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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 22, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EST

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congress and senate showed up. we'll have to jump. mark, thank you. thank you for being with us tonight. good night from new york. dagen: i'm dagen mcdowell in for kennedy. president trump and vladimir putin discussing what to do with syria. an exclusive interview with ay t pai on why the fcc is ditching net neutrality regulations.
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dagen: charlie rose is facing allegations of everything from lewd phone calls, groping, walking around naked in from the of them. the veteran journalist apologized in a statement saying it's important that these women know i hear them, i'm greatly embarrassed, i behaved insensitively at times and i accept responsibility for that. though i don't believe all these allegations are accurate. i always felt that it was pursuing shared feeling. cbs is reporting it terminated its relationship with him. his former colleagues made it
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clear what they thought about the allegations. >> this will be investigated. this has to end. this behavior is wrong. period. >> i'm not okay after reading that article in the "post", it was deeply disturbing, troubling and painful to read. we have to make this matter to women. dagen: jessica tarlov is making faces on camera. comedian jimmy failla and glenn hall. welcome all three of you. i'm not going to the two dude on the party panel first. dagen: how about letting the lady speak before the dudes weigh in. jessica, what do you make of it. it does seem like it was an open secret. his producer knew about it.
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>> i think what happened with charlie rose and the grace and properness with which laura o'donnell and grace hand it. knowing how fond they are of him. he admitted to a lot of it. i think it's weird the shared feeling thing, the guys who take off their clothes and make dirty phone calls. dagen: when we talk about it being an open secret. norah o'donnell made a joke about it. >> in 2017 we said we are all here tonight because as we all
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know one woman isn't enough for charlie rose. it was like the seth macfarland joke at the oscars about harvey weinstein. what happens is we see kevin spacey. that was a joke. but even to their actual across knowledgement of the charge -- across knowledgement of the charges. the running joke is he had an army of all female assistants that are called charlie's angels which were border line supermodels but they ate food during the day. i think that's a forceful attempt to separate from any suspicion that they may have known. dagen: it was clear his love of
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women. that's what the joke was about. i just hope, glenn, that this continues to be ways not a political issue. this is "the washington post" that wrote this story. the "new york times" finally broke the harvey weinstein story. >> i think we'll see a lot more. we have reached a turning point where women can feel confident about breaking their silence and speaking out. and that was not the case. this can be a good moment in the empowerment of women to not stand for this activity. dagen: to say one time early in my career not working here. some editor sat too close to me on the sofa, don't do that, don't touch me. but the every woman has the strength to step forward if --
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>> i hope that. i think that inevitably will not be the case. there is always going to be a man sitting on the couch who is too powerful and a woman not as sassy as you are. not that anyone has been brought up the wrong way. but it takes a lot of courage and sense of self to do that at a young age. while this is a good moment for the women coming out against glenn thrush and charlie rose. there are women in alabama who said they were touched by roy moore who are getting destroyed. so it's not a great day for women across the board. dagen: i hope this doesn't become a political issue. if i say anything, i get attacked, demeaned, and
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threatened online by armies of hate mongers in the name of defending and protecting women. that i can never get my head around. >> both side of the aisle have allegations against them. dagen: that's our next topic. another powerful lawmaker wrapped up in allegations of sexual misconduct. john conyers confirming still yet disputing allegations that he paid a woman $27,000 to settle a sexual harassment complaint. annex staffer claims she was fired because she did not quote succumb to his sexual advances. conyers' office said it settled the allegations to save all from the rigors of pr repro tracted
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litigation. conyers joins democratic senator al franken and republican senate hope lul roy moore. can congress get its act together and is this indicative of a much bigger problem? the i shall with john conyers is the money was paid out of his office budget which by the way paid out $17 million in the last 20 years. it's all harassment. >> if it's taxpayer money we should know what it's going toward. i want to know if it's because they wouldn't hire an african-american person or attempted to rape somebody.
