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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 30, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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not, thank you, here is lou. lou: breaking tonight, three more women have come forward to accuse morning host and television icon matt lauer of sexual harassment, just hours after nbc news chairman andy lack fired him. decision to fire matt lauer reportedly came one day after a victim alleged inappropriate sexual behavior on his part. we'll have full report for you tonight. national spotlight to sexual harassment and resulting loss of jobs and livelihoods that have followed increasing pressure on
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congress now to hold congressmen and senators accountable for their sexual misbehavior. our special guest, a man who is working toward that very objective. congressman ron desantos, today, introduced legislation to expose taxpayer funded sexual harassment settlement to seek rest agrestitution of taxpayer . and eliminate the congressional hush funds, tonight, fbi informant to testify on crooked hillary clinton's collusion with russia. i will talk with the inform ant's attorney about that evidence that shows a pattern of russian bribery, money laundering and racketeering in support of russian national strategic objectives, including act -- ac acquisition of uraniu.
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and good news of the day, market soaring as congress moves closer to actually cutting our taxes, dow posting 62nd record close of the year, 60 points short of 24,000. top story, firing of matt lauer for sexual misconduct. it continues what is a wave of allegations of sexual harassment against hollywood, television and media personalities and executives. political figures as well. but on capitol hill, there has been feckless attempts to deal with incidents of sexual harassment that have been swept under the carpet for decade. no accountability, no tran person see, and taxpayers all of the while footing the bill for slush funds. to tell you how awful and stupid
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the people are who create those laws, their answer to this point has been to pass legislation, mandating a class on sexual harassment training for the very same people who will be writing laws on sexual harassment. lawmakers such as senator al franken who issued a public apology, and congressman john conyers, uses $27,000 of taxpayer money to resolve sexual harassment allegations, despite reports today to contrary conyer's attorney said that congressman has not made a decision to seek reelection. and raul bocanegra, paying off a former staffer who accused him of being drunk and creating a hostile workplace, congressional leaders including paul pszybylskpaul ryan andmitch mcct
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all of the while. ryan today, 17 million dollar of which, used to settle hundreds of sexual harassment and other complains, in congress. ryan still refusing to say whether congress should make names of members who have been involved in these sexual harassment settlements public. >> we don't know those names, we don't have this information that is why he is reviewing the process. we're waiting for the committee to review the process. wwe won't want to make one-ourof decisions. decisions. lou: speaker ryan. comprehensive, what is as issue are names of those people who use that secret slush fund to settle the allegations of sexual harassment and use taxpayer money for such settlement. straight forward, hardly a need
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to be comprehensive, just complete and straight forward, and honest and transparent. like a good government should. one piece of legislation that addresses problem, introduced today by congressman ron desantos. making all taxpayer settlements public, prohibit use of taxpayer dollar to settle sexual harassment claims and require lawmakers named to reimburse taxpayers. one provision to prohibit lawmakers from using office budget to conceal settlement payments would be th the conyers rule. joining me now, the lawmaker who introduced the bill, congressman ron desantos. member of several key committe committees.
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congratulations you are as good as your word. you said you would do this, this week. have you done so. i think that the american people let alone the folks your constituents are grateful to you for doing so, good to have you with us. >> good to be here, we have this issue with matt lauer and celebrities. and other places, in congress right now you have a system set up that tells potential perpetrators, if you go ahead and harass someone, and you are guilty, the taxpayer will clean up after you and pay for your damage. and we'll keep it secret. nobody will know. well what kind of a behavior are you promoting? we need to rip this system out root and branch, and expose people who have violated taxpay taxpayer trust by using their dollar to she'll their own mis-- shield their own misconduct. the thing is this is a big
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bipartisan bill. you have people on both sides who are fed up with this, i think that momentum is with us, just a matter of time. but i don't think we'll be able to have leadership say, we have to hold a hearing, no. we need exposure now. lou: you heard speaker say we had to have a comprehensive solution, a careful accounting to reveal those names and amounts of money that were paid out. taxpayer money. and speaker acted withive difference -- indifference. has he given you assurances? >> i have not had a chance to brief him on it, we were working on the language, thanksgiving was the hard to do it, we got back we have been working on language, we have 26 cosponsors
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in like 5 hours today, we just dropped a bill, today. and i am going to talk with him about it, i think that the public want it done. i am optimistic that we'll be able to do it. you have a right as a taxpayer to know how your money is being spent, government can't have secret pots of spending money they just dole out and taxpayers have no right, that is unacceptable. lou: did you know that such slush funds were available to you? i have to tell you, i did not know. >> no and reason why i reserved this, it does not come up in the budget it does not come up in the appropriation bills, what congress does they do a permanent appropriation, one law, they say there a pot of money there when you need it go for it you can't even really defund it with budget process, because, the moneyickisting outside of the -- money exists outside of budget process, there is no oversight.
