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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 31, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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and keep law enforcement working together. charles: once again, a tragic attack that's being called a terror attack in new york city on a bike path. eight people dead, 12 injured, the gunman has been identified. lou dobbs has a two-hour special that starts now. >> good evening, everybody, we begin with breaking news tonight, i a terrorist attack in downtown new york city, just more than a half mile from the world trade center. the individual, the radical islamist terrorist has not been identified but killed eight people and nearly a dozen were injured as he rammed his vehicle into bicyclists and pedestrians on a bike way. the incident started 3:15 this afternoon. the radical islamist terrorist 29-year-old male of arabic descent. authorities released the name,
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sayfullo saipov, he drove a rented pickup truck along the westside highway in downtown manhattan and traveled south drove 20 blocks along the path, and until he rammed the rented van into a school bus next to a high school, just as the school was letting classes out for the day. the attacker then got out of his vehicle and started to leave the scene. witnesses say he was shouting "allahu akbar!" again, meaning as we unfortunately all now know god is great in arabic. he was running through traffic carrying weapons, police now say at least two of them were a bb gun and a paint ball gun. a police officer on the scene shot the terrorist.
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shot him in the abdomen, he's been taken to a nearby hospital. authorities say they are they have no reason to believe there are other individuals involved in this attack, according to law enforcement authorities. they say halloween festivities including a parade in lower manhattan will go on tonight, but of course with heightened security. president trump tweeted "in new york city. it looks like another sick attack by a deranged person. law enforcement is following this closely. not in the u.s.a.! we must not allow isis to return to our country after defeating
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them in the east. reporter: security is tight in this area. not far from the world trade center and the freedom tower. the parade which is just a few blocks to the north of here. we heard from the new york city mayor's office, pen route to that parade and there to inspect some of the security measures put in place. governor cuomo said he instructed all the local authorities. the nta, the port authority, to increase their security at high
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profile locations around the entire state. this despite the fact the new york city police commissioner said this incident is over. they are not look for anyone else. in addition, that 29-year-old suspect is identified by name and being treated at a local hospitalwitness say they saw bos covered any white sheets and bicycles mangled. a senior at stuyvesant high school said she saw bicycles twichtd in ways she could never imagine a bicycle could be twisted. lou: connell mcshane. he will be back with more as
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details continue to come into the fox business network. joining me now, bill gavin, the former assistant director to the fbi. one person involved. motion down pedestrians and people on bicycles. it looks like the weapon of choice for isis as they talk about bringing attacks to halloween. >> this is what they have been commands to do many attacks just do. a rental truck out of jersey city new jersey. a few blocks down from the fbi office and across the street from the center. this is just terrible. now we are able to show that
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it's an individual i believe from uzbekistan. once more, horrible tragedy. 8 people killed, 12 injured. they have to be terribly hurt. he yells allahu akbar which translates allah is great. for radical extremists there is no god other than allah. lou: the officer shooting the man, wounding him. he's at a nearby hospital. we understand he's in surgery. you mentioned uzbekistan. we know his name is u uzbek.
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but we know very little about him. he was shot twice. give us a sense of what is going on now. is there a sense amongst law enforcement and the intelligence community that there is any broader plan because of halloween? isis did send out messages earlier that they wanted to do something around halloween. >> as we refer to the new york city police as the best, the men in blue, they are the best in the world. what they did today was terrific in terms of bringing count suspect in a rapid fashion before he did even more damage than he set out to do. with the halloween a raid in soho, you have more trash trucks block off streets. you have a great presence of
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police with long barrel weapons. they have gone into not a lockdown, but they have gone into heavy coverage of the parade area. they do not want new yorkers to give up and turn over their city to the terrorists. right now for really they are tearing this guy apart in terms of where does he live and everything else. lou: one thing that i do think, and we are hearing a number of people saying, including the mayor, new yorkers are not going to turn over anything to anyone. i think officials need to let go of that now. that isn't who we are. we don't have to be told that. and i'm very confident the spines of new yorkers will remain very strong throughout all of this. we worry about the help, the
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security. the safety of our fellow citizens. i'm always proud of new yorkers full on full time. and i would not make an exception in this instance at all. >> i totally agree. it's in their dna. lou: and that dna has spread all over the country. if you are an american, you are not going to be intimidated. i wish our officials would just get on with the business of leading the country. and i'm sure the result will be great. and they will have the full united support of americans everywhere in this country. bill gavin, thanks for being with us. we'll be following this terrorist attack. an individual, a single person doing all of this.
