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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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someone it's hard to tear it off later. >> david: little housekeeping note tomorrow i'm hosting the cost of freedom live from 10 a.m. eastern to noon on the fox news channel. i hope you could be there. >> melissa: i'll be watching and for now risk & reward gets started. >> president trump: together we will make america wealthy again. we're going to have our country be great again folk, okay? oh, boy oh, boy oh, boy what a country. but we're going to make it respected again and make it great again. >> [applause] >> president trump: together we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again and? we will make america great again . >> [applause] >> another campaign promise achieved a new pupil to the huge majority of americans are now
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saying they have achieved or they are on their way to achiev ing the "american dream." we're going to break down the details of that poll tonight. also, we're digging into the newly-released cia bin laden files. they were seized the night navy seals killed him. new documents showed ties between al qaeda terrorists and iran, coming up we've got a guest who says the obama administration knew it and they still forged that deal. and a new hillary clinton bombshell evidence from a top democrat that the clinton campaign effectively controls the dnc, as early as 2015. we're going to show you the evidence. tonight, we have an all-star guest lineup. former trump national campaign spokesperson katrina pierce on is here, a nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world gordon chang, dan bongino and rnc spokesperson all here all tonight.
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♪ living in america, living in america ♪ >> i get the confetti every time i host this show. welcome to risk & reward i am cheryl casone. well yes, the dow, the s & p and nasdac all record closes again tonight. the dow ended up 22 points, the nasdac tied by the way driven by an earnings-related surge in shares of apple. apple at a record high, a market cap nearly $900 billion for the first time, that was reached, plus you've got the unemployment rate at its lowest in 17 years, and hiring rebounding with the u.s. economy adding 261,000 jobs last month. and you know the positive news really reflected in a new poll that shows the majority of americans now saying that america is great again. a whopping 80% say they have achieved or they are on their way to achieving the american dream, and in addition americans want to get rich again. another 60% of americans say
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becoming wealthy is either essential or important to their view of the american dream. all right, former trump national campaign spokesperson and spokesperson for america first policies and non-profit started by former trump campaign katrina pierceon is here. >> hi, cheryl great to see you. >> cheryl: what do you think of the fact this poll says 80% of americans think they've achieved or on their way to achieving the american dream. this was really a big campaign promise from president trump. >> it was big. the president made a promise to make america win again and i think we're seeing that reflection with a lot of americans in those polls and i'd like to point out there are a lot of democrats in that poll who also feel like they're going to be able or on their way to achieving the american dream and when you look at the numbers coming out recently with regards to jobs and the economy it looks very well and we haven't even begun to do the kind of work the president committed to do. even just today we're looking at
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the lowest unemployment rate of americans without a high high school diploma since 1992, this is huge and america is really looking forward to what the president is doing for them. >> cheryl: it's interesting where we're at today in 2017 because remember how president obama at the time apologized for america during the beginning of his presidency? listen to what he said at the time. >> the early decisions we've made that you're starting to see some restoration of america standing in the world. there have been times where america showed aerogance and been dismissive. the united states is still working through some of our own darker periods in our history. we've at times been disengaged and at times we sought to dictate our terms. we have to acknowledge potentially we've made some mistakes. >> cheryl: you have to ask yourself after listening to that is president trump moving our
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country forward instead of apologizing for it? >> wow that is such a stark contrast when you see president obama compared to president trump who is very patriotic and courageous and talks in positive terms about his country and the people who are in it and i think that's another motivation particularly when it comes to americans who have been struggl ing. you know, as the leader particularly of the free world more importantly here at home, there needs to be a leader that empowers the people and that's the kind of president we have now. >> cheryl: by the way katrina before i let you go we're going back to make america win again? >> that's right. we're winning, it's going to be great. the numbers are looking great and once they get this tax reform done, americas going to take off like a rocket. >> cheryl: want to know what hat to buy for next year. katrina thank you very much. >> thank you. >> cheryl: well president trump announced yesterday that broadcom, this is a $100 billion cell phone chip maker company based in singapore are going to
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relocate to the united states. big news. representative kevin mccarthy cites it due to republican tax efforts. >> the ce ceo of broadcom who created the company in america but says we had to leave because we cannot compete globally says based on this tax bill and the work president trump is doing they announced they're coming back to america. >> cheryl: but recall how president obama said this was nearly impossible? >> but for those folks who have lost their job right now because a plant went down to mexico, some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back and when somebody says like the person you just mentioned who i'm not going to advertise for, that he's going to bring all these jobs back. well how exactly are you going to do that? what are you going to do? there's no answer to it. he says i'm going to negotiate a
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better deal. well how exactly are you going to negotiate that? what magic wand do you have and usually the answer is you don't have an answer. >> cheryl: yeah, but he did it anyway. president obama, so all right word that broadcom is planning an unsolicited takeover bid for rival chipmaker qualcomm according to a report in the wall street journal, broadcom stock ending the day 5% higher and qualcomm closing up over 12% let's bring in gary b. smith and fox business contributor. gary, you know it's so much to hear the president obama anyway talk about well how is he going to do it because he just debt. broadcom is going to relocate to delaware once this move is approved. 20 billion annual revenue. i mean, should we give the republicans credit? >> gary: absolutely. look obama mentioned what he called the magic wand as if it couldn't happen.
