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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 17, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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in oregon. david: one of the fishman is suing the driver of the other boat. he was speeding and distracted by his cell phone. yes, he was texting. or at least that's the charge the fishing boat was wrecked. thankfully no one was seriously hurt. melissa: thank god me jumped. >> we have broken a lot of records. we're breaking another one today. the stock market is way up. jobs are back. black unemployment is the best it has ever been in history. many companies are moving back to other countries where they left the united states and are now moving back into the united states. we had some big announcement recently with chrysler going back to michigan. we had toyota coming in and is going to build a massive plant. we have many, many companies coming in, and they're building in the united states, and that means jobs. liz: well, it's the best start of the stock market in 15 years. the dow jumping more than 300 points charging above 26,000 for the first time ever in
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just eight trading days. riding higher on the back of strong corporate profits. the blue chip index bouncing back on yesterday's fall after breaking 26k briefings. house democrats minority liter nancy pelosi also senator elizabeth warren and representative sandy dismissing the gop tax cuts. is still rolling forward on this tax cut. now apple is joining 170 other companies now sharing the benefits. also waiting for a reaction from democrats on that, it is the biggest company in the united states. the tech titan says it will spend more than $350 billion on u.s. economy over the next five years creating 20,000 u.s. jobs. it's going to bring back most of its cash pile overseas. so the 245 billion bucks back home due to the new lower rate. going to pay 38 billion bucks in foreign taxes. plus apple giving workers 2,500 bonuses each. we've got the details. plus the dc swamp fight over
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immigration and now military spending threatening to shut down the government friday at midnight. we break it down. we're bringing you an all-star guest lineup including former florida lieutenant colonel allen west. and suing facebook for aiding and abetting terror. the research center tim graham and london senator for policy research monica crowley all here all tonight. politics, money, we've got you covered. i'm elizabeth macdonald, risk and reward starts right now. trump: a one-time deemed repatriation of corporate cash held overseas at significant discount. i've been watching politicians now for years. all talk, no action politicians. i've been watching them for years talking about bringing this money back. everybody agrees it should come back. republicans, democrats, everybody. they can't make a deal. they don't know how to go about making a deal.
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the reason companies aren't bringing it back is the tax is onerous. it doesn't make sense to bring it back. we will have that money brought back in. . liz: looks like it's happening. the apple story, we're going to get to that in a second. it is a historic day for the markets. the dow ending above 26,000. only eight trading days ago january 4th it closed above 25,000 for the first time. this is the shortest stretch ever between 1,000-point milestones. the previous record between 1,000-point mile stoning was 23 trading days between dow 24k and dow 25k. and accelerating u.s. investment, direct spending in u.s. economy. more than $350 billion over the next five years. with an estimated 55 billion bucks spent this year alone. it says it's going to cressets manufacturing fund from one billion dollars to five billion. create over 20,000 new jobs hiring at existing campuses. it's going to open a new data
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center in reno, nevada. it's going to have a total of five data centers in the u.s. apple already employs 84,000 people in all 50 states. more on that in just a moment. but first, nicole petallides on the floor of the nyse. dow 26,000 so soon, nicole. >> right away. exactly. it was the fastest ever 1,000-point milestone from 25,000 to 26,000. in fact, we did close above that 26,000 point which we hit yesterday. today, the dow gained 322 points. the optimism is here. all ten sectors were in the green and the dow closes at this milestone. the eighth milestone since president trump was elected to be our president in november of 2016. 8,000 dow points bringing in obviously trillions in world money. take a look at the names that carry the dow from 25,000 to 26,000. some of the best performers. boeing, merck, united health help lead the way over that 1,000-point span. but, again, we've seen the technology names hitting all-time highs.
