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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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asia, a quarter trillion dollars in deals, business deals. he returns to his tax reform push tomorrow, we'll meet with the house gop on thursday. wow that votes coming from the house on thursday. thank you for watching charles payne is here now with making money. >> charles: thank you very much, e-mac. good evening i'm charles payne tonight we begin with breaking news on a tale of two gop tax plans. the house rules committee will convene in just about 30 minutes and they will prepare the house gop tax plan ahead of tomorrow's debate pushing of course their bill forward this as senate republican leaders announcing they will add the appeal of obamacare in individual mandate into their new version of their tax bill which by the way i've been telling you was probably a good idea just late last week, estimates that will save the federal government $338 billion over the next 10 years. those are new details expected to be released tomorrow. this after the senate finance committee reconvenes at 9:00 a.m. meanwhile vice president mike pence reabouting to all of this breaking news just a short
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time ago. >> the president and i welcome word that the senate finance committee will include the repeal of the individual mandate of obamacare in the senate tax cut bill as it moves forward in that chamber. the truth is by eliminating the obamacare mandate tax, we will pass and enact real tax relief for working families all across america and we will end, we will end the era that began seven long years ago, where the federal government has the taxing power to order every american to buy insurance, whether they want it or need it or not. >> charles: now, to my panel, gail trotter, senior fellow, christopher bedford, the daily caller news foundation and cheryl westwood, washington examiner. let me start with you. you know, i've been talking about this, since last week and in fact representative lewis gom er brought it up to me and everyone kind of blew him off,
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but after the cvo scores said there's a honeypot of $338 billion, but i'm shocked that the senate is bringing, it embraced it so quickly. >> you're exactly right. it's amazing that even though during the healthcare fight it was house republicans who are more aggressive on obamacare repeal this time it's house republican leadership that are pumping the brakes on sticking individual mandate repeal into their tax reform bill and it's senate republicans who are forging ahead on this. they recognize that that extra savings could let them cut taxes for the middle class in a way that might actually ultimately get some of those more moderate republicans on board. they can look at the eliminations of other deductions that are causing republicans heartburn such as the state and local tax deductions so that gives them a lot more money to play around with to appease these republicans who are holding out for other reasons but it is the process a little mit bit more.
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>> charles: right here is the ironic thing though gail is that this gives the senate a second bite at the apple right? because they dropped the ball when it came to obamacare repeal yes. >> charles: the house we'll see what happens but if you can say well we get this money, we won't delay the corporate tax cut for a year. that is huge because that was supposed to be the crown jewel of the whole thing. >> it is and the white house laid out three priorities and it was large middle class tax cut, it was the 20% corporate tax rate and the simplified tax code , and the delay that the senate suggested was death. if you do that then you're not going to deliver the top poor it its of the white house so this gives them the flexibility to implement it as the white house wants and to deliver economic juice to the economy that everyone needs. >> charles: christopher bedford, how much more likely does it make maybe we'll see republican leadership in washington d.c. deliver this time. >> i think it's actually looking pretty likely although who knows whose going to come out tomorrow morning looking at senator
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collins, maybe even senator mccain and say hold on a second. this is not the way that i want to repeal obamacare. you could see that right now everyone seems happy and if mitch mcconnell could deliver on repealing the individual mandate and on immediate corporate tax reform, the gop's chances go up dramatically in the next election. >> charles: guys i need you to stay right there because right now i'd like to bring in republican congressman jim renis i, a member of the ways and means committee. representative, thank you very much and i know you guys are pretty hectic down there these days. what do you make of this move by the senate? i think it's fantastic. i think that it's a brilliant move but we know that there will be some pushback, particularly since that same cvo score says 13 million americans lose healthcare insurance. >> well charles again, i was a big proponent here on the house side and i was pushing for it so i'm glad to see. the big issue was there was some concern whether the senate would deliver on it and now it's good to hear that the senate is able to deliver on it because like you said it gives us a little
