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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 7, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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optimism coming in. there is a wall of worry that we almost climbed. [closing bell rings] there is a lot of skepticism but as long as you have the right companies you're in good shape. liz: thanks, jordan. stocks end in the green across the board. tomorrow labor department jobs numbers. you have to watch the closing bell. melissa: dow ending a two-day losing streak up 57 points. we'll take it. new developments out of washington. all major averages closes higher. i'm melissa francis. david: good news we're bringing you. so glad you could join us. i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." more on the big market movers, here's what else we're covering for you in a very busy hour once again. a high-stakes showdown. the president meeting with congressional leaders right now at the white house including chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. this as the house gets ready to vote on measure for controversial two-week delay, spending bill. this would apparently avoid a
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government showdown, shutdown, excuse me this weekend. this is all happening this hour. we're following it for you live. meanwhile crews are facing an uphill battle as they fight to contain three major wildfires burning in southern california. officials say it could get worse before it gets better. we know how bad it has been. nearly 200 homes and buildings have already been destroyed. we're on the ground in ventura county. finally defiant al franken announcing resignation from the u.s. senate after getting immense pressure from the fellow senators and taking jabs at president and roy moore on the way out. karl rove on timing of franken's resignation. what happens now? melissa: congress moves forward on the budget. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. nicole we saw a spike in the dow after al franken announced he was going to resign. what about that? >> indeed, that's right.
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it went to the highs of the day. we're up about 120 points at that time. held on to good gains, up 71 points for thedown. that is gain of one-quarter of 1%. s&p snapping a recent losing streak. they're digesting from the latest noise and all headlines they get some profit-taking has subsided. taking a look at dow, nasdaq, s&p. you have all winners. dow winners, caterpillar, nike, boeing, united technology. boeing, talking another all-time high there. there is bitcoin. the cboe make this one the real deal. jamie dimon thinks it a whole thing is a fraud from jpmorgan. look at that, common, 15,500. this thing barreled through 14,000, 15,000, 16,000. much moves to obviously highest levels here and making it own sort of record. we'll see whether or not people are believers.
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something still very controversial. back to you. melissa: nicole, thank you. david: somebody is a believer in that. meanwhile we have a looming budget deadline to talk about. president trump is now meeting with the big four congressional leaders, republicans and democrats are there, including nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are all at the white house, as we await a house vote on short-term funding bill. this is kind of a tactic to prevent a partial government shut down. our own blake burman live at white house. i always say partial, blake, last time only 17% of the government shut down. still 83% was going strong. reporter: both side want to prevent 100% of this. that is why nancy pelosi, chuck schumer are here at the white house. what a difference a week makes. they have been here better portion of an hour meeting with president trump, mitch mcconnell, paul ryan. this meeting moved itself into the situation room as they get a briefing on military operations.
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no doubt about it, they are here to avoid a shutdown tomorrow night. as they were here the house started debate its own bill to keep the government open for the next two weeks or so, up until december 22nd. appears that is where the thing is headed. mitch mcconnell called that earlier today, non-controversial. he called for the senate to take that up as well. when pelosi and schumer were here, media was brought in just a little while ago, there were a whole lot of smiles and whole lot of police santries. they -- pleasanttries. they tried to dial it down a bit. >> we're here with friendly, well-knit together people and we hope to make great progress for our country. we hope that will happen. >> we hope we can come to an agreement. funding the government is extremely important. helping our soldiers is very important and helping average citizens very important. we're here in the spirit of let's get it done.
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reporter: however with talk after shutdown looming fingerpointing comes with it. chuck schumer said it is on the republicans to get this thing done considering they run the senate, they run the house, they run the white house. however sarah sanders at the press briefing earlier today they expect some democratic buy-in. >> they may control washington but still takes some democrats to be engaged in the process. we hope, frankly that democrats will play by the schumer rule and not hold this bill hostage. reporter: david, one thing to consider here, if they end up agreeing upon a short-term fix which looks like it is headed, that would allow republicans over next couple weeks to focus solely on tax reform many then they would take this exercise up once again, just before christmas bit 22nd. david: democrats would love it if they couldn't focus on tax reform. there is a play on both sides as usual. blake, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: here is tennessee congressman diane black of the house budget committee.