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the magic wand is actually simple cheryl. you know what it is. it's the same for individuals as it is for corporations. allow them to become richer. allow them to keep more of their own money. i think you're going to see a ground swell of companies taking money from overseas, relocating here because the business environment is better. they will allow to become more profitable, expand, competitive, et cetera et cetera. my gosh i hope we get the corporate rates lowered and i hope that goes through because that could add jet fuel to this economy. >> cheryl: it's interesting because the ceo of boeing telling our own maria bartiromo in our exclusive interview which airs in full tonight on wall street week but cutting the corporate tax is going to create jobs. listen to what he said. >> tax reform is the single-most important thing we can do to generate jobs growth in the u.s. the single most important thing we can do to energize economic growth. i know things like 20% corporate
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tax rate will allow us to be more competitive in a global market place and that's what our competitors enjoy today around the world and we're more competitive we win in the marketplace and that allows us to invest and grow for the future. that translates into jobs. >> cheryl: there you go but how much will the tax cuts actually help businesses, gary? >> gary: i think it's going to help a great deal. cheryl you know the argument the democrats will have they will say well there's no proven link between cutting corporate rates and adding jobs. they're missing the point. as corporations get richer, it benefits everyone. let's just say the corporate rate apple would pay less than they do now and they retain every single dollar of those earnings. the money just doesn't sit in a vault. it either goes back to their shareholders, it's used for expansion, it's used to fend off competitors and look at this are we as a country better off because companies like apple, companies like boeing, companies like fedex are much richer than
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they were 30 years ago as opposed to the government which is twice the size, what would you rather have? a more profitable microsoft or a bigger federal government? i think the answer for everyone out there is you'd like to have more successful business because it enriches everyone's lives. >> cheryl: you get better returns on shares of microsoft than the government. >> gary: that's for sure. >> cheryl: gary thank you very much. appreciate your time. great perspective from you and honestly you want to catch more of that exclusive interview tonight with boeing ceo will be on wall street week here fox business 8:00 p.m. eastern time with of course maria bartiromo. well, the president departing d.c. for his first visit to asia this is a 12-day swing through five countries. concerns are certainly growing over a possible war with north korea. his first stop is japan but for more what to expect from the trip gordon chang, the nuclear show down in north korea takes on the world is here and gordon we reach out to you for these
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stories but what do we need to watch for in the president's trip? >> gordon: the one thing that i'm concerned about is the north koreans engaging in some sort of provocation so prince there's these reports they've been moving missiles around so they could detonate a nuclear device over the pacific as north korean foreign minister talked about. all sorts of thins could occur while trump is in the region and that will put the united states on the spot because the president then would have to respond and when he responds, there could be a cycle downward. >> cheryl: how would you advice president trump to prevent a war with nuclear armed north korea? that's certainly the biggest concern at this trip. >> gordon: the most important thing is to get our allies on side. we do that we can push the chinese around. president trump actually has a very good strategy and that is to cutoff the flow of money to north korea. that means they can't build missiles or nukes. they can't engage in gift politics which is the giving of
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luxury items to senior regime members so that kim jong-un the ruler can stay in power and president trump's campaign is actually starting to work because there are these reports that lower level officials who are the favored class are not getting their rations from the regime. that's significant. >> cheryl: that's interesting. you know president trump is going to make a three-stay visit to china. now the countries announced a crack down on banks that do business with north korea but how seriously do you think beijing is about implementing that strategy? >> beijing will be as serious as they react to president trump. the reason why they ordered the central bank to order commercial banks to drop their north korean accounts, that was because of pressure from the united states. if we let the pressure up, the chinese are going to end up opening up new accounts with north korean banks. we've seen this in the past when chinese banks dropped their north korean customers. they've only gone back to opening them up when the united states wasn't paying attention,