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the mayhem that he created. the deaths, the lives he took, 8 deaths in this attack. another 14 injured. we'll have the latest for you, vehicle attacks as we points out. now seems to be a standard tactic carried out by radical is lamist terrorists in the west. here is a recent troubling timeline. in july of last year, a you -- a tunisian individual targeted a crowd in nice, france. in december, a tunisian attacker drove a vehicle into a christmas market in berlin. and a terrorist attack along the westminster bridge in london. and' at least four people dead
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when a truck droifn pedestrians on the streets of the city of stockholm. and again in central london when a van swerved into the crowds on london bridge. in august 13 people were killed after a van plowed through a crowds of people in the tourist district of barcelona, spain. new york city grieves and reacts after the latest act of radical islamist terror.
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lou: radical islamic terror strikes new york city. sayfullo saipov drove arented truck on to -- a rented truck on to a bike path as he drove a rented van view that bike path. he killed 8 people, hitting a school bus. there were two children on board that. witnesses said he shouted allahu
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akbar. he was shot in the abdomen by a new york police officer. he is hospitalized and we understand there are two gunshot wounds to the abdomen. this is a busy news day in new york, washington and the nation. house republican leaders are set to unveil legislation to overhaul the tax code. congressman jim jordan, member of the house freedom caucus. your thoughts on this individual who we understand may be from uzbekistan, in his 20s, attacking in this fashion. your thoughts? >> just another illustration of how evil this terrorist threat is. in the previous segment the list of these terrorist attacks
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highlights how evil these guys are. think about our great country. he's in a hospital and american surgeons and american doctors are doing everything to save him. the deserves to die but our system -- it shows you the contrast of what we are as americans and how evil these terrorists are. we have to be ever vigilant and do the best we can. president trump is doing everything he can to deal with this worldwide threat from these folks. lou: he's doing all the military can. the u.s. military at the urging of president trump are killing isis and eradicated them from syria. 3% of the caliphate is all that remains with their leaders on
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the run in north africa and the middle east. here an incident we don't know yet his nationality or where he came from. so much to learn about limb. -- about him. another fight, and that is with a special counsel. i want to get to that before we go to tax reform and the budget. we are looking at -- it seems to me a general special counsel who has picked on some rather incidental characters. your reaction. >> come back to 2005. this is tax evasion and failing to fill out forms and misleading the government from paul manafort and his assistant mr. gates. but it goes from 2005 to 2015. that has nothing to do with the trump campaign. the president was right on
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target when he and the press secretary talked about this. we called for what we think was the big news last week. not the leak that led to the indictments we heard about yesterday. but the big news was secretary clinton, her campaign and the democrat national committee paid for this dossier. it looks like it may have been the catalyst for doing the surveillance and wiretapping and doing that. all this happened, paid for by the clinton campaign, and associated with that uranium one deal. 6, 7 years ago. the person running the fbi at the time when the fbi failed to tell congress, failed to tell the country, and they didn't tell any of the agencies who were also responsible for making the decision on the uranium one deal. i think there is some irony that bob mueller was overseeing the
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investigation at the time. there is some irony there. lou: rosenstein should step aside while the investigation is carried out. we have an inspector general investigating, andrew mccabe, the number two man at the fbi who i do not understand how he can be involved in the administration of the agency that its top officials are so suspect and the american people cannot have any faith or trust. the president certainly can't have confidence in these people. why don't they move out of the agency until it can be resolved. >> there needs to be a limit limit. congressman desantis has a bill that would limit the amount of time. second, there should be a special counsel. we sent a letter from the
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judiciary committee three months ago. i think third congress -- this is going to happen. it was announced last week. congress should look into these issues. we should have investigations into these issues. dossier, all these things, we should look into these issues. that's what needs to happen for the american people to get the truth. lou: i would much rather be the justice department going aggressively in the investigation on all the things we discussed, looking into the role of the fbi, and at the same time convene grand juries so there can be indictments and they can move ahead with criminal cases which is obviously not an option for congress. so from time to time i would like to have that power.
