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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 14, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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done, so will lou dobbs, he is next. lou: good evening, breaking tonight. republican establishment rushing to judgment abandoning due process, and any syste semblancf fairness insisting that alabama defer to washington tc establishment party, mitch mcconnell saying, judge roy moore should step aside over sexual misconduct allegations, as moore threatens to sue washington post. voters in alabama, are standing by moore, biel have the full report for you. >> also, three house republicans, demanding special council robert mueller resign because of his obvious conflicts
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of interest and overreach, congressman matt gates, annie bigs, willie gohmert say that mueller is unfit to lead the investigation. and nfl commissioner goodell, well he is reasonable sort, as he is demanding can a contract extension worth $50 million a year, and his lifetime use of a private jet. i guess you would like to pay for that with those ticket prices, right? we'll take up goodell's failed league leadership. and prejudice politics with former super bowl champion burgess owens, our top story, republican establishment's effort to oust moore escalating. senator mitch mcconnell and his fellow swamp dwellers have moved feverishly, spending more than $10 million to boost moore's
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establishment opponent in alabama primary, senator luth arlutherstrange. moore beat strange by 10, but mcconnell is still trying to install strange, and moore is still 4 points ahead in latest polling, allegations, of the sexual misconduct, almost 40 years ago -- today, a fifth woman came forward, alleged moore sexually assaulted her when she was a teen. correspondent is in moore's hometown in alabama with the report. >> i was terrified. he was trying to pull my shirt off. i thought he was going to rape me. reporter: planked by attorney gloria allred, a new accuser came forward, claiming moore sexually assaulted her 40 years ago, shortly after she turned 16.
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moore campaign responded saying have allred is a sensationalist, leading a witch-hunt. today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he believes moore's accusers. >> i do, he should step aside. reporter: mcconnell, joining a growing number of republicans who are pulling their support or calling on moore to leave the race. >> i think it would be best if roy would step aside. reporter: less than 24 hours after moore told a group in huntsville, he plans legal action against the washington post for publishing allegations he made second yoo sexual advana 14-year-old, when he was 32. roy moore accuses republican establishment and democrats of
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fueling the allegations to derail his campaign. his open op said his campaign had nothing to do with the allegations. >> absolutely not, that is a another in a continuing pattern of absurd statements that moore and his campaign have made, not just the course of this campaign but in his career. reporter: senate democrats are eyeing a possible pick up, for now they are waiting on jones to ask their help, minoritiy leader, schumer said, that the jones campaign is running on its own. lou: breaking news. attorney general jeff sessions has decided not to rule out another special counsel t to investigate sale of uranium one and hillary clinton, now directing senior federal prosecutor to evaluate circumstances of uranium one and
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alleged unlawful dealings relates to the clinton found foundation. the justice department responding to requests from the house judiciary committee chairman bob goodlot and other committee members. letter comes on eve of sessions' testimony before the same committee tomorrow. >> joining me now ed rollins, chairman of the great america pak. start with sessions development, he at least is awake to the possibility. >> i couldn't be more pleased. i think in something there, there is no reason for him to exclude himself, he should march forward. i think that justice department could go to a full-scale investigation, should and will. lou: it is striking the issue
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and evidence is straight forward. we're looking at a operation in clinton foundation that on its face is pay for play. >> no question about that. today it needs to be looked at. lou: it is extraordinary. r-- roy moore is still running according to latest polling about 4 points ahead. despite all allegations and reporting again him, and mitch mcconnell saying to hell with due process, he believes the women and that is it. move a side, let me put in strange said mitch mcconnell. >> i asked, has he talked to the women? or just reading what they said. lou: he talked to luther strange. >> he had controversy, and he was beat by roy moore. how does moore prove his confidence, and what is his
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guilt. he had a wife last 40 years, a significant leader, the charges had never come forward, are they coming up with 35 senate seats, asking -- >> i think you can rely on it, is it a familiar pattern. >> it is, and gloria allred added to the mix is interesting. the girl who made original charge had a troubled life, i am not accusing her of lying there no evidence, and you know she, tried to commit suicide and problem with drugs and men. and to come forward with this charge, i don't see how moore proves his innocence other than fact that voters have 30 days to look hard at this make their own judgment. lou: people have known roy moore, the citizens of alabama. two things at work, one for a senator, to say, i believe the women, and therefore move aside,
