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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 8, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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with 40-year-old allegations that he denies, then you have got dog jones who openly admittedly embraces the worst i kinds of child abuys, the murder of children. that's why people are going to vote for roy moore, i predict. gregg: we have a lot more straight ahead with special coverage of president trump's:make america great again rally in pensacola. good evening. i'm gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs. we are moments away from the make america great again-style rally. no mention of candidate roy moore in the president. prepared remarks. fox business corresponds yernts hillary vaughn is at the pensacola base center.
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good evening, hillary. reporter: we did get a sneak peek of what's to come in president trump's remarks in just a few moments. he's going to have fun with the speech and not necessarily going to stay on script. he's going to double down on his agenda and talk to the working-class voters and tell them the issues he wants to get through. his endorsement of republican senate candidate roy moore, saying that they need that republican seat to get that agenda through, and that's what today is about. you can see the crowd getting riled up. a lot of people here getting excited to hear from the president. but really, a lot of this is going to be the greatest pitch
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we have heard from president trump on the campaign trail. a lot of people here went to his rallies when he was running for president. now they are here to hear about those issues again. gregg: joining me to talk about it, matt schlapp, chairman of the american conservative union. this is going to be a long speech. matt: there are some home runs. i don't think anybody knows exactly what he will do. i heard a white house spokesman saying he won't be touching on the alabama senate race. i don't know if you can be so sure. gregg: there is nothing the president hates more than being predictable and having people tell him what he's going to do or not going to do. the media saying it's not in the speech and he won't talk about moore.
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if i know the president by habit, he will do just the opposite. matt: that's probably exactly right. it's the spontaneity of donald trump and the idea he isn't overly scripted is one of the most of likely features of him as a politician. it gets him into trouble sometimes before it engages the american people because they think the president is speaking from the heart to them. gregg: how much does he love these venues, speaking before a cheering crowd? matt: donald trump loves people. he's a high-energy guy, he moves at a fast pace. he talks at a fast pace, and i think he gets a lost energy from reconnecting with people. a lot of presidents get stuck in the bubble, they get stuck in the rose garden. and they don't get to talk to
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real americans. this president is trying to punch out and talk to people as much as he can it's almost like a tonic on his soul. gregg: members of the never trump conservative crowd have been vocal against roy moore. does that just -- will that sort of ager roy moore's base and cause them to get out in greater force tuesday? matt: i think the never trump self-described conservatives eventually, they can't continue to be never trump when trump continues to do the right thing over and over again. there are conservatives who that have concerns with judge moore. voting is a personal thing. they will decide what to do between now and election day. there are a lot of conservatives who say i will vote for judge
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moore because the supreme court is at stake, and we can have an opening come january or february. just because i put lever for judge moore, it doesn't mean i think he's a great representative our values. they will be having another election alabama in a few short years. votedders are struggling but they don't want to hear from d.c. politicians about what they should do. gregg: all of this comes right after the resignation of senator al franken of minnesota. there were a myriad of accuser. the photograph him appearing to sexually abuse a woman, yet he takes to the floor of the senate in which some describe as a d
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disingenuous speech. this isn't the sign of a remorseful man, is it? matt: i thought the part that was the most of telling, mr. franken's soul and character. this is a moment of extreme hugh nil yaition, yet with pride and arrogance he went on a blistering attack against the president. thee believe people like al franken believe the crew of said to tear down a legitimately elected president in donald trump justifies almost anything they say or have done. and the fact that he doesn't feel the shame and remorse for having humiliated people he should have respected tells you the people of minnesota could do a heck of a lot better. gregg: i wrote a column for fox
11:07 pm titled "robert mueller and his biased team of prosecutors must go." matt: i lead your piece. the piece i finds really interesting is this idea you can like or not like mueller. i have plenty of friends who say bob mueller will do the honorable thing. the jury is out. but there is no dispute he pulled together some of the most of hateful never trump type lawyers who have a political ax to grind against the president. and there is a veal question. should the attorney general do something, even if he doesn't should count investigation, shouldn't there be a group of non-partisan lawyers -- before it way, there are a lot of lawyers in the country -- they could come together and give the
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american people a fair read on what happened with russia conclusion. nobody is going to respect the prosecutorial judgment of lawyers who are never trumpers. gregg: on the right-hand side of your screen, ron desantis is speaking. he has been very critical of the special counsel's investigation. and the players involved in it. he -- does there need to be an investigation of the investigators here? because of their blatant agenda? i think andrew wiseman, the lead prosecutor in the case, he has a track record and history that is notorious. he has been accused of threatening witnesses and hiding evidence. there he is at hillary clinton's election night party.