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they hit $56,000 all-time highs in 2017 and continue to do so in 2018. in fact, taking a look at some of the other names. the s&p 500 tech winners. these many of which are actually not the bank stocks that we talk of so often. in fact, these are some of the semiconductor-related names after we got semi-conductor maker amsl holdings with positive earnings outlook. that brought up this entire group. texas instruments. look at these new 5, 7%. helps lead the way. but, again, all ten sectors in the green. and then there was apple, which just about everybody owns if you own even a major fund, for example, you're owning the indexes, you're owning some of apple. apple gaining today. it's up 54% since the close of 2016. 12/30/2016 and, of course, we talked about the repatriation money 20,000 jobs investing in our economy here at home $350 billion over the next five years. and new apple campus
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facility. liz. liz: thank you, nicole. to apple saying it will spend more than $350 billion as nicole was just saying, going to roll that out over the next five years, a reduced basically $38 billion tax bill. that means apple is likely bringing bk 245 billion bucks sitting overseas. also giving workers $500 bonuses. rememb the tech company ceo m cook, he once sd apple es not avoidaying taxes. itays every tax d >> here's what they concluded. apple is engaged in a sophisticated scheme to pay little or no corporate taxes on 74 billion in revenues held overseas. >> that is total political crap. there's no truth behind it. apple pays every tax dollar we owe. liz: apple stock ending the day in the green up more than a percent $179 and change. we are also watching whether or not apple will be the first $1 trillion company. has to hit 194 mark for that.
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let's bring in money expert keith fitzgerald. keith, what do you think of this money coming back? i don't think anybody saw this coming. do you think microsoft, google, and facebook will follow up with the same move? >> you know, the pressure is on, liz. this doesn't get any bigger, better, or more valuable for shareholders than an action like this. i'm very excited. i think it's great that tim cook is pushing back. he is no dummy, and he knows which way the wind is blowing. so i have to imagine other ceos are not going to be far behind him. liz: apple is also handing out $2,500 bonuses in stock compensation. that joins several other companies doing that. we're waiting on democrat reaction to this. we don't really want to get political about it. but i don't think anybody saw this coming. >> well, you know, how do you define anybody, i think, again, we've known for a long time. the president was very clear about this, liz. he said i'm going to bring jobs back. i'm going to bring money back, and then we're going to have this blossoming american economy.
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regardless whether you're democrat or republican, this is an american issue and the country should be celebrating because the amount of wealth that will be created by moves like this is truly staggering liz: you know, government trickle down economics has been criticized. i don't even think you should call it that. i think money goes everywhere. it doesn't trickle down. give the money back, it's going to go everywhere; right? here's the other thing. president obama, again, we don't want to get political. but it's about policy choices. that's what we're focused on here on the show. keith, you've talked about it. president obama's stimulus plan even said -- president obama said he admitted it did not create the shovel-ready jobs he thought it would. now talking 20k jobs, 20,000 jobs from apple. >> well, you know, there's a very simple rule, and i talk to people all all the time all over the world about this. you don't need to involve politics. money goes where it is treated best. that's very simple. it's since the dawn of time. irrefutable law of finance, and that's what's happening here. they have made a calculated
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bet that our money is going to be better spent and produce a better return for shareholders right here in the united states. liz: you drop the rate down lower than what it is in europe and lower than it is in asia. i mean, they're running at 20% i think corporate taxes. but keith, guess who is not listening to what you just said. democrats house minority leader nancy pelosi, elizabeth warren, they criticize the gop tax cuts. watch. >> in terms of the bonus that corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. it's so pathetic. i think it's insignificant. >> it is a trillion and a half dollars that the republicans gave away to billionaires and to giant corporations. and they expect hard-working families to just pick up the ticket. >> i think it's based upon the bill fake news.
