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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 12, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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to communism. theirs is a war story that deserves to be told. i'm oliver north. good night. >> lou: good evening, everybody. break tonight the republicans making progress in the quest for tax reform and the september advance their tax reform. the two measures appear far apart. the house way and means committee chairman kevin brady is our special guest tonight and also tonight president trump and his chinese counterpart pledging to work together to end the nuclear threat. saying north korea's threats will never be realized.
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we'll stusz it with the ambassador. and the nominee leaving the department of the homeland security. saying that americanso it to immigrant children to find a solution to daca. that's right. advocating amnesty and saying it it is our sfnlt. and senate republicans unveiling their tax plan and legislation different from the house version that passed out of committee today. hard work begins, reconciling the measures if they are passed by both houses of congress. mike emmanuel has the report. >> the amendment is agreed to. >> reporter: tax reform passed the house way and means committee 24- 16. and kevin brady offered an
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amendment to fine-tune the house plan. >> we know we have more work to be done. this is a historic step and send it to the house and president's desk this year. >> reporter: on the other side, the senate maintains seven brackets and the house would partially repeal state and local deductions and the senate would toeltly scrap respect those. and house and september would reduce the corporate rate. and chuck schumer is trying to convince republicans in new york, and new jersey and california to run from the bill.
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>> there will be no compromows. full repeal or bust. >> reporter: nancy pelosi hammered the gop. >> do it an opportunity for people to review it. it is very facht. and speed of light and in the dark of night and without their own members. jeeshgs pelosi said tax repeal can put republicans in the minority. >> i fundamentally believe that when we do this and make good on our word and promise, we'll be just fine politically. >> reporter: the hughes feels pretty good. they recognize they will lose some but not all high-tech republicans by reducing the state and local reduction, lou?
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>> the house way and means committee sending it to the house and after that voting on the full house legislation next week. in line with the promise to pass the version of the legislation before the thank thank holiday and that is thanks in large member to the hard work. work. congressman kevin brady, his committee spent four days markup the bill to move it ahead. congratulations and you did what is seeming impossible. how do you feel about it before we get to what everybody thinks about it? >> it is a big day for the american people and president as well. it is 31 years since the way and means committee acted to fix the
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broke ep tax code. and we did and now goes on to the house and this is a big win for the people who are sick of the status quo and all of the loop holes and our jobs leaving the country, from that stand point i am pleased for the american people. >> lou: but folks say it doesn't go far enough to cut for the middle tax. deferred tax of business and the main stay of the president. what do you about that? >>na is a great point. we have tax rates for local business whether they are small business or corporation. the amendment and final one i offered actually creates a new
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low tax rate for small business up to 75000. so yeah. >> lou: most people were surprised and delighted as you say. small business in this country gets lost in washington. they are the job creator and stuff of which invasion is made. the entrepreneurial energy and you recognize that in the bill and a lot of the people will be thrilled and even the national federation of business is moving forward. >> we are thrilled to partner with them and to make this big change. >> lou: there is changes on the other side of the hill. the senate came up with a seven bracket proposal.
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and deferred corporate tax cuts. not taxes. i don't want to get anybody's hopes up. it is it's collision of two different views of what tax reform really means. >> i have done it for a while. look, there are differences, but there is so much more we have in common and i think that is because we sat down with president trump this year, working to the same wall. and the house moving toward and yes, there may be differences, we are shooting at the same approach, i think it is healthy and i don't see anything we can't work to hit the target that president trump and we put together for the more than people. >> and assume it is move would and passed by the house and
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senate. who will you declare the winner, the house or senate version? >> you walked in to that. the winner is the american people, three decades of massive tax code. nine out of ten people being able to file using a postcard style system and our businesses not saddled with the highest taxes that is a game changer for the american people. >> lou: i hope you and the senate get it right and the president is eager to sign it. >> thank you. >> lou: a lot more to cover here tonight. a busy day in washington and busier in some quarters of
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aszia. stay with us. so who does president trump blame for decades of trade imbalance with china. >> i blame the past administrations for letting out of control trade deficit to grow. >> lou: we take up the president's efforts next. president's efforts next. >> and senate republicans ♪ ♪ this holiday season, families near you need your help. visit now. naand millions morex seniors falive in isolation.hunger, lola: america, let's do lunch. narrator: drop off a hot meal and say a quick hello.
