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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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and remember -- you can't take it with you. -- h hitler are not names i want to see associated with our president. lou: president trump making his first on-camera comments about the race for the alabama senate seat. president trump on his return from his trip to asia had been quoted saying the race for the senate seat should be left to the people of alabama. he talked about the importance of the seat remaining with the republican party and says it's too important to have a democrat take it. congressman john conyers admitting he paid a settlement
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to a former employee but denies it was because of sexual harassment. another woman is accusing con years of sexual harassment earlier this year. the border patrol not handling the report of the agent's death and the injury to his partner with him in a professional and open manner. the fbi says they are investigating the death as a quote potential assault end quote. but they aren't ruling out some reports that the agents and his partner fell into a nearby quul vert. what -- nearby culvert. so what did happen and why isn't the border patrol open about
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what happened in the death of one of its agents. the president and his family are in mar-a-lago for their thanksgiving holiday. but before he left the white house he addressed the media. >> he totally denies it. he says it didn't happen. you have to listen to him also. he said 40 years ago this did not happen. reporter: making his first public comments since the scandal broke. president trump refused to endorse judge roy moore. donald trump, jr. roy moore denies it, and he gives a total denial. 40 years is a long time. he has run 8 races and this has never come up. >> moore has been accused of
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inappropriate contact with a minor. the president's comments coming just ahead of his holiday vacation in florida. >> we had a great call with president putin. reporter: from his recent trip to asia -- president trump: it's very important to get along with russia. i feel having russia in a friendly posture as oppose teelsd fighting with them is an asset. reporter: to the campaign trail before taking office. president trump: i hope we get along great with putin. it would be great to have russia with a good relationship. reporter: in this morning's conversation between the two leaders. president trump: we are talking about peace in syria, we are talking about north korea. we had a call that lasted almost an hour and a half. reporter: they agreed on the
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importance of fighting terrorism together. they hope to implement a lasting peace in ukraine and increase international pressure on north korea. this when the russian leader net with bashar al-assad in sochi. >> we hope russia will succeed in wait has been saying which is not allowing foreign intervention in any political matter in syria. reporter: it will be the focus of trilateral talks. reporter: the president was asked if he might get out there on the campaign trail and show his support for pro moore in a vocal way for the alabama republican. in case you were wondering, no,
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the president was noncommittal. he said he would have more on that sometime next week and to that we take him at his word. and we'll shall listening and watching all the same. lou: as you say, it turns out that was a nugget. i thought for a moment it would explode into something much bigger than a nugget. thank you for that nugget. president trump taking a pragmatic approach to the senate race. a republican victory will insure a majority by a tight margin. judges are you undercutting the president at every turn. one of the judges blocked the executive order cutting off funding to sanctuary cities.
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but that fight is far from earned. reporter: in january, president trump signed an executive order saying sanctuary cities that fail to comply with federal law will not receive federal funds. a federal court judge ruled that unconstitutional. >> that order needs to be in place. and what you don't want to have is sanctuary cities popping up that are going to be a safe haven or harbor for those who are conducting illegal activity. reporter: the ruling means the administration cannot claw back federal money or pry fuse
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federal money to states that don't cooperate with immigration enforcement. california stands to lose millions in federal aid. >> are they going to restrict us from talking to if the fbi or dea? we should have unfettered access and communication when we are trying to keep our communities safe. reporter: or ric >> this judge is a politician. he's a bundler for obama, he made contributions before he was on the bench. reporter: saying the president cannot use defunding as a weapon. and he says it jeopardized tall federal money. the d.o.j. says that's not accurate. only police grant money is at
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risk. and they need to apply to receive it. lou: the fbi is offering a reward of $25,000 for what led to if the death of a border patrol agent and the serious injuries to the other. but federal officials aren't giving any specifics to the press about what happened to those agents. reporter: those who knew martinez best say he was an adoring father who dedicated his life to public service. >> all he wanted to do was help people and help the world and try to make a difference. reporter: he says the 36-year-old was the epitome of selflessness. >> he would give you the shirt off his back.
