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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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taken issue with the president's statement yet that he and president xi agreed that there would be no freeze -- what is your understanding. the president's understanding what he and xi agreed and does the president stand by that statement yesterday? >> both sides made their positions clear. they're different. we agree there will be different positions and therefore it will not move forward. reporter: sarah, before the president left for the trip to asia he called on the justice department to look into the democrats and that situation as he put it. days later the attorney general had special prosecutors to look into the uranium one allegations and clinton foundation. did the president cross any lines influencing the justice department an attorney general to look into the situation of the democrat? >> the president has not directed any investigation or appointment of a special counsel. he said publicly he has inbeen involved in that.
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that is entirely up to the department of justice. reporter: going back to volusia that, when he said he spoke with putin and he believe he meant what he said, in other words, there was no collusion -- >> he actually said he believed that putin believed what he said. that he wasn't going to get into an argument with him over that when they had bigger things like north korea, like issues in syria that he needed to deal with and work together on. reporter: so the question being he always maintained it was democrats colluded with russia. he saying putin exonerated the democrats? >> the president still firmly believes there was collusion with the democrats during this election process. defend he is not going to get into back and forth with a world leader he needs to work with and wants to work in order to deal with big and serious things facing our country right now. reporter: follow-up. >> i will move ahead. reporter: as new yorker is concerned deductions for state
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and new yorkers will cause exodus on new york, losing its spot as the world and financial capital? >> we addressed a very minimum number of people itemize their deduction. i said it a few times today. i feel kind of like a broken record today. but the president is focused on principles he laid out making sure we get the most tax cuts possible for the people of the middle class and for most americans that is it what he is focused on. one last question. amos? reporter: thank you, sarah. senator johnson, raised questions about the fairness of the tax proposal, particularly disparity between corporate individuals and big corporations and regional corporations the way they're treated as well. so the question is what concessions is the white house prepared to make to senator johnson and, if you do make concessions to him, are you worried that other republicans will demand their own concessions of issues of importance to them, you have revolving door of senators who want something from you in the bill? >> that is something for the members of the senate to work through.
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certainly not something the president is getting into the necessarily the back and forth of that conversation at this point in time. again, he spoke with senator johnson. he supports the priorities. he wants to work with members of the senate to bring them together to make sure we pass historic tax cuts and tax reform. reporter: did you offer senator johnson anything when they spoke? >> no. but he did encourage him to get on board to support the tax reform package. thank you very much. good afternoon. david: what a busy day. melissa: it was. there was a lot of news in there. a lot of talk about roy moore. a lot about the trip and tax reform. david: behind the scenes, folks, sometimes we complain about having too much news. melissa: no, we don't! david: exactly what we're in business to do, but the news cycle gets -- you think of all things breaking. we had the tax bill passing in the house. we had the roy moore stuff still going on. we had the al franken revelation as lot more to come. plus we still have the stuff with hillary clinton, fusion
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gps, uranium one. melissa: i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. we're glad you're here. this is "after the bell." off like a rocket, the dow soaring erasing all losses from the past two days and then some. nasdaq closing at new record high. let's go straight to nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. nicole, i must gather no matter what happens in washington, they're happy on wall street about the tax bill passing? >> i have to say, i talked to several traders about what happened in washington today. what have we seen with the markets? the feeling was if it weren't passing through today, for at least a portion of the tax overhaul, that the markets would sell off f it went through the markets would be higher. we saw that, evidence is there. stock market, the dow up 187 points. they fell like big picture the markets have fundamental, better economy, and that the tax bill is big part of it.