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this is a guy who may decide whether or not charges are brought against president trump and he's at trump's opponent's rally. think about this. matt: the attorney general with a fair reading of the guidance at doj recuses himself base's involved with the campaign. yet mueller hires people who are going adjudicate this issue who were involved in the presidential campaign for hillary clinton and it's okay for them to be involved in the investigation? i think the guidance was trying to say d.o.j. is somehow a non-partisan independent entity that has to have the full faith and credit of the american people. if you are going to put these hacks in there, in this case hillary clinton supporters with an ax to grind against donald
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trump, and they are making the decisions on the investigation, what i want to see happen is them to come up with what they see as the wrongdoing conclusion alone. if they can't find it, do the honorable thing. shut the book and let the country move forward. >> is there only one fbi agent at the fbi named peter strzok? he turns out to be the guy who signs the papers that launches the investigation into donald trump. then he joins mueller's team as the lead investigator. is there only one guy at the fbi? should the email investigation of hillary clinton be reopened and reexamined because there is a pretty good argument it was corrupted by peter strzok who was writing these anti-trump
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virulently so texts to his girlfriend who is an fbi lawyer, also on the mueller case and the hillary clinton case, and supported hillary clinton. matt: i think that's exactly right. doj is looking at this barbarous bro see diewrs planned parenthood was involved in when they were selling baby parts. i actually think the country can't move forward to believe that there has been fair justice given. when they realize -- when mike flynn has a charge of being dishonest to the fbi, and hillary clinton was dishonest to every agency in the government including 6 or 7 investigations to congress. and about the reason for benghazi, it never ends with them. it doesn't seem fair when she
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can get away with lying and have nothing happen. glenn: she doesn't remember anything, don't you know. she was interviewed by fbi agents days before she was cleared with comey. and she said "i don't call" 39 times. she did recall her name and date of birth and that was about it. matt: this is a problem going back to jim comey which i don't think a lot of people understand. jim comey always described as a republican non-partisan is just not accurate. i have a feeling someone is about to enter the stage. gregg: here is the president of the united states. it looks like a packed indoor stadium venue. the pensacola bay center.
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the president is expected to speak for 30 minutes and talk about what has been achieved during his first year in office. he's expected to deliver a half-hour speech. but trust me it will be longer than that because the president's speech may time out to be a half-hour. but he has the tendency to throw in a lot of tories and anecdotes. he ad-libs quite a bit. here he is with a crowd people who are supportive of him. and florida helped elect donald trump to the presidency. so the president, the big question a lot of people are wondering since pensacola is at the border 9 miles from alabama, and tuesday there is a special election to fill the vacancy once held by jeff sessions, now the attorney general, whether the president will give a
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full-throat endorsement of roy moore. you can bet there are a great many people from alabama in this crowd crossing the bored and traveling a short distance to see the president of the united states. let's listen into the president. president trump: thank you, everybody, thank you. if you think this crowd is big. you should see right now what's outside. congratulations. hello pensacola. what a place! right here on the emerald coast, right? the emerald coast.
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in the great state of florida where we had a tremendous victory, didn't we? [cheers and applause] we are joined by many, many people in the military and great american patriots. thank you very much. you remember the campaign, i said let me begin by wishing each and every one of you a very merry christmas. right? [cheers and applause] and i can think of no better christmas present for the american people than giving you a massive tax cut. that's what's happening. and your senate and house hopefully very shortly will have those approvals. and you will be paying a lot
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less tax. so congratulations. i hope. they have to vote and i think they will. i can't wait to sign that tax cut great for so many, but great for the middle class. we'll put it into law. we'll cap off an incredible first year in office. there has been no first year like this or at least just about no. i think the answer is no. but i have to be very accurate because of the fake news back there. [cheers and applause] [crowd chants trump trump trump] >> if your campaign for the presidency we defied the
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pundits, the politicians and special interests because ours was a movement of the people. and it really was it was a movement of you, it was a movement of the people to make america great again. it's happening. it's happening. by the way, how are your 401ks doing, not too bad, right? over the weekend i was in new york city. and i love to say hello to our folks in uniform, whether it the the military or law enforcement. we had people backstage. i always want to take my time. a man comes up. he was a police officer in new york city. first time anyone said this to me. he said, mr. president i wanted to thank you. my family thinks i'm a financial genius. my 401k is up 39% in 9 months.
