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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 4, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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that's jamie by the way, wonderful producer got the snow day tomorrow is another snow day melissa: oh, no i don't know. we'll see my kids are at home right now they need to go to school tomorrow i love the pom pom on jamie's hat. risk & rewards starts right now. >> markets around the world are in turmoil at this hour over trump's astonishing victory. >> america is crying tonight. >> everybody is crying. >> local investors had expected and wanted a hillary clinton presidency. they didn't get it. >> you're going to wake up in the morning to a reaction. >> is there a dooms day planned? >> global markets were very quick to respond to donald trump 's defeat of hillary clinton sinking in anticipation of a trump presidency. liz: the dow crossing 20,000, 25,000 for the first time ever. it's the fastest 1000-point gain in the blue chip index's history and took just 23 days it is the 90th record close since election
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day, but at the white house press conference today the media had no questions, nothing about that historic close on wall street. and no media questions at the press about the 250,000 jobs created last month. we drilled down into the media ignoring the economic boom in the making and focusing on all things bad down in the d.c. swamp. a biggest line up to react former republican congressman jason chaffetz, rnc spokesperson , fiscal times columnist liz peak and conservative comentator ashley pratt all here all tonight. politics money we've got you covered i'm elizabeth macdonald risk & rewards starts right now. president trump: we're going to win so much you may even get tired of winning and you'll say please, please, it's too much winning. we can't take it any more. mr. president, it's too much and i'll say no it isn't, we have to keep winning, we have to win
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more. ♪ shake your money maker ♪ liz: well he's sure shaking the money maker down on wall street the tax cut rally continuing the dow crushing through the 25,000 mark on just the third trading day of the new year, rising over 150 points about 7,000 points since the president was elected. the s & p the nasdac, russel 2000 the dow transports all hitting intraday historic highs too. the poll bulls are on the mark and bears on the run the stocks leading the charge more than half 56% of the dows gain is due to five stocks, caterpillar, boeing, disney, home depot, goldman sachs and chevron. boeing and caterpillar accounting for a third of the dow's record gains since 24,000 now take a look this is historic it is the 7th thousand point milestone since president trump was elected the dow hitting 19,000 just weeks after the presidential election and then rank the 20,000 bell after the
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inauguration just 22000 in summer and 23,000 come fall, 24,000 on tax cut momentum. and even more good economic news today. rebuffing critics to say do you know what companies are likely going to sit on the cash and not create any jobs. not so company layoffs have hit lows not seen since 1990 and adp reporting the u.s. private sector again adding 250,000 jobs last month matching through estimates and a pace of about 212,000 a month in 2017 beating 2016's 18 7,000 number and that adp number comes ahead of the official government number due outcome tomorrow. maria bartiromo will bring that to you live at 8:30 a.m. fox business nicole petallides joins us from the action on the floor of the new york stock exchange, how it all went down nicole. nicole: hi, liz well it's pretty exciting we broke through yet another 1000 point milestone right in the early going in the first half hour of trading right after the opening bell. 25,000 traders got excited and
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we broke through they whipped out the hats but the truth of the matter is it's another record feels really great because ultimately it does well for the 401 (k) and ira. we have great economic news we've seen we have a tax plan in place which really helps individuals and corporations to it's a growth plan it's america 's plan and that's the big picture and as a result we've seen the market moving to the upside, and most of the people i speak to still think there's room to the upside. as we noted it's a 1000 milestone when we have the night of the election i worked that night a great intro. i worked that night and stood on over 800 points for the futures but we knew the traders were buying at that time. we weren't giving out these big worries, so that being said take a look. we gained 152 points on the dow jones industrial average today and for those names you know, the faang stocks, facebook, amazon, netflix, google all-time highs across-the-board. so not only for the major
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averages but also for some of these great momentum favorites that hit intraday all-time highs and last but not least when we talk about the economy tomorrow wait for that jobs number you mentioned the adp. that's a private sector and do you know what 250,000 jobs added which broke through those estimates the biggest monthly increase since march, so ultimately, you have everything being put together, laying the ground work as a nice cool recipe to continue to grow. not only here at home but also abroad, we're growing together but certainly, what's in place here for going forward the traders are liking what they're seeing and certainly saying the path of least resistance is to the upside, so they are still feeling the optimism, liz? liz: dow 30,000 nicole, the president commenting on it great stuff nicole good to see you now to this story the number of companies reinvesting the corporate tax cuts back into growth and to more jobs, expanding operations, even giving a worker bonuses is now climbed to about 60 from just seven a few weeks ago and 40 of
