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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 10, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EST

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fast and furious, the irs. lois lerner. the emails, the special prosecutor, all of that. lou: that's it for us t good night from new york. kennedy: house and senate leaders reveal plans to cut your taxes. did bill clinton say the president had a hard time telling the truth? delicious irony. grab a fork. it's time to feast. this whole thanks reform ruse is utter nonsense. as the shell game shifting your money is turning both houses against each other.
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senate republicans answered the challenge and threw a suitcase of monkey wrenches keeping the mortgage deduction to $1 million and delaying the corporate tax cuts to a year. some middle income earners will end up paying more in the end. entitlements gobble up $2 trillion of the budget. and defense. these tax cuts may give you the false sentence you get to keep more your money. but the gambit is fooling you into paying the same or more in other realms. imagine you go to the doctor are neck pain you have had since 2008. he says he can fix your neck pain, but only by giving you a terrible stomachache. that's what happens here. when the government gives your
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wallet back but fills your briefcase, it doesn't fill you with confidence. when congress fails. they should be thrown out en masse for being an immoral pain in the ass. let us begin. i'm kennedy. tax remoral should be a simple equation. let me bring in my party panel. it's man happy once again. former characteristics a operative mike barrack is here. joined by jimmy failla in the house, and libertarian national committee chairman is here.
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let's talk taxes. baker, will the code be simplified? >> absolutely not. you nailed it in an eloquent opening speech there. it's astounding to me they don't understand self-preservation. by they i mean republicans and any politician up on capitol hill. they managed to turn what should have been -- i don't want to oversimplify because it's a difficult process legislating anything through that morass up there. but what should have been a simple thing of cutting taxes. now that the senate weighed in with the delay of corporate tax. i think this is just -- i don't
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think they are going to get something pushed through. kennedy: it many interesting you bring that up. it's almost self-and talk it's like they are purposefully trying to fail. why wouldn't you want a political win. >> i'm a giants fan. but if you look at the analysis from the tax policy center. this brings gdp to 97.2%. which is like who wrote this plan? johnny depp. this is bad money management for us. i'm looking forward to that scar writeoff. kennedy: what have we learned about republicans and power. >> once they get into power they
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can't do anything. when they control both houses and the presidency, they increase spending, they increase the national debt and the deficit. there is supposedly a tax cut coming, but all it is is a tax increase on my kids and your kids. kennedy: and an increase on some people who might see a slight reduction in their income tax, but they will feel it in other areas where they can't make basic deductions and the standard deduction may not be enough to offset that. >> whenever they roll it out in secret, you get death by a thousand cuts. a lot of my friends on capitol hill think it's 50-50 to pass anything. >> you have friends on capitol hill? >> a couple. kennedy: here we are, political analysts say if the gop fails to get tax reform passed, 2018 could be a bloodbath.
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this week's election losses were a major wake-up call. the party has little to brag about. the republicans have no real legislative victories. as there are senator john mccain says unless we get our act together we are going to lose heavily. mike baker -- not a surprise. edgillespie lost -- ed gillespie lost in virginia. democrats were supposed to win new jersey. if it were closer in virginia, they should be worried. >> democratic wins. i agree with you on virginia. they were gleeful over flipping statehouse seats in the state of washington. have you ever been top the state of washington? i had no idea we had republicans there. kennedy: it's not all seattle.
