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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 20, 2017 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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jon: it's thanksgiving week. i'm thank youful for the family i have here on the show. dagen: amen to that. give us more of money back, tax reform. please let it happen. maria: get it done. dagen mcdowell, jon hilsenrath, lee carter, varney & company begins. over to you. stuart: all about tax cuts, do we get them yes or no? by the way, i will have an answer for you. good monday morning, everyone. they return next week, the serious horse-trading has already begun. senator collins not doing away with the obamacare mandate that says you must have health insurance. senator johnson not happy with business tax cuts. he thinks small business needs a bigger break, senator jeff flake, well, he's not happy with president trump, he really doesn't like him or what he thinks will be an increase in the deficit. and the gop -- well, they really
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want to get this done before roy moore or his democrat opponent takes the alabama senate seat on december 22nd. it is going to be very tight. there will be wheeling and dealing for every vote. here is my opinion, we will get a tax cut deal done because i can't believe the republican party will say no and self-destruct. today, by the way, goldman sachs say the economies next year will be surprisingly strong, a separate goldman reports says wages will rise next year. don't forget keith parker, at ubs, told us the market would keep going up if we do get that tax cut. also today german politics in chaos, angela merkel can't get a coalition together to form a government and football, marcina lynch, he stands for méxico's anthem, he sits for ours.
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and the president he's tweeting again. he's watching varney & company, we will show you. varney & company is about to begin. ♪ ♪ here we go. shot-out from president trump on the economy this morning. here it is. under president trump unemployment rate will drop below 4%. analyst predict economic boom for 2018. "fox & friends" and varpy&company earlier -- varney & company earlier today. unemployment rate was indeed headed earlier. where are we going to open this morning. monday morning, we are going slightly higher at the opening bell all across the board, remember, this is a shortened trading week. they'll close thursday for thanks giving and 1:00 p.m.,
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shortest working week of the year, i believe. look who is here. [laughter] stuart: that's right. editorial kind of guy. do you agree with goldman sachs, i think that's a pretty rosy forecast on rages and growth next year, do you agree? >> i do agree. i think it's not often we get the whole world kind of growing at the same time and we are seeing that now and we are also seeing the united states maybe kind of taking once again its position as the world's growth driver, that wasn't really the story of the last decade but you've got the atlanta feds saying we are going to grow 3%, 3 in a row and this would really represent a change from the obama era, so slow growth. stuart: i say we will get a tax cut before tend to have year. i think we are definitely going get one. the growth rate next year will be even better than maybe goldman is forecasting and wages will rise more than goldman is
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forecasting. i think it's a real shot in the arm. >> that tax cut is enormous and you see the rest of the world taking note that when we used to be uncompetitive, ireland at 12 and a half percent raid it's starting to be concerned that business comes back to the united states, maybe more investment in the united states, overall, this is good for them, t good for the whole world to have the united states growing fast ter. i think that's what we are going to see. stuart: to me the most important part of the tax cut is tax cut for business, top 20% tax rate. you do that and if you can write your investments off right now you do it. you buy a new computer system -- i think that's a really big deal. liz: yes. stuart: is everybody in agreement here? ashley: yes. liz: of course. stuart: we will get a tax cut? liz: yes, we will.
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ashley: not the unthat everyone wants but we will get it. [laughter] stuart: happy monday, everybody. liz: yes. stuart: i will stay on tax reform. some senators want last-minute changes. i'm saying it's the chance, the best chance to get national attention. former reagan economist is with us. look, you were in the room, you were part of all of the horse-trading and sausage-making at the last minute back in 1986 in the reagan administration. >> did want to say something about the shortened trading week, i enjoy shortened trading week. [laughter] stuart: just thought i mentioned that. stuart: are you referring to your physical stature or what? >> i was referring to my physical stature. stuart:i used to be 6'2 and now
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5'8. >> you have ways to go. stuart: you're dead set, we get a tax cut this year? >> dead strange word. it will really do an amazing job for the country. stuart: we've had kevin brady on the show and he's saying, yes, we will get tax cut done but will only add half percentage growth next year, from 3% to 3 and a half percent. that would be a little disappointing, art? >> yes, it would be. i think he's wrong on that. the people underestimate two things, the growth consequences of a tax rate reduction. it has to start january 1st, that's important, stuart. but they also way underestimated the revenue feedback because any time we have tax cuts, revenues higher, these people don't understand how revenues are
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driven. they are driven only by growth. stuart: i don't know whether you saw it, art, but the leader of the new jersey state senate, powerful democrat says he's beginning to have some second thoughts about raising taxes in new jersey at the new incoming democrat governor threatens because if you can no longer write off state and local taxes under tax reform, they'll be an exodus of wealthy upper-incoming people out of new jersey? >> no, tell me it's not true, stuart, you tell me people will move because of taxes like i did? i don't think that's possible. stuart: you went -- i know you live in tennessee, did you move there because tennessee doesn't have no income tax? >> no income tax, death tax, lowest property tax, lowest-taxed state in the nation. other than that moving from california to tennessee, it was spectacular the change. after three years the statute of limitation expires and i can go back and enjoy california without paying their taxes. stuart: what do you mean you can
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go back -- live there and earn money? >> i don't think i can go back to live there. i can go back and vacation which was life was like back then. california is a beautiful state except for the taxes and the government. stuart: yes. >> they really do ruin it. stuart: yes. take some more time, art, why stop when you are ahead? you're making everybody feel good except in california. >> and then there are people like you who live in new york, what's wrong with you. stuart: i moved. liz: where do you move to? >> stuart: new york city to new jersey to get away from the taxes in new york city and now i'm going to get hit with taxes in new jersey, but you know what, i would still flat out, i support this tax deal because i want to see america become more prosperous. it doesn't -- if i pay a little
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bit more, okay, i will suffer but i want to see america prosper, that's a fact. last word to you. >> 100% with you. the only people that aren't going to prosper by this are the retirees, get people to pay more taxes and not less, higher incomes, jobs that they wouldn't have had, higher profits, many. >> -- the only people that don't get the benefits from this is retirees, they will get benefits by pensions being better, higher interests and hopefully they'll do well as well but growth is the answer. stuart: fine performance this monday morning, thank you very much, art. lizzie has the last word. >> you must feel like you moved from new york to new jersey that you're being chased by tax lawn mower. stuart: new ceo of ge is
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cleaning house, that could mean a big shake-up on the board. stock bounced off 17 bucks as low last week. could be down a bit this morning. 18.15, tesla unveiling the new electric car last week and that super fast roadster we all got excited about. wal-mart is reportedly testing the new truck. according to elon musk, roadster may have a special that allows it to fly. [laughter] stuart: near 3 billion-dollar stake in china's top grocer, it's doing an amazon which of course bought whole foods. here is what's coming up. we are going to be up at the opening bell. markets closes thursday and early on friday. trouble for germany's chancellor angela merkel, attempts to form a new coalition government collapsing overnight.
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freed democratic party walking out of negotiations, populism not dead in europe at this point. details coming up. big reversal from president trump, he will not allow elephant trough -- trophies to come back and might make permanently. well, done, mr. president. hillary clinton president trump is obsessed with her. you'll hear often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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they will start providing, big order, 24,000suv's, they will
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start making them also in the south carolina volvo factory. it's ramping up now. ge holing, chinese company struck the deal with uber, kind of interesting, robot taxis, you know, a lot of nay sayers, i don't see the need for it. the auto sector saying, yeah. stuart: volvo majority owned by ge. >> that's right. stuart: president trump reverses his decision on elephant hunting, here is the tweet. big game trophy decision will be announced next week but will be very hard pressed to change my mind that this horror show in any way helps conservation of elephants or any other animal. katrina pearson is with us form early with the trump campaign. so the original decision was, yeah, he can bring the trophies back, the decision over the weekend, oh, no you can't and we might make the ban of the trophies permanent. sounds to me that he was listening to constituents because, katrina, i have never
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heard outcry of an issue like this ever before. >> no, you're absolutely right. this was a bipartisan outrage as i call it. but if you look at the memo on the fish and wildlife service website, it goes into a very detail and these are the careered employees under obama when the ban was put in place who did a significant analysis with one thing in mind and that is does trophy hunting increase the survival of the elephants an they went through the entire process, brought in all the scientists and expert in conservation fields as well as the regulations on the african nations to sustain the population outside of the a game reserve and what they have found is that it did, however, the president is absolutely right on his instinct as was everyone else particularly with the coup in zimbabwe, how can we make sure that rules and regulations are enforced and that's what they are enforcing over the next
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week. stuart: popular reversal of last week's decision, i'm sure that's going to happen. next one for you, katrina, hillary clinton talking about president trump, again, roll tape. >> apparently, you know, my former opponent is obsessed with my speaking out. [laughter] >> apparently there was another somebody told me tweet today, honestly, between tweeting and golfing, how does he get anything done? i don't understand it. [cheers and applause] stuart: you know this might be good for president trump. he does talk about hillary clinton because she provides him with some wonderful talking points. she is good for him, right? >> absolutely. you know, this is one of the things i thought was interesting over the weekend. stuart, she gave an interview to mother jones and talked about voter suppression, legitimacy of the campaign as well as russia robots infiltrating with propaganda and the example she gave as one of the most dynamics
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incidents of this was wisconsin, a state that she didn't even set foot in and somehow it's everyone else's fault that she lost the state of wisconsin and she definitely provides the president with much to say. stuart:ic democrats would like for her to go away but she won't go. [laughter] >> i love it. let's keep her out here in this delusion. perhaps she thinks she's still campaigning against president trump and i also think that her constant denial and unwillingness to accept her defeat really makes the party look bad because at the end of the day, we are going into midterms, we have tax reform coming up on the table, they're not even talking about that or even offering up suggestions or how to make it better, they just want to complain. stuart: i looked closely at bill clinton's body language, he didn't seem keen on what hillary was saying. ashley: wasn't that amused, was he? stuart: ed klein says that when he saw the manuscript of the
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book he chunked in the trash. ashley: he hated the article. what happened? hillary clinton said you lost. stuart: katrina, i'm sorry the conversation continues without you. i do apologize, thanks for joining, katrina, thank you very much, indeed. let's get back to tesla, they showed up the new fast car for the first time 0 to 60, 1.9 seconds, 600-mile range on a single charge, now elon musk says that roadster might even be able to fly. that's the truck, by the way that you saw there. marcian lynch, one of the biggest games in football, playing game in méxico won't stand for our national anthem, not our national anthem but did stand for méxico's. president trump not happy about it. you will hear what the president is saying about it. that's next
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retail. under pressure like never before. and it's connected technology that's moving companies forward fast. e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered.