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those companies giving their workers trump tax cut bonuses of up to $2000 each depending on the company. president trump giving a big thank you today. listen. president trump: the historic tax cut i signed into law just two weeks ago before christmas is already delivering major economic gains. hundreds of thousands of americans are seeing larger paychecks, bigger bonuses and higher pension contribution and it's all because of the tax cuts and the tax reform and i want to thank all of the companies that work so hard to do it. liz: let's bring in former oversight committee chair jason chaffetz. let's talk about the press today the media, 19 questions at the white house press conference congressman, all about steve bannon, nothing about the stock market run-up. nothing about the pace of job growth or what companies are doing reinvesting the corporate tax cut. i remember watching obama press conferences they talked about the market, they talked about
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the economy all the time. what's going on here? >> it's such a double standard. the numbers are really quite stunning and you have the atlanta fed upping their estimates to now a gdp growth of 3.25% and the obama economy we were down hovering in the about half of that and so the numbers are stunning and they cannot even ask a question of it. i understand they want to get to the national inquirer type of stuff but the market is smarter than that. it's affecting real people's lives and they're reducing the regulations, put a tax cut on top of that and look at what's happening. liz: from where the trump voter sits they are sick and tired of the media doing what they're doing in the d.c. beltway swamp. they see the economy moving forward as you point out and small businesses blooming as well, but they are still lost in this tear down ripping into trump. they're not giving president trump any credit despite obama doubling the debt and to your point, half, half of the economic growth under obama
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experience as we experience now. >> well remember how the media was gushing over president obama they gave him a nobel peace prize before he barely -- liz: for one speech. >> before he was barely sworn in and here president trump they don't want to give him an ounce of credit for doing what he said he was going to do and really having a dramatic effect on the economy. it is about the economic, it is about people's laws and across this country people watching this program, they're doing better and i think that will continue to go. that's why the optimism in the stock market. liz: we try to be fair and balanced on this show. we call out president trump when there are problems. we try to be fair but there's a lot of bull in the coverage from the media and not coverage of the bull market that you're see ing, where government worker pensions, union worker pensions, firemen, cops, teachers they're seeing their pensions going up floating higher because of what's going on in the market but look at cnn finding the negative again in any situation it seems, publishing this story that says "only a small slice of corporate america has shared tax
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savings with workers so far" and then you have this new york times story saying do you know what? companies handing out bonuses a publicity stunt. so what should they do give the bonuses back? 60 companies better than zero under obama right? >> we're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars going into the pockets of americans and they never really as democrats and the media never really understood that allowing the american people to keep their own money and their own wallet was going to create increased optimism and look at the stocks rising. caterpillar. that's a pretty good lead indicator about where the economy thinks it's going to go where the nation is going and home depot again, home depot is doing well what does that tell you? it tells you that people are going and investing in their own homes in their backyards. liz: let's ask all of the people at comcast and msnbc, do you know what are you giving your bonus back? should comcast not reinvest? >> you can always give it back to the government. call me i'll make some arrangement. liz: who cares. look at this even after all this good economic news and proof companies are spreading the
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wealth creating jobs and investing in the states they're located in look at this action democrat new york governor andrew cuomo is deciding to sue over the federal tax cuts listen to his logic here. >> washington has launched an all out direct attack on new york state's economic future. it is ugly and ledge us lating and economic civil war. we believe it is illegal and we will challenge it in court as unconstitutional. we have not yet begun to fight, my friends. >> [applause] liz: think about what he's trying to do. >> he's arguing that the government needs more money, they need more government money, and then he comes out of people 's wallets. it's not the government's money it's your money and absolutely for him to say that it's unconstitutional -- liz: and ugly. >> for the congress to pass a bill and the president to sign a bill to cut taxes, i understand the state and local tax issue, but that is not unconstitutional