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that being said, we have moved to the up said here. we saw major averages turn into positive territory for the week. last week after eight weeks of gains, last week we sold off and broke that streak t was today's move, the dow, nasdaq, s&p back in the green. walmart sis sissies coleading the way. barnes & noble sent out a proposal for $650 million. you can see that on this news that this stock moved up 7 1/2%. they are trying a move to take barnes & noble private. so a good job there for the shareholders today, at least for the stock for one day. david: i believe the market before i believe politicians in washington. melissa: there you go. david: the market behaving well. melissa. melissa: that's a great point. big step towards tax reform. house republicans celebrate a victory after passing their version of the tax bill. adam shapiro is live on capitol
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hill with the latest. adam. reporter: melissa, look at video when passed job cuts act. vote 227 to 205. not one democrat voted for this. there were 13 republicans voted against it. take a live look what is happening in the senate finance committee markup. because they're hoping to conclude their work possibly later tonight, which would then tend this to, if they vote, they're expected to vote yes, send it to the full senate to vote right after thanksgiving. there are senators who are on the fence. they have not committed yes and no. i want to show you who those are. susan collins, jeff flake of arizona, john mccain of arizona, lisa murkowsky, alaska, senator bob corker and james lankford. susan collins thinks repeal of mandate will cost taxpayers more. it will be difficult to get her
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to switch yes. keep an eye on flake, mccain, murkowski and corker. murkowski wanted something for a long time, drilling in the arctic reserve. that is part of this bill. there is deal struck behind closed doors here. in which case she is expected to be a yes. there is report came from jct. that the poorest americans will see taxes go up in 2021. anyone making under $100,000 a year will see their taxes go up by 2027. democrats are hitting that all day. ron wyden, ranking member on the senate finance committee, said this about tax reform and what the republicans are trying to do. >> senators head home at the end of the week for the thanksgiving holiday but majorities from the house and the senate are going to be hashing out the differences in their two bills. they're looking to cut a back-room deal. when you're reaching for the cranberry sauce, republicans are going to be reaching for your
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pocketbooks to give handouts to multinational corporations. reporter: so again, the effort to try to finish the work in the senate finance committee this evening. they could all go home thanksgiving. vote on the senate version after thanksgiving. reconcile house and senate, maybe give something for the president to sign before christmas. back to you. melissa: we'll see. politics as usual, adam. having to hear the back and forth. here is texas congressman jodey arrington, house budget committee member. >> thank you. melissa: that report is making the round this is morning how people who, many of whom don't pay any taxes at all, you're talking about very lowest tax bracket of the federal taxes, their taxes could be going up, you know, more than a decade from now. that is what democrats are saying. what do you think about that? >> that is hollow rhetoric. there is, the facts don't bear that out. look the lowest rate, rate and
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deepest cuts are on low income and middle income side. you have a doubling of the standard deduction. if you're married couple you go from 12,000 to 24,000. we are doing away with the alternative minimum tax. more child care credit and taking care of dependents. the list is long. it ends up with a tax break for hard-working americans and middle class. melissa: somebody was telling me who had $10,000 income, their federal taxes would be going up. we know those people don't pay federal taxes. got to really listen to what people are saying. let me ask you, what part of the senate version is impossible for to you swallow? i ask you that because, obviously now is the time that they're going to try to find common ground in between. what part of it is no-go for you? >> sure. i think they're within the framework, and that is why i think there is a lot of positive sentiment from republicans
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across the board. i would say that we got to have the tax cuts go into effect immediately. we need to see immediate impacts. this business of putting them in play, a year or two from now, i don't think that is a good plan a good strategy. i hope we can fix that part of the senate's tax plan. melissa: you're not alone in that sentiment. it was, surprising that they put that part in there, delaying business tax cut. what do you think, are the chances that you can make that happen immediately? what does it feel like when you're having a conversation? >> i think that we'll work something out that will simplify, that will do away with loopholes and special interests. i think we will find a path forward on getting immediate relief and getting immediate recovery and a boost to the economy. i'm from ag country. so the death tax is a big one. we're phasing it out and eliminating it in the house. the senate doesn't eliminate it ultimately. so there are lots of things on the table to discuss. i'm confident that we will reach
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an agreement, get it to the president's desk. deliver on the promise and help the middle and working class americans. melissa: is that a make-or-break for you, that estate tax? yes, people say oh, that is for the very wealthy and donald trump's friend but you're right it, has a lot to do with agriculture and a lot to do with farmers. is that one make-or-break for you? >> i think the fact that the senate doubled exclusion for dairy farmers and ranchers. but too many folks handed their farmer ranch they have to sell it to pay the taxes. it is unfair, it is un-american. it needs to be eliminated that discussion is taking place. that is one on the table. positive they double the exclusion. we want it gone. we need to put a stake in the heart of that. we eliminated temporarily in bush tax cuts. we're still living under it. we hope to put it away. melissa: yeah. that is amazing. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> thank you very much, melissa.
