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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 16, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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367. charles: the world showing america respect that it hasn't shown us in a while? >> the media will focus on anything negative when it comes to president trump. loutrump. -- david: , i'm david as man for lou dobbs who is on vacation. senator al franken is under fire for assaulting one woman and stalking another woman. if:roy moore is accusing senator mitch mcconnell of trying to steal the seat. our top story, new sexual
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harassment allegations rocking capitol hill. new charges against al franken that he groped and kissed a radio host without her consent. >> a picture fills worth a thousand words it was snapped on an air course c-17 on the way home from afghanistan. alleged groper, then comedian tal franken. >> i'm asleep literally on the plane and there is a picture of al franken doing this, grabbing my boobs over my flight vest. reporter: she claims franken tried to rehearse it. >> he grabbed my face and stuck
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his tongue in my mouth. i just remember his lips were really wet and he pushed his tongue in my mouth. reporter: numerous congress people are asking for an ethics investigation. more members of congress may be outed. speculation fueled by stories like this of a young female staffer sent to deliver documents to a congressman's home. >> at that point he decided to expose himself. she left and she quit her job. >> in the last 20 years there have been 260 settlements at a
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cost to the taxpayers of this country of $15 million. today we are here to change that. reporter: the congress bill would end mediation that allows the party to keep the names confidential. franken has been one of the most of vocal critics of sexual assault in the military. he criticized one of president trump's judicial nominees for being fun fair to a transgender member. david: roy moore is down by 8 points to democrat doug jones. but moore is vowing to stay in the race and says senator mitch mcconnell is the one who should go. >> this is an effort by mitch
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mcconnell and his cronies to steal this election. reporter: republican roy moore continues his bid for senate. a defiant moore writes, dear mr. mcconnell, bring it on. tonight co-reports that he has been exploring the possibility of a new special election by asking luther strange to resign. >> governor ivy will not call a special election to interrupt the system that ongoing. reporter: the fact that national gop leaders would even consider such drastic matters. a gadsden woman said moore groped his buttocks when she
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left his office in 1991. he didn't pinch it, he grabbed it. earlier this week, gloria allred pointed to a yearbook signature as evidence of contact between moore and the allegations. but:moore says d.a. were the initials that appear on the signature of his assistant. moore said he did not date under aged girls and am beginning to take steps for defamation. >> we are daying in our lane and focusing on our issues. reporter: a fox news poll of likely alabama voters shows 40%
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believe the allegations are true. 54% of all voters and 75% of republicans in the state believe moore should stay in the race. the moore campaign ended a news conference when reporters started asking about the allegations against moore. the gop steering committee adopted a statement affirming its support of moore as the nominee. he said alabamans will be the ultimate jury in this case, not the media. david: tax legislation is facing an uncertain future. mike emanuel has our report.
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>> let's start to reclaim our future right near this moment inning this chamber. let's pass this bill. reporter: a passionate appeal by peaker ryan who has worked on tax reform his entire career. it passed the house after a. he talk from president trump. democrats see an ulterior motive for his exuberance. >> you can understand why he's come together capital, to say thank you for the billion dollars plus that's expected to go to the trump family under this bill. reporter: almost all from high-tax states voted no. >> i cannot allow people from my district to become collateral
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damage in a tax reform bill. >> we have a long road ahead of us. we have the that working on doing this. we are excited about going to the legislative process. reporter: one challenge is senator ron johnson says he's a no because he believes the tax package would favor others. reporter: retiring nors bob corker of tennessee and jeff flake of arizona say they arework worried about the impact on the nation's debt. arizona senator john mccain cast
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the vote to prevent the passage of the repeal of obamacare this summer. some senators believe johnson can get to yes, but there is very little wiggle room in the senate. a judge declaring a mistrial in the corruption trial of senator menendez. we'll discuss what's next for the democrat senator with ed rollins. senator al franken apologizing after allegations of sexual assault. we are coming right back.