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once you get out of seattle it's much more balanced. >> but i think that the idea was floated right after the inauguration that if the republicans now in charge as you points out, can't get a major piece of legislation whether it was healthcare or tax reform, then yes they are going to suffer in 2018 because of this frustration. most of of the people out in america don't know from the tax code or from a new tax package it's over their heads. but what they do understand is common sense. they look at this and say how can you not accomplish something. >> i wouldn't be too confident from the economy. you can have contractions as quickly as you can have growth. the market could tank and there is the savings that a lot of middle income seniors have. you can see layoffs if these
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corporate rate doesn't go through. so what will actually get republicans to fire up and fall in line? >> that's a great question. >> i don't know that it could actually happen. i think it's hard to call anything a bellwether because in the trump administration we can't look 20 seconds into the future and predict what's going to happen. i think this election was indicative of democrats being excited to vote. they are going to tally these? it's not over already? they wanted to try out this new hip thing. i think for the republicans if they want to look ahead to 2018 and take it seriously. they need to govern while they have the majority. nothing that happened this week matters if the tax bill is actually good. >> you are in charge libertarian
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national committee. let's talk about other parties coming in and taking advantage of the civil wars. i have been saying this for as long as someone would put a camera and microphone on me. both parties are completely dissolving. they are cannibalizing each other and show how ineffective they are and irresponsible. why aren't they capable of putting candidates forward who represent a majority of american views. >> the republicans can't govern. they can't cut spending. er in not fiscally conservative. the democrats aren't supporting the little guy. we tripled our vote total in 2016. because this chaos is not something -- the republicans want to pat themselves on the back other democrats want to pat themselves on the back for things that happened on election day. this chaos is not getting better
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for either side. there is no republican party. kennedy: why can't they do a better job of running people who are electable. i have enjoyed and support gary johnson for a lot of years. unfortunately he game the joke of the president side. every year there was a time to fight back with a competent rational charismatic candidate, 2016 would have been. >> this an interesting conversation. upon way the republicans or democrats pulled themselves together and start making decisions and show leadership in something meaningful is if they see a significant meaningful third party. right now it's not. but it could be.
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kennedy: regardless of how they self-identify, they are natural libertarians. there are so many out there. we have to move on. we'll see this man panel later in the show. so much to discuss. president trump is in the middle of his asia trip. he will be attending an economic summit in vietnam. vladimir putin will be there, too. it's highly likely he will sit down with our president for an extensive one-on-one. this comes after congress passed fresh sanctions on the kremlin. the president also met with the chinese president and he flipped the script on china's trait practices. it's an insided and unfair one. but i don't blame china. after all, who can blame a
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country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefits of its citizens? i give china great credit. kennedy: that's a far cry from his campaign trail talk of china raping our economy and manipulating its currency. let me ask lieutenant colonel ralph peters. >> hail, queen of the night. kennedy: thank you very much. let's talk about this. was the president wrong in his choice of language in china? >> he was about as wrong as you can possibly be. the president to give him credit he did a good job in japan and south korea. china, making that remark that it's not -- he doesn't blame china. don't blame china or hundreds of millions, hundreds of billions perhaps a trillion in
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intellectual property theft? you don't blame china for extorting proprietary data as a price for doing business in china? you don't blame china for keeping their markets closed? he's easily seduced. president xi of china who is an expert at this rolled out the bright red carpet. and president trump after a couple good days when went off script. even the trade business. a quarter trillion dollars in new trade deals. they are not all new trade deals. the chinese keep giving us the same christmas sweater. the boeing aircraft that's being ordered. that's great, but according to bloomberg some of those orders go back four years. kennedy: every president talks tough and says we are going to
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throw the weight of the u.s. economy behind this, then they get over there and they fall prey to the siren song because everyone loves money. i love money, i think money is great. i don't liked the intellectual property theft and human rights abuse. i don't like the state of the economy. >> certainly that's the case. unquestionably we need to be tougher. no need to have a trade war with thina. but china needs to know we mean business with a capital b. >> maybe we just need a trade spatd. >> but at any rate. another problem the trump administration is they don't want to get tough on trade because they need china to help us with north korea. you and i talked about this. you have got to opinion the chinese down. you can't let them make general