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>> i have hope they don't delay the tax cuts either. if you have a tax cut, have it now. melissa: that is the first thing he said, so that is positive. david: hillary clinton is firing back at calls for a special counsel investigation into her alleged ties to russia, the uranium one deal, fusion gps. charlie hurt of "the washington times" sounding off. melissa: this picture sending shockwaves through the senate. al franken, now accused of kissing and groping a woman without her consent. there is now a second whom who is coming forward. his response and reaction coming from capitol hill. david: meanwhile roy moore lashing out at mitch mcconnell this afternoon as the gop leadership could be contemplating a hail mary pass to keep the seat in republican control. the white house responding just moments ago. >> the president said in his statement earlier this week, that if the allegations are true, then that roy moore should step aside. he still firmly believes that. ♪
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melissa: the press briefing just wrapping up at the white house. let's go straight to our own blake burman who was in the room with sarah sanders. blake, what was it like there? reporter: sarah sanders praised house republicans for passing the tax bill. part of the message going forward, hey, republicans in the senate you should try to do the same thing as well, follow your house colleagues. i asked her, melissa, the house bill, the senate bill, they are similar, but they are also very different. they diverge in several different ways. i asked you if the president prefers one bill, the house bill, or if he prefers the senate plan? she was not yet ready to go there. not ready to make a proclamation what the white house wants to see happen. the house bill includes the president's priorities. she listed some of those
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priorities but she did not mention a repeal of the obamacare individual mandate, as you know is part of the senate plan, not the house bill just passed. that led me to follow up with this question right here. listen. repealing the obamacare individual mandate, is that a priority for the president as well? >> that is something the president obviously would love to see happen but in terms of the big things that he laid out on the very front end of the principles for the tax reform package, it is those things i just laid out. reporter: she did not elevate it to those major principles the president has been talking about, and administration has been talking about for months. meantime, now that the president is back here at the white house, there was a first press briefing since the overseas trip, sanders was absolutely felted with questions about roy moore, the president's stance, what the white house believes. the president has not made any comments since returning from the overseas trip what more should do. he was asked a couple times, shouted questions on capitol
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hill. did not say anything in response to the questions. the white house saying the president's stance this is up to the voters of alabama to decide. >> he finds the allegations to be extremely troubling. he doesn't know anymore than you do on this, other than these are something that should be taken very seriously. the people of alabama should be ones to make the decision on whether or to support roy moore. reporter: sanders asked, melissa, about al franken and ethics investigation that the senate has now launched due to the story that broke today about charges from a woman from 2006 who says she was inappropriately advanced upon by franken. the franken has since apologized for that. sanders was asked about it, they feel, the white house does, what the senate is doing through the ethics investigation is quote, appropriate action. melissa. melissa: a lot to could have there, blake. thank you. david: unlike roy moore, these are more than charges.
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we have a picture that is the thing about franken, makes a difference. melissa: yeah, i don't know. david: 187, the dow is up today. the market is cheering as the house is celebrating, a major victory on tax reform. but now it is the senate's turn. can they make it happen? remember what happened to health care? plus two women coming forward with very disturbing allegations against senator al franken. charlie hurt is here next on the troubling details. >> what about all the woman who don't have microphones and have a voice and can say something and then it is everywhere on the news? what about the women who get assaulted every day and are afraid to speak out?
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melissa: alarming allegations against senator al franken he allegedly sexually assaulted radio show host leeann tweedennen back in 2006.
