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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 20, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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guests tomorrow. good night from new york. the year. charles: thank you very much. now here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, breaking tonight, state of texas is offering a reward for any information on the murder of a border patrol agent, who was reportedly beaten to death by illegal immigrants, throwing rocks. president trump said this is another example of why we need the border wall. so why are g.o.p. congressional leaders blocking the building of that wall? despite the clear and present danger posed by drug cartels, disappearance of tens of thousands and mexico, murders of 100,000 people a year there. the transport of most of the
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amphetamine, marijuana, heroin and cocaine, consumed in the united states coming across that border. how do speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell sleep at night. also new sexual allegations ranging from world of politics to media. most accused of liberals and leftists, 8 womenccusing charlie rosef sexually harassing them, and a woman accusing democratic senatorial franken of groping her while they posed for a photo in 2010. the same senate leadership that immediately called for judge roy moore's withdrawal from alabama senate race has not yet called for senator from minnesota to resign. we'll look at the imbalances in cases of harassment, and worse. and president trump today declaring north korea to be a state sponsored terrorism.
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president trump calls the move part of his commitment to apply maximum pressure on the murderous regime. our top story, a manhunt in southwest texas after a border patrol agent was murdered and his partner seriously wounded while on patrol in state a big bend sector, they were responding to activity in van horn station area sunday, when they were ambushed by illegal immigrants who attacked them with rocks. fox news correspondent case i seeing el -- casey seeing el is live in dallas. reporter: they are working to piece together a timeline of events to gain a better understanding of what happened in this rural texas town over the weekend. >> we lost a border patrol officer. yesterday, and another one was
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brutally beaten and badly hurt. reporter: according to customs and border protect, agent rogelio martinez was patrolling big bend, and working alongside his partner, they responded to a call off i-10, got into trouble, one of the agents came over scanner saying they had been hurt and needed help, they were transported to an area hospital where agent martinez died from his injuries. >> we're going to have the wall. reporter: prompting president trump to tout why he thinks it is important to secure u.s. barder with mexico, today with cabinet meeting he had talked with how his wall plan will help curtail violence crimes like this among others. >> we need it, that is rough territory, that is where the drugs are coming in, a lot of stuff is happening to southern border. reporter: fbi confirm that agent
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martinez and his partner did not come under fire, but would not elaborate how they were attacked. representatives counsel say that rocks were used again the agents, but no federal sources will confirm that. back out live in dallas. we can tell you agent martinez was 36 years old, and he had been a border patrol agent for about 4 years. according to customs and border protect, 39 agents have been killed in the line of duty, since 2000ly wit 2033 with that. >> violence up 0% -- 60%, and frustration is absolutely universal. neither the local border patrol, the no part of homeland security, are telling us what happened to the anxieties. and -- agents, i have never seen
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that happen before, i have to say, it is an extraordinary abuse against the public's right to know, we will get to the bottom of this. i i have to tell you, i am furious that the border patrol will not stand up and tell us how that border patrol officer was murdered. casey, thank you. >> we're going to keep asking the questions, yes, it is unusual to not know what the specifics are. just yet, we're keep asking those questions, we'll let you know. lou: appreciate it thank you very much, a great job of reporting, casey. >> turning to sexual harassment allegation that rocked hollywood, politics, media, big business. more accusers new accusers have emerginged against two prominent democrats. senator al franken and former president bill clinton,.
