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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 3, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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deduction or running into a buzzsaw of criticism there is not enough flexibility in that. this is where the wheeling and dealing is going on. it hasn't even gotten to the senate yet. back and forth we go. trish regan. trish: negotiating point. neil: here we go. trish: thanks, neil. president trump calling on fbi and justice department to investigate hillary clinton and the dems following two flue bombshell revelations. first, former interim dnc chair donna brazile says she has proof that the dnc rigged the nomination for hillary clinton. basically bernie sanders never had a chance. we have new details on this. and, that whole questionable russian uranium deal i was telling you about, the deal approved by clinton's state department, the one democrats and liberal media claim is just no big deal since none of the uranium would ever leave the united states? we have new news today. we have learned that uranium did
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make its way to europe. so once again i asked how did this deal ever get approved. we have the intel. blake burman at the white house with latest on president trump's trip to asia. coming on heels of the republican tax plan rollout. lots of news these days. hey, blake. reporter: hi, there, trish, including this dan that brazile revelation this, book, which the president sent eight different tweets. he is on board air force one to head to hawaii to start the asia trip. the president continues to criticize democrats, democratic national committee, hillary clinton as donna brazile writes, former head of the dnc, essentially that the dnc bowed to hillary clinton's campaign and fund-raising apparatus during the sift sit primary and president trump says he wants the department of justice to investigate. one of those eight tweets goes by the following than day. i quote the president. bernie sanders supporters have every right to be apoplectic of
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the complete theft of the dem primary by "crooked hillary." meanwhile back here in washington, the republican on republican gripes include a certain portion of this dax bill, specifically what to do with salt, the repeal of state and local tax, income tax deductions. earlier today, speaking with maria bartiromo, the chair of the house ways and means committee, kevin brady was asked about this. he tried to make the argument, those in new york, for example, a high-taxed state would benefit from this plan, because the plan would spur economic growth. >> when people leave the state, it will be because taxes are simply too big after burden for them as a family or business. but from a growth perspective, i think they're at center of re positive energy going forward. reporter: but lee zeldin, a congressman, republican for new york, he could be a current no vote on this plan because of this salt standoff. >> the elimination of the state
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and local tax deduction is a geographic redistribution of wealth where you're taking money from a state like new york, to pay for a deeper tax cut elsewhere. reporter: trish i was told by a white house official yesterday, this issue would be addressed. when i asked if it would be changed, this person didn't necessarily say that it would be changed but reiterated, it would be addressed. now we are hearing within the last 15 minutes or so from kevin brady, he will introduce different amendments to this tax bill on monday. it remains to be seen if this whole salt issue is among them. trish? trish: we'll find out. blake, thanks so much. my next guest says the republican tax reform plan goes way beyond cutting taxes. he guarranties you this plan will be a job creating monster. here to explain, the president of americans for tax reform, grover norquist. grover, good to see you. >> good to be with you. trish: so you like it? >> i do. it is very powerful, very
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pro-growth. all the incentives are there to make the united states much more competitive than we have been in competing with countries overseas. right now, we tax our businesses at 35%. socialist china at 25%. that's crazy. we have to quit doing that. this plan levels the playing field and puts the united states in a good position. trish: okay. so more competitive, much more competitive on the corporate front. >> yes. trish: what about on the individual front? do you want to see more? >> sure, yeah, there will be a tax cut every year the republicans have the house, the senate and presidency. i spoke with speaker ryan today. he reiterated we'll have a tax cut every year. whatever we don't get to this year we keep coming back but you have only so much space in every year's tax cut, and this one, they filled with a lot of very, very good pro-growth things. we've had weak economic growth over the last eight years during, it has been a recovery technically, but at 2%.
