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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 6, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EST

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comey. lou: as always we appreciate your insights. gregg jarrett. that's it for us. tomorrow night ed rollins and we'll have fun with ann. kennedy: nancy pelosi feigningout range over the gop tax cuts. robert mueller looking into the trump family's finances and a $300 million german loan. does the pentagon have a secret microwave bomb to take out north korean missiles? if there is one benefit to constant d.c. bickering it's how hypocrisy shows itself when one party gets mad.
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she used only facts and data to to subtly express her displeasure. >> the debate on healthcare is like death. this is armageddon. this is a very big deal. you know why? there is a hard way to come back from this. they take us further, more deeply into debt. what can you do? kennedy: what can you do? exaggerate. use hyperbole. claim people are going to die immediately. when that doesn't work, call john conyers an icon. chuck schumer was also highered in political -- was also mireed in political mulch. >> republicans are reaching unreached heights of hip why it i. and the senate -- heights of
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hypocrisy. and the senate is involved in chicanery. kennedy: where is bernie sanders? look for his senatorial hose. he says republicans are looting the treasury. republicans are wildly hypocritical about spending. but looting the treasury would be bernie sanders' immediate care plan. democrats want to below the the deficit like a fat kid in the candy factory. republicans would be wise to trim that $1.5 trillion with
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cuts. and enjoy the economic bounty that comes when thanks cuts are coupled with fiscal restraint. it's so much fun to watch nancy's head explode like a gal were watermelon. welcome to the show. i'm kennedy. behind all the bluster on the left and the smoke and mirrors on the right. is this tax bill armageddon or salvation. joining me, charlie hurt. >> what is a schmuck tumor? >> a muck tumor. it's the kind of cancer that grows in the demented sandbox of
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statism. >> luckily it's terminal. kennedy: one would hope. but democrats' heads are catching fire over this tax plan and all of a sudden they are responsible fiscal stewar stewal stewards. >> the idea that the democrats are now concerned about debt and spending is absolutely preposterous. it's the most of preposterous hypocrisy we ever see. the real problem is, if republicans wanted to radically overhaul the tax system, you could abolish the irs and do away with the income tax and end the war on work. if there was -- filthiest perversion of our tax code is the fact the federal government
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punishes work and rewards indolens. if you switched that one simple thing it would do much to fiction what's wrong with our country. kennedy: i'm buying what you are selling. whatever dispense are you you are opening in colorado, i'm lined up before the doors open. but unfortunately we are not going to have the thanks reform necessary to have economic growth in this country. there is such a disconnect between spending and taxing. when people talk about the establishment, they talk about two cartels that are so dug in, they have a fake war with each other which is a grand distraction from robbing us
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blind. >> i get that republicans need some sort of victory here. in washington everyone is going to play small ball, except for barack obama. he had no fear going huge as he did with the obamacare bill. even if the republicans made a val want attempt to do something radical likening the war on work in washington. i think be like donald trump would have been a perfect person to lead that fight. if you look at the support he got where he peeled off democrats, he peeled off working democrats. that's a rarity in the democratic party. most of of the people in the democratic party don't work or they work in hollywood. but it's those workers. if you made a campaign to end the war on work. i think it would solidify his base and even if they didn't succeed, it would have been a
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great message, a great night to fight. kennedy: i was walking by a bin at work where they have toys you can donate to marine families. i was laughing to myself. wouldn't it be great if hard working middle class families who are having hard times making end meet if they had a bin like that so they could get help during the holidays? but things like that don't exist. there is too much government, too much meddling, too much taxation. and it limits freedom and economic growth and that's what we have to fight against every day. as congress debates thanks reform they are grappling with a wave of sexual misconduct allegations. today senator john conyers stepped down. he has held his detroit area
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seat since 1965. conyers called a local radio station today and was very defiant. >> my legacy can't be compromised or diminished in any way by what we are going through now. this too shall pass. i want you to know that my legacy will continue through my children. i have a great family here, and especially in my oldest boy, john conyers the third, who incidentally i endorsed to replace me in my seat in congress. kennedy: is he a virks scount? his grand nephew also announced he will be running for the open seat.