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reporter: a second woman has come forward of accusing franken of inappropriately grabbing her body during a photo opportunity in 2010. saying he grabbed me, she fell violated and embarrassed. >> i think that is going to be taken up by the ethics committee. i will let them begin the process. reporter: at white house kellyanne conway took this swipe. >> if media were really concerned about these allegations. al franken would be on the ash heap of by gone, half funny comedians. reporter: franken told cnn he did not remember taking the photo. >> there is despicable, ugly
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behavior, men and women together. this is not going to get fixed, men have wives, sisters, daughters, friends, family. reporter: they are revisiting bill clinton scandal, daily mail reporting he faces new accusation of sexual assault after he left office in the 2000s. spokesman have attacked the reporter as a sad man and a liar. and we willfully investigate and while we do, glen will be suspended. a california democrat is resigning his leadership post and scrapping his reelection campaign, of putting his hands in her blouse with a total of 6 women making sexual harassment allegations and former oklahoma republican state senator, ralph
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shorter to plead guilty after offering to pay 17-year-old boy for sexual stuff in march. lou: all right. thank you. >> woman accusing judge roy moore of secondly -- sexually molesting her when she was 14 is speaking out about why she waited decade to come out with her story, fox news correspondent in alabama. >> he laid out some branch blankets on floor of his living room, and he seduced he. >> speaking out on nbc'sed it ts show. >> he tried to get plea to up to him as well. at that point, i pulled back. and said that i was not comfortable. and i got dressed. he took me home. i was a 14-year-old child,
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trying to play in an adult world, he was 32 years old. >> thank you very much. reporter: having denied all accusations, moore is now focused on attacking his democratic opponent as being too liberal, commenting on death of border patrol agent in texas, tweeting that doug jones and senate equals no wall that is more senseless floo sense blood. >> and he insists his position on healthcare and the economy are mainstream. and points to alabama media group, urging voters to reject roy moore. after his remarks, president trump refused to answer reporter questions about alabama race. but speaks on fox and friends kellyanne conway, warned that a vote for moore's opponent could jeopardize the president's agenda. >> we want the votes in that senate to get this tax bill
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through. reporter: conway statement a departure from her comments last week. >> is that there is no senate seat that is worth more than a child. reporter: this afternoon white house briefing press secretary sarah sanders said that president still believes that people of alabama should be one picking their next senator, an adviser to moore campaign speaking on background tells fox news that campaign did take a hit. that inch personal poll -- internal polls suggests that moore is still leading by about five points. >> thank you very much. lou: two more left wing media types today joining the growing list of prominent men facing sexual abuse allegation, 8 women accusing charlie rose of harassing them. according to reporting of washington post, they range from lewd phone calls to walking
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naked in their present, and groping the women. cbs, pbs and bloomberg have suspended rose as a result. meanwhile "new york times" suspended reporter glen over reports he made unwanted advances toward young female reporters while drunk. >> and there are hollywood heavyweights who are under fire. serial groper harvey weinstein, to acts tor kevin spacey, and number of accuse arers are growing, they are accused of multiple offenses, louie ck went from being a comedian to a punch line when women accused him of sexual misconduct. and republicans not ir immune. former president jub jus george.
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bush under fire for grabbing women inappropriately. the men who can't keep their hands to themselves are costing us money. that is because, of the congress and the senate. congress is handed out a million dollars over past year from a taxpayer fund, a slush fund, to settle work place complaints, and we don't get to know whose harassment we're paying for. we take it up with fox legal analyst greg jarrett in moments, that is much more stay with us. >> eric trump calling for a second special count sell to investigate crooket hillary clinton's web of corruption. >> something gave hillary clinton, secretary of state at the time, $145 million for her foundation for nothing? do people believe that?
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that is a travesty that is not being investigated. lou: why is the justice deputy stalling? we take that up with greg jarrett and mack numb pressure -- maximum pressure on north korea, president trump declaring them a state sponsor of terror, we'll have more on rising paying less for my medicare? i'm open to that. lower premiums? extra benefits? it's open enrollment. time to open the laptop... ...and compare medicare health plans. why? because plans change, so can your health needs. so, be open-minded. look at everything-like prescription drug plans... and medicare advantage plans from private insurers. use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare. open to something better? start today. ♪
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lou: breaking news, justice department is suing at&t to block its planned merger of time warner. the department of justice, says that proposed $85 billion merger viates antitrust laws, and arguing it would harm american consumer ey are going to court. president trump announced his opposition to deal after it was announced in october a year ago. confusion and concern nation over where robert mueller's investigation is going, it is only getting worse. mueller gives the impression that probe may be over soon. but at the same time, he has subpoenaed a wide range of documents from the justice department, hard to imagine a
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more mixed, confused set of signals. president trump's lead attorney, issued following statement based to his interpretation of the communications, saying, the white house is optimistic that the voluntary interviews of white house personnel, by officer of special count counsel may be concluded after thanksgiving, but now focusing on president trump's dismissal of james commie and carry -- comey and carrying out a separate investigation to many of same justice officials who have responsibility to oversee conduct and activities of the special counsel. joining me now to help us sort it out, fox news legal analyst greg jarrett, we start with special counsel. this is to me gross absurdity in
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his conduct and signals he is sending. >> it is insane for him to now be subpoenaing documents from his own employer, he will have to interview his own boss, rosenstein. you have ros rosenstein as a witness, and a prosecutor and judge on whether charges would be brought for obstruction of justice, which does not exist, president has right on hire and fire anyone in the executive branch, but this does under scored absurdity of it all. lou: it is compounded considering that fbi and justice department officials saying they have not been able to identify anything about basic mission of mueller that is collusion with the russians. an acknowledgment by agents and officials they have not been able to to anything, find anything, and yet, they plot on.