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she is the chairwoman of course. what would you think of that? could you hear the report that came before you? is that how it is sort of playing out, this is possibly a distraction on the part of democrats to distract you guys working on taxes? what is your play on this here? >> hard to tell. last week neither nancy pelosi and chuck schumer showed up before the president. there was a stall. i don't know. i haven't spoken to either one of them. there was not willingness to come to fund the government last week. i'm glad they're there today. we need to make sure we fund the government. it is good for the american people, it is good for the military and our job and role and responsibility to do. melissa: to americans they have a hard time sorting through that and trying to figure out if they believe it is really a shutdown. it makes it sound like the government comes to a screeching halt. the military is not funded. we hear a small percent. everybody gets paid later. what is the truth? >> well the truth of the matter
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is that we need to do our job. we were doing our job here in the house of representatives. it has been over 80 days since the senate had our spending bills. we did all 12 appropriations bills on time, sent it over to them. they have not done their work. so we are here today because the senate has not done what they needed to do. we don't need a government shutdown. melissa: are the democrats trying to get daca included in part of this somewhere along the way? is that what you think? is that something republicans are willing to work on? >> i think that is part of what i'm hearing they would like to do. however, i know it is our responsibility. it is our responsibility as the president said it set the rules on daca. it is something that i believe we in the house need to do, however i want to do it in the right way. there has not been enough discussion. there have not been enough hearings. that doesn't need to be added to this. we need to fund the government to make sure we're not hurting growth. look what is happening in the markets right now.
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when you shut down the government, it really puts a lot of scare into both business sector and also the private sector to say whether the government is going to do its job. melissa: i mean, market would like you to see get a tax bill done. how are you guys doing on that? i know conference is going on. will that happen before christmas? >> i would say yes at this point in time we're looking forward and working hard as one of the con fear east. we're -- conferees, we're doing our work. next week we plan to have something the american people can see next week. melissa: what do you think it will look like on the corporate side? we're hearing it could end up being 22%. there is that delay. what do you think happens for corporations? >> i think what the house put into place what we would like to see. 20% is a rate we believe will jolt the economy. that will be a huge help to both businesses and individuals by the way. because we know, estimates about my own home state of tennessee
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we create 18,000 jobs. 1800 additional wages in people's pockets. that is a lot of money for the people of tennessee. melissa: thank you. back to work. house budget committee chair diane black. we appreciate it. >> thank you. david: well, meanwhile there are fires elsewhere in the world like the one burning out of control in california. very dangerous wildfires are burning there in southern california. officials are fearing the worse may yet to come. robert gray is in ventura county, we've seen awful fires. how could the get worse? reporter: it could get worse if the winds reach the gusts they're talking about, somewhere between 60 and 80 miles per hour have been forecast this afternoon. that put into effect a purple flag warning. even the fire chief of l.a. he never really heard of the purple and some other public information officers we have spoken this seen this put into effect. very rarely used purple warning
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because of gusts that could come and that would be the wild card because we've seen the smoke on the hill behind us where the fires have been smoldering all day long, moving all different directions. last night they whipped around the corner and surrounded a vacation spot for many in los angeles, ojai, that is 75 miles northwest of los angeles. it is very much of a vacation town as i said. they rely very heavily on foals coming there for vacations. i've spoken to people who were evacuated from there, telling me stories about people camping out on their roofs with hoses until forced it evacuate last night because the fires got too close. the roads are closed just down the street from where we're standing. we're 14 miles west of ojai. just a couple miles off the 101 which runs along the coastline, david, north of ventura. 60 miles from the getty center. that fire they have gotten a little more contained. winds are calm.
