipers were on the roof, cops were down there. the place was cordoned off. pretty rapid response. they obviously know how to respond. the question, we live in open society. we live in free society. there are rules and there are
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laws. one thing i think bill de blasio did, i'm not laying it on his back, he stopped surveilance of mosques in new york city. that is something that will have to be revisited if this is in fact isis inspired or radical islamic inspired. that speaks to the complacency. bill de blasio, mayor bloomberg, ray kelly, when he was police chief, they actually had surveillance of mosques. that has all ended. that may be, they may need to bring that back. and at least we might, need to have that debate. we should be having that debate. shows you how, lack of priorities of bill de blasio, the mayor of new york city. we should be having that debate, not debate whether we should keep the christopher columbus statue. that debate involves lives and safety of new yorkers.
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-- liz: let's bring viewers up-to-date. at least eight dead. and that is a few blocks away from one world trade center, the scene there. you're looking at it, a few blocks away from the freedom tower. the suspect is now in custody. he did give custody, he gave chase. he tried to run away on foot. appears he has a florida i.d. we want to bring in steve rogers, former senior military intelligence officer on fbi joint terrorism task force as we await a new york city press conference about this, what the fbi is saying, appears to be a deliberate terror attack. steve what is your reaction what is going on? >> now that the fbi has determined this is a deliberate terrorist attack. a couple things they will be doing as we're speaking. number one, they want to immediately best of their ability to find out if anyone else is involved.
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if there is any foreign connection or if this was a lone wolf. it is very important to find that out as quickly as possible. number two, they want to find out if anyone else locally was involved in the planning and execution of this attack. now it is possible that prior guests said, this is one individual who was probably radicalized and decided to use this as a target of opportunity. but right now, we don't know the answers to those questions, but those are the questions that the fbi and law enforcement has to quick as possible get answered. liz: we were speaking earlier, mr. rogers, with bernard kerik, talking about what law enforcement and intelligence officials are calling rise of what they're characterizing as microterrorism. these seething individuals get on the internet. they pick up ideology and technique that it is easy for them to do vehicle attacks because there is limited access to explosives. you don't need a lot of
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training, minimal training and experience to do these vehicle attacks. go ahead. >> i was listening to commissioner speaking with you and he was right on. he brought up important point, law enforcement agencies, nationwide, no matter how big your city or important, intelligence gathering, information collection. encourage citizens to say something, if they see something. this is critically important, that they get prepared for just about anything. liz:s suspect is believed to have shouted out "allahu akbar!." we'll now listen to the press conference with the mayor and governor and nypd. >> good afternoon, everybody. steve, we good? >> yes, sir. >> just keep in mind this incident occurred a little more than two hours ago. so all the information we're giving you now is preliminary and subject to change. after i speak you will hear from governor cuomo and mayor de blasio.