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we have to eliminate all ofs so secret funds. you know mueller, we have talked about mueller investigation. high ihe is using one of these permanent funds to fun their investigation, they are not funding it through doj like that should. lou: justice department is supposed to be the responsible department with oversight of this special counsel. >> they are. but. lou: if they are not providing money they sure the hell not. >> he has his own pot of money. lou: unbelievable. >> that means congress, we can't just defund it in a normal appropriation bill, we would have to pass a special law. thera is say problem with slush fund, i have asked my staff to reserve all slush funds across the government, to provide that information to taxpayer, and close these funds down, only
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money that government should be spending is money we're voting on as representatives. you will know where your money is going, you don't have to worry about secret hush funds. lou: you could not be more correct, american taxpayer, could not be more misinformed, uninformed. than we are right now. i had no idea that is the way both special counsel is being funded and slush funds were in existence and used by those trying to hide from taxpayer, and hide from responsibility. >> you have conyers rule, where he uses his office budget, but he camouflage settlement paying, saying it is his employee salary, you say he paid this woman for 4 months of. employment. he did it that way to hide it
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was a harassment settlement, that's a gross abuse of taxpayer dollars, that is even apart from slush funds. lou: stunning ton to think that speaker ryan, and mitch mcconnell have not already taken steps. instead of talking about a class for sexual harassment. how dumb do they think the american people are? they have gotten away with it to this point, maybe they have an argument that far strong or their side than i have. that and i believe the american people are too smart to be treated this way. we sure as hell need leaders who like you, treat us with the report we deserve and make the government transparent. >> absolutely. it would be wrong for a leader to protect some of the members who had settlements, you try to protect them, what you are doing you are harming other members
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are and behaving honestly, the public say its the whole thing stinks, you are all bums. the way you defend your members is insist on transparency so the bums can go the way of buffalo, and rest of us have condition to -- of us can continue to drain the swamp. lou: i have to say, i imagine that first 15 minutes of that class, that the leadership would have you atends all of the member of congress and senate, would be 15 minutes on slush fund and importance to sustainability of the offers that you have been -- offers that you have been elected to. i don't believe that american people will be patient. this is legislation that should be in my judgment, passed and signed by president before christmas break, what do you think? >> i hop so, people want to, every indication that i have
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from white house that president is supportive of this, i would like to brief him on it as soon as possible. i would love to get president trump's support that could put the house in a position, where we have to act because president is pushing for it, and public wants it. lou: house is has acted is doing so rather somewhat quicker than i thought they would, senate as well. looks like we may have tax reform after all. congressman we're out of time, i am so delighted you joined us, thank you for doing what you are doing. >> thank you for supporting the effort. lou: congressman ron desantos, we're coming back with much more stay with us. >> president trump working hard to push historic tax cuts across the finish line. >> if we do this, then america will win again like never, ever
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before. >> a vote to cut taxes is a vote to put america first, again. lou: can senate follow through? we take that up here tonight. >> and congressional investigators now accuse department of justice and fbi of withholding information about the discredited trump dossier, and how it was used. did obama justice officials rely on that dossier to justify spying on trump campaign officials. charles: we'll have the full report on that, here next. stay with us.