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and elisa grubbs who worked for him for a decade says conyers groped her during a church service. carley shimkus is here joined by comedian and host of a part of the problem podcast which is giving out crates of hot sauce for the holidays, dave smith. and marie harf in the house. welcome back, everyone. >> i gave it all out. a lot of struggling people. kennedy: he wants his eldest son john conyers the third to take the seat.
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>> there is a process and the voters of this district will decide who they want to represent them. he made the right decision to step down. this is one of the questions. we now have a republican congressman representative farenthold who admitted to paying over $80,000 to someone. people are calling for him to step down. so if all of these members, some of them who have been accused decide to step down, we'll see special elections. we'll see governors getting appoint people. this will get messy as it should. >> it's crazy, interesting and it will tweak how people run for office and voters internalize and choose candidates in the future. you see someone like al franken,
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until democrats get rid of everyone they don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to criticizing republicans for these flaws in human nature. >> i don't think one guy stepping down proves people are going to step down. i think this guy would have won another election and roy moore has a good shot to win his election. i don't think there is any proof this will get congressmen to step down. kennedy: he wasn't actually stepping down. >> informing you my legacy is unaffected by that. i think that's something we decide not you. i think groping women should affect your legacy. kennedy: taking advantage of vulnerable people. >> the clutch thing is shock. the number one thing on his minds is his legacy.
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which is why he said he's endorsing his son. christmas will be interesting because of the grand nephew aspect of this. kennedy: you rabble rouser. we have to remember one of those other surprising aspects to this was the democrats' initial response. we talked about nancy pelosi and how she reacted. my biggest shock is it took john conyers to resign because there was that initial support from in already. democrats pride themselves on being the party of women. kennedy: let's move on to alabama. the republican national committee reinstated its support for roy moore, tossing him a huge financial lifeline. go ahead and bring me your feud on twitter trite now.
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i'm ready for it. with a razor thin margin it could be the boost the accused child predator needs to win the race. he called all of his accusers liars. last week he said it was a conspiracy by gaze and liberals to bring him down. but one of his accusers has revealed love letters signed by moore when she was 17 and he was in his 30s. while dating a 17-year-old is not against the law. but moore was lying when he said he never met any of his accusers. this is very interesting because i think of all of these allegations, if they had surfaced a couple weeks later. but it's almost like too much time has passed since the post revelation and the election. >> it's stunning to me that the
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rnc withdrew their support for him when it looked like he may not win. now they are throwing their support back to him. it looked like a calculation on who would win. we are in a moment in this country where we are reckoning with a lot of people being accused. politics is behind the curve on this one. we'll see what the voters decide here. but either we believe women who are credible like these women, or we don't. it's stunning to me. you said the democratic party was linds the 8-ball on this. kennedy: they are both hypocrites. they are just protecting their own power. it's not like americans benefit from it. they got my back in this thing. >> republicans will have to
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answer for this now. >> a lot of republicans tried to distance themselves. but there is a huge gap between the republicans different does nothing but help pro moore. the wall to wall media coverage did nothing but help roy moore. the republican electorate overwhelmingly are convinced the media are liars and they don't have their interests at heart. they are kinds of right about that. i don't think they are right about roy moore. but they don't trust the media. kennedy: the gop establishment, the washington establishment and the press. >> there was a poll, 70% of republicans in alabama don't believe these allegations to be
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true. which means there are so many people who think this is a liberal smear campaign which compels people to turn out to vote. we talked about roy moore not getting helped by mitch mcconnell. somebody else who is not helping roy moore is president obama. he's not getting a lot of sway from the people alabama because his guy strange lost. he will face the criticism of back an alleged child predator. kennedy: beware of their dreams because they have may come true. first you have as robert mueller continues the russia investigation. now a report claims they are look into a large bank's relationship with the president.
