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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 1, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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see us asleep they will be more fearful, if they want to fix it join the movement to chain the narrative. charles: i agree. they need to step up, zhudi jasser thank you. >> here is lou. lou: good evening, breaking tonight, fbi announcing they located a second person in connection. a second man from uzbekistan, a 32-year-old, a person of interest, in that attack, that left 8 dead, in lower manhattan and 12 injured. federal prosecutor charging sayfullo saipov with providing support to islamic state, violence, and destructed.
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he asked if he could display the islamic state flag while in the hospital to be interviewed. also president trump calming on congress to end the diversity visa lottery program, that visa used by saipov to interthe united states president trump saying he wants to end chain migration, replace it with merit-based immigration. >> diversity lottery sounds nice, it's not nice, it's not good it has not been good. we have been against it. so we want to immediately work with congress on the diversity, lottery program on terminating it, getting rid of it. we want a merit-based program, people come in to our country based on merit. merit. lou: we fake up the president's -- take up the president's effort to keep america and
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americans safe. house republicans, one day away from unveiling their highly anticipated tax plan, party leaders are reportedly struggling, however to pay for the cuts they propose. we'll take that up with republican national committee chairwoman. tonight. >> our top story, uzbekistan native accused of killing 8 people in new york city, had been planning his attack for 2 mornings. he did previous reconnaissance. fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal with the latest for us. reporter: a massive team of investigators goes inch by inch over a scream scene stretching nearly a mile, searches for a motive for carnage they say
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caused by 29-year-old sayfullo saipov, authorities say that he was targets of any probe but has associates who were on fire fire radar, they suspect saipov became radicalize in u.s., and notes in truck make it clear he had been planning the attack for weeks. >> he appears to followed instruction that isis put on on social media. reporter: here in u.s., since 2010 on a diversity visa. >> we need buses. i have 5 people on the ground.
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multiple casualties. reporter: authorities say that saipov jumped off of the truck, yelling god is great, holding what appeared to be two hand handguns, the weapons were paint ball and pellet guns. officer nash responds to scene shot and wounded the suspect. authorities are searching residents connected with suspect in florida and patterson, new jersey, he reported an apartment next to a mosque he attended. they questioned his wife who claims no prior knowledge to the attack, they are interviews friends, family could and going through his history, 5 of dead were argentinians, two americans, and one from belgium. nypd has now cleared crime seen in lower manhattan but work ahead, including protects this sunday new york city marathon,
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51,000 runners, and 2.5 million to line the course that runs through all 5 borrows. -- boroughs, they will have more sand trucks for blocker vehicles, and twice as many be observation teams and counter sniper teams, the city has been on high alert since 9/11. and remains more so tonight with nypd shifting tactics to counter the terrorists ever changing tactics. lou: rick thank you very much. reporting from lower manhattan. president trump calling for an end to diversity visa lottery program, targeting senator schumer for his introduction of measure while a member of house in 1990. president trump tweeting -- the terrorists came in to the country through what is called diversity visa lottery program, a chuck schumer beauty.
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i want merit-based visas, some 50 thousand people have been allowed into united states each year, understate department program. the country's eligible include afghanistan irk iraq, libya, yemen and uzbekistan. slightly more now than a million people have entered united states, on the diversity visa, since its inception in 1991. at least 24 thousand people from uzbekistan arrived in the last 12 years. our first guest, described disverity visa, a politically croacorrect act of madness, joig us now, chief strategist for the make america great against coalition, dr. sabestian gorka. an act of madness, there are so many, this one is particularly
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noxious because of the terrorist attack yesterday and the very idea that people can just be allowed into the country as you spin the wheel. >> absolutely. lou, great to be back on the show. this is the equivalent of immigration russian roulette. the idea that someone from afghanistan, from uzbekistan, who has a high school diploma, two years of employment history, spins our wheel, then gets awarded a green card without merit-based answering of the question, what do you bring to america. and then can become an anchor for other they sponsor to come in. that is insanity. the president knew this months ago, he had an incontinuation to end -- intention to end it this makes it all more justified we have to reform our immigration system before we become like
