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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 17, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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everything north of the demilitarized zone is dark. they have no clue what is going on. charles: thank you for watching. here is lou dobbs. david: good evening, i'm david as man in for lou dobbs who is on vacation. congress is one step closer to thanks cuts. the senate committee advancing the tax plan, sending it to the full chamber. president trump taking aim at al franken over allegations of sexual misconduct. democrats divide. senator kirsten gillibrand saying bill clinton should have resigned over the lewinsky affair. now she is being slammed as a hypocrite. president trump is closer than
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ever to a major legislative victory. the senate committee approved the gop thanks reform plan. that sends it to the full senate to take it up after thanksgiving. john roberts is at the white house with our report. >> in his only public appearance today, president trump said nothing about any of the big items in the news, but did weigh in on twitter. on tax reform president trump was over the moon about the pass and of the house bill. he said great nuls on stocks and the economy. if we get tax reform we'll see great results. he accused democrats of a lost opportunity. he said if democrats weren't such obstructionists and understood the power of lower taxes we would be able to get many of their ideas into the bill. the bill was voted out of the
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finance committee yesterday, but not without serious heat across party lines. >> i have been here working my whole career for people who don't have a chance. and i resent anybody saying i'm just doing this for the rich. give me a break. i get sick and tired of it. it's not true. >> i get sick and tired of the richest people getting richer. reporter: six republican senators say they are either no or on the fence, including ron johnson of wisconsin, bob corker, john mccain and jeff flake of arizona and susan collins and rand paul. >> we are confident we'll get this package passed. we would love to see some of the democrats come on board and support this historic piece of legislation. reporter: president trump also
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weighed in on the brewing controversy over senator al franken. he says the picture speaks a thousand word. where do this hand go in pictures two, three, four, five and six while she sleeps. he was criticized for going after franken buffeting quiet over senate candidate roy moore. >> al franken was a brand-new news story yesterday and the president weighed in as he often does on the news of the day. the president put out a statement on roy moore during this asian trip. reporter: tony barrett who president trump appointed to the 7th circuit coast appeals. bret cavanaugh.
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kevin newso merks, and patrick wyrick. there are rumblings that justice an thony kennedy may announce his retirement sometime after thanksgiving, and the white house wants to be fully prepared for that eventuality. david: senator kirsten gillibrand saying president clinton should have resigned after the monica lewinsky affair. reporter: occupants of the new york senate seat previously held by hillary clinton * told the new york times she now believes president clinton should have rye signed amidst sexual
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misconduct charges. she broadened her allegations to include the republican incumbent. the atlantic and msnbc have demanded a reckoning with the clinton era when feminists defended him. the former president stumped for gillibrand. and the former spokesman for mrs. clinton tweeted the senate voted to keep president clinton, but not enough for you, senator gillibrand. for 20 years you took the clintons' endorsements, money, and seat. hypocrite. interesting strategy. >> there is a special place in hell for people like that.
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she has turned on the man who probably did more with his wife for her than anyone alive. reporter: the historical reputations of presidents can change. harry truman left office with low ratings. but he rose steadily in public estimation following biographies. jfk's revelations about mistresses somewhat tarnished his legacy. >> i think this is an inflection point for bill clinton's legacy and more and more what we are seeing and historians are going to see is he's someone who diminished that office and his legacy will be very different from the one we thought when he
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left office. reporter: bill clinton did not respond for our requests for comment. david: james rosen, thank you. in alabama the state's republican party reaffirming its support for senate candidate roy moore. his wife kayla speaking out defending her husband. peter doocy is in birmingham and has our report. >> judge roy moore remained out of sight. but his wife kayla defended him on the steps of the state capitol. kayla moore says her husband is a gentleman. >> even after all the attacks against me, against my family, against the foundation, and now against my husband, he will not
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step down. reporter: dozen of women surrounded mrs. moore in montgomery, trying to counter her husband's accusers. >> i never heard a whisper or a rumor about judge moore and these kinds of sexual activities. >> they are not calling for al franken to step down. the guy is guilty, he admitted it. but they are not calling for him to step down. how about the hypocrisy. reporter: it's a race where women voters are breaking for the democrats. a fox news poll gives doug jones a 26% advantage over roy moore
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among democrat women. questions at a press conference focused exclusively on roy moore's accusers. there are questions about an accuser's attorney's allegation that he presided over one of the accuser's divorce case. this campaign tries to capitalize on bad headlines for his opponent. we are empowering women to speak up and stand out. reporter: roy moore found out he will have the vote of a big named republican official. the governor kay ivy says she doesn't have any reason to doubt
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roy's accusers but she thinks it's important to send a republican to represent alabama in the senate. david: president trump and republicans taking a big step towards delivering historic tax cuts for republicans. >> you will see economic growth. >> we take up the president's push for revolutionary tax reform with congressman matt gates. a surprising democratic defection. senator kirsten gillibrand says bill clinton should have resigned over his affair with monica lewinsky. is it the end of the clinton political machine?
