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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX Business  November 19, 2017 3:00am-3:31am EST

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right, it's righ il: this warren thing is borderline fixatnith you, i'm just saying. david asman-- >> nothing borderline about it, all right. [laughter]. neil: here is david. david: house republicans just passing tax reform, senate republicans adding a big bonus to the package. a repeal of the obamacare mandate. so, will all republicans buy into it? the vote is set for just after the thanksgiving break and someone here says that americans are finally going to get the break they deserve. hi, everybody. i'm david asman. welcome, find out which, bill ball, john tamny and rich, is this a smart move? >> yeah, i sure hope the republicans in the senate line up together like people like susan collins and go for this
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thing. the individual mandate would be a great tax cut for the middle class, for small businesses and people who have been really hurt lately have been millennials. they're young adults, overpaying for health care and on the hook for pensions and the u.s. debt and state municipal debt. let's give them a break. david: and bruce, according to cbo it's going to be good for the debt itself. they say dumping the mandate will save the country $338 billion over ten years. that's a lot of money. >> well, i have no doubt that the idea is to get fewer people covered so they can free up money to give tax cuts for the rich, but i think-- >> no, no, no, hold on, hold on. in careness to the cbo. let me explain how they got the number. the fact is if people are not forced to buy obamacare, fewer people are going to be signing up for subsidies and medicaid. that's how the cbo came to that number.
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go ahead. >> okay. so, i would say, you have to have some way, whether it's a penalty or in the failed republican repeal and replace effort, there were ways to expand the pool and require some personal responsibility for people to have insurance. i'm an advocate for everybody to have insurance. if there are fewer people insured, we're all going to pay because these people are going to wait, whether they're young, old, whoever, they're going to wait until they get sick and don't have the money to pay and won't pay and our costs will go up, that's the way it works. david: the fact is, our costs have been going up. you look at cost of deductibles going up about 36%, and then you look at the cost of premiums, going up 41%. this is with obamacare. costs have been going up because of it. >> it's always going to be expensive when government tries to create a right to a market good. what's interesting about this, the democrats have never been able to explain why if obamacare is so great that they
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needed to pass a law to force people to participate in it. amazon doesn't need a law to bring people to its website. david: right. >> and coke doesn't have a law to force people to buy coca-cola. and of course, a mandate, is coercive and utterly unnecessary. david: and the question about health themselves. a lot of people are paying so much deductibles. the bronze plan for obamacare, 12,000 deductible. a lot of people are skipping checkups, skipping procedures because they can't afford them. >> well, not having insurance is not going make those more affordable. i think we ought to keep the mandate for the reason that bruce alluded to. if you don't have insurance, then people who are uninsured go into the hospital and run up big costs and the rest of us get stuck with the bills, that's not fair to the rest of us. david: e-mack, there are a lot of people getting stuck for a
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bill for nothing. 6 1/2 million americans have decided that they'd rather pay a fine than deal with obamacare, and a lot of those, 90% of those make under $75,000. 30% make under 20. this is a tax on the middle class and the poor. >> i always wondered if obamacare was so great, why were nearly 7 million people choosing to pay the penalty instead the majority under 50-k. president obama did not like the mandate tax either. he campaigned on that saying he was opposed to that in 2007-2008. i like how chuck schumer and democrats are arguing, republican are kicking people out of obamacare getting rid of the mandate. this is voluntary. they voluntarily chose to pay the penalty instead, many lower and middle class. david: you say that republicans are against the middle class. it's obamacare itself forcing
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americans to pay a fine because they don't want insurance. this is a middle class tax cut, what the republicans are trying to get. >> well, i guess, one of the wild cards will indeed be if they're successful in this and i don't think they will be. let's just say they are. enrollment for obamacare in the third-- this is what the fourth year now is surging despite the fact that the president has tried to kill it and whatever. so it will be interesting to see if they do get rid of it, who signs up because we-- you say the young people haven't been paying anyway so we can't feel sorry for the millennials. david: rich. >> after a lifetime of smoking fooch too much, drinking too much, people are going to need this and why the families should be rooted in this. david: the people who have bad
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health habits end up in the hospital and we pay for it and that's why the money has to be distributed to all of us, what do you think? >> we are going to have to pay either way. what the democrats can't explain is that if the program is so great. why do you have to force people to do it, why do you need a law? you talk about costs, the first computer cost over $1 million dollars, first cell phone, 4,000. market competition brought down the price of each. why is health care so unique. the left hasn't been able to explain it, neither has the right. >> to john's point, why should we be forced to buy a product that we don't want, and if it's great cbo projections are off 60% who was going to enroll. david: bill, what do you think? i know you side with bruce on this, at the same time, when you force poor people and middle class to pay for something that they don't use,