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promises. kennedy: i think china has the upper hand here. this does not need to be a u.s. military option. it's a horrible option for us. we don't share a border with them. china does. it's time for them to step up and start core graphing this delegate dance. this is so unusual the leaders of the united states and russia are meeting in vietnam. it was russian aircraft that bombed and killed so many u.s. troops in that country. do you think these leaders have the historical per peck tough to understand the gravity of that? >> i suspect vladimir putin does. of course, it was primarily chinese arms. russians were behind the vietnamese, too. i got a close-up look at that in
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the russian archives. it's bad visuals and bad politics for president trump to meet vladimir putin anywhere. putin is very you dumb tough. he does -- putin is very seductive. he reads the briefing books. kennedy: and he ride horses shirtless. >> i know you love that. i have seen the pictures in your office. he need to have his national security advisor in the room, not exclude mcmasters the way he did in july. we need some guarantee of what was said and what was not said. i want our president to do well. kennedy: mcmasters will have to have that chapter for their book. kennedy: i'm going to make some
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tough up, why not. >> you are a creature of the internet able, aren't you? kennedy: that's what my parole for tells me. i thank you for your time. you are a good person and i love your sense of humor. good night. coming up. former national security advisor michael flynn reportedly very concerned. could he be worried enough to sing like a canary, and do canaries sing? my name is jeff sheldon,
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kennedy: will michael flynn flip to protect his son. there is word the former national security advisor is worried his son could get wrapped up in the investigation web. he worked closely with this father during overseas trips to moscow. the justice department seeking to reach a plea deal in its
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criminal investigation of manafort's son-in-law. experts say they could be an evident to gain his cooperation. >> these are the standard tactics of federal prosecutors today. it's putting the squeeze on super hard to get to the path. they don't know how far up the totem poll they are going to go. they believe they have something on the president and witnesses unwilling to deliver something to them. so they have to squeeze the witnesses. you will squeeze general flynn's son to get to the general. you are going to squeeze paul manafort's son-in-law who had nothing to do with the campaign
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to get to manafort. then you are going to leak to cnn the likely and probable existence of a coming indictment which is so strong it will blow everybody away. you are not supposed to leak this stuff. best leakers in the world? federal prosecutors. they know how to play the game. the purpose of the leak? to send young flynn and general flynn's lawyers directly to them. kennedy: they tried to pit manafort and gates against eye on the were those first indictments. perhaps that didn't work so now they are going after -- >> what father wouldn't do almost anything to save his son? kennedy: are they going after don june jr. next? >> yes. that father has the to save the son. general flynn does not have that
12:24 am
power unless he tells bob mueller and company something they want to hear in return for leaving the son alone. this is federal prosecution. this is the use of the arm of the government to take away human liberty. and are they interested in truth or justice or just interested in who is going to say what about whom so we can keep going up the totem poll until we reach the guy in the oval office. kennedy: are they gambling. do they have empty cannisters of chemical weapons or do they actually know something? >> we won't go that. those are great questions. it's up to lawyers for manafort, gates and general flynn and the young man. it's up to those lawyers to find out what evidence is there before they let their clients negotiate. kennedy: can they get together
12:25 am
and say let us fly the middle finger to robert mueller and his team? >> that's another great question. it's more than that. they can enter into a joint defense agreement in which they agree in writing that they will assert the same defenses, they will not turn on each other and they will not negotiate with the prosecutor no matter what the threats or bribes. that's what it is. it's threats and bribes. if you threaten me, the government will prosecute you unless the person doing the threatening or break is the government itself. then it's standard operating procedure. i'm sorry to get so angry. kennedy: i love your passion. >> i loved with this when i was on the bench. now we see it being used against the president of the united states. whatever you think of his politics and personality. he's the lawful, elected president of the united states
12:26 am
and this is going to prevent him from doing this job in dislodge him from office? kennedy: i don't know where this ends. very quickly, you and i both love transparency, we are not getting that with the rand paul investigation. what happened there? >> i don't know what happened. the latest i have learned is that federal charges are expected. the charges bear no resemblance to the injuries. the charges simple assault is the equivalent of a bloody nose. the injuries are the equivalent of a stab to the chest. the charges give you six months in jail maximum. indication no jail time without a prior conviction. the injuries say you should be exposed to 10 to 15 years in jail. whether you have a prior conviction or not. there is a piece of the puzzle missing here. kennedy: there is something rot in the state of kentucky.