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bill sweeney, assistant director of the in charge of fbi offices standing up with me. we have directors of my executive staff and cy vance and members of the state police. today there was a loss of innocent life in lower manhattan. they were heading out from work or school and on bicycles this is tragedy of greatest magnitude. for many people and many families in new york city and beyond today. i want to commend of nypd officer on post another the location who stopped the carnage moments after it began. also work of the first-responders, including the fire department and ems personnel surely helped save additional lives. so as i said, i will give chronology in couple minutes. right now i would like to introduce mayor de blasio. >> thank you, commissioner. it's a very painful day in our city. horrible, tragedy, on the west side. lit me be clear, based on information we have at this moment, this was an act of
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terror. and, particularly cowardly act of terror, aimed at innocent civilians, aimed at people going about their lives, who had no idea what was about to hit them. we, at this moment, based on the information we have, we know of eight innocent people who have lost their lives. and over a dozen more injured. we know that this action was intended to break our spirit. but we also know new yorkers are strong, new yorkers are resilient. and, our spirit will never be moved by an act of violence, an act meant to inestimate date us. we have been tested before as a in the city very near to the site of today's tragedy and new yorkers do not give in, in the face of these kinds of
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actions. we'll respond as we always do. we will be undeterred. and i want to thank everyone at the nypd, all our first-responders, for their extraordinary efforts in the midst of this tragedy, starting with the officer who stopped this tragedy from continuing. all of the first-responders who came to the aid of those who were injured. and investigation is underway, to get all of the facts. what we'll tell you today of course will be preliminary. but, we know we will get down to the bottom of what happened. i want to ask all new yorkers, all americans, to keep the families of those lost in your thoughts and prayers. they will need our support, and i want to ask all new yorkers to be vigilant. we know it is halloween night. and we know in the days ahead
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people will be uneasy. we ask all new yorkers to live by the idea of you see something, say something. tell an officer immediately if you see anything unusual. anything that worries you. be vigilant. and know that there will be a extensive additional deployments of nypd officers this evening and throughout the days ahead. we will also keep you posted as this investigation continues and as the nypd gains more information. governor cuomo. >> thank you. first, our thoughts an prayers are with those new yorkers who we lost today. reminds us all how pressures life is. they left the house this morning. they were enjoying the beautiful west side of manhattan on a beautiful fall day and they're not going to be returning home. and that is shock and that pain
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is going to be very real. and our thoughts and our prayers are with all of them. our first-responders did an extraordinary job. the nypd, the fdny, the fbi, the new york state police, ems, they, we have the finest security on the globe and to see them in action today proved that once again. the new terrorist tactic, which they have called for publicly, are these lone wolves who commit an act of terror. this is all very preliminary. it has only been a couple of hours, but at this point there is no evidence to suggest a wider plot, over a wider scheme. but the actions of one individual who meant to cause pain and harm, and probably death, and the resulting terror.
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and that was the purpose. we will be vigilant, more police, everywhere. you will see them in the airports. you will see them in the tunnels. it is not because there is any evidence of any ongoing threat or any additional threat. it is just, out of vigilance, and out of, out of caution. and the truth is, new york is an international symbol of freedom and democracy. that is what we are. and we are proud of it. that also makes us a target. for those people who oppose those concepts and we lived with this before. we felt the pain before. we feel the pain today but we to forward together and we go forward, .
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to our thoughts and prayers, to our first-responders, thank you, thank you, for the job you do. you put your life on the line every day. you do better than anyone else.
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and, to new yorkers, be new yorkers. and, live your life and don't let them let them change us, deter us in any manner, shape or form. thank you. >> thanks, governor cuomo. thanks, mr. mayor. as i said, i will go through the chronology here. i know when i'm done, you will have a lot of questions, but we'll not go deep into it. it is overly two hours. after i get done chronology dan will talk bin juries. at 3:05 p.m., a male driving a rented home depot pickup truck, entered westside highway bicycle path at houston street. he struck a number of pedestrians and bicyclists on the route. at chambers street, the truck collided with a school bus injuring two adults and two children. after the collision, the driver of the truck, a 29-year-old male
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exited the vehicle brandishing the two hand guns. a uniformed police officer assigned to the first precinct, shot the suspect in abdomen. he was transported to the local hospital. a paint ball gun and pellet gun were recovered at scene of the subject's identity is not released at this time pending further investigation. at this time, eight fatalities are reported in connection this incident and several people were injured and commissioner nigren from the fire department will discuss that. dan? >> thank you, jim, as the police commissioner said, six people died, they were pronounced at the scene, between houston street and chambers street. they were all males. two others were transported in traumatic arrest and were pronounced at the hospital. we also transported 11 people, all with serious but at this
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moment not life-threatening injuries. the injuries are what you may expect as the truck went down high speed on the bicycle path, struck bicyclists and pedestrians. there may be more injuries as people self-evacuated. we will determine that later as we do our survey. but, that is the patient count. that is the deaths as we know it now. >> at this point, we'll take questions. miles, hold on. miles. reporter: [inaudible] terror attacks, things are rented, trucks, this is something you -- all the time. truck companies. have you talked to home depot recently about this kind of? >> john, you want to talk about the program a little bit? >> sure. >> so as you know through the shield program we do a very wide
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outreach. we have just under 20,000 members in the private sector. after isis magazine came out with the issue, just about two years ago around this time of year, suggesting car attacks, you will recall one of the targets they suggested was the thanks giving day parade, we went and did extensive outreach to the truck, rental business. we visited over 148 truck rental locations in this area. the obvious ones, u-haul, ryder, home depot, et cetera and talked about suspicious indicators, ways to come forward after attacks on the german christmas we made tell uponnic contact, email, or went back to the same places. there its a high level awareness from the nypd.