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now another woman is stepping forward about her troubling story about the senator. hillary vaughn has the story. hillaryry. reporter: senator al franken is responding to the allegations asking the ethics committee to investigate him. this comes after radio show host leeann tweedennen came forward today, claiming he groped and kissed her while visiting in a uso overseas tour. there is photo of franken groping tweeden while she slept. also that he kissed her and rammed his tongue down her throat during the practice. she said franken grabbed her head. >> the fact that, he thought he could get away with it, that it
4:24 pm
was okay and that it was funny, i knew all these years later, that, oh, well i thought it was going to be funny. i thought, you know, oh, the comedian, i thought it was a joke. nothing like that has ever funny. is it funny if he does that to your sister or your daughter or your wife? reporter: franken called the whole exchange a bad joke that was in hindsight offensive, but he also isn't owning up to the forced kissing during rehearsal saying that he doesn't remember it going down like that. now senate leadership is calling for an investigation. many of franken's democratic senate colleagues called tweeden's claims, very serious. several republicans say a resignation needs to be looked into. self others were not so surprised by the news. >> [inaudible] >> not entirely. reporter: and now, a second woman accuse hears come forward saying franken harassed and
4:25 pm
talked her after they met on set at a tv appearance. media equalizer, cofounder melody morgan said, franken, quote, scared the living hell out of me. franken followed her around on set. later called her home repeatedly until she threatened to involve police if he didn't stop. so far senator franken has not issued her apology or addressed these new allegations. melissa. melissa: wow. hillary, thank you. david: here now to react is charlie hurt, "washington times" opinion editor and fox news contributor. sometimes your head wants to explode, charlie. you hear about the beltway swamp. then you see the actions of the people within it, and i don't know if you just heard in hillary's report there was a senator that was caught in the hallway saying, are you surprised? he said not entirely. were there rumors about al francken going on or what? >> i don't know about that it particular. certainly senator cornyn's response suggests that. all of this, it is not just about sexual harrassment.
4:26 pm
it is about being creepy. it is about power. it is about trying to dominate people. it is being horribly violent and rude and thinking that there aren't consequences for your actions. david: right. >> and that of course, they are more than just rumors about that. that is rampant around here. in particularly telling that franken's first response to this was, well, i thought it was funny. are you kidding me? david: that is extraordinary. >> do you know with would happen to a republican stride to defend himself like that, it was funny think, happened before he was a senator. it was apparently during this trip he decided to become senator, decided to run for office. he is very important part of the whole democratic team in the senate. he obviously is very well-known personality because of his tv days. but are democrats, do they see him such a drag on any charge they might make against any republican, like roy moore, if he is elected into the senate, that they are willing to throw
4:27 pm
him under the bus? >> i think that is exactly what we're seeing right now. that is why you're seeing a lot of tough words from both sides of the aisle, with al franken because, as you say, he was a very important part of the team. that he kind of made democrats cool. democrats are not very cool. they're not very hip. you know, young people don't really, are not particularly attracted to them on their own. but you got a funny guy, a comedian, "snl" writer in here like that. david: yeah. >> it makes them all feel kind of cool. david: ethics review which franken himself called for and others have called for, these things, remember senator pack wood, had a review lasted a year. another two years before he resigned. so he could be a drag on the democratic party for a long time with a review. >> but it does put the senate in a very tough situation because if they review, look at all of this, and more people come forward and then they decide to say, you know, they slap him on the wrist or decide not to do
4:28 pm
something about that, that will reflect upon everybody. in this environment, we're likely to see a all together different outcome. david: charlie, meanwhile, another very important story. some republicans are demanding that another special counsel be set up to investigate hillary clinton and the dnc on an array of issues. hillary clinton has responded. take a listen. >> this appears to be the politicization of the justice department. this is such an abuse of power, and it goes right at the rule of law. i regret if, you know do it because it will be, such a disasterous step into politicizing the justice system. david: charlie, hasn't that train left the station? comey was clearly politicizing the justice department by not indicting her? >> exactly. and, you know, all the corruption occurred inside the doj under the obama
4:29 pm
administration, when they tried to protect their candidate in the presidential race. if donald trump or anybody else were accused of this litany of examples where it appears, maybe it is not completely true, we don't know, it ought to be investigated but where it appears there was a quid pro quo, a kickback system for making a decision that helped the russians enormously, and then they got millions and millions of dollars for it -- david: that is just one, charlie. let me switch over to fusion because it that's issue that interests a lot of congressman and in particular there is a battle among republicans, tray gowdy on one side, jim jordan on the other, whether we need a second special counsel particularly on fusion. it is important to find out, according to jim jordan whether or not the fbi was using this trump dossier, which was paid for by the dn. consider, to spy on the trump campaign. i mean, that is a scary scenario. around jim jordan thinks we need to get to the bottom of that, even if it means a second