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let me turn to tax reform. >> the bill is supposed to come out tomorrow. the framework was the right kind of framework. it accomplishes the three main goals we had as the freedom caucus. that should be the test. we'll get details tomorrow. let's start debating it, marking it up, and get the tax package out there that will let americans keep more of their money. lou: there is reporting that the tax legislation will be delayed another day. until thursday. we just received that word. >> that's unfortunate. it needs to happen soon. one of the agreements we had was if we are going to move ahead with this budget, we wanted to see the tax bill moved up so we could start debating it and get
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the tax legislation done. we wanted to get the latest to you on the new york terrorist attack. david lee miller is live in lower manhattan and has the latest for us. david? >> the scene here in lower manhattan at this hour, eerie, surreal, and deadly. as of now and at least 8 people were killed, at many as 12 were injured. as much as possible, new yorkers try and get on with their lives. the scene right here, there are hundreds of new york city police in lower manhattan because of this attack. there are also trick-or-treaters. and all this taking place in the shadow of the world trade center. to give you a sense of the geography as we pan up. that is the world trade center a
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few short blocks from where i'm standing. authorities identified the perpetrator of this attack. they say the alleged attacker was sayfullo saipov, 29 years old. they say he had a florida driver's license. he may have been living in new jersey, this reported by the associated press. but it's an ongoing investigation and that's not entirely clear. it appears the attacker began to drive a rented pickup van down a bike path down manhattan's westside. he entered the bike path, drove south. exiting on chambers street, and this is where he or near here hit a school bus. he then began to flee, carrying what at the time witnesses thought were two firearms, two guns. we believe they were bb guns or paint guns.
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oh was shot in the -- he was shot in the leg by authorities. i talked to a 17-year-old young girl who went to a nearby high school that was on lockdown. she looked out the window of that school and described the scene carnage. she said she saw three bicycles twisted and bent. next to them she said were two bodies in body bags. this as the investigation continues. lou: thank you very much. we appreciate. david lee miller with the latest on this horrific attack at this hour, 8 people dead, 14 people injured and in hospital. on wall street stocks closed higher. the dow up 29 points. and we are coming right back. we have a question about your brokerage fees.
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lou: breaking news from new york and washington, d.c. it's not good news for the republican party. we have just received word that they are going to be delaying the tax bill. it's obviously not good news that we have had another terrorist attack. the white house releasing a statement from president trump. that statement reads in part this. quote, we offer our thanks to the first responders to stopped the suspect and rendered immediate aid to the victims of this cowardly attack. these men and women embody why it true american spirit of resilience and courage. congressional investigators reviewing classified justice department and fbi documents related to the discredited trump
7:31 pm
dossier. the closed door session was contentious. dem kreats sending a number of staffers over to read the evidence. the ranking intelligence committee adam schiff also in attendance. the democrats reportedly trying to slow walk the process with tedious questions. investigators trying to find out how much the department of justice and the fbi relied on that dossier in a number of investigations and it would be curious to find out how many of those congressional investigation were relying on it as well. there is also breaking news on the tax bill. new reports that house republicans will delay the release of the tax bill until thursday. joining me to assess what all of this means, ed rollins, fox business contributor, ed, good to see you.