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europe and have attack after attack after attack. >> program itself, is utter irrationality, a give away program from a nation so wealthy, so strong, that it can ignore the principles of self interest. national interest, president says, he brings rationality to the entire debate on immigration. but in this case, in particular, saying he wants a merit-based sim, why should not all your immigration programs be based on merit become rational? >> absolutely, what do we mean by diversity? this is the most diverse nation in the world. absolutely without a question. the idea that we cannot have a merit-based sim, tal system, tao any who applied to immigrate to australia or to new zealand. these countries have some of the toughest immigration requirements, based on
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education, skill set, what you can do to actually raise money to look after yourself and what you bring to the country that is not already there. these are kinds of questions that we have to ask. these are the me metrics to put your system, good news there is one person in federal government responsible for this, who has mandate, that is not a crazy judge in 9ing circuit court. or in hawaii, it is not some legislature on capitol hill, this is the president of the united states and right now, that man is president donald jrchtiojtrump. lou: and your sense of he can move it ahead, is this time to rationalize u.s. immigration. >> look, everyone talks about the politicalization of tragedy, that is a left-wing, knee-jerk reaction, look at las vegas, we'll ban -- talk about suppressers, silencers in an
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attack where none were used. here. we are going to insert common sense rationality, the bottom line is, lou, the immigration system is broken. look at san bernardino attackers. under obama administration, this state department, was instructed when someone applied to come here from pakistan or saudi arabia, you are not allowed as a federal office issues a streetsa to electriveetiona to lookvisa,g because that is private, no, it is not, it is social media. it has to end, common sense must prevail. lou: dr. going to worka thank g. >> thank you. >> house republicans unveiling their tax plan tomorrow. >> sometimes tomorrow. not just tax cuts.
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lou: can lawmakers make the christmas deadline for tax reform? we take up with with republican national committee chairwoman, rona mcdaniel. and new provocation by russia. u.s. fighter jets drive away two russian bombers from the surk ud reagan, stay with us, we'll be right back. zar: one of our investors was in his late 50s right in the heart of the financial crisis, and saw his portfolio drop by double digits. it really scared him out of the markets. his advisor ran the numbers and showed that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65.
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lou: president trump convened his full cabinet today to talk tax reform a tax cuts ahead of the unveiling of congressional republican plan expected tomorrow, negotiation on the proposal continue at this hour. but it is likely that the 39.6% pop tax bracket for country highest earners will remain in place, at the same rate. president said that time for lawmakers to come to agreement, pass real tax relief, is now. >> our economy. cannot take off the way it really should so it is really, really competitive with the
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world. unless we get the kind of tax cuts for our companies and our middle class, our workers, unless we get the jobs we need, it can't really take off until we get th the tax cuts and refom passed. lou: joining us, republican national committee chairwoman, rona mcdo mcdaniel, how excitede you about an immediate prospect of tax reform, and by immediate, i'm talking before christmas? >> i am optimistic, this is something we have to get done, the president has led the way, he is right, it is time for us to put tax cuts in place for our businesses to bring more jobs in the country, and for middle class, who have been hurting, i travel the country of day, i was in minnesota this week, people are hurting saying please give us relief, it is time for us to have tax cut, middle class depends on us, and republicans are fighting for it, we would
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love to see and democrats cam across the aisle. lou: middle class is the foundation, as you know of the country. and those who aspire to it, hard working, men, women, families, this prop promises to be a a true middle class tax cut, but not only focus. we're looking at small, rates improved, pass through rate hopefully gain something parody with the corporate rate. of 20%, as proposed. are these things likely to be the final architecture of trump tax reform? >> we'll see what comes out of ways and means tomorrow. i have full confidence in chairman brady, then it will go before the whole congress, they will talk with their constituents, it will be a transparent open process, but there is a recognition that people need tax cuts, we have not had tax reform in 30 years,
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we're not competitive globaly with wer corporates tax rates, e need to get this done, and middle class needs to make more of their hard earned wages home, they need to spend on their family, not sending to washington, d.c. lou: we should point out, without this president, driving this tax reform would be a side issue and a laggard in terms of the public agenda, instead of at forefront. but, at the same time, these tax cuts, they have to be put in place by a fellow by name of ryan, and another one mcconnell. are they as committed now as they should be to push forward with the tax reform agenda? >> they are committed, we say this when senate passed budget
