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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 22, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EST

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multinationals in europe. cheryl: riva gold from "the wall street journal." we know you're not celebrating in london but wish you a happy things getting because they know you're from america. lauren: we are thankful for her interviewers and of course rampart aroma of yet happy things getting. maria: thanks so much busier than a little bit. good morning, everybody. the day before thanksgiving. maria bartiromo. wednesday, november 22nd. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. uber are facing a new scandal. the company revealing of his tax last year and covered it up with a payout. 58 million customers and drivers for effect did. the price they pay to keep it quiet. fresh privacy concerns for google this morning. the company's android software track users locations even if they actively turnoff their location services. market this morning looking like
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this along the holiday weekend. investors at 27. s&p down a fraction treating up this morning the major industries look like this. 5100 at a quarter of a percent. cac and dax down a fraction. gains across the board. best performer there. hong kong continued the momentum up two thirds of a percent. reagan is overnight. the navy plane crashes near japan with the lebanon board to a people rescued receiving medical treatment. the latest on the search effort this morning. sad day for the music world. david cassidy has passed, dead at the age of 67. ♪ we look back at his career and legacy this morning. plus, the nfl, the nfl's changing attempt on policy by not having players come out at all. while the infamous played.
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the president treating his reaction. he's averaged as well. want to bring some heat to your thanksgiving turkey? why not try adding some flaming hot cheetos? all of those stories coming up this morning. fox business network they can make towel. editorial page editor james freeman and former trump campaign surrogate erin elmore is with us. good to see you. >> this is one of those mornings i've heard he broken out in like a nixonian sweat just trying to get dressed. i know it's the day before thanksgiving and we have a lot of news to cover. maria: it feels good going into the holiday weekend. >> you love the holidays. maria: family, friends. maria: all be there.
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maria: coming clean, the red herring company now saying that paid hackers $100,000 to cover up a massive breach last year at the exposes one of 57 million customers and drivers are newly hired ceo says he only recently learned about the hack which address the names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of customers as well as the drivers license numbers of some 600,000 drivers. none of that should've happened and i will not make excuses for it. we are changing the way we do business, putting integrity at the core of every decision we make him work it hard to the trust of customers. chief security officer at one of his deputies were ousted this week for keeping the hack under wraps. cybersecurity expert and a senior fellow, morgan wright. good to see you. thanks for joining us. i do know is worse. the hack in the week sort of
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protection or the fact that they had this for a year. why are we just learned about this now? >> i believe it's criminal. your sukhoi testified on health about accountability in government. i said this before it numerous times that we had to extend the not a big fan of regulation that we had to extend starving oxley before ceo signoff under penalty of law, going to jail, certain things from a saber standpoint would've been one of those things. what they did was they put in jeopardy people's information. people didn't have the chance to respond because they didn't know it happened over a year. maria: people didn't realize that they were tracking us. you're the first person who mentioned this. no one was thinking about uber. you brought this up a long time ago.
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>> in the data breach there were 600,000 drivers license that were taken as part of it. i want to raise this with james freeman. you do not like government regulation, did not tell us when they are hot or not protecting our data and asking for the government to come in and regulate more. exactly what our guest is talking about. dagen: we have this concern about identity theft. it seems like uber will have a problem if you have crimes that relate to the hack data. to this point i'd be curious your thoughts about how we've seen so many institutions, these big tax cut of millions of people, various types of data. personally identifiable in terms
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of social security and credit card numbers, but phone numbers and addresses. are we seeing big impact on the consumer? are we seeing lots of fraud hitting people that demise by these hacks? >> identity theft and fraud if i can get your name and credit card numbers i can get fraud. let's take that information that they took. you're going to pay hackers $100,000 that they will trust the people that just broke into your house to make the data. i would expect that to show up on the web somewhere, maybe some corrupt foreign government to want that information. from a consumer standpoint, it doesn't matter if nothing happens. i have the right to know when it has been impacted and they've given up so much security and privacy for the sake of convenience in uber has taken to the wood chips because they were tracking people. tim cook took them to the wood
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chipper because they were tracking people after they closed out the applet dagen was talking about. but there's no privacy in a mark of what consumer to do? >> i never answered david's comment. we have given no privacy for a lot of these tools, but what amazing tools. a lot of problems lately, a lot of competition. i don't know how they will do long-term. an amazing product when you think about what it used to be finding a cab. i'm not seeing the big costs yet. we all learned that we've been defrauded on a massive scale. >> it bothers me they can track you where you go. maria: they pay $100,000 to try it. >> cooper tracks the movement
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because they didn't like what she was saying about company. new management, but nevertheless , tech companies are asking for the government to come in and start digging around. >> we are now learning the android phones are gathering data, sending it to google even if location services is turned off. there is no sin card according to the new report, that there is that as well. >> legal implications are tremendous. what are they doing with this data? a huge problem legally for google. >> will come a moderated a panel a while back for m.i.t. and i have people including a formal moderator for the nsa. do you fear more the fbi, cia or nsa or amazon, facebook and google and without a doubt they fear amazon, facebook and google because they collect far more
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information. if the government did what google is the burgess did, there'd be congressional investigations. maybe there'd be a class-action suit somewhere, but a lot of people don't realize they think they've turned it off. you're entitled to believe they've turned it off. but it hasn't been turned off. just because the guy doesn't feel anything doesn't mean there hasn't been a crime committed. >> even so, that's the reason this group is going to have a heavier hand in terms of the environment. you agree with that? the president has been the least regulatory president better pray that 30, but in this case, due to regulatory backdrops gets stiffer? >> markets can solve this problem and until you see the economist opposed to fears, i'm not sure there is that much of a push to change the law. in terms of government, foreign
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government, too. those of us who work for a government a few years ago had all of our data stolen. who knows what is being done with that. let's hope nothing comes of it. maria: we will leave it there. we appreciate it. coming up, breaking this overnight. the plane crashes into the pacific ocean. japan assisting in recovery efforts for the crew. the very latest day. the end of the anthem protest. owners are now floating a plan to keep other players off the field during the anthem. president trump is tweeting about it this morning. we will bring it to you next. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time.
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fidelity. open an account today.
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maria: welcome back. breaking news this morning the u.s. navy aircraft carrier and 11 people was crashed into the pacific ocean. cheryl casone with the details. >> good morning. an updated goodness. search and rescue operation underway for three of the 11 passengers on board the aircraft. they have recovered a people from the plane. the greyhound crashed into the ocean on its way to the aircraft carrier the uss ronald reagan. the ship currently operating in the philippines. the eight rescued rn good
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condition. the name of everyone on board is being withheld because the cause of the crash is not immediately clear. three more women have come forward to accuse charlie rose of sexual harassment at the latest allegations from employees of cbs news. cbs fired rose yesterday. pbs also cutting ties with him. a women who worked on the charlie rose show told the "washington post" he made unwanted advances toward them including groping and getting in their presence. cbs cohost gayle king spoke about the charges. >> it is still very painful, still very hurtful. charlie and i have worked together and been friends, but when you think about the anguish of the women despite the friendship come you still have to report the news. >> meanwhile, cbs is still
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asking oprah winfrey to fill in for rose. days before pixar's to hit theaters, cofounder john lasseter announcing he is taking a six-month leave of absence citing the steps of the employees. according to the hollywood reporter, lasseter made unwanted advancements on unwanted advancements and rashidi johnson has a history of kissing and touching female staff. since i've apologize for making the guess who disrespected and uncomfortable directing vacates in hollywood to a story, carson is known as one of the most powerful man in the film industry. is shares of disney taking a quick look in the premarket this morning. finally, the world is mourning the loss of a star. these smart david cassidy of
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course started -- stardust keith partridge has died. today, fans all over the world are mourning the loss of the teen heartthrob. confirming his death last night. david cassidy was 67 years old, maria. dagen: thank you very much. david cassidy has been very sick before this. he really was a teen heartthrob. dagen: one of my heartthrob's for sure. it is hard for younger generations to understand whether this or he was among particularly teen girls in the 70s because there wasn't the internet. it was literally magazines. it was the teen. tiger beat. he was on the cover of every one, every week, every month, every year for about eight years. the level of fame he attained from the partridge family you
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must get your head around this. maria: we go up to. >> i love the music. maria: meanwhile, here we are before thanksgiving. the freeways packed in los angeles tonight. so enough that the airports. fox news meteorologist adam klotz with forecast. trina won't be made any worse. a couple of troubled spots. the pacific northwest has been getting round after round of heavy rain that will continue for an additional 46 inches. four to six inches. it would be surprising area stretching from eugene to portland and seattle where you can see spots with standing water on the roadways. give yourself a little extra time on the roadway. the mid-atlantic substantive enough the east coast into the atlantic ocean. thunderstorms moving across the
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day is out of the way in time for thanksgiving. colder air moving in on the backside of this. if you're flying outside of the area, you are looking green absolutely everywhere. the flights are looking good for this wednesday in the actual thanksgiving forecast from a cold air into new england. daytime highs in the 40s. everyone else, 70 degrees getting closer to 90 degrees. it is going to be a nice thanksgiving holiday. maria: adam klotz with the latest. the clock is ticking. senate leaders on a full vote on tax reform act of the things giving holiday. though the year-end deadline passed the historic storm stay on track? maria: the president just reading that the father of the ucla player allegedly busted for shoplifting in china is an ungrateful fool. more coming out.
