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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 10, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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"strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. thank you for your se. lou: good evening everybody. breaking tonight the judge handling diffusion gps records has been ousted. "fox news" confirms the obama appointee has been replaced by a bush appointee. we do not know the exact reason for the replacement of that judge. it's possible the judge had a conflict of interest. it is also possible, while a dozen other things as well. we will bring the reason to you as soon as we have it. another obama appointed judge is staying right where he is protecting hillary clinton. judge james boalsburg dismissing
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at judicial watch lawsuit demanding the government do more to recover hillary clinton's e-mails. we will take them up with judicial watch president tom bitton tonight. special counsel robert mueller closing in on former national security adviser michael flynn now probing clinton's role in an alleged plot to a duck to muslim cleric for $15 million. we will have a full report and president trump pushing uncompromising economic nationalism on the world stage. the president stressing in a speech in vietnam that he will put always america first and his audience of asian presidents and prime ministers applauded his candor and his straight talk. we will have those stories and much more here tonight. we begin with the russian investigation which has taken a
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bizarre turn. special counsel robert mueller now reportedly moving far field from investigating saleh russian collusion. now mueller is reportedly looking into whether general michael flynn was involved in a scheme to -- a muslim cleric and lives in america for much of dollars. correspondent catherine herridge with our report. >> "fox news" can confirm special counsel investigators are probing national security adviser mike flint's contact with senior turkish officials and whether they ever discuss the removal or reduction of a us-based cleric whose a critic of the turkish prison. the cleric visited pennsylvania and president erdogan blamed him for instigating an attempted coup in july 2016 at "the wall street journal" which today the turkish government officials offered flynn and his son $50 million during a meeting at new york's 21 club in exchange
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for delivering the cleric. "fox news" can't independently declare the details or whether flynn took part. all contacts are being exported. director jim woolsey first made allegations of flynn and turkish officials discuss the issue during an earlier meeting in september when flynn was national security adviser to the trump campaign. in this interview halsey said he joined the flynn meeting in progress. >> there was discussion, serious discussion of finding some way to move him out of the united states to turkey. since i only heard part of the discussion i could have missed an early statement that put some kind of caveats on somebody but you might call a brainstorming but it was brainstorming about this serious matter that would clearly be a violation of the law. fleckenstein doesn't usually comment on media reports but
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today they issued a rare statement. allegations from kidnapping to bribery better so i registered and prejudicial that we are making exception to our rule. woolsey had no comment today. october reported a 10 million-dollar contract to discredit the state cleric and cia director with a special counsel about those claims. lou: catherine thank you very much. an amazing story and an amazing development. catherine herridge reporting from washington could a major blow to the search for answers in the hillary clinton e-mail and at obama appointed judge has dismissed a judicial watch lawsuit that would have forced the federal government to work harder or thoroughly to recover then secretary of state clinton's missing e-mails. judge james bos bird rule that the government has done all that quote" reasonably could to locating the missing e-mails and
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there are lots of them despite reports the state department is sitting now on the backlog of tens of thousands of unreleased clinton e-mails. joining me now judicial watch president tom fenton. it's great to have you here. this is quite a night and we are delighted you are with us to sort through all of this. let's start with the special counsel now investigating an allegation that general michael flynn was involved in some sort of quid pro quo apparently to extradite, abduct whatever you would a turkish cleric and dissident who has lived in this country for many years and return him to turkey for millions of dollars. >> well i don't believe general flynn was involved in anything like that. the news would be these days that the special counsel exactly
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doing something it was hired to do which is investigate rush a collusion he really has no business investigating general flynn for this. it's outside his purview in my view and is further reason as to why it should be shut down. if there's something to be investigated the justice department should handle it directly but this is not what mr. mueller was hired to do. there was another report this week and i don't hope you saw it. "the wall street journal" said the justice department and the u.s. attorney's office are investigating a dnc hacking. mueller is inscom this is the basis for all the russian collusion the screaming we have heard about that the russians packed to the dnc. mueller isn't even looking at that. he's looking at everything but what he was hired to do which suggest there ain't much to look at in terms of russian collusion. lou: i think it does this logic applies in this case and that remains an open question but the logic is compelling, why is
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there no oversight of the special counsel before we move on to a number of other critical issues. why is there no oversight either a justice for republican-led congress and senate that would return mueller's attention to his mission, which is russian collusion? >> i think the special counsel regulation in that regard are constitutionally deficient because they hired a special counsel in this case mueller and the appointed officials we trust were confirmed by the senate answerable to the people to take a step back and let them do whatever he wants to do practically speaking and that's why i think he needs to be reined in, the regulations need to be rewritten if we needed uncompromised special counsel to do anything else. maybe it's too late with mueller but i am going to protect hillary clinton from a council that's out of control. lou: it's stunning. judicial watch, how upset should
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president trump be when he finds out the obama appointed judge has once again blocked your lawsuit? >> he may not be surprised by that. lou: i didn't suggest he would be surprised. >> this is the second time on this issue and it was over. overturned on appeal one. lou: let me interject. i'm not talking about the surprise. i'm talking about how concerned how upset he would be or any of us in this country that a political judge has once again blocked the public's right to know and secondarily if you will take in two years to get to an answer which is no. this is outrageous in my opinion opinion. >> he is going to be more outrage with the fact that his administration asked the judge
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to do with the judge did this week. the judge in his decision would have said you know the administration change with the government is fantastic and the obama administration would want to do it in shockingly the trump administration came in and they did and want to enforce a law requiring the state department to initiate action with the justice department to retrieve these government records that hillary clinton took with her. we don't like the judge's decision but the fact is we shouldn't be in court given what this president promised and his appointees would presume to want to be doing. you have the justice department state department defending hillary clinton in court and in this case blocking the judicial efforts to force them to comply with a lot to get these records. that's the average is aspect of this, to have a judge ruled one way or the other. lou: it's an additional outrage i will grant you that. we haven't been able to get a straight answer. have you?
