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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i was thinking about that, you knot on in middle of night. >> i was delirious david carried the day, that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> victory astonishing on many levels. >> one of the most shocking u.s. election. >> this is alistic night. >> american people have spoken and the american people have elected their new champion. >> i just received a call from secretary clinton. she congratulate the us, it is about us, on our victory. >> ours was not a campaign but rather an incredible and great movement. made up of millions are hard working men and women. who love their country. and want a better brighter future for themselves, and for
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their families. >> we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation, and renewing the american dream. we will double our growth, and have the strongest economy anywhere in the world, we'll put america's interest first. we will deal fairly with everyone. while the campaign is over, our work on this movement is now really just beginning. [applause] >> can you believe it has been one year since donald trump won the presidency, trillions of dollars have been added to the market. over a million jobs created, hundreds of regulations repealed and isis defeated in syria and iran. tonight we break it down, one year later. retired lieutenant general tom mcnerney and blue collar economist, joe the plumber, all
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here on look back, welcome to "risk & reward," i am cheryl casone. >> do you up 6, making it index -- dow up 6. the stock market soaring, by 22%. creating 5.4 trillion in added we'd to pension retirement and savings of average americans, businesses created nearly 1.8 million new jobs, and economy has already could panned by at least 3%. for last two quarters in a row. and get this, red tape is gone. trump manufacturers now most confident they have been in 20 years, and small businesses are near record optimism. plus. you have a majority of americans thinking that america, is great again. 82% have achieved or on the way
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to achiever the american dream. republican senator john hogan is here, how have we didn't. >> you can see the economy is making real progress. we want to get back to repealin and replacing obamacare, making health care more competition, and empowering people to have more control over healthcare, and healthcare insurance, those are fundamentals that is reflected in consumer confidence index and other indicators you cited. >> you have the house debating tax reform, cbo said that house bill would add $1.7 trillion in federal deficit, but steve
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ballmer told neil cavuto he sees a lot of good things. >> i think some things in new tax bill in terms of deducted will help it is great to rationalize the corporate tax system, if you are worry about basketball we have to make sure somehow tax revenue comes back that, you know, in a sense we're giving to shareholders by lowering corporate taxes this is important. >> that means that assumes no increase in growth as a result of reducing regulatory burden, and we're using very conservative assumption of less than a half percent of additional growth, you get 1.8 trillion dollars in gdp more than making up for shortfall
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indicated by cbo, this comes back to, do you believe if you provide tax relief and regulatory relief they will help grow the economy, we do, that is why we're doing it. >> interesting take. those have always been questionable. let's talk about everyone that happened over last year, you know one year after donald trump won presidency, cnn seems really excited about democrats winning blue state last night in new jersey. virginia, and new york city. and the elections last night, listen to this. >> last night was a really good night for democrats in virginia, new jersey and new york city. >> victories for democrats, one year after president trump's elected. >> unblanking believable is how one republican straggest described scope. >> also gut check time for republicans after democrats wracked up major wins overnight. >> gee, i guess the sky is
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falling if you are a republican, come on. it was a different react a year ago what president trump won, here you go all media saying it over for your party, come on. >> i can't help but smile, virginia is a blue state, and damagnew jersey a deep blue thee both democrat states. >> you are right, with new jersey has always been a blue state, chris christie was a surprise there. there is also new report that trump justice department is demanding that at&t sell cnn or directv as part as $84 billion merger deal with time warner, at&t stock up more than 1%, time warner shares decline 6%, do you