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lou: congressional investigators spend past 8 month trying to uncover the truth of the discredited trump dossier, they have not been forth coming, what are they hiding and why investigator demand that justice department and fbi be held accountable. james rosen with our report. reporter: in a house memo, a senior counsel for house intelligence committee urged nunez to pursue contempt of
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congress citations, accusing agencies of withholding key documents and an fbi witness that could shed light on whether u.s. officials under president trump relied on anti-- under president obama relied on int trump dossier. >> we're tying to work with doj and fbi, we hope they will comply, if they din they -- dony leave us few options. i think stonewalling would be putting it lightly. reporter: that was compiled last year by opposition research firm, fusion gps and based in part by russian sources. recording reveal that it dossier was funded by clinton campaign. >> a group of opponents that got together. reporter: law maker spent 8
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months, including a soup subpoea august 24. used to play surveillance on trump associates. >> are you investigating the claims made on the dossier. >> wha what are you doing here. reporter: house speaker paul ryan is shoul said to be working behind the scenes to resolve the case. >> they have been stonewalling. reporter: after 8 months of requests, an engagement by committee and house leadership, doj and fbi continue to impede. staff recommend further congressional compliance actions. >> justice department told fox news it has been cooperative with nunez panel.
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on alleged trump-kremlin collusion angle, the house panel should meet soon with donald trump jr., lou. lou: thank you. >> vote in the poll, question, do you believe any congress person or senator who does not vote to dissolve all slush funds and make them illegal should be defeated at the polls? we would like to hear from you asal house ways -- always on the question of the night. >> on wall street, stocks closed mixed. the dow up 104. closing at a record high, s&p down a fraction, nasdaq down 88, volume on big board 4 billion shares. trump delivering on his economic
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promises, with economy panding 3.3%. and pending home sales up 3.5% ino. biggest gain in 8 months. a reminder to listen to my reports 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> up next, fbi informant has evidence of russia bribery, kickback, money laundering and racketeering tied to hillary clinton and obama administration. his attorney victoria is joining us here next. stay with us, we'll be right back. i just saved thousands on my loan at in less than a minute, i found out how much home i can afford. i like how you shop for loans the same way you shop for flights online. i didn't realize at lendingtree you can save money on almost any sort of loan. i consolidated my credit card debt with a personal loan. i found a new credit card with 0% interest for 15 months.
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lou: fbi informant william campbell spent six years undercover and gathered information on russian efforts to corner the american uranium
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market. but he wasn't aloud to talk about it until president trump last month got the justice department to lift the gag order against him. here is campbell's attorney, victoria toensing. she previously worked in the reagan justice department and is one of the great americans. good to see you. let's begin with the frustrating delay that congress is experiencing that we are following this important case and story. why has there been such a delay? the justice department at the president's order lifted the gag order. why is he not talking to congress? >> he has to talk to me first, lou.
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preparing a major witness under ordinary circumstances is a herculean task for a lawyer. i have to go from not knowing anything about the case which is where i was in september to knowing everything about the case. six years and 5,000 documents is a lot to digest. you have to get the witness to have facts organized in his mind. in campbell was diagnosed in october of 2016 with leukemia. but this was his second cancer diagnosis in 7 years. the reason he reached out to provide this situation is he said he did not want to go to his grave knowing this story and not having it told. lou: we all hope irrespective of
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the circumstances on capitol hill that mr. campbell has a speedy, successful recovery in that disease. what is a realistic time to imagine that he would be able to speak to congress directly and personally? >> fortunately he was through with his chemotherapy treatments several weeks ago. he's now on chemotherapy pills. they are still debilitating and make it so he can't work for long hours. but he got his doctor's permission to come to washington two weeks ago and i'm just about ready to put the finishing touches on a 10-beige overview of a statement for him -- a 10-page overview of a statement to give to chairman grassily. i have to provide them something
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that's details enough so they know how to ask questions. lou: devin nunes obviously frustrated with the department of justice and the fbi on a host of issues. this is a republican administration with a republican justice department and new leadership in the fbi. and i have the feeling this is the same group of people who were there for 8 years under president obama. am i misreading the situation? >> it's my old home, i thought i understood it, i thought under president obama, city knew who was leading it. but some of the stonewalling is perplexing to me. they haven't gotten out their message why it's going on. lou: it's not helpful or respectful of the american
4:31 am
public's right to know. it's also important to the degree we all want to know what's going on. give us a sense of how in your judgment how important what he has to say and how important those documents are to put before the congress fan what you expect in terms of impact. >> there were two things going on. that was that the -- putin wanted to gain global control of the uranium industry. in campbell provided documents and memos. the other thing going on is how corrupt the russian nuclear industry was. these companies are all related. they might relationship different. names, but they all report up the ladder to putin. knowing these two things, that the companies were corrupt and
4:32 am
putin wanted to corner the market on uranium, our government knowing this for over a year decided it would be a good idea to sell to this corrupt russian company, a company with 20% of our uranium. it boggles the minds. lou: it makes it appear very clearly as i researched this case, looked at what cfius did and the various agencies that make it up, and the department, they had an easy pass to the result that obviously the president of the united states wanted or the secretary of state or vladimir putin. if there is a clear case of collusion between the russians and the u.s. government, it's that case in my opinion. >> this is 2009, 2010.