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leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. stuart: from morgan stanley, you might be looking at amazon effect. health is under threat from amazon. look at it. down 3 and a half percent. one word from morgan stanley, down goes. liz: middle-man for prescription drugs.
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stuart: down it goes. raiders running back marcian lynch sat during our national anthem but stood for méxico's national anthem at game which was held and played in méxico city. that caught the president's attention. lynch of oakland raiders stands for mexican national anthem and sent down for our national anthem. great disrespect. next time nfl should suspend him for the remainder of the season, attendance ratings way down, what do you say to that james freeman? >> i'd say the nfl probably should have a year or so ago enforced a rule saying to stand for the anthem. there's really no business in america that other than that that i can think of where it's acceptable to share political views where whoever comes into the store is typically accepted that you do that on your own time away. stuart: walk into a macy's and someone says to you, i'm sitting down for the national anthem, i don't like trump. you're not going to go.
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ashley: this happened in london. players sat down for u.s. anthem in london but stood up for god save the queen. disrespect. liz: weird to be doing it overseas. stuart: not going away. this is still with us. and football, nfl is still hurting. ashley: yeah. stuart: college football. i was watching college football on saturday, it was great. liz: you're talking about everything else but not the game. stuart: are we done with this? >> i wish the president hadn't called them sob's. liz: agreed. >> let's hope they are standing pretty soon. stuart: this time pretty soon the weekend of thanksgiving football, how did they do, we will be reporting on that. we will open the market very shortly, about 4 and a half minute's time, we are going to be up, not much but we are moving up. we've had two down weeks for dow, we are starting the new week on the upside. back in a second. life happens.
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and get your adt starter kit for just $49.00. >> opening bell will ring in about 20 seconds and trading in about 30 seconds. it's monday morning. we are coming off two small down weeks for the dow industrials but we are going to open on the upside. if you look at the futures, it tells you that you're going to be up 30, maybe 40 points right
9:30 am
at the opening bell, the s&p and the nasdaq will also be higher, so this monday morning in five seconds, i'm counting them down. you are going to see a modest upside move for stock prices. there's the good news on monday morning. there we go. i see green, i see a lot of groan. i love that green. where are we? we are up 12 points. 11 points, we are up. can we just say we are up? [laughter] stuart: it's not a boom, ladies and gentlemen, but it's up. liz: we will take it. stuart: let's move on. how about the s&p, yes, it's up 1-point gain. the nasdaq is up .07%. let's not get carried away. ashley: we are not, you are. [laughter] stuart: stop it all of you. tesla, look at it. they've unveiled the new electric big rig last week, super fast roadster may come later down the road, special
9:31 am
option that allows it to fly. he always raise it is bar. that's elon musk for you. i could see something truly amazing. [laughter] stuart: stock is down. don't forget alibaba, doing exactly what amazon did with whole foods. wal-mart, well, they struck a deal that could bring same-day grocery delivery to your store -- to your city, i should say, down a buck this morning at 96, the new head of ge, he's cleaning house, that could mean a shake-up on the board. that's not helping the stock. it's down 18 cents, barely above $18 per share and the amazon -- the several amazon stories, here is the latest. that stock is going to hit $1,360. another $200 up from where it is now. that's according to nemora,
9:32 am
monday morning, who is with me. ashley webster, elizabeth mcdonald james freeman and by special request maria bartiromo. maria: happy to join you, stu, thank you. stuart: i haven't gotten to the question. maria: okay. stuart: better growth, higher wages, do you agree? maria: absolutely. 3 and a half percent employment rate, things are getting better and better in terms of the u.s. economy earnings backdrop and the first time you really have seen all of the international economies move up at the same time, stu, very powerful. stuart: that rosie forecast for next year will be true -- that's not factoring the tax cut. maria: it's not factoring the tax cut and looking at the backdrop. earnings up better than expected. revenue is also higher, you can manipulate earnings but revenue is revenue and you can't manipulate that. that's looking good. stuart: why aren't you tired?
9:33 am
you did three hours. two biggest names in retail ramping up delivery, grocery delivery, i should say, that two companies will be wal-mart which has got a deal and the other one is alibaba in china, all over the world, james, the name of the game is fast, fast delivery of anything. >> that's right, you use today see internet competition crushing bricks and mortar, clearly the combination is what people want and it's to have the physical location in every community. stuart: they picked on one whether they are going start this thing and get it moving, they are moving in the right direction. best competition to amazon that we have seen so far. green arrows for tesla. let's go back to this. they unveiled the new electric truck plus the new roadster, wal-mart says it is going to
9:34 am
test the new electric truck, that's a big deal. look at what tesla's chief tweeted about the roadster, not saying that the upgrade package will definitely enable it to fly short hop but maybe certainly possible, just a question of safety, rocket tech apply today a car opens up revolutionary possibilities, what a showman. how to make it on varney & company, the story of the day, oh, this thing might fly. you do, stock is down. showman. he lives on government tax credit. maria: i don't understand how people are going to start flying in their cars. infrastructure and regulatory backdrop, but let's go with it. let's fly. >> not necessarily going to be anxiety reducing to have things flying over your head. maria: no. >> a hump cap -- maria: i don't like drones above me never mind cars. stuart: i want to try out that
9:35 am
roadster and i want to see what it's like. liz: you will go from van to a rocket? stuart: even at my age, i think -- liz: okay. stuart: the waymo ceo says his company's pilot fleet self-driving cars in arizona has removed drivers and will expand into a paid service available to the public in the coming months. what does that mean? liz: robot taxi. i don't even see the need for this, demand for this but they are pushing forward with it. i'm finally agreeing with you and ashley on this, for some reason they think it will cut accidents, you know, system of the robot taxis cannot read road sign ifs you attar them slightly. they don't respond to horn honking, i don't know if this is ready. ashley: you see stop signs with graphty on them, i wonder what that does to them, they go straight through? >> it's great for consumers to have all the money, smart people
9:36 am
being thrown and competition. i would be very worried if i was uber investor, we just noticed you reported on buying all of the volvos and they are going against, i guess the former google subsidiary and lots of other people that are making, again, an exciting space but i'm wondering how they eventually -- stuart: i will say this to all the youngsters, people younger than i around this table, i see the writing on the wall, electric cars are coming and they are coming fast, robot cars are coming and coming fast and i'm on board. liz: okay. stuart: as old as i am, i'm on board. maria: robots in general are coming, stu. more robots than job. stuart: maria, you will always be maria on television. they can never replace you. check the big board, we are up monday morning, we are up nearly 30 points, we will take it. 30 points precisely.
9:37 am
23,388. barons say that is ibm could be set for gains after a long move down. well, it's got a buck higher 150 on ibm. chip maker cavium has agreed to be acquired by another chip maker marvel, marvel makes storage wi-fi equipment and cavium builds network equipment. both stocks up. new ceo at ge cleaning house. that could change the board of directors, it's not helping the stock. liz: he wants to move from 18 seats to 12 seats, i mean, this is a top heavy board, this is a curby job to be a board director, kind a professor with tenure. the board oversight has not been so state of the art. a company that lost $150 billion in market value over the last ten years. the sock is down 42% year to date. some of these individuals that are around nearly two decades on the board, what were you doing? what are you doing with the oversight of ge? stuart: ge's future stock price
9:38 am
depends entirely on whether the stock price -- liz: took that baker hughess. it's a decision-making at the board level, i think, now it's being call intoed question. stuart: okay, you've got me. liz: there you go. [laughter] stuart: jeffrey leaves amazon series transplant after sexual harassment allegations. transparent, transparent is the name, he's left. ashley: look, he's facing two accusations of sexual harassment from crew members on the show and he said, i've had enough, the idea that i would deliberately harass anybody is untrue but he goes onto say given the politicized atmosphere that has afflicted our set, i don't see how i can return to the show so he's done, he's out. they are in fifth season right now. award-winning show. stuart: it is, won many awards. apple's first diversity chief is
9:39 am
leaving after less than a year. denise young, denise young smith ran apple's human resources division before becoming diversity chief. he's been with the company more than 20 years. this departure is a little surprising, any input on this one? no big deal? next case, biggest ever single's day has left behind a record-setting higher crash, 165,000 tons of packaging waste, this was in china, single's day, okay, i don't know which day it was but -- maria: last week. stuart: the 11th, 25 billion of merchandise sold in one day. $160,000 of packaging junk. don't you recycle them? in america we do. maria: you wonder why the air quality in china is so bad. spewing out products of the world. single's day is one look at what's going on but they are
9:40 am
producing products of the world, not happening yet and that is why it is horrible to breathe in china. stuart: by the way, look on your screens now. 169, home teno, record high for that stock. it's up a bit this morning. that time and i regrettably have to say thank you very much, james and, maria, you can come any time. maria: thank you for having me. i love being with you all. stuart: thanks a lot. check the big board, now we are up 33 points, getting awfully close to 23,040 -- 23,400 again. verizon getting deal to streaming on any device connected to the internet. details on that for you. new terror threat warning. americans travel to go europe on christmas being told to stay on high alert. self-radicalized extremists could attack with little or no warning. we will be back.