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>> [inaudible] >> it's way too early to discuss that. this happened two hours ago. that's part of our investigation. initially we thought it might have been but it turned out not to be. this all part of the investigation. >> [inaudible] scooments were under lock -- schools were under lockdown. >> this incident is over. it earned by stuyvesant high school. it was important that we do that. but this incident is over. david? >> the ages of the victims.
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was there any indication [inaudible] >> he's a 29-year-old male and i'm not going to talk about the truck. >> is that the only indication this may be an act of terrorism? >> he did make a statement when he exit the vehicle. if you look at the m.o. of the attack, it's consistent with what's been going on. that along with the statement aloud us to label it a terrorist attack. >> was there any intelligence there was something leading up to this? >> two hours old. it's being conducted jointly with the nypd and the fbi. from fl florida?
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i'm not going to go into that. after the time square incident i talked about this. any incident that happens in the country or around the world we have to learn from that. of course, i will take a look at that. he's in the hospital. i'm not going to tell you what hospital. we'll let the chief talk about what we are going to do for the halloween parade. >> we'll proceed with the parade and we added more resources and police officers, heavy weapons teams, blocking vehicles threeghtd routes and more sands trucks. there are also heavy weapons teams being deployed at iconic locations. >> [inaudible] >> this is why we do
5:36 pm
investigation. initially i'm sure whoever put that out wasn't sure what the event was. two hours into it, this is the determination we made. >> [inaudible] >> too early in the investigation to know that. i haven't looked at the video yet. we are retrieving as much video as possible. he exit the bike path at chambers street when he collide with the school bus. there are no intersections on the west side of the bike path. >> [inaudible] >> dan, do you have that? >> among the injured there are serious, but not
5:37 pm
life-threatening. >> do we know how many people were on the bus? there were two adults and two children on the school bus. too [inaudible] >> don't know, that's part of the investigation. >> there is a lot of information to be done. we want to give you preliminaries. we'll give you have another briefing when information is available. at this point i'll ask you to wait until we have further information. >> i will close this off saying the nypd is investigating this with our federal partners and state partners. this is going to be a very, very thorough investigation. the most of important thing as governor cuomo said and commissioner o'neill said, people should go about their
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business knowing the nypd is out in force with our partner agencies tonight and throughout the week. the bottom line is we are going to go about our business in the city, we won't be deterred. thank you very much, everyone. liz: that was the new york city mayor and the governor saying justice will be done. 8 dead, 15 injured. the president weighing in on the new york city terror attacks that happened in new york city. he did yell allahu akbar when he was and preended. reporter: the president tweeted about ways happening in new york city. this is the full quote. in new york city it looks like another attack by a very sick and deranged person. law enforcement is following this closely.
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not in the usa! the president tweeting saying it looks like another attack by a very sick and deranged person. law enforcement is following this closely. then in all caps the. not in the usa! in the last 45 minutes fox's justice department producer confirmed not only is federal law enforcement involved, it's a joint fbi-nypd investigation. if the fbi is investigating this as terrorism, the federal law enforcement confirmed the driver when he got out of that home depot rental truck was yelling alloyelling -- was yelling allau akbar. liz: steve, 29-year-old suspect, two handguns.