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clearly the analysis of the bill shows that some 41 million americans are going to get a tax hike of which 24 million are so-called middle class americans. middle income americans. so i don't know what mulvaney's talking about. . liz: okay. keith, we're talking apple. they're in silicon valley. that's liberal left-leaning silicon valley doing this. again, 170 companies doing this as well. your response. >> i have said for a long time politicians of all stripes do not understand how real money works, and they are totally disconnected from the american people. and this is why we have this. they're dug in so deep that they can't capitulate and say, hey, i made a mistake. this is having a big impact on america. let's figure out how to make this even better. i dare you politicians to figure that out. liz: do they really want to campaign about the deficit of tax cuts with the 1.5 trillion estimated deficit. they really want to campaign
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that we're giving you back your money in the form of tax cuts, but you're blowing out the debt; right? when obama doubled the debt. they really want to campaign on that, keith? >> you know, again, this just infuriates me because they really have a victory than celebrate -- it's clear, it's clearly defined success. i get so agitated i can't even talk, liz. . liz: well, might want to end it there. you can't talk, you're upset, we're going to let you there. i'm almost having trouble too. i'm just kidding. keith, it was great to see you. thank you for coming on, sir. come back soon. >> my pleasure. liz: democrats threatening a government shut down friday night midnight after house republican leadership put on the table a short-term government funding bill last night. deadline, again, this coming friday at midnight to keep the government lights on. remember how, though, watch this. senate minority leader chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi, they said they -- do not do a government shut down. that is wrong to do. they said that back in 2013. watch. >> think about what we could
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do if a reckless feud didn't hold the economy hostage every few months. >> nobody wins when washington is dysfunctional and one party holds the whole process hostage to demands that are unreasonable. >> why should the government and american people be held hostage? >> the republicans are trying to take the government and the economy hostage. liz: with me now former florida congressman retired lieutenant colonel allen west. colonel, you saw the talking point there. hostage. they basically -- excuse me why take the economy hostage? democrats doing the same thing now; right? >> yeah. you're absolutely right. it's good to be with you, liz. but i think the important thing the american people need to understand just last week the marine core times put out an article that said that the core mission of the united states marine core to be able to train and conduct amphibious assaults, the marine core can't do it because it does not have the funding, it does not have enough ships and amphibious craft to execute that core
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mission. 50% of some of our combat aviation platforms are nonmission capable. we know what is happening with our navy and the ships that we see are having these accidents and incidents. this time last year we had more of our troops killed in training than we had in actual combat. and we know that our military is stretched thin. so why would the democrats -- why would anybody want to prevent our men and women in uniform who are out there on freedom's ramparts to get the proper funding so that they can plan and prepare and take care of themselves and also be equipped and ready to protect this nation over an ideological be agenda. liz: and, colonel, we're talking about budget issues and budget fights that were held over from last year. they didn't resolve last year's issues. that's what we're shutting the government over. budget fights from december. i mean, watch -- do you remember when president obama, it got so nasty when they shut down the government under his term. they shut down a world war ii national memorial down there
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in dc even though that memorial, remember, it was maintained by private money held in trust. defunding the government should have had no impact on that; right? >> you're absolutely right. it should have had no impact whatsoever. but that's the nature in washington, d.c. and when you think about while we're talking about a continuing resolution, it's because the united states senate failed to do its job in passing 12 appropriations bills, which the house of representatives did so that we can have a budget. the fact that we continue to have this month by month continuing resolution, this is a strain on the effectiveness and efficiency such as the military and also for our border security agents because they cannot plan and prepare with a proper budget cycle. so this, again, shows the failure and the dysfunction of washington, d.c. overall. liz: colonel west, we love having you go on. come back soon. okay? >> my pleasure. thank you. liz: look at this. another ceo giving out another $1,000 tax bonuses. instead this guy gave credit
