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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 15, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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fox business. lou: good evening. breaking tonight. attorney general jeff sessions dawned pressure to appoint a second special counsel to investigate clinton corruption. one of the republican congressman demanltdsing sessions do what's right is congressman jim jordan. also the senate following president trump's wishes. senate leaders plan to eliminate the obamacare individual mandate to help pay for their tax reform legislation. president trump on his way home back to washington, back to the swamp after his successful trip to asia. we take up his accomplishments
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on the world stage. our top story. attorney general sessions testified before the house judiciary committee. today they finally got what might pass for an answer on an investigation on the clinton investigation. good evening. great to have you with us. as we begin here, limits share some of your direct questioning of the attorney general with the audience. >> we know one fact. we know the clinton campaign' and dnc paid for the dossier. we know that happened. it sure looks like the fbi was paying the author of that document. and it sure looks like a major political party was working with the federal government to then turn an opposition research
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document the hive lefnlt a national enquirerrer story to take to a fisa court to get a warrant to spy on president trump's campaign. with all the things we know about james comey in 2016, doesn't that warrant naming a special count. 20 members of this committee wrote you asking you to do that. >> mr. comey is no longer the director of the fbi. we have an excellent man of integrity? chris wray. i would say looks like is not enough basis to appoint a special counsel. lou: looks like, not enough. congressman was your blood boiling at that point? >> more importantly the american people want that answer. the idea that one major party
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can finance an opposition research document working with looks like complicit with the federal government, the fbi who may have been paying christopher field, the author of that documentst document. they present it to the fisa court as an intelligence report. that should never happen in this country. zooms what we are asking is -- what we are asking is, let's finds fought what took place. 3 1/2 months ago we asked for a special counsel. we learned a lot of new information since then. let's get answers for the american people. lou: as we look at what mapped today in that committee room, it's discouraging because you didn't get an answer to the question you asked and actually you asked for 3 1/2 months ago.
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>> i like jeff sessions, i think he did a great job the senate. but we are not getting much different treatment from this justice department than we got with the holder and lynch justice department. i asked did the fbi fay christopher steele? if you look at kim stossels column over the weekend, i want to know if he was -- was our government paying the guy who wrote the dossier the clintons were financing? lou: your question and the attorney general's answer while trying to fling gps:fusion, the democratic party, the fbi. >> this happened in the summer of 2016.
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the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee paid through a lawsuit firm for the dossier. i am wanting to know if that is the case. >> i am not able to provide an answer to you. >> did the fbi present the dossier to the fisa court? >> i'm not able to answer that. lou: did you get impression he was not answering because he didn't feel he should, or did you get the feeling as i did that he didn't know the answer to your question. >> i wish i had asked him that. the fact you can't tell us if someone is on the payroll. i know how many people there are. i know if they get paid. he's the head of the justice department. was in fact the justice department in the summer of 2016 in the midst of a presidential
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campaign paying someone writing a dossier that was being financed by the democrat national committee? that's you a fundamental question. all we are asking is was this individual being paid? that's a simple question than should be an answer. why are they so reluctant to tell us if they took the dossier to the fisa court, if it was part of basis forgetting a wiretap on carter page. either you did it or you didn't. just let us know. >> i am almost 100% sure they used it. they took it to the fisa court. it was the basis for spying on americans. that was used to get the warrant to pie on americans and it should not work that way. lou: it should not work that way, but so much of what happened in the swamp should not
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be happening. >> the press had parts of this dossier long before it became public. until james comey on january 6, 2017 goes and meets president-elect trump and briefs him on the dossier and someone leaks the fact that that briefing took place. lou: who do you know at the fbi who might have leaked it. >> i asked that question today. lou: 27 investigations into leaks. congressman jim jordan as always, thank you. we appreciate it. we are coming right back. there is a lot more out of the swamp. stay with us. on capitol hill, attorney general jeff sessions pushed back on calls to appoint a
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second special counsel. >> you can have your idea, but tips we have to study what the facts are. lou: we take up sessions' testimony with gregg jarrett. the dems and establishment piling on trying to force roy moore out of the alabama senate race. where was the left when bill clinton was accused of sexual misconduct? we'll have the full report straight ahead. stay with us. liberty mutual stood with me
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lou: the justice department is reviewing whether to appoint a special counsel to investigate