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that is what mitch mcconnell has said. and others. the same. i have no idea, who is telling the truth here. >> i don't either. lou: but i know citizens of alabama, in a far better position to determine than the rest of us. >> equally as important equalcasion to be a u.s. senator should be 30 years of age and live in state, citizen for 5. there is nothing about the rest of stuff, and garner and others saying he is not qualified. lou: garner is way over his -- >> if he is -- >> that was -- >> we're going to expel him, we have expelled 15 men in helpry of country -- history of country, where were these guys with the bob pack wood and other senators, including gary hart, my since if they are going to become morality police, i don't know who is telling the truth, i believe judge moore, and we'll see. lou: we'll see, jeff sessions
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has a person judgment to make. and mueller, we see him using strong arm tactics that are unprecedented for special counsel. this is building now, to i think a climax. and that is whether fuele muellr can be permitted by republican leadership of both houses, and the president to move forward. this is outrageous his behavior. >> it has gone on too long, and no one as any idea how much long terl glonger. lou: as log long as hements. >> his charge is go see if there were collusions with russia, he has looked to other side. lou: we'll take up that, we do know that there was collusion with russia. >> we do. lou: on part of democrats, facebook, and twitter. >> and fusion. lou: and yes, you are right, fusion gps. but, not so much from the
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republican side, that is where we're set, ed rollins thank you. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. >> much more ahead stay with us. >> national left wing media attacks president trump for simply talking about his relationship with russia. and vladimir putin. >> i believe he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election, as to whether i believe it or not, imwith our agencies. lou: the real question, why wasn't national left wing media attacking president obama when me actually rolled over for russia? we take it up with ambassador john bolton. >> and a show of force, against north korea. three u.s. aircraft carriers, leading a rare drill in the western pacific ocean for the first time in a decade. we'll have the full report for you here next. stay with us, we're
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lou: american military might on full display in waters off korean peninsula right now, three u.s. carriers, joining south korean forces over weekend. there will be 4 days of naval exercises, centered around the powerful u.s. aircraft carriers. exercises come as the president
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is wrapping up his 12-day asia visit. the drills are focused on operational coordination, aerial strike capabilities. and joining me now, former u.s. ambassador to united nations, fox business contributor john bolton. great to see you. let's start with first of all the carrier drills. that is an inne an in-- innes ce message. >> there, i think it is a message to north korea and china. while we're on the subject of our capabilities, also, we have japan and south korea participating in the exercise as well, that could put continuous air power over north korea if we had to. now it does not indicate a decision been made to the score, but i think that until china and north korea believe that the threat of military force against the north's nuclear and ballistic missile program is
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real, we'll keep doing what we have done for 25 year, watch north korea get closer and closer to a capability to hit any target it wants in continental u.s. with weapons they are close. lou: one thing that different right now. that is kim jong-un as you know, he has hit pause button with no ballistic missile launches, no nuclear tests this has gone on now for upwards of 6 weeks, correct? and this is unique, there have been all sorts of anniversaries, opportunities to be provocative, maybe he is changing posture here. what do you think? >> i think it possible. i think xi jinping may have sense that barack obama's no longer president, maybe as a far back as famous dinner at mar-a-lago when trump launched
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59 cruise missiles av syria, i will be skeptical, i have watched north korea and china play with american administrations, i think that president's main events of this trip were his meetings in beijing with xi jinping. lou: but i am saying there is a impeempirical bases to take notf to suggest there may be a change under way in thinking of kim jong-un, whether that is behind scenes result of pressure from president chai xi jinping of china or in combination with leadership of president trump, but there is nothing different going on, is there not? >> there is. that is correct. only question is, how long will it go on that way. lou: that -- but that is. >> it critical now. lou: a question that naval gazing. i am interested what it, what prospects are. you know always uncertain. >> right, i think that is right. but, the difference between now
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and let's say what happened in obama administration or bush administration or clinton administration we're close to a point where north korea has that deliverable nuclear weapon capability. president trump has much more difficult than his predecessors. lou: let's look at this, trade announcement that in prospect for wednesday. when president is returning to the white house. okaynouncinging a quarter -- announcing a quarter of a trillion dollars deals while he was in the china. inn is looking like a successful trip on part of president, your thought. >> i think it was a successful trip, no question, there still
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some things we need answers, to but i think that message of delivered clearly, his first three stops. in japan, south korea, and china. and i hope in all by lal -- bilateral meetings he held this u.s. will insist its trading partners live up there to commitment, starting about china. lou: i don't think that the president vehicle made it clear -- could have made it clearer, to think this is first president in 40 years to talk about trade balances is stunning to me, last person to take note was president george h.w. bush in 1952. -- 1992. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. lou: vote in tonight's poll, do you believe mitch mcconnell and gop establishment should honor principles of due process and fairness. and let the voters in bam bottom choosalabamachoose their own cea
