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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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you get inside the hash, i thought so too. >> petros: i thought martin did have some dino arms there, dustin. >> justin: the first two throws of this drive, looked like last week, late and off balance. falk throws, it's talk about someone getting hit, that is kyle sweet, now they will say incomplete. >> mark: those stanford guys are smart. watch the defenders hold them up. that is a great job by the secondary coach. >> petros: it is murphy that comes in to make the hit. a great job of getting open. that paul might not have been intended for him. it might have been intended for isaiah johnson-mack. but alameen murphy comes in and just laid that day. >> mark: holds him up, looked like a good call, that ball was
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loose on his shoulder, called incomplete. >> justin: kyle sweet took a hit too. >> petros: liked that replay. wasn't complaining as much that time. >> referee: second charge timeout, washington state. 30 seconds. >> mark: i actually think they called a timeout, i think he wanted to look at it. a modified challenge. >> petros: what does he want? >> mark: the only thing they can be arguing as to whether his knee was down. >> petros: but he never had possession. >> mark: that's the problem. >> referee: stanford has reported a change of jerseys. >> petros: a timeout is kind of a pseudo-challenge, you're saying. but he's not going to get a catch on this because sweet never controlled the ball at all. >> mark: never had it for me
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under control at all. smart guy, trying to use all his resources. >> justin: but, but, that will be no one timeout remaining. >> mark: mike leach never wanted to worry about worry about timeouts. >> justin: fair catch is signaled and made by trent irwin, who had changed his number number 29. while we have a moment, a word from our sponsor, duracell. and, no, that was not a jersey malfunction. that was designed. >> mark: talk about smart guys. you've got a&m you got stanford and all of their very interesting nuances.
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the velcro jerseys are a new one this year, i believe. spoon bryce love's back. if you're wondering, how is that ankle, he is back at that tail back. takes handoff here, and love able to spin it against taylor with a tackle. >> mark: he is having a tough time in there. in fact, everyone is having a tough time blocking hercules mata'afa. >> petros: mata'afa is so fast, so physical, so alive when the ball is snapped. it seems like he comes more alive on third down. >> justin: that ball batted down. pressure applied by nnamdi oguayo.
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>> petros: it be interesting to see what stanford does to maintain this lead. they have not had offense of rhythm in this game. you talk about ugly, coach, the pick 6 and the fumble pickoff, that's the second half. >> justin: they haven't had offense of rhythm and haven't been able to run the ball. that formation, they run a screen out of that a ton. pressuring from the edge, never get that. 3rd & 8, costello, low throw. he is shy of the first-down marker. now they are saying no catch. >> petros: trent irwin has made some acrobatic catches already. >> mark: great picture there, decide judge seeing that from way, way back, making a defined,
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correct call. >> petros: a snowball that looked pretty as well. >> justin: jake bailey onto the punt, who has been awesome so far. jamal morrow back at his own 10. morrow fielding it, and that was a heck of a play about morrow, a dangerous play, but to make that, brandon simmons there on the tackle. that one could have been going even further had morrow not been able to pick it up like a shortstop. great play. look at the pac-12 standings, again, the importance of this game, we talked about the round robin with stanford, washington, washington state coming up in the month of november. the pac-12 south, got usc and
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arizona. james williams in the backfield here. and williams breaks the tackles, williams will get 11 yards, and gets tackled by frank buncom. >> mark: checking through the run. stanford had a five-man box. the left tackle in that case, cutting off the backside. a good push by williams. >> petros: didn't mean to spin there, but he did. >> justin: throw is high, dangerous, incomplete. >> petros: at a certain point, luke falk has got to eat the ball. i know he doesn't want to do it, but that is tough. that time it was jordan fox coming off the bull-rush, and he tried the old jump pass, a little too high, not enough vertical. >> mark: going down the middle late, had it back here.