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clinton corruption. congressman gates made an extremely important point about any reluctance on the part of this administration to investigate hillary clinton's email scandals and the obvious pay-for-play corruption of the clinton foundation. >> we can't live in a world where we lose an election it's a de facto community deal. if we don't get answers from the department of justice that's where we are. and the people there are too conflicted to investigate the very facts they were involved in. lou: joining us now is fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. lou: you can see the efforts to
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prosecute and lock her up, his supporters said for two years. gregg: i started writing 13 months ago about hillary clinton's appearance to even gang in pay-to-play, and corruption, wire fraud, bank fraud, racketeering. there was plenty of evidence back then for prosecution. jeff sessions has been sitting on his hands now for many months. long ago he should have announced the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate comey and lynch. lou: if we can put up this quote, i think it is important. we are going to bring, said the attorney general, independent prosecutors to review a host of matters out there. hopefully we can decide if there are matters that need to be
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investigated. can you decipher for us what the attorney general is talking about, independent prosecutors will be brought in to decide whether there should be independent prosecutors? gregg: to say that jeff sessions was disappointing in his testimony today is an understatement. he tends to stumble, fumble and mumble his way through his testimony. sometimes it makes little sense. as a lawyer i was throwing bananas at the tv trying to answer questions for him in the correct logical way. if he can't answer questions of basic legal knowledge, he shouldn't be the attorney general of the united states. months ago i said he should resign. i feel he should do so more so
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now. lou: he may be pushed there. senator mcconnell the majority leader wants him to stand in. today floating the attorney general's name to replace moore. i don't think it matters much to mcconnell. but the issue of all the conflicts addressed here today by particularly congressman jim jordan earlier on this broadcast. you are talking about the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, you are talk about andrew mccabe, the number two at the fbi. robert mueller himself, going back to uranium one. there is no question they are so conflict on its face. you wonder how jeff sessions
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ended up rekiewsd, and they not. greg gregg gregg. they kept quiet and as a consequence we ended up selling 20% of our uranium assets to the rugs and the clintons got enriched. lou: and they didn't inform cfius, a group of independent individuals and department heads through our government. so where are we now? sessions is blocked. he blocked himself. rod rosenstein, andrew mccabe. andrew wise man is working for the special counsel. there is no sign one of them wants to recuse themselves or
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resigned. gregg: sessions has recused himself out of a job. but not before appointing a special counsel to investigate hillary clinton, comey and lynch. not just for uranium one. but also to reopen the email scandal. there is evidence james comey and loretta lynch were protecting hillary clinton. lou: you get that in the testimony of the fired fbi director himself. >> both of those are clear violations of the espionage act. lou: we have the situation where we have a second special counsel investigating the first special
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counsel. gregg: to the extent robert mueller covered it up, the uranium one, it should be investigated. lou: we are talking about a farce cube. and it's clear because of the conflicts that exist in the appointment of this first special counsel, that the justice department itself is so conflicted you can't rely on the justice department to investigate the clinton foundation, the clinton emails, and the cover-up if it indeed is that by these conflict officials at the top of the justice department. gregg: sessions cannot ably perform his job because he has too many conflicts. gregg: alex acosta, labor
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secretary. fine lawyer. clerked for sam alito. under the vacancies reform act, the president can appoints him as the new attorney general. he can step in day one and clean up the mess that sessions has made and maybe he could decide without deatherring to appointed a special counsel or he could handle the investigation of hillary clinton himself. lou: it's pretty clear at this point no matter who is appointed second special counsel, who takes over the justice department as attorney general once jeff sessions has decided the direction he's going, that the entire fbi management and leadership, the justice department, top official and the attorney general, that has to be cleaned up. this is now an enterprise that is suspect by the american
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people. has no confidence. and it has to be cleaned up. gregg: under mule per and comey the fbi went rogue. they are a deep state actor who cannot be trusted. lou: you know who likes you a lot right now? gregg: who is that? lou: a guy name eric holder who has taken a lot of heat for the original corruption. do you have any confidence in session to investigate dem corruption? no verdict after five days in the corruption trial of senator
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menendez. today jurors sent no notes nor questions as they deliberated for a whole five hours. but then they were sent home just ahead of the heavy traffic and they left at 3:30 is their customary practice. on wall street, stocks closing lower. volume on the big board, 3.5 million shares and the white house is considering the former intel chief. house he hold debt hitting a record high. some delinquency rates are rising. the crisis in venezuela is worsening. the country defaulting after missing key interest payments.