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>> lou: president trump continues on his asian diplomatic tour. today in/beijing, urging china to constrain north korea. >> china can fix the problem easily and quickly and i am calling on china and your great president to hopefully work on it very hard. i know one thing about your president, if he works on it hard it will happen. there's no doubt about it. they know. >> lou: president trump shifted
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the blame for our trade deficit with china. >> trade between china and the united states has not been over the last many, many years a fair one for us. i don't blame china. who can blame a country to take advantage of other country for its citizens. i given china great credit. but in actuality, i do blame past administrations. >> lou: past administrations and past presidents for the largest trade deficit. and joining us tonight, former deputy assistant and strategist to president trump and author of the new york times best seller defeating jihad and national security strategist, dr.gre g
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gorka. >> the president doesn't blame china but the fools that made it so. the 40 years of trade deficit and permitted to rise to the record and largest levels amongst our trading partners. >> absolutely, low, the president has a read audience and catch terms they understand. in the youngstown, ohio he spoke one way. and in front much congress it is different. and today, he spoke in terms that a chinese audience would understand. in the asian strategist and he said i don't blame you for playing us for fools to your own benefit, because you do that for
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your own national interest. but laid it clear where the blame is to be made on naive presidents of past presidential policy. and priecht sector. google and others look at market share and don't think of the ramifications, that's where we are today. >> lou: there may be some what exaggerated because of the circumstances of the trade mission and companies that the president in china and the two countries announcing a quarter of trillion in trade deals. that is even if it is enlarged a little, because of the political dimensions of the president's critical trip. it is a massively impressive day in trade. >> absolutely. i told people who voted for
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trump last year, people, supporters, even if you are for him, you have no idea how successful he will be diplomatally not just in terms of business. it is hard to choose in the last nine months, which record is more impressively. what he did domestically or stock market or unemployment or jobs or whatever it is what he a cheeched in the scant few months in the terms of international relations. defeating isis and reassuring our allies. feels like a second term. >> lou: it feels like a trump presidency and one that millions of us envisioned when he was running for the office he now holds, trump and putin, you think they will meet? >> i hope so.
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because there needs to be a face-to-face meeting to make sure that that man, putin also understands what the president is doing and that this is not president obama. he is a serious man and a pragamatist and a patriot and putin needs to understand just as north korea and china included, you don't mess with the united states under the command of president donald j. trump. >> lou: at the same time people are getting restless. and the person letting the dhs that it is american's fault and we are to blame forever children to be brought here by illegal immigrant parents. this created a fire storm and
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your thoughts about that. >> i am disturbed to say the least with regard to the individual. she had a track record of pro open borders. this is not who secretary kelly was or who the president is, and one thing, lou that is nonnegotiatable with the eight year presidency and that is the building of the wall and she needs to get on message otherwise she will not be representing the president's intent. >> lou: what does it say for a nominee for that high office and part of the national security team responsible for our boards would make a remark and urging amnesty and saying the american people are the ones who are to blame for the plight of those illegal immigrant children who are brought here by illegal grant grant parents. >> if this is what she believes,
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she's fallen victim to the narrative of the left. this is what hillary clinton was saying in private high tag speeches she gave to bankers about the need for no borders in the western hemisphere and she needs to understand hillary is not president. >> lou: one other question if i may, your thoughts right now on what we will see come of two tax bills. is this a process that is going to lead to the trump agenda's tax cuts or something quite different? >> i think it's comparable to the gipper's saying. what did ronald reagan. i will take 70 percent of the loaf and come back for the other 30 percent later. it has to be laid down and get tax reform started.