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that's the fact that new york has ridiculously high taxes. liz: it's true and you know let me ask you something. it's economic civil war is populous anger class warfare the best that the democrats can come up with, you know when you talk to them about what's going on they go into this circular logic that president obama needed to double the federal debt to fix the financial class. no they didn't. do you know what? he's hamstrung about six different sectors of the u.s. economy and shrunk growth. you never hear that argument coming out of the democrats. i'm not sure can they go into the midterms with that populous argument? it didn't work for al gore. >> think about what democrats are arguing. they want to keep more of your money. they don't want to allow the american people to keep their own money in their own wallet so they're opposed to that, however under barack obama he spent $787 billion on the so-called stimulus so ask yourself, did it really affect your own wallet? did suddenly transportation work better in this country, are kids being educated better? no they spent it on more
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government but that's what people like governor cuomo and obama, clinton that's what they stand for and i don't know what the democrats are going to run on in 2018 by arguing against a tax cut. liz: here is the play 14 republicans seats in the house in california at risk right? and i think the house the democrats need to flip 24 seats. i mean california is upset about the state and local tax deductions going away right? is that enough? >> but the majority of the republicans that represent that area including majority leader kevin march car think were very supportive of this tax package. but a couple of them didn't but i think darrel issa didn't but if you look at what's going on in california they too are going to be part of this economic boom because of what donald trump and the republicans are doing and look, it will play out over the next year the markets going to go up and down a little bit but the optimism literally about a year out from when donald trump took office, the fastest 2000 point rise, you have the fed increasing their economic
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projection on growth of gdp to over 3%, never in barack obama's dreams did they ever think that. liz: did they have an annual 3%. i mean even bill clinton said you have to have policy ideas. jason chaffetz we love having you on. thank you. liz: happy new year too. coming up we have evidence that steve bannon called the russia russia russia probe a "facet before steve bannon is calling treasonist. we've got the sound for you also the former white house advisor steve bannon is now responding to president trump's criticism of those quotes. we're bringing in rnc spokesperson here to respond to that sound as well, after this. stay right there.
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>> the president of the united states is a great man and supporting day in and day out whether going through the country giving the trump miracle speer so i don't think you worry about that but i appreciate the kind words. liz: former white house advisor steve bannon reiterating his support for the president after the white house slaps him with a cease and assist order and after president trump blasted steve bannon for calling ailed jr. donald trump jr.'s trump tower meeting with russians " treasonist" in a new book by author michael wolf and president trump responding to steve bannon's latest interview today. let's roll tape. president trump: i don't know he called me a great man last night so he obviously changed his tune pretty quick. thank you all very much. >> thank you. president trump: thank you. i don't talk to him. i don't talk to him. liz: white house lawyers are also sending a cease and assist letter to michael wolf and his publisher. wolf claims he has taped the backup as interviews let's bring in our rnc spokesperson,
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breaking news, the book company announcing it will move up the release date for michael wolf's book, the statement from henry holt & company spokesperson to fox news is this. due to unprecedented demand, removing the on sale date for all formats of fire and fury to friday, january 5 at 9:00 a.m. what's your take on all of this? >> well i want to point out something really quick from a wise man gone far too soon and that would be justice anton scal ia. he argued and this is an important point that right now media companies, authors can basically operate with publish selacious material like this full of lies. maggie haberman at the new york types said there are several things in here not true that's from someone at the new york times but this author can rush to publication, with basically being guaranteed nothing will come of it because you have to prove malicious intent and justice scalia said it's unfair
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and allows the mainstream media to get away with telling lies so this is a good point to pause and say how is this man able to do this, publish what our statements without impunity. liz: still there's no proof of russia collusion anywhere right now, and by the way governor huckabee pointed out something interesting how the press sure has changed its tune about steve bannon. roll tape. >> it's disappointing in part because just a few days ago steve bannon was considered by the press to be unhinged, he's crazy, he's a wild man and suddenly this guy michael wolf quotes him in a book necessary ing terrible things about president trump and now he's a hero. bottom line is this. there's two things you give to someone when you're hired in a political context. you give them loyalty and confidentiality. those are the two virtues that are more important than anything else you can bring. there have been a number of people who came out and they didn't go out and trash the president or the other people they worked with at the white house.