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everyone really watching wind this afternoon to see if that is going to continue. they have been bringing in airdrops for past 35, 45 minutes, dropping water from the ocean and dropping it on to hillsides there and bringing bulldozers down. they're making a line here. they do not want to see this fire cross. david: eight mile-an-hour wind, i have not heard of wind that fast under these conditions. very dangerous out there. robert. thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa: we're awaiting a important vote in the house on continuing resolution to keep the government funded for two weeks past tomorrow's deadline and avoid a government shutdown. it will begin at any moment. we'll be watching this very closely for you. david: a lot of news going on. i'm sure we were all watching this. al franken earlier today announcing his resignation from the u.s. senate. he was yielding to all the pressure getting from a lot of his colleagues but he continues to deny allegations from about half a dozen women over sexual misconduct. karl rove is sounding off on
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that. melissa: deep trouble coming from the deep state. details on demotion of a top justice official after it was discovered he had contacts to the firm that produced anti-trump dossier. david: as the fbi director christopher wray defended his agency on capitol hill amid mounting possible allegations of political bias. wait until you hear what judge andrew napolitano says about this. >> i'm afraid strzok will not be the last. i think there will be other revelations of bias and prejudice and improper conduct on behalf of the department depf justice.
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melissa: the top cop center stage. fbi director christopher wray testifying before lawmakers, defending the bureau and answering questions regarding recent flury of allegations surrounding the handling of hillary clinton email scandal and prosecutor robert mueller's investigation. wray was pressed on agent strzok, recently fired from russian probe over anti-trump texts. strzok had a role changing grossly negligent to extremely careless in comey's jewel 2016 statement that recommended no charges against clinton in the email case. gross negligence is the standard for prosecution if you remember. >> would it be accurate to say a senior fbi changed the wording of the director's statement to insure that secretary clinton was not liable under the espionage act? >> i think it would not be appropriate for me to speculate about what the inspector general will or will not find. >> then he gets kicked off for a
4:17 pm
text message that is anti-trump. if you kicked everybody off mueller's team that was antitrump i don't think there would be anybody left. there has to be something more here. melissa: on clinton email investigation as well as allegations of political bias wray says nothing will happen until the internal review by the inspector general is done. on his interactions with the white us, wray was asked if he had the same experience as fired fbi director comey? >> has president trump ever asked you for loyalty? >> i have never been asked by the president to take any kind of loyalty oath. my loyalty is to the constitution. melissa: the democrats criticized republicans for failing to ask about the russia probe. >> sat here for almost two hours and have heard nary a word from my republican colleagues about russian interference in our election, and based on the
4:18 pm
talking points that we've heard that sound so eerily familiar to those coming from president of the united states, it is more apparent than ever that this bipartisan legislation to protect the special counsel -- david: here now to react to today's hearings and all of the information that came out today, andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. judge, today we also had reports coming from fox news, our own james rosen, that in fact another justice department official seemed to be involved in anti-trump bias, allowed that to somehow steer his investigation, particular his association with the trump dossier, which we know was paid for by the clinton folks, and the dnc. so are you concerned that in fact instruments of the u.s. government were used in a politically-biased way during the election? >> i'm shaking my head listening to the clips that you and
4:19 pm
melissa just ran and the mess, mess with a capital m, david, that the justice department has become. the trump-jeff sessions justice department, trying to answer question for the loretta lynch-jim comey justice department. look i am concerned whenever a government takes its eye off the ball or whenever the tools of law enforcement or intelligence are used for political purposes. >> right. >> but i am also from my prior life with which you're familiar, i'm also not naive. i don't expect fbi agents would be sanctimonious. as i said to you in the hallway, the crime for which general flynn pleaded guilty is lying to fbi agents. it is not lying to mother theresa. they have their buys like everybody else. they're supposed to be tough, hard-nosed people. those are people we want at the front lines of law enforcement. >> right.