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stuart: another woman has come out against democratic senator al franken claiming the senator touched her inappropriate while serving in the senate. ash. ashley: this happened back in -- let me see here, 2010, that means al franken had been in congress at that point for two years, in other words, he was sitting in congress. she says she was having a picture taken with him at state fair in minnesota when he put his hand on her backside and said, she made him feel, quote, gross, she came forward after allegations came out recently from the woman who said that she was basically groped and attacked during the tour. this was a situation where franken was in congress. liz: over the weekend he says he's not going to resign, he's going to reflect on what's going
9:44 am
on with his wife of 43 years in washington, d.c. stuart: check that big board. 18 minutes in and we are up 26 points at 23,384. verizon is close to a deal to stream nfl games, big deal here. nicole, tell me about it, please. nicole: well, you know the nfl has been a bit of a slump lately, the nfl makes a new deal to verizon, verizon slightly higher this morning and this is for streaming the game, sunday, monday and thursday and the previous deal was on devices that were 7-inches or smaller like your tablet or phone. the new deal will be internet connectivity to your tv so now you are talking big-time, but the catch is that now the nfl will also be able to work with other providers such as other mobile carriers but the big deal is you can watch the big game on the big tv. stuart: and it's streaming, got
9:45 am
it. nicole, thank you very much, indeed. negotiations perform a new government in germany broke out, that's a blow to chancellor angela merkel. ralph peters, fox news strategic analyst, ralph, i really sense very strongly that europe is falling to pieces, that the battering its received from populism is not going away. thicks don't look good. that's my opinion, what's yours? >> i don't think it's fall to go pieces but i think it's going through a realtime of troubles. certainly extreme right neo fascist populism, funded by the way in part by the kremlin, our is having a real effect. i mean, in the last elections in germany angela merkel center right party were still the largest faction but they fell in majority, try today form impossible coalition, couldn't happen, they disagreed on everything. now there probably be elections in the spring and vladimir putin
9:46 am
is laughing. stuart: i think we are beating around the bush here, i think the real problem in europe is the mass migration of muslims, it's not done down well. there's election in italy and muslim immigration is a huge factor. >> yes. stuart: same story in germany, angela merkel let in a million and she will pay the price for that. we can't beat about the bush here. the enormous migration of muslims to europe is having profound political consequences and you can't just say it's those neo fascist and extreme right or putin that's messing things up. you can't say that. a fundamental problem here and they can't deal with it. >> i'm not one that will beat around the bush, stuart. [laughter] >> i certainly agree. the -- the herd of elephants in the front yard is, indeed, mass
9:47 am
migration and the great mistake of her career was briefly opening the door to a million migrants but even with this coalition, these coalition talks failing immigration was a crucial issue along with the environment and european union issues, but no, i don't think any honest person would contest that fact, you know, muslim migration and migration from sub-saharan africa is destabilizing europe. stuart: it really is. we have to understand this. it is truly destabilizing europe and we have not seen the end of it. look at this, the united states, the state department warning of a christmas terror attack says a possibility in europe this christmas. it's a warning to american travelers. that, in part, as a result of muslim migration into europe, suspect it? >> well, yes, of course, it is but we are worried about islamic terrorism. the bottom line on that to avoid
9:48 am
beating around the bush, if you plan to go to paris or christmas, go to paris for christmas, the odds are on your side, will there be attacks, well, we hope there won't be a big one, there could be, islamic state pushed out of caliphate, no longer exists, have been showing pictures of vatican on the website, they want to attack, probably at least some small attacks, et cetera u but don't change your life and give into the terrorists, if you wanting to to paris, if you wanting to to rome, by god go. stuart: i absolutely agree with you, ralph, but if there is a terror attack over the christmas period and it's directed against christians, i think you say good-bye to angela merkel if she has to face another election and you say hello to right-wing antimuslim party. and the return -- stuart: we may not like that. let's not forget the underlying factor here is mass muslim
9:49 am
migration into europe which has destabilized the continent, sorry. >> certainly. the problem is the migration itself but also that european elites have refused to deal with it. stuart: exactly. >> ideology of open borders. stuart: you and i can agree in the long-term and that's a fact. he doesn't beat around the bush. >> go to paris. [laughter] stuart: thanks, ralph, good to see you. where are we in the market? it's monday morning, green there. we like that. up 38 points for the dow industrials. so what is your least favorite dish over the thanksgiving holidays? turns out it's politics. yeah, don't talk trump. will, i will, i don't know about you but i will. we have discussion of this coming up. hillary clinton says president trump is obsessed with her, fellow democrats are cringing, you get my take on that, more varney in a moment
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stuart: well, look at this, dow component, it is a dow component, that's merck the drug company, 52-week low, why rival
9:54 am
reported good news on its lung cancer drug. bad news for merck, down it goes. according to new reuters poll, one-third of adults in this country will avoid talking politics over holidays. lauren simonetti is here. lauren: that number is low. i think we all want to avoid talking about politics because there's so divisive. the problem is you can't talk about anything -- [laughter] lauren: i don't wanting to to your thanks giving dinner. i'm not invited. i'm just saying. [laughter] lauren: football politics, music awards last night, entertainment politics, people actually said they're more willing to talk about religion and personal finances over politics but you can be the talk about personal finances without talking about politics. stuart: i will be talking to politics because the 12 people on the table agree with me. very fortunate. [laughter]stuart: no.
9:55 am
they are in the will anyway, they'll be out of the will if they have a tattoo. are you going to talk politics? liz: no, you can't talk about nfl or football the holiday season either. lauren: republicans are sick of getting beaten up. stuart: are you going to be talking politics at your thanks giving? >> we are actually different schools of thought. nobody is crazy. everybody is pretty, you know, tepid. it'll come up. i attended a dinner and one of my friends, it was affecting her job. she covers entertainment and all the political stories were getting hit so she had to bring politics into the way she covered entertainment and she was having the headaches at work, hence, she left our holiday dinner which was planned for months because trump came
9:56 am
up. stuart: did she not like trump or just not like his presence in her job? lauren: both. [laughter] lauren: she later apologized and i don't mean to out you right now. i'm sorry. [laughter] ashley: no names. stuart: politics has always come up at thanksgiving dinners. this year is particularly contentious as it was last year. get stuck in. liz: it's like being on twitter getting yelled at all of the time. stuart: are we done? thanks very much. lauren: you're welcome. stuart: top of the hour, i like this story,en usual policy reversal from the president ends elephant trophy hunting or at least bringing trophies back here, i think they are beautiful creatures and they need protection, i agree with president trump, knock it off, let's not do this, my take at the top of the hour. whoooo.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
stuart: policy reverse al from president trump. this is ununusual but in this case it is very welcome. he has done the 180 on decision to allow elephant imports. the ban on the imports made be made permanent. i think that is great. this program deals with politics and money. hunting elephants in africa is not our normal topic. it is today front and center. the idea for killing these creatures for any reason for so-called support, that is out of the question. it is personal for me. many years ago i lived in ease africa. i had food fortune seeing elephant on the serengeti plane and forests of uganda and kenya. i watched them in india antiland. they are beautiful and intelligent creatures. their numbers are falling dramatically. shooting them with a 50 a gun which is like a small cannon,
10:01 am
cutting off their heads and tusks, mounting them on a trophy wall back home, just plain revolting. it is just plain wrong. i don't know why the administration made the decision to allow these trophies back into america. it can only encourage elephant killing, surely. i have rarely seen a decision so widely and universally condemned. the vast majority of americans are surely pleased decision has been changed and surely delighted we may not get a permanent ban. yeah, there are occasions when beautiful creatures need protection. the good news is that president trump agrees. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: we are going up, ladies and gentlemen. we're up with a modest gain. now pretty good. 60 points up. that is a quarter of 1%. tech stocks, one analyst says,
10:02 am
amazon, which is up again, no, sorry, down a fraction, is from nomura, the analyst is from nomura and he says amazon will hit $1360 per share. not sure of the time frame but that's his target. chipmaker cavium agreed to be acquired by fellow chipmaker marvell. both are up. alibaba, we call that china's amazon, they bought a 3 billion-dollar stake in china's top grocer. they are doing an amazon. they bought whole foods. this company is buying a china grocer. >> roche is reporting good news on the combo cancer drug. that is good news for roche, but bad news for merck. merck is at 52-week low. roche is going up. now this.
10:03 am
hillary clinton won't quit talking about president trump. >> i will keep speaking out. apparently my former opponent is obsessed with my speaking out. [laughter] apparently there was another, somebody told me tweet today. honestly, between tweeting and golfing how does he get anything done? i don't understand it. stuart: notice the body language of bill clinton. he didn't look rael happy what he said. man on the screen, corey lewandoski, former campaign manager of mr. trump. i say what hillary is saying these days, well over a year after the election, i think that is good for republicans. i think it is good for president trump. what say you? >> stuart, i have to agree with you. you have to remember hillary clinton is still probably the defacto head of the democratic party. she was terrible candidate. they're a rudderless ship. they have nobody who is leading them. they are a party now on the two coasts, east and west coast. they have given up on middle america. they are fighting a tax cut plan
10:04 am
on, for no reason whatsoever because they don't want to give tax relief to middle class working families. hillary clinton is still fighting a battle from a year ago what was probably the worst election loss in modern times because she was a terrible candidate. this is great for the republican party. stuart: i do want to segue to ask you about tax cuts. i say, we are going to get a tax cut deal this year. i say that, because, i can't believe the republican party will come so far and then stop it at the last minute and say no to tax cuts. now, i'm going overboard on this. i'm asking all of our guests, do you agree with me? i can't imagine that the republicans will stop at the last minute. what say you? >> look, i think the president is someone who is going to will this to get done and i saw your interview over the weekend on "fox & friends" and you're very optimistic. i'm optimistic. the president is back on our soil. up on capitol hill last week. he is talking about getting it done. we'll cut the business tax. we'll give tax relief to middle
10:05 am
class working families. stuart, let's be clear if we don't get this bill done, there will be repercussions at the ballot box in 2018 and republicans will be accountable for that. stuart: can you tell us the president definitely watches this program? he tweeted about it again this morning. we're very happy about it. >> i don't know if he was watch tag but he is a big fan of what you do and fox network. you guys tell the truth for a change. the mainstream media doesn't want to do that. when you tell the truth the president tunes in. stuart: corey lewandoski, we'll have you back any day you like. you will stay with us. i know you are. this is the tweet that we got this morning. this is about elephants, okay. ashley: right. liz: calls it a who are row show. >> big name trophy decision will be announced next week. will be very hard-pressed to change my mind that this horror
10:06 am
show in any way helps conservation of elephants or any other animal. liz: wow. stuart: i will get corey lewandoski on this. sorry to press ahead to get to tax cuts. we have david mick. we're back on the show, back in the '80s, you were in the room, there was all controversy about the reagan tax cuts. it was sharp-edged stuff just like it is today. will you make the same idea that i have got that we will get tax cuts by the end of the year? are you with me on this. >> yeah, i'm pretty sure. i think there is about 80% chance some version of the current package. if it all falls apart. they will put together just a tax cut plan very simple one with no deductions. but let me just tell you, speaking of being in the room, during obamacare debate to eliminate obamacare, senators, republican senators would meet,
10:07 am
it was like a funeral. now they meet, these guys are very, very interested in getting this done. they're very excited about the whole idea of tax reform. maybe it is because they're afraid like the elephants they will be hunted down during the election. stuart: why we have so many senators, republican senators, raising last-minute objections? four or five are out there saying oh -- >> do the inside baseball. you have the three big holdouts from health care reform. let's consider them. you have murkowski of alaska. she is probably going to vote for the bill as long as it contains the anwar provisions in federal lands. she will probably vote for it. consider senator mccain and senator collins like these two mysteries because they could tell you a minute before the vote how they're going to vote and they will change their minds. my guess this think passes on
10:08 am
50-50 basis with, vice president pence breaking the tie. i think the others, there is. it is very important that this, that the senate is a club. it's a private club. maybe it shouldn't be but that is the way it is. these republican members often are loyal to each other and i think if the white house is wise, they will give the club some distance and say, they put pressure on, say okay, resolve this some of these individuals who are going public are, they're not anti-tax reform. they just need some hand-holding and the bill needs to be changed. stuart: some are anti-trump. jeff flake, for example. >> there is some of that. there is good -- stuart: i know he is not coming back to the senate, he is leaving but can you imagine a republican saying no to tax cuts? saying no to bedrock republican policy on ground they don't like president trump and he was nasty
10:09 am
to them. i find that incredible, frankly. >> they will use the deficit as the excuse. i think what is going to motivate them, can i do, can i vote against this. can i do this to my colleagues? i think most of them will say, i can't do this to my colleagues. i will vote for this thing. i really do. stuart: okay. >> that is the way the club works. i think, bill has to be changed. i think it should be changed from the floor with a bunch of amendments with an eye toward the house because they might be able to avoid a conference if, i were a senate leader i would have everybody working throughout the holidays, at least staff working to try to come up with thements that would please the house, you might be able to get the house to avoid a conference. if you have a 50-50 vote, you have to move this even quicker, vote on the senate bill in the house. but i do think, you know, all these headlines about senator johnson, he makes a good point. there should be a slight adjustment. there should be more help for small business side of this. i think they can do that.