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i think it's going to be very hard for somebody to beat us in a few years. can you imagine we are only talking about a few years. all you have to say is with us it goes up, and with them it goes down. and that's the end of the election. right? everyone is doing well and it will be a lot better. we'll do better and better. we are going to make our country great again. and we are look at our country as america first. america first. [crowd chants usa] so tonight we are going the speak straight to
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the american people and cut right through the fake news media. right through. we are going to speak the plain truth and really the truth that you just want to hear. you have to hear. they don't want to hear. before it way, did you see all the corrections the media has been making? they have been saying sorry. they never apologize. maybe that comes with being the president, i don't know. i don't know. they have been apologizing left and right. they took this fraudster from abc, they suspended him for a month. they should have fired him for what he wrote. he drove the stock market down 350 points in minutes. which by the way tells you they really like me, right? when you think of it. you know what he cost people?
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i said get yourself a lawyer and sue abc news. true. and then cnn apologized just a little while ago. thank you cnn, thank you so much. you should have been apologizing for the last two years. true. true. [cheers and applause] what a group, what a group. but since the election, and they are not going to argue with this, we created 3.2 million new jobs. factories are coming back to our country. you know we have factories pouring back into our country. did you ever think you would hear that. i used to tell you that's going
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to happen. now there are consequences when companies close up their factories and make it in another country and sell it back to our country. the consequences are getting very steep. and they are going up. there is no more of that stuff. in november alone you saw this today, we added 228,000 jobs. i watched these anchors this morning. they were devastated. what's going on. and honestly we have a long way to go. we are going to do much better than this. including another 33,000 new jobs in manufacturing. right? hispanic unemployment is the lowest ever record. any has panics here? any hispanics? you have guys are great.
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remember, they weren't going to vote for me because i am going to build the wall. but they want the wall, too. they want security. [cheers and applause] we are going to have the wall, don't worry. [crowd chants build that wall] they want security. how about the cuban population in miami. we have cubans here tonight. good. the number 86% in favor of trump. a tremendous percentage. total unemployment is now at a 17-year low. think of it. not bad. not bad after 10 months. only going to get better.
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listen to this one. this is one of the most of important because it's all psychological to a large extent and that's what creates greatness. consumer confidence is at a 17-year high. think of that. it was not like that in your last administration. economic growth last quarter surged to 3.3%. you know where it was, right? when we started you know where it was? 3.3% and it's going a lot higher. i used to hear you will never hit 3, you will never hit 2.5. if we didn't have the hurricanes last quarter we would have hit 4% and everybody back there would have said that's impossible. we had a couple of hurricanes. you heard about it.
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the stock market is hitting an all-time high record for another -- think of this, 86 times since election day. 86 types. it hit a record. 86 times. and we are going to keep it going. and then you look at all of the money you folks are making. i wish i could take 10% or 5%. but you are not going to do that. your pensions are getting bigger and bigger. your pension funds, all of those things are happening. wait until you see what we are doing with healthcare. wait until you see. you will be happy. not the obamacare nightmare. not obamacare nightmare. it's not that nightmare where your premiums are a disaster.
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right? they are a disaster. we have it going. you watch. we have good things happening with respect to healthcare. and the taxes are part of it. we'll see what happens. right after taxes you will see what happens. with taxes something great is going to get announced. we are getting rid of the individual mandate, that individual mandate. where you pay a lot of money for the privilege of not having to have insurance or healthcare. so you pay for the privilege of not getting. isn't that a wonderful thing? and we are going to repeal it. since the election we created more than $5 tria $ -- created 5
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trillion in the market alone. and we are not including real estate. and we are finally rebuilding our country, defending our citizens, and fighting for our great american workers. we are putting america first by renegotiating trade deals. we are renegotiating nafta and renegotiating our horrendous deal with south korea. i kept you out of the tpp which would have been a total disaster for you and everybody else. and we are making individual deals with these countries. when you get tide into 12 countries or 22 countries or 18 countries, you are stuck. if you have 16 good ones and two bad ones, you can't get out. when you have a deal one-on-one, nice simple deal.
