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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 30, 2017 1:00am-2:00am EST

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foinrmation and videos on our website, i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] new year. you're the everything. gregg: good evening, i'm gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs. president trump making it clear there will be no deal on dacca without a border wall. the president today demanding the democrats approve funding for the wall before he supports a program protecting young illegal immigrants from deportation. we'll have a full report. also tonight, the president blasting the special counsel saying the russian investigation is quote a very bad thing for the country in a wide ranging interview with the "the new york times," the president insisting there was no collusion between his campaign and russia. we'll talk about the need to end the witch hunt with fred
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flight coming up and the state department tonight engaging in a time-honored practice, releasing politically sensitive documents on a friday before a holiday weekend. today's release, e-mails with classified material belonging to none other than hillary clinton aide huma abedin. we'll take all of that up here tonight. we begin with the top story. president trump amnesty or illegal immigrants. the president taking to twitter to lay out his immigration demands which include a border wall and end to chain migration. rich edgeson is with the president in west palm beach florida with this report. reporter: president trump says he'll deal with democrats though he has conditions. he tweeted, quote, the democrats have been told and fully understand that there can be no dacca without the desperately needed wall at the southern border and an end to the and
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lottery system. we must protect the country at all costs. >> i'm here today to announce that the program known as dacca that was effectuated under the o0back ma administration is beig rescinded disbrr president obama created dacca to protect from deportation those brought to the country illegally as children. the trump administration is ending those protections arguing it's congress' role to set immigration policy. >> i have a love for these people and hopefully congress will be able to help them and do it properly. reporter: the democratic and congressional leaders will meet wednesday with white house legislative director and office of management and budget head to discuss immigration, government spending and other issues. the president said he wants democrats and republicans to work together on health care and a trillion dollar infrastructure package.
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he also softened his approach to special counsel robert mueller saying, let's just say i they that bob mueller will be fair and everybody knows there is no collusion. this investigation makes the country look bad and puts the united states in a bad position. he denied multiple times that his colluded with the russians. hthe president said, quote, i have absolute right to do what i want to do with the justice department but for purposes of hopefully thinking i'm going to be treated fairly, i've stayed uninvolved with this particular matter. he turned to international matters and a report that originated in south korea alleging that china illegally supplied north korea with energy. the president says he's been soft on china's trade policies because of its willingness to address north korea. he says, quote, china on trade has ripped off this country more than any other element of the
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world in history has ripped off anything. but i can be different if they're helping us with north korea. president trump says he likes the chinese president, they have great chemistry and they're friends. the president says the only thing more important than crown fronting china's trade policies is dealing with the north koreans on the war. charles: an extraordinary document dump on a friday before the holiday. the state department releasing e-mails from hillary clinton top aide huma abedin, e-mails found on her estranged husband's laptop. good evening. what are you see thrg? >> so the state department released 2800 documents this afternoon, this of them heavily redacted and oftentimes the same e-mail' peered more than once. we're still going through all of these but so far we've found
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four which were later labeled classified. they're private e-mails seemingly forwarded from nongovernment serves to a personal laptop shared with hum. weiner is serving time at a federal prison in massachusetts. he pled guilty ur earlier this year to sending explicit messages and photos to a 15-year-old. in one e-mail dated november 25th, between and in 2011 labeled classified until 2025. someone sent hillary clinton an e-mail oned advice on what to y in a call with saudi arabia's foreign minister and specifically how to address the release of documents and cablegh wikileaks published since tiff material. clinton said quote i regret the wikileaks disclosure and quote i seek your help in preventing
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wikileaks from undermining our national interest. these documents were released because judicial watch served the state department. in a state tom fenton called the release a major victory and went on to say, quote, that these government docs were on anthony weiner's laptop dramatically illustrates the need for the justice department to do a serious investigation of hillary clinton and huma abedin's obvious violations of law. fox news reached out to abedin's lawyer. we have not heard back. earlier this year, fbi director james comey said they had no indication that abedin knew what she was doing violated the law. and when they looked at this comey said they did not see criminal intent. gregg: no criminal intent. how about gross negligence. that's the law too. president trump is