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david: a mistrial declared in the corruption trial of senator menendez. a tearful menendez thanked the
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jury. >> i have learned about our system of justice. it is truly a system of justice you can afford. i understand why so many americans understand why justice is illusive. david: prosecutors say they will carefully consider whether to retry menendez. joining me, ed rollins, chairman of the great america pac. he's still an albatross around the necks of democrats as is al franken and hillary clinton. the democrats have a lot of people in trouble. ed: this trial proves how difficult it is today to prosecute people. the supreme court made a decision about the governor of
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virginia. and it's hard to get them. david: in the case of al franken we have photographic proof. with this photographic proof we are looking at with them groping in an obscene manner, the journalist he was working with at the time, he he was doing his uso tour. why isn't mitch mcconnell demanding his resignation. ed: in the case of franken, he wasn't a senator at the time. the constitutional rules to be a senator is you have to be 30 years old, a resident of the united states for 9 years and
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live in the state. maybe the behavior pattern has to be better and make the country happier. david: another woman has accused al franken of actually stalking her. i wonder if the democrats them receives will try to cut franken loose and throw hip under the bus. ed: the margins are so slip i don't think they will throw away any senator at this point. david: the governor of minnesota, the state from which he hails is a democrat, so he could appoint another democrat. ed: the big issue in alabama is the election is the 12th of december. if a democrat wins, then your chance of getting tax reform
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through the senate, we need more money and more republicans to do these things we want to do. democrats aren't going to give anything up easily. david: we have hillary clinton. she just gave a report to "mother jones" magazine. she is still in the news. how do the democrats deal with her and cut her loose. ed: they haven't cut her loose. she cut herself loose. she ran a terrible campaign and i think most of democrats wish she would go away. david: the democrats have somebody like you who could whisper in her ear where she is apparently saying "go to hell." which she wasn't. she thinks the rugs stole the election from her which they didn't. she planned on being president of the united states for 8 years
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and most of of the people around her thought they would in the white house. that didn't happen. david: finally, menendez, very often where there is smoke, there is fire. do you think he will be retried again or something else might come up the pike? >> i think they will retry him again and his reputation will be badly damaged. and whether anybody cover this, the fox and new jersey papers, 11 weeks of trial, he did some inappropriate things, even those jury won't convict him, he damaged himself for a long time. david: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe the senate should give equal treatment to al franken and rye moore?
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stocks posting sharp gains. s & p up 21, the nasdaq up 87. vol on the big board 3 blion ares. walmart posted its strongest sales in nearly a defend kids. ever rye zone is all he exploring to buy parts of fox. 21st century fox, the parent company to this network says it has no comment. growing calls for the d.o.j. to appoint a second special counsel to investigate uranium one. and the name of the informant at the center of the controversy revealed.
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dictatorship if it probed her uranium one deal and her mishandling of state department emails. gregg, dictatorships, and i covered quite a few, that's where politicians get paid millions of dollars for political phase. who does that better describe in the clintons or the trumps. gregg: in a way hillary was describing herself, receiving tens of millions from russian sources as she is presiding over a committee that unanimously approves the sale of uranium to russia. she is claiming if the department of justice goes after her for alleged crimes it's abuse of power. it is not. it's called the rule of law. nobody is above the law.
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david: she claims if there is an investigation of her, it's the politicization of the justice department, and i'm thinking that happened under james comey when he changed the rules of the game to not indict her. the intentional mishandling of classified documents. and misinterpreted the other one. lawyers were astonished when he read this sort of tortured interpretation of those two laws and lawyers knew of he was wrong. david: now we finds out he changed the terms of what he told the public about what she has done wrong to make it less possible to indict her. gregg: that's correct. so the question becomes should a special counsel also investigate
7:27 pm
whether he and loretta lynch obstructed justice by actively interfering in the due process of law in finding her not to be criminally liable. david: then we have fusion gps and the trump dossier. dictatorships often use the power of government to go after any political opponents. we have seen it with nixon and other occasions. but what happened is the dnc we know contracted out fusion gps who paid for the trump dossier. the big question jim jordan wants is whether the fbi began paying fusion gps and whether they used if the trump dossier as an excuse to spy on the trump campaign. >> there is some evidence of that. it would be a gross abuse of power by james comey if he was
7:28 pm
pay fog foreign national during a political campaign for information on a political candidate and using it as a vehicle. and that would be improper and illegal, to spy on that particular candidate through a fisa warrant. abuse of power that needs to be investigated. >> after everything we have just gone over showing the slippage of the justice department. if the question is whether they are capable under a new administration but with a lot of the same careers involved in justice. whether they are capable of a neutral investigation whether hillary clinton broke the law or whether the dnc or the fbi was influenced by russia. >> he recused himself from anything related to hillary. he has to hand over to somebody who is neutral and independent and unimpede by political influences.
7:29 pm
special counsel is the only way. once he appoints the special counsel, sessions should resign. david: sessions was asked by jim jordan whether or not looks like there was enough stuff happening by russia and the dnc and hillary campaign to appoint a second counsel to which sessions said it looks like is not good enough for a counsel. and i said, it was good enough for mueller. gregg: your point is an excellent one. it was a very low threshold for the appointment of mueller and there is compelling evidence for session to the appoint a special counsel. his testimony this week was astonishing. he knew very little about facts or the law. it was an embarrassment.