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we have a deal with japan or south korea or however it may be. if they don't treat us right, we send them what is called a letter of termination. these people say, tpp. all these countries tied in, you can't terminate. you are tide into the good ones. so you can't do what you have to do. so you send out a letter of termination. you give them a 60-day notice or 30-day notice or 6-month notice. they then come back because we are the big piggy bank everybody likes rock. they come back and say can we negotiate and we make a better deal than we mad in the first place. but you can't do that when you have many countries tied in. i call it a spider's web.
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there are bureaucrats and politicians who don't want to see things change because they made a fortune. areas around washington, d.c. is the richest area. we have five areas that are among the richest in the country. that's because everybody is making a fortune and people outside of that area are paying for the money they are making. they like things the way they used to be. they don't like it so much now, though i must tell you they are doing well also. their stocks are going up. i don't know if there is anything i can do to prevent it for those people. but they call themselves the resistance. do you see the signs, resist? resist? i love these guys.
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blacks for trump. i love you. i love you. i love you. by the way, now that you bring it up, black homeownership just hit the highest level it's ever been in the history of our country. >> oh, these resisters resist. hillary resisted and do you know what happened? she lost the election in a landslide. >> [cheers and applause ] >> president trump: but do you know what they're really resisting? they're resisting the will of the american people. that's what they're resisting.
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>> [crowd cheering ] >> look, its been proven we have a rigged system, it doesn't happen so easy but this system, going to be a lot of changes. this is a rigged system. this is a sick system from the inside and, you know, there's no country like our country, but we have a lot of sickness in some of our institutions and we're working very hard. we've got a lot of them straightened out, but we do have , we really do. we have a rigged system in this country and we have to change it it's terrible. terrible. they're resisting progress, they're resisting change, because the only thing they really care about is protecting
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what they've been able to do which is really control the country and not to your benefit. by the way, wages starting to go up. first time in 20 years starting to go up. that's all going to happen. that's all going to happen. >> [cheers and applause ] >> that's all going to happen. that's just apart of what's going on but i'm going to do something better than that. we're going to have choice. we have choice in education. and i thought of it the other day. we're going to have choice in jobs so that you don't have one job and hang on even though you don't like it. you're going to have choice where you can take five jobs six jobs seven jobs pick the one you like at the most money that's what's starting to happen because the jobs are coming in. that's what's starting to happen >> cheers and applause ] >> thanks to general mattis and the military leaders and the allies. mad dog mattis. mad dog mattis.
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>> [cheers and applause ] >> thanks to mad dog mattis that we have great military leaders. [applause] >> isis is being dealt one brutal defeat after another, you see it. >> [cheers and applause ] >> not only are we defeating these killers, these savage killers, horrible horrible, you don't even want to say people. these are savage killers over there, but we sure as hell don't want them to come over here. i'm sorry. >> [applause] >> i'm sorry. you know, they come back to some countries and they come in and we make it a very difficult process. we had such weakness. they go out kill people and they
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come back and go back home to mom and dad okay? before they went nutso and start here we're making it very difficult you see what's happening? we're watching every single one. we have thousands of people right now under surveillance, oh , surveillance that sounds familiar. that sounds familiar. >> [applause] >> remember when i suggested something like that? everyone said trump, why is he, well it turned out i was right about that one wasn't i? >> [cheers and applause ] >> america is being respected again abroad and we are taking care of our citizens at home, and we're going to have safety and we've got a lot more now. we're getting rid of the ms13 animals. >> [applause] >> we're going to have safety again, because america is more than just a place on a map. america is a nation. america is a family. america is ours to love and to
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cherish and to protect and to take care of and that's what we're doing. we're going to take care of this country for our children and our grandchildren and our great grandchildren and we're not going to let people come into our country who are going to destroy our country. >> [applause] >> crowd chanting usa, usa, usa, usa, usa. >> and that may or may not be politically correct, but honestly, i don't care. we have to do the right thing. >> [applause] >> we have to do the right thing our agenda is pro-family, pro- police, pro-worker, and 100% pro-america. that's what it is. >> [applause]