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dagen: it's taxpayer money. and very few people knew how complaints like this were hand on capitol hill. >> this whole convoluted process, it allows these things to be tamped down. so it is an effort to put the lid on these kinds of allegations, whatever they are. >> it's crazy to me because i feel like the one thing we are in danger of is the proliferation of allegations has gone the so big. i don't know if the gravity of the charges is resonating with society. you know how they do gun buybacks? we almost need to have sexual harassment bye backs. we bring the people out and make it a non-partisan issue.
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this week it stopped being a partisan issue. people are reporting against people in their own cam and hopefully we have gotten to that place where it's disgusting in matter which side you are on. >> i want to add to that and say we need to be -- we also on top of that beyond going past the partisan stuff need to talk about what these women -- the charges they are levying. when i see al franken's photo next to harvey weinstein and kevin spacey. they are radically different charges. i'm not saying any of it should be toll rated. when you are talking about a potential child molestation and a potential butt grab, i don't
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know how it can be in the same conversation. dagen: you have to look at how you judge all of these case and what the standard is. >> nancy pelosi has called into the michigan representative. dagen: al franken has called for an investigation on himself. president trump's rocky relationship with the kremlin continues today as he had a phone call to discuss syria and the ukraine and north korea. putin has consistently supported assad even as half a million people have died over the
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seven-year long war. assad was accused of using chemical weapons on his own people. how should the president and strongmen like putin and assad. let me bring in lieutenant colonel ralph peters. always great to see you. what good can come out of president trump having this phone call with putin? >> i'm wary. i'm sure jim mattis and h.r. mcmaster and rex tillerson were nervous about this. putin is wily, he's experienced, and he knows what his goals are and he works hard to get there. president trump for whatever
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virtues he displayed is soft on putin. he has a weird fondness for putin and doesn't criticize him. putin does not known well for us. he just had a meeting to settle the future of syria with turkey and iran. we weren't invited. even though we have done the heaviest lifting it inly. putin wants us out of syria and iraq. he wants us out of the northern middle east. then he summoned bashar al-assad. the bloody deck day over syria. he you mond him to moscow to kiss the godfather's ring. putin has the power. iran has the power. what turkey, iran and russia were doing is covering the
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middle east up. we are not harm. dagen: what should be done beyond that? i have like a thank you questions. could you see what's going on as we fight isis? as isis is weakened? you see iran trying to take greater power funding mes bow la with the money we sent them as far as the iran nuclear deal. and you see what's going on in yemen, for example. so this is not just a syria problem. this is a problem with the sphere of influence that russia and iran have in the middle east. >> we used to be the powerhouse.
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now putin is become the regional hegemone. iran is building a seismic shift, fracturing of the middle east. iran with the shiia power. this is a prescription for far greater trouble to come. god know wheeze would all like the middle east to calm down and stop the butchery and slaughter. in addition to putin and iran edging us out of syria. iran is working hard in massive influence in iraq that arose especially after barack obama ran away after we basically won. iran is trying to push out of iraq, and we are left with the booby prize, the saudis, who
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can't defend themselves with all the weapons they bought. the middle east is ugly, it's getting worse. putin is gaining, we are losing, and it's time for us to come to our senses. dagen: iran $spending some cash we gave them in the middle of the night. up next. kennedy spoke to fcc chair ajit pai. her exclusive interview is coming up after the break.