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>> justin: falk, pressure at this time, he will go down. sacked by alfieri. he is back, makes his presence felt, a loss of nine. >> mark: tied to pick them up, probably cut him right there, but a great job by alfieri, working hard, joined by phillips to finish him off. >> petros: nice bull-rush by alfieri knowing he could run that back into luke falk, not very vocal, likes to stand right there. >> justin: and they will not get the snap off in time as the third quarter it will to a close. third in 19 for the cougars to start the fourth quarter, but
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>> justin: welcome back to fox college football sponsored by volkswagen. nothing better than seeing a 6'4", 285-pound defensive lineman getting his groove on. >> petros: that is the best dancer in omaha, nebraska. >> justin: a shovel pass,
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williams on third and very, very long. and it is the dancer, harrison phillips, with the tackle, and david shaw, stanford cardinal 45 straight wins when leading after three quarters. that is the longest active streak in the fbs. >> petros: maybe it is the stanford defense that has been doing it, but luke falk really struggled the last possessions. >> mark: his last six passes, the only completion on a shovel pass. four incompletions, had that pick 6. >> justin: swings, trent irwin. he will field it at 31, makes a couple of guys missed, it still on his feet. erwin, that's a really good return to pick that ball up and make all those guys missed and still get positive yards. the guy they called shaggy from "scooby doo."
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>> mark: in the long snapper all the way down there on the tackle. >> petros: watch and put the arms up like batman. >> justin: come on come on come on, get it off, get it off. the equipment guy hates this, by the way. he goes and meets with the special teams coach. mad all week. the whole thing. >> petros: innovation in stanford. >> justin: 1st & 10. caught by connor wedington, and wedington will get back to the line of scrimmage. jalen thompson was right there. >> petros: pretty good tackle right there. that's how you do it if you want to get a guy on the ground. go tackle big, have a chance to get your feet around you and wrapped her arms around the gentleman. that time, jalen thompson, great
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fundamental play. >> mark: that gentle man runs a 4.3. >> justin: trying to turn it up. this defense has done such a good job bottling up bryce love. that's a loss of two. his sixth negative run of the game. let's bring this up, because bryce love, he is back from injury, missed a game last week, got hurt against oregon. this was a game where he had a chance to make that push for the heisman trophy, right? a day game, national television. he has had one run, that's it. if this is your first view of bryce love? >> mark: you are not wild. that's what they talked about. have to do just enough. been great with special teams, been an equalizer, and they just need to do enough.
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>> justin: costello completes the pass to one of his tight ends, colby parkinson, and parkinson out of the 47, going to be a yard shy of the first-down marker, marcus strong with the tackle. >> petros: he was fighting for it. >> mark: that's where you want parkinson to feel the change right there, just be physical. but great, strong tackle by marcus strong. >> petros: marcus strong fighting with the big tight end, 6'7", 230, not easy to get on the ground, and he tried his just about everything. >> justin: and now one of the players in the game for stanford on in jake bailey. jamal morrow back. a high punt, fair catch. at the 6-yard line. 48-yard punt on senior day.
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>> justin: fox college football is sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. buy dickies flex, engineered to move. and by kia. it is dads' weekend, get your party on. >> mark: is that a dad? >> petros: dad doing the dab. i think that's what it's called. >> justin: dislocated elbow. >> petros: [laughter] and ugly injury. >> justin: hand off to james williams, it's tackled by justin reid, and that is a big time
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tackle against a big-time safety. >> mark: watch the left guard, opening up for james williams, stanford almost beating them. great job getting williams on the ground. again, reid has had a great day. >> justin: now jamal morrow in at tailback. luke falk has six career fourth-quarter comebacks. trying to engineer his seventh. here at the palouse. he did sacked. turn pros and swan >> justin: so it is a loss of four. the reason why you do that, you also lose the down. >> petros: they got the center. another player from american samoa, for washington state. they have been logging a lot of
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travel miles. >> mark: he did a great job of recruiting the islands. >> justin: second down and 14. pressure coming up the middle. good job picking it up by morro morrow. got chased down by peter kalambayi. the second time kalambayi has been right there, and falk did a nice job this time getting rid of it. setting up a manageable 3rd & 15. >> petros: every time he drops back, he's getting harassed now but having a hard time picking up the blitz. he did a good job picking it up that time. he gets it away just on time. >> justin: 3rd & 14, throwing over the middle, completes the
6:21 pm
pass to tay martin for the first down. >> mark: beautiful job of him of fading in the pocket. a great job of getting all the way across the formation, just beyond the chains. fading to his right, that is a big-time throw. as long as you know there is no backside defender for the cardinals. >> justin: huge, huge third down conversion there for the cougars. handoff to williams. williams up to be 40, gets nine yards, the second down and one coming up, that she open up the playbook washington stat washington state. >> petros: came in with 78 carries, about for mike leach to give it back. you can see by. that was one of the first time washington state 'backs have not gotten what they needed, resets
6:22 pm
his feet, gets back of the field for a very nice run. >> justin: five receivers and on second down for washington state. quick pass, wide, first down for tavares martin. quenton meeks on the tackle, but they will move the chains. >> mark: again, that is like the power run. also, petros, talked about williams in the run game, not getting pressured, not getting hit. getting the ball out of the hands and getting the positive gain. watch that linebacker up on top. going to go in and out. >> justin: again, the quick pass, tay martin. getting shut down. 8-yard pickup. petros quenton meeks trying to
6:23 pm
defend it because he of a blocker in your face and you're trying to get after the ballcarrier. >> mark: that guy running, okereke, that is the guy that luke falk is keying whether to hand the ball off. it looks like stanford may have gotten away with a face mask. >> justin: second down and two. it seems like luke falk, who struggled in the third quarter, is picking it back up again. hand it off here to williams, fighting for that yard, it looks like they're going to give it to him. bobby okereke with a tackle. >> mark: nice job by williams to get physical there. that was a bad book. in terms of run game, priority, sets him up there. probably in for your territory -- 4-yard territory starting about now.