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tougherrenning his rhetoric on china after reports that he's supplying oil to north korea. but the president is signaling he'll take a harder line against china in the new year. lucas tomlinson is at the pentagon with the latest. >> defense secretary mattis predicts more actions against north korea following the latest round of u.n. sanctions. >> i think we'll see increased pressure. what form that pressure takes in terms of physical operations is something that will be determined by the government. >> south korea says it seized a cargo ship last month claiming the vessel was illegally transferring 600tons of oil. the hong kong flagged vessel entered a south korea port on october 11 to fill up with oil. but instead of heading south of taiwan, the ship ran day viewed with a north korean ship a week later. the transfer captured by spy
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satellites and released last month. it was only yesterday president trump reacted on twitter, quote, caught red-handed. very disappointed that china is allowing oil to go into north korea. there will never be a friendly solution to the north korea problem if this continue to happen. ♪ before blaiming the chinese president trump was praising them just last month while visiting beijing. >> i thank president xi for his recent efforts to restrict trade with north korea. toda.together we have in our poo finally liberate this region and the world from this very serious nuclear menace. in terms of north korea getting everybody together, china has been excellent. >> on china because the only thing more important to him than trade is war. >> chinese have been n notorious
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for publicly agreeing to sanctionsance privately not enforcing them. we're seeing another case of this again. >> china accounts for 90% of north korea's trade but beijing denies any involvement with the ship despite being registered in hohong kong and leased to a company in taiwan. russian smugglers are being accused of fox news. gregg: we're coming right back with much more. stay with it president trump says there will be no dacca deal if we do not end chain migration and build the border wall. >> we will very importantly be funding and closing the loop loopholes that undermine our enforcement and we'll get rid of chain migration and the visa lottery program.
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gregg: will the dems join president trump in his battle to make america next and president trump pressuring china to step up and do more to denuke rise north korea. but china continue to carry out illegal business with the rogue regime. that story and much more coming up next. achoo! (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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gregg: the national left media, frequent target of president trump. but the president is saying
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he'll win reelection in 2020 thanks in part to the media, saying, quote, another reason i'm going to win another four years is newspapers, television, all form of media will tank if i'm not there. because without me their ratings are going down the tubes. they have to let me win and e vein chully sieventually six moe election they'll be loving me. joining me now, and joe concha. what do you think? >> i think that's a really silly statement and he's under estimated how much they hate him. you look at hollywood and the media, they care more about their ideology than they care about making money. just look at the movies they produce in left wing hollywood. i don't think they're going to give him a pass in order to keep their sales up. but i do think that donald trump has done something very important in the last year and over the course of his campaign
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before that, which is he has exposed the media in a way that no other republican has done ever. gregg: -- stories haven't been retracted, people suspended, some fired. joe, just sticking with that remark, it strikes me he gives the mainstream media more credit than they deserve, that they can somehow influence the election. they fought real hard to defeat donald trump last november. didn't work. >> it didn't work. the hill did this great compilation of major newspapers around the country. and woe came up with 59. and we looked at the endorsements that those 59 papers gave out. 57 endorsements went to hillary clinton, two went to donald trump. you know what that got her? a concession speech. the influence of the media that he's getting isn't remotely what it used to be because half of the country doesn't trust it and actually loathe the media.
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gregg: so the enforcement is really cryp kryptonite. >> could be. i think people know how to make up their own minds and do their own researcher. they don't like being told what to do in michigan, florida, ohio, north carolina. those states decide elections now. everything else is so wash. >> i think joe make as great point. there already was a lot of distrust for the media and i think donald trump has a great pulse on where people are at. he knows people ait rosie o'donnell and he picks on her. he knows people hate the media and he drives it further. but the problem is that the media is sort of -- hate for him is so huge and overblown that they've actually done themselves in in that they've made some really huge mistakes this year that just sort of solidify the point he's trying to make. >> he's exactly right in terms of ratings, that if hillary
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clinton won, a mo risk adverse, ratings at msnbc which has surged this year, not beating fox but has surged. they would be in the toilet. cnn would be -- they're not doing well anyway. they's in a distant third place and they lost viewers in 2017 this is a difficult thing to do. this was the most chaotic unpredictable year that you'll see in terms of watching news. but overall he's been a ratings guru for everybody and the "new york times" and the washington post. gregg: i think he loves tweaking the media and they're so vulnerable and fallible and he loves to underscore that by going over their heads with these tweets. and yesterday the "the new york times" interview. >> and he seems to enjoy the power he has to go, as you said, right over their head and direc" they like to set the narrative for the day. and they have lost that power.