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dagen: big news out of the federal communications commission. it voted to repeal obama net neutrality. it will totally dismantle rules that prohibit web traffic providers from block or slowing web traffic. chuck schumer says it will hurt our economy and calls it quote a
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disaster. kennedy sat down with the fcc chairman ajit pai who claims this will be a big win for businesses and consumers. kennedy: with me, ajit pai, the federal communications commission chairman. tell us about this net neutrality rollback. this is exciting. >> two years ago the obama administration decided to regulate the internet. to treat it like a utility. kennedy: i want to see if this is a comparable scenario. wouldn't treating internet companies like utilities be like treating cars like horses and forcing them to get shots and wear shoes? >> it's treating a dynamic industry like one that is much more slow moving. part of the reason why i proposed to my fellow commissioners at fcc to get rid
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of those regulations, is we want the internet to be governed by engineers and not bureaucrats. kennedy: let's talk about this. it's split in silicon valley. you have a lot of tech companies, they are in favor of net neutrality. they are opposed to this rollback. why are companies like reddit opposing this? >> i think some are worried will the internet be free and open. before these regulations were i am poasds we had a -- were imposed we had a free and open internet. and we'll continue to have a free and open internet. but the question is what type of regulatory framework should we
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have. bipartisan slight touch market-based that started in the clinton administration serves consumers the best. kennedy: it seems this move in 2015 was very heavy hands and doing something very egalitarian making sure every company, even tiny content providers were able to have their stuff accessed at the exact same speed. but that's not how the free market works. >> part of the reasons why these regulations are misplaced. there wasn't a market failure here. it wasn't that the internet was broken. we want all companies to be able to invest and innovate on the web. the best way to do that is to make sure everybody has the freedom to pursue a businessman. kennedy: at the media awards you
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talked about accessing different parts of the spectrum that will make the internet even faster. so explain how rolling that neutrality back makes the internet faster. >> getting the utility styles heavy handed regulations off the internet will encourage more companies to invest. those are the companies that don't have the wherewithal to hire lawyers and accountants to comply with these regulations. it's hard to raise capital and invest in some of these areas. these regulations don't make that biz easier. the second thing i have argued is if what you are concerned about is a lack of competition. let's talk about that. the fcc has been encourage new providers to enter the marketplace. that's the best way to solve the problem some of the critics might be concerned about. kennedy: there are speeds out
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there we can't even conceive of. if we get government out of the way, we can access that. things will be faster, people can make more money. does it dovetail with tax reform? >> it's geared toward making a business case for the private sector to invest and innovate. one of the things we mare all the time and see on -- we hear all the time and see ron the ground. no one is going invest in infrastructure fit ultimately doesn't get a return on that investment. we want to make sure the regulatory burden is cal tbrietd protect consumers and maximize the senate into vest on the other. judging from the past where we had $1.5 trillion investment in infrastructure. that i think is the framework that will serve consumers the best going forward. kennedy: a lot of people of have been critical of the president.
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but as far as his deregular st. louis streak, i encourage that. i point to him hiring you as a great example of that. it's nice to see someone who is in charge of the fcc getting out of the way so we can focus on making the economy better. >> free market and competition have delivered far more consumer benefits. so we want the private sector to invest. we have to modernize our rules and get out of our ways. kennedy: have you had think scandals where you have taken private planes that have cost taxpayers thousands of dollars? >> we have been in an unending series of hundred dies and chevies.
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west virginia, flagstaff, arizona. that's the great part of the job is getting to visit parts of america on the wrong side of the digital divide letting them know the fcc wants to connect them. dagen: the white house facing multiple hurdles on its immigration plans. can they silence the critics? plus, just when you thought hillary clinton couldn't get any more ridiculous. she imagines being president in an alternate universe. the panel returns with reaction after the break.
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personalize it with beautiful images.'re done! and now business is booming. harriet, it's a double stitch not a cross stitch! build a better website - in under an hour. free to try. no credit card required. gocentral from godaddy. dagen: the white house facing a few obstacles. first when a federal judge blocked the trump's executive order on federal funding to sanctuary cities, and disagreement with what to do with dreamers could lead to a potential government shutdown in december. what is the fate of immigration in the u.s.? and can the quite house get past the speed bumps? joining me now, fox news contributor, charlie hurt.