4:20 pm
>> if political bias, if a political bias causes them over look real evidence or create fake evidence, they can't be on the case. david: or to use instruments that you have been criticizing for years. i got to say, i have argued with you on this point before about the fisa courts. >> yes. david: and fisa warrants with which some people were saying necessary because 9/11 and terrorists that followed. you argued that eventually it will be used for politically partisan purposes in order to get a political opponent. >> yes. david: is that was done in the election? >> yes. yes that was clearly what was done. look, it is clear that general flynn lied but prior to the lie a transcript of two conversations between general flynn and ambassador kislyak who is really a soviet intelligence agent -- david: sure. >> showed up in the "washington post." now we know that the west wing had asked for those transcripts, at the tail end of obama
4:21 pm
administration. somebody there caused it by either looking the other way or handing it out to get into "the washington post" to humiliate the president-elect donald trump. david: sure. >> around the designee elect, national security advisor, general flynn. that is brash use of highly sensitive instruments of national security. surveilling intimate conversations for political purposes. that will destroy democracy. david: forgive me, but we're running out of time. i want to talk about the trump dossier for one second. it was, a lot of people were saying there were anti-trump forces within the justice department who used that dossier which was created with the influence of a lot of russians as we know now. it was paid for by the democratic committee, and that might have been used to get a fisa warrant to spy on the trump campaign. here is what congressman jordan said about this earlier today. i want your reaction. play the tape. >> a dossier filled with fake
4:22 pm
news, "national enquirer" garbage, it has been reported that dossier was all dressed up by the fbi, taken to the fisa court and presented as a legitimate intelligence document, that it became the basis for granting a warrant to spy on americans. david: judge, was there collusion? we hear a lot about collusion but was there collusion between anti-trump forces in justice department, and the dnc using this trump dossier to get fisa warrants? >> boy, david, if i could answer that that would be the 64,000-dollar question. i am familiar with the allegations. i don't know of any support of the allegations. if it happened, the fbi knowingly presented a false document to a federal court, whether secret court authorizing them to spy or regular federal court authorizing them to seize evidence, that is a crime. david: yeah. >> whoever presented it ought to be prosecuted for it. on top of that, we know that the
4:23 pm
nsa spies independent of the warrants. i don't think the fbi does but the nsa does. david: okay. we got to leave it at that, judge. a lot more to say. you have been warning us for years about problems with the fisa courts. now we see the chickens have come home to roost. >> we do. david: judge, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. melissa: is the medal count worth it as north korea made the threat -- that is coming up. plus senator al franken leaving the senate. but is this part of a plan the democrats are looking to use to their advantage? karl rove is up next with his take. >> i know there has been a very different picture of me painted over the last few weeks. but i know who i really am. from that airline.
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david: senator al franken announcing today he is stepping down from his position after multiple women accused him of sexual assault. adam shapiro has the very latest surrounding the fallout adam. reporter: he said when he was announcing his intended resignation, i use the word intended because he said in a couple of weeks, it wasn't immediate today. there were several senators who wanted him to resign on the democratic side actually praising him. they were off to the side after the speech, giving him hugs, how much then cared for him. in his resignation he talked about the fact not all of the accusations he says are accurate or true. he said this he took a shot at president trump as well as roy moore and the republican party. >> i all people am aware that there is some irony in the fact that i am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office, and a
4:28 pm
man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the senate with the full support of his party. reporter: so, senator franken again, the resignation not official as of yet. it will be coming next few weeks. which means he will be here most likely for the vote on tax reform once it comes out of the conference committee. david? david: adam shapiro, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: here now to react is karl rove, former senior advisor to president george w. bush. he is also a fox news contributor. i mean that was a very interesting statement. first of all when he said the picture of me that has been painted or we're like, we saw a lot of pictures. >> we saw a lot of pictures. melissa: we didn't have to do any painting or imagining. i can't believe he used word picture with the horrible image of him groping. there are a million photos like this. this is not only one. he basically admitted to nothing. i gave some people the false impression i was admitted to
4:29 pm