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>> not a crime to talk to a russian. we have talked about. it is a crime to pay money to russians for a dossier on you're political opponent. that is a crime under federal law. also a crime for hillary clinton to have, if she did, use her public office to confer benefits from russian to, changing money. >> put a call through to special councounsel right now,y we verdt of the crime. -- we have evidence of the crime. >> he will not pay attention, which is why jeff sessions should appoint a second special counsel to investigate. lou: each name you mentioned creates a higher temperature. sessions is doing a maybe, i pray i would be proved wrong, he
11:21 pm
does not seem to be doing about to investigate wrong doing, which i used to think was the job of top law enforcement officer of the country. >> that is a no-brainer. i have been writing about it for 13 months, the uranium one deal, with a plethora of evidence to justify. a investigation in ernest, or if you can't to it mr. sessions, appoint a second special counsel. >> how about this, speaking of no-brainer, lois lerner, is now seeking to seal the records of her conduct and her statements to that conduct forever. forever. a public employees, a government employee. i am so sick of this government, federal government, that deep state you name it whatever you want to call it, refusing to acknowledge the public a right
11:22 pm
to know. and that is what this is. time and time again. >> she is being protected by a federal judge, michael r barrett, i suspect it will not last long, there is no clear and imminent danger to lois lerner. and the government has admitted, she was lying and deceptive. that she -- >> why isn't she being prosecuted. >> she should have been but obama didn't of justice did not prosecute her. lou: we're in november. >> now jeff sessions, the feckless -- >> i am adroit myself, about rod rosenstein, get on work. >> his allegiance has always been to liberal democrats, his mentor was barbara ma cull ski. >> the president, year ago saying he thought that idea of an at&t, and time warner merger
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was a bad idea. >> he was right. lou: his department of justice, is following through on that. and the ceo of at&t came out today, said, we're going to have cnn and basically threw down, against the federal government. i have never seen a ceo be so reckless, so ignorant. he is wasting shareholder money by the bucket because this is going to be a great way to have justice department insist that he spend about 5 years in court fighting this. >> absolutely, i wrote a column a year ago, when the merger was announced it would not go through it violates antitrust law, their defense it is a vertal murder. -- vertical merger. it is not. there is nothing to stop a merged at&t and time warner from
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saying for example, lou dobbs, if you want hbo, drop your provider, you have to be an at&t customer that is the thing that justice department will stop. lou: not unheard of in a merger, a combination like this. for the justice department to exact constraints on part of results entity too say, we're going to be absolutely fair with our news properties, we're going to preserve that independents. i didn't see steve e -- stevens, the crow exroa offering that up, i say i thought high was foolish and arrogant today, i believe that video of him making those statements about cnn can be used in court against the interest of at&t, and he has jen call councilman's lead attorney on either side they just let him get full vent. >> were i his lawyer, i would
11:25 pm
have told him to shut up, you are just making it worse. lou: i have tried that with ceos myself. does not always work out. greg jarrett thank you. >> my pleasure. lou: appreciate it. >> on wall street, stocks closing higher, dow up 72, s&p up 3, and nasdaq' 8, volume on big board, light trading under 3 billion shares, officials in nebraska voting to approve keystone excel pipeline route, a victory for president trump, and the american economy. >> a reminder to listen to my reports 3 times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network, up next, somewhere count -- special counsel mueller, requesting more documents from the doj. hunting or hinting? we'll find out, a witch hint. we'll find out, a witch hint. lou: we'll find
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lou: a few thoughts on what has been a little confounding and conflicting activity on the part of the special counsel, robert mueller and his 6-month investigation. his mandate when he was appointed in may by deputy attorney general ron rosenstein. a full and thorough investigation of the russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 election. we have 16 agencies whose job it is to tell us what the russians were done. yet mueller's search for answers has been utterly futile in that regard. now mueller and his team' 17 possible youth cuters have made
11:31 pm
it -- prosecutors have made it clear they are intent on widening their investigation, and it's also true of the senate intelligence agency being led by the ranging member warner. and mueller's witch hunt yielded indictments against paul manafort and gates for failure to register as a foreign agent and a guilty plea from low level advisor george papadopoulos for lie together fbi. judicial watch filed a lawsuit against the department of justice for mueller's budget. they won't answer. but it looks like it will be a lot. now mueller going after the very
11:32 pm
agency, the very department that has the responsibility to oversee his investigation. the special counsel requesting a wide range of documents from the u.s. justice department. if you think as i do that this is utter madness that any official or lawmakers who continue to permit this conduct by the special counsel, unlimited budget, no dead lines, no responsibility, no consequences, well, the fact of the matter is, we are nuts in my opinion to put up with these people who are nuts enough to tolerate a special counsel who seems hell bent on upending the presidency of president trump. that's just one man's view. the quotation of the evening from george bernard shaw. he said this.