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so president trump needs to prevent that cycle from occur ring again. >> cheryl: gordon you're right. always good points, thank you. >> thank you cheryl. cheryl: well bad weather weigh ing on results that warren buffet losses from insurance claims tied to hurricanes harvey , irma and maria hitting the numbers and an earthquake in mexico contributing to a 43% drop in third quarter profit. that's stock closing down today down slightly a little bit more in after-hours down almost half a percent. and apple's iphone 10 is here, arriving in stores today. long lines in the hundreds wrap ping around the block today at several stores, hillary vaughn is live in los angeles at an apple store with the latest and whose getting what. hillary? >> hillary: cheryl, this is apple's most expensive iphone ever but still thousands of people have been waiting in line to get their hands-on this thousand dollar device for a lot of these people this is the first time they will have ever touched the phone but a lot of people camped out overnight, a
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lot of people stood in line for hours before they are even able to get inside the store but right now, i want to basically there has been an issue with apple meeting the supply. right now because the demand is too high. one of the things they said is they are backlogged and they have no idea when the supply is going to be able to be complete but they also did say they're going to cut how many phones they're making available through the holidays in half. they are only making 20 million of these phones available. now a big problem that's leading to these delays in production is the glass edge to edge display on the front and the back and i will say, if you need to replace your front and back screen for the iphone 10, it's going to run you at least $800 without apple care. that's almost as much as buying an entirely new iphone 10. i talked to a lot of people who have gone into the store and come out. one woman said she waited overnight but ultimately when she touched the phone, held it in her hand she said it wasn't worth the thousand dollar price
5:15 pm
tag and she didn't think the technology was that great and said she ultimately was disappointed but a lot of people cheryl have come out with the phone. so right now, we're seeing a lot of people still waiting and we'll get their reaction when they come out. >> cheryl: it sounds like it's the choice between the iphone 10 and the iphone 8. you know? >> hillary: yes exactly. the iphone 8 i was at that launch as well not as many people of course. the iphone 10 a lot of people are interested and excited about it. a lot of people want to see it but again not as many people deciding to actually walk out with it. >> cheryl: you're lucky to be there. hillary vaughn live in los angeles thank you. well we've got liberal uproar to talk about after billionaire joe ricketts shot down two local new york news websites after their employees voted to unionize. my next guest says that's what happens when you make a business that's unprofitable. that guest is next. ♪
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>> cheryl: billionaire joe rick etts shutting down two local new york news websites, dna info and after their employees voted to unionize. he is sending this message to readers. "dna info is at the end of the day a business, and businesses need to be economically successful if they are to endure " ricketts, who owns the chicago cubs shutdown all of the dna sites throughout the country overall 115 journalists out of work even those that did not vote to unionize. wall street journal editorial page deputy editor is here and what do you make of that there's a lot of reactions on twitter and the liberals kind of screaming about this. let me show you this one first off. this is joe ricketts, who put dna info because businesses need
5:20 pm
to be economically successful is worth 2.1 billion. that's from somebody on twitter. and somebody else said journalism isn't a hobby for rich people to experiment with and then abandon when it becomes inconvenient for them. i mean, it's like they don't get the free market. >> yeah, well, look cheryl, like this is what we call a basic failure to communicate. i mean, joe ricketts didn't become a billionaire by losing money and he may not have liked unions and so it was basically the new york office of these two publications that voted to unionize and it sounds like they had not been talking to mr. rick etts about whether he was going to be upset if they unionized so they just went ahead and did it. he acted and now they're out of work. in fact, the employees at the office in san francisco, chicago and washington had not voted to unionize so it's the new york office that has brought them to this point, and perhaps ricketts was a little abrupt but they didn't seem to talk to one
5:21 pm