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reporter: investigators say agent martinez and his partner were in a culvert. both men sustained traumatic head injuries and broken bones. how they were hurt is not known or not disclosed publicly. >> we have been pursuing every lead that we have as well as processing the scene which we are considering a crime scene. reporter: union reps say both of their agents were attacked with rocks. they say the agent who survived and remains hospitalized has zero recollection of what happened. this as friends and family man to honor rojelio martinez.
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reporter: all the questions are only complicating the grieving process and the agent who is unidentified for security reasons as he continues to fight for his life in the hospital in intensive care. critical but stable condition. lou: i give our condolences to the murdered agents' family. this is the strangest, i would guess press position stance taken by a federal agency that i can recall. we are seeing center few facts coming out earl. we are becoming very euro-like in our federal government. the public has a right to know house at large and who is doing what to law enforcement agents.
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reporter: agreed entirely. they have been very careful about their wording. nowhere did they use the word "attack" in that press conference. they were using ambiguous phrases. it is unusual. but we are in a time and age when news is flying at us at 100 miles per hour, and it does take time to area out an investigation. my hope is they are not releasing stuff because they want to make sure their is are dotted and ts are crossed. lou: let's hope they are more successful investigators than to this point bureaucrats. stay with us, a lot more ahead. president trump is promising tax cuts by christmas. president trump: we are going to give the american people a huge
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tax cut for christmas. hopefully that will be a great big beautiful christmas present. lou: but with the current republican leadership, the bill's prospect remains to most of unclear. an outrageous report revealing congress has thanked a secret slush fund which which to pay off among other things sexual harassment claims and never reveal a name. stay with ♪
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you get up to 5 lines of talk and text at no extra cost. so all you pay for is data. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to lou: a second woman coming forward with sexual harassment claims against democratic congressman john conyers. he amitts he settled a claim in 2015 but denies the allegations. a former house employee says she was fired after rejecting his sexual advances. the $27,000 settlement was reportedly paid from conyers congressional office budget instead of the congressional
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slush fund. that secret treasury slush fund under increasing scrutiny created to essentially pay off claims of sexual harassment by members of congress. it's all part of a little known law passed in 1995. ironically called the congressional accountability act. it established the office of compliance to handle all workplace complaints, including sexual harassment. more than $17 mill has been paid off in -- more than $17 million has been paid off. once a settlement is reached, it's paid out of that special treasury fund, taxpayer money, mind you, and there are no public disclosure requirements at all. in fact the reverse. it's all about keeping secret
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the names, the money, and the violations. victims have to sign non-disclosure agreements and the lawmakers identity remains confidential even if he or she is found guilty. that's what passes for accountability on capitol hill and compliance with the law if you happen to be one of those making laws. our next guest says payments to settle sexual harassment claims against members of staff or congress should be made public and the offenders should have to reimburse the treasury for every dime. joining me now, congressman ron desantis of florida. he's a member of the freedom caucus it's great to have you with us. i have to say, my compliments
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and my thanks for you to have the guts to stand up and say what so few of your colleagues have said so far, that it's an outrage that congress and the senate have a secret slush fund? your thoughts. >> one, taxpayers have a right to know how all their money is being spent. they need to see the claims. see the identities of those responsible for the misconduct. and they need that information. we should not have any taxpayer dollars going to bail out misconduct by members of congress or congressional staff. it's an inappropriate use of taxpayer money. and i think we have got to go back and look at some of these claims and have those members who had the claims settled with taxpayer dollars. let's put them on the look and reimburse the treasury. this an outrage when that's
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happening. you have the slush fund which we have to defund. but what conyers did, i think you need a conyers rule. he used his office budget, he disguides the payment, so it didn't say payment for sexual harassment claim. he paid this lady over 3 months. it looked like she was a normal employee. he ca -- he camouflaged those payments which i think is wrong. lou: the ethics committee is taking up the case of congressman conyers and the investigation will begin forth with. there is so much to investigate. the idea that such a slush fund was ever created. this was in the clinton era it's clintonesque.