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bit more room to deliver a little bit more of that middle class middle income tax cut which i think is so important, but the house is moving forward. there's a lot of energy here, a lot of positive feelings. we're going to get this thing done. we're going to make some changes of course in conference to bring these bills together but there's a lt. of positive feelings right now. >> charles: feels like all of the different players and entities have drawn their own lines in the sand president trump 20% corporate tax, the house brady is saying just this morning or late yesterday that you guys are going to pushback on salt. that you want some parts of salt to be apart of this. i know that you would lose a lot of blue state democrats but that's not the case potentially. does this give you room to find copremias where everyone is drawing their red lines? >> i think in the end when we bring these together in conference if we do have the individual mandate that the senate will get through and it will happen in the house as well and give us more room to look at these issues but in the end the house has delivered a really good package with a tax cut for
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middle income taxpayers with that lower corporate tax rate. it's the one thing that i needed to see. even last week, when i started to hear there was some chance that the senate was going to delay the implementation of the tax cut, i'm not for that. we have to have this tax cut effective january 1 so i think it was good that we held strong here in the house but we've got a really good package and you're seeing house members willing to support this. yes there are issues but in conference we'll be able to sure this thing up. >> charles: i think the house is coming from greater strength to be quite frank with you than the senate anyway. you guys have delivered, a lot of bills, you have passed a lot of bills and they seem to fumble at the senate but having said that, the ultimate promise was the tax cut for everyone. is that still attainable? is that still something you want to see happen? >> absolutely and i think in the end that's one of the things that really made us change a few things over the last couple weeks to make sure we're getting that tax cut for everybody but we needed more room. that's why again i was a big proponent of the individual
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mandate. that gives us a lot of room to do a lot of things and i'm glad to see the senate is moving forward and that will make this tax package better when we get to conference. >> charles: congressman thank you very much and congratulations looks like this thing is moving along. >> thank you charles. >> charles: want to get back to the panel now, gail, chris and sarah, chris i cut you short there. the congressman obviously excited, the house has really delivered a lot more than the senate has and the senate is a lot more complicated and we were talking about the likelihood of this making it through now that they've added some options. >> you're right and paul ryan gets a bum wrap. he's been thrown in with the senate for trying to obstruct donald trump's agenda and he really hasn't. he's passed funding for the wall and passed tax reform and passed obamacare repeal and all ended in the senate and not even mitch mcconnell's fault necessarily. the head of the senate is less power than he used to have. you saw his face on the floor when he watched senator mccain cast his no vote but if they can
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get it through that senate that's where it faces the biggest hurdle and they it could die. will there be objections or just regular order or objections to how it will affect the citizens of maine or alaska? it's certainly possible and that's the place to watch. >> charles: sarah we saw the market come back late in the day after the dow was down as much as 168 points. i think when news came out that senate markowski was behind it so again there's problematic senate votes everyone knows who these folks are and you could start checking them off. you don't have to lure democrats on board. >> right. there are not really any no votes on record yet though senator mccain is saying he has to take a look at the entire bill before he decides where he's going to come down on it. you don't have some of the more moderate senators who would be you'd think in theory would be inclined to obstruct it like bob corker, jeff flake who have been critics of president trump who might be reluctant to help him attain a victory. they haven't come out and said necessarily they're going to oppose it so the momentum is
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still on the side of tax reform and house republicans are willing to entertain just about anything in conference because they too want to get something passed and there's a lot more of a conservative cushion in terms of numbers in the house so i do think that the chances are still looking pretty good. >> charles: i think they certainly increase. i was googling the british odds makers to see if they had any bets on this because if they did they would have increased in the last two hours but gail, so rand paul. he was the one who juan of the folks who introduced the idea at least to the senate of the individual mandate so the senate thinking creatively. president trump gets back on thursday, he's going to press the flesh and try to make this happen. it does look like this gets across the finish line. >> it does and you look at the house freedom caucus there was controversy with them over obamacare repeal and now they're saying they're interested supporting it too so you'll see all of these things coming together because i think the republicans understand how critical it is for our economy to deliver this and honor their promises and i think they take it across the finish line and accomplish something very