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novel idea. >> cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. >> on "world news" stocks closing -- on wall street, stock closing higher. nasdaq up 7, volume 3.3 billion shares, ge shares flunk plunge after company slashed outlook for 2018, cut dividend by half, and qualcomm rejecting a take over bid from broadcom. a reminder to listen to my reports 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. >> up next, special counsel mueller witch-hunt out of control, i take it up with 3 congressmen who are calling for mueller let's resignation --
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lou: national left lou: the obama justice department, the fbi, the national media were ever so gentle and disinterested last year:pursuing even the most of obvious questions about hillary clinton, her campaign, her foundation and her emails. the fix was in from the very top and very early. then president obama during an interview with "fox news sunday" exonerated hillary clinton in
4:26 am
the email scandal. >> i continue to believe that she has not jeopardized america's national security. way also said and she acknowledged, that there is a carelessness in terms of managing emails that resolved. lou: that word carelessness. comey drafted a letter exonerating clinton before interviewing her and before interviewing another dozen key witnesses. comey planned to accuse clinton of acting grossly negligence. but after the fixer-in-chief inserted himself into the matter, two months later all of
4:27 am
that changed. the language changed, becoming extremely careless. forcing an attorney representing paul manafort and rick gates to provide grand jury testimony against her own clients. the justice department give cheryl miss and other aids immunity, and others allowed to plead the fifth. the mueller's scorched earth tactics by comparison. mueller ordered fbi agents with guns drawn to raid the home of paul manafort back in july. there are similarities, however. the state department under president trump is still
4:28 am
stonewalling on clinton's emails just as it did under president obama. mueller now in the 6th month of his investigation. so now so-called ledged collusion has been investigated by the special counsel and the fbi for three months short of two years. 21 months, not a single piece of evidence found. what about the congressional investigations? at least five congressional committees are now investigating russian collusion with the trump campaign. they found nothing. and the senate intelligence and house intelligence committees appear to be extraordinarily disinterested in what russia may have actually done. what have they actually done? it appears they compromised the nsa and led the establishment republicans and democrats on an
4:29 am
almost two-year wild goose chase making them the laughingstocks of the world's spies and intelligence. a word that hardly seems right when used to describe our agencies and our congress. all of that leaving many unanswered questions which i'll tell you about coming up here. stay with us. there is a lot more straight ahead. a growing number of republicans want to fire special counsel robert mueller. we take up the fake russia collusion investigation and the greatest witch hunt in american history. congressman matt gates, louis gohmert and andy biggs joins me next. next. stay with
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lou: the national left-wing media have been ignoring questions about vladimir putin that have nothing to do with trump. if those agencies were so concerned about russian interference, well, it creates a lot of other questions. why didn't they investigate the best-known instance much such
4:34 am
middling, that is -- meddling, that is, the hacking of the democratic national committee. why didn't obama demand the dnc grant the fbi access to its servers. why in an incredibly important matter did president trump do nothing in response? nothing politically, militarily, to the obvious meddling in presidential politics florida july. why did then president trump do nothing when russia invade and seized crimea. invade and seized. and when russia carried out incursions into eastern ukraine, he did nothing. does that look and smell like collusion to you? it dozen raise questions, doesn't it? why didn't president obama act when putin's puppet, assad
4:35 am
crossed. and why did the national left-wing media not report on the obama could you to youing to russia. these issues seem to elude our national left-wing media and the establishment gop. those unanswered questions also raise further questions, such as where were our intelligence agencies that seem to despise our president and just how compromised was the leadership of the bairchl tell jones community. perhaps when republican leaders on capitol hill come to their senses, when may have some answers. we can only hope. joining me now, three members of the house judiciary committee
4:36 am
who introduced a resolution pushing for robert mueller to resign from his russia collusion probe, each believes it's time for a new special counsel to investigate the obama-era uranium one deal which gave russia 20% of the united states' uranium reserves. joining me tonight, gentlemen, i want to say congratulations, you actually stirred the montana --d the mountain, it is moving. this is the first genuine consequence quefns a congressional action we have seen. i want to say congratulations and thank you. congressman gohmert how important do you think this development, attorney general jeff sessions putting under
4:37 am
consideration the appoint of a special counsel to investigate uranium one. >> it's absolutely critical. i have been pushing for this for months. i told president trump in june, if he is recused on all these things then the president needed to appoint a special counsel. this is big. listening to you go through the list of questions you had, i'm ready to get rid of rosenstein and mccabe and mcmasters and put you in there. you are like a bloodhound on the scent. you are asking all the street questions and those from questions we have to get answers to if we are going to get this country back on track. lou: you have got to be gratified to see the attorney general responding. >> i am, lou. i'm glad he's finally taking some action.