5:15 pm
to the trump tax cut. he signed that right on the memo line on the check to his workers. coming up, we have the ceo behind that check. he's here to talk about it. but first, a new report, president obama's immigration enforcement office did not follow procedure for checking illegal immigrants ties to terrorism. they didn't have the them. the details on that next jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower your a1c. wow. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away
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. liz: welcome back. the homeland security inspector general finding that president obama's immigration and customs enforcement, that's ice, was not screening illegal immigrants who were detained for terrorist ties. now between 2013 and 2015, there were 142 cases of illegal immigrants here in the u.s. who were detained as known or suspected terrorists. inspector general looked at 40
5:19 pm
of those cases and found problems in all of them. nearly half were missing background checks. no hard copy of their terrorist ties in case files. let's bring up fox news political analyst and democratic strategist wendy. your reaction. >> well, you know what? interestingly enough, i don't necessarily fault entirely the obama administration for that. i know that there's some incompetent employees who didn't properly do their job. the only reason why i don't say i fault the obama administration entirely is because they deported more people, undocumented immigrants than any other administration in history. this is what i do know. these sanctuary cities have added to the problem. you think about the do nothing mayor of chicago rob emmanuel who continues to say he's going to put more emphasis on the sanctuary city status providing that undocumented folks who have committed crimes are potentially terrorists, they can come in and have safe haven. this is where the problem really is, and this is a smack in the face to the immigrant
5:20 pm
that comes to this country that are educated and do a really good job like my colleague wendy over there who's actually following the american dream. liz: right. and wendy, to giano's point. the ice field office is not relaying information -- these are ice field offices in various cities across the country. they're not relaying information to headquarters in dc on terrorists coming here as illegal immigrants. they found 19 more cases there. what do you think? >> yeah. i think the ice officers really have to start looking at whether their practice are policy. but, for me, what's really important here is that both democrats and republicans have to start humanizing the face of immigrants and stop using immigrants as a political football. liz: i hear what you're saying but we're talking about terrorists; right? >> we are talking about terrorists. liz: okay. >> but if you look at the doj, the report said that 549 illegal immigrants who were considered terrorists came into the country. but of those 549, 259 of them were american citizens.
5:21 pm
so if we're really going to -- we need to make sure that we're looking at the united states because we have. liz: okay. yes. i agree. i get it. but we're focusing on the weakness of the borders and letting bad guys in -- >> but that's what i'm saying. liz: hang on. loretta lynch in 2016 ted of about the obama administration. people forget this. the obama administration wanted to crack down on sanctuary cities. what is your reaction to this, giano? because they were basically saying you know what? we're going to remove federal grant money if you guys thwart on the local level our federal guys trying to catch the bad guys. what are your thoughts here? >> i think that that wasn't enough pressure put on these cities. of course, we know that they get these appropriations, these federal grants, and as it is with many previous administrations, they've used the sticking carrot approach whereas if you do what we say, you can take this money per condition. president trump must do this, and must not to those who say this is inappropriate.
5:22 pm
at the end of the day we are a country of laws. we do have folks that come here illegally, and we must protect our country first. i think that these cities, like mayor emmanuehe state of california, which now is a sanctuary state, there has to be a crackdown there and has to be a very serious one. liz: wendy, quickly. you've got ten seconds. go. >> like i said in my original point, it's not about the illegal immigrants who are coming here illegally. we have to look at the citizens who were born in this country who are committing crimes as well. liz: well, we can't let illegals in killing people as well. thank you very much, guys. appreciate it. another ceo giving out $1,000 tax cut bonuses except this one is giving credit to quote the trump tax cut. he wrote that right on memo line of the check to workers. we've got that ceo coming up to talk about it. also facebook, twitter, youtube testifying on capitol hill today about terrorism and social media. this as a new report is out saying former facebook executives, one guy calling it a quote living, breathing crime scene. a lot of problems still at
5:23 pm