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meaningful. >> charles: you all thank you very very much. meanwhile the largest gop mega donor we're talking giving steve bannon, well sort of kicking him to the curb. we've got the details for that civil war within the party, next . ♪
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>> charles: well we've got bad news for steve bannon. billionaire shedon adelson, the gop largest megadonor now says he's breaking his ties with the bright bart editor in part because of the sexual allegations against alabama senate candidate roy moore whose a bannon allie. a spokesperson issuing a
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statement saying he and his wife are mitch mcconnell 100% and joining me to discuss the ramifications, republican strategist and fundraiser michael barns, former policy advisor to president george w. bush and currently managing partner at dcba law and policy. noelle adelson, i remember steve bannon made the trip out there, the pilgrimage that everyone made to las vegas to sort of try to woo him over and apparently over the weekend, steve bannon spoke at this organization of america and of course it's heavily funded by adelson, he and his wife didn't show up so that was the first tale this wasn't going to work. this happened again to bannon over a war with he and foster freeze when he called foster freeze and who one of the founders of brandywine and he said that he wasn't going to be supportive of bannon's candidate s as well, so you know, with sheldon, he's really one of
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the biggest go to megadonors that a lot of we used to call it kiss the ring. he's very influential. he can if he wants to he has the power to give you so much money or fund superpacks or whatever to actually get your message out and the whole point of raising all this money is to get your message out, so this is a big slap in the face. it's also, it's going to hurt the bannon movement because your only as good as the donors behind you, and i know he's got rebecca mercer who i think she's great. i really like her but you don't want that to be the lone wolf. >> charles: you know michael though i think bannon also has the grassroots movement behind him and it's hard to quantify what that's really worth but we see there has been a major impact since the eruption of the tea party and they have changed the face of washington d.c. so he's got things going for him but the megaguys seems like they're tethered to the establishment which probably makes you pretty happy. >> well i think if we were talking about republican candidates who could be elected you certainly want the types to
6:16 pm
have the support of the so-called establishment and not these roy moore types who for example, disregard the rule of law or just plain bigots so in terms of electability it makes sense for these donors not to waste their money on bannon's candidates like roy moore. >> charles: although without the breaking news that happened over the last five or six days or more it looked like he was on his way to a comfortable victory in alabama. you wouldn't cast disbursions on the entire state of alabama or the republican voters would you? >> the primary process is very different from what you'll see in the general and as we look into roy moore even before these allegations-- >> charles: well listen though, because this is a nationwide effort, bannon saying that he wants to go after all the senators except for ted cruz and there is legitimate disappointment among republican voters not getting what they thought they would get because they put a lot of work into thrusting the republicans into control, right? you control the white house, and it's not the establishment types
6:17 pm
either. they put a lot of new faces in washington d.c. >> they aren't getting anything done because they're trying to do it with republicans only. you can't do things with 47-50 votes even 52 the senate rules require you got 60 which means you have to negotiate. that's how our constitution and rules of our governance are set so why don't they start doing things that will enable compromise. >> charles: hold on one second michael here is the thing we went through eight years where there was no negotiation so i can understand any republican not expecting that to happen this time, obstructionism is the key card of the democrats but having said that, how is 2018 looking? too early to make that assessment after virginia and what would tax legislation do to change that? >> well, i think if we get something passed, obviously we stay in our platform stands for low taxes and less regulations if we get something through we've got a fighting chance. we don't get anything through not only will the market take a tumble with this because it's going to send a signal we just can't do anything.
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>> charles: but vice versa if tax legislation goes through we keep seeing job creation right now, we're on pace for the third consecutive 3% gdp quarter, i mean that's the kind of thing that, you know-- the establishment though? >> donald trump. [laughter] >> charles: all right so-- >> i'm not voting republican in the midterms though charles depends on what tax edge haitian right now they're raising taxes on small businesses. >> charles: guys coming up why sheriffs are cheering for president trump because well, they like the idea of making america safe again. we'll be right back. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game.