10:10 am
stuart: okay. i will put you in the column that says yes, we will get a tax cut deal done. because we can't imagine republican party saying no. go ahead. >> just remember, stuart, last point, if everything collapses they will come back, after the, after the holidays, before christmas, and pass a simple tax cut. they're all prepared for that. stuart: okay. >> something will pass. i think a food chance this thing, modified some, passes. stuart: you may have helped the market because it has gone up a bit more since you started saying we'll get something done. >> can i make unother thing for 30 seconds? stuart: 20 seconds. go. >> 20 seconds. they have to change the way they sell this thing. our tax plan doesn't screw this guy or that guy. this is the answer to the democratic charge that the economy can only grow at 1 1/2 to 2% and divisiveness tearing the country apart is here
10:11 am
permanently. this is three to 4% growth plan. here is our answer. do you want mediocrity, we believe the american people have productive energies. that is how we sold '86 and '81. it wasn't on details. it was on the big picture, making america, american economy much more expansive. stuart: i want to hear that from the republicans. david, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: yes the market did go up a little bit in the last couple minutes. we're up 77 points. there is growing opt something will be done. at top of the hour i talked about the president's decision about elephants. i will show the tweet again. this is important for a lot of people. big game trophy decision will be announced next week. will be very hard-pressed to change my mind that this horror show in any way helps conservation of elephants or any other animal. cory, come back in again, this would be extremely popular shift, would it not?
10:12 am
>> well it would, and stuart, as you know, his own administration at the fish and game have basically said he should reverse the obama position and president said, no i'm not going to do that. look he will make his final decision this week. he will announce it. but what we can read into his tweets, he is very concerned about these animals being hunted as big game, those coming back into the u.s. i think what you will see. my prediction the president is going to make the right decision on this one. stuart: thanks, cory. say there please. we have more for you later. want to talk about this. new portraits of queen elizabeth and prince philip released to mark their 70th anniversary. 70th, wow. she is wearing a broach given to her by the duke of edinborough in 19 of 6. liz: lovely. stuart: don't sound sarcastic. liz: i'm not. stuart: wedding bells ring three hours to mark the occasion. ashley: that is a long time.
10:13 am
stuart: that is a long time. coming up, mr. rattner and russell simmons, big names in hollywood, accused of working together to prey on and assault women. rattner had been accused of misconduct. we'll have the full story for you. a man diagnosed with cte, that is the degenerative brain disorder plaguing football players, now says he found the patient in a living patient. that is big news. dr. bennett amalu is with us. ♪ nd has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game.
10:14 am
before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at
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10:16 am
stuart: the rally rolls on. now we're up 76 points. that is about a third of 1%. for the benefit of all our radio listeners, we're up 76.2 and the
10:17 am
dow is 23,434. it is up. general electric, whoa, look at that, back to the $17 per share level. they're down 1 1/2% today. they have to reshuffle all the board with these changes, but that is making no difference to the stock. our next guest is a the doctor who diagnosed cte in nfl athletes. however for the first time he discovered it in a living player, that living person player would be minnesota strike kings former player, fred o'neill. dr. bennett omalu. you found this in a living person, testing players, discovering it in active players and who refuse to play anymore or file a lawsuit. this is another hit on football, isn't it? >> no, no, i don't think so, stuart. this is, a discovery that i believe would enhance football. like i have said all across the
10:18 am
country, we should stop making this about football or about the nfl, about this is a decision for each and every individual. the nfl, for crying out loud is a corporation, like many other corporations. it sell as product which is football, and what do corporations do to generate revenue and turn out profits? so rather than making it about the nfl, we should make it about good health. what this discovery tells us, if we can form -- perform a clinical trial and approach the fda for approval, we move it to the next step, to discover treatment for cte. i believe if we can raise the money, we can do this in less tan five years. stuart: would it be true to say, almost everybody by their mid 30s has some degree of cte. would that be true? >> i wouldn't use the word cte.
10:19 am
stuart: brain damage? >> if you've been exposed, yes, brain damage is a more appropriate terminology. there is no safe blow to the human head or human brain. but there is an environmental and genetic interface. some people are more predisposed to it. like i have said, i think it is a very good public health strategy to avoid blows to your head as much as you can. to a certain extent your statement is right. stuart: then it would have a dramatic impact on football itself? >> well i think football as a subculture should and would evolve with humanity. we, as a species, we evolve. so football, the football we play today was not how we played it 100 years ago. so i believe, every aspect of our lives would evolve. as we evolve, we become more intelligent, and we begin to
10:20 am
give up the less intelligent ways of the past. you're right. television would evolve. software development would evolve, same as football, same as ice hockey, every aspects of our lives. stuart: doctor, we appreciate it this morning this is quite a change coming to football. we appreciate you being here. dr. omalu. >> bye-bye. stuart: it was interesting. ashley: very interesting. stuart: but look, if you discover any degree of brain damage as a result of any sport you change things dramatically. liz: that's true. stuart: lawsuits are opened up. liz: the game has gotten tougher and rougher, but equipment hasn't got up. that is his point. stuart: i don't know whether he is right. i'm not a football afficionado. i can see the day coming when in soccer you can no longer head the ball. ashley: they are doing those studies. stuart: check this out, "justice
10:21 am
lying," that is movie starting ben affleck as batman and gal gadot as wonder woman. it made 96 million. it seems like a lot. but 110 million was expected. lowest opening for that superhero brand. coming up an nfl player this weekend standing for mexico's anthem but sitting for ours. we've got the story. you won't like it. back in a second. ♪ zar: one of our investors was in his late 50s right in the heart of the financial crisis, and saw his portfolio drop by double digits. it really scared him out of the markets. his advisor ran the numbers and showed that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets-
10:22 am
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you get up to 5 lines of talk and text at no extra cost. so all you pay for is data. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to stuart: president trump had something to say about an nfl player during a game in mexico
10:25 am
city. here is the tweet. marshawn lynch of oakland raiders stands for the mexican anthem but sits down to boos to our national anthem. great disrespect. next time nfl should suspend him for remainder of season. attendance and ratings way down. corey lewandoski, come back in again. i think the president is saying what a lot of people are thinking. what about you? >> stuart this, is lack of leadership from the nfl. roger goodell is in middle of contract renegotiation he is demanding $50 a year. he tells players what color shoes to wear and what palms to wear on the jersey and he canned stand -- stuart: i don't know what happened. ashley: the money ran out. more coins in the machine. stuart: more coins in the machine. ashley: more quarters. [laughter]. stuart: all right. we will have to regroup. ashley: he is right about roger goodell. absolutely. he was. lack of leadership. this thing goes on and on.
10:26 am
stuart: nicely summed up. 20 seconds you filled it very well. thank you very much. everyone, dow industrials up nearly 81 points, that is a nice solid rally to start out on a monday morning. we'll be back with more after this.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
♪ stuart: my grandchildren would like this. i have no idea why. we're up 70 points. nice rally holding, 23,428. how about big technology companies, past couple years. facebook at 179. amazon at 1127.