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think there is a chance that this request from doj is politically motivated. >> no, i think that the doj, antitrust division, has a responsibility to go through it carefully and diligently, that is what they are doing. i know there have been questions raised with regards to white house involvement. but kellyanne conway said that bouse white house circumstanca g them to go through do their job the way they are supposed to do it. >> what a day what a year, great to have you on. >> thank you, cheryl. >> we stay with our flash backs with election, remember how media wrongly predicted a post trump market crash, he is "risk & reward" coverage the day aft after. some markets in world under turmoil. >> u.s. stock marketing will open but global markets were
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quick to respond to donald trump's defeat of hillary clinton, sinks in anticipation of a trump presidency. >> global investors expected and wanted a hillary clinton presidency, they did not get it now you will see volatility. >> markets go up, markets go down, look at what happened, media pundits, wall street analysts warning of a market crash, you saw the doom and gloom talk. market plunge worldwide as trump surges to white house, look at what happened instead, stocks soaring triple digits today, dow now up over a thousand points. >> it did not stop there, since the election, dow on a tear. we get 20,000 in january. 21,000 in march. and 22,000 in august. and then just two months later,
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gained another 1,000 points, to pass 23,000 in october. all of these for first time. incred edge milestones, money manager scott manufacture in, is here. -- scott martin is here, we're less than 500 points from 24,000, what do you make of the trump rally? do you think it lasts, should people be concerned. >> every those, a fair question to ask, you know, i think it deserved, to me it is outlook it is delivery on promises of just being in a better business climate, remember the prior 8 years there was a war on business. one of my favorite speeches that obama gave in 2012, the you didn't build that speech, talks
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about businesses and how government has helped them do everything they ever have gotten in their lives, to me that attitude has changed. it has gone from that to how can we help you mr. and mrs. businessman, as dc is speaking to them, that is why outlook is better and that stock prices are going up. >> people are hung up on fact they are sick of hearing about talking points that have nothing to do with reality, numbers don't lie we have them, with the economy and the growth, trump's grade on the economy boosted to an a-minutmine -- an a-minus. >> just because i am a tough grader, i had tough professors in college, pellow t hello to ye him a b plus, there still needs to be the delivery on corporate
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taxes, you mentioned it in your lead in a lot of regulatory burdens have come off it is time to hit with good stuff. funny thing about tax situation, to me this is the easy one. in spring we said health care is work. y and tough but taxes was easy like will bipartisan agreement, that has even slowed down, that is a concern to me for your question about risk of stock market, the risk is specific, if we don't get to tax reform and tax cuts as promised because that is what i believe some of the rallies have been based on, as late. >> right. you know, billionaire home depot cofoundy predicted that market would rise the day after the election. >> when trump tells you he is
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going to cut taxes and he will cut regulations, what is the first thing that happens? they create jobs, what happens when jobs come in? prosperity, that is the issue, i think that this is when stocks start to go up, and i think it will continue to go up, because if he is able to do the things he says, i think that market will be better, i think that economy will be better, i think there will be jobs in america, isn't that pleasant after 8 years of dismal, job growth. >> was bernie marcus right? >> best natalie -- definitely, he has proven right by stock market prices themselves, government has all these great ideas of ways to live our lives and how we should better spend our money. but. reality is policies that let businesses decide what they want to do with their capital, let money itself go to places where it treated best, invest it best,
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get best return. that is the tonic for a good environment. a good economic environment. and a great stock market. and that why you are seeing these investors who stuck around, get rewarded. i had a lot of liberal friends, i know that sounds like an oxymoron, get out of the stock market on november 9, i think that what a lot of that sells was, liberals sells out after trump got in. it has cost them 40%. >> well, you are just friendly guy, that is why you have a lot of friends. >> i try to keep my enemies far. >> scott martin thank you. >> see you. >> another record day for market, and fox business presiden--parent president compx releasing earnings, nicole on the street. >> it was another record day.