7:32 pm
let's start with another delay from the house on a bill. >> the absurdity of this, they have been dealing with this tax bill for four years. they couldn't get it passed two years ago after hundreds of hearings. ryan couldn't get it through when he was chairman. this is the priority of the american public. there are 74,000 pages of the tax bills today, and people -- tax code -- every one of those lines in those pages is done by some special interest. this was to simplify it and get rates to stimulate the economy. republicans have been promising this for a long time. he will be off on a trip next week and fit comes out thursday, it means no one * seize it until friday. they get into a short time frame and the country will turn on
7:33 pm
them even worse than it is today. lou: it's almost inconceivable they would be run can the house in this manner, but there it is. let's turn to the special counsel. the indictments. paul manafort. the left-wing national media. they have gone hysterical over these indictments. your reaction to -- i guess we shunned be surprised if you i always am by how much hyperbole and his area the national left-wing media bring to these developments. >> relative to the big charge, what the commit eve is suppose to be investigating, the collusion, there is no evidence of collusion. they take a young guy who was trying to be more important. no one in the foreign affairs committee ever heard of him. manafort had troubles before he
7:34 pm
became advisor to the president. he misled the president by saying there is nothing in his backgrounds to embarrass the president. lou: it's a strange order of events. manafort with so much going on in his backgrounds. as chairman of the campaign for a few months, he wasn't embedded like any member of the' administration would be, was he. ed: he was impressive relative to conventions. i have known paul a long time of. but knowing paul, everyone knew paul and his exoashant lifestyle way beyond any lobbyist. to a certain extent he misled the president. and as we see the evidence laid out daily. my sense is he needs to be pushed aside and it would be a
7:35 pm
great tragedy to use his problems to make up stories on the president. lou: the connection between manafort and tony podesta who resigned from his own firm. the brother of john podesta, the clinton campaign chairman. this is insistous. i was -- this is incestuous. ed: it's doing business for some bad guys and they shared the responsibility. lou: it shows what they were doing at the dnc when they refused to let the fbi come in, they were protecting their business partners, the russians. ed: podesta is the biggest russian lobbyist in d.c. if there is anybody who needs to be chased down quickly it's both
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lou: developments now. the new york city police department permitting the halloween parades to go on as land just hours after the terrorist after he tack in lower
7:40 pm
manhattan in which 8 people were killed and a dozen others wounds. the nypd says they will dramatically increase the police presence. heavy weapons units have been dispatched. they are blocking roads with sand trucks and controlling traffic. joining us, former secret service agent dan bongino. your reaction to this latest attack carried out by a man who is identified tentatively at least as us been andi. -- as the uzbekistani. >> rather than spending $500,000 getting flight training and leaving investigative footprints everywhere for the spectacular
7:41 pm
9/11-style attacks, all you need is a rented vehicle and the ability to drive, and not even drive well. and you can cause enough carnage and damage to get your phase on the television and project your terrorist message. this is the new normal. it pains me to say that as a former new yorker. lou: you have got to b -- you he got to be awfully proud of the. police department who took him down almost immediately, firing two shots and hitting him. there is not much that can be done unless it's done so early the person never hits the street of new york or any other city in this country. >> you set me up perfectly with
7:42 pm
that question. the way we have to model our intelligence community going forward, we have to focus on being arsonists. we have to go start fires. what i mean by that is surveillance. we fell in love with the collection of signal intelligence. we have to go back to gumshoe source development to stop these attacks beforehand. you are absolutely corrected. these are not fine *-style attacks where there will be indicators. that doesn't happen here. you are a guy who rent a car. what are we going to do? have a no rent list? lou: dan, more good news, that is that president trump has insisted that our military take the fight to isis and the u.s.
7:43 pm
military is delivering. reducing the so-called isis caliphate to a miniscule scale in sir jar and iraq. and more isis members being killed than at any time in the fight. so there is some considerable encouraging news here as well. dan, we thank you for being with us. up next, new york materials reacting to this terrorist attack in lower manhattan. >> i saw them there with the guns.
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lou: a lot of breaking news to assess. to help us with that, former governor and fox business contributor, governor mike huckabee, the former governor arkansas. mike, your reaction to this one individual creating so much may level and taking 8 lives in this latest terrorist attack in lower
7:48 pm
manhattan. >> just another heartbreaking situation involving terrorism. but i want to pay real credit to both governor cuomo and mayor deblasio it's very rare when i would do that for either of them because normally their policies rrnts policies i agree with. but i think they did the right thing by saying we are going to move right on. we are going to have the parade in lower manhattan. wire not going to let these guys intimidate us. it's acting like the israelis act when con front with terror. they don't curl up in a fetal position. with hearts broken the city of new york is responding exactly the way new york should respond. >> we have had reports that he's 29 years old, has a florida driver's license, and we do not know his status in the country,
7:49 pm
or much of anything else. but we do know that he was yelling allahu akbar pass he was killing people on the street. and wounding them terribly. it is always gratifying to be protected by the nypd in this great city because you know you are getting the best that's possible. i want to turn to what is going on in d.c. we just learned that the tax bill will not as expected be coming out tomorrow. what do you make of it and how much of a delay can we stands with only a matter of a couple of weeks with congress still in session? >> this should have bent easiest lift the republicans ever had. they should have don't in january within days of the
7:50 pm
presidents taking office. i don't understand what's wrong with the republican congress. i understand people in big state states are going to have to explain your liberal tax policies at home are going to cost you. we have people in all the other states subsidizing the extraordinarily ridiculously high tax rates in the cities that want to be sanctuary cities and want to give away everything. maybe it could be a wake-up call to those states that the rest of america isn't going to keep bailing you guys out and paying for your excesses. republicans need to come together on this. if they can't, this president needs some help. and he's not getting it in the way he should. lou: i have to say, speaker ryan, leader mcconnell.