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up next. attorney general sessions suffering a lapse in his recollections. a lot of lapses, actually. >> i did not recall this event which occurred 18 months before my testimony of a few of weeks ago. i would have gladly reported it. lou: i will have a few thoughts on the attorney general's testimony and his appearance before the judiciary committee. my "business" was going nowhere... so i built this kickin' new website with godaddy. building a website in under an hour is easy! 68% of people... ...who have built their website using gocentral, did it in... ...under an hour, and you can too. type in your business or idea. pick your favourite design. personalize it with beautiful images.'re done! and now business is booming. harriet, it's a double stitch not a cross stitch! build a better website - in under an hour.
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lou: what a treat we had today on capitol hill. the attorney general jeff sessions harshly criticized by republicans and dems. the dems for his apparent failure to remember much of anything at all.
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>> i had no recollection of this meeting until i saw these news reports. i recall the march 2016 meeting at the trump hotel that mr. papadopoulos atendsed, but i have no recollection of the chief tails of what he said at that meeting. >> did anyone else at that meeting including candidate trump refact any way to what in papadopoulos presented? >> i do not recall it. i do not recall such a conversation. i read it in the paper recently but i don't recall ever being made aware of that. i am not -- i don't recall how that exactly occurred. lou: the attorney general's failure to recollect, he referred to sessions interview
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on this broadcast a year ago. october 4, 2015 you have criticized hillary clinton for telling fbi investigators, i can't remember approximately 35 times. you also stated during that lou dobbs interview that the intentional failure to remember can constitute perjury. lou: i don't believe the attorney general in any way is committing perjury. i think he's a nice fellow, a good man. but he's not carrying out his duties as attorney general as anyone could reasonably expect. it is clear each time that he testifies that he has forgotten just a little more, too much in fact of his distinguished career. he's obviously not leading or managing the justice department, his deputies are all too obviously leading him.