6:24 pm
>> petros: they are right at the 50 around here. what is going to be like if they continue this drive, can they punch it in on stanford? been a while since they were able to do that. >> justin: falk to morrow. morrow tackled by frank buncom. morrow was lined up in the slot. he gets 20. >> petros: they were practicing that yesterday in their walk-through. that's something mike lee close to do. what a guy to throw it too. >> justin: is such a weapon. he can run a route like that, go up and get the ball, then get yards after the catch. that's what makes him and james williams such threats, especially when they are back there together. >> justin: tenth play of the drive coming up here for the cougars. morrow goes out in motion. he will throw it out.
6:25 pm
morrow lowers that shoulder and lowers it to alameen murphy. picks up 15. falk is kind of feeling it right here. mike leach, the play color, trying to pick up a move on a bubble screen. stanford matched that, a great finish by alameen murphy. murphy being physical. >> petros: a pretty good tackler. >> justin: very good. 1st & 10 from the 11. to the end zone! touchdown, jamir calvin, 11-yard touchdown! >> petros: we wondered if stanford could punch it in down the stretch -- excuse me, if wazzu could. the stanford defense, which has
6:26 pm
been very salty, that looks pretty easy. >> mark: is such a great answer. the receivers go vertical. he fills it up with a shallow road by calvin, a little -- [whistle blowing] into the end zone. take that all day long. your guy can do something with that. >> justin: eric powell, the extra point, it makes it a 3-point game. don't forget, they were facing a 3rd & 14, and they got 17 yards to extend the try, now luke falk able to find jamir calvin from 11 yards and washington state goes up by three. coke zero is now
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>> justin: back here at the palouse, now a 3-point lead for the cougars, 24-21. shouldn't the dads be doing that? mike leach talking to luke falk, 115 career touchdown passes, one shy of matt barkley's pectoral record. they went 94 yards over 11 plays, including that 12-14 conversion. erik powell will kickoff. this is returnable. cameron scarlett, scarlett has a hole, here goes cameron scarlett! one man can beat him, the kicker! and the kicker, erik powell, bring some down at midfield. >> petros: that is the second time he has done that. scarlett had a nice return on the last one and powell had to track him down. >> justin: cameron scarlett, who has had a couple of big returns today, almost took one
6:30 pm
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touchdown! together: sports! >> justin: erik powell, he deserves a pat on the back. he made a huge tackle, a couple of them today, from the cougs. >> mark: a great ping-pong player yesterday, accurate tackler today. >> justin: bryce love, love trying to break the tackle, he cannot.
6:33 pm
>> petros: bryce love, i don't want to say he hasn't looked like himself today, because he just saw there, his legs were firing, he looks great on its 5. i really think it is washington state and what they have done defensively. now we have a new quarterback. >> justin: a new quarterback combination with love. -- a new quarterback combination with love. burns will keep it. tackle that the 46-yard line. jalen thompson, justus rodgers combined for the tackle. >> petros: you know you have feel good about alex grinch's defense, the d coordinator here, you saw all those players rallying for the football, just like they were doing at the beginning of the game when they had all their fire and juice in them. that will do it in the fourth
6:34 pm
quarter. this has been good all day. >> justin: 3rd & 5, getting the ball once again, bryce love inn at tailback. two tight ends up top. bryce love runs into his own ma man. looked like he ran into his center, jesse burkett. >> mark: they definitely don't need any help from the stanford offensive line. it looked like hall was potentially the center there, yes, a.t. hall. >> petros: mike leach told us something interesting there in regard to stanford. he said, stay out of their way, and because they are big and strong. that is what washington state's defense has done. they've gotten around these big bodies and made plays in the backfield. >> justin: now jake bailey on the punt. jamar jamal morrow is back.