11:33 pm
power does not corrupt men. fools, however, if they get into a position of power corrupt power. a different way to look at it. president trump slams the dems for obstructing tax cuts for hard-working americans. president trump: it will be up to the republicans to come through for america. lou: mark walter believes trump's tax reform will boost economic growth more than ever. this daring athlete taking his love of slack laning toes extreme will show us his dauntleseseseses
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i think it's terrific. your kids go to college and you start trading. >>yeah, 5 years already. 5 years, hmm. you ever call your broker for help? >>once, when volatility spiked... and? >>by the time they got me an answer, it was too late.
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td ameritrade's elite service team can handle your toughest questions right away- with volatility, it's all about your risk distribution. good to know. >>thanks, mike. we got your back kate. >>does he do that all the time? oh yeah, sometimes he pops out of the couch. help from real traders. only with td ameritrade. lou: joining us congressman mark walter. great to have you here with us. we hear, we hear there is progress being made on tax reform, tax cuts. and at the same time we heard the omb director mulvaney saying he's willing and the president obviously is approved as saying so. willing to talk about not repealing the individual mandate on obamacare. that makes it a sticky
11:38 pm
proposition, doesn't it? >> it makes it much more sticky to use your terminology. this is maybe our only one shot to repeal a law, a federal law, the only one on the books that requires american citizens to purchase a product from a private industry. even some of our democrat friends have a struggle making a case for the individual mandate. i hope we don't miss out on the opportunity. lou: we are talking about over $300 billion which can salve a lot of pain in the process necessary to get to a bill from both houses through conference and to the president's desk. without it, where do you turn for such relief? >> it's crucial that we get this done. $340 billion over 10 years.
11:39 pm
some of the tax reforms and tax relief we are offering. some of it is very important. some of our democrat friends are pushing very hard against it. in fact obama took $200 million of the taxpayers money to improve the economy and we went four years without reaching 2% growth. in ronald reagan's era we had 3 per rsh and even 7%. we are trying to say here is your money back. you improve the economy as opposed to us taking more. >> there are other answers that should be so obvious to members of congress. the ideas of tax cuts and tax reform. i prefer the expression tax cuts. that has a imagine tall tinkle
11:40 pm
in the air to me. -- a imagina magical tinkle inr to me. this man has preside over the greatest increase in the equities market. the dow has never moved this high in 10 months of a presidency ever. we have two consec stiff quarters of 3% plus growth. this is cause and effect. only a damn fool would see it otherwise. >> i was just a grieg. i was a pastor for 1 state years. i got so frustrated ask i left the ministry to run for congress. i believe we are just getting started.
11:41 pm
why wouldn't we get on board to continue to push through? this isn't just a political argument. this impacts everyday citizens. every one of us in the house represents 700,000 to 800,000 people. lou: you don't look like a preformed pastor. >> maybe d.c. is chief among the mission statement. we are not trying to skim across as holier than thou. but the democrats line up every single time there was a major issue. how many democrats voted against obamacare? not a single one. but not only do we have 13, but one we had to pull kick and screaming. if we can get the individual
11:42 pm
mandate and get partial credit for repealing what i would call the central nervous system of obamacare. here is the number. 100,000 of these who were:forced to pay the fine make less than $100,000. these people are struggling and the government is still putting a fine on top of these wonderful people. this is the moment we have been fighting for to repeal the individual mandate. i encourage the administration and mick mulvaney to stay the strong. i know the house will stay strong as well. lou: come back soon, we'll continue the discussion. i think you are there because of all those sinners. >> thank you, lou. lou: please roll the video as
11:43 pm
this slack liner crosses over a moving train in brazil it's hard to imagine why he's doing this. but there it is. you see the train moving. and you see him hanging over it. i have to say, it's a scary thing. but i'm not sure we had the right perspective on it. he needs for more yesterday for we did than the camera gave it. the justice department set to brief congress on the fbi's uranium one informant. "clinton cash" author peter schweizer joins us next to tell us what he thinks of the doings to this point. and whether or not they are going to lock her up. going to lock her up. we'll be right
11:44 pm
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lou: the man who started it owl, peter schweizer. executive producer of the documentary, "clinton cash" which is based on his best-selling book, clinton cash.