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reagan's was over 4%. we need to speed up growth. we need to get incomes moving upward, not sideways, and that requires an awful lot of pro-growth tax reform. trish: let me ask you about the top rate. no change in the top rate. if you make more than a million dollars you will still get penalized pretty heavily for that at 39.6%. >> yeah. trish: the president promised to cut taxes for everyone. do you see anything wrong in this right there, not actually giving a tax cut to everyone? >> well, if make half a million dollars today, you're paying 39.6. the 39.6 will continue but it moves to a million dollars. so if you're making a million dollars, you will actually see a tax cut because you're paying lower rate, not 39.6 all the way up to a million. it is not reduction in the marginal tax rate if you make more than a million dollars but your tax burden will actual
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fall. trish: all right. >> i would like to take that down where nobody pays more than 25%. we were at 28% under reagan. then we moved backwards. so we have a lot of work to do on that. trish: grover, i always say, look, i'm sorry this is the harsh reality of it. if you want to cut taxes you have to cut taxes for people actually paying taxes. let's not forget nearly half the country doesn't pay any federal income tax grover at all. >> no. that is true. look, very cheerful news here, we will have a tax cut reduces taxes for everybody, takes rates down. doubles the standard deduction for $12,000 for married couple. up to 25. that means a lot. trish: i hear you. weigh need it. its long overdo. let me ask you one of the specifics this whole salt issue. perhaps kevin brady will revisit this. he is talking about coming out with additional details on monday but the plan now not to
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allow new yorkers or calfornians anyone in new jersey to be able to deduct what they're paying in state taxes, local taxes and the fear of course is that it will be very suffocating for some of these blue state economies because right now they get to deduct what they're paying in state. your thoughts. >> right now you can deduct property taxes and income taxes. under the new rules you won't be able to deduct your income taxes, state income taxes but up to $10,000 for property taxes. so retired people with that much income but a big state property tax, they will be, they will do well. this solves the problem for most republicans in blue states because they live in more rural areas, suburban areas where you have some retired people that are hit. but on the income tax, it is new york's fault that their personal income tax is so high in new york. it is california's fault, that their personal income tax, state level is so high. ditto new jersey. if you live in those states, get
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a competent governor. trish: you know, i quoted this before. i like when warren buffett says, you can always see who is swimming naked when the tide goes out, right? the tide going out here. we may see which of states are swimming naked when it comes to tax policy they have. >> they can change that very quickly. trish: get a n.o.w. governor or you move. i keep joking we should set up a studio in new hampshire. grover, good to sigh. president trump deserves a federal investigation, they deserve it of hillary clinton and the democratic national committee. watch. >> all i can tell you is this. there was no collusion. there was no nothing. it is a disgrace, frankly, that they continue. you want to look at hillary clinton and you ought to look at the new book that was just put out by donna brazile where she basically bought the dnc and stole the election from bernie. so that is what you ought to take a look at. trish: this is all in response
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to a bombshell report, bombshell accusations from the former head of the dnc, donna brazile. you see her there. she is alleging she found proof that the primary was rigged in hillary clinton's favor. she discussed a fund-raising agreement, signed off in august of 2016, that gave the clinton campaign oversight of dnc decisions. bernie supporters including senator elizabeth warren are all fired up. watch. >> do you agree with the notion that it was rigged? >> yes. trish: former democrat, former democrat harlan hill joins me. you were a bernie supporter, right? >> i was for a while. trish: along with the chair of the national bar association pac, scold bolding. good seeing you guys. >> good seeing you. trish: this is what you suspected i imagine, harlan. you came out for bernie. you were not a hillary fan. you have been since very pro-president trump. >> yeah. trish: does any of this surprise
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you? is this what you suspected? >> i can remember coming on this show during the democratic primary saying this primary was rigged. and this is just the latest example of it. we saw it even in the convention with the superdelegates and other tricks that the democratic establishment was trying to leverage to insure that hillary clinton was a shoo-in. this is just the latest example. it is meaningful that a former leader of the democratic national committee is standing up saying this happened because it may lead to real reforms. trish: what is your reaction to this, scott? donna brazile, some unyou know and trust i presume? how do you interpret what she is saying? >> certainly doesn't make the dnc look good. it certainly raises ethical issues and appearance issues but not illegal. this isn't collusion. these type of fund-raising deals are done all the time. so they're not really new. i'm a former state party chair. trish: aren't there campaign finance rules would prevent some of this stuff happening? in in other words it supposed to
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go to state as opposed to going hillary clinton's fund? >> maybe, maybe not. depend how it was structured. many of us don't know exactly that. trish: can i share some of it with you? >> sure. trish: donna brazile is writing basically folks that were big don't in because they would tap out, you know after a certain amount, they could write additional check for 353,000 to the hillary victory fund. she says that represented $10,000 to each of the 32 state parties part of the victory fund. >> they bring it back. they were funded back. trish: and then 33,400 would go to the dnc. money deposited the to the states first and transferred into the dnc shortly thereafter. apparently this is not really what was happening. she said, wait a second, i realize that victory fund that was supposed to be going to whoever the nominee and state party races, you're telling me hillary has been controlling that victory fund since before she got the nomination?
