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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 20, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EST

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>> good evening. president obama has returned from his successful 12 day trip to asia but the swamp dwellers in congress apparently grew comfortable in his absence. we'll soon see how much progress they've made on the president's agenda. it looks as though republicans are now down one more vote in the senate. senator ron johnson of wisconsin coming out against the senate tax plan. the first republican to do so. that is yes the same ron johnson who owes his re-election to wisconsin voters who embraced president trump in last year's election. also tonight although republican
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disappointment. congressman tray gowdy creating consternation saying he doesn't see sufficient evidence to call for a special council to investigate clinton corruption. we'll take that up with christopher el with judicial watch and roy moore's attorney today firing back at allegations of sexual misconduct. we'll have. full report on how the campaign is do is to fight the allegations. turning back to the d.c. swamp tray gowdy saying the case has not been made for a second special council despite overwhelming evidence of clinton corruption with attorney general jeff sessions. >> i don't think the threshold has been metaphor the appointment of special council. you can investigate something without special council. in fact 99.9% of all
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investigations in the country are done by the men and women at the department of justice and none of them is called special council. so there is a threshold that has to be met and i don't think it has been met. >> trey gowdy and our first guest said congress is uncapable of handling the clinton criminality and the entire justice department is simply paralyzed. joining us tonight is christopher el -- ferrel. good to see you. i was taken a back when trey gowdy himself a former federal prosecutor. a man of considerable experience in criminal law made those statements. your reaction. >> i tend to agree with you frankly. and all sorts of very complex criminal activity, racketeering
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-- investigating every day by u.s. attorneys and by other federal law enforcement officers and they bring successful prosecutions and the clinton foundation and all of the activities over the last 20 something years nobody is more familiar with them than judicial watch and a confident tough nosed prosecutor can bring the case. you know when you go there you get weirdness. >> you mean like robert mueller. >> exactly and that is not necessary. it automatically becomes a political football with all kinds of finger-pointing and hysteria. >> i actually agree with you. >> i'm looking here as well at a justice department that i think you agree. it is paralyzed.
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it is in capable of making any discreet decision without every kind of political storm around it occurring immediately. they have not frankly this justice department has been so polite sized under president obama i don't know how you wade through it and the trump administration has been unsuccessful of removing the obama hold overs and place can the investigators by the president in that department. how do you get around that other than a special counsel? >> i think the first thing attorney general sessions should consider resigning. he is a wonderful man. a man of integrity but unfortunatey he has been neutralized and he is unable to lead the department effectively.
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so in the interest of the justice department and in the interest. trump administration i think the best thing to do would be to step away and give the president an opportunity to appoint a new attorney general and then let's move forward and stop hammering and double talk and yes but no and no but yes. we need grand juries and we need in indictments. >> i absolutely agree wow that and my problem and i think the problem for this government and this administration we need also a counter vailing if you succeed in having jeff sessions actually resign as attorney general if you were to succeed as well getting robert mueller out of the special counsel role then i would be doubly happy but the fact of the matter is i see no
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sign that mueller will acquiesce. >> this is madness. he is making it clear he is going to spend whatever damn money it takes without any evidence to continue to playing and obstruct this administration. >> you are correct. and we've seen further evidence of that from the senate intelligence committee where they got up and said we've been looking for nine months and we found nothing so now we're really going to look. they embarrassed themselves frankly and mueller is in the same boat so they are casting about trying to find out how much paul medford spent on his suits and somehow criminalization that. they are desperate and desperate
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people do desperate things and when the tallies up and you find out they've spent god knows how many millions of dollars there is a tendency to go and find a scalp to justify it. and we should at all cost avoid another special counsel. >> so i take your point and i understand your position and that congressman gowdy. if we can bring two event walts to pass first jeff sessions resigns. bob mueller resigns. there is at least the prospect of peace in the land but until then we have criminal enterprise in the clinton foundation. and the way in which corruption has just followed the clintons throughout their entire careers and lives. and there is no consequence and at some point this country has