other. >> cheryl: it's interesting, he had this to say on his blog and just said i believe unions promote a us against them dynamic that destroys what core businesses need to succeed and that dynamic makes no sense in my mind when entrepreneurs taking capital on the business and is providing jobs and promoting innovation. i mean is anything wrong with what he's saying here? >> well, it's known that joe ricketts believes that so couldn't someone around the dna info office said to their colleagues guys maybe we're making a mistake or we should talk to joe ricketts about this because he could go crazy if we vote to unionize and guess what he did. >> cheryl: he did. president trump last night, his twitter account was deactivated by his twitter employee or possibly a contractor on their last day of the job. they're investigating exactly what happened but the president reacted pretty strongly to this and here is what he said of course on twitter. the twitter account was taken
5:22 pm
down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. i guess the word must be getting out and having an impact. we do want to show this twitter by the way the stock did end the day in the green so there is the stock for you 1990 a share but tech companies have gotten into politics in different ways. twitter blocked marshall black burn's senate campaign announcement, google employees protested trump refugees none of this is into you new with what we're saying. >> well you know cheryl it strikes me as an extension of what we're talking about. there's certainly these social media companies, the twitter thing is troubling because if they can shutdown the president of the united states account they can shutdown anybody's account. that's kind of troubling, but the idea that they would sensor marshall blackburn's ad being put up on twitter or that google employees would be marching in the streets in san francisco against the president's immigration policy, i mean are they going to be shocked and surprised when there's political
5:23 pm
blowback from the republicans in washington but they seem to think that it just doesn't matter. well it does matter in the political universe. >> cheryl: they think they are probably untouchable. if you're over 30 in silicon valley you're old. you're living in san francisco you're living in a political alternative universe. >> cheryl: enjoy that reality. good to have you as. well the word digging into the newly released cia bin laden files and there's new documents that showed ties between al qaeda terrorists and iran. you know the state we did the nuclear deal with. coming up we've got a guest who says the obama administration knew it and still forged a deal anyway. dan bongino is next. >> do you really think this verifiable deal if fully implemented backed by the world 's major powers is a worse option than the risk of another war in the middle east?
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>> international inspectors will have unprecedented access. if i ran cheats the world will know it. if we see something suspicious, we will inspect it. if i ran violates the deal sanctions can be snapped back into place. >> cheryl: president obama assuring americans on the iran deal, but newly-released cia bin laden files expose iran's ties to al qaeda. a share asked hatred of the united states fueled at alliance between iran and the militant group. and what are the documents a senior al qaeda official writes the iran regime is the best example of pragmatism in politic s. anyone who wants to strike america iran is ready to support them and help them with money and arms, and all that is required as long as they are not directly and clearly implicated. joining me now former secret service agent former nypd officer dan bongino. it's good to have you here. >> dan: good to be here. >> cheryl: is this relationship
5:28 pm
between iran and al qaeda a surprise to you? >> no not at all. it was open source information pursuant to the 9/11 commission report and obama went forward with it anyway. cheryl this is the worst case of my enemy and my enemy is my friend in deal making history. in other words, what the iranians and what al qaeda have in common is they really want to kill americans really badly and they put their sunni differences aside and said you know, the blood of americans is more important. it's really no more difficult to understand that and the fact this deal went forward anyway with the obama administration knowing this, this is looking like the worst deal in american history. it's just a disgrace. >> cheryl: let's look at the time line here because the obama administration knew about this some time after bin laden was killed in 2011 as you mentioned but the iran deal still forged four years later that was 2015. what do you think about the timeframe? >> dan: i mean it's curious
5:29 pm
that these 470,000 documents are just being released now when we could have known about this in advance and at least leveraged some political capital against this horrible deal. the timeframe to me really reeks of another obama administration effort to subtle information that would make them look bad before the election. this is really getting ugly now. what part of the spirit of this deal have the iranians complied with? what part of it, ballistic missiles used as a vehicle to get nuclear weapons to one of their enemies? what part they don't want to open up their military facilities to regular unannounced inspections? i mean military facilities is where they do their damage and the other news is hard to understand unless you're a political and you don't want to open your eyes. >> cheryl: exactly and i want to switch gears and isis reportedly has been ousted from the last major city in syria. that's according to the syrian defense ministry. listen.