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harlan, what do you make of that? >> okay. hillary clinton was doing something unprecedented here. she was using the dnc, which is basically insolvent -- >> harlan, that is not true. >> she was leveraging the dnc to launder money, to accept contributions beyond the legally-required or legally acceptable limits. and the reason that she was able to launder this money because she had full control over the messaging and strategy of the democratic national committee in turn for bailing it out. that is exactly what happened here. she bailed out the dnc and in turn for that, was able to do whatever she wanted with it. bernie sanders -- >> that is not true. may i respond to that. trish: this is basically what donna brazile is alleging here. she was head of the dnc. you think this is not right what she is saying? >> inflammatory language, inflammatory language, the facts are correct but inflammatory language is really unnecessary. fec -- trish: facts are correct. >> fec and state laws if you
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will allow these types of transfers, what have you. i have done this before as state party chair. you have to look deeply into the fec rules. that is the first thing. he is right about one thing. harlan is right about one thing, it was dnc who needed these funds more than ever. and you need a strong dnc. you need a strong democratic nominee. now they did this deal before it was, before she became the nominee. but it was general expectations. you're right, she didn't control all of dnc. she controlled two or three apparatuses of dnc you have to pay the cost to be the boss. if i'm raising funds for you -- trish: you're in charge. she was effectively their banker. bailing out what could have been bankruptcy. >> exactly. >> you can put that cloud over it but the dnc benefited far more than hillary clinton. trish: what about the american voters? >> heshe would raise the money anyway. she would raise money anyway. trish: what about people who wanted bernie sanders, i don't know why, but we'll have inn conversation another time, wanted bernie sanders to win,
2:14 pm
all right? so he feels like he was betrayed by his party, harlan. >> fully understand feels that way, bernie sanders and campaign were offered the same deal. they opted out of that deal because they wanted after lower donors. >> this is joke. >> larger donors would not give and -- trish: let harlan respond. >> that is fact. he opted out of it. >> hillary clinton has never followed the rules. when she was subject of an investigation by the justice department, she destroyed emails that were under subpoena. >> that is -- talk about the dnc and hrc. >> with loretta lynch. when she couldn't win on the merits, she funded a dossier of inflammatory falsehoods, fake news. >> republicans did same thing. >> against the president of the united states donald trump. she doesn't play by the rules this is just latest example of it. unfortunately that is why she lost. if she played by the rules, had given voters a fair shake none of this would have happened. trish: i have to leave it there.
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>> can i say this real quick? hr, why are we blaming hrc the dnc did the deal, if you will. she would be fund-raising -- trish: donna is also blaming dws, debbie wasserman schultz. she is getting a lot of blame here. in fact donna -- >> she should be blamed. >> she was. trish: anyway. >> bernie sanders should feel that way. it is not hrc's fault. it is dnc's fault. we need to default the dnc. >> they are not going to do that. they are still bankrupt. they need another bigwig. trish: harlan, thank you. big day for the iphone. iphone x going on sale today. we're seeing really long lines outside of stores. our hillary vaughn is at one of them in center city, california with the apple phone. new questions over that highly questionable uranium one deal that went down while hillary clinton was the secretary of state. despite all these assurances that american american uranium
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would never ever leave our country, guess what? it did. more next.
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trish: apple to record lie because of earnings release and new biz about the iphone x. apple up nearly five bucks at 3%. hundreds lining up outside of apple stores nationwide, hundreds, thousands, with preorders selling out within ten minutes, at $1000 price tag not really being a deterrent for anyone. hillary vaughn is at century city apple store for us today in los angeles. how is it looking? >> trish, there are hundreds of people in line now, and they have already processed about 400 who have walked home with the flagship device. this is the first day this location has been open. we talked to people have been camped out since 6:00 p.m. last night. one woman i talked said she wasn't planning on coming by but her phone broke and she had to wait in line so get the new device.