4:30 pm
special counsel. >> totally unprecedented as far as we know to have an administration spying in the middle of a presidential election on a political opponent. buts -- but you know, my argument, whether special counsel or investigating, smart investigators inside the doj, doesn't matter to me, it has to be investigated one way or the other. the argument jim jordan has been saying the doj is so infiltrated by politics, it has to be taken outside shop. i'm ambivalent about it one way or another. i just want it investigated by somebody. david: we all want an answer. you, charlie, thank you very much. melissa: republicans growing calls for roy moore to step aside in the alabama senate race. details on the gop last-ditch effort. david: one congressman says the gop could lose all seats in the northeast, everyone. we'll talk to the larry sabato, university of virginia center
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step down from the campaign. well i want to tell you who needs to step down. that is mitch mcconnell. [cheers and applause] melissa: roy moore, accusing house majority leader mitch mcconnell of trying to fix the election while doubling down on his determination to win the alabama senate seat. have republicans finally found a way to substitute in another candidate? "politico" reporting that the gop may have, quote, a drastic plan to save face, considering a plan that may involve asking senator luther strange to step down. here now to respond, larry sabato, university of virginia senator for politics director. this is very dicey, territory, my friend. this plan, they're thinking. luther strange steps down and trick arrest special election right now? >> i don't think it will ever works i don't think it will ever happen. senator strange, said he won't do it. governor kay ivy also indicated she won't play along that kind
4:36 pm
of all the key people. i don't think it is going to happen. the at bam election laws are usual, yes, but they are the law. tough obey the law. you can't change rules in middle of the game. it will be a ballot on december 12th between roy moore and doug jones. i think that is it. the people of alabama will make a decision on december 12th. then it will go to the senate. if it is roy moore, it is pretty clear already some of the republicans, maybe most of them, will put it into the ethics committee and potentially for expulsion. they have to seat him if he wins the election. they can't deny the seating. they can send it into ethics with expulsion. melissa: people in alabama are getting angry, about the fact, look at local press down there, it is not necessarily so much that they back him, as much as they do not want to be told by the rest of the country, or by especially by people in washington specifically, who
4:37 pm
they are supposed to be represented by. they have struck a totally different issue, almost separate from, if that is possible, from these accusations. >> yes. i think it has been true for southern states since the civil war, and to a certain degree, it is true for every state. who likes to be dictated to by politicians who don't represent you, who are from another state or another region? now if president, being as popular as he is in alabama, if he stepped in, that might make some difference or it might not. he tried to get senator strange renominated, or nominated, and he could not do so. melissa: yeah. >> so i think probably the d.c. forces would be better off if they just sat back and waited for the results on december 12th, whatever they are. melissa: maybe that is what they're doing. making a lost sound and bluster now. they can be on the record saying they said something, they tried to do something but they're not responsible. let me ask you about our other story.
4:38 pm
sounding the alarm on the republican party, new york congressman peter king out with a warning before the house voted to pass their version of the tax reform bill, saying quote, we could lose all the seats in the northeast, everybody could be in a tight race. this is unforced error. we are doing this to ourselves. larry, i mean he is right. he is going back to his district and say, i voted to raise your taxes. now we all understand the theory behind this. the idea, the state and local tax deduction, why should the federal, you know, why should everybody be subsidizing these cities, new york city, they waste a ton of money. it is distressing. get away with in in part because we write it off on our federal taxes. how do you think this shapes the next round of congressional races? >> it will have an effect. i think pete king is correct there. i don't know if i would go as far to say every single republican congressman in the northeast would lose. that's pretty drastic but of
4:39 pm
course he is politician. he has to make his point. he feels very strongly about the state and local deduction as do many people in the northeast. it certainly won't help them get reelected that is the point he is trying to make. melissa: yeah. the argument is, always new yorkers say, 48 billion more dollars to d.c. in 2015 than they received. so that is why, that is what this is really all about, not about the wasteful cities. you kind of slice and dice through the math and reality, what do you think of that? >> lies, damn lies and statistics. you can find something to support any point of view. melissa: true. >> it is amusing. i don't think i ever heard a single state or its representatives say they sent, that they got more back from washington, d.c. than they sent. of course there is a massive federal debt. so maybe that is the reason. melissa: right. so who is spending all money. >> who is spending all the money? everybody is.