facebook. we're going to dig into that. and we're going to bring in an attorney who attended today's hearing. he's suing facebook for aiding and abetting terrorism. that's after this break. don't go away !! every truck guy has their own way of conveying powerful. yeeaaahhh boy. kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. start your year off strong a new chevy truck. get a total value of over $9,600 on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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>> now we're going to explore ways that we can explore information. we are working proactively to strengthen the democratic process beyond pushing back against threats, we will also create more services to protect our community while engaging in political discourse. liz: facebook, twitter, google testifying on capitol hill today about terrorism and social media. the former tech insider have said social media companies are dangerous. one telling nbc that facebook is a quote living, breathing crime scene. watch. >> the company just continuously prioritized user growth and making money over protecting users. >> making you angry, making you afraid is really good for
5:27 pm
facebook's business. it is not good for america. it's not good for the users of facebook. >> and is it good for democracy? >> i would say decisively not liz: a quick look at the stock show google ending the day up. facebook and twitter ending the day in the red. my next guest, he attended the hearing on capitol hill today. he himself is suing facebook on behalf of victims for aiding terror. keith joins me now. keith, mark zuckerberg's new year's resolution is fixing facebook. isn't that also his job? >> absolutely. this is, you know, all of these companies need to act as reasonable citizens just like the rest of us. and they don't. they simply put it appears profits over safety just in the hearing today one of the questions that came from one of the senators was they'll sell data to companies that want to use it for marketing purposes. but they're reluctant to provide data to governmental agencies to try to stop
5:28 pm
terrorism. how does that jibe? how does that make sense? it is their job. they play a very special role in society these days that they can't just simply say we'll let things happen because we really have no accountability. and that is a fundamental problem with social media today. liz: yeah, you know, these guys make like they're a big, gigantic town square. people come and go. no, they're one, big, giant app. and to these guys told nbc, the former facebook guys said you know what? they purposely polarized. and we have former facebook president sean parker recently questioning what it was doing to children's brains. watch. >> the unintended consequences of a network when it grows to a billion or 2 billion people, and it -- it literally changes your relationship with society, with each other, with, you know, it probably interferes with the productivity in weird ways.
5:29 pm
it -- god only knows what it's doing to our children's brains. it's exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with because you're exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology. liz: yeah, that's the dopamine shot from seeing a like on your facebook feed. here's the thing. mark zuckerberg does these altruistic newly letters that we just showed at the top of the segment. you know, we don't know if he's going to run for president. but is it your sense that behind the scenes at facebook it's something entirely different going on? >> oh, i believe that it absolutely is. the testimony that i heard today was policy -- policy people, and they were doing a bunch of hand waving talking about all of these wonderful metrics but we don't even know if they're asking the right questions. so i think that they see the pressure, they see what's going on, and they see that the american public will no longer stand by it. let these guys have a get out of jail free card via the
5:30 pm
section 230 communication decency act and that these companies are going to have to start to behave responsibly. as an example we talked about last time about that, the posting of how to make a bomb out of a soda bottle and that how it didn't violate facebook's standards and it was still up as of the last time i was on there. it was only after i came on the show and we talked about this, which is in complete contrast to what mr. zuckerberg is saying is that they took the page down. i mean, it is only when they are called on the carpet that they start saying and doing things. now, i appreciate and applaud facebook, google, twitter, these companies for trying to take steps. they are certainly moving in the right direction. it's not all bad. and -- but i don't know that they're doing enough. i don't know that they're really telling us the whole story, and i think we will come to find out as things go on where they're going. liz: keith, great to see you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having me. take care. have a great day. liz: various media outlets, they really went big time questioning president trump's
5:31 pm
health after he appeared to, for example, slur his words during a speech last month. the white house doctor trying to set the record straight yesterday. my next guest says the media still about fake news. after those. don't go away whoooo.