2:21 pm
this is jasmine who has been waiting in line since early this morning. why are you here today? >> i'm here to get the iphone x. >> what is it about the 1000-dollar phone that makes you want to buy it? >> i think it is new. i want ad black one but unfortunately ran out before my term. so we're getting two whites. he might not get one or want. we waited in line with my girlfriend in collaboration together. it didn't move as slow as this doors opened at 8:00, we were out at 8:30. >> thank you. trish this is some way to demonstrate how high demand is. a big problem for apple, has been meeting this demand. apple ceo tim cook said yesterday the iphone x was backlogged. he says he has no idea what is up ply will catch up. there is no phone like it that they have ever produced. part of is the problem is with the complexity of the facial three derecognition tech in the
2:22 pm
home screen. apple says demand is off the chart but they're making record low numbers of these iphone xes available. the company plans only to make 20 million phones available through the end of year, a% drop from what they -- 50% drop from what they originally planned for. the big problem with the slow delay is the front and back glass. one thing if you note you break the front and back of the iphone x, it will cost $800 to replace it. my advice, get your hand on one of these, don't drop it. trish: or get a case. i was talking to the producers about it. one of our producers's husband ordered it on line, he will get in a month, fines right? why take an entire day out your life to go wait in line and join all the hype? i guess for some people they have to have it first. reporter: trish, and people who got preordered for today, which sold out within minutes as you noted they're still waiting in
2:23 pm
line. we have two different lines. this is the line for people who said hey, i take my chance and campout overnight to grab one. trish: to each their own. thank you so much. hillary vaughn into. >> new questions today over that highly questionable uranium one deal that went down while hillary clinton was our secretary of state. you know despite all the assurances that the uranium would never leave the country, turns out, guess what, we have reports it did. it went to canada. it went to europe. if we're concerned about the russians trying to have an outsized influence in the atomic energy industry, which we were, fbi was conducting investigation at that time, why are we allowing a deal like this? some answers next. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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trish: that they were going to make america, quote home again? that company, broadcom, semiconductor company, is according to "the wall street journal" planning an unsolicited takeover of rival chipmaker qualcomm. deal could be really enormous here, given qualcomm es current market cap. value of $90 billion. look at qualcomm and broadcom moving up on this news. investors like the sound of it right now. important to point out that broadcom is moving higher. it was moving higher yesterday, on news it made coming back home to the united states. but also, it is not, always the case. that an acquirer, in this case, could potentially be a, unsolicited, hostile take over, "enquirer" moved higher. maybe some good synergies. we'll keep an eye on it for you. questions popping up about
2:29 pm
the highly questionable obama uranium one deal. new memos show uranium escaped our shores and traveled all the way to europe between 2012 and 2014. wait a second here, right? didn't they say that the nuclear regulatory commission, that no uranium would ever be exported without a license? isn't this what so many members of the left are saying right now? it wasn't a big deal? of course it could get through. cfius, none of the uranium would or ever did leave the united states? well it turns out that is wrong. it did leave. here to discuss, american majority ceo, ned ryun. ned, walk us through the revelation here. why is this important? >> so what was being exported in 2012 and 2014, yellowcake uranium. that is what is used to build weapons. we were assured, republicans were assured nothing would be exported because the nrc assured us. uranium one and armz, controlled
2:30 pm
at this hosatom. nrc amended a license for trucking company, that allowed them to export uranium's uranium from wyoming to canada. 25% made its way into europe and asia. the thing that needs to be understood, we have to import ma "of your uranium. why are we exporting uranium at this time? the next thing, rosatom. trish: russia atomic energy corporation. if that is not a red flag, i don't know what is. >> they are helping iran build up nuclear program and training its nuclear scientists. there are a lot of questions. chuck grassley is on this. considering putting cfius members and asking us under oath, why dud approve this. why did you do it again. trish: i want to get to that in a second. here is something i want to show