12:32 am
i'll try not to get too country on you, charlie. what does it mean for the overall push to reform i am glacial this country and go after illegals by the trump administration? >> it's been a tremendous obstacle. that's not to say there haven't been legitimate legal concerns with some of these proposals. but the courts have done a good job of tying this up pretty badly in terms of the things donald trump promised he would do during the campaign. whether they are able to work it out and figure out some way to get there remains to be seen. politically speaking it helps donald trump in that it gives him something to talk about. there is real evidence these judges are acting beyond their bounds and they are certainly colored by their own politics which on the conservative side
12:33 am
has been a very -- that translates well into politics when republicans can rail against the judiciary. dagen: i should say, and clarify, i will say trying to take care of illegal immigration and at least contain it in this country. one thing on the sanctuary cities, though. this ruling by the u.s. district court judge in california. congress could pick up the slack with this. congress could pass legislation that cuts off this funding because congress has the power of the purse. that's what essentially that ruling said. now the white house can kick that to congress and say it's in your court now. >> absolutely. the ruling suggested the president went beyond his prescribed powers.
12:34 am
which is funny coming from a judiciary that increasingly goes beyond its prescribed powers. it raises serious questions about whether or not -- i guess a lot of the stuff is unpopular in certain segments of the country. but you have to ask yourself. donald trump won that election based on this issue as much as anything else out there. and i guess jobs is a big thing. but even jobs was all tied up into illegal immigration and whether the economy was held back and people were left out of the economy because of illegal immigration. you know, it raises the question, if donald trump can't do something about sanctuary cities, if he can't do something about the travel ban, what can he do? dagen: we are still waiting for the wall, too. charlie hurt. happy thanksgiving, if i don't
12:35 am
see you, my friend. take care, charlie. hillary clinton may have finally found a place where she can win an election. an interviewer floated the idea of an alter that universe where she is the leader of the free world. she was none too happy to indull knowledge in this fantasy. >> people joke about earth to where you are president. >> we have got to get to the bottom of what happened in 2016. if i had been president, i would have an independent commission with subpoena power. let's go to earth 2. dagen: the internet is calling this the saddest hillary interview yet. what will it take for hillary to stop talking about the election? the party panel is back. i watched this little snippet of an interview. if she had been that relaxed as
12:36 am
she was in that video. if she hadn't been talking about the hot sauce in her pocketbook and trying to be everything to everybody. she might have done a little bit better. >> she is adorable when left to her own devices. dagen: teddy bears and puppies are adorable. hillary clinton is hillary clinton. >> she has more charm to her than perhaps the campaign trail let on. she is very smart. she knows what she is talking about. she was making an important case. i'm glad you saw it. >> the election has become like, you know the person who can't top ringing up their ex? do you believe what he did?
12:37 am
>> she is the only one who calls him donald. dagen: she talks about him like he broke up with her. her lost love. but you know what's going on. bill clinton is telling her i don't want to hear another word about it. go talk to somebody else. >> when she said trump is obsessed. she is one of the two bright spots of this administration, the economy and the pant suit. other than that, what is he doing? those are the two hits. that's crazy and kissed by a rose. dagen: she can talk about it forever. people will just stop listening. >> as long as the cameras are on. she has not grown tired of trying to explain away what went wrong and reset the agenda. but there is no earth 2. dagen: i watched that interview
12:38 am
and i wanted to relight her. if they are hillary fans which that interviewer clearly was. i wanted to give her like a little bit better look. being a person with heavy bags under my eyes, next step. >> she can come to the fax team. they do a great job. >> i prefer his panel discussion more than what's wrong with hillary clinton. let's talk about our facing expressions. now it will be about us. >> we are not exactly in the market to talk about women's looks. dagen: thanksgiving is still two days away but the wait house is celebrating a little early. here is sarah huckabee sanders yesterday. >> i want to share a few things
12:39 am