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>> first, there was something else from the event that sent the internet a buzz. trump's apparent slurred speech toward the end of his remarks. >> meanwhile, here at the white house, there was a moment at the end of th the
5:35 pm
president's speech yesterday on jerusalem that caught a lot of people's attention. this is where the president appeared to slur his words. >> we wanted to catch up with something that happened on live today during the israel announcement. it promptly set the internet on fire as the president slurred some of his words in a way that some folks found disconcerning. >> . liz: there is media outlets went big time on president trump appearing to slur his words during a speech last month. the media continuing to take aim at the president's health during a press conference with the white house's position. insinuating president trump is mentally ill and more. roll tape. >> can you accept the president's mental fitness for office? >> i'm going to do a cognitive exam. i had no intention of doing one. the president did exceedingly well on it. that was not driven at all by any political concerns i have. that was driven by the president's wishes. >> do you believe he's fit for duty. >> absolutely he's fit for duty. >> there have been reports that the president is forget names, repeating himself, are you ruling out things like
5:36 pm
early on set alzheimer's, dementia-type symptoms. >> the fact that the president got 30 out of 30 on that exam, i think there's no indication whatsoever that he has any cognitive issues. liz: with me now, the director of media analysis at media research center, he's tim graham. tim, what was the reaction to that press conference yesterday? >> we thought it was crazy. look, jeff flake picked the wrong day to give this speech today after the press just embarrassed themselves by all asking questions. a battery of questions reducing to accept the idea that donald trump is mentally fit to be president. this is a result they do not accept as real, as scientific. in fact, cnn suggested the doctor was a trump fan boy even though he also was the doctor for president obama. i mean for them to ask questions like does he have
5:37 pm
denchures, is twitter a medical problem, does he have drug addiction? people just looked at it and said who are these people? . liz: president trump's doctors spent over an hour with the press explaining to reporters that the slurring during the speech was because of a dose of cold medicine. also because of makeup not happy with the president's physical results. here's what mika had to say. >> that along with the fact that the president appears to be according to the doctor healthy worries me because if he wasn't healthy, that would be a great excuse for this behavior. now he has none, which you can then deduce other things that are far more nefarious and frightening. steve, i won't ask you to answer to that. but i think it's worth saying i just wonder how you look at all of this given the fact that there's a shutdown looming. >> well, actually i had a
5:38 pm
similar thought about the president. i wasn't sure whether to turn out to be cognitively healthy or cognitively not healthy. if you're cognitively healthy, you do all of this stuff. . liz: free speech, first amendment, we get it. but what was your reaction to what mika said there? >> they're being honored, joe and mika for somehow being titans of journalism. this is what -- this show is a mess. they would come on and joe scarborough said repeatedly he had a source unnamed inside trump land who told him the president had early on set dementia. it clearly wasn't the doctor. and so when they end up looking like pervaders of fake news, mika turns it around to be a very disturbed he doesn't have early on set dementia. that would be an excuse for this horrible behavior. look, they're the ones that seem like they have dementia because they used to love this guy and now he's evil. he used to be their pal. they can't make up their mind.
5:39 pm
liz: eric trump, the president's son was on "varney & company" earlier this morning, and i was sitting on set on "varney & company." he said reporters who were in that press conference, many of them were in that press conference, those same reporters could not keep up with president trump on the campaign trail. let's watch. roll tape. >> many of the people who are in that pressroom right now were on the campaign. they were traveling with him around. and he would be on his sixth speech of the night or the seventh speech of the day. he had gone to four different states, and they were trying to keep up. and they would be on the back corner half sleeping on a backpack; right? because he had run them into the ground. and they weren't the ones up on stage in front of 30,000 people giving the speech; right? i mean they were just following him and just reporting on him and they were run to the ground. liz: what's your reaction? >> well, yeah, they were also trying to insist he doesn't eat well and he didn't well on the campaign. none of them eat well on the campaign. i think the big contrast to me is all of these people who are so concerned about trump's
5:40 pm
health, physical and mental, all accepted the idea that hillary clinton fainted because she was overheated when it was 70 degrees out. so i mean, again, these people are not the people who keep us -- our democracy out of darkness. they are a bunch of democratic party hacks, and they still sound like that. liz: you know, tim, this is all the fallout of michael wolf's book; right? >> yes. which is also full of anonymous sources and unverified allegations, and they call this the state of journalism. they think they are heroes for forwarding stories they cannot prove. liz: tim graham, good to see you. thanks for coming on. >> sure. liz: the media is still questioning whether the white house doctor stated the correct weight for president trump. some reporters even asking the doctor to send a picture of the president on the scale to prove it. monica crowley bringing monica in. asking what if this was hillary? that's after this. don't go away.