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but that's just the beginning. a cancer diagnosis can kick off years of challenge. and that's where your donation truly shines. you help us fund free rides to treatment. a live 24/7 help line, free lodging near treatment centers, and even efforts to expand access to insurance. so, please - donate today at and help attack cancer from every angle. >> charles: president trump's relationship with local law enforcement was amazing during the campaign and it looks like it's really paying off for everyone. the 2017 murder rate is project ed to be 2.5% lower than last year and america's 30 largest cities here to discuss this is share ill thomas hodgkin
6:22 pm
s of bristol county, massachusetts. thanks for joining. >> thanks for having me charles. >> charles: today we saw attorney general jeff sessions in front of a panel in washington d.c. and they started the conversation off with the remarkable gains that we've made in this country with respect to crime fighting and that was one of the central tenants of president trump's campaign and i know that sheriffs around the country rallied around him in part because he was going to allow you guys to do your job. has he lived up to that so far? >> sheriff: boy there's no question about it charles. look, the president has from the very beginning said he's squarely behind law enforcement. he's fairly essentially giving us both hands back where in the previous administration we were trying to protect our citizens with one hand tied behind our back, and i think law enforcement is so motivated right now and he's squarely behind us with regards to insisting that the laws of this country be upheld and enforced and i think the people of this
6:23 pm
country are excited about that and knowing that we could do our jobs once again. >> charles: and this is people say why do you cover this and they ask me that occasionally and this to me st. cornerstone of economics without a peaceful society you can't have a prosperous society and certainly we're even seeing major cities that are pushing back against president trump on things like sanctuary cities and other things where the crime rates have come down but again, not everyone is happy. you have folks who want to take guns from citizens, honest citizens who own them legally. >> well you're right and you know look. you've heard people i'm sure you and others in the media have often referred to the president as a new sheriff in town and i can't tell you how proud we as sheriffs feel because we know the public trusts us to make sure that they're going to be safe and we're doing the job and you're right charles. you can't have a strong economy. you can't have safe schools. you you can't have a peaceful community if you don't have the enforcement of your laws and
6:24 pm
this president has done an incredible job in making it very clear up front that we're going to do everything we can to support law enforcement and we're going to let you do your job so that these kinds of things can happen the economy can thrive, schools could be safe, people can walk down the street without worrying about being gunned down and so forth and so you're seeing more and more in fact i have to tell you there are sheriffs around the country you'll see more and more wearing these hats. >> charles: can i take a look at it? >> sure. >> charles: [laughter] okay. before i let you go i know you're very passionate about the sanctuary cities issue. of course. >> charles: and there are many particularly large cities that refuse to comply or are fighting tooth and nail legally and illegally against the administration and what hurts me is the irony of it all is that the legal immigrant community that pays the price for this. how much more can sheriffs do to pitch in?
6:25 pm
>> look, right now, the sheriffs are we're working on some things with the attorney general's office, we're working with the trump administration to make sure that we're not going to be marginalized and told we can't work with our federal partners. we're not going to continue to release people into our communities and these sanctuary cities and elected officials violating their own oath are basically, you know, putting people in a position where they can hide from law enforcement and potentially bring harm to people in those communities and neighboring communities, so we're in a place now where law enforcement is very much out in front. we're proactive and we're going to come after these people and work with the president and we're going to do everything we can to support him as he supported us. >> charles: sheriff thank you for your service and for coming on the show always appreciate it >> thank you, charles. great to be here. >> charles: coming up the department of justice has more than two dozen investigations into classified leaks and attorney general jeff sessions
6:26 pm
says he is determined to plug them up and also to bring a few people to justice. we'll be right back.
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it cannot be allowed to continue and we will do our best effort to ensure that it does not continue. >> charles: jeff sessions testifying before the house judiciary committee today telling lawmakers there are 27 investigations open right now to cover those classified leaks. contentious, continuous liens rather have obviously proven to be a serious thorn in the side of president trump's administration increasing three fold in recent years . joining me now to discuss this florida congressman ron desantos sir, thank you very much for joining us i know that its been hectic the last couple of weeks. no problem good evening. >> charles: good evening. this attorney general sessions testimony was riveting in part because of the animosity in the air and the pushing and everyone jockeying for a position. let me start with the 27 leaks because republicans have complained bitterly about all these leaks and bitterly by the way about jeff sessions not
6:31 pm