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david: a majority of voters now want hillary clinton investigated. in a new harvard-harris policy 1% say the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee should be investigated on the dossier and contributions the clinton foundation received from the owners of uranium one.
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joining me is matt gates who serves on a number of committees. this poll is of great interest to us. it shows a tale of two cities. only one side you have the folks inside the beltway who think we shouldn't have another special counsel. on the other hand you have main street. main street smells something rotten and they want it investigated. who should win, main street or the beltway? >> of course the american people should win. we didn't get answers from the attorney general when he testified in front of the judiciary committee. we asked, did the fbi work with the democratic party to pay for this fusion gps discredited dossier to under mine president trump and jeff sessions would not give us an answer to that
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question. you have got 3 out of every 5 americans. we have won the argument with the american people. it's time for the justice department to do its job. join us, and the 20 members of the jew dish airive committee who have been demanding a second special counsel for four months. david: hillary clinton calls the demand itself an abuse of power. she says just talking about it is an abuse of power. i think that falls flat on the ears of main street. but the clintons still have a lot of influence and power inside the beltway. will people be frightened and concerned about her allegation of abuse of power? >> every time we want the laws that apply to every other
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american apply to them, it's an abuse of power. they are so used to their own standards, they can't deal with the scrutiny that applies to everybody else. the deputy director andrew mccabe was writing emails saying the clinton campaign had to be given special status. it wouldn't go through the normal process with the u.s. attorney in the district. the children tons are used to being treated in a special way. and the american people want an equal application of justice. david: there are two incidences that need to be investigated. the trump dossier was paid for by the dnc and hillary controlled the finances of the dnc. hillary paid for the trump dossier which was a lot of
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garbage spewed out by russians who were united and connected to putin. if you are looking for collusion between the russians and the election campaign, this is it. that i believe should be the focus of mueller. what do you think? >> this is the definition of collusion. you have donna brazile admitting the entire dnc operation was a shill for the clinton campaign. it was controlled by the clintons. then you have the dnc and possibly fbi working together to dig up dirt on president trump that isn't true. and they were trying to discredit him before and after his election. that's the real collusion. but you don't have bob mueller look into that. david: we don't really know whether mueller is look into that or not, do we? >> we don't see the same activity level in terms of court
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files as we do in bob mueller's pursuit of the trump campaign. bob mueller can't possibly look into that deal because during that time period he was the director of the fbi. he may well be a witness. the last congressional research service on the i hav -- on the s process, why didn't bob mueller do that? hillary clinton was on that panel. at the same time they were taking millions of dollars from russians. at the same time uranium one was making donations to the clinton foundation, bob mueller can't possibly continue against president trump when he's so conflict against the other participant in the 2016 election. david: clearly you are on the
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case. thank you for being here. appreciate it. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you have any confidence democrats will revoke the 25-year free pass they have given bill clinton for sexual misconduct? remember to follow lou on twitter, facebook and instagram @loudobbstonight. the dow falling 100 points. the nasdaq down 11 points. volume on the big board 3.3 million shares. apple shares closing lower. the tech:giant announce it delayed the release of its home pod speaker until next year. listen to lou's radio three
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times coast to coast on salem radio network. senator skier step gillibrand secured by democrats for criticizing bill clinton.