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if he tweets something, it's suddenly changes the story. you see here even on our own network, you can't don't know ws going to happen. gregg: we just react. the political arm of the old trump campaign is suggesting what we really need is a fake news trophy to be awarded. at the end of the year who do you give the phony news award to. last night a guest said it easily goes to cnn. >> cnn made major mistakes this year. they fired three reporters, one nominated for a pulitzer. and then obviously they had another story involving donald trump jr. and him getting wikileaks information ten days in advance when that wasn't the case and the washington post was able to get a document saying they rushed that story to air. cnn had a lot of problems this year certainly. you could also go through -- you know what, there are so many. >> abc.
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gregg: i give it to abc. >> right. gregg: the guy who always gets it wrong. >> they always get it wrong and they rushed the story. knowing that this is a reporter who's gotten things, really important things wrong before. grpg i think the thing with brian ross came out with the story, i called a couple of producers and said whatever you do, don't go with bryan ross' story. he always gets it wrong. >> that happened in the span of four days. those stories were based on unnamed sources. who are unnamed sources? are they innocent whistle-blowers speaking truth to power? no. they're political operatives looking to send out a false narrative that they know the media will gobble up and not check to see what they're eating. in ross' case, it was one unnamed source. >> but with ross too, this is kind of inside baseball with
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ross. what was interesting was abc, you know, joy bayhard came out celebrating the news. and that's the audience in america who got the information. she had to come back and eat crow the next day. gregg: she's not media. >> but there are a lot of americans that get their news, like it or not, from "the view" and from colbert. gregg: the lib ra media's hay tret for trump is what gets them in trouble. they're no quick to find fault with him that they invariably are going to get it wrong. good to see you both. joe was out of breath. he was rushing over here because he didn't anticipate the crowds and we gave him the wrong time. and he's got a great story to tell which he'll tell us privately. >> i got here with 30 seconds remains and the producer said we only got 30 seconds and that's an eternity in this business.
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gregg: ho hum. do you believe that 2018 will be an even bigger disaster for the dems than 2017 ands president trump continue to deliver on promises to the american people? follow lou on twitter, like him on facebook, follow him on instagram take a look at wall street, stocks closing lower on the last day of the trading day. the dow falling 118 points, s&p down 14, nasdaq down 47. volume picking shares. markets posting the best year since 2013. the dow up a whopping 25%, s&p up 19%, nasdaq with gains of 28% on the year. crude oil by the way settling at the highest level since june 2015, closing above 60 buck as barrel for the only time in 2017 and a reminder, listen to lou's reports three times a day
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coast to coast on the salem radio network. coming up next, president trump giving some rare praise to obama attorney general eric holder. there's sparked all of that. we'll tell you after the break. we'll tell you after the break. stick around
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♪livin in this crazy world ♪so caught up in the confusion♪ ♪nothin' is makin' sense ♪for me and you ♪maybe we can find a way
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♪there's got to be solutions ♪how to make a brighter day ♪what do we do? ♪we've got to give a little love♪ ♪have a little hope ♪make this world a little better♪ ♪try a little more ♪harder than before gregg: president trump expressinged a mere ratioing adc holder.
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he told the paper he appreciated holder's loyalty to president obama through scandals like fast and furious saying, quote, when qulu look at the things that they did, holder protected the president and i have great respect for that, i'll be honest. he added that it was, quote, too bad that current attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from the russia investigation. joining me now, former chief of staff to ambassador bolton. a senior vice president at the center for security policy. >> happy new year. gregg: if you look at the rules and regulations on recusal at the department of justice, it wasn't mandatory, wasn't required for jeff session to recuse himself. and yet, he did. to the president's ever lasting regret and sometimes anger. and he's expressing it yet again, isn't he? >> well, it's pretty clear the
1:27 am
president is very bitter about the decision by sessions to recuse himself, which kicked off this investigation. but you know what's interesting about some of the president's most outrageous comments, they turn out to be true. i mean it is absolutely true that holder and loretta lynch stuck up for the president and did everything possible to block any meaningful investigations of the obama administration. gregg: you know, i wonder to what extent the mueller investigation is imperilling american-russian regulations. i wrote a column about it. let me put it up on the screen. the longer the special counsel's case drags on, the less likely it will be that president trump and vladimir putin can sit down together in earnest to discuss decreasing counter if syria and