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do you know why it was created? what was the point of it? >> part of the law, there were some good things in the law. congress had been exempt from a lot of federal laws, civil rights, age discrimination, disability. the reason why they said accountability. saying let's make congress live under some of those laws. but it shows you how the swamp works. even when they are going in the right direction in some areas they are sneaking things like that in the back door. so that was something that is washington at its worst. lou: let's turn to uranium one. we are waiting for the fbi informant who was undercover for the fbi, a whistleblower if you will, in some respects. we have been told that the gag
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order against him, the none disclosure agreement had been lifted by the justice department by the president's order. now we hear the justice department is going to talk to you about the informant and tell you what he's going to say as part of a process of getting him in front of the united states congress. tell me that's not what's going on. >> we are going to investigate on our own in these committees. if the justice department wants to provide information, that's fine. he has testimony to coffer which is important. he has a treasure trove of documents and recordings. we have been given every indication this will evince a pattern of corruption. the justice department has not handled this well throughout the years. you had a year and a half worth of evidence where there werfel
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anies being committed by the obama administration yet no indictments were brought. we don't have any record that congress was notified. so what was the fbi doing during those years? what was holder's justice department doing during these years? this won't look good for them based on the information we have received thus far. lou: how soon will the informant be before congress. >> soon in terms of the document. he will answer questions in a private setting because we'll have to subpoena more people after that. when he will testify publicly i'm not sure. but he will give us a private briefing and i think that will happen after thanksgiving. lou: the special counsel robert mueller, the investigation,
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tc cobb says he thinks the special investigation will end soon. we are seeing every indicator of a widening investigation. your thoughts about when is this nonsense, this witch hunt going to end? >> it all goes back to the appointing order rod rosenstein did. he did not identify a crime to investigate. he said look at campaign and russia. this gives people like mueller the license to try to find something. that's not way investigations should be conducted. comey investigated this for a year. there is no evidence of any trump-russia collusion. i think it's time to put up or shut up. if there is no evidence, we have to move on with the people's business. lou: why would not the speaker
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of the house and the senate majority leader combined with the president of the united states and the heads of the senate and house intelligence and two judiciary committees say enough. this has gone on far too long. >> that may be happening. i have been making that argument. in the house intel committee, they ramped up the last couple months. i would anticipate something happening by the end of the year. i don't know what they are going to report. but every indication i have heard is the evidence will show no collusion. lou: congressman ron desantis, thank you. >> investors cheering as the dow soared 161 points. all closing at new record highs and volume picking up on the big
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board 3.3 billion shares. uber disclosing hackers total personal data of his customers and drivers in a massive breach that the company hid from the public for more than a year. a remind tore listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio networks. a judge ruling against the president's crackdown on sanctuary cities. i take it up in my commentary tonight. we'll have that next, much more straight ahead. stay with us. zar: one of our investors was in his late 50s right in the heart of the financial crisis, and saw his portfolio drop by double digits. it really scared him out of the markets. his advisor ran the numbers and showed that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan."