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david: mr. menendez be tried again after this mistrial? gregg: these cases have made it almost impossible to demonstrate a quid pro quo pay-to-play. you almost have to have a smoking gun document, email that says i'll give you have these benefits in exchange for x amount of money. you are never going to find that. very difficult to prove a circumstantial case. to convince 12ors beyond a reasonable doubt is a herculean task given the circumstances of what the supreme court did. david: we are coming right back with a lot more. please stay with us. a big win for president trump and americans as the house passes tax reform. >> this is an incredibly exciting day for the american people. for the first time in three decades the house voted for
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tax bill tomorrow. lawmakers in both chambers will have to reconcile two very different plans. unlike the bill passed by the house, the senate proposal ends the obama care individual mandate, it eliminates the. joining me is the chair of the house budget committee and chair of ways and means. let me ask about the cut in corporate tax rate. the senate decided to delay that cut for one year. i just talked to art laffer and he said we tried that in the 80s and it lasted a year and a half. would you try to talk the senate out of that? >> i'm all with art laffer. we do believe, and looking at
7:36 pm
history, when you bring that corporate tax down you stimulate the economy. for us in tennessee the tax foundation says it would create new jobs and put additional dollars in people temperatures pocketbooks with their wages. so we hope that maybe that will be one of the things in conference we'll be able to resolve with the senate. david: we have proof of it. it happened in the 1980s. businesses delay their plans for business expansion until they are sure of the lower rates. they just put off their decisions until the lower rates make it cheaper for them to do business. it's common sense, right? >> it's beat high year that occurred as a result of the policies we set. i'm fighting for the hard working taxpayer to put that
7:37 pm
additional money money in their pockets. david: there seems to be a connection between passing a tax cut bill and a soaring stock market. it's not just rich people that make money when the market rises. it's working people in their 401ks. >> they will get their work done so they can come back after the thanksgiving day holiday, complete their work so we can get a conference committee and get this to the american people with a christmas present for them before the end of the year. david: there is a republican senator who declared he's against the tax bill because he doesn't equalize the benefits for small businesses. ron johnson says the small business tax cuts have to come
7:38 pm
down to that 20% level. it sounds reasonable that small businesses should get the same benefits as the big businesses to what you say yes. >> i'm not suretron johnson looked at our plan very careful live. what we do in our plan, and it's supported by the national small business administration. we feel good about our plan. we really make sure we safeguard those truly small businesses. those that are $75,000 and under would be getting a much lower tax rate than those above that. that has always been our goal. we wanted to make sure the middle income folks both in just their households and the businesses were the ones that were really affected by what we do in the tax code. i recommend perhaps mr. johnson meets with some of our folks in
7:39 pm
the house and he understands that we are taking care. david: i think he understands that. it's very simple. 20% for the big corporations and 20% for the pass-throughs. is there any room for negotiation? you want to bring it down to 25%, could you compromise at 23% or 2%? >> -- or 22%? do you think the full senate will pass the way you guys did in the house? >> i just want them to get a product out. this is what we said during repeal and replace. give as you product and let us go to conference committee and resolve the differences. i'm fighting for the middle class person so they can have a relief. that's our goal. david: we are all fighting for
7:40 pm
growth. if the whole economy grows, the whole nation does better, poor, middle class, rich. diane black, great to see you. thanks for being here. appreciate it. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe the senate leadership should give equal treatment to the sexual misconduct allegations of al franken and roy moore? please roll the video. watch as a paddle boarder gets the surprise of a lifetime. a massive humpback whale breeches just above him. the fbi's confidential informant revealed. sebastian gorka says uranium one
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david: the fbi informant in the uranium one probe revealed. his name is william campbell. he confirmed to reuters that he will testify about hillary clinton's role in the deal that gave 20% of america's uranium to russia. joining us, dr. sebastian gorka. we have a name, we have a witness. he claims to have some kind of proof. how solid will that proof have to be to get something on hillary clinton? >> you just asked the $64,000 question. we have a president who has
7:46 pm
faced down the international threat. we crushed isis in mouse and raqqa and we are dealing with north korea every day. but we have an internal threat. are we a nation of laws and is there anybody who is above the law? is hillary clinton and her criminal cartel of decades above the law or not. the idea that we had james comey cook the books before the investigation was finished on server-gate. we know her case was given special treatment, sealed off from other fbi agents at the highest level. uranium one has the potential to be the largest national security scandal since the end of world war ii. 20% of our uranium sold to russia. are they above the law? we'll find out.
7:47 pm
david: selling u.s. real estate involving uranium to another country. we should mention, a lot of people involved in the russian agency that was responsible for getting that 20% of uranium, i think it was a total of 9 of the board members gave contributions to the clinton foundation at around the same time all of this was being discussed. i know a little bit about russia. i covered it back in the days when they were transforming. there were no philanthropists to my knowledge. there must have been some quid pro quo. >> fabulous observation. your work with the "wall street journal." you know in central eastern europe there was no indigenous philanthropy.