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kennedy: special counsel robert mueller is following the money notice russia probe and has subpoenaed deutsche bank records
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for $300 million in loans they gave donald trump. one of trump's lawyers jay he cue slow claims the story is false. and says mr. mueller is too conflicted of investigating. he should step down for someone more. what comes next of what is turning into a remember diftion who's on first. joining me next, glenn ham is back. let's talk about this "wall street journal" editorial board.
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they are saying mueller has to go. he had a compromised agent, kept it secret for too long. >> i don't speak for the "wall street journal" editorial board. bust general just of this is if you have an agent inside the investigation, mueller's investigation, one of the most of senior agents who has bern recused because he has been making internal messaging critical of the president and the target of the investigation and is the same person leading the investigation into the hillary clinton email situation, and you don't tell congress and you keep that under wraps. or why he has been removed. it opens up your whole investigation into to scrutiny. members of congress think so, and i think that's the beginning of under mining the credibility of the investigation. i am not saying it does that. but that's something the president has taken to twitter
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to accomplish. kennedy: are robert mueller and james comey to close to the fbi. >> those who defend mueller save he immediately recused the agent. because there was an inspector general's investigation going on made come reply dmaitions terms of disclose our. kennedy: we are hearing that mueller is probing the deutsche bank and the loans they gave it president. >> we are told the president previously may have made personal guarantees for that loan. so does somebody else have a call on the president through repaying those loans. kennedy: you will finds out more about the president's finances
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than you would with tax returns. >> it signals the investigation is moving into another category and that's what people are wondering if it's moving beyond clution. kennedy: the trump supporters are saying it's above board. i don't know if any of it adds up to collusion whatever that is. this may still be a big waste of time and money. >> we don't know the answer to that question. but the investigating self is tainted now. kennedy: it many tainted love and many people have fallen out of love with robert mueller. coming up, the party panel returns to discuss jane fonda's praising of colin kaepernick. a new report says the i.s.
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has a top secret new record and it comes down to microwave. according to nbc the sophisticated microwave bomb can be dropped on the communist regime and it will interests fear with grounds control. in essence rendering the whole system useless. this comes on the heels of north korea boasting they have an icbm that can reach anywhere in the u.s. will the u.s. be able to stop the missiles before they launch? joining us now, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. >> speaking like the duchess of dooma. you have great on all these counts.
12:30 am
you have these things going. kennedy: let's talk about this microwave technology. is it real and can it work? >> yes, it's real. but no it won't solve all our north korean problems. kennedy: what about the big ones like the nuclear missiles. >> if it were poghtsds in exactly the right place and launched at the exactly right time it would help. but it's a mistake for americans to fall for the idea that one wonder weapon is going to solve all our problems it doesn't work like that. microwave weapons can be a terrific part of a comprehensive effort to destroy nuclear and missile systems in north korea. kennedy: while limiting civilian casualties? >> it will microwave their microwaves.
12:31 am
it would limit civilian casualties. and we always try to limit them. if you are compelled to use middle force to destroy north korea's military and nuclear programs it will take a while, it will be messy and will probably result in regime change one way or another. we have been hearing about clear * for so long, viewers are like the boy who cried wolf. it's' serious. we have maybe a year to a year and a half before north korea could do real damage if their program is perceived a threat. kennedy: the question is the goal to have china engage in military action. >> well, the goal is to have china engage in economic action. and the trump administration has talked a good fight on china. but when it comes to the clinch,
12:32 am
the trump administration is unwilling to threaten a trade war. if you are not willing to threaten a trade war with china, you are going to have a shooting war with north korea. the chinese are trying to have it both ways. they will pursue sanctions to play kate us. but they are not cracking down. we have vladimir putin allowing a massive smuggling operation. when people say china is the key, they are correct. but if china won't turn its key this is going to end very, very badly. and i hope it won't. because it will be a bloody mess. there is no surgical strike. this will be bloody. kennedy: lieutenant colonel,
12:33 am
thank you so much. the duchess of doom, nicely done. speaking of communists, actress jane fonda is praising colin kaepernick. he was honored by the aclu in southern california friday night. >> we must identify oppression, came out and defeat it. ken trrp afterwards jane took the stage to well cap, quote, you are woke. she ended her speech by saying quote, keep kneeling until you can stand up. then she pressed herd life alert button. is it any surprise it takes so little to impress hanoi jane? that communist traitor.