7:51 pm
these are intentional poison pills they are putting into these bills. these are lots of things. but these people have a clear understanding of the consequences of their actions, don't you think? >> i don't want to get myself to believe either of the leaders of the house or senate are actively trying to and talk not just this president, but their own party. and more importantly sab taunting american people and jobs. lou, that would be tantamount to a level of not quite treason. but political treason, not constitution ago treason. let's pray to god they are not consciously slow walking these issues like obamacare. lou: tax reform was supposed to be so easy.
7:52 pm
remember? all of the wags were suggesting they should have led with tax reform because it would be oh easy. there seems to be nothing easy on capitol hill these days. governor, great to have you here. up next, we continue our coverage of the terrorist attack in manhattan. >> it reminds us how precious life is. they left the house this morning. they were enjoying the beautiful west side of manhattan on a beautiful fall day and they are not going to be returning home. lou: we'll have more on the tax cuts and more. stay with us. the new new york. once home to the world's image center, new york state is now a leader in optics, photonics and imaging.
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that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. having someone coach you through it is really the value of a financial advisor. lou: before we return to our main story tonight which is the terrorist attack in lower manhattan, we have a number of other developments. but first let me tell you what you are looking at there as far as we know. that is a car that has been tentatively identified as belonging to the terrorist who carried out that vehicular attack in lower manhattan killing 8 people. 12 are reported injured.
7:57 pm
and we are going to await developments. apparently they are trying to determine whether that car is indeed one belonging to the terrorist. and secondarily of course the logical concern that it is also booby trapped. so we'll be keeping you up to date on developments there. the home depot, the terrorist obviously driving a home depot rented van in the attack in manhattan. fox news confirmed house republicans will be postponing a much-anticipated rollout of their tax reform proposal. house ways and means committee republicans were unable to finalize the details of the legislation before their
7:58 pm
self-imposed wednesday deadline. that's what we know to this point. joining me now, washington times opinion editor, fox business contributor, charlie hurt. let's start with the ways and means committee. what is going on in your judgment? charlie: it doesn't bother me too much they are going to release -- delight release publicly one day. but they better be work on something very major that will have big consequences for taxes in this country, or the party is absolutely finished. lou: talking with congressman kevin brady. he's smart, he's committed. he's engaged and he's leading.
7:59 pm
and at the same time we have seen one element of the legislation after another disappear. and new concoctions come up. this business about phasing in a corporate tax breaks. the idea that there would be a 20% border tax. what brackets there will be. i mean, i have absolutely no idea what to expect when that bill is made public right now. do you? charlie: no, i don't. the idea of phasing in this stuff and making it so it's less painful. these guys have a spending problem and they need to address this drastic spending problem. if you do that, you address the spending problem and do major cuts on taxes. you can and back and watch revenue pour in and you can watch people get rich and watch jobs come back and money come
8:00 pm
back, and it will be a good thing. lou: president trump is making that case for the legislation as is his treasury secretary. but lo and behold we are watching the house be intransigent and obscure in some of it judgments and it would just make you scratch your head. charlie: it's what they do. lou: but it's not going to lead to a happy place for them at the polls. the president is going to be in office. i'm serious about this, charlie. i don't think the republican leadership is smart enough to understand if they don't deliver for this president, they are the ones who will lose their jobs. this president, i true lire believ -- itruly believe can god


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