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that's an injustice, is it not? >> well, i'm going to address the fraudulent claim by the republicans in congress that having people go uninsured is going to create 300 billion dollars of wealth. you don't create wealth by having people going to the hospital uninsured. the hospital bills have to be paid somehow. . david: here is the point of that number, as i said before to bruce, we are spending a lot of money since obamacare was implemented subsidizing people who can't afford insurance. subsidizing people who get into medicaid. if you're not forced to buy insurance, those subsidies would not be necessary and the cbo and they're pretty down the line, they've ticked off a lot of conservatives in the past, they're the ones who came up with this number. >> well, i'm going to make a point that john tamny has educated us on and that is the thing that's not seen. the capital does not go into free market development and innovation and health care sector. if you have-- if you had a freeing up as a health care sector and you could
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liberate all of this innovation and you had the extra money to go into the space, magical things would happen and prices would drop, health care quality would go up. david: so, john, this might not only benefit the country in terms of lower debt costs, but it might also benefit the health industry itself? >> of course, it would. the wealth creation isn't going to be created by government per bill. the way it's going to be created is that you free up the innovators, silicon valley is rich precisely because of what rich describes. it's a chief revolution. constant competition that brings down the price of everything. and imagine if you unleashed entrepreneurs on health care as opposed to allowing republicans and democrats to try to legislate access to market good. it would be amazing. david: if you have to compare entrepreneurs to politicians, i think we know who would be eif isht -- efficient in that. did hillary clinton call special
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counsels abuse of power? not the ones that trump's team, but the ones who look into her team. ñ??
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now back to forbes on fox. david: more g.o.p. lawmakers saying if the special counsel had enough to open up an investigation into the trump campaign. they now have enough to open up into the hillary clinton campaign. she says it's an abuse of power. you say fair is fair. >> we don't want them influenced by the outside. the anti-trump dossier, who paid for it, the clinton campaign, the fbi, the fisa wire tap
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warrants. i think we need to look too it. david: i know the investigations cost money, but if it's fair to look at the trump campaign, don't we now have enough evidence to look into the clinton campaign? >> yeah, but even so, i'm kind of against having an investigation. look, hillary clinton lost. she's never coming back. that's quite a lot of punishment ap i think it would be a bad precedent for u.s. presidents to start prosecuting the losers in elections. you know, that's what they do in third world dictatorships. david: i can understand, but bill, at the same time, we as a country believe or at least the politicians do, it's important to find out what russia did to try to influence the election. it's clear, one thing they did was working with the dnc's fusion gps group, they put together this trump dossier, got a lot of russians involved with that and they were trying to
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dump on donald trump, on the campaign of donald trump. that was part of what russia did. >> well, for one thing, the uranium one pay to play scandal, scandalous as it might have been is ancient history and i think we have to give the clintons a pass on that one. but you're right that the putin fusion, fbi, dnc conspiracy is more recent, if it happened and there might be a grain of truth to it. i'm kind of curious, what happened. david: john, you talk about third world dictatorships. third world dictatorships use agencies of the government like the fbi, for example, to try to get political opponents. that's kind of scary stuff, isn't it? >> well, it is, but i find all of this so embarrassing. the freest, richest, greatest nation on earth would elevate the ledge darely incompetent russians and presume that they, that they influenced a presidential campaign. that they were pulling the strings and changing the outcome
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of what happened in 2016. why do we demain ourselves like this? president trump should pardon all the republicans, and pardon hillary clinton and move on from this embarrassing episode. david: but, bruce, when you listen to jim jordan asking a question of the attorney general saying did the fbi actually pay for the at least part of the trump dossier. it's a good question. we don't know the answer, but wouldn't you like to know? >> well, i think that-- well, a couple of days later, jordan sounded kind of like a partisan hack in his statement. i would say a couple of days later, the co-founder of fusion gps said they didn't pay sources. and by the way. david: fusion gps in the past has done some-- they're smear merchants, essentially. they tried to smear a dead russian killed in prison behalf of some people, very pro trump-- excuse me, very pro putin. so, the fact that they said something doesn't necessarily
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make it true. >> okay, let's put it this way. we don't know where mueller is going to go with this investigation. we don't know that he's not going to look into all of this. we know that the senate intelligence committee is looking at the dossier, they'll look at sourcing. you know, you look back at the ken starr investigation of clinton, that started with the land deal and ended up that, you know, we found out that bill clinton was cheating on his wife and got impeached for it. >> i don't know why the dems get a pass. hillary clinton was big on getting rid of the electoral college when she lost. also underneath the clinton foundation sits a turnstile, a cash machine, sits a secretary of state making decisions. i think we have to get at that, too. david: rich, you know, the history of the clintons, whether they were in arkansas or on their way to the white house with bill clinton or trying to get to the white house with hillary, there's a huge amount of money involved. they get it from all different sources. aren't you a little bit interested in a congressional