12:34 am
dave, i will start with you. i think there is a kernel of truth to what colin kaepernick started out fighting for and championing. but unfortunately whatever truth there was there, it has been completely lost by his lack of talents and theatrics. >> it reminds me of occupy wall street. you get a bunch of socialist propaganda from people who know nothing. when colin kaepernick said we have to stand up against police brutality and put a castro thing on his jacket. you have to know something. and you know, i think there is an important discussion around the war on drugs, policing, and police for profit and mass incars nation. but we are not talking about any of that. try protesting like he did in castro's cuba.
12:35 am
and i think if he talked about the war on drugs and policing for profit and asset forfeiture, i think you could rally small government people. but jane fonda isn't going to help in that. >> copper. nick: has always been a very unfortunate champion of this cause. you are both right. we have to have a conversation about the issues he's raising, police brutality, when parents of young african-american kids are scared to send them to school because they are afraid of what will happen, that's a problem. other envelope players are trying to -- other nfl players are trying to move this in a better direction. they need to sit down the police union to talk about this in a non-political way. copper. nick: will never help the cause by being a champion.
12:36 am
kennedy: what's distracting is jane fonda is still a total commie. and she has shown zero contrition. she is totally anti-american. >> and used the term "woke." she shouldn't have that conversations during "the national anthem." i like the fact that the nfl is going to give money to some of these causes. the players who still say they are going to neil are ridiculous. -- are going to kneel, they are ridiculous. go out into the communities. >> if you are going to protest you have to be precise and know some stuff. there are major problems with the police in america. but it's not true cops are out there gunk down innocents black people. when you portray it that way you
12:37 am
lose credibility. >> with social media seeing some of the horrific incidents that happen, which are a small percentage but still concerning, we have to have this conversation. kennedy: thank you all for being here. so great to see you. marie and dave. a new report claims mike pence was so upset with president trump's access hollywood tape that he was part of a plan to buy the presidential nominee out of the race. liberty mutual saved us almost eight hundred dollars when we switched our auto and home insurance. liberty did what? yeah, they saved us a ton, which gave us a little wiggle room in our budget. wish our insurance did that. then we could get a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey, welcome back. this guy... right? yes. ellen.
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kennedy: an explosive new report that vice president candidate mike pence was contemplating a ballot coups against donald trump after the release of the access hollywood tape. he made it clear was ready to take trump's place as nominee and a small group of donors were weighing the possibilities of paying him $800 million for trump to drop out of the race. reince priebus is calling the story 100% false.
12:42 am
joining me, peter he -- peter suderman. we are having some nighttime construction in times square. getting ready for a new year's eve. i love this story so much because $800 any is so much money. it's funny that it was presented to donald trump and he said no i will pass. >> i don't know he was ever presented with the $800 million. it's an incredible amount of money. it's twice as much as the entire trump campaign cost and more than the hillary clinton campaign cost. the presidential election was $2.4 billion in 2016. $800 million, that's how scared some republican donors were after the access hollywood tape came out. and i think that that feeling
12:43 am
was shared not by the entire republican party, but by a lot of republicans at that time who thought this is a lost cause. what that tells you, what the amount tells you, is that those republican donors saw basically and viewed his as an opportunity basically that they shot they were better off buying an entirely new campaign that probably would lose if you have the top guy step off the ticket. they would have better chances if they spent the amount it costs to run an entire campaign there on a single payment at the last minute. kennedy: has pence always seen himself as a place holder or as the heir apparent. >> pence is an interesting guy. he's the most of conventional of conventional republicans. he came up politically in the 1990s under clinton.