4:38 am
we have been calling for that but in his letter he said he will have it resnriewd part by rod rosenstein. i think rod rosenstein is part of the problem. >> he is. >> we need to hold attorney general sessions accountable and get him to give us a real special counsel and open this up and follow where it leads. lou: congressman gates, the attorney general will be before your committee tomorrow. to what degree will you be able to inquiry of with some significant time about these issues and get a sense of where he's headed. >> tomorrow will be a very big day in the house judiciary committee. the american people are tired of one sell standard for the clintons and another for everybody else in the united states of america. we have had a special counsel
4:39 am
look for six months and has yet to produce any evidence of collusion. 367 and we have democrats paying russians to dig up dirt that isn't true about president obama. that is the definition of collusion. what is inappropriate would be to put bob mueller and rob rosenstein in the mix look into these things because they are potentially witnesses. rod rosenstein's name is on the signature block that's seals this information from if the american people. >> loretta lynch is the one who had to specially approve the russian agents coming into this country when she didn't have a visa so she could have a meeting with don trump, jr. setting him up so they can say don trump,
4:40 am
jr. is meeting with this russian agent so we the need wiretaps. this stinks to high heaven. when push comes to shove, we'll see it was rod rosenstein and bob mueller who got those records sealed about the full russian investigation. if those records were out there where they could be viewed, it would put hillary clinton i don't know how she'll look in stripes. but that's the kinds of thing we are look at once we get our hands on that case file. lou: as you take note, gps fusion meeting with the russian attorney both before and after a debrief afterwards with that meeting with donald trump, jr. it stinks to high heaven. we'll continue our -- our
4:41 am
conversation with these gentlemen in just a moment. why we are not learning more about what happened with the dnc with the folks who put together the uranium one deal and put all of that money, $143 million to work at the clinton foundation. was that just a coincidence or was it a payoff. more with these three gentlemen on what to expect from attorney general sessions tomorrow in the house judiciary committee hearing. and will there be a second special counsel asnoinltd we'll find out next. we are coming right back. we are coming right back. stayayayayay
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lou: gentlemen, let me start with you, congressman gohmert. these fbi special counsel folks folks, whether it's mueller himself or whether it's james comey or andrew mccabe. list goes on of conflict individuals at the top of this. how can it even be per mid?
4:46 am
mccabe has been under an inspector general inspection for i don't know how long now? >> his wife involved in running for office and the money that came in. he should not be close to the position he's in right now. if we are going to get down to where the truth really is. jeff has to count on the fbi. when you have got people like mccabe and mueller investigating these things, talking to the agents, it's creating such a cloud. we have got to get back to sunlight and bring it to bear on all the evidence and facts out there. this is really serious. i'm so grateful to the president. he hasn't given up. he keeps pushing and keeps pushing. frankly back in september of last year, i was talking to him privately. i said you have got to promise me you won't do what president
4:47 am
bush did and try to be magnanimous and say everything that happened in the past, that's in the fast, everybody as far as the fresh today. you have got people who committed crimes. he said you don't have the worry, we are going to clean house. he's been prevented from it. >> we can't live in a world where if you lose an election it's a de facto immunity deal. if we don't get answers from the department of justice, they are too conflicted to investigate the facts they are involved in. >> we have been so frustrated with the attorney general because he's getting advice from the very people implicated or witnesses. lou: surely he understands that. he's a smart man. >> but if you go back and look,
4:48 am
when he first rekreus cued himself he said i have been talking with the career guys, and he said that a number of times. he's so ethical and upright. he figures these career guys have to be toeing the line. wrong. people have manipulated them just the way comey manipulated ashcroft to get ashcroft to recuse himself so comey could appoint fitzgerald as special counsel. lou: what are the odds you would have a uranium one deal in which you would involve mccabe and comey and the list goes on? it's too far-fetched to even contemplate. now the fbi has become a place
4:49 am
where investigation and facts and truth go to die. this has toib driving everyone except at the top nuts there at the fbi. >> there are plenty of fbi agents who are concerned about what's happened. the tonightization o -- the pole fbi going into the bush administration. the people that were in places to use politics against the administration. lou: let me turn to one other issue, that's the dossier. discredited. debunked. it now appears that that very likely was used as the basis for fisa warrants that were used to go after targets of the special counsel. what do you make of it, congressman biggs? >> it's outrageous.