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lou: a few thoughts on the leftist judiciary. federal judge william orrick
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block the president's agenda and executive order that cuts funding to sanctuary cities after a lawsuit brought by the cities of san francisco and santa clara. this isn't the first time the obama-appointed judge has inserted himself into policy targeting the *'s executive order for a second time. in jean put a temporary hold on the order. an order the trump administration is challenging in the 9th circuit. and the majority of judges in the 9th the district court and the 9th circuit were appointed by democrats. a brookings analysis shows at the end of last year more than
10:32 pm
half of all district court judges were appointed by democratic presidents. approximately 35% appointed by republican democrats. astonishing. the good news is president trump inherited more than two times snore judicial vacancies than did president obama. president trump has an historic opportunity to turn the federal courts in a far more balanced and conservative direction. a quotation of the evening. this from cicero who said this. quote, the safety of the people shall be the highest law. were it only so. we are coming right back. stay with us. president trump and vladimir putin talking for an hour on the
10:33 pm
phone today. >> we are talking strongly about north korea and ukraine. >> we take up the president's foreign policy agenda with ambassador john bolton. president trump carrying on a white house tradition exercising his powers of pardon for the first time, just in time for thanksgiving. we'll tell you all about the lucky recipients here next. stay with us. stay with us. we'll be r r r r r
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lou: the treasury department implementing new sanctions against three companies. the move comes a day after president named north korea a state sponsor of terror. joining me, former u.n. ambassador john bolton. ambassador, it's good to see you. these sanctions, we have talked about the efficacy of sanctions. as i recall we have never found an instance in which they actually worked. is there some new evidence we should consider? >> no, i would think adding new sanctions adds to the pressure. there is no doubt about that certainly politically. but these sanctions, the
10:38 pm
individual target are never effective. if you sanction the abc company it only takes a day or so before a new company springs up doing the same thing. i think the designation of north korea as a state sponsor of terror will be the right thing to do. >> we are now about 40 days away from the ends of this year. there are reports the north koreans will have a icbm that can carry a nuclear war head by the end of this year. >> we are out of time with north korea. susan rice very help any wrote 6
10:39 pm
or 8 years ago, after 25 years of trying to negotiate with north korea, i guess we failed and we'll just have to live with north korea with nuclear weapons and we'll just have to do containment as if we want to go back to duck and cover drizzle for school children. i think the president inherited a real mess. he has to make some hard decisions if china doesn't step up and do what they have the capability of doing. whether it's the ends of this year, the characteristics a director mike pompeo, if these things go, we are out of time. lou: it seems a dangerous proposition if we do not understand when that ballistic missile will be ready with a
10:40 pm
nuclear warhead to fire on american targets. >> that's why you can't wait until the last minute. it's radically incomplete. that's why 25 years of democratic and republican administrations say we have time to negotiate. and there is not any time left. the notion as the state department keeps saying maybe we'll gets north korea back to the table is a formula that guarantees north korea will be able to strike any target it tbhants u.s. with a nuclear wave upon at any point in time. lou: does it seem to you the state department is trying to couch with the corrupt agreements that were made to keep uranium one away from the prying eyes of those trying to keep up with national security?
10:41 pm
simply to rubber stamp the idea? >> i think there is a lot we don't know about how this decision was made. there are credible allegations and efforts to corruption by the russian government. and i think a little transparency from the state department out of character generally, but it would be a good thing for the country. lou: i don't suppose anyone would hold their breath. ambassador john bolton, good to have you here. president trump making thanksgiving great again for two lucky turkeys named drumstick and wish bone. here is the president exercising his pardoning powers with zest and gusto. president trump: are you ready, drumstick? drumstick, you are hereby
10:42 pm
pardoned. lou: there should have been a flourish of trumpets and drums. they get to live out the rest of their lives at a virginia farm. president trump stepping up on congress to funds the border wall after the death of a border patrol agent. sebastian gorka joins us next. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ let out your inner child at the lexus december to remember sales event. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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lou: joining me, dr. sebastian gorka. great to have you with us. limits turn first to this new intelligence from the south koreans. how reliable, i don't know. but the south koreans say within the next 35-40 days, north korea will have a deliverable nuclear weapon that will be capable of reaching the united states. what are we to do? >> the president just finished a fabulous tour in asia and he did exactly we had to do, which is to reassure all of our partners in the region, our allies to say
10:47 pm
none of them, the last 8 years so-called strategic patience is over, and north korea will not be allowed to threaten them nor us whether it's guam or the mainland u.s. there are two simple actions, numerous covert these we can't discuss on television to undermine their capacity to do us damage, and the second is the expectation the president has with regards to beijing. this problem would be solved in the next 10 minutes if beijing wished to. they could close off the energy north korea requires and they would be brought to heel very rapidly. we'll see if china is serious about reining in their crazy neighbor.