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liz: what are your thoughts on steve bannon and what huckabee said? >> huckabee is spot on. the quickest way to become a darling of the mainstream media is to start spewing hatred against our president, to start spewing malicious words against him. mike huckabee a bee cannot be more correct on that point. i think it's sad i never want to see internal fighting in our party. i never want to see this kind of back and forth when we should be working against democrats. on the other side, but this is a day where it's just worth mentioning we stand behind the president as a party and we encourage every single voter out there to do the same as we know they already are. liz: remember when steve bannon appeared on 60 minutes and dismissed the russia investigation as a "facet. let's roll tape. >> there's nothing to the russia investigation. it's a waste of time. >> i was there. it's a total and complete farce. liz: would that explain what bannon said to charlie rose in michael wolf's book? >> it's very confusing because we have that statement and the
5:21 pm
one in wolf's book where he talks about this treasonist meeting with donald trump jr. which is nothing of the sort so you really can't reconcile his statements they're conflicting, contradictory and i agree with his first statement that the russia collusion is just a conspiracy theory we have no evidence of that nor will we produce any. liz: it looks like the justice department is also ponying up information about the so-called dossier to congressional watchdogs. you know, chuck grassley quickly the final point, he's run senate judiciary saying listen, jim comey you're not independent of constitutional oversight. basically fbi was to try to act like that way and it did great harm. caylee this is the story james comey is still not answering questions who at the fbi if anybody funded that anti-trump file. what do you think about that? >> oh, he needs to answer questions. at this point or at least until they produce the documents we have the fbi and the doj
5:22 pm
investigating themselves. we know the top doj, the top prosecuting power in this country and the top law enforcement powers in this country at the fbi were doing very shady things at least or colluding to exonerate hillary clinton at worst, so these are really tough questions that americans should demand answers to. liz: all right caylee good to see you and happy new year thanks for coming in. let's get to the story affecting about 100 million people in the cold zone that's what it's being called a fast-moving winter storm slamming the east coast, almost 4000 flights canceled, 500 flights come. travelers are now left out in the cold. we've got fox business team coverage with the latest on the ground after this.
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liz: let's get to the fast- moving winter storm we've got some meteorologists hyping it as the bomb cyclone blitzing much of the east coast with blizzard conditions and bone
5:26 pm
chilling temperatures after dumping rare snow in the south. the storm has caused basically over 4000 flight cancellations around the country, almost 500 canceled tomorrow leaving travelers out in the cold take a check of airline stocks how they did today looks like mixed results. let's get to the fox business team coverage with jeff flock and connell mcshane here with the latest first jeff flock is live at chicago's o'hare international airport. wow jeff a lot of cancellations. >> dow 25,000, cancellations, four plus thousand now so there you go and if you take a look at the boards here at o'hare right where connell is standing that is a big one all of the flights from chicago to boston canceled in fact all of the flights from anywhere to boston canceled and this is the american board also canceling everything from providence, newark, laguardia airport. we've got pictures i think of some of those places and i'll tell you here in chicago we have a lot of the people that were supposed to be there, flights from europe specifically divert
5:27 pm