5:30 pm
>> president trump: i have a message for the terrorists trying to kill our people, our citizens, trying to hurt the world but trying to hurt the united states. we will find you, we will destroy you, and we will win. i would bomb them. i would just bomb those suckers and that's right. i blow up the pipe. i'd blow up every single inch. we're going to knock the hell out of isis we have no choice. we're going to knock it out of isis. >> cheryl: that wasn't the news about what we just saw happen in syria but that was the president repeatedly saying that this is how we're going to deal with the isis problem. do you think that he's keeping that promise? >> dan: yeah, he is and sadly, this is one of the more under reported stories by a lot of other media outlets which just refuse to report honestly on the president. his success in scattering isis and really making them overseas right now struggling if not
5:31 pm
hanging on by their last breath organization. now, you know that's the good news. the bad news is to regain their international credibility their fund raising, credibility means money and recruits real things. they're going to have to up their attacks overseas because on foreign soil they've lost rac a, we have this story breaking today and scattered to the fringe neighborhoods now. >> cheryl: dan bongino, thank you for being here. >> dan: yes, ma'am. >> cheryl: well, we've got something to show you now that happened today. home builder stocks actually in the red. this is a group getting hammered after the gop tax bill puts limits on the home mortgage interest deduction. remember many builders are against the associations against it despite that the sector is still way up for the year, but it's a sector to watch certainly well, top democrats now saying that the democratic presidential primary was rigged for hillary, next we've got the proof.
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at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock. >> cheryl: president trump reiterating today there was no collusion with the russians in the presidential race after former dnc chair donna brazil claimed the nomination process
5:36 pm
was manipulated in hillary clinton's favor. >> president trump: you want to look at hillary clinton and you want to look at the new book that was just put out by donna brazil where she basically fought the dnc and sold the election from bernie so that's what you want to take a look at. >> cheryl: brazil's book reveals the clinton camp gained significant control over the dnc 's finances more than a year before the election and a piece from the book says, "the agreement signed by amy dacey, the former ceo of the dnc specified that in exchange for raising money and investing in the dnc, hillary would control the party's finances, strategy, and all the money raised." she, hillary had exerted this control of the party long before she became the nominee. let's bring in now republican national committee spokesperson, caylee mcananey. i mean wow on this one. brazile fired back we should say at the president's comments. she said today's less in being
5:37 pm
quoted by donald trump means being misquoted by donald trump stop trolling me but what do you make of this whole thing? >> she just outed her party for rigging the election of hillary clinton so the president was absolutely correct in his comments and to take a look at hillary's actions to make sure she didn't run a campaign finance laws which we know are very strict and stringent, so you know what, what we are see ing from the dnc, this information this revelation from the member of the democratic establishment i'll remind everyone is corruption at the core of this party. we have donald trump that drains the swamp in washington but the democrats don't have anyone on their party to drain their swamp and their swamp is pretty deep and big right now. >> cheryl: it's interesting too because last year donna brazile said the dnc was supporting all democrats listen to that. >> we're not uncomfortable. we're out there every day the democratic party we have a robust operation, we're supporting democrats from the top of the ticket all the way down to the core house.
5:38 pm
>> cheryl: unless you're bernie sanders so why is donna brazile, why is she doing this now do you think? >> well it's an interesting question. i think in large part because the clintons are now irrelevant. they're no longer in the picture , no one has to cover for them any more. hillary clinton is out on this book tour and democrats are exasperated she's just reeking haver orange on their party causing them to have issues every day so this is an attempt to distance themselves from a relic and their party no longer relevant. >> cheryl: you know what's interesting about donna brazile, she's trying to save things because she was fired from cnn after leaked e-mails suggest she use her position to pass information to the clinton campaign about upcoming experiences. i mean what do you think is next for her since her reputation is pretty much on the skid? >> we'll see. i mean i think right now it's a desperate effort to salvage the party and someone like donna brazile, she saw it firsthand so maybe this is her attempt to do that but what's still breath taking to me, cheryl is that you
5:39 pm
have democrats like nancy pelosi ignoring this and debbie wasserman schultz saying she's proud of rigging the election for hillary clinton. she's proud of what they did at the dnc. at least donna brazile had a wakeup moment and is trying to do something good for the party but amazing some still don't see it. >> cheryl: you're pointing a finger out there's two pointing back at you. kelly thank you. >> thanks cheryl. >> cheryl: hurricane harvey caused gasoline prices to spike for most of the u.s. especially the midwest. during a time when things are usually down, fuel prices jumped over the last week in 43 states the average gallon of regular gas at 2.52 per gallon that's up $0.30 from just a year ago. just in time for the holidays. so they called it fake news democrats repeatedly criticizing trump during the campaign for saying the election was rigged. well my next guest says they should have been investigating it, after this.