2:31 pm
the viewer though. this is what has been uncovered, an export license that went to rsg logistics services inc. this is the trucking company -- >> kentucky trucking company. trish: ned was talking about. it said this licensee is authorized to export a cumulative total of 12 million kilograms, natural uranium in the form of uranium ore concentrate. this is, this is crazy stuff. and then, by the way, it goes on to say that uranium has to come back to the united states. we now know it went to canada and europe -- >> 25% went to europe and asia. trish: how do you know if it comes back? >> they hand amended from 7 1/2 kilograms to 12 million. we're not sure how much uranium left. because the nrc will not tell us. they said exports between 2012 and 2014. >> let's look at cfius. it is made up important people,
2:32 pm
like hillary clinton. secretary of state. >> eric holder. trish: should have known that, investigating into vladmir putin. >> this whole deal is taking on place, the fbi was aware of a bribery case taking place around the uranium one deal. cfius board members, voting members were aware of this at the time they approved the deal. i want to go back to say this, stress this for your listeners, there were merger deals. there were no merger deals approved in this quick of a time, by obama's justice department. this was quick. people wanted it to happen. trish: why would they want this to happen in. >> these are questions have to be asked under oath. the thing i want to go back, we're hearing about the trump, russia collusion fairytale from 2016. evidence is pointing towards obama and his administration were embracing russia. obama was making fun, he was making fun of romney, for calling romney out -- trish: 1980s foreign policy approach. >> they were making fun. embracing. now they are saying there is collusion with trump.
2:33 pm
when in fact the real collusion, the real embracing of russia was the obama administration, hillary clinton, the clinton foundation. on top of that, if you want to taco solution. you talked about the fusion gps dossier, they put seven figures worth of money into this, former, maybe even current fsb agents were being paid information in the kremlin. i'm sorry, who you do you think colluded with russia. trish: i agree. get cfius people in front of congress. answer the questions. >> it's a big deal. >> american public is owed that. ned ryun, thank you very much. >> thank you, trish. trish: president trump going to asia for extended trip throughout the region, very big deal. this is coming at a time when north korea is heating up. the president is considering putting north korea back on the terror watch list. so why wasn't it on the terror watch list? gordon chang will tell you that next.
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trish: president trump embarking on 11-day landmark trip making stops in japan, south korea, china, vietnam and philippines. one of his major goals is to unite the five countries against denuclearized north korea. this as the administration considers relisting the rogue nation as state sponsor of terrorism. here to discuss, columnist and author of the coming collapse of china, gordon chang. gordon, how is it north korea not on the list? >> well north korea was delisted in 2008 by the bush administration. that should have remained on the list, but the bushes wanted to make sure the north koreans were happy. so that they would carry through on their promises to due nuclearize. they should have been back on the liz in 2014 when north koreans made threats against american theatergoers, but the
2:39 pm
obama administration didn't do it. so now the administration faces issue about delisting. trish: if you're on the terrorism list what does that mean for your country? does that change life for kim jong-un at all? >> very, very little. the reason is, president trump to his credit imposed pretty severe sanctions on north korea, especially september 21 executive order tells the world if you do business with north korea, you can't do business with the united states. that makes the designation really mute exempt from symbolic point of view. symbolic it es important to list the north koreans, because they are evil, but the point is, from a practical matter, not very much significance. trish: tell me about the trip. what do you think his goals should be? we're talking about uniting these countries against north korea. you would think they with want to be united against north korea under the circumstances, and the threat that north korea poses to everyone, everyone in this world, including a lot of folks in that region.