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dow, nasdaq and s&p all closed at all-time record highs, and with that we a the dow, 5 straight record closes. big news after the bell we saw our parent company 21st century fox come in with quarterly report with earnings per share 49 cents that was right in line, revenue increased to 7 billion, that beat estimates of 6.81 billion, a rise 7.6, company said that higher ad sales boosted the cable. and the sky deal is likely to close june 30 of 2018, stock was trading higher immediately follows those results. the other big story, apple clock, 900 billion in market cap. with a move up. that has been a winner. and at&t time warner, big news there. this is department of justice looking at this deal very
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closely, now bringing a lot of uncertainty to the deal. this weighed on the stocks, we saw time warner down about 6%. at&t managed to squeeze out a gain, but this brings uncertainty there may be a grounds for a lawsuit in the works as the department of justice demands that cnn be sole off. that is a developing story, we'll following that one. cheryl. >> all right, we will, nicole thank you. >> coming up next, our election flash backs continue, it only takes a year and a new president to make gains on isis. retired lieutenant general tom mcnerney is here to weigh in after this. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them.
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cheryl: this looks like it will reduce federal deficit by $3 threat billion over 10 years. increase number who may or may not choose to be uninsured. these are estimates coming. we'll bring you any more updates from the cbo. >> president trump continues his tour of asia. speaking before south korea national assembly today, he had a stern warning for north korea. >> the regime has interpreted america's past restraint as weakness. this would be a fatal
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miscalculation. this is a very different administration than the u.s. has had in the past. cheryl: joining me now, retired lieutenant general tom mcnerney, always good to have you on. what do you think about these meetings on the way. with trump's tour of asia, how crucial are they in dealing with north korea. >> i think they are critical and very important. this meeting with president xi will determine the rest of our relationship with china, if they are successful it will guarantee i believe president trump a second temp, it will -- term, it will also determine, the affect that relationship has on using coercive diplomacy in economics to get a denuclearize
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north korea. that is crucial. they must understand as president has been clear, cheryl, that we will not accept a nuclear north korea. and all i can say, is we have the options, they are on our side, military options, we do not want to use them if we do not have to. cheryl: do you get nervous when you hear tough talks from president trump? do you think that north korea may call our bluff? >> i don't think they will. i think if they believe he means business, i happen to think he does, and he has chips in his hand, he will take the appropriate acted that will require strong allies, in particular japan and south korea. i am worried that president moon could get wobbley, but i remember when i was over there, that the south korean army decided to put an army major general in civilian clothes as president, thigh had 8 years of
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-- they had 8 years of growth 8 of 6% and did the 1988 olympics, korean military will take over if they get a wobbley president. cheryl: and meetings with leader of china, vladimir putin, north korea is the t topic. this is also anniversary of donald trump election win today, remember when he said this about isis. >> i have a message for the terrorists trying to kill our people, our citizens, trying to hurt the world but trying to hurt the united states we will find you, we will destroy you, and we will win. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them, i would just bomb those suckers. and that is right, i would blow up the pipes, i would blow up every inch. we're going to knock the hell out of isis, we have no choice. cheryl: well, you know today coalition leaders say that
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airstrikes in syria and iraq declined more than 50%. that is result of collapse of isis, airstrikes seem to have worked. >> absolutely, cheryl, it could have been done two years ago if president obama wanted to, or three now, he elected not to. president trump all he did was take the handcuffs off, tell his military leaders, defeat them, and use all your assets, that is what they have done. cheryl: did you think it would happen this fast? one year? >> yes. cheryl: you did. >> it could have been done quick sneer what about president obama could he have done things differently. >> absolutely. i mean he had so man handcuffs that the ability to hit targets had to go to white house, national security council, you don't need, that my first tour in vietnam as a lieutenant i made the decisions in the air, that is what they need, that is
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what they have done. >> interesting, your experience reflects story today, general mcnerney thank you. >> thank you cheryl. cheryl: well, we have a lot more coming up, remember this graphic? almost all of the polls leading to president's elected had hillary clinton winning. have they become more reliable? my next guest said, not even close. that is after this. >> abc news traffic poll has hillary clinton up by 12. >> over the week, abc news tracking poll likely voter put clinton 12 points in front of donald trump. >> now candidate down this far this late has ever recovered. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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cheryl: billion -- bil billionae