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to find a way to hold high places elected officials accountable for their transgressions. or give her a clean bill of health. it is in and of itself stinks to high help ann no one can explain to my satisfaction to this point how $143 million was placed in the clinton foundation out of the noble inspiration of the person who wrote the check. >> the clinton foundation is a criminal enterprise. it needs to be investigated and taken apart and audited. it's a money laundering operation in my opinion. given that and the fact that the clintons have leveraged their political offices whether it's
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the presidency or the secretary of state there is no daylight between them and we know that because we have thanks to judicial watch litigation we have e-mails where -- is setting up meetings for mrs. clintons. there is no daylight between the two of them. you want to talk about peyto play and leveraging government office for personal benefit. this is the very definition of corruption. >> let's turn to the administration. the trump administration. what is it to do here? the president has voiced his frustration with jeff sessions. he has been clear about that. he fired an fbi director in my opinion. there is absolutely no doubt whatever who deserved to be fired in the interest of the country had to be fired and yet here we are paralyzed at the
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justice department, we mentioned senator byrd and senator warner. the democratic party is running the senate intelligence "investigation." and this government has to move forward in the national interest. what is the president his administration to do here? >> the first thing is all of those scheduled c obama oh point tease who are still currently occupying options and they are doing so across the spectrum. it's the state department and hud and every place in between. their resignations all need to be accepted and they should be told thank you. good-bye. and there are ample folks i believe who are scheduled
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appointees who are supporters of the current administration that do not require senate approval. lower ranking folks who need to be put in place as of march. months ago. >> it's a matter of some considerable urgency now. >> yeah. there is no further time for delay if you're scheduled c obama person your last day is the end of the month. thank you very much. and it needs to be a full court press to put people who support the current administration. >> why is the trump administration not doing exactly that? >> part of it is the swamp. they rely on these people who know all of the various levers and the organs of the state. they know how to work the system and they rely on them and unfortunately these people are not well served. the president is not well served frankly by people who say one thing in a meeting and then walk
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out in the hallway and say something else. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> we're coming right back and there is a lot more to this story and many other stories. we'll have them here for you next. stay with us. >> we pick up session's testimony and the need to investigate the clinton's scandals with greg jarrett. and the democrats piling on trying to force roy moore out. and where was the left when bill clinton was accused of sexual
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>> joining us no, i greg jarrett. good to have you here. congressman gates making a very important point. because you could see the reluctance throughout the trump administration to prosecute to lock her up as his supporters famously said for two and a half years now. your thoughts. >> i started writing 13 months ago about hilahila peering to engage in corruption.
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bribery and racketeering. and there was plenty of evidence for a prosecution. and jeff sessions has been sitting on his hands many months. he should have announced the second counsel to investigate. >> there was a statement. if we can put up this quote because i think this is important. we are going to bring said the attorney general independent prosecutors to review a host of matters out there hopefully we can decide if there are matters that need be investigated. cancan you decipher for us whate attorney general is talking about independent prosecutors will be brought in to decide if there should be independent prosecutors. that is strange. >> to say that jeff sessions was
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disappointing today in his testimony is a colossal understand statement but it is consistent with his prior testimony and then several months later he tends to stumble and fumble and mumble through the testimony. i was trying to answer the questions for him in the correct logical way. he seems in capable of doing it. months ago i said he should resign. and more so now. >> well, it looks like he may be pushed there. senator car konnel the majority leader wants him to stand in for judge roy moore. and today floating the attorney
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general's name to replaces him. whether by appointment or election. but the issue here all of the conflicts that are addressed here today -- by particularly congressman jim jordan earlier on this broadcast. you're talking about the deputy attorney general, you're talking about andrew mccabe the number two at fbi -- robert mueller himself. and going back to uranium one and there is no question that they are so-con conflicted on its face you wonder how jeff sessions ended up recused and they not. >> all of these guys weisman, mueller, rosenstein, they were all engagedded in what appears to be a cover up of uranium one.