ed from new york and boston to chicago because they couldn't get in there and they were already in the air, so i don't know how those folks will get to new york it's going to be a mess. we've got the misery map for you , folks at flightaware keep track of all of the cancellation s and they show pretty much what you expect, a northeast pretty well hammered and i must say i'm a little bit jealous of connell today because he's out in the weather where i like to be, but actually i'm a lot more comfortable than he is so maybe it's a win-win. liz: jeff look up at the board do you know what flight is board ing the flights to buffalo. i went to school in buffalo. do you see that? the flights are boarding. >> i'm so sorry to hear you went to school in buffalo but yes, you've got a flight boarding and another one on time. they do love their snow. liz: you got it they drive 80 miles an hour through a blizzard great to see you jeff love the coverage great reporting now look at this story parts of the northeast expected to see as much as two feet of
5:28 pm
snow. thanks to the storm let's take a check of stock jumping on the news some of the big winners, douglas dynamics which makes salt spreaders, a generator, briggs and stratton, home depot, lowe's are all up. let's get to connell mcshane on the ground in boston where they are expected to see about a foot and a half of snow in the area. connell you look like a walking snowman. people are calling you rudolph's bumble. that's what you look like. you have the roughest thing going and neil cavuto teased you you're standing in central park. you're up in boston aren't you? >> that's right absolutely right this is certainly boston and they had it boy i could tell you liz at this point we're still getting hit. the winds pick up from time to time and still snowing here in downtown boston. we're just off to the harbor. the harbor is over to my left but when this storm was at its worst and it was at its worst probably early afternoon here it was as bad nor'easter wise as maybe anything they've ever seen even in this city.
5:29 pm
they're comparing it at high tide to the famous blizzard at least or infamous blizzard in the city of boston that hit in 1976 so that's led to coastal flooding, that's led to streets being flooded even here in downtown boston just a few blocks from where we're standing we saw flooding when it was high tide so they will have a lot of digging out to do a lot of recovering to do and at last check the state of massachusetts had 25,000 people out of power or thereabouts that's been fluctuating throughout the day. now jeff talked about the flight s. i know right now as we speak at this hour there's supposed to be trying to get logan airport back up and running we'll see how that goes tracking it tonight into tomorrow and for people trying to get back home or out of here but to the point of cleanup, right behind us in the plaza there's a plow clean ing up this area so people can get into their apartment building and nearby hotel and then the streets nearby here right off the harbor again, i've got to say are pretty good liz and that's really been the mayor 's goal here in boston such
5:30 pm
a big city. they're used to the snow but they get so hard by the wind and flooding that he was hoping to get everything plowed tonight because he knows the temperature s are going to absolutely plummet come tomorrow and then you're talking maybe single-digits by tomorrow night, hovering around zero and negative temperatures going into saturday so they really weren't going to get it plow but just as i'm tossing back to you the wind is picking up so the worst is over but still getting gusts. liz: we can hear the wind in the studio. connell go inside boy you've been at it all day great reporting connell good to see you my friend. >> all right liz: let's get to this story back to the wall to wall coverage today. not over the 25,000 record high on the dow and not over the 250,000 jobs report, solid economic boom now in the making all about michael wolf's new trump tell all book the media all over that not covering everything else going on in the world. dr. jasser calling him out yesterday on the show saying they're ignoring the revolution and the protest going on he calls the revolution in iran.