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inquiry into whether any of that money was misused in the campaign, particularly if they were working with the russians? >> i'm interested in finding out the truth and i think that's a great job for journalists and media organizations to try to get at. do i want government to spend time and money pursuing this? i don't think so. i think the main thing, we've got to get back to the sustained rate of 3% gdp growth, we've got two quarters in a row encouraging and let's put a reasoningful tax reform under that and have a go and make sure, you know, that we are are safe abroad. that's the main show. everything else is a side show. david: money and safety, i can get behind money and safety, but i do want to know what happened with the russians and dnc. cashin' in gang getting ready to roll at the bottom of the hour. melissa, what do you have? >> david, good to see you. so, is the mainstream media seeking to downplay president trump's asia trip. he's touting 300 billion bucks
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in new trade deals and jobs. and the press is barely touching it. we're all over it. in the middle of the anthem mess, nfl commish is looking to score big with a $50 million contract, is he worth it? >> that's, melissa, my wonderful co-anchor. up first, what does a shooting at los angeles international airport 15 years ago have to do with a truck attack, a deadly one in new york city just a few week
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. >> well, wasn't just the new york terrorist suspect that came through the visa lottery program. the trump administration says at least four other foreign nationals with suspected ties to terror came through the visa lottery program as well. rich, is this more proof that the visa lottery system needs to be scrapped? >> oh, the visa lottery system makes a mockery out of a serious subject. we should have an immigration policy that brings in skilled labor as possible and unskilled labor doing work that americans clearly said they don't want to do. we should be strategic who we let into this country. david: bruce, what do you think? >> well, i'm going to agree with rich a little bit here and say, here is the deal. if donald wants to blame anybody for this, he can blame the republican house of representatives because a merit-based system was in the bipartisan immigration reform that the senate with marco rubio and the republicans and chuck
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schumer and the democrats, that was their, their deal. they had this, they were going to get rid of this in this legislation and it died in paul ryan's hands. david: well, e-mack, our safety is more important than the blame game, don't you think? >> yes, this is such fisher price immigration policy. it makes no sense to use a lottery. we don't use a lottery to hire people. we don't use a lottery in the college admission level to take people in. rich is right, we should have a merit-based system. david: john, what do you think? >> why would we allow the federal government to control who comes in in terms of human capital. we would recoil if the government presumed to say how many computers and what kind, how many cars and what kind, yet the most important source of economic growth as possible, human beings, we allow these people who comes in and out of this, get the federal government out of it. david: but, bill, it's a gift fob a u.s. citizen, to be allowed to live and work here and hopefully for them to become a citizen. the president keeps talking
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about this merit-based system as opposed to the diversity system, kind of an open lottery. wouldn't it be better to get people who have certain skills that we know would help our economy? >> you bet, david. we should have a merit system. a point scale with points awarded for being willing to work really, really hard or having advanced degrees and under my points system, people from mexico and china would get high scores. >> and rich, we know that this merit-based system works in other countries, we've seen it in australia and elsewhere. >> yeah, and canada. by the way, donald trump, before he was president, debated steve bannon on this issue on bannon's radio show and trump made the strong persuasive case for me t merit-based immigration and trump needs to go back, he won that debate. david: john, you're a nay sayer. >> you haven't convinced me the federal government wouldn't know what we should import and
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export. why would we let it plan the most import, human capital, let the markets do it. david: wonderful representative from libertarians here. and a pick they say you'll
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>> what a wild week >> and we're back with the picks to be thankful for this thanksgiving season. e-mack, you love index funds. >> a cheap one, vanguard value index fund. it has a lot of blue chip names on the cheap. david: bill. >> my market forecast for a 3% return and i think the bland fund. david: and you like this. >> tesla is eating up lithium and this company likes it. david: do you like mines? >> my fund is up double digits.
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and no, they said china is going to eat its lunch with its own production. david: thanks for watching. have a wonderful thanksgiving. heap is here, the number one business block continues with meli francis and cashin' in. melissa: back from asia and president trump says america is back in business. japanese manufacturers, toyota and mazda, announced that they will be opening a new plant in the united states that will create 4,000 jobs. in china, we also announced 250 billion dollars worth in trade, investment deals that will create jobs in the united states. the united states, and vietnam recently announced $12 billion in commercial agreements, which will include $10 billion in u.s. content. melissa: huge deals, but you wouldn't know it from the mainstream media. why isn't


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