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or more accurately it appears from today's testimony, misleading him. in his few public appearances since taking the job, he does not look like a man who has found joy or fulfillment in being this nation's top law enforcement officer. i would offer him this counsel. he has served the public well. now it's time to serve himself. put aside the battles you obviously don't relish. the fights that are so important to the nation. our quotation of the evening from mark twain. if you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything. we are coming right back with much, much more. stay with us. president trump on his way home after his successful trip to asia. >> from a stand standpoint of
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security and limit, we are very proud. lou: we take up the president's america first policies and accomplishments with dr. sebastian gorka. a daredevil transforming into a real life ironman, and setting a world record while he did it. stay
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lou: i can't wait to find out whether those three ucla basketball players who were detained in china for shoplifting are going to express their gratitude to president trump. he's the one to persuaded the chinese to spring those fellas. >> two days ago i had a great conversation with president xi. what they did was unfortunate. you are talking about very long prison sentences. they do not play games. lou: the three players were held under hotel arrest while their
4:36 am
teammates returned to the united states saturday. they are on their wayback now, thank you, president trump. joining me dr. sebastian gorka. great to have you with us. let's start with the affinity between xi and president trump obviously sufficient to spring those three basketball playing shoplifting basketball players. >> the whole trip is one success after the other. look at the reception. compare the reception president trump received to the reception president obama received. not only the visit to the forbidden city, the adulation of the crowd, "the national anthem" being played by the chinese
4:37 am
army. it beats coming out of the back of air force one with no stairs and no red carpet. whether it's recognition in nato paying their 2% of their defense. what's more important, the foreign policy donald trump and the stock market, it's hard to choose. lou: you don't have to. you get both. that's the great thing about the trump epoch. it's remarkable in every way. a new special counsel today, the judiciary committee focused on that with the attorney general
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who continues to be the bane of the trump administration. appearing to be an attorney general 20 who is indifferent to driving, managing or leading the justice department, but seems to be presiding over it, and not always alertly. your thoughts? >> the trump administration inherited a level of politicization across the government. the doj, irs, the cia was used as a political weapon. brennan was a political hack. we see general hagan carrying water for the obama narrative of
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russia collusion. we need somebody with real stamina and backbone. a.g. sessions is an honorable man. but right now we have massive scandals. just the uranium one scandal by itself. after the rosenbergs, it's probably the most of important national security scandal in the 21st century of u.s. history. 20% of our uranium is sold to russia. and the $100 million makes it into the foundation at the same time. we need the doj to do its job. lou: one of the surprises for many. nobody associated with this broadcast was surprised at the politicization of the obama administration, whether it be the justice department, the irs, the state department, which was
4:40 am
politicized beyond recognition under the clintons. but the reality is asserting itself now. that is that the trump administration recall assumed would replace all of the obama holdovers and would leach deep into each department and rip out the neoliberal left wing in some cases radical holdovers of what turned out to be a radical administration. it didn't happen. and that is the path that is urgent and critically necessary, and it's not happening yet. >> the president said it was absolutely right. personnel is policy. not only is it the hard-core ideologues in place inside the
4:41 am
bureaucracy. and it's the web, the network of the old boy network sticking up for each other. i'll ask your viewers to do one thing. do a google search on who rod rosenstein is, who he worked for in the past and who his closest buddies have bent past 10 years. you will see it's not just ideology, it's massive conflict of interest which means these individuals cannot be unbiased when it comes to apolitical investigation of strategic crimes. lou: our audience does haven't to google it, we told them about those conflicts, which is the basis for a second special counsel. and every reason to question why this attorney general has -- i have never seen in my career a
4:42 am
situation in which one man is connected to so much chaos and despair in the case of personnel. look at jeff sessions, a quiet and mannered fellow who has chaos in his home state as a result of being appointed attorney general. there is chaos in the justice department, chaos in the administration over his appointment and his failure to lead. it just goes on and on. a man with substantial impact and so much of it very negative. you obviously think the president did extraordinarily well on this trip. now he turns to domestic policy. your thoughts there. >> it's got to be thanks reform. if we can't get something out of the hill with the pressure the president, then that will be a dark day for the make america
4:43 am
great again agenda. it doesn't have to be perfect. give me 70% of the loaf now and we'll come back later. let's give americans a real christmas present they can value with a thanks break that simplifies the whole system for all of us. lou: great to have you here. please roll the video and watch as this real life ironman, cool beyond cool. two word. cool beyond cool. real life iron man racing into the record books. richard browning is his name. he reached a top speed of 32 miles an hour and cures the fastest speed in a jet back ever. that is absolutely amazing. up next.