doing things that in fact i haven't done. if he stand there insists he hasn't done anything, why is he resigning? >> i agree it was the most, that resignation speech was one of the, at least admissions of guilt of anybody i ever have seen. he said some of it wasn't true and he didn't remember the others happening that way. there was no, i made a mistake. i apologize. none of at all. it was either those women were liars or they're depicting in a way that doesn't match with his recollection. melissa: why are they lying? >> you know what? because he knows he is dead to rights. these women were very, i mean these things were very pointed. they came from credible sources. the women, you know i was -- i found them credible. and i think he realized that he could not stay. that the pressure would continue to build. but he wanted to get out in his way so he -- said it on the floor of the senate. he spent more time attacking
4:30 pm
donald trump and roy moore than admitting his own guilt. he gave zero time admitting his own guilt. melissa: that makes you wonder. you saw pile-on democrats yesterday. what it looked like he came on the floor he felt like he was martyr or sacrificial lam going down so democrats could set themselves up to try to take down potentially roy moore if he is elected, maybe, a lot of folks on social media saying this is headed for president trump. that is what they're setting for. >> i don't think so. i think democrats will try to do that. they will seize on any excuse to go after the president. i think a lot of democrats, particularly democratic women who said enough is enough. what are we up to now, six? several of them served as staff members. some of them were known to the democratic members of the senate. and they were highly credible. i think they said he has got to go. particularly after john conyers,
4:31 pm
again, several people involved were congressional staff aides. several of them well-known to the democrats in the senate. i think they just said enough is enough. does it give them some leverage if roy moore is elected? yeah. i find it farfetched to say we'll sacrifice the ranking democrat on the house judiciary committee and al franken in order to get at roy moore. they have plenty of ammunition to go at roy moore from the public record. they didn't need this in order to do it. melissa: but if they purged themselves of him and conyers right now, then you don't think that gives them the exact ground they were looking for? seems like timingwise that is the set-up. so they could get get together, bring women out for roy moore and bring accusers out for president trump, now you must be impeached? >> yeah, look. i find the, i find the women who have come forth about judge moore to be highly credible as well. that is up, that is up for public opinion to determine in alabama. melissa: yeah. >> for the senate ethics
4:32 pm
committee but i find it hard to believe they would then move -- think how hypocritical look for democrats you know what we were against impeachment when involved action of president of the united states having oral sex just outside of the oval office. we defended president clinton in that regard. we'll go after donald trump for things that happened well before he became president. i don't know that is highly credible. melissa: i think they would try anything. move on to robert mueller's investigation. you wrote a fantastic op-ed, why donald trump would regret firing robert mueller. karl, do you think he is considering this? it does seem like it would be a terrible idea? >> well, there has been some discussion about it. conservative commentators and some of his strong supporters are talking about it. the president last july was asked in an interview with the "new york times" if mueller began to look into your finances , would that be a red line.
4:33 pm
would you fire mueller? i will not answer that because i don't think it will happen. this week on wednesday, mueller revealed, mueller asked deutsche bank for records of individuals, not trump or his family members but individuals affiliated apparently with trump or with the trump real estate organization. it may have been paul manafort. we don't really know. but my point was, i wanted to speak out before we got to that point, not after it. the president would make a terrible mistake by firing mueller. melissa: yeah. >> better to focus on what he is doing, have ultimate confidence in the out come and express that confidence. the president has said he did nothing wrong. there is no evidence that there is any collusion with russians or he did anything wrong. so don't fire mueller because it would cause people today sitting on the fence wait a minute, what has he got to hide? it would give democrats advantage in the election. they would make this 2018 midterms all about this the republicans would be on the defensive. congress would flip to the democrats. the president would have one heck of a bad year in 2019 and
4:34 pm
2020. melissa: how about pass tax cuts and get the economy roaring? the rest of this is like charlie brown's teacher, wawa. you know what i mean. >> yeah. david: most people want focus on money. melissa: tax reform. they care about their family's finance and future and mortgage. david: meanwhile two of them, two tax plans. melissa: yeah. david: lawmakers in the house an senate working for final version of the republican tax plan. can they get it done? congressman mark sanford. the timeline for tax reform. that's next. melissa: remembering the heroes. flags at half-staff, marking 76 years since pearl harbor. the president's tribute is coming up. >> american patriots like these men answered the same call and when to war. they fought, they bled, they sacrificed and theyow triumphed.