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they had a legal duty to notify congress and they didn't do it. as a consequence we sold 20% of the u.s. uranium assets to the russians and the clintons got richer because of it. so where are we now? sessions is blocked. he has blocked himself. rod rosenstein and andrew mccabe and andrew weisman, robert mueller. there is no sign that they want to recuse themselves or to resign. >> sessions has recused himself out of a job. he should step down but not been a pointing a special counsel to investigation hillary clinton and comey and lynch not just for
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uranium one but to reexamine the e-mail scandal because it appears as though there is some evidence that james comey and loretta lynch were protecting hillary clinton and deliberately perhaps -- she did engaged in intentional acts which violated the law. in engaging gross negligence in the mishandling of classified documents? >> how do you get to it. >> by special counsel. >> so we have a situation where we have a second special counsel investigating the first special counsel. >> to some extent that robert mueller covered it up. it sounds crazy. >> it's such a farce now.
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but it is also clear because of the conflicts that exist in the a pointment this first special counsel if we may refer to rob mueller the first special counsel. the justice department is so-con conflicted you cannot rely on the justice department to investigate the clinton foundation, the clinton e-mails and the cover up by these conflicted officials at the top of the justice department. >> sessions cannot ablebly perform his job because he has too many conflicts of interests. >> who the hell can? >> alex accost that. a fine lawyer. under the vacancy reform the president can appoint him as the new attorney general. he has been confirmed.
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he can step in day one and clean up the mess that sessions has made and maybe he could decide to appoint a special counselor handle the investigation of hillary clinton himself. >> it is pretty clear at this point that no matter who's appointed second special counsel who takes over the justice department once jeff sessions has decided the direction he is going that the entire fbi management and leadership the entire justice department, top officials and the attorney general -- that has to be climb up. this is now an enterprise that is suspect by the american people has no confidence and it has been to be cleaned up. >> but they are now an independent deep state actor
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that cannot be trusted. >> do you know -- eric holder has been taking a lot of has been taking a lot of punishment♪ ♪ ♪ this holiday season, families near you need your help. visit now.
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the national left wing media is trying to make way too up of president trump's comments on putin and russian medaling in our election as they usually do. they continue to ignore the obvious clinton issues. and the fbi. but as former federal prosecutor andrew mccarthy notes -- aggressively hunting down the trump a.m. campaign. the obama justice department and the national media look ever so gentle and ever so disinterested in answering the obvious questions about hillary clinton and her campaign and foundation
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and e-mails. her fix was in. then president obama exonerated hillary of any wrongdoing in her e-mail scandal in april of 2016. listen to the fixer in chief. >> i continue to believe that she is not jeopardized america's national security. now what i've also said and she has acknowledged that there is -- a carelessness in terms of managing e-mails that she has owned. >> remember that word carelessness. d reappears conveniently. comey had draftedhe letr xonerate cnton before even interviewing her and before interviewing another dozen key witnesses. comey also planned to accuse
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clinton of acting grossly negligent in handling classified information but after the fixer in chief insinuated himself into the matter two months later all that changed. the language in particular changed becoming extremely careless. as for the andy mccarthy -- called the investigation and obama appointed judge forcing an attorney representing paul man ford and gates to provide grand jury testimony against her own clients. wow! yet the obama justice department and the fbi gave clinton's attorneys along with other aids immunity. immunity! and others allowed to plead the 5th and the mueller scorched tactics mueller order fbi agents
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to raid the home of paul man ford in an early morning back in july despite his attorney saying he is cooperating with mueller. there are similarities however. the state department under president trump is still successfully stone walling on clinton's e-mails. just as it did under president obama. mueller now in the -- 6th month of its investigation so now so-called alleged co-looks has been investigated by the special counsel and the fbi for three months short of two years. not a single piece of evidence found and what about the congressional investigations. at least five congressional committees are now investigating russian collusion with the trump campaign. they found nothing. and the senate intelligence committees appear to be
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extraordinarily disinterested in what russia may have actually done. what they have they actually done? it appears they've compromised the ns a and led the establishment republicans and democrats on an almost two-year wild goose chase making them the laughing stock of intelligence. the word that hardly seems right when used to describe our agencies and our congress. all of that leaving many unanswered questions which i'll tell you about coming up here. stay with us. there is a lot more straight
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joining me now dr. see darks gorka. let's start with the affinity between -- and president trump. obviously sufficient to spring those three basketball shoplifting basketball players. >> yes. the whole trip is one success after another. look at the reception. compare the reception president trump received to the reception president obama received. not only a visit to the forbidden city. the adulation of the crowd.