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accusations of sexual misconduct on capitol hill raising new questions about bill clinton, the allegations against him. some of those charges were actually true. far more than allegations. we'll have the report on the left's hypocrisy and short memory. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: allegations of sexual misconduct that moore denies. it reeks of left-wing hypocrisy. where was the national left-wing media when vice president biden was accused of inappropriately touching women and girls, and doing so publicly. where was the democratic outrage when he was accused of sexual misconduct. and the accusations against bill
4:49 am
clinton are more recent than those about roy moore. reporter: in the tsunami of sexual allegations one name as resurfaced. >> indeed i did have a relationship with miss lewinsky that was not appropriate. reporter: president clinton was also accused of raping juanita broaddrick and groping kathleen willy. in this hashtag me too moment michelle goldberg writes we should look at the credible evidence that juanita broaddrick told the truth when she accused clinton of raping her. >> people are starting to
4:50 am
believe and realize i was truly sexually assaulted by bill clinton. the women involved with far more credible evidence than the more notorious allegations that have come to light in the last five weeks. but clinton was rescued by a surprising force. machine feminism. flannigan points to a op-ed which overlooked broaddrick * saying even if the allegations are true, he's not guilty of sexual harassment. he's accused of having made a gross, dumb and reckless pass at a supporter.
4:51 am
>> bill clinton has been a great voice for women in public and a great violator of women in private. now what we need to do is to call out all men to be accountable for saying what they see. reporter: liberal men are chiming in. as gross and hypocritical the right's what about clinton is, democrats are in for a reckoning of the allegations against him. lou: senate republicans including the repeal of the individual mandate in their tax proposals as president trump asked them to. we'll dig it up with ed rollins
4:52 am
and michael goodwin. we continue in one moment. stay with us.
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lou: in our online poll we asked do you think mitch mcconnell and the establishment should honor due process and let the voters of alabama choose their own senator. only 95% of you believe in the
4:56 am
constitution and you said yes. ed rollins and michael goodwin. let's start with if we may, jeff sessions. each time he appears, it becomes more painful to watch. it was a disaster today. michael: he's not a bad man, but he's a bad attorney general. going there and not being able to answer questions from democrats or republicans in convincing fashion, in many ways i don't recall, i can't discuss it, i can't say. this is unsatisfactory. he wrote that letter saying we are open to a new special counsel which teed up both sides. he went there and had nothing to say, and both sides -- lou: as you say, he's a good
4:57 am
man. they attacked him as though he was a bad man. the republicans didn't know what to say because he couldn't remember the details. ed: this was a do-over. usually when you do a do-over, you do it better. he cannot run that department it's full of 10,000 lawyers it's been politicized. you need to clean it up, ficts, drive it forward. i don't think he's even capable to replace senator moore. lou: i don't understand why the justice department didn't have an aide on his right and his left. you are talk about a 90,000-person department.
4:58 am
and he didn't even have an aide to whom he could turn or an aide who could whisper in his ear. maybe he meant never to answer a damn question. michael: we believe it was his wife sitting behind him which is unusual for a sitting cabinet member. i repeat, lou, my contention early on, this is donald trump's worst personnel mistake. making sessions the attorney general led to this situation where he had to recuse himself, now we have roy moore as another consequence of that decision. lou: sessions has been a lightning rod for conflict and collapse. maybe mitch mcconnell does have a solomon-like solution, and that is to write in jeff
4:59 am
sessions' name. ed: you need to basically move the present senator protem who is appointed. have the governor postpone the election, she could wait until '18. lou: where would you have him sit? ed: in the senate. lou: in a convoluted way, we got to the senate. ed: it solves two problems. lou: i hate to say this but i think maybe mcconnell has couple with a good idea. ed: i like moore, but i think he's damaged goods. lou: i prefer due process. but i'm looking for loopholes when it comes to jeff sessions,
5:00 am
and roy moore may become a loophole. that's it for us. thanks for being with us. join us tomorrow night. we appreciate you being with us tonight. >> way overpriced and penalize them when they can afford it. we are going to repeal the repeal on overpriced americans. lauren: trying to repeal at the atomic army and a two reform. train to a major announcement today. drink your volatile and almost 2% and another 1% right now on concerns over supplies. trying to the drop in oil prices weighed on stocks yesterday. u.s. stock market futures were up by


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