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carl icahn subpoenaed. >> well cofounder of fusion gps, met with a russian lawyer, same day she met with donald trump jr. last year, glen simpson has struck a deal to appear before house intelligence committee for a voluntary close door interview that will happen next week. joining me now -- bee we know ty helped up if that research that lead to famous trumps do area. what is the connection between fusion gps and this russian operative. >> fusion gps is getting money from russian connected sources to help her overturn the sanctions against russian government. that means is that hillary clinton and democratic party may
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have been paying -- we knew they were paying -- fusion gps over a million dollars be we have no much money from the russian government simultaneousl money. if anyone in trump world was accepting money for an american interest and a russian interest this would cover top page of every newspaper. right now i think that is beginning of something important, we'll be desperate to hear when glen has to say. >> again, media hunt for you know trying to link trump and russia is exhausting, a year later , what is likely do you think to come out of the volunteer closer inner di intert week. >> goal to find out finance structure, who they are receiving money from, and giving
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money to. there is a question on whether gps was paying reporters, intelligence committees are asking that specific question. making payments to reporters? or accepting money from media organizations. that element is super important that suggests there may be some journalistic bribery going on. we'll have to find out if there is anything under that. cheryl: interesting. let's flash back to 2016, country found out that election poll, had totally missed mark, here is this show's coverage. the day after, watch. >> president trump victory humiliating polsters who had clinton in the lead, trump blew up electoral map, and crushed
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conventional wisdom, outpaced projecttions, lacen t listen tot poll se stir said. >> -- polster said. >> we were wrong, the entire punditry industry, the entire polling industry, the entire analyst industry, and i want to use this opportunity to make my fair share of the blame, we were wrong. >> are wrong. , have polls improved since the election do you think? >> unfortunately no, we have this last election in virginia yesterday, to give us every, average of polls in virginia show that ralph northam would beat ed gillepsie by 3 points, that is not what happened, he won by 9, the polls were not close. so, again, i mean, now we're a fuel year from the polling models getting it wrong. in places like michigan,
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wisconsin, pennsylvania. trump won them. cheryl: because she didn't go to michigan, he did. and okay. >> right. cheryl: vince thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: got news on snap, snap continuing the fall even after we learned that china 10 cent bought 12% of social media company, down over 14% today after earnings respect last night -- report last night, a lot of trouble for snap. all right coming up next, an elect flash back for you, my next guest said a year ago today, silence majority cun back its envoys, joe the plumber is here to correct after this. so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™.
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are you raising your hand? good then it's time for power e*trade the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. alright one quick game of rock, paper, scissors. 1, 2, 3, go. e*trade. the original place to invest online. cheryl: trudge en trump
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administration director of centers for medicare and medicare service criticizing obama administration for -- the work requirements, saying believing that community engagement requirement do not support objective of me medicais a tragic establishment by prior administration. look at how some he'll insurer stocks did today -- health insurinsurer stocks did today. we bring in joe the plumber, how are you? >> great. cheryl: what do you think about this workman date? will it be beneficial to those receiving medicate. >> anything that helps people help themselves, the left will hate automatically. you know for too long we let the
5:38 pm
left set narrative, their narrative is, we want to help people, that is say lie. they want to control people, this is say good idea, how far that said, any time that government puts new program in place, they make grand jeeftures and put the programs in place, and then they stop, they drop the ball. these you know, if president trump and the states that asking for waivers can beat the court system and get this implemented they need to monitor it for example, with welfare, i have known a lot of single women in the years work children say, no, i don't want a raise, confidenty benefits will be taken away. we need that step program in place, the liberals want to leave those people in the hole, and throw taxpayer money as them, it will hurt some people, if they taylor is to these individuals this will help in long run. cheryl: we've been looking back
5:39 pm
at, year since the election, a flash back for you, man say, a year ago today, silence majority won back as voice. >> note to media, silence majority does exist, they will be heard, they have been heard, this map illustrates how silence majority responded last night, you can barely see any blue. cheryl: any everyone realize the power of silence majority that day? >> absolutely, if no one has done it yet, a huge congratulation to hillary clinton for not being president this first year, on behalf of the working class people, thank you very much hillary clinton, we appreciate it. >> now polls, i heard that mention on the show, you know, i knew from day one, if donald trump was actually serious about this time, he would win, go i around country, i talk to middle class, and blue collar workers from state to state, you know he