1:28 am
a myriad of other contentious issues. there is legitimate concern in the white house that any friendly or conciliatory overdhur toward putin will be met by a hostile media predissupposed to as incriminating evidence which is a subject of mueller's investigation. former president mikhail gosh chof said this is dangerous. >> i think it's ridiculous. the obama's relationship with russia was horrible. it's hard to see how it could get worse. the president is right. we have to have a productive working relationship with russia. and this idea that president trump would be afraid because te media will be hard on him and criticize him, well, that's
1:29 am
already happening. that that's what will happen, if he decides to have a summit with putin. the media will be all over him. see, they're pals, collusion. >> well, i don't know who in the white house thinks that. i don't think the president thinks that. i don't doubt there are people on the national security council, a lot of people there i think the president should let go. i think the president knows he has to have a productive relationship with russia. that doesn't mean to overlook russia's human rights violations. but we obviously need a productive relationship. gregg: well a spokesman for putin said that the relationship is now degraded to its worse point in recent memory. is he right? >> no. i think that our relationship with -- well with the soviet
1:30 am
union was much worse. but the relationship is different here. because during the obama administration, the russians walked all over the united states because mr. obama was so weak. i think they would probably rather have hillary clinton or barack obama in the white house because they could walk all over the united states. they don't like a strong president. they don't like a republican president who will basically oppose all of the things that the russians like to do worldwide. but i think the russians respect president trump. gregg: including providing arms in ukraine, which has really angered the kremlin as well. >> it has. boy, if there was collusion between president trump's campaign and the russians, why would he do such a thing. the collusion thing is just such nonsense. i'm hoping we're going to learn that soon from mueller. gregg: as i've written before, collusion accepting antitrust is not a crime. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. president trump guarantees
1:31 am
his historic tax bill will produce an abundance of jobs for the middle class and businessings. >> i consider this very much a bill for the middle class and a bill for jobs. and jobs are produced through companies and corporations and you see that happening. corporations are literally going wild over this. >> but senator rubio says the bill went too far to help corporations. we'll discuss marco's remarks next and these base jumpers take free falling to new spectacular extremes, unlike anything you've seen before. strap in. the video is coming ♪ (nadia white) the moment a fish is pulled out from the water, it's a race against time. and keeping it in the right conditions is the best way to get that fish to your plate safely.
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gregg: well come back. i'm greg jarrett in for lowd dobbs. president trump bel welcomed 60 members of the corps to his golf club today. the president thanks them for their life saving efforts during the hurricanes in both texas and florida. joining me now to talk a bit more about why the media went apoplectic over the president's interview with the "the new york times." washington times columnist tammy bruce joins us. good to media just went nuts
1:36 am
over that whole -- and i don't get it because, you know, i read ever bit of it that i could and i thought it was rather interesting and well said. >> yeah. and honest and how many republican president conservatives want to do things with the "the new york times." the thing that i'm amazed that they seem not to accept is how good trump has made the media why they need to reelect him in 2020. i can speak from a talk radio perspective. and it's hard sometimes when we have a so many angles, so many things that are going on, so many things, some of them unprecedented that it is tremendous for talk radio and the rest of the media. for fox and everybody else. there's plenty to go around. gregg: tammy, you and i were talking before the show and you think the president was just engaging in his usual trolling. >> yeah. yeah. gregg: -- of the media. >> he's pretty fabulous at that. his sense of humor is dry and
1:37 am
blunt in a certain sense. in this case, he understands it with him saying they need me, they're going to help me get reelected, there has been a war between him and the media for a year and a half. and we know who's won that war and that's the president. his approval rating on thursday was as high as barack obama's was at the same time in barack obama's first year. and that is after only 5% of positive media versus a love fest for barack obama. the media's approval rating at the same time is still at the rate of cockroaches or a little below that. so we know who has won this war. and i think the president can revel if that. him talking to to the "the new k times" puts a point own the end of that sentence and that's why they went nuts. they'll realized, wait a minute. he not only didn't resign, he's stronger, the ratings are good, we're not doing well. what went wrong and they're going to have to face it.