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>> that's why i recently withdrew the united states from the united nations plan for global governance of immigration and refugee policy. no borders. >> [applause] >> that's the plan, no borders. i heard about it recently. i said what are you talking about no borders? no borders, no borders, everybody can come in. if you don't mind, i rejected that plan, is that okay? >> [applause] >> i told them not only do we want no borders, we want the strongest borders you've ever seen, we're going to have such borders. we'll have borders on top of borders. america's a sovreign country. we set our immigration rules. we don't listen to foreign bureaucrats, we don't listen to
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other countries telling us how we should be running our immigration. thank you very much. >> [applause] >> we're also getting smart and tough on trade. i've been talking about this for a long time. it's one of the reasons i'm here one of the reasons i'm president we are renegotiating the disastrous trade agreements of nafta, of south korea, of so many others. we are making great deals and we're going to hopefully keep nafta but there's a chance we won't and that's okay. that's okay. how many factories have left for mexico? how many factories? so we right now have a trade deficit with mexico of $71 billion and that doesn't include all the drugs that pour in over the border because we don't have a wall et cetera,
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okay? >> [applause] >> $71 billion. 71 billion so we have, think of it we have a trade deficit with mexico of 71 billion. we have a pretty good trade deficit with canada. they were saying we have a surplus with canada. i said no and i like the prime minister very much. nice guy, good guy, no, i like him but we had a meeting and he said no, no, you have a trade surplus and i said no we don't and he said no, no, you have a trade surplus and i said mr. prime minister, we do not. he said how do you know and i said because we don't have a surplus with anybody. he said i'm telling you that canada has a deficit with the united states. i told my people in front of a lot of people, i said go out and check and he was right, except he forgot two categories. lumber, timber, and energy. other than that, he was right. when you add them altogether, we
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actually have a $17 billion deficit with canada, right? so he forgot a couple of categories that he didn't want to mention. i heard it with other countries too just got back from asia. i brought back $300 billion worth of deals. >> [applause] >> worth of deals. >> [applause] >> and that number will go a lot higher and these are numbers that produce a lot of jobs in our country and that's what we have to do. we are going to end the theft of american intellectual property, crack down on china's trade abuses, and confront countries that cheat of which many of them are in that category sadly. we will buyback our country, we will take back our country, we will make those great trade deals, and we will have unbelievable amounts of jobs
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created and factories created. >> [applause] >> and we will do what other countries do. we will start buying american. we want to buy our product. and we will start hiring americans and we will stay american and be proud of it and that's what's happening more and more and that's why you see all those red hats and those white hats, love those hats. >> [applause] >> that is why one of my very first acts as president was to withdraw the united states from the job killing transpacific. we've also canceled the one job killing regulation that you see after another. one after another, beating the mark of any previous president. now, we have, there was a great
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article in the wall street journal the other day, full page , that in the history of our country, nobody, nobody even close, and these are longer terms than 10 months, that in 10 months i've done more on knock ing out regulations than any other president in our history. you know who was right up there? honest abe lincoln, can you believe it? >> [applause] >> he was a regulation cutter. can you believe it? >> [applause] >> abe lincoln was a regulation cutter who would have known that i said you mean i beat abraham lincoln? that's pretty good for 10 months i don't know if regulation sounds so glamourous but i can tell you it's very important, but we have a lot of others. we have statutory requirements where you have to give a 90 day notice and another 90 day notice and you have a cooling off and then a 30 day notice, they're all in the works and you can see a lot more cutting of regulation
11:41 pm
but we've done more than any other president and it's not even close and we haven't even started. >> [applause] >> and as promised, and i used to come out here i've been here three times, i love it. i just keep coming back. >> [applause] >> i just keep coming back. oh, boy oh, boy, i'll tell you when we were doing well during that beautiful election, when we were doing well all over florida , i said was the pensacola area included yet? and they said "no" i said guess what we just won that election. >> [applause] >> and as promised, remember? i announced that i would withdraw america, the united
11:42 pm
states, from the horrible, for us, good for other countries, it's great for other countries, from the horrible paris climate accord. >> [applause] >> cost us a fortune so china doesn't start until around 2030 i think. russia doesn't have to go back to like a recent date. they go back to somewhere in the 1990s which was a high pollution time. other countries we end up giving money to. this would have been one of the great catastrophes and i could come back into the deal at a much better price. they would love me back in. i could come back into the paris accord and i like the people. i really like emmanuel. i like so many of the people involved, but i could come back.