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from the administration? >> we know what their answers are. we have been battling them in court since day one on this and i don't understand why. lou: what is the question -- answer to the question we are asking which is why would the trump administration's justice department not insist upon the delivery of these e-mails? >> there are is no answer. we push back and they don't give us an answer. lou: we are on exactly the same piece of ground. let me turn a change, hopeful one in light of what must be done. fusion gps the judge overseeing the records case reassigned and obama appointees, a bush 41 appointee being moved in its place. why? do you have any sense of the? >> i don't. my first instinct it was an
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administrative move by the court court. they were rebalancing caseloads or something like that. if it was something more substantial there might be public disclosure over the next few days on it. i'm not aware of any effort to recuse her out right and usually a recusal issue if there's a public discussion of assad certainly curious to have the judge leave in the middle of it but "stranger things" have happened. lou: and "stranger things" away this i'm sure. thank you tom fitton. we have got a lot more. it's been a day of extraordinary developments and we will be taking a look at many of them if not all. stay with us. president trump warns kim jong-un to stop this dangerous provocations. every single step the north korean regime takes for more weapons is a step it takes into greater and greater danger. lou: we take up the present strong rhetoric against the
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rogue regime with general jack keane and special counsel robert mueller apparently zeroing in on former top national security adviser michael flynn. flynn now under investigation for reportedly talking about expelling a turkish dissident back to his country in exchange for millions of dollars. we
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lou: our top story tonight president trump reaffirms his america first policies in asia. the president using his speech in vietnam saying he will protect americans against foreign exploitation every time. >> we are not going to let the united states be taken advantage of any more. i am always going to put america first, the same way that i expect all of you in this room to put your country's first. [applause] lou: straight talk remarkably those presidents and prime ministers, national leaders in asia applauding the president for speaking as he does almost every time, bluntly, directly and forcefully.
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the president is in vietnam for the asia-pacific economic cooperation summit, aipac. there was speculation the present would have a formal meeting with russian president let amir putin but that isn't going to happen. the two leaders however did shake hands for a moment and greeted each other before dinner. the interim chief of our teams as the russian news network will now register as a foreign agent of the united states. the department of justice began pressuring our team to register back in september after intelligence agencies concluded already operated as a propaganda arm of the kremlin during the 2016 election. in my opinion what is interesting about that is not that it occurred in september but that the entire administration president barack obama did not once ask rt to register as a foreign agent and the question has to be asked, why not? a further question follows.