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5:35 pm
treasonist. i read this book and we're going to talk about it. >> so president trump, why is it , what does this book do to president trump's base? >> we are talking about the brand new book fire and fury. >> i'm glad i read it. >> every hour that passes we get more from michael wolf about his time in the white house. >> this book has not even been published yet and it's continuing to dominate the news cycle. >> this book fire and fury. >> we've been talking all morning about michael wolf his new book that he will publish shortly from inside the white house. >> this explosive tell all book about the white house. >> news stories from the trump white house. liz: well you can see that wall to wall coverage today over michael wolf's new trump tell all book american islamic forum for democracy president dr. jasser is call out the media says there's something else going on it's the iran protest and not getting the attention it deserves roll tape. >> to see how little is being
5:36 pm
covered i look at some of the headlines in the new york times and cbs and msnbc and you wonder which side they're on and the bottom line is this revolution is not being televised other than on conservative media and the revolution is beginning. we've had for years my freedom which are women taking off the hijab and now we see this in 20 cities and this is bigger than the green revolution in 09. why? because they're confronting all of these cities, the much more and they're chanting bread, jobs and liberty. they're chanting death to the dictator. these chants will do more liz, abandon stereotypes that all muslims are islamists that the left is on the side of liberals on the side of femininists and yet they're not covering it the way we are. liz: let's bring one of the best columnists i love to read liz peak. no questions about the wall street historic 25,000 breakthrough on the dow nothing about the 250,000 adp jobs
5:37 pm
report nothing about the iran revolution, all bannon what do you make of that? >> well have you noticed every time president trump is on a roll that he's getting credit for doing something good for the economy, passing the tax bill, slamming regulations, or in this case, basically turning around our policy on iran and basically doing what obama did not do in 2009, something comes out of the woodwork and basically distracts everyone from the good news of the trump administration. look this book is a selacious part of gossip of events and secondhand information that michael wolf has brought together in a very explosive way in fact i was reading earlier, he has a preface to the book in which he basically says this is michael wolf introducing his books and he says sometimes i've left the players offer their versions in turn allowing the
5:38 pm
reader to judge them. in other instances i have a consistency and accounts settled on the version of events that i believe to be true. i mean, he's basically saying you know, this person said that, this person said something different. i got to tell you what i think may have happened. i mean, honestly i think the fact that the networks and everybody else is paying so much attention is really deplorable. liz: they want to bury trump. >> that's exactly right. we know this to be true. what is it 84% 90% of the coverage of trip has been negativities not something that donald trump is making up and the sad thing is it's so infuriating him that it drives him to sort of wreckless tweets and an tag onizing the press even more. i don't know where all of this ends but this is a sad chapter because this book should not be given the credit it's being given. liz: you know so we've got what's going on in iran being underreported. we know the new york types and other print media have been covering it but we don't see it
5:39 pm
as we've been covering it and fox news has been covering it on other media. the media is slamming trump for going after north korea. were they ever this hard on president obama because i've seen under president obama when he was in office where they were asking questions about the market runup. asking questions about the economy as he doubled the debt. go ahead. >> well, no, because [laughter] all roads lead to some credibility here for donald trump even the new york times for the first time i think literally in the past year on january 2 they ran an article saying guess what? his deregulation agenda and the tax, the prospects of tax cuts for businesses have actually in genderred faster growth and job creation. the first time the new york times has actually said donald trump may be a factor behind our accelerating economy. no one else wants to say that and in fact i do give the times some credit for having come out and said this. i just think they basically want to undermine this presidency. they have wanted to do that
5:40 pm
since day one. they're not going to change tactics and unfortunately from time to time as we can all acknowledge the president gives them information for doing just exactly that which is too bad. liz: understood and we've brought that up on the show. we call them out for that. we have covered that. let's switch gears liz you've covered this too. the u.s. oil boom. now estimates have and analysts are saying the u.s. could dethro ne saudi arabia and russia as the world's top oil producer being a net exporter in 2020 and we haven't seen that since the 50s. the white house today proposing to open up almost all u.s. coastal waters for drilling off the california and florida. these are questions about pollution. >> there will be and some of the states will resist it for sure but what obama did was basically close off federal lands to exploration and this is not just something that's good for the economy it's also a tremendously important geo-political weapon in confronting russia, probably the most important thing we can do is export lng, and the more
5:41 pm
natural gas discovered in this country the more we're able to do that without risking any kind of energy problem at home. it's incredibly important. it's creating jobs it's creating wealth. upstate new york is a place where they're not allowing fracking. liz: jobless rate 2% in north dakota? >> compare and contrast the states that have ushered this in it's really a great thing. liz: to your point about russia it's like sanctions on steroids. >> exactly right. liz: we love having you on the show, read liz peak's column great writer good to see you liz also great for fox news. and look at this story we're bringing an msnbc guest they is a former o bomb a state department official tried to link president trump's tweet about having the bigger nuclear button somehow to sexual harassment. we're serious, conservative comentator ashley pratt says do you know what that's just crazy that's next stay right there.