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they recovered a paintball gun and bb gun. we need your reaction to that. the new york city mayor and governor said new york city is a city of freedom and democracy and it is a target. >> if there is any benefit of this operation is he's not dead. once they begin to interrogated him he will find out a lot of information both out, they will learn that he acted the alone. if there were other individuals with him. they will learn when he got this vehicle, if anyone else i understand was a home depot truck or somewhere along those lines. so they will find out when, where and how he got this truck. as far as the paintball gun. >> the 8 pronounced dead at the
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scene were all dead. it did drive down the pike path the wrong way for 8 blocks, then it struck a school bus. four people on the school bus were injured. there were two adults and two children. he did emerge brandishing an imitation handgun. getting back to a possible broader scheme. the governor says there is no evidence to suggest there is a wider scheme. but we have talked about this is the aim of isis to do microterrorism using vehicles. it's cheap, it's easy, no bombs which are hard to get, no bombs. it's easy to do vehicular attacks. >> this operation comes out of the isis and al qaeda operation manual.
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it's clear heed planned it based on what we have seen across the world. this is a continuum of what isis is doing. question that needs to be answered is what caused him to do this. was he radicalized here? did he come here from a foreign country and plan this? at this point we think and believe he's the only one involved in this operation. it looks like a crime opportunity. meaning he was driving down the street. he knew he was going to commit this act. he chose that spot where he believed echo cause the greatest amount of carnage. liz: the governor is saying new yorkers, be know. the halloween parade will go on tonight. what are your thoughts about that? >> obviously we don't want to change our lives. but lives are going a change. but people need to understand, we wake up tomorrow, we are
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going to have to go to work and carry on as the governor said. they are probably in the most of protected city on the face of the earth at least at this point. the governor said something that's very, very important and we repeated on your show over and over again. if you see something, say something. as investigations go on and the forensics studies of this individual's computer, somebody had to say something or tip somebody off that he was going to do something. it always comes down that way that somebody kicks themselves in the head and says why didn't i say something. it's very important to see something, say something. liz: we have the vice president also responding. vice president michael pence says he's saddened by the attack in new york city. those responsible must be held accountable.
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sir, let's do a recap for the viewer. 8 dead, 15 injured. there may be more injuries as people according to law enforcement self-evacuated. the injury count could possibly rise. it's really difficult to stop these lone wolf acts of terror when it involves vehicular attacks. what is law enforcement doing now? >> right now in reference to this investigation, i'm sure there are search warrants being sought right now for where he lives. they are going to want to look at the computers and cell phones that he has. also a lot of video footage. there are a lot of cameras in new york city in at area. they will look at the video footage not just from today, but a few weeks back to see if there was reconnaissance done by that individual. also they will talk to friends
5:45 pm
and neighbors and family members. they will look at where he has been traveling the past year. did he travel to the middle east and come back? that's what's going to be cheap in this investigation. liz: we are going to bring in zuhdi jasser. we hear repeatedly officials calling this a tragedy. new yorkers have it deep in the see you keefe what happened in 9/11. this attack is being called a deliberate act of terror. the suspect shout out -- allahu akbar. reaction is saying it's not a tragedy. it's a disgrace, a despicable, detestable act. what are your thoughts? >> it's an act of war.