10:30 am
microsoft, 82. alphabet, 1035. apple just shy of $170 per share. how about tesla? a lot of people think that is the next big technology company. not today. down to $305 per share. the president's policy reversal on elephant trophies. he did a 180 on the issue. in a tweet, the president called trophy hunting a horror show that does not help conservation. howard kurtz with us "mediabuzz" host. not often we deal with elephant hunting as news. >> that's true. stuart: the uproar against allowing in elephant trophies, i think uproar is so great, the president responded directly to it. tells me is watching, he is listening to this. he responds. >> my personal expertise of elephants is limited to visiting the national zoo. i can tell you the president is
10:31 am
getting a good press. "l.a. times." trump's best decision so far. doubles down on banning trophies this is important issue to a lot of people. i'm glad we have a responsive president reacts when this is unpopular policy. i wouldn't thought it would be in top 100 priorities of this president, trying to get tax reform and obamacare repeal. stuart: he offers scattershot of tweeting all kinds of things. he tweeted about me what he said on "fox & friends." >> you should have led with that. what did he say? stuart, i was talking about economy that come people think he would expand further next year. that president tweeted about that, and i said it on the fox news channel this morning. am i in good shape here, howie? >> i think it is an awesome responsibility on your shoulders now, anything you say at any moment could be retweeted to the
10:32 am
president's 40 million followers. stuart: i'm sorry i brought this up, howard. i'm really sorry i brought it up. i am flattered frankly, i am. talk to you about hillary clinton. she can't leave the spotlight. that the president seems to be obsessed with her. that seems a gift to the president. what say you? >> anytime hillary speaks up on endless book tour or 20th anniversary a reunion of little rock, first time bill clinton was elected to the presidency, it gives donald trump fodder. frankly things like both of them are in some weird level enjoying refighting the 2016 campaign but as you know, she also took a shot at fox news. stuart: yep, she did. how do you feel about that? >> well you know, she says that bill clinton would have never won in '92 had fox existed at time. of course fox was around in 1998 when bill clinton was i impeachd
10:33 am
by the and acquitted by senate. people forget in 2008, when the mainstream media was largely swooning for barack obama, a lot of people thought fox was more fair to her during democratic primaries. convenient target, if only fox had not been against me, only comey, only russians, to justify she lost an election that was eminently winnable for her, keeps reminding us. stuart: let's get real serious, howie. new sexual misconduct allegations surfacing against bret ratner and music producers russell simmons. when does this thing come to an end who ends it and how? >> i'm not sure it is going to come to an end. obviously will not be front page news forever. i think culture has changed. media view of this has changed that in a way we probably will look back, say, what started with harvey weinstein and all the prominent hollywood people and media people and so forth is
10:34 am
a permanent change to the point we're talking some democrats are talking about bill clinton and his sexual misconduct in the '90s, whether that, whether he was let off the hook. whether we need to take a harsher view. i don't see it ending anytime soon. people feel empowered to speak out. i don't think this is flash in the pan. stuart: the just just keeping on barreling along, doesn't it. i never seen anything like this before. >> just before i came on the air, another allegation from al franken, reeling from last week. another woman said he grabbed her butt. if this happeneds, a year ago, two years ago, would it be a one or two day ceremony n this environment everything is taken extraordinarily. stuart: what a time to be in the media and commenting on it, howard much appreciated it. germany's chancellor angela merkel can not get a
10:35 am
coalition together to form a new government. this is important in many ways. joining us van hipp, the author of this book, the new terrorism. i think that europe, if i say europe's falling apart that is obviously an exaggeration but europe is bursting at the seams. there is intense hostility. the real problem is mass muslim migration. am i right? >> well they have no idea who is even there, who is coming in. and this thing with angela merkel, let me tell you this is a big deal. they have called her -- the phrase i would use political uncertainty, not only in germany but throughout the eu they have no idea who is coming in. what happened last night, you know, her, the political types in germany for years called her the queen of the back room. she could always cut a deal and survive. they may have caught up with her last night. the free democratic party, classical liberal party, believers free market, less business regulation, they got over 10% of the vote this past
10:36 am
election in september. the election before, stuart, they didn't even get 5%. more free market economic thinking people were going to be part of her government. they walked out last night. this is a big deal. stuart: there will be election in italy very soon on very similar lines, immigration being the major story there. but, van, i want to bring this to your attention, sure you know about it, the state department issued a new terror warning to american travelers to europe. they say, look an attack could happen at anytime. soft targets over there. this again, is in part the result of mass muslim migration into europe, isn't it? >> yeah. they even cite that the things they have seen going on in finland, great britain, spain, al qaeda and isis is still there. the phrase i use about radical islam, stuart, is dispersian. one day it is isis. one day it is boko haram, one day it is al qaeda. it is, i think what is probably
10:37 am
going on, this may be even more precautionary, the state department realize, they remember what happened on december 19th last year, when an islamist truck driver drove a truck into that christmas bazaar market in berlin, killing 12 people, injuring 56. the attack with the islamic shooter in istanbul new year's day of this year. so -- stuart: van, we don't want to be a accommodating this kind of terror, changing our behavior because of it, but i suspect some of us will change our behavior because of it? >> well, that is why i think the state department put out that warning. in the end, that the state department, our government realize what is has been done to learn the lessons what has been done to a get a better idea who is coming into your country, i.e., germany, or europe, nothing has been done the past year. >> the idea we shouldn't find out exactly who is coming to america, vet them strongly, i mean you can't argue against that, in light of what has been
10:38 am
happening, at least i don't think you can. >> the reason we have a federal government to provide for the common defense and keep this country safe. that is the first and foremost responsibility of a commander-in-chief. stuart: absolutely right. van hipp, thanks for joining us. have a great thanksgiving. >> you too. stuart: now this the father of one of those basketball players arrested for china shoplifting the father getting into a twitter fight with the president. what happened, ash? ashley: well he just said look, the president took credit for this, saying i got together with chinese president xi and next thing you know, these three basketball players were coming home. the father -- stuart: that is him on the screen. ashley: liangelo ball said on espn. stuart: levar,. ashley: sorry, levar ball. it was no big deal. you know, saying that, no, president trump wasn't there to do this. tried to downplay the role. of course president trump very upset about this. and tweeting this. now that the three basketball
10:39 am
players are out of china and saved from years in jail, levar ball, the father of liangelo unaccepting what i did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. i should have left them in jail, the president. i understand his feelings. he was instrumental getting them out. i don't think it is great to get tit-for-tat with father of one ever these players. it stands. stuart: he reacts. ashley: he reacts. i agree with him. i don't know whether he needed to do that we all know what happened. stuart: he asked that the players show some thanks. they did show some thanks. ashley: then the father of one of the players -- stuart: right. doesn't mean much. ashley: exactly. stuart: all right. check this out, please. you are about to look at a hand-painted completely customized 2018 chevy silverado. we have it outside for you. one member of the military will
10:40 am
win it. football legend herschel walker is involved in all of this. we will be joined by him in the next hour. ♪
10:41 am
♪ ashley: reagan economist art laffer says the gop tax plan will boost wages on the economy. roll tape. stuart: if i pay a little bit
10:42 am
more, okay, i will suffer, but i want to see america prosper. that is a fact. >> 100% with you. only people that aren't going to prosper by this, stuart, retirees. they are not getting hit by the growth. the reason you do the taxes to get people to pay more taxes. not to pay less because you want them to have higher incomes, jobs they otherwise wouldn't have had, higher profits more growth, all of that stuff. the only people that don't get benefits from the retiree. they will get the benefits by pension funds being better and interest higher and earnings. hopeful any they will do well but growth is the answer. ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: chipmaker marvell buying rival, cavium. they build networking equipment. marvell is down a fraction but cavium is up five bucks. tax reform bill is in the hands of the senate. several senators like those on your screen, jeff flake, susan collins, pron johnson, et cetera, et cetera, taking issue with the tax plan. here is the question, who will spoil it? heritage foundation president edward fullner is here. those senators on the screen, are they all going to say to?
10:45 am
>> no, stuart, i don't think they are. i think eventually the senate will come around. they're back home this week. they're talking to their own constituents. ron johnson i hope is hearing that hey, small business tax cuts are essential. right now in canada, with left-wing government we have them reducing taxes on small business from already very low 10 1/2%, down to 9%. and that sunday mr. trudeau. not some big conservative. we have to stay competitive. we have to do what we should do on small business. jeff flake is a good free marketeer. i think he will come around. susan collins, i think convincible. i think it is going to happen. it will happen next week. and we're going to have to figure out whether the house or senate version is better. stuart: i find it inconceivable that those senators, like, jeff flake and john mccain and bob corker, i find it inconceivable that they would vote against tax cuts, sink the republican party, because they have a personal beef with the president. how about you?
10:46 am
>> that's exactly what it comes down to. what they ought to be doing, instead of thinking about donald trump and 1600 pennsylvania avenue, they ought to be thinking about their own constituents and what art laffer just said to you in terms of economic growth, so all ships are basically rising. and so that this really is working to better the american citizens. stuart: we've got gold man saks coming out -- goldman sachs coming out with reports that next year growth will be knives and strong. that the unemployment rate next year will come down to 3.7% they're saying and wages will rise. that is a pretty rosie outlook next year whether or not we get a tax cut. are you on board with that things are going very, vest nicely? >> i think they're going very well and a bit of it has to do this administration is doing its very best to disband the regulatory state. to get rid of some regulations hampering business both big and small and slowing down economic growth for everybody in the economy. and that's really almost as
10:47 am
important in my mind as tax cuts. because regulation has stifled the economy, stifled innovation and we've got to get back on the right track on that whole front too. stuart: now the left is dismissing this, the whole idea of cutting taxes they're dismissing it out of hand saying it is just a giveaway to rich people and rich corporations. you say what? >> i say that is absolutely wrong. that, the more corporate taxes, particularly are cut, the more incentive there is then to rebuild and build more infrastructure, to build more productive capabilities, throughout the economy, and the more of those you have, the more jobs you're creating. that is what it is all about. how do we get the economy really moving again the way you're talking about and the way others talk about for next year? it will bring up other problems you know. if we end up with too low unemployment, that will start
10:48 am
calling into question what is going on with our whole education system, and how do we make that better so that, frankly some of the dropouts in the economy are able to get full and reasonable employment at decent wages. so we've always got challenges to face but we're moving the right way. stuart: i have said that there is a 90% chance we get the deal done this year. what do you say? >> i'm with you, my friend. 90% and, remember, what ronald reagan said. if i can get 70% of what i want right now, i will come back for the other 30% later. i think 90% will be we'll have at least 80% of what we want. stuart: mixing up all the percentages but i think i get the point. we're going to get a deal. we'll come back to get what we don't get later. edward fullner. very much obliged. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: terrible story. a border agent killed in southwest texas. what happened if. ashley: it's a bit murky and a
10:49 am
bit of a mystery. border agents responded to quote, activity on interstate 10, big bend area of texas, one of those agents, 36-year-old regalio martinez was killed, his partner was injured and taken to the hospital. originally the fbi said they were show but it is not true. there are no details how the attack happened or the officers or agents were injured. the impression the search is on for a suspect or suspects. bottom line a border patrol agent lost his life on interstate 10 in texas. stuart: another sexual harrassment allegations against senator al franken. the woman claims that franken touched her inappropriately in 2010 while he was a sitting senator. dana loesch coming up on that about 11:15 this morning.
10:50 am
more "varney" after this. let's begin.
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♪ picture this.
10:54 am
jeff flock is live on michigan avenue in chicago. he will tell us how those guys get them in the store. it is early. they are lowering prices on in-store stuff. you're encouraged to come into the store and not necessarily buy online. also they're doing things like emphasizing what you can't get on amazon. this is all a way of fighting amazon. walmart, target. best buy and the rest. electronics are big too. look at that that is the new apple store, just opened here in the last month on michigan avenue in chicago. you can see right through it. you can see through it so well the birds have not gotten memo on that. they're crashing in there and
10:55 am
dying. i digress. i thought that was interesting. stuart: retailers will do anything they can to beat back amazon. this is desperation. i feel this weekend this, thanksgiving holiday period, this will be the year of amazon. i give you 20 seconds. what do you think, jeff? >> 84% of people say they will shop physically in a store this year and 44% of them say they will camp outside of the store. so there is your parry back. stuart: that is my answer. jeff, thank you, on spur of the moment. that man's good. thank you, jeff. i appreciate it. reporter: i try. stuart: you do. this just coming at us. uber planning to buy 24,000 self-driving cars from volvo? ashley: china-owned by the way, volvo. 24,000. this is significant investment. both companies entered into a agreement to spend 300 million
10:56 am
to get this program off and running literally. uber will put its own sensors on the vehicle. it's a big deal for volvo, and uber, this much closer to having driverless vehicles come pick you up. stuart: this is couple years down the road. ashley: couple years down the road, yes, but moving at a pretty fair space. liz: what about taxis. ashley: they're testing them in phoenix and other areas. so far, so good. stuart: you know what a lot of people didn't know? that volvo is owned by china. liz: gili. stuart: a lot of people simply didn't know that. ashley: they think it is swedish. stuart: ownership is not anymore. top of the hour, my take on hillary and why she can't let her election loss go. that is coming up, top of the hour. another check of big board as we leave you. now we're up 84 points, that is a rally. can make all the difference.