1:38 am
gregg: he said in the interview of the mueller investigation, i think robert mueller will be fair but then he went on to emphasize how many times do i have to say it, i don't collude with the russians. what's your reaction to that? >> well, i think this is classic trump. he throws out all sorts of lines of attack or phrases and conflicting things and you just covered the backdoor shot at jeff sessions at the same time. it's multidimensional and he keeps these things in flux and it's hard to pin him down. i think what he's doing here is, he is trying to appear to be fair himself and give praise to eric holder in this. so there's something for everybody there again. it's very hard to hold him to one -- he's outside the box on most of the stuff and it's hard to pin him down. gregg: i give the president credit because if robert mueller came to me interviewing for a job in my administration and then turned around the next day
1:39 am
and took the job to investigate me, i would be so angry that i would take every opportunity to rip into mueller for being deceitful and dishonest. >> yeah, i think the president has been on a learning curve this year. and the rules within politics are so very different than in business. in business you've got to have some level of trust because everyone does have the same interest effectively about what a project will be or the end results of a project. he's finding out that in politics there all really is no genuine trust. the pem around you are very important and that you have to weave into your dealing with is only thinking of themselves, not the larger picture. the president is thinking of the country as the larger picture and he's finding there are fewer people like that in washington. and he's tryin try to find themd weed them out. mueller is clearly the individual who is not the kind of person we are, which is we
1:40 am
think of the country first and we're not out for ourselves first, the fbi, the upper echelon, the clintons, everyone else. he's finding out there's bad gregg: he said that mueller will be fair. i wonder if he believes that. >> that's more of a statement. gregg: given the evidence to the contrary, i doubt he really believes that. but it was the apropos thing to say at the time. >> absolutely. gregg: yes. very diplomatic. thanks very much, don, tammy, great to see you both. >> happy new year, guys. gregg: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe that 2018 will be a bigger disaster for the dems than 2017 as president trump continues to deliver on his promises to the american people. cast your vote on twitter and roll the videotape. take a look at this. base jumpers leaping off of a 3300-foot cliff in norway before they put on a breathtaking
1:41 am
midair spectacle. they worked together to perform an tricks. don't they make it look so easy. a little too close to the cliff and rocks for my tastes. coming up next, president trump and republicans looking ahead to the next legislative battle after a victory on tax cut. but one rhino now having second thoughts. we'll take that up with steve forbes next.
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gregg: rhino senator marco rubio is trying to have it both ways on the trump tax cuts. first marco grandstranded for child tax credits before ultimately voting for the bill. and now the failed presidential candidate says the plan goes too
1:46 am
far to help corporations. he'll parroting the democratic line that companies will pocket their tax savings even though more than two dozen companies have given money back to their employees in the form of bonuses or raises. joining me now, steve forbes. on a scale of one to ten, ten being profoundly wrong, where is rubio? >> 11. seriously, he doesn't understand what makes an economy grow. you need investment. we've had low capital business invest nment the last ten years which is why this economy has been stagnant. you want the investment to get a higher standard of living. and someone should remind him that 80% of households will get a tax cut with the tax bill starting next february. and his child tax credits are almost a form of welfare feech you don't pay tax income tax
1:47 am
they'll pay you to have children. if he's interested in helping families, you want a vigorous economy where people's pay is going up and you have better job opportunities. gregg: marco needs to go back to the self and pull out his econ101 book from college and reread it. >> or listen to some ronald reagan tapes. gregg: yes, that will do it. the new tax law is a great start, more can be done. >> yes. gregg: what else should be done? >> several things. cut the capital gains tax pit it went up over 60% under barack obama. the nice thing is you get a twofer, hundreds of millions of dollars for the government and two you get more investment which is how you get a higher standard of living. and another thing. get rid of the minimum tax which is a burden on people who are trying to succeed. gregg: what about the death tax. i regard it as triple taxation. you're taxed when you earn
1:48 am
income, you're taxed when you invest capital gains and then you die lay in the coffin and the government comes in and they want to pick your pocket. >> yes. you should be allowed to leave the world unmolested by the irs. the government acts as graverobbers literally. you leave this world and they come, as you say, pick your pocket to take more, make life miserable for your family. gregg: it's really a astonishing. >> and this is where i hope the president will come in the new year, will make the point that this tax bill is just the beginning. it's a down payment of more good things to come. gregg: how much revenue increase could the government actually receive from tax cuts which may be counter intuitive to a great many people until you consider economic growth? >> well, every time we've done it in a major way, you've gotten a stronger economy, stronger revenues. now investing with capital gains you get immediate benefits.
1:49 am
investing, it takes two or three years to pay off. a five or ten-year period, you have a stronger economy, more revenue and the problem is that the politicians get the money, spend it and then spend some more. gregg: how high can the economic growth get? >> given the sluggishness of the last ten years, you could have several years of 4%, 5% or 6%. gregg: when is the last time we had 6%? >> 1980s under ronald reagan. gregg: okay. that was in my lifetime. what about infrastructure spending. democrats have long argued for it. republicans have often resisted it. but the president likes the idea. >> well the key thing on infrastructure, yes, everyone says they're for it. but you've got to remove the barriers to getting effective spending. the "the new york times" of all papers today had a rivetting story of the bloated cost of subway capital smending here in new york.