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maria: welcome back. president trump tweeting early this morning, about lavar ball. >> basketballs father of the one of the three ucla freshman basketball players who try to still sunglasses in china this summer. president trump tweeted 45 minutes ago it wasn't the lighthouse, wasn't the state
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department, wasn't people on the ground in china that got his son out of a long-term prison sentence. it was me. too bad he's just a poor man's version of don king, but without the hair. don king without the hair. just think, you could have spent the next five to 10 years during thanksgiving with your son in china. no nba contract to support you. remember, shoplifting is not a little thing, it's a big deal, especially in china. ungrateful fool. the bar just old bleacher report the l.a. lakers don't know how to coach my son. major league baseball coming down hard. being from working in professional baseball for life. mlb investigators expose the braves have paid under the table money to international players between 2015 and 2017 and the braves had to recently contract
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12 latin prospects. dallas cowboys owner jerry jones has withdrawn his threat to sue the national football league will still maintains his stance that commissioner roger goodell does not deserve a $49 million contract. he will not go ahead with legal action against the nfl. in march, team owners according to "the wall street journal" will discuss possible changes for the policy on the nationally and on. perhaps not giving players a chance to neil for the anthemic keeping everybody in the locker room until after the song plays. president trump this morning followed up his tweed at lavar ball by treating about the nfl. the nfl is now thinking about a new idea, keeping teams in the locker room during the nationally during the national into next season. when will the highly paid commissioner finally get tough in smart? this issue is killing your leak. i can't remember a time like
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this. a few football games coming up in the nfl tomorrow, thursday. the giants redskins game. tickets to get into this game. yesterday morning on stub hub, $7.21000. those were standing room. for 10 bucks you can have the seat downstairs. maria: that is quieting down, keeping them in the locker room. >> was not addressing it. maria: what you think? dagen: i'm not sure that his own presidency pianos loves it. he's keeping the issue alive. again, when the american deep will care about getting to keep more of their own money, that's an issue worth addressing. he loves to tweet. he loves to communicate with people. but to keep waiting in on mr. ball and the national anthem. either way, let's point out which we have on the program of
6:26 am
the seattle seahawks on monday night football, every one of them stood, including michael bennet typify not the one the one standing rather than the few still taking any. >> your than half% are still dealing. why do you care about those guys. if you want to neil, neil. dagen: that's a idea. >> is just sort of any of the solution. >> take a stand on this one. >> kind of immediate marriage made in heaven. >> a thing for mr. ball this is kind of exciting as he's found a way to get the media to like him again. this could go on for a while and should be great fun as we watch twitter. we will see what is god.
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maria: be grateful the president weighed in and out of sun homecoming to say he should have come home on air force one. really? the absurdity of it. all areas. jared, thank you. reports on fox's headline sirius xm channel 115 day we'll take a break. when we come back, meg whitman and what that means for the future of the company markets today. thanksgiving eve tried to come up with some unique recipes. how about a flaming hot cheetos turkey. talk about spacing things out. we will bring it to you next. ♪ anything worth pursuing requires knowledge, hard work and a plan.
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maria: happy wednesday, it is wednesday november 22nd, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. tackling tax reform after turkey day. senators to vote on the bill after thanksgiving break but can they unit before end of the year. president trump gave confidence this week. >> we are going to give the american people a huge tax cut for christmas.
6:31 am
the house and the senate will get together. i will be there right in the middle of it and we will come up with a bill that would be spectacular for growth and spectacular for the people of this country. maria: very latest on the push for tax code and what business leaders expect from legislation. plus cutting the cord on net neutrality, fcc rolling out plan for the future of the internet, how it could change the way you browse. meg whitman is stepping down, and who is set to replace her? s&p also in positive territory, nasdaq pulling down down 1 point. in europe mixed performances. cac quarante barely in positive territory and dax index in germany is lower by a quarter of percent. in asia gains across the board,
6:32 am
best performer was hong kong. wait till you hear this. sail the high season style, inside look at growing trend of super yacht charters. spicing up your thanksgiving with flaming hot cheetoo. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wants a full vote right after thanksgiving break once senators return from that break, health care showed, however, getting every republican on board with the plan is easier said than done. joining us right now think bigger and tiger 21 chairman michael, michael, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> the members are allocating capital, how important is the tax package to them?
6:33 am
>> i think it's really important in the sense that in our groups across north america members want to know number one are we going to be more competitive l the corporate rate come down and super charge our economy, that's the positive, on the other side is the deficit going to bleen -- balloon. maria: 52 billion in assets, i know that stephanie is coming up, dagen, will talk as part of scenario, talk about what's better, the move in markets and is it equivalent to what we have seen in terms of earnings growth. earnings have been strong, i recognize that but is the market getting ahead of itself. >> i think the members think it's largely priced and the rest is private equity and real estate.
6:34 am
>> if the tax cut doesn't happen we ought to pull back, it sounds like, if it does happen, are they thinking markets go higher or the price to perfection assumes a great tax bill. >> yeah, one of the things that we have been thinking about is how strong the american economy is under energy complex, we have great fundamentals that it's hard to tease out what part of exuberant market is the tax bill and what part is recognizing the amazing competitive advantages we have globally. businesses coming back to united states, our members are entrepreneurs and they are seeing this kind of growth from low-energy costs, cheap transportation and a rule of law which is no small thing. >> you talk about members, in your book you said a bigger determination of success, it's not intelligent it's actually dirmings, how is that impacting business decisions that they are making? >> so members look at businesses like they had their own individual businesses and the thing that we were talking about
6:35 am
grit beats intelligence, even today with allocations, top four allocations, these have entrenched franchises, 67 highs this year, amazing. >> you reduced real estate exposure very little, why? >> just very little, still lagger -- largest allocation. many made wealth in real estate. they want to be able to make a difference and own a piece of real e at a time and first to know of a problem and first to fix it. dagen: when prices start to decline, you can't sell it that's a problem with liquid asset like real estate. i wanted to point out because
6:36 am
you mentioned apple, alphabet. is it detrimental that we haven't heard from ceo's about tax reform particularly lately as it's crunch time in the senate, if major corporate and why are we not hearing out of them? >> keeping them going the way it is, they don't need help of further taxes to continue momentum. amazon puts a super market and shopping center after every desk. facebook 2 billion people, they want to good times to keep rolling, what a great year -- dagen: they are parking in places like jerseys, something the wall street your -- journal about. >> i think that could be helpful. i'm not sure the ceo of the
6:37 am
company is necessarily the best pitch man for a tax cut which is really aimed at everybody but i think what's interesting is, you know, some people at the high-end have been disappointed that there's not on the individual side a big tax cut they were hoping for for high net-worth individuals or high-income earners. >> specially on the coast. the blue states, california, new york, state and local taxes are going to be a real hit. maria: it'll be a tax increase. you have 650 billion-dollar credit going. >> okay. [laughter] >> but sounds like that is not dampening their enthusiasm. they are looking at the corporate rate cut, this is gad for america, we are going to get more growth out of it. we will get more competitive. >> yeah, one area of concern is if we eliminate the tax deductibility of student debt, students are graduating with the mountains of debt and entrepreneurial activity is low. it could be a lot higher.
6:38 am
the last thing you want to do is take away the tax deductibility of student debts because it makes it harder for young people to take on risks. 25 to 35-year-olds have all-time low entrepreneurial formation, we want to get that up to create the great working class and middle-class jobs that are hurting right now. maria: i wonder how this tax plan going to pan out at the end. they are going to go to conference in a couple of weeks and compare both plans, house and senate, you wonder if state and local deduction stays the way it is right now, what do you think? >> i think it's going away. maybe some version where you get a partial credit on your property taxes, but there's just not a constituency and natural champions for this are all democrats in the senate from blue state who is will not engage and who will not negotiate, they are going to give nothing. dagen: i like how -- schumer and pelosi are standing up for the highest-income earners in
6:39 am
progressive states because those are the individuals who are going to get hurt by state -- >> i do think there's another side, when you eliminate deductibility, one of the biggest hits is charitable institutions because dollars are going to move from one place to another. maria: people will leave. >> it is good news, you see in my beloved adopted democrat, maybe we shouldn't go with millionaires' tax. maria: that's why it's probably the right thing to do. i mean, at tend of the day, it's probably the right thing to do, you need to put pressure on governors and local lawmakers to lower taxes and pull in spending, having said that, i will reiterate, the top 10% pay 70% of the taxes, are we cutting taxes on the people who actually pay taxes? >> i would hope this is a 2019 project, to do something more
6:40 am
aggressive on the individual side. where is the incentive for guys like me to keep working and then you want everybody engaged. dagen: that's some of the talk coming out of washington is focus on what we are doing on the corporate side, we want to create jobs, don't worry about the individual side, there's more to come. that's some of the chatter. >> part of it is that we have debate among our members, if the dollars were going to middle class they will get to the economy faster so they both have different impacts but if the dollars are going to the wealthiest americans and there's not a real tax cut to the middle class, it may not be a stimulative and we want jobs and we want buying as well. maria: nobody is arguing that the tax cuts shouldn't go to middle class, they absolutely should, that's right. your members, do they like international? >> yes, number one area they are interested in, 60% of members are looking internationally, in the top list of technology
6:41 am
winners you had they chinese tech companies right up with facebook, 5 million market gap and going. maria: michael, good to talk to you. apple taking another big step into virtual reality, reportedly acquiring canadian company for $30 million. we will tell you about that. floating home away from home. super yachts not just for super wealthy anymore. find out why. actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports. we can identify threats 50% faster. you can do that? we can do that. then do that.