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stuart: november 20th, 2017. one year and 12 days since the election of donald j. trump. hillary has not gotten over it. she can't let go, and she's trying to rewrite her story. at the 25th anniversary of bill clinton's election to the presidency, the two did a q&a with an audience in arkansas. many democrats are cringing. if you look closely at his body language, it seemed like bill clinton was cringing too. hillary imparted a few gems. trump, she said, spends as much time golfing and tweeting, he can't get anything done. 3% growth, lowest unemployment rate in 17 years, deregulation, okay. she said trump is obsessed with her. maybe there's a greater truth there. hillary, after all, is giving him priceless talking points. and then she questioned the legitimacy of the election. hold on, whoa. during one of the debates, she said that trump's questioning of
11:01 am
the election would destroy democracy. the democrats are running away fast. it's hard to find a senior party member who wants her to keep bringing up their election loss. they would like her to fade away gracefully, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. bill and hillary might not know it, but the clinton era is well and truly gone. by the way, tomorrow on this program donna brazile. she has played a significant role in ending the clinton dynasty. 11:30 a.m. eastern time tomorrow. right now, the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ stuart: happening this hour, president trump's holding a cabinet meeting at the white house, so we'll bring you any headlines. he's going to make a speech, and if he appears on tape, you will see the tape. want to get right to the markets. check the big board and the dow
11:02 am
30. we have a rally, 82, 81 points higher. two-thirds of the dow 30 are on the upside. now, goldman sachs, very important investment bank, says next year is going to be a good year for the global economy and for america as well. joining us now is peter morici, economist at the university of maryland, and charles payne, host of "making money" here on the fox business network. charles, to you first. do you agree with the goldman sachs' rosy outlook about the economy and high wages next year? >> i agree 1,000%. we're already seeing it reflected in names like caterpillar and boeing. but just a moment ago we got the leading economic indicators. 9 out of ten components, nine were higher. also the biggest news last week, gdp instead of being 3.2% this quarter, 3.8%. and it's driven by the hard core things that you build an economy on; capacity utilization, industrial production, household starts, housing permits. those are the bedrock of an
11:03 am
economy. so i really feel like we're going to be three quarters in a row 3% gdp growth. i agree 1,000%. stuart: i love the way you say it -- [laughter] >> that's what america's all about. [laughter] stuart: technology too, don't forget. peter, do you share that rosy outlook for next year? >> generally, i do. political instability in europe, catalonia, germany and so forth, financial problems in the european banks, you know, things of that nature are highly lev -- our highly leveraged loan market, the junk bonds, the stuff that comes out of private equity and buyouts and things like that, they're starting to look a little shaky. but overall, the banking system's sound, consumer demand keeps going forward. not great, but it keeps going forward. the big thing is we've had very strong exports and very strong manufacturing, stronger than we really anticipated. i've always felt that there's sort of an end point with the
11:04 am
chinese to problem, because to simply get down to the point where american technology and automation start to take over. and i think we're starting to get near that point. as long as we do a good job of defending our intellectual property from piracy. but an awful lot of your high-tech innovations are still happening here or in our sister democracies, japan and germany. stuart: okay. next subject is tax reform. there are some republican senators who seem reluctant to get on board with the senate's plan. peter, i'm saying there is a 90% chance that, yes, we will get the senate to agree on a tax cut. we'll have a package by the end of the year. i say 90% sure of that. what say you? >> look to the senate package to migrate towards the house package. get rid of removing the individual mandate. as much as i'd like to see that to go, it's a real problem with people like collins from maine. my thinking is you're going to get home, they're going to have to find some more revenue.
11:05 am
that's going to be an interesting problem, or they're going to have to find someplace to cut entitlements to do that. but my dealing is that it can happen and, frankly, if it doesn't, the republicans are out of business. stuart: well said. they are toast, as one of them actually said the other day. charles, there is, in my opinion, there is no way on god's green earth that the republicans at the last minute turn this thing down. they're not that bad. >> well, you know, i was 90% going into the weekend, and i'm more like 80% right now. stuart: why? >> after listening to jeff flake, susan collins -- stuart: that's last minute grandstanding. >> i don't think so. we hadn't seen the obamacare repeal effort bite the dust, i would have said yes. >> mick mulvaney other the weekend said -- over the weekend said they would drop the obamacare repeal of of the mandate. >> that's gotta go. >> that's sausage making. stuart: if you drop, you don't get rid of the obamacare mandate, then you keep susan collins onboard. >> that's correct.
11:06 am
>> but then you have to find the money someplace else. you have to mind some money someplace else which means you have to find someplace else to carve entitlements. at that point you have to shame susan. look, there are areas in medicaid, we have adult males, no kids, no responsibilities collecting medicaid. maybe we have to do something there and on food stamps and so forth to keep this for the kind of people these programs are meant to serve. stuart: okay. >> that's what we need to do. stuart: okay. let's see how it turns out. most of us believe we've got a strong chance this thing happens. charles payne notwithstanding -- >> i'm at 80%. stuart: wishy washy. [laughter] general electric is probably going to have a shake-up on the board of directors, that's making no difference to the stock which is down again in the $17 range. charles payne, are you buying ge at 17? >> no, i'm not. there's no sense of urgency, and i like the idea there's a new ceo, but there's no sense of
11:07 am
urgency to buy it today. stuart: peter morici, are you buying ge at 17? >> well, i think for people that pick stocks i i think that buying in slowly with ge is a good idea. i wouldn't put my entire allocation for ge there right now, but i think, you know, 10% now, 10% in two weeks and see how it goes. >> we are seeing a major rotation into beaten-down stocks. foot locker up 35% in one week, amazing stuff. so there is money rotating into some of the losers. >> one final point. more than half of the year to date return on the s&p 500 comes from 21 stocks. that's it. >> that's right. >> so that's kind of weak there. >> it is weak, but i loved that last week on friday, for instance, the market was down, there were more winners than losers. so that means the winners are coming out those few names into broader names. stuart: i just thought there'd be more people buying with ge on the -- >> well, it's an awfully big
11:08 am
cultural problem -- [inaudible conversations] stuart: okay, all right. i'm in the minority again. here we go. >> it isn't clear what that new company is going to look like. stuart: that's true. >> and how much it's really worth downsized and where the money's going to go when they sell locomotives, who's going to get it. stuart: i'm an old guy. i remember ge. i can't imagine that thing just fading away. >> sears roebuck. stuart: stop it, peter. [laughter] we're days away from black friday. i say this is amazon's year. forget the bricks and mortar, this is amazon's year, am i right or am i right? >> i'm in the stock, but it might not live up to the hype. i think brick and mortar's coming back. see walmart's stock, you know? i'm not saying they're not going to do great, i'm not selling the stock, but i think these other guys are learning how to play the game as well. stuart: i'm not talking about the stock, peter. i'm talking about amazon, this is their year. are you with me? >> i think you're right. and the reason is a lot of people may camp outside of target and make some purchases,
11:09 am
but i think online sales are going to continue to grow, and it's going to be reflected this holiday season. this may be the year that's marked by the end of people like sears or the last stages of other major retailers. a lot of these retailers are no longer viable. stuart: that's true. got it. charles, peter, thank you very much for joining us. much obliged to both of you. good stuff this monday morning. there's a lot going on in this hour. we have herschel walker on the program. he's helping to give away that thing right there, the true american hero truck. he's going to give it to a special veteran or a first responder. he joins us later this hour. john cox is coming. he's running for governor of california on the gop side. i don't think the man's got a prayer. [laughter] why is he doing this? he will tell us. >> good luck. stuart: i like the guy. he's going to tell us why he's doing this. and you heard my editorial at the top of the hour, hillary clinton blasting the president, he says -- she says he is
11:10 am
obsessed with her. you'll hear it, and dana loesch will respond next. ♪ ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today.
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stuart: all right. now, listen to what hillary clinton said about president trump at an event over the weekend. roll tape. >> apparently, you know, my former opponent is obsessed with my speaking out -- [laughter] apparently, there was another -- somebody told me -- tweet today. honestly, between tweeting and golfing, how does he get anything done? i don't understand it. [laughter] stuart: look closely at the body language of bill clinton there. i don't think he really approved of what his wife was saying. dana loesch is with us, talk radio host with radio america. you know, dana, i actually think that the president is not
11:14 am
exactly obsessed with hillary, but he's really using her because she is providing him with all kinds of wonderful talking points, isn't she? >> well, she is. and, stuart, it's always good to be with you. she is. her actions also have provided him with a lot of talking points. if we want to have a discussion as to who is obsessed with whom, we could talk about hillary clinton working with fusion gps and using kremlin propaganda as a part of this dossier and possibly using it to substantiate a fisa warrant on then-private citizen donald trump as he was running for the white house, stuart. there's a great question as to who is obsessed with whom in this in this whole scenario. she lost a race. usually you go away for a little bit and you save some face, you have a little bit of hue milli. you -- humility. you don't go out and continue to embarrass yourself. stuart: why is she doing this? if she is embarrassing herself and her own cause, why is she
11:15 am
still out there? why? >> i think that she is desperately trying to maintain some sort of dwindling influence both in the public eye as well as within her own party because after donna brazile's bombshell against in the just former president obama, but also hillary clinton, the democrat party has split into two particular factions; the bernie bros, which bernie sanders is just a figurehead, it's the socialist movement within the democrat party, and the dwindling old establishment, '90s type democrat, and that's what the clintons embody. she knows she's a liability, she knows she has real principles, she's compromised everything, so this, stuart, is just her trying to stay in the spotlight, wring it out as much as she can. stuart: i just want to remind our viewers that tomorrow around 11:30 tomorrow morning on this program donna brazile will be with us. she's here in new york. and we're going to ask her about the book and why on earth
11:16 am
hillary is doing what she's doing. [laughter] okay. dana's still with us, a spokesperson for senator al franken, it was a spokesperson said this, he's not going to resign over the sexual misconduct allegations. and this morning another woman accused franken of touching her inappropriately in 2010 while he was a senator. dana, where are you on this? >> well, i definitely think there should be an ethics investigation particularly if these accusations, stuart, are coming from not just when he was a particularly uninspired comic, but a senator in elected office. if these allegations are coming while he was holding the seat, definitely there should be an ethics investigation into this -- stuart: do you think he should resign? dana, do you think he should resign? >> i'm torn on this, actually. i have two sides of me, and i'll be completely honest about that. as someone who abhors al franken's politics, i think he is a horrible human being, one of the worst elected officials on god's green earth, i would
11:17 am
love to see him go. but as someone who adores logic and reason and also appreciates making sure someone has their side heard before the accused, i would like to see an investigation and hear him play out his case. if he is found to be with fault then, of course, he needs to go. if he's not going to resign, the senate should take the necessary steps to remove him. but at this point saying he's just going to take some days off and think about it and come back a new man, isn't that a equivalent of thoughts and prayers? stuart: yes. these things, though, just keep rolling. it's a nonstop cavalcade of exposes. when do you think it ends? and real fast, how do you think it ends? >> i'm not quite sure how it ends. and when it ends is going to be when people stop -- when people stop being perverts, for lack of a better word. [laughter] as far as where it ends for elected officials, look, if you are a public, it's really easy to just keep your hands to yourself. were we not all taught that in
11:18 am
elementary school? you keep your hands to yourself. >> yeah. stuart: yeah, i think we can all get onboard with that one. [laughter] >> it's pretty simple. [laughter] good to see you, stuart. thank you. stuart: thanks very much, dana. we'll see you again soon. breaking news, nebraska regulators have approved the keystone pipeline, the last big regulatory hurdle. it will transport up to 830,000 barrels a day of oil from canada to north dakota. nebraska approves it. check this, new portraits of queen elizabeth and prince phillip released to mark their 70th wedden ago verse -- wedding anniversary. there's a name for that -- >> very long. stuart: diamond is 75, isn't it? 70 years together. wedding bells will ring for more than three hours to mark the occasion at westminster -- >> it's the platinum. stuart: okay. 70-year -- thank you, liz. you're fast on that computer.