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>> age 71 years and seven months at the time of the exa exam. weight 230 pounds. >> i think he was at 239. that seems just shy of obesity; right? you're confident of that number and doing measurements. >> we don't do any measurements. we do height and weight. liz: good morning, britain. host morgan saying you know what, liberals? you're fat shaming president trump. you're mocking his mental health. they're saying, you know -- he's saying they should stop the criticism of the president. there's a movement going on right now. msnbc morning show host still refuse to accept president trump's official weight. watch. >> i've just got to say on the weight, i know somebody who is 6'3" and weighs close to
5:45 pm
239 pounds and all i can tell you is this: if that's what 239 pounds look like, i would weigh 170 pounds. so, yes, i have great respect for people who have great respect for this doctor. but if that's what 6'3", 239 pounds looks like, that's a shock to me. only because people i know very well that are 6'3" and weigh close to 239 pounds look like they weigh about 30 or 40 pounds less than that. liz: and an nbc reporter even tweeting out quote seeing a lot of skepticism over the idea that the president weighs only 239 pounds. will he step on a scale in public to prove it? joining me now, senior fellow at the london center for policy research monica crowley. is this -- is this really fat shaming? or are they saying they don't believe his weight and this is all spun out of the michael wolf book?
5:46 pm
that his mental health is hit by -- and we should note that his doctors said borderline obesity; right? >> yeah. well, this is part of a much bigger picture that we've seen over the last two years of the press treatment of donald trump. because he represents a threat to the substantiate on both sides, to the mainstream media, he must be destroyed. because if he succeeds, it's over for all of them. so they've gone through a litany of attacks over the last two years. first, he was a russian clueder. then he was a sexual harasser. then he's a racist. now they're down to he's fat and does he wear dentures. i mean, this is not going to end throughout the entire presidency. they're going to try to throw the kitchen sink at this man even questioning his weight and does he have his own teeth? if this weren't so dangerous, liz, this would be comical. but, unfortunately, this is very dangerous the way the press is treating this president. liz: i don't want to get wonky here but, you know, the democrats and the republicans, they really don't have to perform. there's no term limits.
5:47 pm
we don't have debate really about policy issues in the press conference rooms anymore. it's all about rhetoric and the personal attack. because that's the easy way out. that's the easy thing to do. the tough thing to do is the heavy lifting of policy debates; right? i think the american people are tired of it. i mean, i was out sick for three days. i came back i'm thinking this is like a hamster wheel, a go on cart race in the dc media beltway and they're chasing each other saying the same thing. >> yeah. they're driven by two things, liz. one, their absolute hatred by donald trump. ashley: they're mad at him. and he shouldn't say the things he says. we get it. and he should just cut that out. but his policies seem to be working. >> they hate him personally. they hate his politics. they hate his wealth. they hate his style. they hate everything about him. they also hate his politics and his agenda. but what's interesting about what they're doing is they're so furious because with his tweets and behavior, he's
5:48 pm
beating them at their own gam g. liz: what do you mean. >> he's actually holding up a mirror. when he does some of these stunts, he's playing the game better than they do. liz: you're saying here, america, this is the swamp in action. >> yeah. he's holding up a mirror to them. and when joe scarborough and some of these others go on television and mock his weight, he goes right back at them. he goes right at the morning show crowd. he sends out a tweet. they cannot stand being called on the carpet and actually having the game played better than they play it. by the president. liz: is this how the democrats are going to win back any control of either chamber of commerce by the personal attacks? in other words, it's going to be about the personal attacks on the president. he's unfit to the president. the 25th amendment, which is impossible to execute under any circumstance. i mean, can they really run it on that? because the president is going to say, look. look at the economy. we may now have three straight quarters of growth. >> from now, the president should only be tweeting about the state of the economy. he's not going to listen to me on this, but he should be
5:49 pm
talking about job creation. he should be talking about the success of the tax cut bill. he should be talking about consumer confidence. liz: wait a second. midterms are about opposition votes; right? people are angry to get up out of the seat. the couch. they're mad about something. they go in, and they vote. it's usually an antivote, the mid-terms. what -- how does that play right now with what's going on in dc and the economy? >> this is how the republicans should all be sticking to the same songbook which is the state of the economy and how they're improving in concrete ways, the lives of their constituents, the american people. they should be talking about that only from now until november because you're right. the democrats are only going to stick to one thing. they've personalized all of these races. they personalized to trump, and they have nationalized each one of these races. liz: would the media have gone after hillary clinton's weight? >> are you kidding me? she's a woman. no way. and, yes, the president likes his junk food but you know what? we've had a lot of presidents with a lot of serious issues.