6:35 pm
stanford has three timeouts remaining. high punt. will it be too far? they could not get there. that was a beautiful punt that is going to go as a touchback. the coverage team stopped. >> mark: expected him to spin it like a sandwich. >> petros: [laughs] >> justin: the grooves just weren't there. a huge day for washington state trying to go 7-0 for the first time ever at home and they are time ever at home and they are leading here in the fourth quarter. man, do you know what time it is? nighttime? sorry, man, i was just really craving a dr pepper. can i get you a napkin or anything? no, but you can give me one of those sweet vendor unis for halloween this year. huh? that'd be hilarious!
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and a closet filled with holiday outfits! dream houses do come true! think they'll like it? yep, they're gonna love it. ♪ ♪ so many americans struggle with finances. starting today, state farm is here to help. giving us all the chance to simply sit down and learn. visit or talk to an agent. >> justin: fox college football presented by volkswagen is sponsored by state farm, here to help life go right. and right now, things are going right for the cougars of
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washington washington state, leading by 3 here at home. you've got butch leading the cheering section here at martin stadium, but the question right now, guys come up 4:21 to go, three timeouts renting for stanford. how does washington state manage the clock? >> petros: , it has not been their strength. >> mark: that 2-back look, they can run the ball, and they can block, so you can run the ball and aunt one-handed, so to speak. >> petros: you coach a speed offense, obviously. this is the same kind of offense, not exactly the same, but similar. running the clock is really difficult. >> mark: yes i know. you can sit here right now, luke falk, the play clock at 12,
6:39 pm
in case you want to take it down that far. >> justin: falk throwing deep, and he takes a chance on the coverage, quenton meeks looking for to bowers martin. >> mark: it is a numbers game in their running game. right there, stanford has six defenders in the box, there it is. that is what the two back does for you, it lets you dictate a little more. >> justin: now if you come up with a stop here and you are stanford, call a timeout, stop the clock. >> petros: that is why mike leach's concept of time is often criticized. >> justin: back and throwing over the middle, caught, first down. jamir calvin has a touchdown in the game, that goes for 15 yard 15 yards. >> mark: the key right there,
6:40 pm
jamal morrow coming across in a big-time cut of jordan perez, we criticize the protection earlier, phenomenal job. falk does a great job with his eyes downfield finding calvin in a big conversion. >> petros: these backs and receivers block, if you are mike leach, what is your concept of that matter when you can pull it out on third down. >> justin: on first down, the handoff to morrow, and morrow gets wrapped up by okereke. at what point do you start calling timeouts? there is the first time by stanford. without timeout, time for today's progressive performance of the game. and it goes to luke falk. falk, 34 of 48, his 28th career 300-yard passing game.
6:41 pm
three pass downs, one interception, and, guys, he had a lot of ups in the first half, back up here in the fourth quarter. >> mark: his toughness throughout his career, it has been unmatched. derek anderson took a beating, he had the great production as a senior. don't do that, get those throws were he was getting beat up, including a pick 6 to convert a 3rd & 9, to convert a 3rd & 10, to convert a 3rd & 15 and put them in this position is big. >> justin: second down and and six. pump fake. falk going to run up the middle, slide! they mark him down. where did the slide start? let's see. that is so close.
6:42 pm
first down. >> mark: doing his best khalil tate impression. >> justin: again, they tried to get the screen and the go, stanford matched it on the outside, all that was left was d falk to go vertical. great job. starting inside. they might take a look at that. there is a timeout called by stanford. they might take a look at where he started the slide. a big player safety issue on both sides. trying to protect the defenders from taking a shot. >> petros: anti-timed that pretty well. it does look like we are going to take a look at this. >> justin: the official going over. >> referee:
6:43 pm
-- >> mark: jordan perez bearing down on him, maybe about half of the yard back of there. it'll be interesting if there is enough farther back. it looks like where the ball is, make any motion to give himself up. >> petros: probably about a half yards short. >> mark: yeah. >> petros: but he is really showing us everything today. so much resiliency from luke falk. we talked about all of the records, the arts being pulled. he always comes back and find some way to compete. >> mark: it will be interesting if they give stanford the timeout back. >> referee: after review, when the quarterback started his slide, the ball was dead at that point.