2:40 pm
but what is the president, in your view, how does he walk away from this a winner? >> well i think there are two things. there is of course north korea. and the important point here will be south korea and china. you know, south korea has a president who is pretty pro-north korean, pro-chinese. and he would defect from the united states if trump gave him the chance to do that now president trump has been very effective in boxing in moon, the new south korean president. this is a continuing struggle for the united states. of course the chinese are supporting the north koreans every opportunity they get. they have sort of withdrawn from this but only because trump pushed them in a better direction. trish: good. keep pushing them. they need a push. >> absolutely. trish: gordon chang, thank you very much. big trip. we'll keep talking. >> thank you, trish. trish: northrop grumman ceo talking to our own maria bartiromo on "wall street week" ahead of president's big trip
2:41 pm
and talk about business opportunities. a quick preview for you. >> we have tremendous growth opportunities throughout the asian and pacific region in our commercial defense business. in china we're looking very much supportive of the president's visit. we're very much supportive of the visit. president xi came to the united states in 2015 and visited our plants in seattle. at that time we signed an order for 300 new airplanes in china. we're expecting similar kinds ever volume of opportunities here in this upcoming trip. so china is a very attractive marketplace for us. trish: you can watch all of maria's interview on "wall street week," tonight, fox business, 8:00 p.m. eastern. markets today, little changed after we got that october jobs report. the unemployment rate, the lowest since the year 2000. plus, we're learning that a rogue employee at twitter deliberately took the president's twitter account off-line, raising a whole lot of troubling questions who has access to his account, and what the company is or isn't doing to
2:42 pm
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trish: we saw the s&p and nasdaq hit new intraday all-time highs. the dow earlier in the session, doing so, we can back off a
2:46 pm
little bit from those levels. still plenty of green on the screen. all of this coming as unemployment rate drops to 4.1%. i want to remind you that is the lowest level in 17 years. so that's a very good news for the economy, adding 261,000 jobs last month, a little short, compared to what people were anticipating, but i'll tell you, you have lots of upward revisions on other numbers. all in, pretty good stuff. grover norquist saying economy will continue adding jobs, thanks to the tax reform plan. joining me assistant editor for "the wall street journal" editorial page, james freeman, and fairfax global markets, ceo, paul dietrich. you like this overall? pretty good stuff. >> usually investors are feeling optimistic. it is harder to cush our enthusiasm when we look at some recent reports. it wasn't as high as we thought, but when you add the revisions
2:47 pm
basically 350,000 more jobs than we thought we had a month ago. you look very good reports on manufacturing this week. atlanta fed, now saying we'll get 3% plus growth in the fourth quarter. this would be the third in a row. so maybe a little too early to say trumpnomics is working. looks like we might be headed to a breakout here. one bleaker spot if you would, would still be, wages, paul, wages are going down a little bit. is this temporary? is this going to change? is this why we need tax cuts? >> the tax cut will help. but if you delve into the numbers, and delve into the footnotes, one of the you are going to see i believe those wage numbers will be revised up over the next two months. they pretty much because of three hurricanes, the sampling data has higher than average error rate. but i'll tell you the reason why wages are going to start going
2:48 pm
up. and this is because, one of the things in this report showed that about 700,000 people left the workforce. these were basically baby boomers who reare retiring. we've been seeing that trend continue. the labor force is tightening up. when that happened historically, we've gotten wage growth. we are almost at full employment. trish: very different kind of economy right now. you call it the amazon effect james. things are cheaper in part because there is all this competition out there. so as things are cheaper, well, you know, sometimes companies are not paying as much. maybe workers are not even demanding as much, because you can go out to buy all the cheap stuff. i don't know. i don't know why it is that we haven't seen wages respond more to everything the fed did last eight years and this item employment market. >> amazon effect. technology generally has benign
2:49 pm
deflationary impact. american frackers, driving down price of oil, have been a dig deflationary force. this is obviously good for consumers but maybe not so good at wage side of the ledger. recent report i'm not too concerned about wages not rising as much as we might like, when you consider a lot of rehiring in the hospitality industry in florida, texas, after the hurricanes. those are normally lower wage jobs. i don't think that is a concern. labor force participation rate, i'm still concerned about that. think that i tells us we got a long way to go to break out of the obama era new normal. trish: paul, looking at some numbers on the screen. maybe we can show them again for the viewer. nasdaq is up better than 21%, everyone, since the president came into the oval office. this since his presidency. look at that. do we have the dow as well? similar story on the dow.
2:50 pm
6759 is the nasdaq composite index right now. on the dow nearly up 2%. gain of 3700 points. this is big stuff! >> it is, and you know, one of the things that we're seeing that last five or six years, the rest of the world has been in sort of a recession. and now asia, japan, europe, latin america, they're all expanding their economies, with american companies. they are selling more. we had 150, we added 156,000 manufacturing jobs in the last 11 months, according to this jobs report. and, we, we're seeing the first time a kind of synchronized global expansion we haven't seen for six or seven years. trish: i like it. i like it. hope it continues. thanks so much for both of you being here. james, paul. troubling news, everyone, a rogue twitter employee deliberately sabotaged the
2:51 pm
president's twitter account, deactivating it on the employee's last day. how the heck does this stuff happen? who has access to the account? we're on it.