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when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. maria: welcome back, futures indicating a gain at opening trading this morning. markets opening up about 30 points in dow industrials. a couple of names on the move. john deere a name to watch this morning. reported fiscal fourth quarter earnings beating expectations on
6:45 am
both revenue. up better than 4% on the news. apple wants a piece of the next big thing, will pay $30 million to acquire augmented reality head set maker, the deal will help meet reported goal to smell smart glasses by 2020. and then this, the fcc wants to repeal net neutrality rules. cheryl casone with the details, cheryl. cheryl: proposal would eliminate so-called net neutrality, internet providers treat all web traffic equally. the current rules limit to block or slow online services or if they want to charge websites for faster speeds, right now they can't do that, the fcc chairman says the change will end stiffing regulation and critics say it will hurt start-ups by raising costs on them. you know them very well, one of
6:46 am
most experienced ceo's, ceo of hewlett-packard enterprise, making sound time, hewlett-packard president will succeed her february 1st, we should also say that shares are actually down about 4% this year well, tesla releasing first power bank that can charge your phones while you're on the go, this comes with a micro usb and apple lighting connector. portable charringer 45 bucks so another offering from tesla. if you can't afford the cars. so finally this, talk a little bit of food ahead of thanks fbiing. some americans have decide today turn up the heat this thanksgiving. how about a flaming hot turkey, there's a tweet, oven bag because you will use flaming hot
6:47 am
cheetos and the internet loves it, maria. they have to be put all over the bird and some other steps and i will leave the rest up to imagination. dagen: no. cheryl: weave had these on the set, by the way, a mixed reaction. maria: i remember the cheetos but on turkey? >> i love the innovation and i love cheetos but that's not the way to go. dagen: old-base seasoning, you can base it with coca-cola, not flamin hot cheeto. super yacht, how you can set sail for a fraction of the cost, next back in a minute is this a phone?
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maria: the life of the luxury and leisure. the yacht business is on path to major growth according to new analysis the worldwide charter business is expected to nearly double growing up to $7 billion by year 2025. burgess ceo. we love this stuff, where are you seeing the most growth in the business right now? >> right now america is the biggest market. it's historically been a large market for us but the last two
6:52 am
or three years has seen america explode. maria: super yachts, what does that look like, how big and tell us where these people are going on these super yachts right now? >> as a company we start from the top end down so the top end is 180-meters, close to 600 feet and you could spend anything up to $600 million for a yacht like that. our average market is between 30 and $100 million and most of our clients will be cruising in the mediterranean in the summer and in the caribbean or asia in the winter. maria: awesome. let's take a look at the yacht charters. what sets this boat apart from others? >> a very interesting but she's the largest yacht ever built in the united states of america. she was built for an american.
6:53 am
we sold her to her present owners, also american, and they did a major, major refit on the boat and completely redesigned the interior, they spent a small fortune on this refit and now the yacht is one of the premier charter yachts in the world. maria: let's say you want to charter a yacht to the mediterranean, let's say to italy, the south of france and you want to have 10 people on that yacht, what is something like that cost? >> from the very top end, the most expensive yacht in the world is around 2 million euros so 2 and a half million dollars. maria: you could go lower than that. >> absolutely. we go down to yachts that costing maybe around $100,000 a week. maria: a $100,000 a week. you get the staff, crew with that? >> you do. maria: are you supposeed to give
6:54 am
tips to the crew, that's a separate chart? >> the price of chartering a yacht includes the yacht and the crew and on top of that you pay the running costs, you may pay sales tax on your charter which could be as much as 10 or 20% and then, of course, you the tipping of the crew at the end. maria: you are not only in the charter business but selling a few. the italia, tel us about the boats and demand that they they are attracting? >> these are under construction. she's being built as explore yacht, exploring around the world. she's not really a yacht for the south of france. maria: yes, look how beautiful that is. >> going to go to places to take you through the pacific through northwest passage into alaska, antartica and we've got a lot of
6:55 am
interest in her at the home. it's in raw stage as you can see. maria: okay. >> she's for sale, 85 million. maria: what about i68m. >> i68, 68-meter yacht, being built in turkey, she's for sale at 58 million euros, dollars and -- maria: what are some things that come in this boat that's sort of different and that people might want? >> i mean, these yachts are the ultimate luxury. so, you know -- maria: gym. >> you might have a swimming pool, helicopter landing facilities and -- maria: wow. we have the italia super yacht 358. >> this is a new shipyard owned by a private individual and he just started building two of the
6:56 am
38-meter yachts which are quite affordable in our market. they've got a very sort of unique and different layout and he's going to keep one himself, we are selling the other one and we have a lot of interest at the moment. maria: 18.2 million on that one. what are the most important things you need to be asking for? >> the most important thing is not the yacht, it's the crew, so, you know, we have a team of experts who will talk to charters trying to find out what they are looking for, are they looking for, you know, very relaxed holiday, formal entertainment and more formal surroundings. the yachts and the style of the boat, interior and toys on board very, very important what facilities -- maria: if you run into bad waiter and you weren't expecting it, can you change course and do a different journey? >> the captain should be looking
6:57 am
for bad weather. sometimes there's nothing you can do about it, but the yachts have quite sophisticated weather-trafficking devices, they would try to run from the weather as oppose to run into it. maria: all very interesting stuff, jonathan. thank you so much. jonathan is the ceo of burgess, the yacht company. breaking news, president trump is tweeting this morning, he says this, we will be having meetings and working the phones from the winter white house in florida mar-a-lago, stock market hit record high 5 and a half trillion dollars gained since the election. many companies coming back to the u.s. and military building up and getting strong. next hour mornings with maria right here after the short break y 20 million cases a year. chubb has helped us grow for the past 30 years... they helped us prevent equipment problems during harvest and provided guidance when we started exporting internationally.
6:58 am
now we're working with them on cybersecurity. my grandfather taught me to make a wine that over delivers. chubb, over delivers.
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7:00 am
paid hack toaster make it go away. breaking news overnight. a navy plane crashes near japan with 11 people on board, eight people have been rescued so far, receiving medical treatment. we've got the latest on the search effort this morning. president trump tweeting bright and early today, here is what he says, he will be having meetings and working the phones from the winter white house in florida mar-a-lago, the stock market hit new record high yesterday 5 and
7:01 am
a half trillion dollars in gains since the election, many companies coming back to the u.s., military building up and getting very strong. markets this morning looking good and expecting a gain at opening trading. nasdaq, s&p 500 also in positive territory this wednesday morning, in europe similar story, although a mixed story, ftse up, that's the high of the morning in london. cac quarante up a fraction. dax index is lower. in asia overnight, gains across the board at the close, best performer was hong kong. we are watching oil price this is morning, crude oil is trading near two-year high right now, tightening supply, check out oil. inching up towards 60 once again. up 1 and a half percent. it is a sad day for the entertain world, david cassidy has passed dead at the age of 67, we are taking a look back at the teen heartthrob's career. closure for game of thrones
7:02 am
fans. >> if we don't put a side up, people will die and then it doesn't matter whose skeleton sits. maria: now we know, iranian man hacking in servers. jpmorgan now reportedly coming around, just months after ceo jamie dimon called a fraud. all stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about dagen mcdowell, james freeman and republican strategists former trump campaign erin elmore is here. good to see you. dagen: good morning. maria: happy thanksgiving. dagen: old bay on the turkey. thank you. maria: no cheetos though.
7:03 am
herman cain is with us this morning. dr. mike, all here in the studio, wait till you meet them. it's going to be great. we kick it off with top stories, bombshell this morning out of uber. the company admitted to covering up massive data breach that exposes personal information of million of its customers as well as drivers, lauren simonetti with all the details right now. lauren, what a story. lauren: is it shocking, yes, absolutely not. do you remember executives coming in when the company first started, it was a start-up. they would mess up competitors like lyft by booking rides on the competitors and canceling them and bragging about it just to mess up the competition. so that was the mentality but now we are talking a mature company
7:04 am
with 68 billion-dollar valuation we are finding out in november of 2017 that in october of 2017, 57 million people mostly customers and passengers but also employees and drivers had their personal information exposed to hackers, that included addresses, emails, names, in some cases driver's license information it did not include credit card information, social security numbers but, look, we have seen the script before whether it's yahoo, equifax or target, you say one number, 57 million and as the investigation goes on that number goes up, so what are we really talking about with uber not only the hack but waiting a year but then that they paid ransom reportedly $100,000 to cover it up and the hackers assured uber that, oh yeah, we destroyed all the data that we need. this is an incredible story. larger question, do the ipo when and at what valuation, what do
7:05 am
investors start to say now and consumer lawsuit, the fcc can want go after them because they're a private company and you can see consumer lawsuits as a result of this. maria: the bigger story is that they hid it and they paid to make it go away and dagen called this so long ago because she's the one that they pointed out that they have access to data all of the time. very few people realize that when you pointed that out a year ago. dagen: it was -- apple was one of the big guns that forced him to stop tracking location when you got out of car. in fact, on the app, it used to be when you would go to change location services, if you tweet them under the uber app you couldn't say only track -- only use location services while using the app, that there was -- you couldn't -- you couldn't set it that way, now you can but there was at one point whether location services for uber were either on or off and so they -- they have pulled away from that
7:06 am
but it raise it is issue of how poorly run this company was from travis. lauren: he's working to clean this mess up hence firing chief executive offer, you're right. maria: mentality was right from the ghetto. that was the mentality of the company, lauren, thank you. we want to go to capitol hill, president trump is weighing in on allegations roy moore while also blasting democratic opponent, watch. >> i can tell you one thing for sure, we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat jones. let me just tell you, roy moore denies it, that's all i can say. he denies it, by the way, he totally denies it. [laughter] maria: joining us right now katrina pearson national spokesperson and donald trump's presidential campaign, katrina pearson, good to see you.