6:44 pm
it was deadly 47.5-yard line. it will be placed at that spot. >> mark: the officials have done a good job here today. >> petros: had no doubt. no reviews in the first half, second half it came down like the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune on the review booth. [laughter] >> justin: love it. >> mark: you never cease to amaze me, petros papadakis. >> justin: two running backs in. morrow and wicks. >> mark: that turns into a huge, huge turn of events if they can't convert. stanford was charged with a timeout, so only one left at peace. >> justin: 2:44 to go. three-point ball game.
6:45 pm
handoff to morrow. morrow polling with an extra effort, gets the first down. what a second effort by jamal morrow. >> mark: watch gerard wicks on peter kalambayi way up here, leading the way for washington state to convert on 3rd & 1. look at the left side of the screen. great job by the tailback taking on a a great defensive end. and then the will of morrow. >> petros: it reminds me of a player you had come up michael james. not a big guy, but in short yardage situations, you had to trust him, and he would find a way to have some of the more powerful runs. some of his best friends were very short. that was one of jamal morrow's best runs. >> justin: it is morrow again. takes it across midfield. >> mark: a little confusion. >> justin: let's take a look at the road ahead for the cougars, sponsored by
6:46 pm
coors light. they climb ahead in the celebrations to follow, climb on. with two games remaining at utah next week, and then at washington on november 25th. >> petros: that will be a heck of a game. they have been on a collision course all year long. it was two, they are in the pac-12 title game, mike leach, how about that? >> justin: four on the play clock here. taking a timeout. >> referee: washington state has used its third and final timeout. >> justin: with 1:21 to go. >> mark: center judge correctly holding the snap right there. they are allowed to match personnel. >> petros: so they can match personnel and take their time doing that and you can end up with a delay of game? >> mark: they have to react immediately, and as soon as they see that start, you are going to
6:47 pm
see the defensive tackle block half a mile a year, to the middle of the field, and get everybody there. >> justin: guys, as we see david shot right now, let's look at this. 198 total yards for stanford today, 93 rushing yards. they won last week at oregon state with 81 rushing yards. they did get bryce love back today, with the exception of one run, they haven't done anything on offense. >> petros: they haven't been the team they work, and at that age would give them a boost today. >> mark: everyone else wants to blame. let's give the washington state defense, mike leach and the entire staff, a ton of credit for bouncing back when the world was ending last week. still have to close this thing
6:48 pm
out. >> justin: the final out by stanford, 3rd & 9 coming up. the upcoming schedule for the cardinal. we'll have the game on friday night in stanford against number 12 washington. that is now we must-win game if they cannot come back in the swing -- in this one. november 18th, the big game against cal, thanks giving weekend against number three notre dame. >> petros: this year, not usc, but stanford. >> mark: that is a gauntlet right there for stanford. >> justin: 3rd & 9, 1:15 to go. logic would say, keep it on the
6:49 pm
ground and keep that going. >> petros: we don't live in the land of logic. [laughter] >> mark: on the ground without question. pump the ball, make the backup quarterback beat you 90 yards. kick the ball out of yards, make them go 90 yards, put it in the hands of alex grinch. your defense has been phenomenal all year long. >> petros: that is logical. >> mark: that is logical sort of. i've been questioned about that many times. >> justin: they do have two backs and in morrow and wicks. wicks on the carry, wicks getting outside, and he gets tackled. >> mark: take the delay if you are washington state. >> justin: morrow is down. >> petros: wicks is hurt. >> justin: you don't want to see that. >> mark: it not at any time, especially 1:03 left in a great
6:50 pm
battle. >> petros: last game here on the palouse, already redshirted out of long beach poly high school. but more players and then any other high school in the world. the jackrabbits. >> justin: his mom works for the l.a.p.d. >> petros: he is trying to get in on a knee, stay in bounds, and his leg got rolled up under him there, and he pulled the knee, which is not what you want to see there. >> justin: it is 820 5-second play clock because it was an offense of injury. again, inside the mind, take the
6:51 pm
delay here. >> mark: you get all 25 seconds in this case of the play clock. right here, watch it run out. five yards never hurts. >> justin: they do snap it. kick it out-of-bounds. mark down at the 14-yard line. so 35 seconds left. they only need a field goal. but k.j. costello, 105 yards, will take over. no timeouts remaining.