10:48 pm
lou: if we take kim jong-un at his word, and i'm not suggesting we do that, but this is a continuing threat and the window is narrowing it seems. is that correct? >> it's been a constant progression to this final destination. this should not surprise anybody. i can't verify this information coming out of the south. but whether it's 40 days or 40 weeks makes no difference. this is the progression since the clinton administration first decided to give into nuclear blackmail with north korea. whether it's 40 weeks or 40 days, the united states and this president seem to have one option that is off the table, and that is the option of waiting much longer because this threat is existential, is the
10:49 pm
way to put it. let's turn to this judge. william orrick, iii. a clever, leftist judicial judge. i just can't get over the guy who thinks he's in charge of national security. and what are we facing here? >> we are facing what really has been the result of decades of the left pumping and packing the court, the benches with activists legal buddies. the ruling states the federal government has no right to act in such a way with regard to federal funds with regards to cities that have different immigration strategies. that's the phrase the judge uses. cities don't have immigration
10:50 pm
strategies. there is one thing in america with immigration strategies and it's called the federal government. it's patently transparent and political. lou: absolutely. dr. sebastian gorka, good to see you. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the american people should demand a full account of which lawmakers made payouts using the congressional taxpayer funded slush fund. another democrat added to the growing list of mostly leftist creeps. we'll take up the allegations next. this is what it's all about, jamie --
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lou: in our online poll we asked are you outraged the border patrol hasn't explained the murder of one of its agents on the mexican border? 91% of you said yes. emily, let's start with judge roy moore, the president not endorsing him, but also saying
10:55 pm
the man denied the allegations straight up. your thoughts on the equity of it all. >> i think the people are used to the president at this point being very forthcoming with his opinion. i think it's raising eyebrows that he has remained silent. what we need is consistency. on both sides of the aisle we are seeing a lot of claims. but some of these allegations, it's impossible to prove. we have to maintain a culture of believing the victims first. lou: are the alleged
10:56 pm
perpetrators -- people will make their decision about who they believe. i believe the knee jerk reaction until there is specific proof we have to believe the defense that's caused in part the pervasive and troublesome pattern we are seeing throughout the industries including "the hill" and the senate. lou: speaker ryan said he believes the women in the roy moore case are the credible voices. i'm not even sure why the speaker was inserting himself in that. but at same time you had a president saying the people of alabama should make the decision and he's not endorsed roy moore. but he's saying he is asserting
10:57 pm
roy moore denied the allegations. >> i always found it's a good thing to use paul ryan as a reverse barometer of what to think. and you and want to -- and you always want to sympathize with the victim. it was so many years ago. lou: now we have conyers with two women making claims against him. we find out there is a secret slush fund and $17 million of taxpayer money spent. how outrageous can the congress be than to create a fund to protect themselves at taxpayer expense from their misdeeds? >> this is eve enraging to me.
10:58 pm
as a prosecute your was conscious that every dollar i used was taxpayers money. lou: are you talk about ryan and mcconnell? >> the thing that's so troublesome. viewers need to understand, the fact that there is no transparency into that slush fund or that process at all is frankly the cherry on top. not on has millions of dollars of our taxpayer money gone to settle these harassment suits. that's why the ethics probe is crucial. lou: earlier in the broadcast congressman ron desantis announced he's going to put forward a bill next week to make sure it is transparent. not only that, there will be transparency that any money taken, taxpayer money used to
10:59 pm
make good these claims will be refunded by and paid for by the person who was involved in the sexual harassment or whatever the misdeed. >> if you want to complain, you have to wait 30 days, you have to go to counseling for 30 days. they make you wait 90 days. lou: in addition to continuing the offense against women with those rules and demanding the perpetrator be kept secret and taxpayer money used to provide that, they also would insist without any hesitation at all that we go about our business and take another lesson in sexual harassment. i don't know how many of the
11:00 pm
congress and senate showed up. we'll have to jump. mark, thank you. thank you for being with us tonight. good night from new -- and adolh hitler are not names i want to see associated with our president. lou: president trump making his first on-camera comments about the race for the alabama senate seat. president trump on his return from his trip to asia had been quoted saying the race for the senate seat should be left to the people of alabama. he talked about the importance of the seat remaining with the republican party and says it's too important to have a democrat take it. congressman john


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