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>> lou: dr. sebastian gorka. thank you. >> thank you, lou. >> lou: do you believe the republicans deserve to keep the majority in the house and senate. there isks tensive grumbling today after the two quite different versions of tax cuts emerged from the senate and house. follow me on twitter@loudobbses. and breaking news this evening for the balance of pour in the senate. alabama candidate roy moore denying he had sexual conduct with a 14-year-old. moore calling that report baseless and deflamatory. up next, president trump
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>> lou: one year since president trump won the election and the economy has boomed every since. the dow jones industrial gained 28 more than in history. s&p 500 up 21 percent and nasdaq with gains of merely 31 percent since election day a year ago. remarkable. five and half trillion in market capital added. and the market exceeded the president's target for growth and unemployment at 4.1 percent. lowest level in 17 years and president trump is following through on promises to pull out of the transpacific partnership
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free-trade agreement and paris climate agreement. and supreme court norsich in the high court and the most important to join since anthony scalia. and clocking the establishment eight wall protopipes completed. congress has yet to support the president's agenda. they famed it repeal and obamacare despite seven years promise. and tax reform. the house and senate are confused about their own tax reform legislation. and what to do. tax cuts in jeop aroundy with the middle-class. and republicans in the house and senate should not miss a clear signal of yesterday's election.
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voters have had it with the familiures and the status quo. depart from president trump's policy and democrats will take the house next year. promise the senate as well. the question is then is this. will republican senate and house leaders have the sense? am they have the judgment to end their obstruction. president and support him and his policies? their careers, their future and the nation's well-being depends on the answer. voters will not settle for less than the trump agenda. it is that straightforward. this quotation from ralph waldo emerson. to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. we'll come right back with much more. stay with us. clinton corruption exposed.
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former dnc chair donna brazile talks about the clenton web. and today marks one year since the election of president trump. >> this is a 60 records on the stock market since november 8th. that very big day. that very big day. >> and we talk
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lum lou the federal trump in the trial of paul manafort and rick dpaets. issued a gag order. the ruling doesn't prevent attorneys and colleagues completely from talking but warns them with saying things like prejudice. and depending themselves in public is not permitted. and the house intelligence committee struck a deal with the co-founder with fusion gps and an outfit that offered the trump dossier. and they will meet behind closed doors with them. do you see the theme, gag unders and closed doors. simpson's am not plead the fifth. >> joining us is chris farrell.
4:34 am
great to have you with us. why are they playing footsie and withdrawing subpoenas and acting like he is a deal here when it is obvious what his role was and what he did? >> fusion gps was not an opposition research firm but a opposition manufacturing firm and that created the deg and smeerped it around as you reference earlier and the move by simpson to do a special deal with limited questions behind closed doors, you know, maybe they think they are getting a super insight. but this is a problem with congressional committees. it is a sound bite event and people come out. >> so why are they acting leak chumps and elevating him by putting him in a preferred position? >> right.
4:35 am
>> lou: when they should be investigate would by justice and fbi and you name it? >> it is it's gross leadership failure. that's where you have to go in analyzing this. you can't talk it away or say oh, gee, maybe next time. television is a leadership failure and when i say that i mean specifically. obviously mr. ryan, but even the other members in the committee level. you can't have a guy like this come in and cut his own special deal which arguably, he's placed in direct opposition. >> lou: where is house oversight and the house judiciary committee and what in the world are they doing? they are acting like little podles who are afraid to get in the arena and they don't want to
4:36 am
be pressing the national security issues? >> to be blunt, they are nearly worthless. they are good for discussing and bringing up the topic. but what we need here is it the attorney general of the united states and the department of justice you know to impanel grand jurors and start indicting people. >> lou: what is it going to take? >> i don't know how much more twichted and perverted it can get frankly. weep are at the point now, there is it substantial evidence to go before a grand jury. and the thing missing is a dead body. maybe that will come along. >> lou: some argue they have that body. >> that is true. i am speaking with respect to directly with fusion gps. bullpen these are the people who despatched the russian attorney
4:37 am
to meet with donald trump junior and then debrief her after the meeting and all. same time or shortly after that date, mrs. clinton is funding their operations. >> lou: go to andrew mccabe. never recuses himself. never. we find that out. when you find these things out that are just frankly not any part that is not shocking and appalling. when you find things out at this level there is no reaction or reflex from the attorney general or the director. fbi himself. it is maddening to witness. >> and a supposed check on that are our members of congress who do nothing. and it is it left to watchinose
4:38 am
organizations like judicial watch and few sane voices in the media to point it out and demand something be done. and the normam mechanisms much government are failing anything i said to you over a week ago, we are in danger in sliding further in a failed state. it cannot continue this way. >> lou: what kind much lilly liver republicans that would allow this to persist consequence without result? >> there is a lot of the hand ringing and woe is me and no one will say we are headed down a path of disaster. it may be they have to lose the house in 2018 and the country will be subjected to the next
4:39 am
two years yet of impoachment talk. loupe lou've -->> lou: i think we have gone as far down that spiral as we possibly should have to imagine. chris, thank you very much. chris farrell. virginia gubernatorial candigate ed gillespie vows to keep virginia. i believe our law enforcement need to comply with federal authority and they should be deported. >> lou: we take up the battle with kansas secretaries secretary chris coback. and thrill seeking paraglider and biker combining talents high and biker combining talents high back
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>> lou: you can't make this up. a juror in the men endez trial asked the judge what is a senator. and then requested to leave up.