6:52 pm
bryce love, at 16 carries, and 69 yards, not even in there. they got the fullback, daniel marx, and for protection. >> mark: no question. that substitute left tackle in devery hamilton. dropping out. >> justin: costello. has to get rid of it. he does. costello was being hounded and taken down by nnamdi oguayo, but that incompletion stops the clock at 29 seconds. >> petros: what a great brush by nnamdi oguayo coming off the edge and really almost getting costello down to get it on hall, the right tackle. >> mark: a great three men rushed, they, rush three, drop luvu, bring luvu and drop the other guy. >> justin: costello steps up over the middle, incomplete.
6:53 pm
was looking for dalton schultz. are you surprised that they were looking over the middle here? >> mark: that is the beautiful part, if you are washington state, to be able to create pressure, got eight guys now in the drop. >> petros: this defense has been so impressive all day. i think it has a lot to do with the head coach for the cougs. >> justin: comes in, that same defense. throws, picked off, intercepted! breaking luvu, playing in front of his parents for the first time, intercepted two ice the g. what a moment for the luvu family. >> mark: frankie luvu with his partner in crime, hercules mata'afa, introducing himself to k.j. costello. watch mata'afa come off the edge right there, hits luvu rate
6:54 pm
between the five and the one, and that is going to do it for just a complete big-time bounce-back win for the cougs. >> petros: luvu all over it from the start. it was trent irwin that costello was trying to find. that ball was behind luvu and he read his eyes. >> justin: frankie luvu his father, his mother, three brothers and sister all made the trip to see him play his final game here in pullman, washington, and they just got to witness him make the interception to beat stanford. wow! >> mark: great emotion right there after they killed the clock. loving up his old lineman. certainly a tip of the cap to a great player. great win for mike leach. >> justin: 7-0 at home this
6:55 pm
season for the first time in school history for the cougars. a 24-21 victory from washington state. for those of you on fox, at the commercial break, you will see michigan state and penn state. for those of you on fox business network, we say so long. justin kutcher, petrosap ♪
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when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. ♪ ♪ paul: time now for our hits and misses of the week. bill, start us off. >> paul, a miss to the american bar association which seems to be up to its old to tricks. it gave a not-qualified rating to steve grants, donald trump's nominee for the eighth circuit court of appeals. the aba says it's worried whether he would be able to detach himself from his deeply-held social beliefs on issues like abortion. it twisted a law review article from 1999 that suggests he doesn't believe a lower court should follow a president. the best act of revenge is to confirm this man, which i is
6:59 pm
going to happen. >> a hit to american workers who did a fantastic job in the third quarter creating more goods and services, productivity finally rising again, up 3%. let's hope this is the beginning of a trend. paul: that's after a long,ing long trough of really mediocre productivity results, and good jobs report on friday as well. >> that's right. paul: kate? >> this is a hit for epa's scott pruitt who this week said that scientists who get grants from epa can't sit on advisory boards that advise the agency on scientific decisions. this is being treated as a war on independent science, but for years the agency has been stacking these panels with people who rely on the agency for funding and rubber stamp whatever epa has to do. so this is great for good government and other agencies like the food and drug administration should do the same thing. paul: bill, briefly, good week on judges. >> very good week. we had four appellate court judges confirmed, that's more than president obama had his entire first year, so they're
7:00 pm
churning them through. paul: all right, thank you. that's it for this week's show. thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. ♪ ♪ >> a wild west pioneer... >> there's a saying, "the cowards didn't come." so you had to be brave. >> he truly was the john wayne of the 19th century. >> he leaves behind a trunk of relics... and a classic, woven into the fabric of america itself. >> there was a pair of old blue jeans in here. >> what'd they look like? >> they said that they were the oldest unworn pair they had ever seen. >> that's unbelievable. >> so are the lengths to which folks go for vintage old denim. >> finding any levi's pre-1900 is a massive rarity. that's the holy grail. >> what do you think they're worth? ♪ [ door creaks ]


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