5:40 pm
really, touched people in the way they need to be as far as let's make america great again, get rid of these regulations that are killing jobs, killing small could, let's redo our tax system to where is encourages growth, people have been waiting for, that this company here, american range system, they waited 4 years, donald trump in was on the now, they are sinking their savings into the new company to, so they can succeed, and they don't have to worry and keep looking back. and grow their, there is a lot of small businesses that are excited about it. cheryl: good, joe the plumber, joe -- >> thank you. >> remember when hillary clinton, asked her supporters to get president trump a chance to lead. my next guest said that did not last long. coming up. >> everybody was wrong, everything, again, polsters,
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pundits, political insiders, what went wrong for them? [lance] monica, it is absolute chaos out here! gale force winds, accumulations up to 8 inches... ...don't know if you can hear me, but [monica] what's he doing? [lance] can we get a shot of this cold front, right here. winter has arrived. whooo! hahaha [vo] progress is an unstoppable force. brace yourself for the season of audi sales event. audi will cover your first
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month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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>> donald trump is going to be our president, we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead. cheryl: remember that, hillary clinton asking her supporters to give president trump a chance in the white house, that was a year ago. has she taken her own advice? have her supporters taken her advice? great to have you here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you know, what do you think, how long did hillary clinton let trump lead do you think? was it weeks, months? >> well, that was what she needed to say, that is tradition of candidates, i have to tell
5:45 pm
you, president trump always believed high could be one of the greatest presidents we had. him not saying we want to do things america -- saying we want to do things america first. he could go with that, unfortunately, i have to be honest, as a republican, i am disappointed in some things that i have seen from him, not policy wise, more so his twitter actions, last night election returns, not continue minutes before results were in he was already beating up on ed gillepsie. i am looking for uniter in chief, someone who'll be loyal, president trump needs to work on that. >> yep, another flash back. >> despite massive truste critim over trump's language when it came to women, 54% of women backed clinton, 42% voted for
5:46 pm
trump that is similar to 2012, are you surprised that women did not note in bigger numbers for hillary clinton. >> you have to keep in mind, women like any other voters, they have a range of interests, one is make sure that women are represented. but, there is something that in hillary clinton's candidacy, that did not fulfill the wishes of a lot of women. cheryl: i don't know, why do you think she could not poll stronger numbers, she just didn't. >> i think you bring up a good point, but i don't think it is good to relegislate the election, but look at numbers, from a racial economic status. you look at those individuals who voted for hillary clinton, you done have necessarily white women. but 70% of african-american women did, not that all women didn't vote for her, we have to know that hillary clinton, when she was campaigning she
5:47 pm
struggled with women voters, because she did not connection in a way that women voters were looking for. cheryl: looking at numbers that barack obama polled in, he did not poll in same number of women, latino or black voters than he did. she -- i am a woman saying, but she failed to connection with women. >> i agree. cheryl: they disliked her. >> i agree. she did not make that connection. as a democrat i own up to that, she was not benefit candidate. but -- she was not the best candidate. we had to go with what we had, it was hillary clinton at the time. cheryl: if you are bernie sanders. you are smarting over a lot of things right now. >> there was a rigging of the election, not necessarily what you have to go with, but what they presented with. >> the election were not rigged, even donna brazile said. >> yes she did. cheryl: we'll hear more from donna brazile. >> looking forward to it on
5:48 pm
tucker carlson. cheryl: donna brazile will be with tucker tonight. do you think that democrats have accepted the election results. >> absolutely not. we're still seeing, many celebrities, i am in hollywood right now, they are still talking about president trump, not looking in their own backyard with harvey weinstein. so, when you look at that, many political groups that are doing the same it is dis appointing that i may disagree with trump's tactics he is the president of the united states, i support president of united states, no matter who that individual is. cheryl: end with sne. >> you know -- wendy? >> we have accepted results. i do not think that republican party has, everyone day you see donald trump referencing hillary clinton, he talks about the election, he needed to move to -- cheryl: he has not he is still celebrating a year later, we
5:49 pm
won. >> oh, no. cheryl: great stuff, are you kidding me, the happiest president. >> i think -- i think when everyone writes you off said have you no chance of winning, you celebrate longer than most others. >> i love this. stay with me we'll take a break. but, one year after being alleged you have new evidence that president trump actually is making america great again. we have numbers to show you, we'll be back. >> they were hurting, they were hopeless, i knew they were voting and they would raise their voices loud, and sproa vor of change, that is what happen happened.