4:33 am
we were in reset. we were with president obama who thought if he was nice to people, they would be nice to him back. and putin would be his puppet. it didn't turn out that way. lou: not much of his expressed opinions about foreign policy did work out, did they? >> no. lou: we hope mr. campbell is on his way to a successful -- >> we do and say your prayers for him. lou: we look forward to his appearance. we are coming right back with much more. stay with us. another left-wing media see you con accused of sexual harassment and matt lauer fired as a result. most of sky divers and wing
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lou: three women coming forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against fired income morning anchor, "today show" host matt lauer.
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howard kurtz has our report. lou.reporter: that was matt laus last day in the anchor chair. just after an employee told nbc about inappropriate sex resume behaver high year. -- >> all week of say is we are heart broken. >> i'm heart broken for matt web's my dear dear friend and partner here. i'm heartbroken for the brave colleague who came forward and any other women with their stone stories to tell. reporter: at $25 million a year he was the highest paid anchor.
4:39 am
whether he's interviewing presidents or hosting the thanksgiving day parade or circling the globe. the woman's lawyer says he was encouraged by nbc's quick response and in awe of the courage my client showed for coming forward. this comes after charlie rose was fired by cbs. president trump whose apprentice show aired on nbc used the information to suggest executives be fired. he even wrote of nbc's morning host. will they have determine state in joe scarborough based on the
4:40 am
2001 death of an intern in scarborough's office. reporter: the former prairie home companion host says he afollow jietsed for patting a colleague on the back and touching her bare skin. law. lou: an obama-appointed inspector general is speaking out about the investigation into hillary clinton's emails. he said federal officials tried to hinder that investigation and they threatened him. >> with more than two decades of government service. charles mccullough was nominated
4:41 am
for the 17 intelligence agencies. >> all of a sudden people started talk about how independent i was. reporter: that independence was tested after the intelligence agencies found their classified information in clinton emails. mccullough went to senior officials including james clapper. >> he said this is extremely reckless and mentioned the campaign will have heartburn. reporter: did you tell the cia director james brennan there was classified information? >> he already knew. reporter: after two emails sent by clinton aides. government records show a senior state department official who worked for secretary clinton allegedly pressured the fbi to
4:42 am
downgrade the investigation as a quid pro quo. by february 16, emails relefted by wikileaks suggest clinton's lawyer and a senior staffer shared information to target mccullough. >> there was a coordinated strategy. i not only think it, i think it have much so. reporter: a former clinton campaign spokesman did not return the call. fox asked about this march 26 letter from 17 democrats. it said they had serious concerns about the clinton email review. feinstein's office wanted mccullough to respond. >> i told the staff director i was not going to respond to it.
4:43 am
reporter: senator feinstein's office did not respond to our questions. senator feinstein told the daily caller website she had no idea what mccullough was talking about. lou: watch as this high-flying due he leap off a mountain in the swiss alps before flying one by one into an aircraft. they completed more than 100 test flights before completing the incredible stunt. county require said can we do the vote now?
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i think they should do it now. we are ready.