5:40 pm
>> you don't see her complaining , you don't see her saying things were rigged.
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if that is your real name. it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground. >> cheryl: breaking details on the harvey winestein sex scandal the new york city police department saying new rape allegations against the movie mogul with credible and investigators are gathering evidence for a criminal case. she accused winestein of raping her twice in her apartment back in 2010. we're monitoring developments in this breaking story tonight. well remember during the campaign president trump repeatedly called out democrats for rigging the election? >> president trump: the system is rigged. the system is rigged folks, it's all rigged. one more way the system is rigged. this is what i mean when i say that our system is rigged. our system is rigged folks. and be careful with your votes, be careful with your votes and watch your votes. a vote for hillary is a vote to
5:44 pm
surrender our government, to public corruption. >> cheryl: okay and this is how the democrats at the time responded. listen? >> you don't see her complaining , you don't see her saying things were rigged. so when you hear folks talking about a global conspiracy and saying that this election is rigged, understand that they are trying to get you to stay home. >> he's standing up in front of large crowds and you can see how he's egging them on talking about rigged elections. >> cheryl: joining me now washington times columnist and contributor for the washington times. welcome to both of you. >> hi. >> cheryl: democrats eric are not holding back. they're attacking on his rigged comments. should they have been investigating this instead? >> i think that i hope that they will and i think that it's going to be investigated.
5:45 pm
i mean this is a very bizarre situation, especially in light of trump's comments. now you know, to be fair, he was talking about rigged overall, not just the democratic party but he did at some time specify the democratic party. in this case, you have such an insider that is making comments that require there to be an investigation. it's highly unusual to have an agreement of this nature that would give the kind of control that apparently hillary clinton got in this situation. bernie standers fans, the supporters of sanders, they have to be outraged at this point and it vindicates trump in a large degree with respect to the whole issue of rigged. no question about it. >> cheryl: and do you know what madison democrat elizabeth warren is admitting the primar ies were rigged for hillary. >> this is a real problem but what we've got to do is democrat
5:46 pm
s now, we've got to hold this party accountable. you have got to put together a democratic party in which everybody can have confidence. the party is working for democrats, rather than democrats are working for the party and he's being tested now. this is a test for tom perez. do you agree with the notion that it was rigged? >> yes. >> cheryl: okay but that's not what she said during the election. here is what she tweeted at the time. it's not rigged donald trump you're losing fair and square put on your big boy pants because this is what accountability looks like so madison should she have been looking into this is it the party the democrats will be able to win back american's trust or not be able to win that trust back after all of this? >> listen, the democrats knew this election was rigged a year and a half ago and they know historyinged now. the difference now is that more people know about this. this is coming out the proof is coming out donna brazile is coming out speaks against her own party and it's a scary time for democrats. what's really sad is that it actually backfired on hillary clinton.
5:47 pm
she thought rigging the election for herself would ultimately secure her a win in november and all that it did was take disen franchised voters who were supporting bernie sanders because they didn't feel supported by the established democrats any more. these people stayed home or came out for president trump. i traveled all across the country on the campaign trail talking to these voters and they have the feeling at the time this is what happened and now the proof is coming out and donald trump is really vindicat ed by that. >> cheryl: there's questions now whether the rigging pushed joe biden out of the race. eric do you think that's true? >> eric: it's hard to know. i mean, really, it's possible but i would imagine that i don't , i just don't know. it's impossible to know, but it's fascinating that this is happening and i think it's going to be very revealing and i think if anything has a case for an investigation against hillary clinton, which could be very serious in this situation, it's this, because of all of the
5:48 pm
implications it raises and the trust that it decimates for voters who really want to believe in the system, they want to believe that if they're voting for any party that they can believe in it and bernie sanders voters are just having the worst time today. i can only imagine and frankly, hillary clinton i've got to imagine is also very concerned because this is serious. >> cheryl: the reflection through all of this on her, we'll see if she responds. madison, eric thanks to both of you for being here really appreciate it. >> thanks cheryl. >> thank you. >> cheryl: well motivation to ditch the habit. one company's offering six extra vacation days a year to employee s who don't smoke. >> why is it okay for smokers to take breaks all the time? if i want to go outside and hang out once an hour then i'll just take up smoking i'll do it. i don't care. >> cheryl: dr. segal is here to weigh in coming up next.