4:37 am
the national anthem being played by the chinese army. it's a reassertion of american leadership and recognition in the middle east or in asia or nato deciding to pay the 2% in gdp on defense. it's hard to choose. which is more successful. the foreign policy donald trump or the stock market. it's hard to choose. >> the good news is see backs you don't have to. you get both. -- all 10 months of it. incredible. >> it is remarkable in every way. a new special counsel.
4:38 am
the attorney general who continues to be if you will the bane of the trump administration recusing himself for all of the world appearing to be an attorney general to be indifferent to driving or leading the justice department but rather seems to be presiding over it and not always alertly. your thoughts. >> both the trump administration -- inherited a level of poe will it situation and i don't think we've seen it in the history of the united states of america. the doj even the fbi was used by the last administration. >> and the entire intelligence apparatus. >> yes. a political hack. general hayden still carrying water for the obama narrative of
4:39 am
russia collusion. the fact is we need somebody with real stamina. we need somebody with backbone: ag sessions is an honorable man but right now we have massive scandals. the uranium one scandal by itself, i've said it before probably the most important national security scandal in the 21st century. 20% of our uranium is sold to russia and $140 million makes it into the clinton foundation at the same time. we need the doj to do itself job. >> i think one of the surprises for many -- and no one associated with this broadcast including our audience was surprised at the poe will it situation of the obama
4:40 am
administration. but the reality is asserting itself now and that is that the trump administration we all assumed would replaces all of the obama hold overs and reach deep into each department and rip out if you will neoliberal left wing in some cases radical hold overs of what turned out to be a very radical administration. it did not happen. and that is a task that is urgent. it is absolutely critically necessary and it is not happening yet. >> the president said it was absolutely right. personnel is policy. not only is the hardcore left
4:41 am
wing ideology still in place but also the network of the old boy network sticking up for each other and i would just can you to do a google search on who rosenstein is. who he has worked for in the past. who his closest buddies have been for the last 10 years and you'll see that it's not just ideology, it's massive conflict of interest which mean these individuals cannot be unbiased when it comes to a political investigation of strategic level crimes. >> the good news is that we told them and we tell them regularly about those conflicts which is the bases for the second special counsel and every reason to question why this attorney general has --
4:42 am
>> i have never seen in my career a situation inch one man connected to so much chaos and despair in the case of personnel. look at jeff sessions. a quiet and mannered fella who has chaos in his home state. there is chaos in the justice department. there is chaos in the administration over his a pointment and his failure to lead. it just goes on and on. a man with substantial impact and unfortunately so much of it very negative. obviously the president did extraordinarily well on this trip. now he turns to domestic policy. your thoughts there. >> well it's very simple. it's going to be tax reform. it has to be tax reform. if we cannot get something out
4:43 am
of the hill that is going to toe a dark day for the make america great agenda. it doesn't have to be perfect. let's remember what the great ronald reagan said. give me 70% of the loaf now and we'll come back for the rest later and let's give americans a real christmas present that simplifies the whole system for all of us. >> from you to paul ryan and mitch
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america military on full display off the korean peninsula right now. three u.s. carriers joining south korean forces over the weekend. there will be four days of naval exercises centered of course around these three powerful u.s. aircraft carriers. the exercises come as the president is wrapping up his 12 day asia visit. they are focused on aerial strike capabilities and joining me now fox business contributor john bolden. thank you for being here. let's start first of all the
4:48 am
carrier drills. that is an inescapable message. >> well i think it's clearly a message to north korea ya and china while we're on the suggest of what our capabilities are and it's also significant that we've got japan and south korea participating as well that could put continuous air power over north korea if we had to. it doesn't indicate a decision has been been made but until china and north korea believe that the threat of military force against the programs is real we're going to keep doing what we've done for 25 years and watch north korea get close to hitting any target it wants with nuclear weapons. >> there is one thing that is different and that is that kim
4:49 am
jong-un has obviously hit the pause button. and this has gone on now for upwards of six weeks. and this is unique because there have been all sorts of anniversaries where he could have done opportunities to be provocative. >> it's possible. he may have sinced that barack obama is no longer president. i'll just be a little bit skeptical since i've watched both north korea and china play with republicans and democrats alike. the main event of the trip was his meeting with -- >> what i'm saying to you is there is an empirical bases to
4:50 am
take note of that suggest there may be a change underway in the thinking of kim jong-un whether that is behind the scenes as the result of pressure from the president of china or if it's in combination of the leadership of president trump but there is something different going on here is there not? >> there is and that is correct. the only question is how long it will go on that way. >> that's one of those questions -- i'm interested in what is and what the prospects are always uncertain. >> i think that is right but the difference between now and let's say what happened in the obama or bush or clinton administration is we're very close to the point where north korea has that deliverable nuclear weapon's capability so trump is in a very difficult situation put that way by his predecessors. we can do this the easy way together or we're going to do it the hard way unilaterally.