7:07 am
ly show you the cover of the new york pest. i'm with the perv, trump backs roy moore. >> i didn't see the headline when bill clinton was running in office but i will say that the president didn't really say anything new. he stated the facts, what's going on with alabama right now, there's a decision, two decisions actually that need to be made by alabama voters, number one, considering that you have roy moore's denial and you have the accusations, they have to decide for themselves which one is more conclusive to the person that they know and have known for a very long time in that state and number two, whether or not it's worth giving up the seat particularly when we are in a climate where you have a democrat that's going to be supporting abortion, that's not going to support stopping sanctuary cities and probably not going to support tax reform and all of the things that is on the tht pes agenda. he just simply stated the facts. maria: no, that's true, james, isn't it, he's not good on border, he's not good on tax
7:08 am
reform, he wants to raise taxes, all the things that are against the president's agenda? >> yeah, i mean, good on border to me is letting people in to work and contributing to the country but that aside, i think this is kind of -- we are still in the bill clinton era which is that until bill clinton kind of looked at someone's character that was a big part of voting, the big message of the clinton years was just win, baby, if the economy is good, if you think the overall situation in the country is working for you, kind of overlook personal flaws and the person in the white house, obviously we kind of had a similar choice last year, two people with character flaws, people chose trump and now it's going to be interesting to see what alabama thinks of this, they seem credible allegations, he's denied them but maybe people just vote on the policy. >> can i point out, there are in blue dress, no cigars and no photos, this is a little bit different than talking about the
7:09 am
case of roy moore. dagen: katrina, the girl was 14 year's old when it happened, let's be clear. >> i agree with you 100%, dagen. dagen: that's the biggest issue for anybody who is deep -- i would say all women are disturbed by the allegations. >> absolutely. dagen: woman went on the record was 14 at the time. >> i absolutely agree with you. two decision that is the voters of alabama have having to make is do they believe it or not and is it worth sacrificing all of the principles and values on the political side and that's a tough decision. >> i think what you pointed earlier, good morning, you're saying partisan, if it's a democrat, how would they feel like but we are in an environment right now where basically this sexual harassment, rape all of the allegations are coming out with the me too campaign, it's hollywood, it's politics, everywhere, i think the situation in alabama would
7:10 am
probably be a lot different if it wasn't in this environment. >> i have been active on twitter with this very thing because it's disturbing with a lot of accusations coming out. but we are in a perfect position to address that, we have sitting members of congress being accused of misconduct today and no one will name their names. we have seen millions of dollars being paid out with tax dollars to shut people up. the people need to know what's going on so we can draw lines of distinction today and they are not. that's why i say it's a tough decision in alabama but alabama needs to make it. maria: go ahead, james. there's the media distrust part of this too. i shouldn't assume that if you vote for roy moore that it means that you accept the allegations but you overlook them. it could be people saying you're dropping this news on us very late in the campaign, you know, we want -- we would have liked
7:11 am
more time to evaluate and as you said, he's denied it and there isn't the kind of evidence that there might be in some other cases. >> well, and this is a very slippery slope and a lot of people who are even potentially thinking about running for public office need to take into account any one at any time to make any allegation for any reason and if this is the standard that we are going to set we are on dangerous turf going further and not the mention as mother of a son we have to be careful about what those lines are but we are in the perfect position and i will say this again with the current members of congress being accused, those names have to be named, the people need justice, people need transparency particularly on this issue because there are a lot of people today losing their jobs based upon allegations and we have to make sure that they are going to follow through. maria: so the house ethics committee opened an investigation on democratic senator after reports became public that he secretly settled
7:12 am
with a staffer in 2015 after alleged sexual misconduct. there's a creep list going around and the fact that they are settling investigations on taxpayer money? >> well, just goes to show you the hypocrisy and double standard and political atmosphere, i will say that house ethics committee is oxymoron and lead on the issue. i think it's great that democrats suddenly have found moral compass on the way women should be treated. had this not happened in hollywood, we probably wouldn't be having this discussion. we should take opportunity as women and media to move ball forward and demand that people be told who these individuals are and they should step down immediately if they are abusing women, we should find out how much money went out to cover this up, silence of women because this cannot be the
7:13 am
standard moving forward. dagen: you have to file allegations based on congressional rules within 180 days of harassment and go through confidential mediation and to katrina's point, people should be outraged that this is taxpayer money and we don't -- there is no accountability for it. $17 million in overall harassment settlements in the last 20 years. maria: will we ever find out? dagen: we will from this day forward. >> if we keep pushing, that's absolutely right. maria: thanks so much. katrina pearson. take a break. will jpmorgan will get into bitcoin now despite jamie dimon calling it a fraud. a bounce above the competition, the harlem globe, they are here coming up, back in a minute. [cheers and applause]
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crawling the dragging him to safety, many bullet wounds he was hit but south korean doctors say he's expect today survive. again, safely now in south korea. attacker charged with trying to extort money from to beo, indocument accuses of hacking into hbo's computer system and stealing un-aired episodes of game of thrones, the fugitive is living in iran after hbo refuse today pay and began leaking portions on website. finally one of america's popular teeb -- teen idles has died. ♪ cheryl: david cassidy role to
7:19 am
fame -- rose to fame as keith partridge but fans all over the world are mourning the loss of teen heartthrob this morning. surrounded by friends and family, maria, david cassidy was 67 area's old. back to you. maria: he was young at 67. cheryl: he had a lot of problems with substance abuse and dementia. maria: we all grew up with the partridge family. did you watch? dagen: i was a consumer of the girls with keith on the cover. bigger than bieber. maria: without the internet. >> hard to conceive. dagen: back then it was so easy for them to control the
7:20 am
reputation and they way they were put out there and the information because there weren't tabloids. maria: what a different time. dagen: controlled squeaky-clean image. >> everybody loved the par trinl family. i didn't have a lunchbox. dagen: partridge family or brady brunch. maria: new questions surrounding the border patrol agent who died in texas last weekend, we want to know more, why the fbi is investigating the incident as potential assault, that's coming up. senator lisa murkowski backs repeal of obamacare mandate, how the support could bolster the republican tax reform plan back in a moment
7:21 am
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maria: welcome back, transforming health care in america, the future of obamacare uncertain but one issue affect ing nationwide shortage of nurses and doctors. start-uptaking the middleman out of staffing equation, cofounder and ceo nomad, he joins us to talk more about it. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. maria: characterize the situation for us, every month that we do the job's numbers we always know that the jobs today are in health care because we need like a million new nurses in the next couple of years, how
7:25 am
do you get one of those jobs? >> yeah, you're absolutely right. as you know, a huge shortage of doctors, a huge shortage of nurses across the country, hospitals, clinics, every health care organization is struggling to hire enough doctors, clinicians to take care of exploding number of patients and nomad is a technology solution to cut through all of the red tape and make it simple to do malpractice insurance, background checking so that we can get doctors and hospitals together, solve some of the shortage problems. maria: you compared to air bnb system. >> convenience of air bnb, summoning an uber from your home, we are bringing the level of convenience with nomad. >> specially in areas where the legal malpractice system is particularly hostile to the practice of medicine, may not
7:26 am
have ob-gyn all of the time, maybe people can be moving around temporarily in different spots? >> that's exactly what this is. there are lots of doctors who want to do extra work around the country, a lot of latent capacity in the system but so challenge to go -- to find jobs and you can quickly and cheaply fill those positions that ob-gyn in rural area. dagen: no decent ob-gyn would move to rural area because they won't get paid as much even in a suburban or particularly large urban area? >> the solution of clinician shortage is multifold, this is one part of that solution which is making the liquidity of the workforce higher, making easier
7:27 am
for those doctors who do want to move around, who do have the extra time and interesting to help out, even for a week, a month in a particular area, so reducing those barriers, making it simpler for doctors to move around is what we are on. maria: what are the barriers, obviously you need a skill set? >> i'm a doctor myself, i want to help out with the shortage. it took me ten months to organize a three-day job, you have to go through brockers, paperwork to final out, you have to deal with people on the phone and fax machines, literally people are still using fax machines, what we try to do is eliminate complexity and use modern technology to move things along much more quickly and that makes a big difference. dagen: and i know this from personal experience growing up in a very small town, what you are seeing, though, which is doing something some of of what you're doing with nomad is you
7:28 am
have health care collectives, a hospital system that bias up all of the smaller practices across an entire area so they can move doctors around them. that's a very regional phenomena i i would guess but couldn't that go nationally? >> you are seeing consolidation partially for that reason because you can introduce efficiencies with the workforce among many other things when you link multiple hospitals and clinics together, so we are seeing a lot more of that across the country now. >> how is our current health care situation going on with government impacting endeavors and impacting nurses in general? >> it's a challenging situation. we need an hour to talk about it. [laughter] >> all joking aside, you know, i think that -- what we are talking some of the quick fixes on the table are not going to be the solution. i can't talk about the politics, i'm not qualified, i'm just a doctor. >> what do you see? >> what i see is that what we
7:29 am
want to do is -- what i would love to see for every person in america to have insurance so that everyone is invested in health, we can put that issue to bed and focus on innovation, technology solutions, reducing the cost of care, improving the quality of care. those are the things that we all actually care about. maria: you've got gotten in the telemedicine market? >> yeah, what nomad is single destination of all types of jobs. doctors want to answer the call, help pages across the country and this is a really growing way of doing that, kind of a return to the roots of medicine where doctors can see patients in their home although now with the convenience of technology with a phone and so what we are now doing is putting doctors into those kind of telemedicine jobs through nomad. maria: really interesting stuff. alexi joining us there. coming up, police dog is ready for anything. check it out, amazing response to k-9 training with officers.