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david: i'm david asman in for lou dobbs who is on vacation. senator kirsten gillibrand says
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clinton should have resigned over his affair with monica lewinsky. she is the highest level democrat to do so, but not the only one. an open ed entitled "i believe watch any a" by michelle goldberg. she accused him of rape. you have donna brazile denouncing hillary in her campaign for the presidency. it looks like one of the most of powerful political machines in the history of american politics is coming to an end. is it too soon to say that? ed: no, not at all. the way campaigns and presidencies work, those of us who are commentators. we watch a presidency, we make
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an assessment. and 25 years later historians rewrite history and start look at everything. the a certain extent the they ae not going to retry him for his sexual chiesexual deviantsy. but it won't go well for him. 70,000 votes she would have been president. you talk about chelsea running for congress. it's the ends of an era. it's an important end of an era because the democrats need new blood, new people. and to a certain extent they wouldn't give it to you. they would give you more of the
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same. david: you have liz warren who makes a lot of noise, but she doesn't have a machine or a lot of power. ed: the year before obama started running no one gave him a chance. david: he didn't build a machine, did he? ed: he deliberately didn't build a machine. he lost the house and senate and governorships across the country. he wasn't interested in the day-to-day politics. i think democrats need somebody interested in rebuilding their party and move forward and challenge trump. trump's going to run for a second term. but the clintons are done, they are finished. david: there is a political machine, and that is what donald trump has built. not since ronald reagan have we had a republican who represented
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the population. i don't want to call him a populace per se. but he understands main street. ed: i agree totally. there are people who stand up and say i want trump, i'm a trump republican, i'm a trump conservative. you don't find many people saying i'm a clinton democrat or bush republican. trump is change the dynamics. he has to be more successful as time goes on, but i think he will be. people are getting more used to the style and substance. david: he's not a young man. he's 70 years old. he's certainly full of energy and verve. but will he leave a legacy behind for other trumps? ed: his agenda was an important agenda, rebuilding infrastructure, lower the tax structure, and getting rid of obamacare.
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rebuilding the military, he did a significant part in putting more money in the military. you don't make judgments in the first year. you judge at the ends of the first terms and second terms. the country is getting more used to him. foreign policy types are starting to see on the world stage he's a strong leader and to a certain extent it's his game. nobles can touch him. david: in the green room we were talking about a wonderful movie called "the last hurrah" with spencer tracy about the end of a political machine. 1958, but it has a lot of relevance today. we are coming right back with a lot more. please stay with us. special counsel robert mueller issuing a subpoena to trump campaign officials despite the fact they are cooperating. we take up the witch hunt with chris farrell of judicial watch.
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other hillary clinton scandals. joining me now, judicial watch's head of investigation and research, chris farrell. i see conflicts of interest within the justice department based on what they have done with political investigation over the past six or seven years. don't you? >> indeed. you will remember salliates.ral- remember sally yates. but that doesn't mean there aren't ethically honest and philosophically conservative u.s. attorneys who would be available to go after the whole clinton foundation it's a criminal enterprise. this is not wayward actors. this is two decades of corruption manifest in the
7:36 pm
clinton foundation and their dealing like uranium one and other things. david: even if you find an elliott ness willing to investigate hillary clinton. he has to rely on a group of bureaucrats in the justice department who were helping holder and loretta lynch and fbi chief comey. the bureaucracy who will be working with the crusader such as the person we are talking about would still be imbued with that spirit that held up investigation of democrats. >> i would rather rely on the judgment of attorney general sessions than abdicate and turn it over to a mueller. do you want another out-of-control independent witch hunt chieftan like mueller doing
7:37 pm
whatever he wants whenever he wants, answerable to no one, or do you want the normal process that worked for 200 years to take place and have that prosecutor answer to attorney general jeff sessions? i would prefer the regular chain of command and trust in the attorney general than have another mueller mini me running around doing whatever he wants. we have a horrible track record historically with special counsels. horrible. and i don't want to go there again. david: we don't know whether mueller is looking into the hillary scandals whether it's uranium one or the fusion gps story. as far as we can tell he's not because the people who would be contacted have not been as far as we can tell.