taking action. what do you make of this? >> well as soon as president trump got elected last november, you started to see an up-tick in leaks from the bureaucracy, from high level obama administration appointees and the leaks were designed to really kneecap the president-elect and then once he was sworn in as president so i think the leaks increased in volume but they were also much more political in nature, so i think that it's a major problem and i asked jeff, i said mr. attorney general, how many people since that last november election have actually been held accountable and he said there was one contractor in georgia who had been held accountable which is good but no one has been held thible for leaking the material against michael flynn, any of the stuff involving some of the other associates. those are felonies on their face charles and yet what we've seen is you can go ahead and leak and there's not any consequences. >> charles: of course there's a lot of pushback also against
6:32 pm
accountability to borrow to coin your word there, with respect to all of the things involving the clintons, uranium one, the clinton foundation, and some of the other things, and representative jim jordan of all folks he and jeff sessions are good friends but they kind of went at it and i want the audience to listen to a critical part of today's testimony. >> doesn't that warrant in addition to all of the things we know about james comey in 2016 doesn't that warrant naming a second special council as 20 members of this committee wrote you three and a half months ago ask you to do? >> well mr. comey is no longer the director of the fbi. >> thank goodness. >> we have an excellent man of integrity and ability in chris ray and i think he's going to do an outstanding job. >> he's not here today attorney general sessions. >> it looks like it's not enough basis to appoint a special council. >> charles: representative, that last line was ominous to me. i would say looks like is not enough basis to appoint a
6:33 pm
special council. this is the breaking news we had last night that suggested that indeed we would see a second special investigator. >> well, when then senator sessions was up for senate confirmation he said he was going to to recuse on anything not only involving the campaign but the clintons including the foundation, so i would be fine not having a special council let doj look at that and investigate it but i think he's already taken himself out with his testimony and rod rosenstein was one of the guys involved in some of these prosecutions and there's questions about how those upfolded so i think in this instance a special council is warranted. i had an exchange with the attorney general about the fbi informant whose now coming forward do congress producing his information and i think the attorney general was under the view that a lot of the corruption and prosecution happened after the approval of uranium one deal in 2010 but in
6:34 pm
fact, that informant started working with the fbi in 2009. he was gathering incriminating information for a year and a half before the uranium one deal was approved the obama administration so we still have this question. if we knew there was corruption, racketeering, bribery all that under the surface why did not anybody in the obama administration, the justice department or the fbi tell the board members because they may not have approved the deal if they knew that. >> charles: of course they had to vote unanimously to aprove it and they certainly did. representative ron desantos, thank you as usual. glad you could make it tonight. >> thank you. >> charles: want to bring in our panel for more insight bringing back gail trotter and christopher bedford. chris i'll start with you. it just bothered me when i know that temperatures are raised and a couple of those democrat guys who went out there jeff sessions went at them pretty hard and they should have some rules but when he said looks like is not enough basis to appoint a special council, there's a lot
6:35 pm
of evidence out there that warrant to just to a layman, that will warrant to get some answers and we just heard representative desantos to say the timeline goes back a lot further than the american public even knew. >> it was funny watching in the news room charles because we expected democrats versus sessions to be more interesting but as soon as jim jordan started going at the attorney general i was yelling at the reporters clip this, this is news so as soon as that news cam out last night they were even considering appointing a second investigator to look at the hillary clinton stuff. you saw this morning a lot of the liberal media and liberal outlets are saying he's doing this to save his job and save it with donald trump. i think its been clear from his actions over the past few decade s and his explanation today that senator or attorney general sessions is a very measured, very thorough person and if he's going to go forward he will make sure everything is careful and not take marching orders from anyone and he's going to make sure his legacy goes down as someone whose fair
6:36 pm
and it's looking as you point out once they get everything lined up hillary clinton may have an investigator. >> charles: you know, gail the argument is that perhaps he's been too careful, too fair, too deliberate and time has gone by, but it feels like after listen ing today and certainly the news last night maybe to chris' point, something is going to happen here and we may ultimately get some form of justice. >> right and it's very important to understand that unlike the prior two attorneys general who did not rely on lawful methods of prosecution and investigation , attorney general sessions can be trusted to not only follow the law but also to respect the rights of citizens under the law, and i think in this case, the department of justice is fully able to prosecute and investigate a case at the very highest levels of government, so it's not clear that a special council is necessary. >> charles: but the thing is the american public wants to see them do, they know they can, but will they? all right thank you both very much. coming up major averages ending
6:37 pm
the day in the red as tax reform weighed heavy on the minds of investors. we'll be right back.
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>> charles: well just a short time ago the house approving a $700 billion defense bill and a bipartisan vote the measure provides the bulk of the pentagon spending also 66 billion for operations. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult?