7:30 am
later this hour. [laughter] maria: love him. honoring america's troops, we will talk with the harlem globetrotters performing. let's see that. are we going to be able to do this. [applause] [laughter] maria: thank you, that was awesome. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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maria: welcome back, i'm mornings with maria, it is wednesday november 22nd, top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, lisa murkowski change of heart on tax reform. the alaska senator is now backing the repeal of the individual mandate, republican senators said to vote on tax reform bill after thanksgiving break. investors are hopeful it will get done after christmas holiday. broader markets expect today open with firmer tone, nasdaq also in positive territory. in europe this morning things have also improved, lowest more of a fixed story, ftse is up half percent but the dax index is negative territory by a fraction. in asia overnight, markets closed higher as you can see hang seng index best performer up two-thirds of 1%. murdered by illegal immigrants or an accident the new question this morning surrounding the death of a border agent in
7:34 am
southeast texas? jpmorgan under fire for reportedly fail to go properly screen employees allowing former convicts to access customer information. despite harsh words on the crypto currency from ceo jamie dimon, president trump pardoned his first turkey ahead of thanksgiving holiday. >> upon being pardoned drumstick and his friend wishbone will live out days at gobbler's rest, beautiful place, it's custom built, it's an enclosure on the campus of virginia tech, tremendous school. maria: best moments from the long-running presidential tradition coming up. meanwhile that's one fit, k-9 officer goes viral check this out after showing up his human colleagues in work out. [laughter]
7:35 am
maria: i love this dog. that's coming up this morning. all the stories coming up. but first, this top story this half an hour, tackling tax reform, republican effort to overall the tax code flask senator lisa murkowski has signaled support, the fairbanks daily news, i have always supported the freedom to choose, i believe that the federal government should not force anyone to buy something that they do not wish to buy in order to avoid being taxed. currently the senate gop tax bill includes the mandate repeal, joining us right now the president of macro, stephanie looking at impact on the bill on markets, good to see you stephanie? >> thanks for having me. maria: do you think this makes it more likely that the senate will be able to pass after thanks giving? >> i hope so.
7:36 am
what we are worried about is that we are shaking cushions for money. we are kind of losing sight of tend goal. maria: where do you see growth right now? you have been so accurate on how strong or not strong actually which is what you said is is the economy, how is it today? >> the trend continues to be a slow deacceleration in the rate of growth which is not surprising. we are in the year 9 of this recovery, the fed's tightening, you expect the economy losing some of the the stem and so what we need is that shock to the system so get growth going again in the form of, you know, really positive physical -- fiscal stimulus and what's concerned me
7:37 am
all the focus has been on corporate side, we need to reform corporate tax code but the reason why growth in the hiring and cap x has been so weak throughout recovery hasn't been the corporate taxes were too high, this 35% rate has been in effect for 15 years and didn't prevent the biggest investment bubble in of our lime in 90's, cap-x booms and mid-2000's that it's the be all end all doesn't really add to me >> i'm wondering the other big piece -- >> i'm ready. [laughter] dagen: oh, yes, she is. >> i'm wondering about the other big piece of the trump economic revival project which is deregulation, now he's done some of it, congress has sent him more than a dozen bills to roll back obama regulations, the
7:38 am
value that he's bringing unlike the obama administration, businesses aren't waiting for what new scheme out of washington is coming, i think that has a value. it seems like cap x is starting to rise. i wonder how much value you put in that deregulatory effort in terms forecasting growth and growth in cap x specifically. maria: i think that's one of the reasons why we have two quarters of 3% role because of the rollback in regs. >> absolutely. that's a huge shift and from the standpoint, you know, ceo optimism, they can now -- like you are saying, they can move forward with the thought that they are not going to be suddenly burdened with all kinds of new regulations so that's great, but what i keep coming back to is that at the end of the day why am i going to hire more people, build more plant if i'm not going to sell more merchandise, ultimately you have to know that you'll be able to
7:39 am
move the product, one thing that we've had throughout the cycle specially in the last few years is persistently high inventory to sales ratio which is surprising with the technology, with inventories, that kind of control, we shouldn't have elevated inventory to sales ratio much le as much as we have in the degree we have and there's clearly been overestimation of consumer demand already and now we are getting again late in the cycle. so my main issue with the tax plan as it is is it doesn't do enough for consumers especially at the high-end, i hate to say this and we have talked about this before, but the top 20% do -- they spend more than the bottom 620% of consumers, so if you're not going to lower their taxes or actually your going to raise their taxes, it's really hard to get some, you know, lively growth. maria: exactly what we have been saying, dagen. dagen: it's not because we have
7:40 am
a personal issue with it, it's just simply -- conservatives promise to go cut taxes but they are not cutting taxes and raising taxes on the people who pay the most in taxes. maria: and spend the money. dagen: you talk about the economy, you have the markets, every market is at record high, 10-year yield is still 2.36%, what is going on in the markets that sees what you're seeing? is it the flattening of the yield curve, is that the sign of concern we should be paying to? >> well, there are a lot of little signals in there like the yield curve, which is wal-mart which is starting to outperform. when wal-mart starts to do better than higher-end retailers or the markets in general it's usually sign in turning point in
7:41 am
terms of people actually having to shop at wal-mart because they can't afford to shop elsewhere. when wal-mart is doing well, it's bad, when wal-mart starts to underperform is good for the economy. dagen: i noticed that over the weekend all the major high-end retailers and department stores online it's shot bob here in new york city, saks, their sales broke over the weekend monday or tuesday before thanksgiving when sales of 40% off or more it is usually a bad sign. >> this gets to your question on the market. i think the market is really overestimating estimating the ec boom from the tax plan and i have been describing this as harvey weinstein story market, essentially it's old, the second largest in history, really overvalued. look at pe ratios but you have
7:42 am
to be long, if you don't cozy up to this market and you're a fund manager it'll cost you your career, it's really true. you're a fund manager and not fully invested you could possibly lose your job. maria: what are the numbers? you have real numbers. compare that with what's going on with earnings. >> over the last 12 months as trump likes to point out, 5 and a half trillion to market cap, gdp, that's 7 times the growth in gdp over the same 12-month stretch and it's 40 times the growth in profits over that stretch. so the markets are really excited about what's coming down the pipe and the way the tax code, the tax bill is structured right now i'm not sure it's going to generate that kind of growth. >> i should have argued with your first premise on the corporate tax code, if that rate comes down the after tax returns to investment increase,
7:43 am
shouldn't that have a big effect? >> well, why won't they continue to buy shares and pay dividends, they have done a trillion a year in buybacks in dividends and we have seen consumer demand turn sideways, i mean, it's high-end consumers who hold the stocks but doesn't do much for the rest of the -- >> the growth we are seeing so far you think is all the trump deregulation? >> well, you have a lot of sort of stuff in terms of energy, et cetera, but deregulation is definitely been a major factor but ultimately i keep coming thank that and demand, who is going to produce more stuff if they can't sell it at tend of the day? maria: you have to get moving on the consumer. >> harvey weinstein market. maria: old and -- >> loaded. [laughter] >> unknown reason just out of no where, everyone is going to acknowledge, they knew it all along, of course, it was overvalued. maria: that's good too.
7:44 am
good to see you, great insight. jpmorgan may get into encrypto currency despite jamie morgan calling it the next fraud. that'srm next. helping keep shoppers safe. this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see. this is a skyscraper whose elevators use iot data and ai to help thousands get to work safely and efficiently. this is not the cloud you know. this is the ibm cloud. the ibm cloud is the cloud for business. yours. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, fbi is investigating the mysterious death of border patrol agent in texas. cheryl casone with the details now, cheryl. cheryl: we have been following the story out of texas, maria, officials are gathering facts. two found late saturday 30 miles from southern border, union officials tells fox news that illegal immigrants appear to have attacked the agents with blunt objects possibly rocks, chris cabrera spokesman spoke about the dangerous that borders face. >> what people need to understand is they need to
7:48 am
understand how it affect it is rest of the country as a whole. a lot of come through this area, a great number of people come through this area, the thing is that the majority don't stay here, they are funneling into the rest of the country, atlantas, houstons, new yorks, middle america and 20% of the people we encounter have criminal history. we need the infrastructure, we need the manpower but more than anything we need the political will to get it done because without that we will continue spinning our wheels and incidents like this will continue to happen. >> well, the fbi is treating the attack as assault but officials say it hasn't rolled out the possibility that they were injured in some other way, 25,000-dollar reward leading to arrest and conviction to those involved and additional 25,000-dollar reward by greg abbott. financial regulators with
7:49 am
million dollar fine on jpmorgan chase for hiring excons, financial industry regulatory authority says the banks fail today screen employees for more than eight years. jpmorgan looking at plans at bitcoin's market despite the fact that jamie dimon has criticized the idea of crypto currency. he said he would fire them in a second. the general reports that the bank is considering whether to provide clients access to bitcoin products for future's brokerage unit. well, a presidential pardon for a pair of lucky birds, president trump continuing the white house tradition of letting a couple of turkeys off the hook on thanksgiving eve but not before he made a few jokes. >> upon being pardoned drumpstick and his friend wishbone will live out their
7:50 am
days at gobbler's rest as many of you know, i have been very active in overturning a number of executive actions by my predecessor, however, i have been informed by the white house council's office that tater and tott's pardons cannot under any circumstances be revoked. [laughter] cheryl: we should say president george h.w. bush started the pardon tradition back in 1989, video gone viral, two alabama officers and partner nitro getting warm-up before getting bad guys, k-9 keeping up with two cops in every push bush. 250,000 views, maria. those are your headlines. maria: i love that video. cheryl: look at him go. maria: great, thanks, cheryl. coming up trick shop gallore,
7:51 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, spreading joy across the globe, harlem globe trotters performing for u.s. troops across asia as part of 75th anniversary. joining me right now harlem globe tratters president, great to see you guys, thank you so much for joining us. thank you for what you've been
7:55 am
doing. everybody is tweeting about how great you are. that's terrific. we are honored to have you here. congrats to you, tell us about honoring america's heros. >> we take pride in honoring heros. seventy-fifth anniversary of entertaining servicemen and women around the world. these guys just got back from overseas to entertain troops in guam, south korea and japan. >> yeah. we were there for 13 days like howard said, we go every year to entertain troops. give them time off from everyday life of doing what they do for us. maria: how great. >> we love it. i have been our four military tours myself. middle east, afghanistan, all over and it's an amazing feeling whenever we go over there, the troops love it, the kids love it and that's what it's about. maria: when you're there and you're watching the troops and they are watching you, it must give you even more strength and
7:56 am
more umpf to do what you're doing. >> for us to bring a piece of home to them means a lot for us and to them. it's honor to give them a piece of home. maria: later today you head to new york stock exchange. last year the globe trotters did tricks. >> we just actually shot a shot in madison square garden. >> yeah. >> but 125th shot right off the madison square garden. >> you can see a lot of that in games. maria: how did you learn to do that? how long did it take you to master that? >> for me to learn maybe three months when i was 13. maria: wow. >> i had been wanting to play basketball but i didn't know the majority of the things i do now,
7:57 am
you have to be a wizard with the basketball. pick it up and make somebody smile when you spin it. that's the kind of energy that we give as harlem globe trotters. >> i definitely broke a lot of hotel lamps. [laughter] maria: funny. >> eighth season, it's a wonderful thing being part of harlem globe trotters, over years marcus, they all paveed the way to be here so we are here to keep the torch lit. maria: what a refreshing thing to watch how beautifully you are to our troops, thank you so much. you can catch harlem globe trotters in madison square garden and brooklyn center next month. great to see you, guys, thank you so much, congrats, howard, globe o trotters, back in a minute. .