7:38 pm
but we also don't know whether the justice department is investigating these things. they may be doing those things right now. >> they may. but if you look at mueller, he was busy having a no-knock warrant to go into manafort's house at pre-dawn hours. that's what he's spending his time and energy and effort doing. he indicts a guy over business dealing that have nothing to do with the purported russia hysteria with respect to the trump campaign. they don't like that he spent as much money as he has on his suits. this disproportionate out of whack behavior. if you look at what he's spending his time and effort on, it's not $143 million to the clinton foundation and $500,000 speaking fee to bill clinton. if you want to look for russian collusion look at the clinton
7:39 pm
foundation. the problem with mueller -- david: what russian collusion means is when a political party in the united states relies on research from a smear group that is provided to them by friends of vladimir putin. and that's exact hi what happened in the case -- that's exactly what happened in the case of fusion gps. >> fusion gps is an opposition research firm, an opposition manufacturing firm. they created stuff out of nothing. then surprise surprise, guess who is paying for it? hillary clinton. david: we know she controlled the finances of the dnc, thanks to donna brazile. will there be any enthusiasm within this justice department to take on the clinton machine as nobody else ever has? >> yeah. if you can find the right guy. it doesn't require some extraordinary out of bounds
7:40 pm
loose cannon mueller tactics. you can find a u.s. attorney, he may not sitting in washington right now at this moment. but he may nobter parts of the country. you bring him in and law enforcement officers and treasury and you create a task force and say go forth and investigate. you do it under the normal process and they answer to the attorney general. guess what? the department of justice works for the president of the united states. and they serve at his pleasure. so all this idea that somehow they are independent or do whatever they want is absolute nonsense. they are members of the executive branch and the chief executive of the united states is donald trump. so in the end though he has had on-again-off-again results with this. in the end they are answerable to him. he in the charge whether you like it or not.
7:41 pm
david: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you have any confidence the democrats will revoke the 25-year free pass they have given bill clinton for his sexual misconduct? watch as skateboarders perform incredible tricks in the air in malaysia. they have parachutes to land them safely to the ground. democrats turning on their own with senator kirsten gillibrand saying bill clinton should have resigned from office over his sexual misconduct. charlie hurt taking up the political implications and more next.
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david: the tax battle intensifying on capitol hill.
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watch this heated exchange between orrin hatch and sherrod brown. >> i resent anybody saying i am doing this for the rich. you guise overplay that all the time and you ought to quit. it gets old. i get sick and tired of it. true, it's a nice political play. but it's not true. >> i get sick and tired of the richest getting richer. >> regular order. >> we do attack -- >> regular order. >> and over and over again. how many times do we do this. >> listen, i have honored you by allowing you to spout off here. what you said was not right. that's what i'm saying. i come from the lower middle class originally. we didn't have anything. so don't spew that stuff on me. david: he shut him up. joining me is charlie hurt.