12:27 am
>> it's the commonwealth of kentucky. they call themselves the state police, but the government is the commonwealth. go figure. kennedy: i figure nothing unless you are by my side. former vice president joe biden said he could have been president if he decided to run. turns out hillary clinton may have had something to do with it. juan williams has the story next. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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kennedy: another day, another story about the clinton campaign intim naight other democrats. former vice president joe biden said he had what it took to beat hillary clinton for the nomination but didn't because he was afraid that the clinton campaign would drag his son through the mud. he says he regrets not having run for president. you kind of feel bad for joe biden when you start to hear these things.
12:32 am
>> he understood that minute he took on the clinton machine, the clinton machine would get in gear, and the gear that was so obvious were the problems within his family. the contrary thought is the on had just died and that was putting pressure on the vice president, and his boss, president obama said hillary clinton is going to have the nomination. i think there were lots of negative signs and certainly sympathy for him. but if you are talking about hardball and cutting your opponent's throat. he saw what was coming. kennedy: that's unfortunate that that's the state of politics. someone who believes themselves to be a good person and a worthy candidate is left out. do you wish joe biden had snrun. >> yes. right now anybody who primaries the established candidate is viewed as a negative retro bait inside the party.
12:33 am
hillary clinton was seen as her turn, she is the establishment choice on the democratic side, get out of the way. i think that's what you were hearing from obama. kennedy: and make you feel guilty because he was the onen who in 2008 secured the superdelegates and took the nomination. >> they didn't think it would be donald trump. they thought it would be jeb bush. they thought he was the most of beatable. >> correct. you look at hindsight 2020. you look back and say what were people thinking. in terms of joe biden. what do you think if it would have been biden versus trump? i think he would have been a stronger candidate than hillary clinton. kennedy: i think when you talk about the like built and geographic strengths he had. >> with white working class
12:34 am
voters, especially in places like michigan and pennsylvania and florida that's his strong suit. kennedy: there is something to that argument. the question is, is it too late this time? if biden gets it. i think senator sanders is going to run, and i think donna brazile's book and joe biden's book both had the same aim. that is to take hillary clinton out of the national discussion and keep her out of the democratic party so they can do no more harm. >> i don't think an insider like donna brazile coming out with that book, unless she felt it was safe to take on the clinton machine. i don't think joe biden comes out in this way unless he had a grudge to pay. kennedy: he had a grudge and he's paying it. you ready for a good laugh? bill clinton is warning us about
12:35 am
presidents not telling the truth. that's so cute. watch. >> the dictator's club in the world, and there is a bunch of them. they want two things. they want nuclear weapons because they feel they can never be dislodged no matter how much people hate them if they have nuclear power. and they want to abolish the line between truth and lie. kennedy: bubba knows all about that after having been impeached for not telling the truth. the man panel is back. mike barrack, jimmy failla, nick sarwik. >> both sides do it. we live in our own media reality bubbles. the president is using this pop.
12:36 am
you saw that msnbc versus fox. you see a break up of people into separate realities. we don't even share the same reality let alone have a national conversation or dialogue. >> this was a little rich to get a truth lecture. i feel like i just got a lecture on office etiquette from harvey weinstein. he hates trump, though. because trump has made him as irrelevant he has. and trump is the reason he's home with hillary the next four years. kennedy: he will be the energizer bunny. and i think it's funny it was the one-year anniversary of
12:37 am
election night an didn't stay home. he knew. i'm not going to watch her slow chardonnay at the help. i'm getting out of here. >> it's astowngds. but your points -- it's astounding. but your points is well taken. the parties have sliced and diced the demographics so finally and technology has aloud so many different platforms that everybody resides in their own little habitat. you have all these ecosystems reaffirming what their own personal opinion is. kennedy: it's a series of confirmations and people rarely challenge their own beliefs. thanks for making your maiden voyage on kennedalia. mike barrack. thank you so much.