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning thanks so much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo happy wednesday wednesday, november 22 top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast uber facing a scandal the company revealed it was hacked last year nearly 60 million accounts affected worst part the giant covering it up paid hackers to make it go away we know. >> uber under fire for collecting information regardless of settings even if settings was off the privacy concerns coming up markets this morning looking firmer we are expending a rally at opening of trading this right
8:01 am
here this is high of the morning dow industrials up 50 points, quarter of a percent higher nasdaq s&p 500 in positive territory. similar in european markets this morning major averages mostly higher ft 100 up two-thirds of a percent cac quarante up a third of a percent the dax fractionally lower in asia overnight, gains across the board best performer in hong kong hang seng up two-thirds of 1%, breaking news a navy plane crashes near japan, with 11 people onboard, so far what we know eight people rescued recessing treatment the latest on efforts this hour, the entertainment world david cassidy has passed away dead at 67. ♪ ♪ i love you, so -- i am not sure of, let's say -- ♪ maria: look back the career at legacy.
8:02 am
plus the nfl considers changing idz anthem policy wait till you hear this it will change it having players stay in the locker room, not on the field, president tweeted reaction, and he is transparentlied all those stories joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell assistant yairl page editor, james freeman, fox news contributor benson joining the conversation good do see knew good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> and to you good to have you here. love being around smart people. >> love the conversation we have every morning it is so smart. dagen: i'm talking about you guy. >> oh, my gosh, who i talking about here? >> we have best conversation every morning about issues of the day, of course, thanksgiving, fun things on show also what happened after the thanksgiving break. >> yeah, and lisa now onboard so gop in senate kind of ticking up toward the 50 votes plus mike pns they need to get tax cut done, looks like it's going to happen.
8:03 am
maria: susan collins says oh if going to repeal on individual mandate you need to do more to destabilize ts stabi. >> everybody wants something. >> i think the people use salt deduction are not there in winter so i think when she looks at people who are year-rounders, i think? may. >> i think going to realize that they don't like paying the obamacare tax, a lot of them who have been paying it are not making a lot of money, and it he it is a winner for people in maine i think will come around. >> we will talking about that this morning joining conversation are former republican presidential candidate herman cain with us ceo, sharon is here, then dr. "mik" will join us host of "varney & company" stuart varney as well a big hour don't miss a moment kick off right here top story this hour it is uber coming clean, the
8:04 am
ride hailing company says it paid hackers 100,000 dollars, to cover up a massive preach last year that exposed the information of more than 57 million customers and drivers newly hired ceo says he recently learned about hack received a names e-mail addresses phone numbers commerce as well as driver's license numbers of 600,000 drivers in the u.s. in a post upper ceo says none of this should have happened i neurotology not make computations for it changing way we do business integrity at core of every decision we make working hard to earn truss of xhurz. >> one deputy out of the this week from keeping the hack under wraps, as saying all morning dagen first to point this out a year ago they have to assess to all our data, and they use it they a truck when you get out of uber car. dagen: and abused it when
8:05 am
under c travis running tracked reporter writing negative about uber tracked movements when using the service. >> that is new day, new day, with new leadership, and all this is coming to light but it does put an exclamation point on how poorly the company was run in original leadership. >> the thing for me a power user of uber love this company should disclose a good buddy works there i use them all the time disturbing not just because hack happened but because they covered up using hackers to cover it up say creditor card envision not compromised i don't know if i believe that do they have about credibility to tell american people with any degree of confidence my follow-up question when you read that they hired hackers to cover up the pro about what assess extra hackers have did they have access everything reprieve hackers had? this that is black eye or uber
8:06 am
you are right new leadership there going to try to turn the page, but this is something now in the back of my mind whenever i am opening the app on this phone, what do they have, and how many people have this stuff and are they telling us still the whole story? >> what are they doing with all the do at. >> right. >> also, let's -- let's look and see whether there was any he consumer harm in this case before we go too far, i guess i would like to say on behalf of the -- old regime much more polite company now, but the way they did business, before, they had to fight municipal governments all over the world entrenched taxi industry a very -- they rolled out a great product that hbenefited lots of people see if new more well behaved polite management can thrive in a very tough market now, the rental car fleet from volvo i don't know if that is kind of capital
8:07 am
intif model can work. >> they have to understand the about responsibility they have access to all our data, i mean technology, companies in general, have an enormous amount of power much more than five years ago. >> i think. i think point well taken i am a defender i am going to london for aous they got throne out of london companies get hacked the thing is cover up what gets me. >> don't worry it i if it turns out there was no consumer harm, then -- don't cover it up. >> cover it up -- >>. dagen: maybe you can't prove harm today what about five years from now if hackers have the information. >> stolen or somebody steals your creditor card information how does it happen you never know and fraifsnkly a lot of
8:08 am
these people. >> it isn't credit card. >> so they say. maria: that is what we know now, good op-eds on time warner at&t deal in journal today we want to talk about this president trump, is weighing in on at&t supposed takeover of time warner day after justice department filed suit to block this deal. >> i am not going to get involved in litigation, but personally i have always felt that that was a deal that is not good for the country i think, the pricing is going up i don't think a good deal for the country, but i am not going to get involved in litigation. >> look he says not getting involved in litigation we know how president feels he said throughout the campaign, that -- doesn't like this deal. >> he says i am not going to get involved but personally, trump o as president of the united states here is what i believe. maria: yeah. >> so should he weigh in on this. >> probably in the way he did but he is doing whatever he wants we say should not do this should not tweet that.
8:09 am
he just does it i think probably a good number of people in the country loosely following this he don't like cnn it is bluster i think how a lot of people react. >> you have to wondered if politics or actually equivalent to prices going up? >> you have to wonder a lot of his politics, because the -- the legal argument is kind of a joke, that basically, ignores all of the new competitive challenges presented by all these technical companies we have been talking about. netflix is not bicker than any cable company the idea at&t owning directv, 25% of the video market can control what we bought what prices is a joke the idea that we have to buy this turner bundled of cable channels that americans can't live without hbo, and we are all forced to buy it whatever price, just -- >> flies in the face of
8:10 am
reality, i don't have to subscribe you know you can live without it you have all competition, from other sources, just on the politics, it -- just as any -- making -- is a has been to this point, a small government rule of law guys to him backing this beyond weird. dagen: they could lose in court they could lose. >> they would they will. maria: i guarantee you if they lose president trump will not be happy. maria: when you least expect it google under fire for collecting location information regardless of setting on phone growing privacy concerns coming up. >> americans step on to roads, on the quest on stuffing, what to expect for one of the busiest travel days of the year along with thanksgiving forecast all ahead.