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david: so now members of the house and senate keep working on a creating some kind of a mix between the two tax plans that will be passible by both bodies, likely without much if any democrat support. but will last minute changes water down the effect the plan will have on our economy and our paychecks? joining me now republican congressman from south carolina mark sanford. good to see you, sir, do you do you worry about the fact that
4:39 pm
this thing is getting watered down? we knew invariably it would happen but not have the kick our economy need right now? >> i would say not so much. the rule of debate is in essence 20 to 22% in the corporate marginal rate. different folks gotten things they wanted, whether senator from maine or ron johnson on corporate pass-throughs, there is a cost for that. for instance, the cost of alternative minimum tax, is it included, not included in the tug-of-war between house and senate, what looks like probably going to get bumped up is my guess a corporate rate from 20 to 22%. david: the amt, alternative minimum tax is a problem for a lot of people not just corporations but for individuals. it was created initially for couple dozen people but now affects millions of individuals, it would look bad for it not, get rid of it for corporations
4:40 pm
and not for individuals? >> i think it would look horrible. so, you know, fundamentally this bill is a corporate tax restructuring bill if you look about 2/3 of the cost of the bill is on that side, in terms of getting the economy going but there is a quotient of fairness in this equation, to undue alternative minimum tax on corporate side, but not on the individual side though more costly on individual side would be more problematic. david: the thing about tweaking it, i think senators are concerned for pay for tax cuts which melissa argued for years, you don't pay for tax cuts, it is our money. >> right. david: the fact if you just tweak the amt, rather than getting rid of it, democrats will come in at some point in the future, it is much easier to raise a tax already there than create a new one. so if you get rid of it now, it will be much harder to reinstate it, won't it? >> you're absolutely right. i remember being a freshman in this institution. at that time john kasich was head of the budget committee and
4:41 pm
i remember him talking to us, if you want to reduce size and scope of government you have to eliminate government programs. if you don't, they're like grass in the summertime. you leave constituency in place it grows back every single legislative season. this holds true on the tax side as well. yes, you're absolutely right. if we don't eliminate it is coming back. david: i hope your side wins in that debate. there is question of timing, finally. the senate plan of course delays until 2019 a lot of tax changes. when i talk about watering down the tax plan, if you wait a year-and-a-half before it is implemented, the economy will wait a year-and-a-half before it takes off, right? >> what i've heard, in any number of different meetings on the house side is an absolute bias toward doing it now rather than later. david: good. >> the catch it all got to be squeezed into that roughly trillion 1/2 dollar size box, whether you agree with that, that is the size of the box we're operating in.
4:42 pm
and so on the senate side they have added different provisions back in terms of different exemptions. david: yeah. >> there is a cost to that. so what they have recommended on their side let's delay. you will not see that push on the house side. david: all right. best of luck. it ain't going to be easy. congressman mark sanford. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> yes, sir. melissa: fears of a nuclear attack. new concerns whether american athletes will attend the winter olympics in south korea. the latest response from the white house next. plus violence in the west bank. protests erupting following president trump's decision on jerusalem. how the state department is now defending the president's historic move on the world stage. >> if we don't want to see violence, let's be clear, do a reality check, jerusalem is the capital of israel. so we're acknowledging something that is common sense to everyone. parliament is there. prime minister is there. the supreme court. that is the capital. i can do m.
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david: well the house is now in its final vote on continuing resolution to keep the government funded for two weeks past tomorrow's deadline to avoid a partial government shut down. we'll bring results as soon as we get here. melissa: outrage erupting in parts of the middle east. palestinian leaders calling for days of rage against president trump recognizing jerusalem as israel's capitol city. rich edson is live outside the state department with the latest. rich. reporter: good afternoon, melissa. palestinian leaders who say vice president mike pence travels in the region gets there they will refuse to meet with him. secretary of state rex tillerson is also traveling abroad. he is defending president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capitol, eventually move the u.s. embassy to tel aviv to jerusalem. the secretary safes it is right of any country to put their
4:47 pm
embassy in israel wherever they would like. secretary of state is traveling in europe. had a dozen meetings in vienna today. top american allies in europe, middle east, even the pope say they are concerned or have criticized president trump's announcement yesterday. facing that criticism tillerson says the president is simply complying with a 1995 u.s. law that requires the u.s. to move its embassy to jerusalem. he says basically that the president now is simply fulfilling that promise. >> the president, after many, many reaffirmmations by our senate, including as recently this past summer, the vote was 90- 0 with 10 be a tensions the president is simply caring out the will of the american people. reporter: the secretary did ask president for some time so u.s. embassies and consulates could increase security concerns because of expected protests. embassies around the region warn
4:48 pm
americans to be on alert because of reaction. palestinians protest throughout the region. they claim jerusalem as their capital. hamas is calling for new uprising urging palestinians to refuse any peace efforts. several members of the united nations security council called for emergency meeting. that is expected tomorrow. back to you. melissa: rich, thank you. david: the white house is now responding to questions whether the u.s. is considering pulling our olympic team from february's winner games in south korea. this started with comments from u.n. ambassador nikki haley on fox last night. take a listen. >> do you feel comfortable sending family members if they were athletes on our team? >> depends on what is it going on at the time in the country. we're watching it closely and it is changing by the day. david: so white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders responded tweeting this afternoon. quote the u.s. looking forward to participating in the winter olympics in south korea. the protection of americans is
4:49 pm
our top priority. we're engaged with the south koreans and other partners nations to secure the venues. melissa: i don't know. would you go? david: i think i would but i could understand why some people would not like to. it is really the most dangerous place in the world right now. melissa: yeah. keeping the lights on in our nation's capitol. lawmakers up against a tight deadline. a last minute push to avoid a partial government shutdown is next.