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armless bowling. ahhhhhhhh! you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy. get your domain today and get a free trial of gocentral. build a better website in under an hour. >> charles: well it was another test for investors while all the major indices closed off the session lows take a look at a five day chart and they were certainly getting these frequent palatations, of course the bottom line figuring out we still saw true grit consider the dow at one point today was off 168 points, but there are signs of major shifts in breadth as the market is really starting to get shakey here and more losers than winners in fact on a 52 week lows outnumbering the highs in the new york stock exchange 113 new highs, 137 new lows and
6:41 pm
that's like 71 new highs on the nasdac 98 stocks at new 52 week lows that's not a good sign. moreover, utilities remain the hottest sector in the market hitting a fresh all-time high of 17% in 2017 alone. that is not supposed to happen to the market safe haven. like the stock market small business confidence holding on but again, beginning to drift. the latest read from the nfib was slightly less than anticipate anticipated but there were strong highlights job openings currently up five points a good time to hire up six points and expected retail sales up six points so there was good things but a lot of anxiety and of course we've traced that back to washington d.c. and whether the gop leadership can actually deliver. now the senate throwing in the removal of the individual mandate late today helped to sure up this market. couple that with president trump returning from a 12 day five country asia tour and heading straight to capitol hill to close this deal could be great. speaking of which, while it's too early to know how much of trump's tour has changed the
6:42 pm
dynamics of trade, the commander-in-chief scored big time because they engineered their lease of three members of the ucla basketball team arrested in beijing for shoplifting. as for the market it's poised for a huge rally to the upside, but it could be selective and will boil down to whether republicans can deliver of course the big question is will they. here to discuss shelby holiday senior video reporter at the wall street journal. individual mandate 338 billion over ten years i was shocked and pleasantly surprised that the senate decided to throw that in there. how does that change the dynamics? >> well i'm really curious to see how investors react because on one hand it actually adds more revenue. it gives the senate more room to work with all of these tax cuts. it's a little counterintuitive because you'd think repealing the mandate means you're not forcing people to pay taxes which does create revenue, but you're also not giving all of these people subsidies and you're not paying out a large sum to a lot of americans, for their health insurance so it
6:43 pm
does create a surplus. >> charles: you could also argue subsidies help push up premiums as well, because again the industry every time it's subsidized prices go up. >> it's true and the costs are expected to rise next year anyway regardless, but this does give bottom line is it gives the senate more room to work within terms of tax cuts; however we still have tricky tax reform, so now the big fear is could the senate actually pass this if you're throwing in this little healthcare wrench' or could you get to senators who are opposed to it? i guess it would take three senators. >> charles: we'll see because the house would probably cooperate. >> right and the senate said they whipped it and they believed their support but it does add a big question mark to the equation of what does it do and it also helps them avoid-- >> charles: shelby we'll come back to that but the house rules committee actually beginning a hearing now to prepare this reform bill. this is the house floor we're looking at. this meeting by the way is
6:44 pm
expected to last at least until midnight perhaps even later so obviously a lot at work to be done. that is a live look at capitol hill. the house working overtime to get this done. shelby? >> in d.c. ha? >> charles: yeah. >> and it really does hinge on tax reform we saw bad news for oil, we saw there will be weaker demand. we got negative data from china but generally the entire world is looking at this tax reform bill and whether or not it will pass. >> charles: we hear the term do or die all the time this time it's real. >> it really is. >> charles: reports say 30 million more americans are suffering from our second deadliest killer so we'll let you know what that means and what you can do about it, next.
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>> charles: according to new guidelines nearly half of the u.s. adults have high blood pressure. doctors have lowered the threshold for those who are considered at risk of complications to a new standard, that's 130/80 down from the old standard of 140/90 so this means that 30 million more americans mostly under the age of 45 are being urged to make lifestyle changes like eating healthier and exercising more, but if your blood pressure is between 130 and 140 you may not need medication. joining us now to discuss dr. nicole sapphire radiologist at memorial sloan debterring cancer center and dr. mark segal , of the fox news medical a -team also. and guys thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> charles: dr. sapphire let me start with you. why did they make this change apparently 50% of men and 38% of women that is a large swath of the adult population. >> these new guidelines are the first change in 14 years. cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure it's the number
6:49 pm
one killer in the united states, so the fact that nothings changed in 14 years means we're not doing a very good job if you have one of three americans dying from it. >> charles: more of a public relations thing to scare us more into taking action or is this a revelation within the medical community that you know what these numbers need to be adjusted? >> a little bit of both. i will say this study that really came down with these guidelines is a great study a lot of effort went into it and i think it's going to be eye opening for the population, but it's not here is the medication here it is. we need to focus on lifestyle modifications. >> charles: today is national diabetes day, so also, dr. segal , we know we're overweight, we sit around we play video games particularly younger americans that's one of the shocking revelations with this. >> charles that's point one here , because the study that nicole is talking about the sprint trial a couple years ago showed a shocking difference in death rate, depending on where your blood pressure was and if you had that 140/90 you were over 40% more likely to die of heart disease over 25% more