5:46 pm
this ideology as much as we may feel that isis is decimated in iraq and syria. the ideology of jihadism will continue to spread. these are not lone wolves. they are part of a movement of millions around the planet that believe in attacking the west. who believe if we don't live under an islamic state including muslims trying to counter the jihad, that we are their enemies. ultimately the whack-a-mole program will continue until we gather the resolve. today we saw in congress testimony from google and other i.t. experts about what they can do more on social media. what are we doing to promote what it means to be american and what it means for muslims to become part of the society and not come here as enemies and
5:47 pm
hate us. but believe this is their society much more than any islamic state. we haven't begun to do that. i hope this steels our resolve. you can't prevent vehicular jihad. it's almost impossible to though when a vehicle -- impossible to know when a vehicle will go from being on the correct side of the street to the wrong side of the street. liz: the first lady melania trump tweets my heart breaks for new york city. there have been about 30-40 events since 1981. 80% of the attacks started happening in the last decade. what do you think about the fact that weapon of choice is a
5:48 pm
vehicle? >> because we have squeezed them from every other point. robin hitchcock point out even thought it's been 7% of the attacks since 2014, but 70% of the deaths have been from vehicular jihad. is recall has been dealing -- israel is dealing with the first vehicular jihadist since the 1980s. they continue to fight on every battle front they have. but they won't change who they are as a free society and we should follow their example. liz: chief staff general john kelly debriefed the president on this terrorist attack that took the lives of 8 innocent men, all males pronounced dead at the scene. 15 maybe more injured as people
5:49 pm
self-evacuated. we'll stay on the injury count for our viewers. you mentioned moments ago that we are only just beginning in dealing with vehicle terror attacks. what do you mean by that? >> as we now have tightened the airports, we tightened the use of arms and other things. because we track them, they are now using vehicles which are not obviously weapons but can easily become very significant weapons. we need to realize it's not about the gun, it's not about the vehicle. it's about the precursors to the ideology. i hope the president convenes a commission on radical islam that he talked about during his campaign. we can't defeat this campaign by waiting for them to declare
5:50 pm
their allegiance to islam. liz: news coming in thick and fast. this terrorist in this pickup truck rented from home depot. he was shot in the abdomen when he was apprehended with two handguns and a paintball gun and bb gun. he ran down bicycle riders on the bicycle path that ajoins westside highway. two individuals, one was on a city bike 15 away from another individual on a city bike and he took them both out. what is going on in the mind of the jihadi? >> the jihadi views americans as infidels, inhuman. and views himself as a soldier to go out as a martyr. the rest of the muslims
5:51 pm
elsewhere. but we have to declare war on their ideology. what they have done through many media globally have glorified islamism and glorified the idea it's the precursor to demonize us in america. what goes through their minds is the society is ungodly and anti-islam. and they want to act as jihadists. it's barbaric and inhuman. liz: it's a despicable act, disgusting and a disgrace. jihadis declared war on fellow muslims. this is the even told story. in iraq and syria and across the middle east. and in europe and america. we muslims fighting this have
5:52 pm
declared a jihad on jihad are the first ones at the head of the spear. we need to begin to fight this, and the consciousness on the battle fronts which is a whack-a-mole program. as christians celebrate 500 years of the reformation of martin luther. islam needs to go through that reformation if we are ever going to see an end to this war. liz: it's a horrific scene of chaos and destruction in lower manhattan. let's bring in tennessee congresswoman marcia blackburn. what which your reaction? >> like everyone else, i'm horrified by what we have seen here. the comments zuhdi was make, this is an act of war. this is something that is part of their war. and it is something that we have
5:53 pm
to be very diligent on. this is playing out in our streets, our local law enforcement are having to deal with it. those of us, we were talking about google and facebook, the people on capitol hill. when you look at the cross data flows and our relationship with our allies and the work we are trying to do to stop it, to get in front of it, that will be part of continuing to try to fight this. and to root out, find where these individuals are. follow some of these actions. some of these postings. then do our best work at the local, state and federal level to make certain that we are prepared and that we are proactive as well as being able to respond quickly. liz: homeland secretary elaine duke says the department is
5:54 pm
closely monitoring the situation working with federal, saint local partners. we have recently have seen attacks like this one throughout the world. that's acting secretary he slain duke weighing in. we have had reaction coming in from france and the u.k. which also suffered despicable attacks as well. >> those are our allies. they are going to want to monitor this and work with our enforcement agencies. so that they are able to track and look for any relationships or commonalities. that's why the interviews with the perpetrator, this act of terror are going to be so important, to find out where their rips are, where they traveled, who they know, who they shared information with and who they talk with on social media. that's information that will be forthcoming. and people that are working in the u.k. and in france, they are
5:55 pm
going to pen gauge with our agencies to see if we can help root out or stop or ends other of these terrorist cells from expanding. liz: let's bring in retired lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. suspect in this manhattan terror truck attack. he's a 29-year-old man. he did crash his truck. he was shot by new york city police in the abdomen. the commissioner said the suspect did make a statement after the crash meaning he did crash his pickup forecast rented from -- pickup truck rented from home depot. he made a statement after the crash that led law enforcement to declare this attack an acts of terrorism. what are your thoughts about what's going on? >> this is clearly as zuhdi jear -- aszuhdi jasser is sayin.