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on house. we could get into reconciliation, president has lead the way, president traveled this country during the election cycle, he talked to middle class of the country, that is who he speaks for, saying it is time for you to get a tax cut, time for washington to fight, and republicans need to deliver on this, i think in a good place, i want optimistic get it done. lou: you met with president this afternoon, care to give us a run down on your private agenda with the president? >> well, am going to keep those conversations private. the president can discuss what we talked about. but we did talk about the virginia race a little bit, that is coming up next week, and ed galespi running tight, and a candidate, ralph, refusing to denounce one of the most
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disgusting ads aired? a political race, i think that democrats should denounce this ad, that is run in virginia. lou: that ad is one of the most sickening things put out fronted by eva longoria, latino victory ad, do we have that ad here? to share -- we don't. i lost my mind. the fact is that she is fronting an ad that is dispick in. despi. shows people trying to run down young hispanics, running from the folks. portrayed at followers of ed galespi, one of the nastiest things that i have seen, rona. >> it is despicable. and fact that ralph north, candidate for governor in virginia refused to denounce this every democrat should denounce this ad, to see a
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person in a truck with a galespi sticker trying to run down little children. it feeds worst of our country in terms of hate and division, and fear. if democrats are playing on this they are looking for a bad 2018, i think that americans will reject there type of message, and rhetoric. lou: is it also, reengt reasonst commercial that the lead is cut by half? >> i think independent voters, i believe that democrats look at this, say this is disgusting, some paper said, that democrat leaning paper said it made their stostomachs turn to see an ad le this. to have a galespi supposed supporter run down children is despicable. i call on every democratic and every leadership position to denumber thidenouncing this ad,h
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north on denounce the ad, we has yet to do. >> rona thank you very were. we appreciate it. >> rona -- thank you. >> thank you. lou: the chair ra chairwoman. vote in our poll tonight. do you believe democrats are endangering the country further by opposing an end to the diversity visas. cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs, and follow he on facebook, and breaking new now, president trump will nominate jerome powell as next federal reserve chairman. to replace janet yellen. that according to "wall street journal." which reports president talked with powell yesterday, the president said to make a formal announcement tomorrow, before he leaves for his very important asia trip. that friday. on wall street, stocks closing
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mixed. dow up 58, s&p up 4, nasdaq down 11. volume on big board 3.8 billion shares, papa john's shares to lowest level in 8 months after missing earnings, papa john's, nfl sponsor, and advertiser said that national anthem protests on sidelines of the games have cut into the sales. ceo blames the nfl leadership. >> a reminder to listen to moi y report 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem network. >> now we know how much it cost at least. >> this is all pert a pertinent information to the ongoing russia investigation.
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lou: what don't they want you to know? a long list, we'll have the full report ahead, here tonight. stay with us. jamie -- helping small businesses. damage your vehicle? we got you covered. [ glass shatters ] property damage? that's what general liability's for. what?! -injured employee? -ow. workers' comp helps you pay for a replacement. what's happening? this is carla. how's it going? and if anything comes up, our experts are standing by. ♪ boo!
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lou: a mosque in new jersey the new york terrorist reportedly attended has been under surveillance by the fbi. the omar mask is one of dozens of house of worship surveilled by authorities. it was just blocks from wrmg 9 some of the 9/11 hijackers final finalized their plot.
7:29 pm
the new york police officer who stopped the terrorist attack yesterday said his actions were all in a day's work and don't bother me anymore. i want to serve the city. congressional investigators seek answers from the department of justice about fusion gps and the trump dossier that has been debunked. james rosen has the details for us now. reporter: when investigators for
7:30 pm
devin nunes arrived at the justice department tuesday to review cia and d.o.j. documents they were met by two democratic staffers. from nancy pelosi and adam schiff, who had earlier argued against the subpoena release of documents. the trump dossier was the salacious compendium of allegations against then candidate trump and was put forward by the research firm:fusion gps. they want to know whether the department of justice and the fbi used the dossier as the basis for surveillance warrants. >> how would you describe how they are accepting it?
7:31 pm
>> it looks like they are obstructing the investigation temperatures. reporter: doj was less than? the white house announced support for stamp clove advice, the one who encouraged george pop dpapadopoulos to go to russ. after his arrest in july, the mueller team argued for see yes i because premature disclosure of his arrest would under mine his capability to serve as a cooperator. >> that signals he was wear fog
7:32 pm
wire. robert mueller's first accounting of what happened in 2016 has received its first challenge from the professor who is said to have provided papadopoulos with dirt on hillary clinton. while his resume appears thinly defined, he told the telegraph news paper was incredible to suggest he had ever been privy for dirt on mrs. clinton. lou: thank you very much. james rosen reporting. much more still ahead. stay with us. president trump calls for justice following the cowardly terrorist attack in new york city. president trump: sends him to gitmo. i would encourage that.