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>> working together we'll bring the tasks of renewing our nation, and rebuilding the american dream. cheryl: according to a pew survey, 82% said they have achieved or on their way to achieving the american dream. >> there is no much negativ nege media coverage. that was his campaign promise. >> it was. his campaign promise, but he had a lot of campaign promises. we have to lock at to tality. i will give him credit. the numbers don lie, we have empirical evidence. but he said other things, said he would repeal obamacare, he was not able to do that. cheryl: blame congress for that. >> he did not shepard it the right way, and right now tax reform in limbo, and the wall, will it be built?
5:54 pm
yes, whether -- -- we'll see. right now. >> come on, don't be so hard. come on. >> of course. >> you and i agree on a whole host of issues, with certain things like that. but i give president an opportunity to do it when i know congress has a big hand in getting those done, not president alone that can get it done. it warms my heart to hear so many people pea feel their amern dream is in reach, they are ash koch bluaccomplishing it, back s tax policy issue, with the small businesses, they depend on sta stability in financial market, i am also thankful that me being from south side of chicago, i have reached american dream, i know wendy you are in my jeer
5:55 pm
nigeria, we're living the american dream, we're two a african-americans to television, talking about very important issues, that impact our country on a daily basis. cheryl: and i love you both. this election night protest, i think that do you think they have affected trump? i think you know you look a year ago, is it going to end? it has, what do you make of it? >> i think that election night protest have transformed to a new wave, looking at outcome of the election from yesterday, we saw what was referendum. they did a poll 2-1, and virginia, 3-1 in new jersey. that said reason they voted the way they did was because they want to show trump a clear session nasignal they did not ls policies, 78% of people voted to healthcare, they were saying, we want to make sure that our health care stays. so, we see this wave that
5:56 pm
tidalwave in referendum against what he has done. there is not a protest in street, they are taking it to ballot box. cheryl: people feel good, i like, that people are going back to work, in last year, unemployment, a 17 year low, that is pretty incredible. >> yes, the economy is roaring back under president trump and kind of hit on wendy's point, to be honest the election results these areas were blue. did we expect to win them, no. but there is one piece i think that democratic party if they do well with this, one thing i noticed in virginia, thinking about the moment that wedgedy anwendy and hiswith regard this charlottesville. 53% said they felt threatened. cheryl: i am up against a hard break have to let you go, thank you so much. >> thank you.
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cheryl: all right, more after this, stay with us. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult? armless bowling. ahhhhhhhh! you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy. get your domain today and get a free trial of gocentral.
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cheryl: don't forget to tune into my regular show every day 5:00 p.m. eastern. charles: i'm charles payne. another record day on wall street. all three major indices reaching all-time highs. we'll take a look at how the presidency impacted the markets and the economy. the house ways and means committee is expected to announce a substantial change to the gop tax plan as early as tonight after the cbo revealed this would add another $7 trillion to the national debt the next 10 years. one yearft d


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