5:56 pm
it's about the psychology of terror. you won't be able to outlaw trucks. isis is doing everything they can to be effective in social media recruiting and doing anything they can to launch attacks. the nypd folks are amazing. they were there in less than a minute after the guy was shot. but you can't be everywhere constantly. secondly along that same line, i work with local law enforcement on the homeland security advisor in virginia with shaffer decatur. i help him to be prepared to deal with these sorts of things by trying stay ahead of this win sell jones gathering.
5:57 pm
but we have to go into getting behind the psychology and cultural methodology that isis uses. we have to do things to stop their ideology and psychology as much as anything else. liz: the men and women of law enforcement are dedicated, they are committed, they do this every day, they are vigilant. we have interestingly enough singer josh groban was at the scene. he posted he was just a block away where this attack took place. he heard 8-10 rounds going fired off. what are your thoughts about the gunshots? >> i was literally in new york city yesterday myself in lower manhattan. let me tell you. i walk around with an eye on this situation happening at some
5:58 pm
point. the nypd is pretty much everywhere and they have effective methodology. but they are always there on duty on the spot. like i said, the armed members of the nypd were there to take this guy down to make sure he couldn't do any more damage it's a miracle he didn't do more damage. you go down nose bike trails and pedestrian paths, people are vulnerable. it's no small miracle it was and let me tell you this to be blunt, mayor de blasio is trying to get them to reveal methodologies which frankly keep the people of new york safe. i think he has to decide whether he's on the people of new york side or the terrorist side. you don't want the terrorists knowing how effective the nypd is in thwarting these type of
5:59 pm
attacks. >> eight people killed, all males, six pronounced dead at the scene two, later died in hospital. 11 people injured now, that count has changed. thought to be 15, now 11 injured. law enforcement and officials for new york city saying the injury count may rise as people did self-evacuate. the suspect 29 years old. he was shot in the abdomen after he crashed his pickup truck rented from home depot into a school bus. four individuals injured in the school bus, two adults and two children. final thoughts, colonel? >> look, two things immediately. no more folks planning the same thing. we've got to discourage the use of this sort of thing as methodology. i was appalled to hear north virginia, the campaign has used an ad putting a vehicle out as saying that ed gillaspie is going to mow over minority
6:00 pm
children. that is not acceptable for the left to use these attacks as a political method of speech. not acceptable. secondly, have to stay ahead of this whole thing and get ahead of the terrorists. >> we've got to go. thank you, colonel schafer. charles payne will be picking it up from here. charles: thank you very much, elizabeth mcdonald. to the breaking news in lower manhattan. mayor bill de blasio declaring an act of terror and the governor saying there was no evidence of a wider plot. all by accounts a lone-wolf attack, we're going to delve deeper in that in the show. the police commissioner calling it a tragedy of the greatest magnitude. eight innocent lives lost after a man driving a rented pickup truck barrelled down the henry hudson highway. an officer on post putting an end to it early that the shooting began that the suspect actually abandoned the rented truck, jumped


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