4:50 am
9 fisa warrants are suppose to be carefully scrutinize. here they are taking documents paid for by the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign. and they are getting fisa warrants to spy on american citizens. >> if you had the republican party paying a private organization to bribe russians to say untrue things about democrats, you would have 100 democrats in the house of representatives calling for impeachment. all we are calling for is an honest investigation. they should not be the ones investigating the president of the united states. >> rod rosenstein and mueller do not want to step down. they are the on things standing between the american people getting the truth. they are object trucking things
4:51 am
right -- they are obstructing things right now. they don't want anybody investigating because they are the ones that closed and sealed and protected the russian investigation originally. lou: congratulations on getting this moving. let's hope the attorney general does what president trump says is the right thing. >> you nailed it. this is just the beginning. law great to see you, thanks for being with us. please roll the video and watch as this person, kiteboarder, takes on the strong currents of the yellow tone river. what a beautiful river it is news want to do things like this. the 25-year-old super athlete maintaining his balance while performing a number of
4:52 am
spectacular twists and turns. in the next video we'll show you he fly-fishes while doing this. no, just kidding. roger goodell destroying the nfl brand and still demanding a $50 million salary. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: in our online poll we asked, don't you think it's interesting president trump's asian audience has been more appreciative of his straight talk than those at home. 94% of you said yes. commissioner roger goodell must think high lyely of himself. he currently makes $30 million a year. he's also seeking lifetime use of a private jet. joining us, author of the book, liberalism, or how to turn good men into whiners, weenies and wimps. i mean, he's really -- you talk about scorched earth, this is his approach. >> i had the chance to do some
4:57 am
research on goodell. they built a brand that people could relate to. all america. pull yourself up. but a guy came out of college and he's a leftist democrat. he has a whole different view on this brand. because they are losing a great, great opportunity to make a big difference in a big way. lou: they are letting this guy trample the brand. it's not just the symbol of kneeling. but he made horrible decisions. the brand has dropped 30 points in the most of recent assessment and continuing to die. >> it comes back to the impact on the black race. what you are seeing here is actually what liberalism has done from the very beginning.
4:58 am
i can go back to the naacp. everything they touch turns bad. the black family, the school system, now they have failed, if they touch it it goes south. it's the judeo-christian values versus the marxists and socialists. lou: goodell made it clear web's a leftist. the owners have at least got to have some fidelity with capitalism, it made them wealthy folks. you would think that they would treat him somewhat differently. here is a jet for life. here is $50 million? that's crazy. >> it's free enterprise.
4:59 am
they are going to get their deal set up already with tv. they have things in place. they don't have to look at the dollars every single day like most of us do. if they did they would protect their brand. lou: what do you think of jerry jones? he's standing up in a crowd of tough fellas. >> jerry jones is the closest thing to al davis that i have seen. al davis, i had the pleasure to play with the guy. he brought together a team of people, no better their background, i respect him. lou: it's good to have you. is this going to resolve happily for the nfl and football fans? >> it will resolve for the american people and the nfl will have to make their changes which
5:00 am
they will in time. lou: we thank you for being with us. we hope you will be with us tototototo >> were hoping to trade, but we have to be treated fairly. we have to be treated in a reciprocal fashion. lauren: president donald trump wrapping up his historic trip to asia and heading back to the white house. promising a major announcement when he returns. cheryl: treasury secretary stephena ching saying the president is coming this is a quote, unbending on the 20% corporate tax rate. lauren: the markets focusing on tax reform. later today, earnings from home depot. the state of the u.s. economy futures relatively flat. geri:


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