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lou: counselor to the president kellyanne conway is now
4:48 am
president trump's opiate czar. joining us to assess this and much more. ed rollins, long-time strategist and political director under president ronald reagan. ed: i think it's a great choice. she is a great communicator. it will stay in the white house as opposed to going to hhs, which means it will have a high priority. lou: the president alone among all the candidates, republicans and democratic, particularly hillary clinton, the only one to focus on this. it's a crisis he said from almost from the time he stepped into the campaign for president. ed: it's killing more people
4:49 am
than anything today. it has to have a focus in the government. i think she is a good choice. she has been working closely with christie on the commission the president has. lou: high energy and high intellect. congress, slush fund. thank you, again, congressman ron desantis for doing the people's business in the people's house. it's incredible he had to introduce legislation, we didn't even know there were slush/hush fund for senators and congressmen accused of sexual misconduct. ed: i think the taxpayers have every right to know who has been paid out and why they were paid out and which members were
4:50 am
sponsor paying out these fines and penalties. lou: are you stunned? ed: i'm pleads. it has a great deal of focus. some of the members realize whatever comes out of this process is far better than what we have today. to a certain extent they will get it. lou: the president has been driving it the whole way. >> i think he will make life miserable for anybody who comes out against it. i think to a certain extent you couldn't ask for anything more from him. lou: up next. shameless hypocrisy from the dems plagued by scandal. we'll take up congressman al greens strange criticisms of the president. we are coming back with more than that and
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lou: in our online poll we asked you, do you think chuck and nancy care how supercilious they look? 88% said no, they don't care.
4:55 am
mollie hemingway and niger innis. thank you for being here. let's start with the extraordinary thanks cuts. mollie: for a long time people have been optimistic but you couldn't see how they were going to get there. people are falling in line, ensue and collins. if she is it probably means there is a good hope of passing. it looks like something good could happen. but in this town washington, d.c. you never want to predict victory. lou: senator cork, senator til lirks s, kennedy and grassley, these are question marks that we have about who is going to make
4:56 am
this thing happen. who do you think will be here? do you think mcconnell is fully behind this? mollie: i think most of those voices will come around. most of of them are reticent because of the trigger that if the economy doesn't grow you will see tax hikes which isn't the worst idea in the world. but they will have 20 hours of debate on the senate floor. if they want to make amendments they can. it's almost like a return to the old senate order that has been long gone. lou: the old senate order includes mitch mcconnell supporting roy moore. the latest poll shows him moving up. your thought about his chances
4:57 am
and prospects. >> i think he has a very good chance of pulling this thing out. i think roy moore should get on knee and thank god for people like john conyers, al franken, matt lauer and charlie rose. the good people of alabama could say all these guys in power get involved in this mischief. it's not to excuse it but it makes the controversy purchase moore very, very blurry. i think moore will pull this out despite this write-in candidacy this former marine which i think is being put up by the swamp. lou: kid say mitch mcconnell. >> i said the swamp. you could say also known as. mollie: mitch mcconnell was the one who meddled in that primary.
4:58 am
everything has backfired for him. there are so many republicans in alabama who have reason to believe whatever the situation with roy moore doesn't for them make sense to vote for someone who opposes all their political goals. and the timing of the original "washington post" piece gave people time to process it and react less emotionally and think more strategically about who wants to represent them in the senate. lou: mitch mcconnell's reaction to that piece. mollie: he should have been more cautious in response to that
4:59 am
story. it made people believe it was more political than it was and it didn't serve his interests very well. >> i agree with molly. it wasn't just mcconnell. it was half a dozen ru7 can senators who called for him to step down. that doesn't shep when you have an angry public furious with the swamp. lou: looking like some would say, fooling because they are ignoring the democratic tradition which is relying on the ethics committee which is nothing more than a dark hole where ethics investigations go to die and consequences seem to disappear like in the case of charlie rangel. when democrats were focused in this sexual harassment wave, it became clear they only wanted accountability with republicans. mollie: it would be nice if both
5:00 am
republicans and democrats thought about holding people more accountable. lou: congratulations to congressman ron desantis who made it the >> there will be plenty of amendments on both sides. lauren: voter rama the senate getting ready to the tax bill with about possibly as early as today. as the corporate tax rate now in play? the dow jumping over 100 points led by financials yesterday. dow 24,000 this insight with the nasdaq down 88. right now we did it 24 k. today. dow futures pointing up by 58. lauren: nasdaq futures up by eight points. a


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