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it's like, i don't get it. i don't see it. i want clean air. i want crystal clear and clean water. >> [applause] >> and i want things that they won't have and i don't want to pay the kind of numbers that you're talking about. if we stayed with those numbers, we would have had to close factories and businesses in order to qualify by 2025. can you imagine? ladies and gentlemen we're violating the accord and in the meantime some of those countries are spewing stuff out that you wouldn't believe and we would be closing up, now we could maybe change the deal, but then we would get sued by all of the groups. you know in china they don't sue china. nobody sues. with us, they sue. i approved immediately after we took office the keystone xl and dakota access pipelines. >> [applause]
11:44 pm
>> 48,000 jobs. we've lifted the restrictions on american energy including shale, oil, natural gas, and clean beautiful coal of which we have a thousand years of supply, and we're putting miners back to work. did you see west virginia, i love west virginia. west virginia, i love west virginia, so west virginia people were saying oh, trouble, coal will never come back. in the meantime they're buying it in vietnam from us. the president of vietnam said that is the fineest coal we've ever purchased they're buying it from us so west virginia the numbers just have a great governor of west virginia number s just commute so west virginia had the biggest percentage increase in gdp, of any state in our union except for texas, it was second. how is that? how is that?
11:45 pm
and they said coal will never come back. now we're opening up mines and drilling and doing all sorts of things and windmills are wonderful but when the wind doesn't blow they really do cause problems. we have no energy this week. hopefully the wind will start blowing pretty soon. >> [laughter] >> we are pursuing american energy dominance and by the end of this year, we will be totally self sufficient. we will be major exporters of energy. we will take a massive amounts of money, we will start paying off our $20 trillion in debt. my administration was also leading the charge to rebuild our military. >> [applause] >> the military.
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we're supporting our troops and their wonderful military families including those right here in the cradle of naval aviation. >> [applause] >> the home of the legendary blue angels people don't realize that. >> [applause] >> by the way, could those people fly or what? >> [applause] >> how about naval air station pensacola, good place? >> [applause] >> and it's really time. this isn't a republican thing or a democratic thing or anything. it's time for democrats in congress to drop the threats of
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shutdowns of government and support a clean appropriations bill that fully supports and funds our military. we can't play games any more. we can't play games. and don't forget, we make the greatest missiles, the greatest military equipment anywhere in the world. nobody is close and what does it also mean? and to me it's secondary in this case, but what does it also mean jobs, jobs, but we are building our military stronger and by the time i decide to go off into the wild blue yonder, you'll have the strongest military this country has ever had by far. >> [applause] >> it's wrong and dangerous but congressional democrats to hold
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troop funding hostage for amnesty letting people pour into our country, we don't know who they are. we don't know where they come from. you saw what happened with beautiful kate steinley. this guy, he said he didn't know it was a gun. oh, he didn't know. oh, he didn't know. he didn't know it was a gun. that's his new line. did you notice the federal government came in and brought another suit against him, right? >> [applause] >> we'll come in. that was a total miscarriage of justice. he didn't know it was a gun. the real changes that we're facing are the drugs and the gangs pouring into our country. the millions of people over staying their visas, chain migration that caused taxpayers billions and billions of dollars and sanctuary cities that set
11:49 pm
free violent criminal aliens all over our country and protect them. >> [boo] >> people come in and they're not necessarily good, like the man that ran over, the animal that ran over many people in new york city the other day. you saw that. two months ago, he runs over people, goes on a beautiful, i know it so well, the west side highway. i know it so well, so beautiful. people running, jogging trying to get in shape. he killed many people, ran them over, chain migration. according to chain migration he may have as many as 22-24 people that came in with him. his grandfather, his grandmother , his mother, his father, his brother and sisters. we have to end chain migration. we have to end chain migration.
11:50 pm
>> [applause] >> i mean, you go to kate who was such a beautiful young american woman, killed on a pier in san francisco in the prime of her life. she was killed by this guy, an illegal alien who had been deported five times and convicted seven times of felonies. i guess they weren't allowed to mention this in court. they weren't allowed to mention. don't worry, we're right in there, but he was roaming free to threaten innocent americans like kate because of our borders and because san francisco was a sanctuary city. in other words a city run by politicians. >> [crowd booing] >> who would rather protect criminal aliens than american citizens. let me give you another example. the city of chicago. what the hell is going on in
11:51 pm
chicago? there are those that say that afghanistan is safer than chicago, okay? what is going on? you know what's wrong with chicago? weak, in effective politicians, democrats that don't want to force restrictions. >> [applause] >> and by the way, chicago for those of you that are going to say guns guns, chicago has the toughest gun laws in the united states, okay? just in case you were thinking about it. they immediately say oh, you have to takeaway. chicago has the toughest gun laws in the united states so we're asking democrats in congress to cease their obstruction and do the right thing and sanctuary cities.