4:51 am
>> let's look at this trade announcement when the president is returning to the white house. announcing a quarter of a trillion dollars in deals while he was in china. these are big numbers. big possibilities. and in addition a trade announcement when he gets back. this is starting to look like a very productive highly successful trip on the part of the president. your thoughts. >> i think it was a successful trip. no question about it. there are still some things we need the answers to but i think the message was delivered clearly in his first three stops in japan, south korea and china and i hope in all of the bilateral mess in vietnam and the philippines that the united states is going to insist that trading partners live up to
4:52 am
their commitments. >> the president could not have made it clearer and to think this is the first president in 40 years to even talk about trade balances is stunning to me. the last person to take note of it was president george h.w bush. i was on that trip. john bolton thank you so much for being with us. up next, nfl commissioner still demanding a $50 million a year salary. i take note. that is after the break. stay with us. we will be right back. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult?
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nfl commissioner goodell must think highly of himself. why else would he ask for a $50 million extension. he currently makes $30 million and also seeking lifetime usage of a jet. joining me now owens and author of the book liberalism or how to turn good men to whiner and weenies and wimps. he is really -- you talk about -- this is -- approach. >> i had a chance to do a little
4:57 am
background. and those were men that came out of world war ii like my dad and he built a brand. pull your boots up and that was an era that all of us were excited b. he has a whole different view of what the brand is and it's unfortunate because we're losing a great opportunity to make a big difference in a big way. >> 32 honors. they are letting this guy trample the brand. it's not just simply the kneeling although that is overwhelming. but he has made horrible decisions. the brand has dropped and it's continuing to die. >> i'll say this. everything goes back to the impact on the black race and what you see here is actually
4:58 am
what liberalism has done. everything they touch turns south. whether it be the black family, the school system. now the nfl. the boy scouts. you let them touch it they will mess it up. the maxist socialist do not love what we have. >> goodell has made it clear. he is as you noted immediately a leftist. the owners have at least got to have some fidelity with capitalism. it's made them wealthy folks. you would think that they would treat him somewhat differently. here is a jet for life. $50 million. that is crazy. >> and understand too. you're right.
4:59 am
it's corporatism. not the way of capitalism. they have their deals set up. everything is in place. >> what do you think of jerry jones? i'll give you my first impression. this guy is amazing because they is standing up in a crowd of very tough fellas. >> jerry jones is the closest thing to al davis i've seen and by the way i had the pleasure to play with the guy. it came down to this. and he brought together a team of people that no matter their background -- i respect him. he is a business owner. he was tied to the brand and i look forward to seeing him do his thing. >> it's great to have you. is this going to resolve happily for the nfl and football fans. >> it's going to be great for the american people and the nfl
5:00 am
will have to make their changes which they will in time. >> thank you. appreciate it. 8 that is it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. >> leaking news of renée. charles manson come in the infamous leader behind the notorious cult leader is dead at the age of 83. >> what the negotiations lead as the trump administration that they are willing to drop the tax reform bill. >> stock market futures pointed to a red open on your monday. >> focusing on the failure of talks that could spell the end for chancellor angela merkel. train to a nation mixed picture there. you can make a


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