4:44 am
and now a dismissed juror is speaking out and testifying reporter she expects a hung jury and if she stayed on the jury the senator would upon not get. he spoke out after she was dismissed and replaced by an alternate because she had a vacation she had to begin. she told the judge about it when she was was chosen. joining me noup. charlie hurt and editorial director in the daily caller, vince colonas. vince, we'll start with you. that is the republican party putting out two versions of a tax reform plan and neither comport to donald trump, the president of the united states.
4:45 am
what do we make of it. >> the vision. president to get the economy moving with cutting taxes and not hurting the middle-class seems to be straying away from the point. you have the senate and house pursuing pieces of legislation to make it through the senate's we wered manip latich budget rules. >> what opposites does mcconnell have available do to him. he can go nuclear. he's under president to get rid of the legislative filibuster and that's why we are left with a budget maneuver to force a tax bill and in the end putt president trump in ofls. >> lou: charlie, it is in some way the senate legislation seems
4:46 am
to be the product of true consternation and turmoil within the minds of the senate about whether or not to do anything that might appear to be familiaring the trump vision and the trump agenda. >> my greatest hope from the time donald trump a required was that republicans, maybe they didn't agree with him. but maybe possibly they might learn something from him and learn how he sells things and how he campaigns and learn something from this guy because he has a lot to offer. he beat 18 of them in the primary and went on to beat the most powerful political figure in the last 25 years in a general election. there is a lot to learn from the guy and i am afraid that republicans in congress are not learning the lessons. donald trump you keep it simple.
4:47 am
and you simplify the tax code and lower taxes for everyone. and that's what we are seeing tis getting more complicated and not simple. no one has any idea what is going on and what this is going to do. and everybody is sure there will be tax hikes in it and that is not the republican way and they will ruin their brand if they don't cut tax and simplify it and move on. >> lou: their intention is to hurt president trump in some way. national media takes care of that chore as they viciously attack him. turning to china, the president said i don't blame china for the run away trade deficit for the united states. because our presidents have effectively these are my words
4:48 am
and not his. have been damn fooms over the course of deck aemds in which they allowed the chinese to run trillions in trade surpluses. >> that's the same case as u.n. you represent the interest of your country first. and he goes to china and yeah, if i was in your position i would do the same thing. i would take advantage of the lax enforcement and create a trade deficit to at this time united states because that is to the advantage of the chinese government. and by implication he wants to reverse that. and i think what you have seen he and the president jio is cordial. they recommend would out the red carpet in the way they did not do for obama or any other president. and behind closed doors. president obama is forceful with
4:49 am
his negotiations because there is an imbalance in the trade that needs to be corrected. >> lou: roy moore. four women to appear under the headline and charging him with behavior unbecoming at the very least. and in one instance, wrongful behavior toward a young lady. what do you make of it. 70-year-old man and in the public eye forever and suddenly the post found these folks. >> i am always skeptical of any of these stories in a campaign season. i have to say that the story, the main woman who is named in describing what happened to her as she said when she was 14 years old, i found it disturbing and believable. but some of the details that she
4:50 am
recounted. maybe roy moore is right and maybe it is the most orchestraed "fake news" attack that i have ever seen. but if it is true it is disgusting and he belongs in the democratic party if what was alleged is true. >> lou: vince, your thought. >> i think anybody accuse would deserves the right to mount a defense. we know that he's talking defamation suits and that would be useful in terms of finding out what happened in terms of discovery and i think the republican party and roy moore need to reckon quickly with the next step. >> lou: is it peculliar to you. i think the point of innocent until prove otherwise should hold in even our modern culture. but does it strike you as passing strange if i use