11:52 pm
stop the carnage, save the innocent lives, we've also begun the process of building the wall on the southern border. and we are empowering our immigration officers to do their job and they're doing a great job. ice and border patrol agents are working so hard and they endorsed us for the election. i say us because it's really not me. it's us altogether it's us. we're a group a big group. a big beautiful group. all you have to do is look around here. >> [applause] >> just look around. >> crowd cheering usa, usa, usa, usa ]
11:53 pm
>> [applause] >> i just said just look around and the big thing i see is that big beautiful merry christmas sign, i mean, can you believe it remember, i told you two years ago, when we started, i said and it was summer but i said you know, we're going to say merry christmas but let me just tell you the department store is right they had the beautiful red wall with snowflakes all over the place and only one thing missing the words "merry christmas." they're using those words again, do you notice? >> [applause] >> but one by one we're finding the illegal alien drug members, the gang members, the thieves and criminals and killers, and we are throwing them the hell out of our country but we're putting them in prison.
11:54 pm
>> [applause] >> and because our borders now are strong as they should be, and they're going to get much stronger, we will not let these people back in. >> [applause] >> it's time for congress to adopt a pro-american immigration agenda. every member of congress should be asked where they stand on these issues, blocking funds to sanctuary cities. i don't want to give sanctuary cities money. >> [applause] >> passing kate's law to put repeat offenders behind bars for a long period of time. >> [applause] >> increasing the number of ice officers who are fantastic and border patrol officers so we can
11:55 pm
dismantle vile criminal gangs like as i said ms13 animals. >> ensuring that new immigrants to our country are financially self sufficient and will not be on welfare the day they come in. >> [applause] >> and as i said, ending chain migration. we want a system that is merit- based. they come in on merit. they don't come in a lottery system. how about the lottery system folks, do you see that? >> [crowd booing] >> that's the guy in new york city. the lottery system, where they put names in a bin. you know, you think these countries are legitimate when they do their lottery system, so what they do, i would say, but more than just say, they take their worst and they put them in the bin and then when they pick the lottery, they have the real
11:56 pm
worst in their hands, oh, here they go, and we end up getting them. no more lottery system we're going to end that. we've already started the process. >> [applause] >> we want people coming into our country who love our people, support our economy, and embrace our values. >> [applause] >> it's time to get our priority ies straight. this guy's screaming we want roy moore. he's right. >> [applause] >> democrats in congress want open borders, higher taxes, and government-run healthcare that doesn't work, cost a fortune doesn't work. they're soft on crime and they want to suffocate our economy
11:57 pm
with socialistic-style regulation, raise your taxes through the sky. they don't want to vote for our tax cuts because they want tax increases. that's why we need a republican in the house. we need a republican in the senate. we need more of this. >> [applause] and by the way just so i can satisfy this gentlemen out there, how many people here are from the great state of alabama? >> [applause] >> wow. so did you see what happened today, you know the year book? did you see that? there was a little mistake made, she started writing things in the yearbook.
11:58 pm
what are we going to do? gloria alred, any time you see her you know somethings going wrong. we cannot afford this country, the future of this country cannot afford to lose a seat in the very very close united states and we can't afford it folks, we can't. we can't afford to have a liberal democrat who is completely controlled by nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. we can't do it. >> [crowd booing] >> his name is jones and he's their total puppet and everybody knows it. he will never ever vote for us. we need somebody in that senate seat who will vote for our make
11:59 pm
america great again agenda. >> [applause] >> which involves, which involves tough on crime, strong on borders, strong on immigration. we want great people coming into our country, building the walls, strengthening our military, continuing our great fight for our veterans. i love our veterans. >> [applause] >> we love our veterans. we want conservative judges like judge gorsuch on the supreme court, doing a great job too. >> [applause] >> we want people that are going to protect your gun rights. great trade deals instead of the horrible deals. >> [applause] >> and we want jobs, jobs, jobs,
12:00 am
so get out and vote for roy moore. >> [applause] >> working with republicans in congress, we've already signed 88 pieces of legislation. we get no credit. they always say well, president trump really needs this tax bill because he hasn't passed any legislation. well, so far in ten months, we've passed more during this period of time than any other president in the history of our country and the second let's call runner up is harry stroman was second so we passed all of this, including, including the long-awaited veterans accountability act. >> [applause] do you know what that


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