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why hasn't anyone on capitol hill as the question of the former president? the head of rt for his part says he still believes the request to be one that is crazy and illegal but alas they will comply. joining me retired four-star general "fox news" analyst jack kaine. general it's great to see you in they have to ask it appears to be a trip that is immensely successful, on the part of president trump. the open question is, is there any sign of progress with xi jinping on the issue of north korea? >> first of all i definitely agree with you strategically this is largely a successful trip. what the president has managed to do is reassure our allies that the united states leadership is back in the pacific, that we want to denuclearize north korea without a catastrophic war and we want to stand up against chinese aggression in the region rate as
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you mentioned in the introduction we want to push back on the significant trade and balances that we have had throughout this indo pacific region so all that said a positive trip. getting to the specifics he could enhance the relationship with president xi for sure and abe in japan and in vietnam and those are all positive. i don't think we are going to know for certain for some time whether china has really stepped up one to increase the stranglehold on korea and to within more accelerated sense of urgency to do that. those are the two things we truly need and the other thing i would add you know it really comes down to whether xi believes trump when he says if china fails to do denuclearize north korea then i will do it and this option to do that is war. he believes that were optioned
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by trump is serious then he's like you to do so and if he doesn't believe that serious people probably provide reassuring words roll was a little capabilities and north korea will get a nuclear missile capability. lou: that calls into question president moon of south korea and his decision not to cover seoul with those that antimissile defense systems. this is becoming a bit of a strain for the united states strategically when the country that is invested so much money and sell many of our troops, some 26,000 plus a history of war that goes back six decades. this is a strange moments when it should be a moment in which there is solidarity. >> there are relationships out
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there that are not that strong in what is with his this leader and the others with the philippine leader that this is much more serious. obviously as you mentioned he's a left of center leader who got into office on taking a softer diplomatic approach with north korea and also his predecessor was in corruption and some other things and was pretty strong and north korea. since he came into office he reached out to north korea and north korea summarily ignored him and the chinese clamp down on him very hard in terms of cutting off economic opportunities and told him not to expand the thaad missile program. he agreed with china not expanded so i think he accommodated president trump during his visit and didn't want to shawnee public differences with him but we don't have a stronger relationship with south korea that we have had in the past. lou: of course that coercion on china and south korea it appears
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that xi has missed the target that is kim jong un. as always general it's great to have your insight. >> great-aunt andy lou. lou: are sure to vote in our poll tonight. you believe president trump straight talk has been met with a warm welcome in asia and do you believe it's sort of odd that straight talk in asia is better received than often is here at home? that's our question. meanwhile cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs where we will be posing the question the second half the show. follow me on twitter @lou dobbs follow me on instagram @lou dobbs tonight. on wall street stocks closing mixed the dow down 40 points the s&p down to the nasdaq up a fraction volume on the big board 3.4 million shares for the week the dow s&p and nasdaq all posting fractional losses.
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that hasn't happened for ages. i absolutely reject these results. we will do a recount. reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next year judged roy moore fighting back denying allegations of decades-old incidents of misconduct. that's the allegations. now one accuser has revealed to working for the hillary clinton campaign. three to go. we will have the full report for you here, next. stay with us. paying less for my medicare? i'm open to that. lower premiums? extra benefits?
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lou: senate candidate roy moore of alabama speaking out for the first time after decades old allegations of sexual misconduct were reported by "the washington post." moore is calling the allegations completely false and misleading. his comments come as local made what reports that one of his accusers worked for it clinton presidential campaign and other democratic campaigns as well. the republican establishment is running from moore after some say he may have been pushed by the republican establishment. mcconnell and john mccain calling for his exit. jonathan serrie is in moore's hometown with our report. reporter: in the wake of the "washington post" bombshell report that judge roy moore made
11:29 pm
sexual advances on a 14-year-old girl. the conservative candidate who runs on christian values remains defines and so are his supporters. >> i'm not too concerned. a lot of things are fabricated so you don't know what to believe sometimes. i am a big fan of roy moore. reporter: in a statement senator mitch mcconnell said if these allegations are true, he must step aside. the majority leader and judge moore have a contentious relationship. mcconnell's super back spent millions of dollars trying to insure alabama's twice removed chief justice would be defeated by luther strange. ed the 75-day deadline has long passed to remove his name from the ballot. >> it's a constitutional matter. a judge could take a different
11:30 pm
approach and rule that that statutory requirement is unconstitutional and deprives people of their right to vote for the candidate of their choosing or their party's choosing. reporter: while moore may not have been a reliable republican, if democrat doug jones wins that will reduce the gop's majority to just one senator. refusing to seat a duly elected and state certified senator would can difficult. alabama law allows the governor to suspends or reschedule an election. for now they are sticking with him. but their support is not guaranteed. >> if they have the proof, then i agree he should step down. reporter: the nrsc, the have you can party senate campaign arm
11:31 pm
has earned its financing agreement with moore. lou: it's interesting, too, the questions weren't -- if true he should step down. not a one said if false what he should do. but i'm sure mcconnell and mckwane forgot to add that aspect of the equation. the house and senate split on major issues in their respective tax proposals. some house gop members coming out against the senate version already. is republican leadership capable of delivering for middle class america? we take it up with ed rollins. these cyclists conquering the cobblestone streets of mexico. we'll be right back.k.k.k.k. ♪ dad: we walk inside... and it's raining...