12:44 am
came to congress as the governor indiana. a business-friendly conservative with ties to the religious right. he started out being kind of critical of trump saying trump's muslim ban proposal was unconstitutional. he said this on twitter. it's not a privately reported thing. but then accepted the vice presidential nomination. pence has always seen himself as a steadying hand and conventional figure in an unconventional administration. kennedy: for him it was a great political gamble that so far has paid off. i'm sure there are those around him and those who analyze politics for a living think pence has shot of becoming president one way or another. always a delight.
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kennedy: notorious basketball
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lavar ball is pulling difficult angelo off the basketball team after he was caught stealing sunglasses in china. this is the "topical storm." we begin tonight in glorious tampa. * where the cops caught a suspected serial killer. here is the tampa police chief announcing the arrest and there is the interpreter announcing apple jack, roller skates bingo. she was waving her arms around like she was singing jingle
12:50 am
bells. sadly this isn't the only example of this sort of thing happening in the area. the tampa bay buccaneers were accused of impersonating a professional football team. jamison doesn't have a crab leg to stand on in court. a california family was reunited with their runaway cat after he was found at a san francisco animal shelter 80 miles away. which makes us wonder, can't these people take a minute? how far does this poor cat have to walk before you realize he hates your guts. the cat's name is squishy. the family placed a microchip in his paw. he had been gone for a month.
12:51 am
but then a call came from a rescue volunteer that caused squishy's mom to drop everything and make the 80-mile drive. mom and squishy are back home. and squishy spent his day tunneling through a wall with a rock hammer. it's like alcatraz. topic number three. let's head out to phoenix, arizona where the war on christmas is being taken to new heights. the city banned christmas trees from camelback mountain because birds were chewing on ornaments and getting sack. but a tree was placed up there with ornaments made offal todayf
12:52 am
alka selzer. they are asking people to take their garbage when they leave and make sure every hiker gets the point. they even brought in a topnotch sign language interpreter. here she is. is she showing us her brooch? topic number four. everybody likes to joke as the entire state of colorado has become a haven for stoners with the munchies. but if that were true would in-in-out burger be opening restaurants in the state? but unlike brian ross' reports, it's a true story. and you don't have to be a stoner to be excited about it
12:53 am
because in-in-out is the best restaurant in the state. people say what about shake shack or smash burger or five guys. shake shack is solid. smash bigger is pretty good. and i haven't had five guys since college. but from what i remember, they were all pretty handsome. topic number five. god rest your soul, johnny carson, taken us from, too. visitors at the cincinnati zoo sasay saying good-bye to their
12:54 am
hippo. not on is hippo season finished. but the steelers season is over, too. fiona is expected to make a comeback next year. zookeepers say the 600-pound superstar could even be heavier. they tried talking to her, but it turns out you can't fat shame a girl whose entire piecey is a fat shaming term. what bert way to celebrate than to pour yourself a nigigigigig
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kennedy: 84 years ago today, back on december 5, 1933, the 18th amendment was repealed and legal booze was back in business. the temperance movement claimed alcohol caused also see it's problem. and cutting it out would eliminate crime and mental illness. it's the same climate today. cannabis has been prohibited for
12:59 am
as long as comog became legal. 120,000 people have died being caught in the mexican drug war. compare that with colorado that has seen a billion dollar windfall from its legal cannabis market and $20 billion taxable dollars expected to pour into the u.s. in two years. opioid deaths plummet by 25% in states where cannabis is legal. prohibition squashed civil liberties. anything less than freedom is madness. thanks for being part of the show. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. email we love getting your cards and
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letters. tomorrow night on the show, former ambassador john bolton, pete hegseth and katie pavlich. they will all wrestle in a vat they will all wrestle in a vat of crisco.c) (announcer) the following is a paid advertisement for time life presents the '60s. ♪ ♪ come on, people now ♪ smile on your brother ♪ everybody get together ♪ try to love one another right now ♪ (announcer) the '60s was an era marked by an explosion of a counter culture that shaped an entire generation. ♪ i wanna take you higher (energetic music) ♪ i want to take you higher ♪ it's the time of the season for loving ♪ ♪ to everything, turn, turn, turn ♪


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