11:48 pm
great to have you with us. les start withheueller probe. did y ever i your wildest imagination consider that nierl would be going after the justice department documents, the very same people he reports to who will oversight over the special counsel? this is becoming a farce. >> lou, we talked about this several times before. i was in favor of the russia probe in the beginning to clear the record. but this thing has clearly gone well beyond the scope. lou: i believed fbi charges would ensue just based on your accounting and reports in "clinton cash." >> i agree. all i asked for in the "clinton
11:49 pm
cash" situation was an fbi investigation. the fbi the field offices went to the obama department of justice asking for subpoenas and powers to investigate first and they were blocked. and that's where it has been stuck since then. the if fbi field offices are eager it's been blocked by headquarters. now that congress has committees looking into this, maybe that will help. lou: watched congressional committees from benghazi to fast and furious. i don't believe for a minute these committees will do anything worthy of anything. until we have. >> justice investigation and kowsheds and the naives who leave the justice department. their souls will go to hell for what they are doing.
11:50 pm
we'll hear from the if fbi informants who was blocked for years. now we find out congress first has to listen to lectures from the justice department not to hear from the informant. >> this is truly bizarre. you have got three congressional committees, house intelligence, house oversight, and senate judiciary that want to meet with this which the blow i shall, they are an independent bran than of government and the department of justice is saying, before you talk with him, we want to talk to you and they want to i think apparently frame what they think the committee should shear which i think is ridiculous. on all these things the evidence needs to come out, it needs to be the evaluated. sunshine a great disinfectant. let people see what the
11:51 pm
information is without spin and let people make up their the own minds. lou: is jeff sessions crooked? >> who knows what the motivation is. but it's interesting this attorney general really has not taken leadership on this. lou: is ron rozen stein crooked? >> those are fair questions. i think the whistleblower will raise questions about the corruption occurring uranium one. lou: is andrew mccabe crooked? is robert mueller crooked? >> i think those are fair questions to look into. that's why this information needs to come out. this information will be compelling. i haven't seen it. i don't know what's in it. but it goes to the heart of the integrity of our justice system
11:52 pm
which people have serious questions about. let the information come out. i don't know why it's being blocked. but i have theories on that. >> we hope you will come back soon. we'll follow the theories through the justice department's lectures to the u.s. congress. i can't believe the congress is per hitting it. and i detect sod astonishment on your part as well. be sure to vote in our poll. are you outraged the border patrol has not given an account of one of its border patrol agents near the mexican border? cast your vote on twitter. we are citizens. we do have a right to know -- at least we did under the founders government. i don't know what kind of government we have now. up next, president trump naming north korea a state sponsor of
11:53 pm
terrorism. we take it up with john hannah. stay with us. we'll be right back. zar: one of our investors was in his late 50s right in the heart of the financial crisis, and saw his portfolio drop by double digits. it really scared him out of the markets. his advisor ran the numbers and showed that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. having someone coach you through it is really the value of a financial advisor.
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11:57 pm
misconduct. tail 9% of you have said no. how do you feel tonight knowing the president named north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism? >> all i can say is bravo, president trump it was lightning overdue. they should never have been taken off that list in 2008 by my old boss president bush. he got sold a bill of goods. they told him only if they take them off the terrorism list they would give up their nukes. lou: has the state department been right about anything in the last 25 years? >> i can tell you for sure for 25 years they have been dead wrong on north korea. john bolton, vice president cheney argued against it.
11:58 pm
but thank god president trump has taken this step because these guys have always fit to a t the label of a terrorist state. >> i don't know where we are. if they produce anything, do you have a sense of success or draw or a failure? >> no. the fact is we just don't know what the results of those are. hopefully the chinese will report those out to the united states. but the president promised come tomorrow there are some new important sanctions coming down. >> we know sanctions haven't worked over the course a square century. the reason they haven't worked is that the chinese support north korea. and metro ride their missile and
11:59 pm
nuclear technology. >> their bank as finance 90% of their business. the question is whether the president will take on the well-connected chinese banks. lou: our intelligence is they will have the ability to deliver an icbm with a nuclear war head to the united states in 30 days. >> it is coming. they have been good to their word. they will test these things and test their nukes and they want to be able too hold american cities hostage. that's their aim and they are getting very, very close to being there. lou: that's it for us tonight. congressman ron desantis and ambassador john bolton among our
12:00 am
guests tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: bill and hillary clinton back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. president trump taking on the nfl on one of the league's best running-backs. did you hear about the doctor who is going attempt a human head transplant? hillary clinton has been whining endlessly since the election and we know that whine is made from sour grapes. in arkansas surrounded by the hay


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