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lou: this wing suiter performing stunts that had never been done before. stay with us.
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stuck in a 4-door sedan of sadness. upgrade your commute. ride with audible. dial star star audible on your smartphone to start listening today. lou: two russian bombers had to be escorted away from the u.s. aircraft carrier in the sea of
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japan. it was within 80 miles of the u.s. s. reagan. ed the pentagon says the situation was resolved without incident. u.s. navy has three care yerp strike forces in the western pacific. joining me is jack keane, retired air force general. let me start with the aircraft carrier incident. 80 miles seems close for the bombers to approach. what else your reaction. >> they resent that we are reinforcing our allies, we are standing up against north korea. they own an aircraft carrier and that's it. we have 12 and we have put three of them in one place at one time and they haven't done that in 10
7:38 pm
years. they fly bombers from the 50s. we are not intimidated by it. it doesn't mean anything to us. we don't have to overreact to it. they know the capability we have and we know their capability also. >>r. lou: the fire tour represented by the carrier strike forces in the western pacific, i think that's where we get to the level of unthinkable what they can do in the way much damage. it's interesting that they are concerned about this. instead of a cry from help from russia and china, they are engaged in a cry for the return of barack obama. they want a patsy, and they don't have one in the white house. >> they know that for a fact. president trump has called out russia for all their adverse
7:39 pm
behavior. he has gone to nato and told them, we are going to stand with you against russia. lou: the first terrorist attack in new york city since september 11 in new york. your reaction to it? i want to say to young officer nash who shot the terrorist down, great work, congratulations and we are fortunate to have new york's finest here in the city. >> i'm a born and raised new yorker. so anything like that becomes somewhat personal. even though you feel similar when it happens any place in america. when i think about this, i try to put it in a strategic context it's been 25 years since we have been attacked in the world trade center bombing in 1993.
7:40 pm
radical islam has morphed into a global jihad. it's thriving and growing. despite taking the caliphate away from isis in iraq and syria. that movement which inspired this youngster moved into 30 countries. it attacked nato 30 times in 2 1/2 years. they are dead serious radical islamists. they are at war with civilization. and we, despite all the verbiage and the work the police enforcement is doing. when you look at the policies, we are not even serious. open southern border. immigration without sufficient vetting. sanctuary cities. we have got no global strategy
7:41 pm
to deal with the problem. in this city and like other cities we'll not conduct surveillance on radical dyed mosques and education centers and try to penetrate them because that's offensive to them. lou: look what happened to the president who said we are going to secure the corn border. across which comes the vast majority of the drugs every year and decimate our youth. and it doesn't matter what social or economic strata you are in. and we have a congress that mocks him. we have a national liberal media that mocks him. rather than saying it's time to go to war against this evil. there is a mad paralysis gripping the will of this country.
7:42 pm
the people's will. >> we have hypocritic, phoney politicians. the feckless europeans that wring their hands every time there is an attack. but they never change their policies over open immigration. here we have deblasio and accumulatioand andcuomo tellinge wolf attack. we got politicians here that tell us we should go about our routine and our lives. but they are not telling us we are at war and give us some aid on how to protect our lives. the american people are adults. they will figure out how to go about the routine, even though
7:43 pm
letting them know we are at war and it's a dangerous situation they are facing. they are adults. lou: up next, new details about the man behind the anti-trump dossier and how much fusion gps paid him. i'm curious how much gps fusion paid a lot of people. they made a lot of progress in keeping their secrets. why is that? fall ithat. did your senator or congressman get elected by talking tough on the national debt? will they stay true to their words? or did they promise you one thing... only to do another? right now, congress is talking about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy.
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lou: we learned something new about fusion gps. they seem to have a lot of people who want to protect their secrets it turns out they paid annex british spy $168,000 for his work on the infamous discredited and debunked trump dossier. the group, fusion gps calls itself an opposition group.