4:51 am
a expression in alabama coming at this juncture in the campaign. this is a man who ran for office numerous time and in the public eye in alabama forever. and suddenly the post finds four folks. >> i would have actually been more suspicious if it happened before the republican primary. i don't know why that is. >> lou: your personal preference. come in the primary. >> but when you get down there and read the woman 'explanations and why she did not come out before now and descriptions and details of things. i found it chillingly believable and you and vince are exactly right. if he wants to defend himself. i believe that you are innocent enemy proven development. it seems strange why this woman
4:52 am
under her ream name would come out and draw this level of scrutiny to her own life. and she's apparently not a political hack of any sort. bum sad stuff. and very ugly and sad stuff. charmy and vince. thank you both. we'll be right back with much
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>> lou: joining us is the kansas secretary of state and vice-president the presidential advisor commission on presidential integrate. chris, great to have you with us. where are you on the idea of doca, amnesty proposed and the president saying no gift here. that's his pledge. what is your take? >> well, i think doca is a bad idea and i am hopeful that it will not be on the table. daca would be a gift and amnesty to 1.7 million aliens that are eligible for it. 800000 have claimed it. you have to remember, lou, american is thes having a tough time in the job market are americans under 30. why would we want to almostize one and half million aliens to
4:57 am
compete against the 5 million unemployed americans in the same age group? it doesn't make since and hopefully will not happen. >> lou: turning to the university lottery and the awful events in new york, and worst casulties and death toll since september 11th. two weeks ago. and we find out then, that lottery winners, then chain mi dpragz coming together in one individual tragically for so many victims. >> the diversity visa lottery has been around since 1986 and codified in 1990. >> chuck schumer introduced it in the u.s. senate. trying to distance himself from that, hasn't he in chris wrote a terrific editorial in
4:58 am
breitbart. and go to the issue here. the president wants to end it. does he have the power to do it? >> it will take an act of congress to end it. but you have 50,000 people aliens winning the lottery and 14 million put in for it. where is the u.s. national interest? with other green carpeds we need someone to fill that job or they have a skill or reuniting a u.s. citizen with his family. with lottery winners we have no national interest. the uzbekistani was not the first terrorist who came in through the lottery. >> and the democratic candidate backing away from support of sanctuary cities. how big of a role will it play
4:59 am
in the election? >> i think it will play a big role in the outcome and this may be one issue that pushes gillespie over the top. sanctuary cities looking in polling and in voting tcuts across the party lines. independents and democrats don't want sanctuary staeps either. and in. case of virginia, aliens who have deported or come back or haven't been and committing horrific murders and people in virginia recognize sanctuary cities endanger them. some in virginia and it is something that i think gillespie rightly latched on to and said i differ from my democratic opponent. >> lou: we can see what a difference a governor can make. governor abbot in texas is
5:00 am
a great example of pushing it for the safety of texan and so it does matter. chris, it is always good to talk to you. thank you so much. >> a notorious criminal. >> jesse james was never anything but an outlaw. >> an outlaw with a cult-like following. >> today, we'd call him a terrorist. >> that's a northern term. >> caught on a haunting image... >> this is a controversial photo. >> to his killer? >> it's either jesse james and bob ford or it isn't. >> it's her strange inheritance, and it could bring in a bounty. >> people questioned it. they wanted to see proof. >> we've heard everything from $50,000 to a half-million dollars. $15,000. now $20,000. $20,000. thinking about $20,000. ♪


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