5:50 pm
jfk was like this walking horror show of pills and injection. barack obama was a smoker. i didn't hear the press core asking about the health core of the president smoking all the time; right? now we've got donald trump eating a hot dog and, oh, my god. liz: making so many people mad. he got people mad with his tweets. he personally attacked people, and it's coming back at him. but here's the thing. when people go into the voting booth and they pull the curtain and about to pull the lever, what are they going to say? >> they're going to judge the president on his policies. liz: what are you going to do for me. >> and what have you done for me? . liz: yeah. >> and i think the economy now is in a position to explode. the stock market, consumer confidence, unemployment. i mean, these numbers are all really good, and i think when people go to vote in november, they're going to remember that, and they'll think the republicans delivered for the t. liz: hey, we're going to have more after the break. don't go away what's up? hey! so listen, i was taking another look
5:51 pm
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. liz: tech titan apple giving bonuses to workers. 175 companies doing the same. giving back tax cuts. one company made sure workers knew why they're getting the $1,000 checks. look what he wrote on the memo line of his workers' checks. trump tax cut and jobs act. let's bring in the spell x ceo giving out those checks. he's sheldon wolf. good to see you, sheldon. >> thank you. liz: why did you write that in the memo on the check? >> well, i wanted to make sure that my employees knew exactly why they were getting the paychecks and why they were getting that bonus and of course they did know, but i just wanted to add that extra emphasis to them to know that the reason they were each getting $1,000 was because of
5:55 pm
the tax plan that the gop and president trump had put together. liz: what was their reaction? >> they were excited. they were happy. they were shocked. they weren't expecting it. and overall, they, you know, they couldn't have been happier whether they were conservatives or liberals. everybody was happy. liz: but we have house minority leader nancy pelosi, we have elizabeth warren, they brushed off the tax cuts. and nancy pelosi said they're pathetic crumbs, checks like yours that you're giving out. what do you say to that? >> well, i know she said that just like she complimented former president obama on his $40 contribution. but to the middle class, to the working people, $1,000 is a lot of money. and they were very excited to get it, and it really is a reflecking of the optimism that i have and that many corporate ceos have about our economy and our future. liz: it's interesting you point out nancy pelosi
5:56 pm
cheering on president obama's payroll tax cut that resulted in average $40 per person. using keeping keeping track of companies offering workers higher wages. you spoke to other ceos in boston and across the country. what are they saying. >> well, the ones that i've talked to, everybody is very optimistic about the tax cut and the ability to be more competitive both on a national basis and especially on a international basis. and we're all excited about it. and not everybody is passing it down or letting it trickle down to employees. i wish more would do that. you know, i'm a small business and there's hundreds of thousands of small businesses in the country and, you know, tens of thousands could do the same thing. liz: well, sheldon wolf, you did a great job here. thank you so much for coming on. great to see you. come back soon. >> okay. thanks for having m m. liz: let's get back to your money. stock in alcoa dropping after
5:57 pm
hours. we're going to have more after the break. don't go away .. make something for dinner.
5:58 pm
but some of us make something much more. mom would be proud. with blue apron, any night is a chance to see what cooking can do.
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liz: thank you so much for having us in your homes. it's been great being here with you. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: i'm charles payne * on "making money." the market is absolutely on fire crushing through 26,000. and this time it stuck. we have a potential government shutdown looming. but we have to begin with one of the biggest news stories of the week. apple. the latest company to accelerate he investments and they cited trump's tax cuts. the company announcing it will contribute $350 billion to the u.s. complete next five


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