11:19 am
70 years is the platinum anniversary. something completely different, marshawn lynch before a game in mexico yesterday didn't stand for our national anthem, he stood for mexico's anthem. we'll ask football legend herschel walker about that on this program very soon. ten minutes from now president trump holding a cabinet meeting in the white house. we'll bring you any headline from it. more "varney" after this. ♪ is this a phone?
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11:24 am
carried to the moon and signed by the crew also auctioned, that sold for $120,000. a woman from virginia made a really big catch while fishing in colorado. lindsay was fishing with her husband, she reeled in a near two-foot-long arctic char that weighed more than four pounds. that, by the way, is a new state record. we thought you'd like to know. we got the picture. [laughter] and the georgia dome, i think we're going to see it explode, it's a pile of rubble. okay. they used 5,000 pounds of explosive to bring it down, that's an implosion. the dome was the home of the atlanta falcons for 25 years. that team now plays in the $1.6 billion mercedes benz stadium in atlanta. don't you love that? reminds me of las vegas -- >> yeah. yeah, yeah. always fascinating to watch, isn't it? stuart: and we're not going to let you see it again. check alibaba, china's amazon. they bought a big stake in a
11:25 am
chinese grocer. amazon bought a share of whole foods. walmart, they struck a deal, could bring same-day grocery delivery to a store near you. walmart backing off its all-time high. the chipmaker buying a rival, the deal is valued at $6 billion. got it, both stocks now up. roche reported good news on its lung cancer drug combo, bad news for rival merck. merck touched a 52-week low earlier, and it's still down at 53. shortly, president trump holds a cabinet meeting in the white house. the markets right now show a nice gain, 83 points. we'll bring you anything from that cabinet meeting that we can get our hands on. back after this. ♪ ♪
11:26 am
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
stuart: the president is about to hold a cabinet meeting at the white house. he may make some statement after it. if he does, you will hear it. and if he does, it could move the market, so stay tuned.
11:30 am
check the big board, nice rally this morning. after a couple of down weeks for the dow, we're up this morning, 83 points higher. now this: the senate will take up tax reform after thanksgiving, but those republican senators on your screen, all of them, any of them could throw a wrench into the plans. joining us now is monica crowley, senior fellow with the london center for policy research. are you particularly -- obviously, you want to see the tax cut plan. >> yes. stuart: is there one particular senator, one or two op of them who you are most worried about? >> very concerned about senator john mccain, also senators flake and corker because none of them will be seeking re-election, so, therefore, they have nothing to lose politically. stuart: and all three of them have a personal beef with the president. >> they have deep -- stuart: all of them were beaten up by him. >> deep personal animus, personal feuds that are ongoing on twitter, in public between this president and each one of those three. now, i would like to think that they would put their
11:31 am
constituents first and the american people first to deliver a booming economy because we have been starved for a booming economy now for well over ten years, the american people deserve 3, 4% economic growth. so i would hope that these senators would put aside their personal differences with the president, negotiate on the basis of the merits of their concerns in these bills and come to some sort of agreement for the american people. stuart: i believe that if they vote this thing down, if the republicans cannot get to the finish line and get us a tax cut -- and i don't care who votes against it -- the republican party is absolutely finished in next year's elections. and i'll go further. it could be that the rot has settled in so much in the republican party that no matter what they do with tax cuts, they can't get their reputation back as the party of government and will still be toast next year. >> and then they wonder why donald trump became the republican nominee and why he got elected president. it's because the establishment
11:32 am
on both sides. the republican establishment is just as rottennen to the core as democratic establishment is, but at least the democrats tell you the truth about where they stand. they're on the left, they don't believe in tax cuts, they believe in bigger government. the republicans are hypocritical because they give you a line of b.s., stuart, about wanting to reduce the size of government and cut taxes and get rid of obamacare. but when push comes to shove legislatively, they do not do it. and that's why you end up with some completely different entity named donald trump. >> they get elected and make political donations off it too, right? stuart: has the rot gone so far that they can't reestablish themselves? >> a year ago when the president won we thought, finally, reform. a year later this is where we're at? stuart: yeah. >> it's astonishing. it's sort of like when the tide goes out you see who's standing naked? >> it's not a pretty picture. they shouldn't have done health care first. i don't believe they should. stuart: i agree. >> it was way too complicated. started with taxes, maybe we'd
11:33 am
have gotten somewhere. stuart: i've got to talk to you about al franken, a second woman has come forward today saying she was inappropriately touched back in 2010 while he was a senator. do you think he should stay in office or get out? >> well, he says this morning that he is going to stay in office. he's not going to resign. but i think he made that statement before this second woman came out. the problem for all of these men is that when one woman is brave enough to come forward with her story, then it opens the floodgates, and you get two, three, even multiple women all sort of corroborating the stories based on what happened to them. i think senator franken is in a very difficult position, and i think the pressure is likely only to escalate. particularly because you have a parallel situation going on in alabama with roy moore. >> and the hidden pain of spouses. he's been married for 45 years. stuart: yep. i understand that. i want to bring in betsy mccoy, she's the former lieutenant governor of new york state. do you think al franken should step down? >> i don't think that this is
11:34 am
the big outrage in washington, let me tell you. the big outrage in washington is not sexual harassment, it's an old story. the big outrage is that we taxpayers are footing the bill for the settlement payments, the hush money to protect these bigtime harassers on capitol hill. and that's what's got to stop. until you hit these harassers from both parties in their wallets -- because that's where it really hurts -- it's not going to stop. and we, taxpayers, should not be paying the legal fees and the settlement payments year after year, millions of dollars, to cover this up. i am mad about that, stuart. much madder than i am about al franken touching some lady on the butt. stuart: i'm going to back off for a second here. [laughter] i kind of want to get to obamacare, can i do that? because you wrote the book, "beating obamacare." white house budget director mick mulvaney says president trump is okay with removing the obamacare mandate repeal if it helps the senate pass the tax bill. >> that's true because what we need is a tax cut for all
11:35 am
americans. but it is unfortunate that people like susan collins don't do numbers -- stuart: wait a second. you're okay with obamacare, the mandate, staying if it gets us -- >> whatever it takes to get over the finish line for tax cuts. but it is unfortunate because it's a no-brainer to repeal that penalty. fact is you've got 6.5 million people paying the penalty right now, and according to the congressional budget office at least another 3 million who would like to stop buying obamacare if they didn't face a penalty. wait a second -- stuart: -- [inaudible] susan collins. >> and 35 million families who stand to benefit from doubling the child tax credit. that's what the savings from removing the penalty is going to be used for under the senate bill, to double the child tax credit from 1,000 to 2,000. so i'd like susan collins to explain to 45 million people why she would oppose removing that penalty when 45 million people will be benefiting from removing
11:36 am
it and only 80,000 people will have to pay a higher premium. stuart: let me turn back to monica for a second and avoid the deluge that's coming at me. do you think that susan collins would do this? would she be the republican which sinks the republican party? >> i don't think so. i think she's probably less likely. i think -- and, actually, i think senator flake will come to the table as well. and they, the two of them will end up voting for -- stuart: so, look -- >> what ultimately emerges -- >> but congress keeps making the mandate removal the issue. she keeps saying, oh, people will have to pay higher premiums. she ought to look at the facts and see how few people will have to pay higher premiums, about 80,000, compared with the 45 million people who will benefit from this change. stuart: before we leave this subject i want to ask both of you the same question. i say there's a 90% chance we get tax cuts from the senate this year, you say? >> yes. i agree with you, because it's the economically right thing to do. you appeal to politicians based
11:37 am
on their election, record and legacy. stuart: i say there's a 90% chance we get this done. >> i agree with you, stuart. stuart: oh, good lord. i thought i was going to get a barrage coming at me again. [laughter] >> no, i would urge those members of congress who keep saying piously we don't want to remove the penalty to do the numbers, crunch the numbers. they have an obligation to do what's best for the greatest number of people. stuart: all right, i've got to move on. i've got breaking news. germany's chancellor angela merkel is standing her ground. >> willing to serve four more years even though we know the attempt to get a coalition government together fell apart. she is very much weakened by this. she says i'm not afraid of new elections. she's not going to stand down as leader of the party, but there's a strong possibility now with no coalition government -- she doesn't want to live with a minority government because they have to debate every bill, looks like they're going to go back to the ballot box in germany. stuart: that could be trouble. monica, i say that europe is
11:38 am
breaking apart under the threat and the problem of muslim immigration. >> yes. stuart: they're breaking up. >> and germany is at the forefront of this because angela merkel a couple of years ago opened the doors to mass migration coming from syria and ore places in the middle east. >> yeah. >> they're not assimilating, and there are a lot of issues involved with crime and mass rapes, etc. >> it's a real crisis. germany is considered the pillar of economic and political stability. germany and other countries have reintroduced their border controls because of the influx of refugees and migrants coming from the middle east. hungary, slovenia, macedonia, sweden, they're all doing it. stuart: just you wait til the election in italy later this year. how's that going to go down, i'd like to ask. [inaudible conversations] [laughter] stuart: thank you, one and all. >> thank you. stuart: shortly, we'll be joined by football legend herschel walker. he's helping give away a truck, that one right there, to one
11:39 am
very special military person or first responder. we'll get his take on the anthem protest as well, herschel walker. and we're joined by the man who's planning to run for governor of california as the republican candidate. i don't think he's got a shot of winning, but i'll ask him why he's doing this. [laughter] are there any republicans in california? yes, there are, just a few. tesla showed off its new roadster for the first time last week, 0-0 in 1-- can 0-61 in 1.9 seconds. now elon musk says -- pie in the sky dreaming, wait for it -- he might make, the car might be able to fly. >> what? >> pigs might fly too. stuart: back in 90 seconds. >> the jetsons. [laughter] ♪ ♪ if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance
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i'm hoping for good years ahead. that's thanks to research funded by the american cancer society. the same folks giving me free rides to treatment, insurance advice,and a place to stay during chemo. i need that stuff like you don't know. and now that you do, please give at ♪ >> i'm nicole pet e lee d.c. with your fox business brief. a close look at tesla because the new roadster, which was unveiled this california last week unexpectedly, the $250,000 car -- stock's down, by the way, down almost 3%. the interesting thing about the roadster is now maybe it could fly? very interesting. the vehicle should be able to travel about 620 miles on a single charge, and already set to achieve incredible speeds. and this would -- 250 miles per hour by the year 2020. but now elon musk is saying that a special upgrade package could
11:42 am
enable it to fly short hops. here's what he tweeted out, saying the next generation roadster special upgrade package, he's not saying definitely, but maybe that it's certainly possible. so we'll watch for this one as it competes against google, air bus and others that have flying vehicles. ♪ ♪ powerful batteries that make everything from cell phones to rail cars more efficient. which helps improve every aspect of advanced rail technology. all with support from a highly-educated workforce and vocational job training. across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit
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stuart: oh, california, deep blue state. it's got two republican candidates running for governor, and one of them is with us. his name is john cox can. he's sitting right next to me in new york city. welcome to new york, young man. >> thank you, stuart. great to be with you. stuart: what makes you think you can win? >> well, you know, the cronies in sacramento have made california virtually unaffordable. their taxes, the regulation have basically crushed working people and have really almost eliminated the ability of people to form small businesses. and i've got to tell you, before democrats -- the four democrats running to succeed brown make brown look like ronald reagan. [laughter] they're way to the left. stuart: californians are global warmers, they're climate change people, and they hate donald trump. >> but they want to live, and the housing, the water, the electricity, the gasoline is twice what they pay nationally, and it's grinding the working people into the lower middle class or poverty level. people want an end to the
11:45 am
mismanagement, the cronies and the corrupt special interests in sacramento have driven the state almost into bankruptcy. we have a $1 trillion unfunded pension debt that is going to crush the next generation. stuart: but you do admit that you're way behind in whatever poll you look at. any republican statewide candidate is way, way behind. >> we really haven't had a debate. i was just with harry hogan who was republican, elected the governor of maryland, and he did it because people there were also tired of the unaffordability, the high taxes. same with charlie baker in massachusetts, same with rick snyder who's a cpa and an attorney like me, a venture capitalist. i talked to rick, you know, they focused on quality of life issues, stuart. people want the ability to get a piece of the american dream just like i did. my mom was a single mom on the south side of chicago, and i founded my own small businesses the make a go of it. you can't do that in california anymore, and i think people want that opportunity for themselves.