5:49 pm
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>> why is it okay for smokers to take breaks all the time? if i want to go outside and hang out once an hour i'll just take up smoking i'll do it. i don't care. >> cheryl: so one company in japan now giving employees who don't smoke an extra six vacation days to make up for the time smokers take for cigarette breaks. so far, four of the companies 42 employees who smoked have already given up their habit. joining me now is fox news medical correspondent dr. mark s egal. what do you think about this? is this a good way to incentiv ize people to not smoke and get healthy? >> i like positive reinforcement like this. i like incentives yes because look, if this all started because this company said well wait a minute people were complaining people were taking these smoking breaks and they're
5:53 pm
not working so the people that weren't smoking said i should get extra time so it adds up to six vacation days a year they can go on travel, and then you know what people said who smoked maybe i'll quit and four out of 42 as you said already quit now japan has a bigger problem than we do. japan has 20% of the population smoking, so i think more of this and 130,000 deaths from lung cancer from smoking, so the more we see of this incentive we should have it here too, i think the more people are going to quit i like this. >> cheryl: it's funny because according to well not funny but according to the center for disease control smoking in the u.s. accounts for nearly 500,000 deaths every year. how important do you think that companies get involved in this process to encourage people to stop smoking? >> i think it's really huge and i think that it's got to be companies not the government. you know in the uk there's an area of the united kingdom and this is the government now where they're saying if you smoke and we smell it on your breath they
5:54 pm
will do a breath test you can't have elective surgery for eight months. that is not going to work cheryl that negative stuff isn't going to work but positive incentives work. >> cheryl: i want to switch gears with you because birth rates in the u.s. continue to decline. deaths from age-related disease is actually on the rise and we're seeing this this year. according to the cdc birth rates are down more than 2% compared to this time last year. what's going on? >> well so here is what's going on. in the united states there's good news here. birth rates are down because we're having less unwanted teen pregnancies. also, more women are waiting until later because they have careers and don't want to give up their careers to just have a child and be a house wife so they're pursuing their careers. that's really good and the 2% and i'm all for that especially because of the unwanted pregnancies. tons of the death rates that you're talking about cdc reported last year that were up 5%. the death rate is up 5% right now in the united states. it's not cancer because we got all these innovations and new
5:55 pm
immunotherapies. it's not hiv because we got all these new drugs it's baby boomer s getting older, having heart disease. some of them because they're smokers having high blood pressure having strokes, and also alzheimers is up and alzheimers-- >> cheryl: is that because of the size of the baby boomer population or is that because there are more unhealthy group? >> both. besides we can't do anything about but i'll have to tell you baby boomers specifically too much time on the couch, not exercisesing, not even walking, not enough cardio. overweight and too said en sedentary. if that's fixed the death rate will go down. >> cheryl: before i let you go prince william in england warned there's too many people in the world and he says that could have a terrible impact on the globe, but really isn't the most case in developed nations you've got an increased size? >> listen we just proved that
5:56 pm
the solutions of this occurs in industrialized societies where people wait longer to have babies and don't have as much wanted teen pregnancy sos right here in united states we're see ing this issue where we have a shrinking population so as we industrialize the globe we may see that problem go away but he's not something that can be dismissed here. >> cheryl: talking about africa >> yeah, because they need the number of resources in the world so that point has to be addressed. >> cheryl: doctor thank you very much. good topics with you. >> thank you. >> cheryl: we've got breaking news the wall street journal is reporting chip maker marvel technology is combining with their competitor and the potential deal will create a chipmaker worth 14 billion stock up 3% after-hours, cavium up 12% stocks to watch monday. fridays are a big night on fox business, find out why, after this. accumulations up to 8 inches... ...don't know if you can hear me, but
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