8:11 am
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intensity thanksgiving dinner this week according to aaa nearly 51 million people travel at least 50 miles from home the highest level in a dozen years if you are seeing
8:14 am
major traffic this shows freeway in los angeles last night boy, jeff flock live in chicago with the very latest travel does not look good jeff. reporter: -- >> jeff? jeff flock? okay. so jeff flock os the there he is. reporter: i got you back sorry about that we are driving the wisconsin sometimes these things happen what can i tell youw not alone as you may have said there, i suspect you said something about busy holiday travel weekend this would be the busiest, we think since year 2005, sometimes we say set new record every year don't you not really, before recession we got more people on road, up 3% this year why? well, according to aaa they say strong economy, robust labor market, rising incomes higher consumer confidence
8:15 am
that is all attributinging to more people on the road in the air this thanksgiving. >> gas prices are higher 41 cents, a gallon, a gallon of regular, compared to last year, airfare, down, so not a barring you are probably not alone down according to aaa 24% hotels he, more people travel more demand, so hotel prices up, so if you are out there, traveling right now, probably not watching us i guess can you do that from the car i guess you can now, anyway. >> jeff thank you, well we are going to be in that soon i guess when you look at those roads, everybody traveling next couple days. >> i drove up from d.c. yesterday. >> it would look like what -- >> it was great for a while then hit new york area, it all went to hell. dagen: sakeing subway to my
8:16 am
apartment. maria: you are mart the forecast to fox news meteorologist in, fox weather center what should be expect. >> large portions of the country looking good across middle of the country a couple travel spots i want to point out to you as we are lookinging at 24 hours rain rolling in, across the pacific northwest going to continue to see perhaps another 4 to 6 inches there will be water standing on roadways from eugene seattle if in that region give yourself extra time out the door, the other area tracking a system on the east coast moving up through mid atlantic stretching up areas new england back side cold won't be surprised if snow through great lakes, this is going to continue to lift to the north time stamp in corner future radar completely clears out by later today, this is going to leave east coast completely dry, but quite a bit cooler cooler air settling in your flight you are looking at green means go, nearly all airports as i originally appointing out
8:17 am
maybe a little bit slower finally your forecast on thanksgiving, cold air across great lakes into new england highs in lower 40s about to look did he rest of the kin lower 70s in some cases regarded breaking seat desert southwest 87 phoenix close to 90 for thanksgiving l.a. come tomorrow areas talking about extreme heat other areas cold but the travel looks pretty good. >> sounds good thank you so much, breaking news, three passengers missing after a navy aircraft crashes in philippine sea cheryl casone in headlines right now. cheryl: following this maria, a search and rescue operation under way right now forfully passengers missing greyhound carrying 11 crew passengers crashed 575 miles southeast of okinawa japan on way to aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan officials say eight people rescued in good condition safely say board
8:18 am
ronald reagan right now all names being withheld defense officials telling fox news early indications point to some type of engine failure president trump tweeted a few moments ago about this said at u.s. navy conducting sketch and rescue following the aircraft crash our prayers for all involved. mick mulvany about the need? to increase spending to reduce military accidents. >> we spend a good bit of money defending the nation you are actually right we continue to look at ways to get the military more money, to meet some of the needs that have been created by the sequester cuts yes, we are in discussions with hill how to try to figure out a way to raise the tax so we can drive one of this administration's top priorities spending more money are on national defense. cheryl: the president's budget, seeks 10% increase in defense spending, a report from court, says the google
8:19 am
has been receiving user locations on android phones even if locations settings were to be private happens when data at location through android sell towers alienate to google google says true but practice is going to be halted end of the month, alphabet up more than 30% so far this year. and, finally, the world mourning death of a 1970s teen idol. ♪ ♪ i think i love you, i think i love you, i think i love you, i think i love you i think i love you i think i love you ♪ cheryl: of course, david cassidy playing the role in 1970s show "the partridge family" clebz sharing memories of him. >> marcia brady on "the brady bunch" tweeted so very lad to
8:20 am
hear david cassidy passing away always so kind sweet to me shows both friday night, his memory will live on in my heart for ever love you david, full house, david cassidy my preteen heart broken -- cassidy, to be him when young lucky to get to know sweet very funny real david as an adult still wander to be him. >> david cassidy died surrounded by friends and family 67 years old. >> thank you very much we will be right back. today, the new new york is ready for take-off.
8:21 am
we're invested in creating the world's first state-of-the-art drone testing facility in central new york and the mohawk valley, which marks the start of our nation's first 50-mile unmanned flight corridor. and allows us to attract the world's top drone talent. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit
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maria: well back shocking study this morning says that nearly half of all cancer deaths maybe about preventable by decisions we make every day according to american cancer society lifestyle choices signature smoking alcohol intake diet connected to cases of cancer, joining us this morning dr. "mik," good to see you, this is very important story very important study do you buy it? >> i am so excited we are talking about prevention, prevention is key when talking about cancer, we always get excited when there are cures, but there is a way we can prevent 50% of cancers just by changing some lifestyle habits, now a study was done similar to this, in 1981. and they thought that it was 70% of cases preventable now with decreases in smoking people eating slightly healthier that changed now to 42 to 48%.
8:25 am
here is what i say, if you can take control of your health, cut your weight, stop smoking, control your alcohol intake, you are cutting risk of cancer a huge package, and that starts with taking control of your life step one. dagen: i think if you look the other way 50% of people who get cancer have no control over it i think unnerving to a lot of people whether the rising rate of women never smoke getting on cancer whether glia blastoma out of nowhere a death sentence, people who get lung cancer told well you got some are environment factors, and you are like what does that mean what am i coming into contact with other than asbestos has given me -- lung cancer -- >> you are right 50% of cases the answer from doctor is we don't know why are this cancer occurred so those people that is where all of this break us through cancer treatments
8:26 am
cures he come about right now amazing progress, with amino therapy to get your immune system to electrify cancer cells most exciting progress being made now vaccines prevent cancers from happening first place you need to see your dr. have that conversation with doctor find out what you could be doing putting you at risk if you might already have a cancer early detection is key. >> also saying less drinking less eating you realize tomorrow, is thanksgiving. [laughter] >> that was coming -- where is the wine, getting some food, because a tough sell today. >> i think a great time to have that conversation. because, if you are aware of the mistakes you are making you and up hate to label them mistakes because you can celebrate a holiday eat more than you -- >> family member of mine tells me i am eating too much on
8:27 am
thanksgiving day i am stabbing them with the knife in hand. >> cancer the least of worries it is entire scope of things understanding why you gain weight understanding how many calories you are eating throughout the day because i have patients come in, and they say doctor, my meals are pretty small i don't know why gaining weight further in conversation well i have a few cupcakes at work -- >> dagen makes really good point there are certain cancers that are cancer because people get sick, has nothing to do with any prevention, one cancer, pancreatic we're not where we are in breast cancer or somewhere else. dagen: ovarian a lot of money has gone to some cancers for research and not others deadly like ovarian cancer needs a huge efforts on that. >> having said that if you do make changes in your life obviously, you can reverse sickness we want to tell you
8:28 am
this obviously, thanksgiving one of the reasons to be thankful is health according to "time" magazine a little gratitude can go a long way for personal health dr. "mik" can make you patient improve relationship help i sleep better good for thanksgiving references found gratitude can help you stop over eating as well. >> isn't it funny being thank full can make you not eat so much thanksgiving not eating so much, positive psychology research has come a long way last two, three decades we found if you do something as simply as write a letter to one in your life could be anybody thanking them read that letter allowed to them next men and women, you will have a increase in depression symptoms in anxiety symptomsure rewiring your brain changing transmitter that affects depression certify tone dopamine when you think in a positive, thank
8:29 am
full for little things in life it rewires everything your examine pattern because you sleep better, like we said earlier relationships improve, and starts with making that mental change first. >> gratitude all the way dr. "mik" thank you good to see you happy thanksgiving, coming up a democrat free-for-all former dnc chair donna brazile making a bold prediction for future of her party in 2020 election. >> the nfl prest could it take a seat in the locker room don't come out until ready to play president trump weighs in on the idea to end the national anthem fallout, back in a minute. [vo] progress is an unstoppable force. the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first
8:30 am
month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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8:32 am
maria: good morning well back everybody thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo it is wednesday, november 22 top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast controversy on capitol hill president trump weighing in on the alabama senate race today roy moore under fire for sexual misconduct allegations. >> i look at all the things that have happened over the last 48 hours, he totally dens it says he it did not happen you have to listen to him also you are talking about -- he said 40 years ago this did not happen. so you know -- >> -- >> will be letting you know next week, but i can tell you don't need somebody who is soft on crime like jones. >> michigan congressman john
8:33 am
conyers reportedly settled a series of claims with a staffer two years ago learning about this now donea brazil bold prediction former dnc chair expecting over two disease candidates in fight for nomination two dozen. >> nfl changing policy having players stay in locker room the president tweeting reaction to that, plus he takes aim at lavar ball once again markets rallying dow industrials expected up 40 points opening of trading now we are off a the highs, of durable goods came in weaker than expected they have just hit the tape, declining 1.2%, in month of october, that is way worse than estimate called for gain of 3/10 of a percent global goods items meant to last a long time we see spending on durable goods down one and water pers that is what is taking the wind out of the markets sail this morning, marriages like this to look,
8:34 am
european, indices mixed ft 100 up a half a percent cac quarante up a third of a percent the dax index lower by a fraction overnight in asia gains across the board look at hong kong hang seng index. best performer up two-thirds of one percent, president trump, is minimizing allegations of sexual misconduct against alabama republican senate candidate roy moore telling them not to support the democratic opponent ethics panel probes conyers allegation blake burman latest at the white house i don't know about what that he was minimizing roy moore in he allegations around them but more so basically pointing out who if opposition was what he supporting. reporter: yesterday president trump did not say the word support did not say the word endorse what he essentially did yesterday was stlo the entire weight of the presidential bully pulpit behind roy moore seen at more
8:35 am
than a week on this issue but yesterday he did a couple things, one he criticized moore's opponent but also highlighted moore's defense. >> he totally denies it says it didn't happen, and you know of you to listen to him also you are talking about -- he said 40 years ago this did not happen. i can tell you for a fact we do not need somebody that is going to be bad on crime bad on brurdz bad with military, bad for the second amendment. >> those comments from pet suddenly came yesterday as many within inner circle distansing them from moore for example within past week the president's daughter ivanka trump and attorney general jeff sessions said there was no reason to doubt moore's accuser, now the president was defending moore yesterday, he was also asked what his message would be to women all across this country. >> women are very special, i think it is a very special
8:36 am