7:48 pm
they are all that plus a smear machine and a lot of other things. the law firm saying the money has been paid to former mi6 officer christopher steele and it came from more than a million dollars they got from the law firm representing the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic national committee. we don't know how much fusion gps was making it was dirty work, so we suspect quite a bit. joining us, tom i tom fitton frm judicial watch. we find out how much christopher steele made to smear donald trump. and we don't have the records,
7:49 pm
we don't see anything. a judge declared we can't see it. i'm about as fed up with the way things are operating there as i can be. how about you? >> i am, too. we have a real crisis in the sense that it's one thing to have democratic lawyers or fusion gps lawyers protecting the payment information. but it's another to have the fbi and the justice department working to keep us in the dark. the fbi said they can't tell us whether the document exist. lou: there are reports that the fbi paid for part of it, offered to reimburse expenses for it. and in fact may have used it for fisa warrants before federal
7:50 pm
judges. that's quite a statement. >> that's true. they allowed the congress and their staff to look at some of these documents. why are they telling judicial watch they can't confirm or deny that they exist. lou: there may be agreat faith on the part of fusion gps that congress will keep their secrets than they are with you and judicial watch. they are probably afraid you will share with the public. we have a ridiculous situation where we have closed door hearings and people telling us about national security, congressmen and senators. it's a smoke because it's clear the thing that's broken here is the integrity of our committees in congress. the integrity of our intelligence agencies. and i'm saying it out loud because there is every evidence
7:51 pm
of corruption across all of those agencies. >> it may even be legal however unpleasant for the clinton gang to collude with the rugs to take down donald trump. but if the fbi under the tutelage of barack obama's administration and his appointees were also doing it, that is the scandal of the decade and the last 50 years. if you have the cia, fbi, and the justice department using this dossier to go after the incoming president or wannabe president. they don't want to institution alley put themselves on the block here. lou: they are on the block. the question is whether anyone in congress or the senate has the guts to actually pursue
7:52 pm
oversight over those agencies. to this point i have seen no sign any one of those agencies has the guts to oversee the activities and find out what the fbi top officials have been doing and why. >> let's ask mr. mueller to investigate whether the fbi and the justice department quliewtd russians to go after trump in the election. lou: house republicans hours away from releasing their tax cut plan. paying less for my medicare? i'm open to that. lower premiums? extra benefits? it's open enrollment. time to open the laptop... ...and compare medicare health plans. why? because plans change, so can your health needs. so, be open-minded. look at everything-like prescription drug plans... and medicare advantage plans from private insurers.
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lou: i want to turn first to this attack. it's nice to see somebody angry. get mad as hell. it's the president of the youths reacting to the deaths. ed: he's reacting the way people on the streets are reacting. you rent a truck for $19 and go down and kill 8 people is outrageous. the gun control people will be front and center.
7:57 pm
>> truck control. lou: michael, i was appalled to watch these local officials and state officials get their 15 minutes before cameras and take all of this time and say nothing to the american people. >> what was mission is any passion or anger on the part of the governor or the mayor. they are afraid of offending. they will dance around the truth here. lead, lead with strength, not with fear. lou: i love these calls for people just act like nothing happened. no, do not act like nothing happened. be angry, and insist that these people actually do something. the suggestion is that rest of us are a bunch of of dam cowards and fools. the people of this city and
7:58 pm
country are absolutely up to every challenge and every possible response against this kind of evil. edrequir -- ed: it has to stop, and it's only going to stop by us making it stop. anybody that's suspicious you have to report. there are a lot of people who will be unhappy with that, but we have to do it. lou: you have officials and they are enough to make you sick at your stomach. >> they lack the courage to have a conviction over what is clearly a life and death matter for individual members of their city and state and the will of the country. the public interest is being disregarded. lou: extreme vetting?
7:59 pm
mustn't do that. who are these people who want to enter our country? far be it from me suggesting that we should have a say in who becomes an american citizen. ed: and yesterday five of the people killed were from another country. lou: the white house press corps challenge him and continue tomorrow talk about his statement about the civil war and compromise. what's wrong with those people? >> they don't understand history. the end of the civil war was about re connell sill yaition. that was -- was about reconciliation. john kelly is a warrior. ed: you have entitled to criticize john kelly if you have
8:00 pm
been in the wars he's been in. lou: michael thank you very much. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight, terror in new york city. we have the latest on the investigation and the suspect. plus calls to treat him as an enemy combatant. taxes. how does it all affect you? and new developments in the robert mueller russia investigation. is paul manafort a flight risk? grab a gavel it's time to rise. another suggestable sociopathic jihadist has murdered:more citizens.


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