i'm thankful for. i think it would be nice for you guys to do so as well before asking your questions. i'm clearly thankful for all of you. >> i'm thankful for the first amendment. dagen: most of of the reporters played ball during the briefing. is her latest team exercise cute or condescending in i can imitate sarah huckabee sanders very well. before i take any questions you are going to need to tell me what you are thankful for this thanksgiving. >> ask i'm thankful i wasn't there in the audience that day. dagen: this back and forth trolling each other. >> this drove me crazy. it was an attempt at a lighthearted moment to possibly
12:40 am
humanify. i think this shows how disgustingly divide we have become. dagen: she is openly trolling. >> this style was inherited from president trump. dagen: it's her waive saying you never say anything nice about president obama. >> it's just awkward of having to express your opinion out there when your job is to get the answers from somebody else. >> we know these journalists are not about expressing their opinion in their reporting. dagen: isn't that way journalists like that work? they will tell you how awesome you are to your face to befriend you then write maybe the nastiest story. >> you couldn't hear her because
12:41 am
jim acosta screamed camera so fast. dagen: thank you. >> thank you, sarah huckabee sanders. >> happy thanksgiving. dagen: harvard university under investigation over complaints the ivy league school is discriminating against certain students. gerri willis joins me with the details next. this is what it's all about, jamie -- helping small businesses. damage your vehicle? we got you covered. [ glass shatters ] property damage? that's what general liability's for. what?! -injured employee? -ow. workers' comp helps you pay for a replacement. what's happening? this is carla. how's it going? and if anything comes up, our experts are standing by.
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dagen: according to the "wall street journal," after a 2014 civil lawsuit was filed alleging the university limits the number of asian-american students admitted every year. harvard failed to provide documents to the doj, and the department has threatened to sue the school if it does not hand them over by december 1. here to explain is gerri willis. harvard? they are not saying anything? gerri: they are not denying it or not saying they do it. but the reality is generally in these highly selective school, they give some people benefits.
12:46 am
some people get a hand up, a leg up. but the justice department is a collision course. students for fair admissions, this is led by a conservative person from aei who is arguing, look, if you just simply look at how many people are in the general population who are asian-american and how many people in harvard are asian america, there is a big difference. you guys are not following through on a fair and open process. if very hard gets into bigger trouble with the justice department, they could lose federal spending. dagen: with an endowment like harvard do they even care? >> as far as tax reform there will be additional taxation on harvard. but getting back to this, i have to tell you that it's baked in the pie that the admissions
12:47 am
officers give admissions to select group. they looked at if you translated the benefits given to african-american athletes into s.a.t. points, so if you are african-american trying to get into one of these privileged schools, you get an additional 230 s.a.t. points. that's your advantage. athletes get 200. hispanics, 185, look at this. asian americans don't get points, they are penalized. according to what people tell me, asian americans do so well on these tests tbub were to admit people strictly on the basis of the scores, a vast
12:48 am
preponderance of the students would be asian-americans. dagen: people like to get away for the holidays. for the holidays. but a south carolinaaaaa
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dagen: a new survey showed the most of popular destination for thanksgiving is their mother's house. the least popular is charlie rose's house. in south carolina the holidays make everyone think about the one who got away. especially the police. police arrested a guy on gun charges but left him alone in the cop car. so he gunned it out of there. then he slammed it into a tree. never trust your gps when it recommends the shortest route possible. south carolina police fined him for driving without a mullet. that's a huge no no down south. topic number two. beyonce may be shifting from
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lemonade to champagne. between her record sales and her concert tour, she took in $105 million. we call it a butt load of money. in addition to the $105 million she earned, her former bands --d mates learned $105 driving for uber. the city of chicago announced it's getting a marijuana infused supper club. or taco bell. the owners are trying to raise awareness to the benefits of cannabis. let's face it there are many if you own a restaurant. customers will eat a lot more and the valet parking attendants
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dagen: president trump continuing a thanksgiving tradition at the white house today. >> drumstick, you are hereby pardoned. dagen: in addition to drumstick who was part of the ceremony at the rose garden. the president also spared wish bone from becoming thanksgiving dinner. thanks for watching the show
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