4:40 pm
i think it is a very tough deal for the republicans representing the northeast, but that is not going to be the only issue in the 2018 campaign. melissa: true. larry, thank you. appreciate your time. >> thanks, melissa. thank you. david: there is another big story today, the trial for new jersey senator bob menendez ending in a mistrial. the jury deadlocked on all federal charges, including bribery, conspiracy and fraud. senator menendez was accused of accepting lavish gifts from a doctor, in exchange for lobbying on the doctor's behalf. the justice department has not said whether or not they will retry menendez. stay tuned. >> house made it happen. what about the senate? the fight for tax reform is far from over. next fox news capitol hill producer chad pergram breaks down what needs to happen to get your tax cut by the end of the year. ♪
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david: the house passing historic tax reform, that is good news but some republicans talk about hurdles in the senate. republican lindsey graham giving a dire warning. >> whatever is wrong with the bill, we need to make it better. but if we fail we are dead. if you destroy the republican party, fail on tax cuts. if you we can't pass a tax cut, working men and women out there, what good are we to the country? that is the end of the republican majority. david: here is chad pergram, fox news senior capitol hill producer. chad, somber words from lindsey graham, destroy the republican party. is that possible? >> you had larry sabato on a few minutes ago talking about the northeast. i talked to him last night about that, pete king, the republican from new york. there is a lot of concern just because you pass tax reform doesn't mean that you keep the house and you keep the senate. and, frankly, david, this was the easy part. david: yeah. >> this bill didn't have all the
4:45 pm
hand-sweating we saw on health care. they moved this through in pretty routine fashion. but now the hard part starts, the united states senate. david: let me ask about the behind the scene stuff going on because ron johnson is against the bill, senator ron johnson, republican. he is against it because it doesn't do enough for small business. the big corporate guys get a cut down to 20%. pass-throughs get cut down to 25%. he wants to make that more equal. i imagine that behind behind ths there are a lot of small business groups going after him, knocking on his door. >> he spoke to the president of the united states last night and indicated to us later on, the president understood where he was coming from. of course when you talk to some new york republicans, dan donovan from staten island, represents a district getting into brooklyn, that the president understood where he was coming from, but they didn't need his vote at end of the day. they didn't need urban new york members. david: but they need every senate vote they have. >> absolutely. david: they don't have a margin
4:46 pm
for error there, and i'm wondering what it will take to get ron johnson to vote for this thing. >> exactly. we asked senator johnson, if that was negotiating tactic? sometimes lawmakers put themselves in play to get something put into the bill that would help the state or direct. johnson contends that is not part of it. someone like john mccain, republican from arizona, remember he had major reservations with the health care bill. a lot of people blame him for the health care bill not passing. he indicated we still don't know what the bill looks like. i can't weigh in on that. the senate finance committee as we speak is marking up the bill. they hope to have it out tomorrow. mitch mcconnell, the majority leader, hopes to put the bill on the floor the week after thanksgiving. because the senate passes a bill, you have to put the pieces of legislation, into a legislative blender. david: by the way, some things the senate put in the house actually likes, for example, getting rid of the obamacare mandate on individuals is something i think the house members are going to appreciate,
4:47 pm
but -- >> there is a problem with that. david: go ahead, quickly. >> had they put that into the house bill, the bill with have failed, you would have lost moderate republicans, tuesday group, you would have fallen before 218 votes. david: in that sense the senate more conservative than the house which is interesting switch. >> absolutely. david: on one issue house members seem to be pretty united, house gop member, the delay in the corporate tax cut, they don't like that, a lot of economists don't like that. we had art laffer here saying if you delay tax cuts, you delay business decisions. we may go into recession as a result of that. that would be devastating for republicans in the 2018 elections. can house members talk the senate out of delaying the corporate tax cuts? >> problem they have to worry about revenue to play within these special so-called budget reconciliation rules. you can't raise the debt. that is the format will consider this bill. they just need 51 votes. they don't need 60. if you don't do it under budget
4:48 pm