7:47 pm
i have to admit i didn't know hatch had it in him. the main thing is, not just sitting back and taking this class warfare bunk. class warfare is believed by people who want americans to stay stuck where they are. class warfare places like cuba and venezuela, nicaragua and elsewhere leads to one class, and that's the poor. americans want to move up. that's the american dream. they want to do with hatch did, go from lower middle class to middle class and get the golden ring. charlie: the democrats play this all the time. they do it with gender politics and racial politics. anything to divide people. the very people who claim the most of and scream the loudest
7:48 pm
they want to help the poor. they have do the class warfare stuff. and who does it hurt? it doesn't hurt the rich? it on the hurts the poor. david: all you have to do is looking at the last 7 years. we have had progressive policies the last 7 years and we had a growing gap between the poor and the rich. well, hello, what do you think? if you want the poor and the rich and everybody in between to rise, you do what reagan did, because that's what happened during the 1980s. >> look at 50 years of those policies in a place like chicago or baltimore. it's terrible. when i look at those places i think about the great human capital that could be doing things to change the world. but instead they are fed this line of crap and they believe it and they never break out and
7:49 pm
allize the american dream. david: i want to talk about al franken. the man is a pig, okay? you can put that out there. any man who does to a sleeping woman what he did is a pig and should not in the u.s. senate, should not shall anywhere in congress. that's piggish behavior, will he survive? charlie: i take exception to that and i think you owe an apology to pigs. pigs are very fine animals. as winston churchill said a cat will look down on you, a dog will look up to you and a pig will see you as his equal. they are very smart. and al franken is so much worse than a pig. david: will he remain in the senate? charlie: i have a hard time
7:50 pm
imagining how he can survive. but that said, the fact that they referred him to the ethics committee basically means they want to shunt him off into some neverland where -- not a committee with teeth really. and, you know, it's more of that double standard. david: as long as he's in the senate, the democrats will have zero credibility when it comes to talking about kicking somebody like judge moore out. >> what's so devastating by the is the picture. when you have the picture, that image. david: that defines it. a young sleeping woman being treated like that by a nasty grinning character. there is no other word but piggish to describe that behavior. charlie: his defense for it the first time because he thought it
7:51 pm
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david: in our online poll last night we asked you do you think the senate leadership shut treat franken and moore equally? 87% said yes. the town of rawa near the bored with syria has been retaken. now the radical islamist terrorists only control small plots of terrorist territory. joining me is former u.n. ambassador john bolton and a fax news contributor. it looks like we are winning the land war in iraq and syria. >> i think it isis caliphate is on the verge of being destroyed.
7:56 pm
it was the right objective for the united states to destroy the isis caliphate. but as you intimate they spread out to other places, libya, yemen, afghanistan. so their terrorist threat continues, but the caliphate itself is on the verge of errandsing. the obama extra -- is on the verge of ending. but in effect now although we used others like the kurds and other arab forces, iran really gains a significant victory and allows the it to project power through the shiia areas of iraq,ling up with the assad regime, setting the stage for the next conflict in the region. david: right now iran has influence in lebanon as well. significant influence. some people say they control the
7:57 pm
country. is that true? >> i think in effect through hezbollah. nothing happens they don't want. the prime minister has resigned and it's close to anarchy, all of which benefits iran and endangers israel and the monarchy producing areas on the arabia peninsula. david: president trump want an alliance of muslim arab countries totally against what the iranians are doing, their ambitions to take over all of the middle east. but that's kind of in jeff difficult or could be when you look at what's happening in saudi arabia, no? >> i think it young crown prince with the full authority of his father the king, is trying to
7:58 pm
consolidate power. he called for moderate islam. i think most of what he's doing americans would applaud. but has he provoked opposition that has not yet acceded to his taking power? and does he have a contingency plan to prevent what i call a sha -- ashah of iran scenario ws into ridge forces that overthrow him. david: it's been two months since north korea lit a missile or set off a nuclear explosion. >> we don't know much about the rationale for why north korea does anything. it's possible that this halt is because of scientific reasons, testing reasons. it could be a combination. it could be almost anything. i think we still need to see
7:59 pm
what china agreed to with president trump during their meetings in beijing. china could make a critical difference here. we are waiting to see what's going to happen. the threat remains very grave. david: what about this chinese envoy? i'm wondering what pane envoy to do to calm the situation or denuclearize north korea. >> it could be he's carrying a message from xi jinping or it could be a brief on the 19th communist party congress or the trump-xi meetings or it could be to tell kim jong-un, get your act together because the americans are serious this time. david: let's hope it's the latter. have a great thanksgiving, by the way. that does it for us tonight. thank you so much for watching. love is back on monday. so i'll have to say happy
8:00 pm
thanksgiving to you right now. please join melissa francis and me. we are on after the bell every weekday at 4:00 p.m. on fox business. we have a wonderful time and you will, too, if you tune in. good night from new york. >> announcer: from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." maria: welcome to "wall street week," the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. federal reserve bank of dallas president and ceo robert kaplan my special guest. but first the headlines that impacts everything from main street to wall street. the house passed its tax reform legislation thursday. most of middle class americans would see an immediate tax cut. and a larger child tax credit. 13


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