11:46 am
stuart: hold on for a second, john. i've got some breaking news i've just got to deal with. >> sure, sure. stuart: it's coming from the cabinet meeting that's now going on in the white house. president trump says the u.s. is designating north korea as a state sponsor or terrorism. and more sanctions against north korea will be coming tomorrow. now, maybe he's got china on our -- all lined up to help with those sanctions, but that is news, and it's just coming in to us from the president right now. so, john cox, i'm sorry to interrupt like that. >> no, no, no, quite all right. stuart: you think you can win? >> absolutely. stuart: because i, i've said publicly on this program that in my lifetime -- and i've hopefully got maybe 20 years left on a good forecast -- [laughter] i'm never going to see a statewide election go to the republicans. >> just remember, california's elected four republicans going back to 1966 with ronald reagan, another guy from illinois who bailed out the state. jer are i brown -- jerry brown
11:47 am
has been the only democrat who's been elected and state elected in california. i think the people of california want efficient government, they want an end to the mismanagement. they want, basically, what president trump did he talked about draining the swamp. i'm going to talk about cleaning out the barn. they want an end to the corruption of special interest money because they know it's driving california into the ditch x they want something done about it. stuart: here's something that looks like an interesting idea, a ballot measure proposed in california that would exempt parents who don't have churn in the public schools -- children in the public schools from paying taxes for the public schools. might be on the ballot. yeah? it looks terrific the me. >> that's a reaction to the mismanagement of the public schools which, let's face it, the teachers union use them as their own treasury, right? stuart: yeah. but is california in favor of that? >> actually, more californians are in favor of vouchers now. my mom was a public schoolteacher in chicago. i saw the corruption firsthand in the public schools. people want a choice. they want a voucher.
11:48 am
they want the ability to send their can kids to a good stool just like barack obama -- school just like barack obama and bill clinton. they didn't send their kids to public school. they chose a good school. there was a poll recently in san jose that said 60% of parents in california want choice. they want more charters, and they want a voucher. competition is what makes everything better, more efficient and quality. we ought to have that in health care, we ought to have it in schools. stuart: we are the choir, and you are the preacher. >> i'm going to carry that message across california. stuart: we wish you the very best of luck, and we hope you can join us again. thank you, sir. >> appreciate that. stuart: much obliged. next up, a football star, herschel walker. he's helping to give away that truck. more to the point, herschel walker does not approve of the anthem protests. we're going to talk to him about that after this. ♪ ♪
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stuart: it's coming fast, breaking newsm the cabinet meeting. president trump says he will tackle health care, infrastructure, welfare reform
11:53 am
after tax overhaul is completed. also mr. trump says the u.s. is designating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism, and he says there are new sanctions to be announced tomorrow. >> yeah. first time since 2008. putting it back on the list. stuart: ah, look who's here, a football legend and even i know him, okay? [laughter] he's helping to give away a brand new 2018 chevy silverado truck, we've got it outside. giving it to a military veteran or a first responder. herschel walker. you've seen him already. there's the truck, here's herschel walker, and that's the monster truck right out there. we've got the man who painted it ready to go. first of all, mr. herschel walker -- >> yes. i like the word mr.-- [laughter] stuart: okay, okay. marshawn lynch stood for the mexican anthem, sat for america's anthem, and you say what? >> total disrespect. i think that was totally disrespect, and the commissioner should suspend him for it.
11:54 am
i think people that are right now kneeling or sitting or whatever, i think they need to be punished. right now we're at a crisis right now in the united states. stuart: okay. >> and i think the commissioner should have took hand of this at the very beginning and say everyone stand for the national anthem. when the season is over, we'll go to washington, and we can picket, do whatever we want to do then. stuart: all right. we appreciate your opinion. now i want to see that truck. show it to me, please, that truck outside, the monster specially painted for this. when you say you're giving it away, how does this work? >> what we're going to do is take, we're going to take current veterans with the military, active members of the military and first responders that, and they can go on rocket to register to win this truck. stuart: yes. >> and then in march we're going to do a drawing. we're going to have six members of a panel to decide who's going to win the truck. stuart: so you register, you're a veteran or a first responder,
11:55 am
you say who you are and what you did -- >> what you've done for america, what you've done for someone else. right now first responders and also our military -- stuart: and that's judged. show me the truck again. we've got to go to president trump any moment now, but show me that truck again, please. it's got an eagle on the side, i think? >> beautiful. stuart: the man who painted it is with us. hang on, is that an eagle? it is an eagle. that's good. >> yes. and it's hand painted. so that's not a wrap. stuart: i want it. [laughter] gotta go. president trump speaking about the cabinet meeting. roll it. >> good morning. we just returned from a historic 12-day trip to asia. everywhere we went the american delegation was greeted with tremendous hospitality and tremendous respect. people are respecting our country again, believe me. we brought back more than $300 billion worth of deals which
11:56 am
could reach well over a trillion dollars within a very near future. that means jobs for the united states at a very high level. as you know, we've just come up with the best job performance in over 17 years, but this is a lot more jobs, and we think the number's going to actually get a lot better. we're going to also put a lot of people that have not been able to find jobs, we're going to put them back to work because they're not registered right now. they'll be registered in a positive sense. japanese car companies will be opening up and expanding their plants in our country. we worked very closely with prime minister abe on that. we're renegotiating our bad trade deal with south korea, and we've started talking about bilateral trade with many countries in asia. and most importantly, we've made clear to all countries that we cannot continue to be treated unfairly when it comes to trade any longer.
11:57 am
it's not fair to our companies, and it's not fair to our workers. last year we lost over $800 billion on trade, on trade deals with other countries. so we had a negative number, a trade deficit of almost $800 billion with other countries. that's not going to be happening. that's changing. and i explained that to them from the standpoint of asia. they understand it. every one of them understand it. one of the primary goals of our trip was to pursue the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. i want to begin this morning by meeting and by talking about the fact that we will be instituting a very critical step, and that'll start right now. today the united states is designating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism.
11:58 am
should have happened a long time ago. should have happened years ago. in addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation, north korea has repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism including assassinations on foreign soil. as we take this action today, our thoughts turn to ott to warm beer -- otto warmbier, wonderful young man, and the countless others so brutally affected by the north korean oppression. this designation will impose further sanctions and penalties on north korea and related persons and supports our maximum pressure campaign to isolate the murderous regime that you've all been reading about and in some cases writing about. tomorrow the treasury department will be announcing an additional sanction and a very large one on north korea, and this will be going on over the next two weeks. it'll be the highest level of sanctions by the time it's finished over a two week period.
11:59 am
the north korean regime must be lawful, it must end its unlawful nuclear and ballistic missile development and cease all support or international terrorism which it is not doing. today cabinet discussions will also focus on crucial domestic policy issues. i want to congratulate the house of representatives for passing a vital and historic tax cut last week, and i'm very hopeful the senate will do the same very soon. we're going to give the american people a huge tax cut for christmas. hopefully, that will be a great big, beautiful christmas present. with the democrats giving us no votes for tax cuts for purely political reasons -- obstruction arists -- it will be up to the republicans to come through for america. i think they will, i hope they will. it's up to the senate. and if they approve it, the
12:00 pm
house and the senate will get together. i'll be there right in the middle of it, and we will come up with a bill that will be spectacular for growth and . our tax plan will bring urgent relief to hard-working families. we'll reduce rates, increase the amount of income tax at a rate of zero. expand the child tax credit, very important. and simplify taxes as most families will be able to file on a single sheet of paper. we'll restore america's competitive edge so we can bring back our jobs. we want to bring our jobs back to our country. we were decimated over the last 40 years. we want to bring our jobs back to the united states. we'll go from being one of the highest-taxed nations in the world, to one of the lowest-taxed nations in the world. corporate rates will be reduced from 35% all the


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