6:50 pm
likely to die period so that's why the american heart association took it so seriously but what they also are saying and i have to say as someone that's seen people with high blood pressure my whole career i was already doing this and i'm not alone but we need doctors that aren't doing this to pay attention and it's not like we slap people on medication like dr. sapphire said. what we do is at 130/80 we might say as you just said how about a little exercise? how about some weight loss and changing your diet. let's do it slowly over time and then if we can't do it or if you're 140/90 we treat with medication. >> charles: what about the idea though that people will say give me a pill to fix it rather than, you know, getting sweat in there and changing lifestyle? >> 20% of our youth right now are already overweight, so americas changing. this is an epidemic in itself and you're right the easy fix is medication but it is important for physicians that see patients like dr. segal is saying. you have to emphasize there has to be lifestyle modifications
6:51 pm
because this starts at the patient level. in the home, in the family, you have to have better lifestyles. a single pill is not going to fix it all. >> charles: your doctor is always telling you to lose weight. let me ask you guys about breaking news late yesterday, bill gates putting $100 million toward dementia apparently people in his family have dementia. i didn't realize this but 47 million people around the world cost the economy $604 billion. sounds like a lot of money but billions have been spent on cancer. how big of a problem is that because all of a sudden in the last decade you hear about dementia more than you've ever heard about it before. >> right now it's the sixth leading cause of death in the united states. it's really the third just under diagnosed so absolutely you have to put money into this. if americans are living longer people are living longer but the quality of life we need to make sure it's there for them and unfortunately right now dementia and alzheimers being the most common one. we don't understand it. we don't necessarily understand exactly what causes it and we don't know how to treat it and
6:52 pm
we don't know how to diagnose it you can only diagnose it at death. >> charles: at one point there was a lot of excitement about plaque therapies or plaque building up but it felt like that faded away. >> that's right but charles one exciting event over the last couple of years is we finally figured out the protein-beta amy lloyd is really responsible for a lot of the deterioration so a lot of genetic research is going on right now, about preventing that beta amyloid protein from building up or blocking the receptor and here again we have personalized medicine where it might work for you might not work for me and i want to say one other thing. in her field in dr. sapphire's field of neuroimaging and she knows a lot more about this than me there's new advances in terms of being able to see this earlier in the brain. >> charles: dr. segalh and dr. sapphire thank you both very very much two really critical stories appreciate it. >> thanks, charles. >> charles: coming up the staggering numbers behind the controversial lottery program that became a serious gamble that has cost americans a lot,
6:53 pm
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charles: 30,000 people from terrorist sponsoring countries have been grants permanent legal residency through the lottery visa program. joining me is zuhdi jasser, and christopher, a lot of people didn't know about this program until more recent terrorist here in new york city. and people are appalled so many people are allowed to come into the country on a lottery system. >> it's a pretty shocking
6:57 pm
program. 30,000 people have come from nations that are considered terrorist risk since 2007 and the recent terrorist from new york who my grade from uzbekistan and got in on this visa system and brought a lot of relatives in. it was proposed by charles schumer and signed by bush 41. instead of screening people based on their skills, what they can bring to this country. we are letting people in randomly. also by choosing people based on nationality. we don't screen people on whether they are susceptible or inclined to be islamists. another indication we are screening people for the wrong
6:58 pm
things. charles: there weren't enough irish folks in schumer's district. and this particular program has been abused. a lot of folks who rant to come to this country and do us harm, they know how to game system, don't they? >> absolutely. it's embarrassing that it took this kind of attack from a radical islamist to realize what it took to be american. other man our city on a hill which is freedom, liberty and anti-theocracy. my family is here as
6:59 pm
anti-theocracy refugees. people could be islamists, they could be jihadists, chinese communists. all these ideologies that threaten us would end upcoming into the united states without any vetting. and we need to embrace muslims who share our values and can help us finds out where the islamists are. >> the optimistic reason why there is pushback is the lethargy in washington where nothing gets done. this has been used to genetically engineer america. really in leave it what happened in new york, if we can't fiction this, i don't know what we can
7:00 pm
fix. charles: in my mind there are some things easy to unite around, and this is one of them. here is lou dobbs, keep it on fox business. lou: good evening. breaking tonight. attorney general jeff sessions dawned pressure to appoint a second special counsel to investigate clinton corruption. one of the republican congressman demanltdsing sessions do what's right is congressman jim jordan. also the senate following president trump's wishes. senate leaders plan to eliminate the obamacare individual mandate to help pay for their tax reform legislation. president trump on his way home back to washington, back to the swamp after his successful trip


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