time because a lot of things are coming out i think that is good for society and i think it is very, very good for women i am very happy a lot of these things are coming out. reporter: while president eager to weigh in on roadwayh roy moore yesterday did notaway in on john franken john conyers the house ethics committee investigating conyers after revealed he settled a sexual misconduct complaint against him a couple years ago conyers denies all wrongdoing. maria: thank you so much blake burman white house, 2020 presidential election, donna brazile says she believes there are dozens of democrats waiting in wings to take on president trump the former national committee chairman told usa today this i am up to 51 people i think will likely seek presidency time for new generation of democrats to step up if you want to run, run. joining us is former republican presidential candidate herman cain helman
8:37 am
good to see you thanks so much for joining us. what do you think a lot of competition on democrat side come 2020 huh? >> that doesn't mean she has -- 50 leaders you can have 100 the people the one should emerge is someone that shows leadership ability, that is why president trump won, secondly you might have a lot of people interested because the democrat party as you know is in disarray so maybe there are people out there believe they can pull the party together, and pull the party forward. but just because she -- has identified a large number that might run, doesn't necessarily mean it is going to be a serious challenge to president trump. maria: you are right about the message, you know, you need the message, that will resonate with people, of course, the president during the election was all about jobs, economic growth, that is why we are taking about his economic policy so much, and passage of tax plan, if that doesn't happen if they can't get it across the finish line herman a lot of people are
8:38 am
going to be fired. >> you are absolutely right. his message campaigning, is the exact agenda that he is carrying out, it is about tax cuts and simplification close on partially optimistic like a lot of people didn't get repeal and replace across finish line because of senator john mccain of arizona who stabbed america in the back, he has been very straightforward about immigration and wall not backed down on any of these there is a whole list regulatory rollback doesn't get as much tension as it should i happen to believe a lot of regulatory rollback, is responsible for a lot of the optimism that we see every day, else on your show about what is happening to the stock market. so if you are going to ask what is the message of the democrat party? all you have to do look at chuck schumer nancy pelosi democrats that already in elected position their message is obstruct, obstruct, obstruct, resist, resist,
8:39 am
resist means they are rejecting the will of the american people, they don't have a message to compare with message of president trump. maria: what about his party are you expecting gopers to come out and try to reason i for president a lot of speculation around jeff flake for example, is his own party going to try to take him out? >> i don't believe any g.o.p. people are going to try to run against him to take him out. they are just going to probably try to work against him like many of them are doing right now. >> true. >> if you go to my web site, herman i have posted pay attention we are keeping track of the republican rinos on health care the republican rinos on tax bill going to keep a rolling list of all the republicans in name only so we can share with the public because many of these republicans they believe that
8:40 am
their constituency has short memories some dochl but we don't. and we are going to make sure people know how on the big issues that the public cares about, many of them did not support the president. and these are the things that the american people want. maria: that is a good point we go to your web site to check that out we've got to talk about lavar ball what is wrong with this person president trump is calling for the father of the ucla player arrested for allegedly shop lifting in china president is calling his father ungrateful here is tweet to lavar ball is this morning it wasn't the white house it wasn't state department it wasn't father la rare so-called people on the ground in china that got his son out of a long term prison sentence, it was me. too bad lavar is just a poor man's version of condining but without hair just think lavar you could have spent next five to 10 years during thanksgiving with your son in china no nba contract to support you remember lavar shoplifting is not a little thing it is a really big deal
8:41 am
especially in china, ungrateful fool. now this sentiment is shared by a lot of people i think, herman, because the guy. >> right. >> refuses to say hey mr. president thank you for stepping in getting involved. but should thep generating time energy on this. >> probably not the president is who he is two things going on in my view, maria, one, lavar ball is using this as an opportunity to get attention. secondly, maybe i don't know, maybe the president knows if he goes back at lavar ball, that it is going to attract a lot of media attention to give the media another rabbit to chase as i call it, that is not going anywhere. there is no substance whatsoever in this exchange between these -- these athletes's father and president so it probably is but there is no substance
8:42 am
there, and we will just see how long people chase this rabbit as i call it. >> yeah, herman do you think going to get tax reform done. >> i am 90% optimistic that we will. that is the same number that stuart varney predicted, i am right there with stuart i think we've a 90% chance going to get it done. now, everybody is not going to get everything that they want we know that but i got a real good feeling we are going to get it cross the finish line. maria: i think interesting when you look at mobility potential the fact state and local income tax deduction goes away a lot of predicted on this program, by the way, mitch, don peebles we are going to see exodus out of high tax states like new york california do you agree. >> i don't think so not that easy to move i think long term you might see exodus not going to be democratic right away the other thing a lot of people fail to recognize, the bill that is being considered
8:43 am
in the senate does not to let eliminate the sal.t. state and local taxes it puts a cap at 10,000 dollars do you know who is most nervous the local politicians. >> the property tax cap. >> a cap on that, so the local politicians are the ones nervous they can't go to citizens say we want to raise taxes don't forget you can use it as tax deduction. now want only up to 10,000 dollars going to have rapgs ramifications to the local level. >> happy thanksgiving to you -- >> same to you maria one last word, a topic around thanksgiving table ought to be the difference between accusations speculation and confirmation, because that is what all this stuff is about. about a lot of condemocratizatioconfirmation i think people want to stay away from politics i will raise it
8:44 am
definition of words we will see you soon back in a minute right here stay with us. ♪ when i received the diagnosis, i knew, whatever it takes, wherever i have to go...i'm beating this. breast cancer treatment is continuing to evolve. ctca is definitely on the cusp of those changes. we really focus on taking the time with each individual patient so they can choose the treatment appropriate for them. i empower women with choices. it's not just picking a surgeon. it's picking the care team, and feeling secure where you are. visit appointments available now. i let my mistakes kind aof take over my life. i was point-five credits away from completing high school
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. maria: well back, h-p enterprise ceo meg whitman stepping down nicole petallides with details. >> markets mutbe up we are seeing downside this morning, news as a surprise to the -- expected transition of her to retire leave company but didn't expect it so quickly, in february stocks looking down, about 6% this morning should note, down unimpressive profits but since "the split" real estate hewlett-packard has outpaid s&p 500 up 47%, to the s&p 50028% taking a look at big news this is rockwell, and also emerson possible deal
8:48 am
rockwell, rejected third time offer from emerson electric thinks collaboration between two companies the way to go production of equipment software but just saying, basically rockwell saying you are undervaluing our company they have rejected several bids this in it as well higher this morning up 1.7% back to you. maria: thank you so much nicole petallides on the floor, tackle nfl protests league reportedly floating new idea to have all players remain in the locker room during national anthem next year would be a way around the protests by players outraged fans president said nfl it caning [new idea keeping teams in locker room next season during national anthem almost as bad as kneeling when will highly paid commissioner get tough and smart this is killing your league joining us host of "varney & company" stuart varney. >> you interrupted discussion in studio here, about how i would give my left arm to be
8:49 am
18 again for six months i'm sorry i digress i do digress who wouldn't give left arm to be 18 again when you get to my age join the conversation maria? >> i like where i am right now i don't want to be 18 just saying. >> okay. the rest of you, rather enjoying this. >> what about you dagen. dagen: 18 just was horrible stuart i will take -- 38. 38 is a good year. 38 that was a good year. >> don't you remember the energy that you had? i mean, the energy. maria: we still have energy we are working nonstop stu. feel like -- >> television come on. >> are you avoiding football this thanksgiving. >> yes. i am. if you don't like my flag you don't like my anthem i am an american, i don't like your sport i am not going to watch you are biting the hand that feeds you i think a really -- really foolish thing the players are doing.
8:50 am
it is not over, it is not going to be over for a long time i think the whole game football is being dragged into disrepute that is a real shame that is where i am coming from. maria: when you think thanksgiving turkey football. so here we are talking about this, and in front of what is an important day for football. >> going to be politics discussed around my dinner table. >> eh. >> what do you he mean eh? who said that this is america! uniquely american family three races two religions five nationalities we are americans we don't suppress free speech we talk about it. maria: get it on table a lot of people are avoiding plitsdz politics this thanksgiving you are not. >> get -- this is america, come on! what is wrong with free exchange of views. >> we will see the you 10 minutes stu. >> you will, top of the hour gotten miss stuart and company
8:51 am
all fired up after "mornings with maria" how one is stealing the force with a new line straight out of "star wars," back in a minute opinion ♪
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darkness rises. the light to meet it. >> welcome back build a bear to galaxy far, far away count down to christmas the company out with its "star wars" the last jedi line of bears movie on december 15 ceo build a bear good to see you thanks
8:55 am
for joining us. >> thank you for having me today. >> "star wars." >> exciting we have a wonderful relationship with "star wars" and lukas film we have been doing build a bear versions favorite characters of "star wars" past few years particularly excited this year because we are bringing out our brand-new chewbacca bear a bear version of chewbacca you can see also, our yoda in background on side there, a new -- the rest of new collection, so very exciting to us, we are looking forward to sun coming out -- film coming out. >> 35 dollars for chewbacca. >> you also have blaster. >> has to go together the thing about "star wars," as well as build a bear, it is -- it is fun to you know, kind of remember your experiences we are 20 years old now build a bear like "star wars" generational, and fan behaved so build a bear a special it is not just for kids, when you
8:56 am
come in to see who is making build a bear "star wars" build a weabears, 25% sales teens or old snooer consumers young or old opening their wallets this year? do you get a feel for the larger economy from the "star wars" or other consumers. >> business is good for us, it is changing though i am sure there is a lot of discussion here, about the changes in retail but the overall retail economy, is good. it is how do people want to engage in retail. whether that is tourist based mall based we do very well in almost every key metric or internet, of course, shifting very rapidly to more and more mobile we actually relaunched our web site this year, build a, so people to be
8:57 am
able to experience more of the same type of process that you do in the stores. so you can kind of go through the process of building your bear picking shoes, sound, even online, you can put a personal message in your bear just like you can, at the store. maria: i put personal message here on this bear's feet. >> that is that is embroidery you can record a special message with one of the things makes build a bear personal. >> are you expecting more sales online or in stores. >> oh, in stores by far. >> we will leave it there good to see you happy thanksgiving thank you. >> we will be right back right here. are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. . .
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maria: welcome back, i'm so grateful for this team right here. dagen: amen. maria: thank you for joining us, happy thanksgiving. stuart, take it away. stuart: thank you very much, maria, the tax code vote count shifts a little but it is progress and, yes, the market likes it. good morning, everyone, alaska senator lisa murkowski says she supports repealing the obamacare mandate. that is a breakthrough. killing that mandate helps pay for tax cuts. and what a moderate republican senator shifts like this, it's a plus for getting the whole tax package done and soon. president trump has made position clear on the alabama election, he wants a republican win, period. the allegations against roy moore notwithstanding, he needs to keep 52 seats in the senate, that would help his age


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