4:50 pm
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david: we have breaking news. the house just passing a short-term funding measure, funding the government through december 22nd, avoiding a partial government shut down for now. no one knows more about the ins and out of all this, than chad
4:53 pm
pergram. fox news capitol hill senior producer. he had to move mountains to get in front of a camera. we appreciate that chad. >> anytime. david: this is right before christmas. all this will plop in our laps once again, just three days before christmas? >> very possible. the congressional democratic and republican leadership just came back from the white house. meeting with president trump negotiating what they want on the next spending bill. talk to a lot of democrats, wait a minute, if you can keep the government open, dot bill you want on the 22nd great, if you can't that is a problem. we'll be there for but you need to put democratic priorities like fix for daca, so on, so forth. this bill, did pass with democratic support. looking vote total here. there were 14 democrats who voted yesterday on this bill. 235-193. so nancy pelosi did not hold the line which was threat earlier today. david: i'm going to simplify it
4:54 pm
tremendously. i would put it down to two spending issues. you have daca which the democrats care about. you have the wall, which of course president and our president care about. how much is either side willing to give on the two issues? >> it depends, if they feel like they have gotten horse-trading, you centered on the very two issues. other problem is funding for the military. talking about doing a separate bill. if they had not been able to pass this bill this afternoon they would be in a world of hurt. there was strong possibility the government would shut down tomorrow night at 11:59. this is the easy one. the hard one is on the 22nd. they basically punted this off just before christmas. a lot of republicans, conservative republicans, wait a minute, run to the 30th? because they will jam a bill together that has extra spending we don't like, do that right before christmas. who will vote an yes on that to get out of dodge before christmastime? david: chad, i always say this
4:55 pm
is partial shutdown. it is not a government shutdown because 83%, we went back to 2013 during a government shutdown. we found out 83% of government was getting funding. we're talking about 17% of the government. a lot of us who think the government is spending too much money secretly think that is maybe not such a bad idea. >> if there is government shut down, that they don't pay the people who come to work at times. they pay them retroactively. we're talking about border agents. we're talking about u.s. capitol police officers. talking about members of the military. that's problem. those folks if government shutdown, are not getting paychecks. david: what about who gets the blame? if we always remember what happened back during the clinton era, when he blamed republicans even though he was the one literally caused the government shutdown, who gets blame this time? >> historically the president is in better position when it comes to these bills but in this case republicans control the house, they control the senate, and
4:56 pm
they control the white house. that is why the democrats think they might have the upper hand. david: chad pergram you explained it all my friend. >> my pleasure. melissa: breaks it down. you understand what is going on. david: he lives and breathes that town. thank god somebody is willing to do it. melissa: a date which will live in infamy. remembering the horrific attack on pearl harbor and the lives lost 76 years ago today. >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too. wow, you really did a number on this thing. >>sorry about that. that's alright. i got a box of 'em. .. ..
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4:59 pm
today our entire nation pauses to remember pearl harbor and the brave warriors who on that day stood tall and fought for america. president trump paying tribute to a few world war ii veterans at the white house.
5:00 pm
the president signing a proclamation with the national pearl harbor remembrance day 2400 americans died up until 911 i hope they will do the right thing. and get this done. >> i feel a series of allegations that are serious when he speaks to the nation. i do not feel like he should continue to see -- to serve. in coming weeks as they strongly defend themselves.


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