2:52 pm
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2:55 pm
sergeant boy -- bowe bergdahl will receive dishonorable discharge for abandoning in his post in 2009, but he will not serve prison time. he pleaded guilty for desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. he will also be demoted to e-1, the lowest rank, will pay a 1000-dollar fine. president trump's twitter account, sabotaged, taken off-line for whole 11 minutes, that it was done by a customer support worker, on his or her last day on the job. meanwhile the president making light of this whole thing, tweeting my twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. i guess the word must finally be getting out and having an impact. at least he has sense of humor about it. >> the tweets are -- trish: that is bonkers. an employee can go in and take down his account or any one of
2:56 pm
ours. >> that is disturbing. when the thing happened, down for 11 minutes, sorry this page doesn't exist. then twitter comes out of and says, sorry, human error. two hours later starts telling us about an employee, him or her, last day at work. what does that tell you? maybe they just did this as passing see ya later, i will knock off the president of the united states' account. how can you do that? more disturbing, if you can get access, how many people have access to someone like president trump's account? what if they tamper with it? what if they put out a note saying launched attack on north korea, take that "rocket man"!? think about that. what are the safeguards in place? twitter is being very quiet. they're conducting internal investigation. trish: i'm sure they are quiet. they don't want to talk about it. >> that raises questions. an ex-employee told buzzfeed there are quite a lot of people that can suspend accounts but not as many who can deactivate
2:57 pm
account. this had to be someone with quite high level access. trish: will we find out more? i'm sure they buttoned up on this this could have very serious implications if any of these accounts, certainly the president of the united states' were to get into wrong hands on twitter. >> what about any other important person? a lot of people out there, a lot of leaders have twitter accounts. what safeguards are in place to protect them from people, who it quote the president, go rogue. trish: these are questions lawmakers ought to be asking. >> they should. i don't know whether twitter, they're going to be under a little pressure to explain more how something like this could happen. i like the president's response. nice tongue-in-cheek comment, however, by the way president sent out more than 36,000 tweets. trish: how many twitter followers does he have? >> nearly 42 million. trish: 42 million. i thought my 350,000 was great. >> being president comes with a
2:58 pm
lot of perks. trish: he had a lot of followers before that. >> that is true i don't he was using his account, you could say not as effectively. >> yeah. trish: for most part direct way to reach people. >> you know why? because he goes straight over the heads of mainstream media, talks to his base. if he is on the trump team, you're on twitter, really feels like he is talking to you directly. mainstream media hates. trish: of course. because they are no longer relevant. if president wants to talk to the people, abc, cbs, nbc news, had to set up cameras, either get an interview with the president or set up the whole thing, pool cameras, et cetera. you know it well. the media plays instrumental role in all of that. >> they do. trish: now all of sudden the president doesn't need them anymore. >> sometimes i wish he wouldn't tweet. but overall effective tool. the fact an employee at twitter
2:59 pm
shut him for 11 minutes. you think, come on. then you think about seriousness of it. trish: indeed. any weekend plans? >> a lot of this. trish: another big "newsweek." >> i have another hour of bedtime this weekend because the clocks go back. trish: i'm so glad you told me! i completely forgot! always, you know the problem, darn iphone. which the new 10 is out, but iphone updates automatically. so you don't, i love the feeling having to go around the house and change all the clocks. got another hour. there you go. looking forward to that. ashley webster, terrific weekend, everyone. i hope you all have a good weekend. kevin brady says he is making
3:00 pm
tweets. we'll find out on monday. what certainly a lot of republicans from some blue states will see whether or not that happens next week. liz claman i'm sending it to you. you and me if you combined the twitter accounts. even with the october jobs number. if they closed right here get the blue ribbons. it is going to be a big deal. we are also looking at the jobs number and how it is affecting the markets in the final hour. they add 261,000 new jobs. that is a 17 year low. so what is holding back the dow from even bigger gains.


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