1:50 am
paris, for instance has strong units. we spend three times as much to get something done in new york as paris. the time examined, all of the excuses that the subway makes for their bloated spending and found that almost all of them are false. gregg: every time i go along the highway and look at the construction, there's one guy working and ten guys standing around watching him work. that's because of the union rules. >> and the permission process, it takes forever. why not make it a con before yon before you get congressional money that you have to remove the barriers a endo what unionized countries like france do. it's amazing. gregg: steve forbes, you. happy new year. >> hopefully a happy tax cuttier. gregg: i'm looking for the 5% and 6% growth coming up next, china caught thumbing its nose at international sanctions against
1:51 am
north korea. how should president trump respond. we'll take it up with gor gordon chang. he's with it. stucstick around. when a cold calls... achoo! ...answer it. with zicam cold remedy. it shortens colds, so you get better, faster. colds are gonna call. answer them with zicam! zicam. get your better back. now in delicious fruit drops. with expedia, you can book a flight, then add a hotel, and save. ♪ everything you need to go. expedia
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gregg: in our online poll last night we asked you do you have any confidence in deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to purge the never trumpers from the deep state and the fbi and 95% of you said no, and you are absolutely right. joining me now, author and push it on asia, dr. gordon chang. will china help the yiewghts disarm north korea or are we kidding ourselves? >> only if we apply maximum pressure on the north koreans and the chinese. china has been arming north korea. the equipment for their nuclear weapons program comes from the chinese. and probably the technology from the most of advanced missiles.
1:56 am
so essentially china has been weaponnizing pyongyang. the only way to get china on board is to get them to the point where they have no choice but to cop ply. taking bank of china declaring it to be a money laundering concern. in 2016 a u.n. report named it for dwiegs and operating a money laundering scheme. there are other chinese banks that are probably ebb gained in the same activity. we need to take them down. gregg: that's an advantage for us doing that. if the chinese see we are doing something that costs us as well, they will say the americans are serious about protecting the
1:57 am
american people. gregg: let's say we take those actions against chinese banks and it gets the attention of the leadership in china. what would they then do to denuclearize north korea? >> they would cut off the oil. and they would cut off trade. but the most of important thing is they would signal to the leadership in pyongyang that beijing was no longer back their nuclear weapons program. maybe they can't convince kim jong-un to change his mind, but they can convince the people around kim. they can back away from kim and china can affect them. gregg: what do you mean back away? a coup you mean? >> it doesn't have to be a coup.
1:58 am
with kim jong-un killing 216 former regime figures, he intimidated those around him, but he also loosened the bounds of loyalty between the regime leaders and the kim family. if you had the generals and admirals understanding china was going to cut them off, they would probably come to some acoral degrees with beijing. beijing has bought off north korean generals. they have gone after the chinese bought officers. it's been a continual struggle between beijing and the kim family for the loyalty of the military. gregg gregg: if we signed yet another agreement and we have over several decades. isn't it true pyongyang would
1:59 am
lie and cheat and break the agreement? >> unless we give them no choice but to disarm. every single agreement international community signed with north korea they violated. and we let them do that. if a regime feels it has no choice but to disarm, that agreement we can assume they will honor. we are leaving them no chance. gregg: why would they feel they have no choice? >> if kim jong-un understands all the generals and admirals and senior party officials were back away from him. he would realize it's either death or the nukes. other alternative is going to war. this could be war not just with north korea. it could be war with north korea backed up by china and russia.
2:00 am
gregg: gordon chang, always great to talk to you. happy new year. >> and mate be a peaceful and >> muscle-bound heroes... >> my dad said, "if i'm gonna do conan, it's gonna be done my way." >> curvy vixens... >> when i look at the female characters that dad did, mom was okay with that? >> the da vinci of fantasy art. >> this entire visual genre traces back to this one artist. >> how much did it sell for? >> about $1.1 million. >> but when he's gone, a real battle takes shape. >> how bad did it get? >> i'm not close to my brother anymore. even today we don't talk. >> can the next generation save the family and its fortune? >> i think i was like their last hope. >> my grandfather deserves to live on, and what better place than comic-con? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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