reconciliation, you need 60 votes to break a filibuster. there will be tax increases to break up revenue in out year. people want permanence, but a lot will not be permanent to get it through. david: chad, you are with a business channel, we focus on the dow and markets. you look at the dow up 187 points. that was on news the house pass tax reform. that is not just rich folks but everybody that has 401(k), one share of stock of anything, doesn't have that any influence inside the beltway? >> i don't know that congressman look in econometric fashion to see how they vote. the only time i see that happened when the tarp bill failed in 2008. the market lost a trillion dollars of capitalization in sipping chronicity with the bill going down on the house floor. one of the most extraordinary things i've seen on 24 years in the house. david: chad per graham,
4:49 pm
appreciate it. melissa. melissa: breaking news. shares of williams-sonoma falling earnings after citing unfavorable impact after hurricane harvey and maria. look at that getting slammed. david: turkey, pumpkin, all the trimmings. you can find affordable thanksgiving dinner in very unlikely location. we'll tell you where coming up. ♪
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david: breaking news, tom ridge, former homeland security secretary is in critical condition following a emergency heart procedure in austin,
4:53 pm
texas. he underwent cardiac cath at thattization which checks how your heart is functioning. he is responsive with his doctors. our thoughts with him and his family. we'll bring you any updates on his condition when we get it here. melissa. melissa: thanksgiving dinner will not eat as much of your paycheck this year. the american farm association say average cost of dinner for 10 people is 49.12. really? that is lowest in five years. grocery stores are lowering prices on staples, turkey, sweet potatoes and rolls. jeff flock is outside after whole foods in chicago where its new owner, amazon is cutting more prices. jeff? reporter: i don't know if you can get down to 49.12 only at whole foods, melissa but they have been cutting prices and special treat for the prime members. a whole turkey, antibiotic
4:54 pm
turkeys that whole foods specializes in, it is 2.49 at whole foods. if you're a prime minister -- prime member, it is down to kroger range. walmart is walmart. it is about market share and amazon. walmart and kroger the big players among the big ones in the grocery arena. whole needs and amazon, now one, still not even 2%. so they have a lot of room for growth there. all of the things that whole foods is cutting prices on, everything from canned pumpkins to broccoli, to organic potatoes, beans, all the way down to eggs, all price cuts at whole foods. maybe trying not to be whole paycheck. but i got to tell you, one note of caution, that is, if you really want to save money, despite the cut on those organic eggs, free range, you know, the treat the chickens real nice? six pucks for 12. that is 50 cents an egg.
4:55 pm
if you want to really save money on eggs, go to walmart. you get a whole dozen, less than a buck. melissa. melissa: there you go. jeff flock, thank you so much. david: not whole paycheck anymore. melissa: no, we have breaking news. dow jones is reporting that comcast has approached twenty-first century fox, that is the parent company of this network, to express interest in acquiring the company. it is unclear whether comcast is interested in buying all or part of fox. we'll keep you updated on this story as well. melissa: even more breaking news. gap shares soaring after-hours following a beat on third quarter earnings and revenue. david: wow. melissa: the company reporting positive same-store sales of its namesake brand for the first time in a few quarters. same-store sales rose 3%. david: good for them. not all brick and mortars are doing badly. meanwhile a nightmare for models in the media. this year's victor a secret fashion show, currently in
4:56 pm
crisis. we'll tell you why, coming up. ♪ wn markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence. brighthouse financial established by metlife. .. ..
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build a better website - in under an hour. with gocentral from godaddy. the victoria's secret fashion show is at risk. the annual event which is in china is in the midst of a international media crisis. fashion bloggers are canceling their trips because the chinese government will issue them visas. they have to be approved by government officials. four of the models had actually been denied entry.
5:00 pm
it is just a fertile ground for a tweet of some kind i don't know if it's a little outdated given the current aspect. here is a risk and reward. this economy has been flat. nobody gets a wage increase living standards are stagnant. economic anxiety is high. this is the economic activity that's for it's for real in the country. we need to restore opportunity. we need to restore the beautiful thing that we call. the single biggest thing we can do to grow the economy to restore opportunity and help the middle income families that are struggling. present trump


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