7:48 pm
the philanthropy that was there came from the outside, the west and european nations. but the clinton foundation gets $130 million from russia into their account? that didn't happen out of the goodness of some rich russian magnate's heart. hillary was the chairman of the cfius committee that had to approve the sale. we have legislation on the books that requires that america is not dependent on anyone else for our uranium. she said no need, we can sell 20% to vladimir, my buddy. david: the uranium was not supposed to leave the u.s., but
7:49 pm
apparently some did. it was sent up to canada and then to europe. >> the american people were lied to that it wouldn't be sold to foreign powers, which it was. when the decision was taken by hillary and other members of the obama administration to sell the uranium. that deal was under investigation by the fbi because of the corruption occurring inside america, the people being paid off, that trucking company. this was a federal investigation that shouldn't have got to that decision-making body as it was being investigated. it was approved, thanks to hillary. david: some people say the particular investigation didn't have to do with the uranium one deal. it showed the climate of corruption that surrounds the institution. the guy who went to jail was in charge of the u.s. operations of
7:50 pm
the uranium deals with russia. for him to be sent to jail for bribery kickbacks, ets, sos there was a climate of corruption surrounding a company that we sold 20% of our uranium to. >> that argument does not hold water. we have the email thanks to judicial watch from loretta lynch threatening mr. campbell, threatening this informant saying if you don't keep to your non-disclosure agreement, i will get you imprisoned. we have an acting a.g. threatening an american citizen to keep your mouth shut about what you know about the uranium deal. that's pretty damning evidence. david: thank you for being here.
7:51 pm
president trump says the chinese decision to send an envoy to north korea for talks is a big move.
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...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor. david: in our online poll last night we asked do you think the d.o.j. is reluctant to investigate children tomorrow
7:55 pm
corruption because it would ex goes corruption within its leadership and 93% of you said yes. china is sending an envoy to pyongyang. first from china to visit in two years. president trump on twitter called it a quote big move. joining me now is fred fleitz, former chief of staff to ambassador john bolton. will the envoy make any difference? >> this is a significant development and i think it stems from the president's successful trip to asia. north korea and china have exchanged envoys like this since 2013. north korea sent an envoy to china in 2016 but nothing happened. what's different here is i think
7:56 pm
we have a president in the u.s. that both nations believe could use force if necessary. i think china is worried about the possibility of war in the korean peninsula and a possible nuclear accident? north korea continues to make these nuclear device on the ground. david: there is evidence of nal formed babies being born in regions around where the nuclear explosions have taken place. that's part of the reason why the president said a high goal of denuclearization of north korea. that's a pretty high bar. >>it is. but it's a position the united states should be taking. there are signs the earth near the test sites. the earth is sinking. there could be major collapse
7:57 pm
and a huge release of radiation. that has gotten china's attention. david: can you denuclearize without military action? >> no. what would be necessary is significant pressure china, a deterring approach from the united states. i don't know if that will work. but until recently we haven't had full cooperation from china. the envoy will help. david: we have been talking a lot about russia, sphiewtion gps, the trump dossier, uranium one. we have a special counsel who is going after guys who had something to do with ukraine. a guy who might have had something to do with turkey. but here actual instances of russian interference in the election, and we don't hear much about mueller going after that.
7:58 pm
why not? >> i don't know. what i find stunning is the co-founder of fusion gps met with that russian attorney before and after she was involved in that 2016 meeting with donald trump, jr. it makes me think fusion gps set up donald trump, jr. and was paid to do so by the democrats. david: a man killed in prison. putin didn't like this guy. he made sure he died in prison. if the fusion gps people did a smear campaign against this dead man. god knows how this affected the family. one must think that was at putin's bidding because it was in putin's interest to have this
7:59 pm
guy killed. they were on the side of putin, doing putin's bidding. they never registered as foreign agents. do you think they should have? >> they are smear agents. they worked for the russians and the democrats. they paid a british officer to smear about him. david: they have may have been paid by the fbi as well. >> i'm troubled by that in addition to the anti-trump dossier was used by intelligence agencies in a presidential daily brief. we can't let this be the new normal for american politics and campaigns. that's why it has to be investigated. david: all done at the bidding of putin or at least in his favor. fred fleitz, thank you for being
8:00 pm
here. that's it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. congressman matt gates is among your guests tomorrow. join me and melissa francis on "after the bell." right here on fox business. kennedy: political hypocrisy exploding in washington. democratic senator al franken accused of sexual harassment. hillary clinton claiming an investigation into uranium one would be an abuse of power. the house passed the tax reform plan. what does it mean to you? roy moore recently famous forth ten com


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