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lou: a pair of political old-timers are pondering coming out of retirement to try to under final president trump. necessity include mitt romney, he's eyeing a senate run in utah next year. romney would run on his willingness to challenge the white house. yes, he would. he's an interesting piece of business. former vice president joe biden who recently said he regrets
11:36 pm
he's not president now. everybody who wants to try and correct the situation in 2020. he will be 77. so you see this is a generational event. ed rollins, political director for president ronald reagan. mitt romney? he goes after this president. he was an attack dog and he couldn't get barack obama. ed: he's running to get back in the game again. and he will be the lead i are of the opposition to president trump. this is a guy who does not fit -- i would predict if you put his hand on a bible like the last two republican presidents, one voted for trump and one didn't. we don't need a senator from utah. lou: folks in utah have to be
11:37 pm
thinking, he's a nice enough fellow. >> he was a terrible governor. he was a one-term governor who could not get re-elected. in the mid-term he started running for president. and he could not be reelected in massachusetts. he was a terrible candidate when he ran for president. we don't need more moderate republicans. we need trump republicans. let's turn to this situation with judge roy moore. immediately, senator mcconnell, senator mccain came out and said there is the exit, you better move on. we have people saying you will have to prove your innocence. ed: there are no serious charges backed up yet. he denied the charges.
11:38 pm
he got elected fair and square with mcconnell's organization spending millions of dollars against him and he beat them against a hands-picked candidate. my sense is if you are weeks to go, let the voters of the state make their choice. lou: the establishment republican party is check into whether luther strange can run a write-in candidate. ed: he was hands picked by the governor and defeated by roy moore. roy moore has been on the stage a long time in this state. why with less than a month to go, unless "the washington post" is not making it up.
11:39 pm
it's a decent one. let the voters make their choice. voters will hear a lot about this in the next couple weeks. lou: the people offal whamma have a clear choice. they will be -- the people of alabama have a clear choice. ed: this is one of the most of conservative states. very strong evangelical. he would be tough to beat. lou: let's go to the issue of the republicans. the tax cuts. we are looking at two different paths here. and yet we are hearing so much gnashing and wailing, it sounds like this isn't going down well with everybody. >> i don't think the senate wants a tax bill. the thing they came forth with is not passable in the house.
11:40 pm
reality, if they need to think like a parliamentary system. saying they all want a tax cut. let's get a bill we can pass quickly. if you can't, you will lose big in a short period of time. lou: i think we are looking at 16 days. ed: the fact you will get two bills passed through the senate with the debt ceiling isn't going to happen if they don't fix it. lou: don't you find it interesting that president trump's asian audience is more appreciative of his straight talk than the left is here at home. please roll the video and watch as these cyclists put their skills to the test racing down narrow alleyways, and stairs in
11:41 pm
mexico. they rushed through the annual race southwest of mexico city. ma senate majority leader mitch mcconnell changing his tune. he made a promise on tax cuts. >> at the end of the day nobody in the middle class will get a tax increase. we are committed to middle class tax relief and business tax changes that keep our jobs here in america. lou: not exactly. steve forbes joins us next. we'll talk about tax reform and the mcconnell gaffe. stay with us. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does.
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lou: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell walking back his claim earlier this month that no middle class americans will see a thanks increase under the senate thanks reform plan. majority leader telling the "new york times" quote, i misspoke on that. you can't guarantee absolutely no one sees a tax increase end quote. joining me to sort it out. steve forbes who is for all the
11:46 pm
world, he knows everything about taxes and cuts. great to see you. and politic as well. what in the world was mcconnell thinking saying that? >> obviously he wasn't. what we are seeing unfolding here is a betrayal of the president the way they did on healthcare. i think they will get a tax bill because on the house side they know if they don't, they are toast. lou: this is a little gift from the republican-led senate to the democratic party, and all the democratic candidates for congress. >> why they put on themselves a straightjacket where they can't do a good straight thanks cut. do the 20% corporate rate. make your first $25,000 free of tax and you can give everyone a 10% tax cut. >> this leadership can barely
11:47 pm
agree on good morning. >> that's why that old joke, if you want to stop the aging process put it before congress. it takes on more and more relevance. lou: this president has put on again another performance in asia. >> starting with a peach in the south korean assembly. lou: the relationship with moon, the south korean leader and the president are not good because moon is playing out his accommodative stance with north korea. that's creating immense problems. >> what the president did in the assembly where he praised south
11:48 pm
korea and their great progress. in terms of public opinion, i think moon is finding himself more acome dieght trump because -- accommodating to trump. it's moon who is more changing. the fact that he's dithering on having a defense system, that's backfiring. seoul knows they are you will have they arable. lou: seoul is protected by the thaad system. these are the same people who elected him. >> there was no credible opposition. lou: meanwhile they don't have an anti-missile program. >> i think in a year they will. lou: if you think this is going
11:49 pm
to last another year, you are among the few who do. this president is facing immense challenges from kim jong-un. >> i think the chinese are beginning to realize if something meaningful isn't done. where the leader of the north has a terrible accident they know we'll ramp up the real pressure. they are beginning to realize we are serious in the way the three previous presidents have dealt with this. lou: alabama, judge roy moore. an eager mitch mcconnell and john mccain suggesting if the charges are true, you should leave the race. he says he will not. it's interesting neither mcconnell nor mccain said if the charges are false, then judge moore you should do this. why are we watching this unfold?