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liz: we got this market story for you. reports coming in that the ceo of intel a big chip maker his name is brian sold more than $39 million worth of company stock, intel learned of a fundamental design flaw in its chip product and the question is did he sell it before the general public was made aware, was apart of his basic, the companies do have stock selling programs where the ceo's and executives sign up ahead of time , we're checking into the story and this story not moving intel stock. we're tracking it for you we're going to stay on it again intel chips have been blamed for some flaws and problems with computer processing now so we're staying on that story for you. let's get to this one an msnbc guest former obama state department official her name is wendy sherman tried to link president trump's tweet about having a bigger nuclear button to sexual harassment allegations roll tape. >> this is well-connected to all of the sexual harassment stories
5:46 pm
we've all known guys who think they have to intimidate use their power and prowess regarding women show and strong and tough they are and they're usually the weakest guys we know the president of the united states when he was building buildings all we said he built the tallest buildings even if it wasn't and that's what he's doing here again but what's different here is this isn't about people living in buildings. this is about the peace and security not only of the united states but the war. liz: wow that was pretty wide range and going all over the map there let's bring in u.s. news and world report contributor ashley pratt. is this a stretch what do you think ashley? >> this just goes a little too far. i was watching that and a little confused by it. you can call his tweet wreckless , sure and say hashtag diplomacy may not be the best idea especially if it's almost an impulsive tweet in some ways but at the same time, to make this connection seems a tad ridiculous, because of the fact
5:47 pm
that you can criticize him all you want on his foreign policy but to even tie this to sexual harassment makes no sense. he was coming after kim jong-un whose a male, not a female so again i'm a little confused and she ties it back to his time developing real estate empires again a little confused not foreign policy-related so i think she took it a little too far here. i don't quite understand where she was going with it, if she was trying to make the connection to him being a powerful man, sure but that has nothing to do with what he tweet ed. liz: to this story dr. jasser is the news in reformer he told us yesterday the democrats the liberal media are being hypocritical over women's rights issues. let's listen to his take on it. roll tape. for all of the lefties who believe that they are the champions of women's rights and they need to abandon their identity politics and realize here that the image they used in the campaign of the muslim prototype wearing a hijab
5:48 pm
regardless of where you fall as a muslim on the side of the theological debate of the hijab the freedom to wear it or not wear it is what epitomizes the fight against iran and saudi arabia and elsewhere so now as we see women take off their hijab they're fighting for the right to have their own bodily autonomy which i thought the le was all about which is personal bodily autonomy and yet they abandon the entire country's revolution in iran in the name of identity politics and the abuse of women in america which is muslim women that identify as representing all of us because they wear a hijab and that's absurd. liz: what do you think ashley what are your thoughts there? >> i thought the left was all supportive of a women's right to choose and this may be choosing in a different sense but at the same time we should be supportive as women of each other and whatever choices we choose to make and i think that that's what dr. jasser was getting at there when he was discussing this whole thing and i really do think it's sad that we pick and choose especially now as the political times have become so volatile, making
5:49 pm
statements like that on the left or on the right are dangerous because we should again be supporting each other as women especially in times of sexual harassment. liz: let me jump in for a second he's saying the real war on women is in the middle east. women don't want to answer to they autocrats telling them to wear hijab and they get no support from the liberal left in the united states. what are your thoughts? >> i'm saying it's a woman's choice right and i at this point , you know i completely agree when it comes to middle east and women, that tends to be a huge problem and we saw this as something that was a big problem on the campaign trail because hillary clinton was supportive of some of these regimes that were pretty much intolerant toward women and their choices and their bodies and i think that again that is where the hypocritical left plays into it and we should as americans be more supportive of these women in countries suffer ing at the hands of some of these injustices but again i believe in a muslim woman's right to choose as to whether or not she wants to respect her religion and faith and wear the
5:50 pm
hijab or not to. liz: ashley pratt we love having you on happy new year. thank you you too. liz: now the justice department rolling back the obama-era policy that lets states sell legal marijuana it's a $10 billion business 29 states are doing it now this is a hot issue and controversial we'll stay on this story for you, don't go away you'll want to watch this one. it was never enough. my dentist suggested biotene. my mouth felt more lubricated. i use the biotene rinse and then i use the spray. biotene did make a difference. [heartbeat] well, it'sonce again.eason >>yeah. lot of tech companies are reporting today. and, how's it looking? >>i don't know. there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to make sense of it all. well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too.