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kennedy: a controversial white college protest:for made head lines for blaming all the world's yilts on white people. and he's blaming sun days church
12:42 am
massacre on whites as well. last year he tweeted this happy holiday wish, saying, quote, all i want for christmas is white genocide. this week he was interviewed by "democracy now," and when asked about the sunday shooting spree said whiteness is a structure of power. when it feels threatened, it lashes out. why is he blaming whiteness for a deranged man who beat his own wife and child. ." >> it's disgraceful to start with. but kennedy, can we address the elephant in the room? it seems like liberals aren't capable of expressing themselves
12:43 am
without violence. we are talk about a lot of the liberals' response to the steve scalise shooting or college campuses, or rand palms neighbor deciding to take his aggression out by beating him. when is enough enough? kennedy: there are a lot of liberals who believe that speech you disagree with is in and off itself violent. and -- in and of itself violence. and physical violence matched disagreeable speech. this guy just knows he can lob grenades and there is no pushback from the school. he's still employed by drexel. >> this is the type of stuff that is going into the ears of our young people and they wonder why we have so much chaos in the
12:44 am
country. let's be honest. it's one thing to disagree with a connecticut or libertarians on the second amendment. but there is no one responsible for this except this kraiftsy, sick psychopath who decided to kill 26 people in my home state of texas. to blame this on white supremacy is being interests electric timely dishonest. kennedy: to take mental illness and factors like that out of it is so disingenuous and short sighted. i shouldn't be surprised. it's a little sad that someone like that is in a position of such importance. which is shaping young minds with apparently universities like that are devoid of critical thought. this is something you point out
12:45 am
that's really important. if a white person is driven to commit mass murder because of their whiteness that means people who are non-white are essentially powerless. >> yes. i have been so disgusted with this continued rhetoric from the left. is that white people have all the power and all the other races are just victims. and my thing is this. that's racist to say that black folks and hispanics are powerless is racist by itself. kennedy: i think this guy is racist and he's sick and he's wrong. and you are awesome, thanks for coming back. >> my experience with usaa has been excellent.
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kennedy: a musical about meatloaf is making its way to broadway. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. matthew mcconaughey turned 48 this week. but rather than celebrating the traditional hollywood way by harassing women or
12:50 am
propositioning men, he spent day giving away tush skis in kentucky. the locals were thrilled. oh, my gosh, it's the guy from that thing. matthew love it as well. the nice thing about frozen turkeys, he keeps getting older but they keep staying the same age. i know you say if he's promoting wild turkey bourbon, why isn't he giving away wild turkey bourbon? it's because everybody in kentucky already has bourbon. topic number two. here is great news for people who work in retail during the holidays. we haven't legalized murder. but we have figured out what
12:51 am
makes your job homicidal. a study by the washington state university found that listening to too much christmas music is bad for your mental health. employ yeas were forced to listen to christmas songs all day long. but it quickly changes the mood from deck the halls to deck the shoppers. luckily for them we only hear cripple songs from october to april. so manage in there, guys. the study supplied a motive for one of the most of notorious unsolved murders of all time. law enforcement officials believe grandma got run over by a reindeer because she wouldn't stop playing "the little drummer boy" on her boombox. so he snapped and made it "silent night." trash tag, let the turkey cool. topic number three. a volunteer santa claus was
12:52 am
arrested after police found a crack pipe in his car. jersey police initially became suspicion the man was driving without an ed hardy t-shirt. but when they pulled him over and realized he was santa claus, red flags went up. he tried to sell them a dvd player for a quarter. a crack pipe, two hypodermic needles and a partridge in a pear tree were found in his vehicle. topic number 4. perhaps nobody is spending more time recklessly than shoppers spending money for recklessly than shoppers at tough any. the julie company unveiled the collection calder day objects.
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kennedy: mila kunis is the specksperson for jim beam and she is an outspoken abortion oh
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