11:50 pm
this is unseemly and shows the party is tremendously split. >> no one wants to get on the wrong side of post harvey weinstein. >> truth and due process. moore made it clear he wants due process. if they don't couple with evidence, real evidence, i think he could win. lou: the first evidence in is one of the four accusers is a hillary clinton supporter. our friend tammy bruce says if moore is really a predator, you get an avalanche of revelations. if you don't -- lou: you are anticipating her statements here. you can't trust him, tammy, you cannot trust him. steve: i'm setting her up.
11:51 pm
i'm warmup act. now, you get the real thing. lou: president trump in vietnaming his predecessors for our chronic trade deficits. president trump: i wish previous administrations in my country saw what was happening and did something about it. they did not but i will. lou: we'll take up president trump's successes in asia. stay with us. here's to the heroes -- america's small business owners. and here's to the heroes behind the heroes, who use their expertise to keep those businesses covered. and here's to the heroes behind the heroes behind the heroes, who brought us delicious gyros.
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked, do you believe the republican party deserves to keep its majorities in the house and senate. only 52% of you said yes. joining me, niger innis, and tammy bruce. hi, tammy. and steve forbes just told us you say there is a certain quota of these charges of misconduct that has to apply to a candidate before he or she -- well, i'll
11:56 pm
let you finish the sentence. tammy: one of the silver linings of the catastrophe out of hollywood is we found predators have a pattern. multiple accusers. same behavior, similar stories over a period of years. we don't have any of that with judge roy moore. and i think that -- it's a serious accusation obviously. lou: it is a serious allegation by the is an allegation, and it's 40 years old. tammy: this weekend will be key. if there are additional ones they will come forward. but at this point the people of alabama seem to be saying, this seems like an establishment hit job. that's how the voters are viewing it. lou: it seems strange that only now after 40-some-odd years.
11:57 pm
38 years, would we find somebody at the post decided to look into it. tammy: they interviewed over 30 people. and it's interesting that it was -- they only determined or found one person who makes the allegation. a lot of the headlines have been wrong. it's not multiple allegations of earn assault it's just one. i think that also tells you something on what they did not uncover. lou: i'm sure "the washington post" did as thorough a job of researching the democratic backgrounds for the job. >> i didn't know you were doing comedy now. lou: i cover politics, are you kidding? >> i think the two biggest character assassination weapons of mass destruction. one is being called a racist and
11:58 pm
the other is a sexual harasser or raper. the tragedy is the old story of the boy who cried wolf. these allegations keep coming across. they often manifest in political contests or political manifestations like justice clarence thomas some 30 years ago with atonighta hill. my good friends herman cain had to drop out of the presidential race where he was extremely competitive because of false allegations of sexual harassment. there is a total double standard. they did not do this kinds of investigation with bill clinton. he was alleged to have raped and brutalized several women. he's still considered a dean of the democratic left. so there is a total double standard.
11:59 pm
lou: it's important to point out that the democratic establishment was not going after bill clinton. the democratic establishment was protecting him. in this instance it's pretty clear. >> you were the bridge to where i was going. i think the problem is, the problem is yet again we have the circle of frying squad within the republican party. we have this once in a generation opportunity to truly move our country into a positive direction and promote dramatic economic growth and development within our country. lou: niger we are in trouble on time. tammy: the people of alabama will make the decision. we'll watch this weekend and see what happens. >> i agree with tammy on that.
12:00 am
let the people of alabama decide. lou: thank you both. we thank you for being with us. have a great weekend. happy birthday ma renal corps. good night from new york. >> announcer: the new "wall street week." maria: welcome to "wall street week," the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. coming up in just a few moments. my exclusive and market-moving interview with steven mnuchin. but first a look at the headlines. senate republicans unveiled their tax reform plan just days after house republicans released theirs. the senate bill fully free peels the say the and localax


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