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liz: the legal pot business took a big hit as the justice department rolled back the obama-era policy that allows legal marijuana businesses to thrive without fear from the fed's. 29 states now have laws legaliz ing marijuana in some form on the books. it's an estimated $10 billion business in the united states but the move will let federal
5:54 pm
prosecutors bring forward pot cases as they do in other drug cases, with more on this story we bring in vince colanase, the editorial director of the daily caller. >> thank you. liz: what do you think of this? >> i think ultimately it's going to come down to the jeff session s view of law which is the federal law should be enforced. right now you got a justice department that was ignoring prosecutions on marijuana charges on federal marijuana violations and the truth is it's the law. it's illegal to have marijuana so he's basically saying i'll take the handcuffs off prosecutors not much has changed we have a tradition of not going after things that aren't a priority but if we have to the options there in his view has been that way on a bunch of things to include especially immigration and as you look at california specifically, california just made two things legal, they're now a sanctuary state in total and they now have marijuana legal in the state and i think jeff sessions is furious about the sanctuary status of that state and he's also
5:55 pm
thinking wait a second why aren't we enforcing federal marijuana laws it's the law. liz: it's legal in 29 states going to be a heck of a fight from the federal government and justice department but are you saying that jeff sessions is worried about drug gangs? >> i think he is worried about drug gangs. i think one of the arguments these states have is like look of you make it legal it stays out of the black market much more legitimate the gangs aren't involved and i buy all of those arguments, those work perfectly well. the next step here is to get it out of the justice department having to make these types of decisions, congress needs to pass laws addressing this if they actually want to see a change. liz: do you know what's happening though vince? you can see it california, colorado. the guys in those state capitols pencil in all of the budget tax revenues they're going to get from sales of pot and they spend the money. i mean, if jeff sessions is going to step in here these guys are already in budget holes in a lot of the state relying on the pot sales already spending the money in these states what's
5:56 pm
going to happen there? >> well, they're going to have to watch their books. so far no evidence a bunch of prosecutions are coming but it could happen and but the reality is again this is a matter of it is federal law and the states that have passed this knew that going into it and rather than get federal law changed they were hoping that let's just ignore federal law, let's start bringing in a bunch of revenue and hope everything works out well. well for now, jeff sessions is saying look, our guys can prosecute if they need to. liz: vince coglianese of the daily caller love having you back soon. we got breaking news a report coming in a former white house advisor steve bannon's main financial backer publicly cuts ties with steve bannon after the fight with president trump. we're going to have more on that story after this. kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible.
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no way. start your year off strong a new chevy truck. get a total value of over $9,600 on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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liz: it's official steve bannon 's main financial backer rebecca mercer of the billionaire mercer family now is making it official she's publicly cutting ties with steve
6:00 pm
bannon after his public fight with the president. rebecca mercer is saying she's not spoke to steve bannon and continues to support president trump but not steve bannon. well thank you for watching thank you for having us in your home hope you stay warm in this winter blizzard charles payne is now here with you, making money on the way. take it away. charles: thank you very much e-mac and happy new year and good evening i'm charles payne and you are watching making money first i've got to say many thanks to john layfield for keeping my seat warm for the past two days as everyone sent on twitter it was not an easy job to do. let's dive right into it a lot of fast moving developments the latest on the trump bannon feud and also of course the bomb cyclone slamming the northeast bringing dangerous winds and heavy snow we'll have a lot more on all of that shortly but first we start with this incredible economy. the dow hitting another milestone closing above 25,000 for the first time ever for president trump, well roll tape. president trump: we broke a very ve


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